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‘Catch-up introduction’ CHAPTER ONE It had been exactly six months since Microman and Spacehawk were at the star port parked on ‘star pad 3’ where they entered a small resting lounged (a galactic bar with aliens) and met up with Eagleman (Captain Koran) and his partner Kara (Law Enforcers from Cardaria). Their original intentions were to allow the Enforcers (Koran and Kara) to take a young female back to Cardaria to check out her record and see if she was wanted or deeply rooted with the wanted Caterian she was with. What actually happened was they did as they said in the correct time frame that Eagleman had asked. They stopped back on Earth (Earth 2) for a moment because Microman wanted to see if he could convince Sheila (Quantum Girl) to come with. This was only because of an idea that they talked about with Eagleman (see last issue). They did not want the Brain (basically her adopted father who was telepathic) to learn their intentions to try to manipulate time to save the Earth that was destroyed causing the Multiverse to reshuffle and anything else that followed. (See anything from Cosmicverse since its creation in 2016 basically). When they arrived on Earth, the plan was for Spacehawk to talk to Sheila while Hardware constructed a tiny ear device that would temporarily work as a psi-screen just like Spacehawk’s helmet, but something else took place not even one hour after they arrived on Earth (Earth 2). A time retort paradox (see the Crusaders v5 #1-10 to understand the whole situation on Earth 2 all caused by the Monarch and Hellion traveling to 1995 that altered Earth 2) Basically, a lot of very important things had been altered such as certain people were not dead, and in the one hour that Microman, Spacehawk, Hardware and Fondor Titantius and their ship’s security guard as well as engineer for the Bienfaisant II were there, had altered them also. The situation on the galactic rest stop on star pad three’s resting lounge (tavern) that took place was wiped out for Microman, Spacehawk, Hardware and Fondor Titantius however not for Eagleman. Eagleman currently was a member of the Crusaders (see Crusaders 16-18 to learn how Koran was fired from being an Enforcer on Cardaria and he came back to Earth to replace Earth 2’s original Eagleman who had been killed.) The Caterian female whose name was Chou was cleared of charges and they waited for the Bienfaisant II to arrive and it never did. Chou was able to contact her uncle who sent credits for a starship traveler (a taxi driver in space basically.) Chou was brought back to Cateria and was never heard from again. Captain Koran and his partner Kara became so loaded down with work they forgot about the meeting with Spacehawk and Microman as well as their ideas (See last issue).


#5 In the last six months, Spacehawk has been traveling the galaxy in the Bienfaisant II with Hardware (who had some kind of alteration to his cyborg body in Astounding Crusaders), Microman, with the addition of the Caterian former super hero Crusader from ‘Earth 2’ who was born William “Bill” Smith aka the Human Cat. They have been doing all kinds of heroic deeds, super hero like missions and saving aliens for nearly six months. For some reason Microman had become quite proficient with everything on the Bienfaisant II. There was also another member to their estranged group that was about to be reveal. The ship had now flown over thousands of billions of light years from the planet Earth. Clear on the other side of the universe. They were in a solar system called the Mosaic on a planet that is a little bigger than Earth called Sazuno. Since the majority of the Stargazers had been killed (See Stargazer issues 4-6 but recently in the Crusaders v5, the human Stargazer ‘Debi’ was resurrected with her energy life force that inhabited an Earth 1 doppelganger of her that was on life support with no brain activity, so she was technically now Deborah Ferguson.) The other Stargazers Grumbas and Nulsal appear to be alive also and it was Grumbas that contacted the Bienfaisant II in space when he accidentally came across them. He had asked them to ‘take care of the mess on Sazuno” that their “buddies left behind” and sent them coordinates. That was the only message but Spacehawk determined it was authentic.

‘The prediction of doom” CHAPTER TWO So now it had been three hours since they arrive on the “Earth like” planet named Sazuno. They had arrived to find the gigantic starship known as the “Odyssey” that used to be the headquarters for the Crusaders. This was because the ship is about the size of a building with hundreds of rooms and floors. There it was, all corrupted and caught up in the higher mountain regions of the planet. Microman now was aboard the bridge of the “Odyssey” and was listening to the computer logs. The ship is actually from the future and was in the process of a selfrepair program. (See Astounding Crusaders #27-#28) and the bridge was basically blown apart, but now it was all together with only a few noticeable cracks in the floor. For the entire month it has been ‘crashed’ on Sazuno the self repair has done some work, but still not enough to make the ship move. Microman was just learning all of this information as he sat in the Captain’s chair. 2

