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April 12, 2012 Memo to: Student Groups Occupying the MVP-CSL From: Christopher F. F. Castillo Director Subject: MVP-CSL Summer Clean-up Week

To contribute to the cleanliness of the MVP-CSL and consequently to the wellness of the students staying in it, a clean-up week will be put in place. All student groups who are official occupants of the organization rooms in the building are requested to clean-up their respective areas during the week of April 16-21, 2012. To facilitate the clean-up process, students are requested to put items to be discarded inside boxes or plastic bags; while doing so, please observe the appropriate segregation scheme. Once the items have been segregated and placed in boxes or plastic bags, put them outside the room. All items found along the corridors of the 2nd and 3rd floor of MVP-CSL from April 17-23, 2011 will be disposed of by maintenance personnel. In cleaning up your respective areas, keep in mind that the rooms are primarily intended for people to use, specifically for official matters. As such, avoid keeping items that are unnecessary and are simply taking space inside the rooms. Your cooperation and compliance in this effort is appreciated as it will be beneficial to the MVP-CSL community. Thank you.

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Memo for the Office of Student Activities

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