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When and How to Apply All students interested in taking classes through the CATHALAC Summer Fellowship must first be admitted as a student to The University of Alabama in Huntsville. Apply online – takes approximately 5 minutes Go to Select apply for admission Follow instructions Complete the Non-degree application. You will need to obtain a letter of good standing from your home institution before your admission is complete. Have the letter of good standing faxed to, UAH Office of Admission, 256-824-4539. Once your file is complete, you are then eligible to register for course(s). Where and How to Register All students are encouraged to register on the web. Students requiring assistance with general navigation and login information may contact Charger Central at 256-824-7777, Monday through Thursday 7:30 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. and Friday 7:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Students with registration errors should contact Janet Waller, Registrar at Registration for Summer Term begins Monday, April 5, 2010. To register online: Web Registration Instructions – go to o Select Enter Secure Area o Enter your User ID and PIN number, and then select Student& Financial Aid. o Under “Registration” select Add or Drop Classes, then select term o Enter the CRN (Course Request Number) in the “Add Classes Worksheet” for courses you wish to add or select “Class Search” to look up the CRN for available classes. For undergraduates, ESS 490 (CRN is 61630), ESS 499 (CRN is 61681). For graduate students, ATS 690 (CRN will be provided) o Once you are satisfied with your schedule, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and select “Registration Fee Assessment” to calculate the charges associated with your schedule. This step will need to be taken to reflect any changes of your schedule on your bill. o To view your bill, click on “Account Summary by Term” link, bottom of the “Registration Fee Assessment” page. o View your schedule – select “Week At A Glance” or “Detailed Schedule” o Exit – Select Exit. Once your session is closed, log out to protect your privacy. Billing and Payment Procedures – Bursar’s Office (Student Accounts), University Center, room 213 (256) 824-2732. All fees are due by 5:00 p.m. on the first official day of the semester. All accounts not paid in full by the deadline will be assessed a $50.00 late fee. Address payments by mail to: The University of Alabama in Huntsville Bursar’s Office University Center room 213

Huntsville, AL 35899 To pay online with check, e-check, VISA, Mastercard, American Express or Discover card go to UAHuntsville web site, o Select Enter Secure Area o Enter your User ID and PIN number, and then select Student& Financial Aid. o Under “Student Records” select Account Summary, then select payment option o Print by using File and Print Grades can be accessed on the UAHuntsville web site, o Select Enter Secure Area o Enter your User ID and PIN number, and then select Student& Financial Aid. o Under “Student Records” select Final Grades, then select term and submit o Print by using File and Print Have Official transcripts sent to Home Institution: To request an official transcript we need the following information: 1. Your name as you were registered here 2. Your student id number (A#) or ssn 3. The complete mailing address of where you want transcript sent 4. Payment of $4.00 for each official copy. 5. Your signature authorizing release of academic record You may request an official transcript by any of the means listed below: 1. Fax a letter to 256-824-7780 2. Mail a letter to UAH, Charger Central, Huntsville, Al 35899 3. Complete a form in Charger Central, University Center room 118 4. Download transcript request form from, and then click on forms, then transcript request. You will still need to fax this form, as signature is required to process your request. Payment options: 1. Credit card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express) – can be included on faxed request, letter or transcript request form. If you prefer you may call in credit card payment to Charger Central at 256-824-7777. 2. Cash – if paying in person at Charger Central. Cash payment should be made to UAH, Bursar’s Office, University Center room 213 first and then present receipt to Charger Central. 3. Check – may be included with mailed letter or in person. Fees for transcript: $4.00 for each official transcript (mailed) $10.00 for each official transcript (faxed – includes mailed) $20.00 for each official transcript (Federal Express – NO P.O. BOX ADDRESSES)

Tuition and fees Undergraduate tuition and fees for 6 credits (ESS 490 and ESS 499): $3584 Graduate tuition and fees for 3 credits (ATS 690): $ 2850

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