#5 This is usually where Captain Wonder sits but on this mission Gladiator was the acting Captain and he was killed. “Oh my fuck!” Microman yelled as he listened to the computer give details about what happened. “Is something wrong?” asked Quantum girl as she snuck up behind Microman and scared him and caused him to fall out of the chair but he used his flight powers to stop him from tumbling to the floor. It appeared Quantum Girl was the sixth ship member of the Bienfaisant II that was the disclosure and for some reason she was with Microman on the damaged Odyssey. “They were attacked by…” Microman paused and finished, “…Gor.” “Not thee Gor,” Quantum Girl said looking around the ship, “let me open a time window so we can see who…” “No!” Microman exclaimed, “I already saw a captured image of Gladiator being killed. It looked like a powerful energy torpedo came right through the bridge and wasted him. This whole deck was gone, the self repair program must be operating, but at a slower rate. There must be more damage than it presents on the log.” “I don’t understand why Captain Wonder has not been back here to claim it?” asked Quantum Girl. “Can’t really do much,” Microman laughed. “Right, this thing is like in two pieces spiked between those giant mountain rocks about the size of Italy,” Quantum Girl joked back, “Why are you so scared of me just looking into a time window? All I am doing is looking back and seeing what had happened, like watching television.” “Spacehawk and I made a pact that we would make sure you didn’t use your powers too much,” Microman replied, “with all the weird stuff that doesn’t make any sense.” “Like what?” asked Quantum Girl. “Eagleman sent Spacehawk a hologram from nearly six months ago,” Microman said, “it was I, Spacehawk, Hardware, with Eagleman and his former partner Kara. To top it off, there was an unknown Caterian named Chou with us and friend of Spacehawk’s he knew on Cordon who has been dead for fifteen years now.” “Why did he do that?” asked Quantum Girl. “Apparently he was fired from his enforcer job,” Microman kind of laughed, “So he came back to Earth with the Crusaders on some mission. He decided to contact us and ask us why we didn’t show up like we agreed. When Spacehawk asked him what he was talking about that is why he sent the 2 minute Hologram of us inside the Bienfaisant II.” “Multiverse doppelgangers?” asked Quantum Girl. 3

#5 “They were us, Microman said, “Spacehawk is not from Earth and the only known doppelganger was that evil Spacehawk on Earth 11. The backwards Crusaders, called the Destroyers.” “I am what you call a inimitable inconsistency,” Quantum Girl said, “it sounds very offensive, but it’s a scientific term the Brian refers to me even in that damn book he wrote about the Multiverse that is on every science table of astrologists with I.Qs over 200.” “What the hell is an inimitable inconsistency?” asked Microman with a confused smirk on his face. “Apparently, I am an extraordinary Metahuman that is created every once in a millionth of a life time within the Multiverse is how it was explained to me,” Quantum Girl answered back. “Is it because you are so damn hot that you make guys like me crazy?” asked Microman being playful towards Quantum Girl. “No,” Quantum Girl laughed moving closer to Microman, “it’s because if every Earth had a version of me the Multiverse with destroy itself with unintentional paradoxes.” “Sounds sexy,” Microman said following a very passionate kiss between the two. “God damn, I have wanted to do that for years,” Quantum Girl added as Microman wrapped his arms around her. “I don’t know why you allowed the Brain to keep you like a house pet until you were twenty-six,” Microman added. “He told me that I was the only person he could think of that unintentionally scared the living hell out of him,” Quantum Girl said, “I just finally learned to use and control my entire powers like months ago after discovering them at sixteen. I would never harm a micro sized hair on his bald head.” “ ,” Microman laughed, “Oh my god, where the hell does he keep his personality? Is he still living in a robot body?” “Not anymore,” Quantum Girl said, “that is why he has no emotions I understand. When he was able to fix the problems with his human body he transferred his brain back into his human body. He said he had lived so many years inside the artificial body that he taught himself that emotions were the flaw with humans who are unintelligent, brainless, senseless and dim-witted.” “What a nut case,” Microman replied as the two kissed a bit more passionately until they were interrupted with a life sized hologram of Spacehawk that appeared next to them tapping his foot. When they heard his foot tapping, the two quickly stopped kissing and turned their attention to the Spacehawk hologram he was sending from the Bienfaisant II which was only a mile away near the lower foot hills of the enormous rocky gorge mountain rock spikes. 4

#5 “Oh, so now I get it!” Spacehawk exclaimed derisively. “Do I need to divide you two on my ship when you get back here?”

“So you have been basically dicking around not doing shit here for one hour?” asked Spacehawk. “No, I learned this ship was attacked by Gor,” Microman replied, “Your friend Gladiator was killed, and Blastro, Arlene Wilcox, Alicer Moore and what was left of their medical android survived. It was Grumbas who rescued them here and took them back to Earth.” “That may be why he was asking us to help move the ship,” Spacehawk said, “Six months is a long time for humans to be scrapping their starship remains on some alien planet.” “Actually don’t you recall the self repair program in this thing?” asked Microman. “It did cross my mind,” Spacehawk said, “it really is working?” “I downloaded what the ship looked like,” Barry said, “I’ll send it to your address. Let’s just say this whole bridge was gone and…” “How did Gladiator die?” asked Spacehawk. 5

#5 “It looks like Gor literally pinpointed him and shot him right through the bridge,” Microman said. “Cold-hearted green skinned bastard.” “Obvious this ship still cannot be moved being split in half with a giant rock spike in dividing the center,” Spacehawk said, “I wonder if we somehow moved the two halves it would self-repair faster?” “Why are you two scared of me using my powers?” asked Quantum Girl. There was an awkward silence now in the room, but Spacehawk being in charge of the ‘mission’ and owner of the Bienfaisant II decided to speak up. “Sorry,” Spacehawk said, “I made the call, I guess I still have memories when those villains kidnapped you when you were sixteen and hooked you up to some advanced machine. I remember all the damage the Forcer had you do and watching people die and then in the end you reversed all the death after we rescued you.” “That’s been a blank since recently,” Quantum Girl said, “I recall I was literally dying and when I was rescued the Brain mind controlled me and used my powers to undo everything. You guys didn’t know how close to death I really was and how close I came to dying while he did that.” “I had no idea,” Spacehawk added. “That’s the Brain who had emotions,” Quantum Girl said, “he was a selfish, did things by the percentage of fate and would have let me die to save undo what those bastards did to me. I was only sixteen years old, but I think the reason I forgot about it was because of him and my recent remembering was because he don’t care that I am recalling all of it now.” “It makes a lot of sense now why he is not the most liked super hero in the world anymore,” Spacehawk said, “all right, let’s wrap this up and get back to the ship. I want to respond to Eagleman who is driving me nuts with this strange memory he is talking about and that hologram. We are going to meet up near that galactic rest stop and see if my ship records have any pin points that were made with the space pad we landed on.” “A space mystery,” Microman laughed, “what about Quantum Girl’s idea?” “With what?”Asked Spacehawk. “To use her powers on this ship?” asked Microman, “it can’t hurt much.” “We can deal with that a bit later,” Spacehawk said, “I sent a message to Captain Wonder and I will let him deal with that. Frankly, I am surprised he allowed a bunch of idiots fly is his precious future time ship and allow it crash on some planet with 20 percent to some extent intermediate smart aliens thousands of miles west of this location.” “Are they smarter than humans?” asked Microman. “They are equal to the intelligence of dolphins that can walk on land,” Spacehawk laughed, “See you in a bit.” The hologram of Spacehawk then vanished. 6


Quantum Girl seems to get quiet after they both return the Bienfaisant II, and sit down at their stations. Spacehawk in his raised “Captain’s seat” begins to call out the orders to get his starship back into the air and off of


#5 Meanwhile, as the Bienfaisant II leaves the planet Sazuno, a bit of a recent and somewhat new customary tone of amusing repartee that at the present seems to break out at the expenditure of Microman. It’s more often than not starting out with Microman saying something either deliberately dense, witty or at the moment he appears to be warm towards Quantum Girl (Sheila). Every one of the team affiliates of the Bienfaisant II clearly observed the dialogue previously whilst Spacehawk sent a hologram message of himself recorded live from the bridge of the Bienfaisant II and the Odyssey (hence the prior conversation with Spacehawk teasing Barry and Sheila about discovering their latest ‘romance’).

As a final point, at present breaking free of the gravity of Sazuno, (which was a tad over the strength on the planet Earth.) The gravity ratio is absolutely adequate for the Bienfaisant II’s brand new star crystal based computers and engineering. All of that because of Hardware’s recent upgrades and Spacehawk’s precision planning. The ship was free and now flying off through space once again. Even Eagleman had made the comment at one point that he was glad the Bienfaisant II was in the hands of heroes. Had a bunch of space pirates be behind the command of that ship they could be nearly impossible to catch with modern Cardarian technology. This is supposed to be the most advanced 8

#5 equipment in the cosmos according to the Brain, ‘next to Captain Wonder’s innovative machinery accidentally from the future. In recent times, in view of the fact of the unexplained destruction of the now forgotten ‘original Earth’ as time has been altered a bit in the Multiverse. Captain Wonder blames on everyone stealing, borrowing or trying to advance technology that has not been invented. That is the reason for his recent odd rationale and officially banning anyone from using it. Even though there seem to be some minor things that slipped through the cracks on Earth 1 with S.T.E.E.L. Not much is known about Chotagon. His name has been quietly whispered on the lips of many aliens all through the galaxy. Most with tales of horror, fear and disbelief and most know that if you see him you do not live to tell about it. Chotagon is a ruthless, cold-hearted killer that would shoot a new born baby between the eyes for

the right price. Just recently, it has been revealed that besides the light weight exterior armor he is always seen in, he is a master at hand to hand combat. (For the first time ever in Crusaders #17 a partial background was mentioned about Chotagon that placed him on planet Earth briefly nearly fifteen to twenty years ago.) In recent times he was known to have a tiny bit of an involvement with Lord X or “X” (the diabolically evil and supernatural sovereign of the dreaded Empire X, not the bad guy and current time restored irony version of the original Lord X now on Earth 2.)

“Where eagles dare!” CHAPTER THREE

Meanwhile flying through the immeasurable continual black and shining stars of space is the dark black starship called the “EagleComet” and the pilot is clearly Koran aka “Eagleman”. He is currently almost near the meeting area that he agreed to convene with Spacehawk. A good number of superior Metahumans and intelligent beings know a bit more as regards to the Multiverse as what happened to Earth 2. 9

#5 Eagleman has no inkling and is at all times thinking a conspiracy in his world. Eagleman comes from quite a few centuries in the future where his home planet Cardaria was turned into a battle field, and his parents were executed in front of him when he was eight. Koran (Eagleman) had lived a very hard life in the beginning as a slave, which explains his muscular frame. In recent times, it seems to compliment his six foot eight height and makes the former Enforcer from Cardaria seem like one bad-ass. Koran looks like a normal Cardarian back home, but on planet Earth he’s a ‘hulking” super hero and that explains why he wears the costume more on Earth. A six-foot eight man seen with whitish gray wing, with muscle and long black hair could be mistaken as something very evil on Earth. So that’s why he has been quicker to keep the costume and helmet on planet Earth. The Eagle-Comet started to come onto the rest space station area he could see a lot of the main docking bay doors were closed as well as the lounge centers. Some ships were slowly flying by but nobody was leaving. Eagleman saw a communications warning being automatically broadcasted from their main output viewing signal. So he quickly logged onto it with his ship and a prerecorded message from possible one of the head people of the space station started talking it took a bit to recognize the serial number on the Eagle-Comet so the computer generated message could be friendly and personal to the viewer.

“This is not my day!” Eagleman said as he shut his middle monitor off and it flipped back over into the hidden compartment where it came out of. 10

#5 The sound of a hailing frequency literally came to Eagleman’s ship only seconds after he had closed up the monitor. He rolled his eyes and with a deep sign flipped a button that opened up the monitor again and he Spacehawk’s face was on it projecting a wave message from the very seat he was in on the Bienfaisant II.

“Yes and no, I understand that some kind of airborne type contact virus has broken out there,” Eagleman said, “They don’t know what it is but it sounds as if they have had scientists testing corpses. I’d assume that is how they came up with the idea that it is close to that Oajiex plague from Alpha five C. That very one that nearly wiped out every single Vreivek alien next to everything other living thing there on that planet.” “Interesting,” Spacehawk said, “The Stargazer known as Nulsal is a Vreivek. I understand he is one of the few Stargazer’s left. Obviously it didn’t wipe all of the Vreivek’s out. According to my info-base from my ships computer that virus melts your skin into your muscles, depending on your race, whatever exterior hide you have, I guess different things have been recorded here. I know anything that anything close to us their corpses turns into a black near brittle with trace of tissue anywhere. I presume every muscle in your body becomes flaccid and your eyeballs accurately fall out of your sockets. All kinds of grisly things that I don’t believe my worst enemy would even deserve.” Without prior notice Spacehawk is pushed aside by a tiny 5 inch Microman. He grew to full size do he could ‘butt in’ and talk to Eagleman. It was kind of rude, but it seemed like he and Spacehawk had been doing these sort of ‘pranks’ to one another all day since the occurrence at the Odyssey with Microman and Quantum Girl


#5 “That’s something I don’t even have a clue about yet,” Eagleman replied, “I doubt there is a coincidence due to the fact that we are in the middle of an endless galaxy and things don’t happen as happenstance as far as percentage wise like they do on Earth or Cardaria. It’s a very big world out here old friend and you have just begun to understand how immense this entire cosmos is.” “I dig the fact you are letting your hair hang out bro,” Microman said, “We need more long haired super heroes out there! !” “Since I am no longer an Enforcer I do not have to tip my head down and feed my hair into the helmet then strap it over my head anymore,” Eagleman said, “this present time Cardaria is too formal I wish I could find a way back home.” “Ask Pulsaar about how that works when you go back to Earth,” Microman replied, “something wiped out his timeline and when he went back to the 35th Century I think he said. According to him when he came back to our modern time there were hundreds of different changes. If that happened to him, I bet you it would happen to you.” “Wait a minute,” Eagleman said as if he had a revelation of something spiritual, “When did you guys actually go back to Earth? I know six months ago the Microman I met was just starting. What does your time frame look like back then?” “Six months?” asked Microman, “That probably would have been when I first hooked up with Space brain and his bird crew here. I think I spent nearly six months just getting the excitement and reality in check of being out here!” “The first time Microman went out we do have a log here but it only mentions flight tours,” Spacehawk said as he stuck his face in the monitor and pushed Microman over. “There you go,” Eagleman said, “check your data records I think I may be onto something. Can you wave that first six months with Microman to me?” “All of the logs?” asked Spacehawk. “Yep,” Eagleman replied. “Okay, stand by to receive data documents,” Spacehawk said as he began to tinker with something at his station area near the lap monitor. Spacehawk begin to tinker with some data that his ship the Eagle-Comet had collected when he was parked on the starpad. When ship’s land on space stations if they are large as the Eagle-Comet or bigger they automatically must park on a star pad. If there are no more star pads you have to call in and get somebody to push some control pin to launch several more that are inside the foundation of the space station. 12

#5 When docked on a star pad it connects to your ship and you both trade data about when, where and the time was you were there. Spacehawk was surprised to see there were data records on ships that came too close to his ship while he was inside the lounge area (See Spacehawk/Microman #6) Swiftly Spacehawk started to talk and it broke Eagleman’s concentration on what he was doing. He looked up at Spacehawk and to his left he could see that Microman had used his powers to make himself nearly six inches or so. Combing his flight powers to hang about in the view of the monitor as if he had something he wanted to say, but Spacehawk was babbling (or bragging) about how top notch his ship is with up to date and innovative tech.

“Wait!” Eagleman said cutting off Spacehawk who was about to add something, “what did he say about a metal planet?” “No, it’s not the Death Star,” Spacehawk joked pertaining to an Earth movie called “Star Wars”, but Eagleman’s concerned expression didn’t change. “Microman? Barry? What were you saying buddy?!” “Dude!” Microman said, “It must be high-speed for the reason that it is no longer on the hologram map computer! I can in fact see it in the distance through the front space monitor, and we will probably be right up on it in…”


#5 “FUCK!” Eagleman yelled as he began to mess with his engine speed and map indicators, “take me to the last known transmission of that signal!” “WARP SPEED IN TEN SECONDS,” a robotic computer voice replied while Eagleman began to triple secure himself to his captain’s seat with safety harnesses. Eagleman tried to reconnect to the wave communication signal several times and after as a final point gave up. He then sent a message for their ship when they were able to get back in range.

Eagleman usually don’t like to fly his EagleComet in warp speed mode, but his friends were at least five and half solar systems. All because of the of the automatic location computer navigators that forced them around into different routes.

“Into the mouth of hell” CHAPTER FOUR The one thing was for certain, Eagleman was not allowed to fly in anything beyond the top notch speed for an enforcer and now he was maxing out the custom warp core engine built into his ship and it was so fast that he had to put it into auto pilot because he could pull his arms up to steer the wheel Meanwhile much further away nearly fifty some light years, the crew of the Bienfaisant II was all amazed at the giant gold vessel with the red pulsating light. Colored gold for some reason, it just mesmerized everyone as they proceeded forward and began to close in on it. 14


“Those two other planets off to the south west location on the star map,” Hardware spoke up, “One is full of an abundance of life and the one north seems to be dwindling with little life almost as if it is dying.” “The big opening in the center reminds me of a docking port for starships,” Human Cat spoke up, “Maybe the red pulsating light is some kind of invite for us?” “It’s so massive and bigger than those other planets,” Microman said, “I don’t see anything hostile, how did your probe go Conrad?” “It didn’t even return nothing,” Hardware (Conrad) replied, “What do you think that means?” “It wants to communicate with us,” Spacehawk said, “I have been in situations like this when two species are so far different from each other they just sit there. For me, I think we should fly into their star dock and see who is waiting for us. Hopefully the galactic Cardarian translator now a part of my suit will help out.”


#5 “Are you seriously going to fly into some space ship we know nothing about?” Quantum Girl spoke up as she turned around in her seat, “I am feeling strange about this.” “Well if you don’t want to go I can always transport you down to that intelligent alien planet down there,” Spacehawk joked, “Population 3 million, not sure what they look like, but it would be better that the unknown right?” “Oh shut up,” Quantum Girl said turning around and facing her system and looking through her monitor, “Let’s proceed.” “Well, let’s go meet and make some new friends,” Spacehawk called as he began to fly the ship right toward the giant gold sphere. “Going in perfect!” Hardware said. “All right folks anyone detect any weapons or force fields?” Asked Spacehawk. “All clear!” Microman responded from the station in front of Spacehawk.

“Into the mouth of hell!” Human Cat exclaimed as the Bienfaisant II flew right into the opening with no troubles. Inside of the Tenebris was some kind of highly developed alien clockwork of tech behind the knowledge of any man and along with the endless circuits of technology further than anyone’s comprehensions. Spacehawk was amazed when he noticed his big starship was like a small bat in a very large cave. 16


“It almost look like three different levels of buildings,” Spacehawk said studying a special monitor that can look through walls but only presents shapes and ideas of what is beyond the walls, “are they buildings or apart of the machinery to this thing?”


#5 “Check out the hologram map of the bottom layer,” Hardware said, “is that some kind of five hundred foot alien all hooked up to the equipment down there?” “Should we attempt a hail in all three thousand languages?” asked Microman. “Not sure,” Spacehawk said as he flew through the massive inside of the Tenebris, “I am just allowing my computers to scan all of this and create a hologram model for later storage. Not sure I want to upset anything that I do not have to.” “Watching you two like this,” Microman kind of weird me out. I am getting this weird feeling inside that we are not supposed to be in here.” “Tell that to the smaller ship that is cloaked, but followed us in here,” Quantum Girl said as he sent the scan of the small ship to one of the large front monitors for everyone to see. “I don’t see it in here,” Microman said. “Our peripheral recorders captured it coming out of hyper space right before it went into cloaking mode,” Quantum Girl smiled at Microman. “Hey I taught you that trick,” Microman smiled at Quantum Girl. “That’s why we have those things all around us,” Spacehawk added, “just in case we capture something that perhaps went into a cloaking mode nevertheless seems to be following us inside whatever the hell this giant place is.”

“We are being hailed,” Hardware says, “wait, looks like someone tried to hail us but sent us a recording until we could connect.” “Play it,” Spacehawk ordered. The recorded message was the one Eagleman had previously sent and suddenly everyone aboard the Bienfaisant II remained silent. Up until Eagleman’s last words,



TENEBRIS! IT WILL KILL YOU…RUN!” “I sure hope that’s a prank,” Microman said with no reply from anyone. That is because everyone aboard the ship knows that the Tenebris is a giant unknown star vessel that has been traveling the universe since forever, leaving lifefilled planets looking like dead, dim moons.” “Everyone brace yourselves I think we are caught in some kind of tractor beam!” Spacehawk suddenly announced. “We are being pulled through a large opening that leads to the middle chamber of this massive unit!” Hardware exclaimed. “You know, this is one fucked up and totally dishonorable way to die!” Human Cat exclaimed, “This Tenebris thing was rumored to be coming toward my world, but never happened! Now my dumb ass is flying right down

its ass pipe!” “Hey! It was all about this Caterian named Chouh and the next thing I know you were offering to come along!” Spacehawk shouted back at Human Cat, “Buckle up! I have no idea what is beyond that opening!” “I can’t even send in a fishing line probe into it!” Hardware shouted. All of a sudden Bienfaisant II flew right into the opening and nothing happened. They were in the second center of the Tenebris and now Spacehawk had control of his ship. “What happened?” asked Quantum Girl. “We are alive,” Spacehawk said. “Computers are telling me that we have entered a sustainable environment with an atmosphere and controlled gravity,” Hardware said reading his monitor, “Never seen anything like it.”

“I am adjusting the engines and gravity,” Spacehawk said, “strangely there is a breathable atmosphere and some kind of city of what looks like to be buildings way down there.” “God, what if we got lucky and flew in this thing and found away to take this son of a bitch a part,” Microman added. “You don’t remember the five hundred foot robot or alien underneath this secondary level?” asked Quantum Girl. “Right but we got you this time,” Microman smiled. 19

#5 “Oh I see,” Quantum Girl half smiled, “you want me to use my powers this time.” “I think life and death emergencies for sure are a good reason,” Spacehawk added as he steered the ship toward.” “There’s another bigger ship in here,” Hardware said, “It is shinning some kind of laser light on random objects below. I am going to run a scan and see that the heck that thing is.” “Just leave it alone for now,” Spacehawk said, “some strange alien races may detect our scanners as weapons. Let’s not doing anything hostile, not just yet….”


#5 “I’ve seen this technology as well as buildings designed like that before,” Human Cat snarled, “Can anyone zero in on something and not get to close. I need to think a bit. This is right on the tip of my brain.” “Sure thing,” Quantum Girl said from the far left of Human Cat, “Is that look big enough?” “Yeah,” Human Cat said, “Let me think. Spacehawk slow down the speed and let’s not approach this place too quick….” “Got you,” Spacehawk said, “I sure hope you can remember something good about this.” “I have seen this stuff only when I was younger during history training!” Human Cat said, “It’s from a planet called Qastepra! It was considered the perfect and first race created by Algeur or in every alien language the singular ‘God.’ Most have a bunch, but the ones who believe in a single God always have this sort of biblical tale.” “Okay…I’m feeling a little biblical,” Microman said jokingly, “What is your Caterian story?” “God’s favorite creatures made in his likeness,” Human Cat said, “humans have stories like this with angels and what not. All these aliens hated and were jealous of these blue skinned Qastepraians they were called. Legend goes all these aliens or anti-God beings, demons, whatever you want to put in there went to this beautiful world that was supposed to be a flawless paradise filled with these blue skinned aliens that were all intelligent. War raged on them, a lot of books said they fought with themselves, but either way it was destroyed. As kids we only saw pictures of ruins of this world and regenerated holograms of what it looked like.” “This is what it looked like?” asked Spacehawk. “Except it wasn’t stuffed in the center of a killing machine,” Human Cat. “Oh dear,” Hardware added. “I think we should find a spot to land and do a little bit of walking around?” asked Spacehawk, “somebody should stay here with the ship obviously in case something happens and we need to head tail back out. That’s providing there is a way out and they cannot lock us in.” “I will stay here,” Quantum Girl said. “No,” Spacehawk said, “Hardware will. It will be interesting if you can see into things here and what we could be possibly looking at.” 21

#5 “Really?” asked Quantum Girl with a satirical grin at the same time glancing at Microman, who in return stuck his tongue out back at her. At the same time above the level Spacehawk and his ship were currently on the mysterious cloaked ship that had been trailing the Bienfaisant II had to taking the cloaking device off itself so it could start looking around more. Inside at the helm was the infamous Chotagon and some possible bounty hunters working with him. One of them was navigating the smaller starship while Chotagon was standing over a similar 3D hologram map like the one on the Bienfaisant so that he could get an idea where they had gone. A familiar being from Earth at one time in league with a group of super villain scientists called the “E.Y.E.” suddenly comes around the corner. His name is the notorious The Curator who has always been labeled as ‘unknown’ as far as his intentions and alignment. His story starts out as a crippled and tragic mutation gone extremely wrong type story, but used his superior mutant brain and combined technology from an alien ship and a mystical violet purple prism that made him into the dominant leader called the Curator today.

“None of these renegade crew members will fly further,” Chotagon said, “The fact they learned that this is the Tenebris was enough to make them nervous where they are right now.”


#5 “I’ll deal with your so called hired assassin crew members,” the Curator said, “the bounty on Spacehawk is going to make me rich beyond belief. Plus you get to waste your group of people you are contracted for.” “My client is really scared of that one called Quantum Girl,” Chotagon said, “it’s an easy kill it’s just all the ones around her I will have to most likely kill also. Suddenly, Chotagon’s ship was hit by a powerful blast from behind following a shockwave throughout their ship. It knocked out their power and weapons for 36 seconds. The attacker was pretty obvious as the massive black “EagleComet” kept training them getting ready to fire again. “Hailing unwanted bounty hunters trailing my friends,” Eagleman said while hailing their starship. Turn back and leave this place now or I will rip you apart with another few blasts. “What the hell?” Chotagon said getting up from the floor, “Where did that son of a bitch come from?” “This stealth ship is not mad to go toe to toe with a custom Cardarian enforcer ship,” The Curator said. “One more hit with those energy cannons and this ship will be scrap metal,” The Curator said as he flew over next to the small crew of the bridge, “There’s one way to beat this Cardarian enforcer.” “Sorry no escape pods on this stealth ship,” Chotagon responded. “Transport to his ship and fight him hand to hand,” the Curator said, “you would kill him and we could add that ship to our collection.” “If you don’t mind me adding an idea,” one of Chotagon’s men spoke up that was on the bridge of the ship. “Go ahead,” Chotagon said. “We die anyway if we stay,” he said, “we drop down and fall into that tracking beam we get sucked in that black hole. Who knows what happens, but it is better than what is about to happen here.”


#5 “Drop the ship into the tracking beam,� Chotagon ordered to the navigator of the ship. Without question, he reached forward and dived toward the hole where Spacehawk and his crew vanished earlier.



“The Monarch” CHAPTER FIVE

“Well, this is a big surprise,” Spacehawk was the first to speak, “you know it’s been nearly five years Rob. You were always better than this and when had learned you had turned out to be this Monarch being, I always felt like you had…” “Is this the part where you beg me to come back to Earth and speak to a physiatrist?” interrupted the Monarch with a deep laugh, “You of all idiots have no idea what it means 25

#5 to be who I am and who is around me. If you had one inclination of the things I have done to shape the universe as to my small, pathetic early existence on Earth running around playing super hero with all you so called good guys. Tell me Joshua Andrews, in view of the fact that we are using our birth names to address each other. I will ask, dear Josh, who have you killed and turned around and blamed it on justice? Is it any different compared to my sovereign position where I can sway millions to now do it for me.” “You know you always had that intelligent thing going on and a seemingly jolly booksmart fella,” Human Cat said, “but you never had the common sense to know when you are starting to reek like shit.” “Brilliant words coming from the aging Caterian who hides his half-breed facial mutation behind a friendly blue kitty-cat mask. I have seen more frightening versions of you on other Earths. Go back to Cateria where at least you are famous without that annoy blue puss-face and tough guy voice. They have never mixed well with you Human Cat nor should I say “Billy-Bob.” “Taking pot shots at me with kindergarten naming calling just proved my point,” Human Cat said, “Now that I know you are behind the Tenebris I will keep coming at you until you have to kill me.” “Bill, do not incite him,” Quantum Girl whispered to him from behind. “I got this guy,” Human Cat whispered back while Spacehawk started bantering with him, “Would you believe that guy used to be a famous astronaut?” “What happened?” “Tragic accident in space,” Human Cat whispered back, “some kind of radioactive meteorite, one of those stories. Killed everyone on his ship and he is the outcome of what a survivor looks like.” “First of all!” The Monarch shouted over Spacehawk who was arguing with him, “I am not the Tenebris! Despite my dislike for you and everybody from Earth that I used to associate with, I am still an explorer! Therefore, I found this place by an accident along with the remains of an extremely superior race of beings that coincidentally are blue skinned as I am. All of this that you see around you what was spared from their home planet. It was made into this inner world as a life support and feeding tube for the Tenebris.” “I’m confused,” Human Cat said, “Where is the Tenebris?” 26

#5 “He is at this time in some kind of loss of consciousness and has been in that manner for practically a decade,” the Monarch said, “Whomever or whatsoever look after him and calculated this complete metal globe. It comes into view to be some kind of prevailing piece of equipment that keeps him alive, almost like a giant feeding tube, if you will. There is a very powerful artificial but exceptionally sentient that was deliberately produced perhaps by him. It does everything it can to keep him alive. Consequently, as of lately my discovery is the Tenebris is a five hundred and sixty seven foot tall humanoid cyborg. It is brain dead, comatose, and well protected below us. A space much like this, impossible to reach, some kind of an alien hospital quarters that keeps him living!” “Then let’s put aside whatever our differences are and work together like we did when we were young and members of the Crusaders,” Spacehawk said, “We have a shot to destroy something that is killing hundreds of alien worlds all over the universe. Nobody can find it nevertheless by accident here we all are!” “That would have been a nice heroic speech twenty years ago ‘Spacehawk’ but there’s some things you need to learn first,” The Monarch replied. “What?” asked Spacehawk. “You are not here by an accident,” the Monarch smirked, “anyone who flies through that opening are not for the reason that they are lucky. It is because I allowed it.” “You allowed it?” asked Human Cat, “What? Suddenly you are the brain dead Tenebris whisperer?” “I am here as an monarch to my nation, but I am also here as a scientist,” The Monarch laughed deeply, “Every time the Tenebris kills or destroys worlds, nebulas, life forms and what not that gives me the prospect to learn this marvelously superior alien technology. Clearly it is so I can use it for my militia assembly in addition to allowing me to conqueror this whole galaxy with almost no effort. Unlike you bozos, I had to find a way to slip myself within here since I plan to doom you with that Earth looking planet underneath us can honestly tell you that this living computer is oblivious to Then without being caught I used my superior intelligence to tap or as some people say back home ‘hack’ this system. If I wanted to shut this computerized artificial life form down I could however I gain more when it lives.”


#5 “You prick!” Spacehawk said as he went to punch the Monarch but found out the giant blue super genius mammoth had only seconds before put up and invisible barrier between him and the others.

Trapped behind the invisible wall barrier, Microman flies back around in the size of four inches. He reaches back and musters all of his super human strength and punches Microman right directly in the back of the head. Surprised, the Monarch flies forward and slams into his own invisible wall barrier and falls back, dropping to his knees with a bit of pain. “Microman I presume you got back here!” he yells as he reaches for a button on a large computer system to his right, “Say hello to the aliens below before I cook there world with you on it!” “No!” Quantum Girl said as she stands forward reaching her arms out and activating her time control powers. She began to alter the Monarch backwards until he turned into a scrawny human, but it didn’t stop him from hitting the button. The armor he had on was so heavy it fell off of him and knocked him to his knees. “What the hell is all this??!?!?!” was the last thing everyone could hear the Monarch yelling.


#5 All four were transported in the blink of an eye down on what appeared to be a street of a city that looked a bit like something on Earth. On the other hand there were many differences once everyone started to look around.

“The cat? Asked Microman to Quantum Girl, “I couldn’t resist because.” Suddenly the cat hissed and scratched Microman across the face. He was surprised as the white long hair Persian cat leaped out of his arms to a twenty-seven foot drop which would have killed a normal cat. This cat hit the ground and kept running between the buildings. Microman landed next to Spacehawk who was attempting to communicate with the Bienfaisant II. “That metal dome is not allowing any communications to my ship,” Spacehawk said whilst further blasts came down all around in random spots. Places 29

#5 were starting to burn more and more and the screams of the innocent aliens of the planet Doriant from all over. Some just stood there waiting to die as word spread this was happening all over the planet. “I need to start helping…but it’s pointless!” Human Cat yelled out in anger looking up at the sky “Mother fucker if you hear me! Be a man and spare this fucking planet! I will find a place for you! Save this fucking world!” “I am trying to ping our ship,” Spacehawk said, “but how fair would it be for us to get into a ship and leave behind this innocent people who look just like us? It’s inhumane and if I didn’t know the Monarch he may be putting me to a test!” “Putting you through a test?” asked Microman as he came down from the sky. He stumbled a little bit and said, “wow, the air must be different here I kind of got the head spins on that landing.” “He knows that my power gauntlets and the rest of suit’s technology can generate energy to make a thin coated protective field around me,” Spacehawk said, “I could probably reach space from here in twenty minutes tops….” “If there’s a way to save yourself Spacehawk get the hell out of here,” Human Cat said, “I will not hold it against you. I guess I will have to settle for this as an honorable death!” “No!” Quantum Girl said throwing off the last of her green cloak she wears to hide underneath it. She dropped to her knees and placed her hands on the ground, “If I am to die I will die using my powers!” “That’s way too much for you!” Microman cried out as more explosions started going off around the group even louder. Microman went to reach for Quantum Girl and suddenly felt weak and dropped to his knees. “What’s wrong?” Asked Spacehawk. “Suddenly I am not feeling very well,” Microman said, “That cat or I think it was a cat…..” Spacehawk caught Microman as he fell frontward half unconscious. Spacehawk tries to keep him conscious then notices he is burning up with a fever as well as sweating. “Jesus Christ we are going to all die,” Spacehawk said to himself as he help Microman lay down on the weird almost hard rubber feeling terrain surface that these aliens ground was covered with. “We have no choice!” Quantum Girl said with her hand on the ground and her body suddenly beginning to radiate with strange energy of some sort, “Barry’s life is gone without him I chose not to exist! I have to undo….aaaaahhhhh!” 30

#5 Everyone backed up while Human Cat took off running and started helping anyone he saw around him that was in trouble. Quantum Girl was glowing with such bright energies and the ground was shaking beneath Spacehawk’s feet.

Spacehawk got a beeping response from a ship, but it was not the Bienfaisant II and after trying to talk Quantum Girl out of killing herself he gave up, grabbing Microman and backed away from her. Everyone started to notice some of the explosions around them as if they were moving backwards and damage was being restored slowly. Even though this was happening the aliens of this planet were still free to move around some were caught up in this strange time overturn contradiction.

The energy buildup around Quantum Girl just exploded and sent a shockwave around the entire planet and turned back the clock a day ago. Regrettably when the dust cleared she was gone and so wasn’t Microman. 31

#5 “What the fuck?!” Spacehawk yelled aloud as he activated his personal energy field and began to fly around the alien city. Spacehawk looked around the area and the only thing he saw was Human Cat walking down the street with a confused look on his face. “What happened?!” yelled Human Cat, “there isn’t an alien in sight or any damage?” “I kind of figured that would happen!” Spacehawk said as he landed next to Human Cat in the middle of what looked like a street of some sort. “I have no answers but Sheila and Barry simply vanished into thin air also and I have a strange feeling this is only temporarily!” Spacehawk said. “The big dome is gone from the sky,” Human Cat pointed above. “Interesting,” Spacehawk said looking around. Swiftly right above the “Eagle-Comet” came out of skies and came to a slow stop, and landed on the little bit of pavement fifty meters from the two.

The black dome popped open and Eagleman leaped up into the air by the pull of his large, strong whitish gray wings that sent him up into the air like a bird and slowly helped him land softly next to Spacehawk and Human Cat. “I don’t know what the hell is going on but I am here,” Eagleman said, “I was inside that metal dome…or Tenebris and it just vanished…I have my hands literally wrapped around Chotagon’s god damn neck and he has a blade nearing my throat.”


#5 “I have no idea,” Spacehawk said, “where is everyone here?” “This planet has two suns and it never goes dark,” Eagleman said, “They have a selected curfew and that explains why and where you are right this moment.” “I think I just watched Sheila turn and exploded into energy,” Spacehawk said with a disappointed tone, “I think Microman is dead, but when she exploded….all of this….gone!” “We’ll figure this out,” Eagleman said, “We will figure this out.”





Microman/Spacehawk: #5  

Spacehawk/Microman #5 Cosmicverse Copyright © 2017 THE FINAL ISSUE of Microman that ends with a shocking death and the revelation of the big...

Microman/Spacehawk: #5  

Spacehawk/Microman #5 Cosmicverse Copyright © 2017 THE FINAL ISSUE of Microman that ends with a shocking death and the revelation of the big...