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BEHIND THE MUSIC The Damon brother are considered one of today’s top heavy metal brother and band musicians like Eddie an Alex Van Halen, but things were not always ‘good’ for the two lads growing up in the southern Wisconsin area. Born November the 16th 1971, Jason Caterson Damon was the son of a washed up blues musician that went by the name “Kirkwood Damon. He was known for being really tall, slender with wavy light brown hair that had a way to swoon the ladies as a lounge crooner taking any gig that offers the atmosphere and right pay for numerous blues and jazz bands. ‘Kirkwood’ met Jason’s (Cat) mother Miss Arlene “Lena” Kasey in the spring of 1968 at a sweaty Jazz club in Chicago, Illinois. It wasn’t long before Kirkwood and Arlene became an inseparable pair. She would travel hundreds of miles with her girlfriends in a beat up Chevy van to attend Kirkwood’s gigs throughout the Midwest area. Not before too long “Lena” became pregnant after her mother took her to the Doctor’s Office in Madison, Wisconsin after suffering a sickness that wouldn’t go away along with an abdominal pains. When she learned she was pregnant she became excited because she knew it was Kirkwood’s child unfortunately he didn’t see it the same way and broke up with her. He turned up a month later with his parents who learned of the ordeal from Lena’s parents and they placed an abortion idea on the table along with one-thousand dollars for all expenses. That was a lot of money in those days Although Kirkwood Damon appeared to be a hobo blues-jazz musician he came from a pretty well-off family. Lena’s parents knew them and she was surprised that they all had a bad past and somewhat of a revival growing up. (Lena and Kirkwood’s mother.) The deal was turned down and November 16th, 1971 Jason Caterson Kasey Damon was born. Kirkwood never came to the hospital and would see the baby a few times before disappearing again. He would later be involved with a woman named Christine Halsey from a city not far from Beloit, Wisconsin. The only picture known of Kirkwood Damon

It may have been fate or an accident that he would soon have another son in March 17th, 1973 (St. Patrick’s day). Without knowing Lena, Christine Halsey a former backup singer in one of Kirkwood’s jazz bands would name her son Richard Jayson Damon and this time he would wind up attempting to tie the knot with Christine to avoid child support payments. Later on, while at home with her parents and in the last trimester of her pregnancy, Christine learned Kirkwood was busy ‘crooning’ ladies late night after his performances in Chicago. She kicked him to the curb and banned him from seeing the baby ever again. (They were both living in Christine’s parent’s home outside of Rockford). Richard Jayson Damon would be adopted by Sam Bates a television repair guy who later became a full time worker for the local cable company. All though Sam Bates “adopted” Jayson and his last name would be “Bates” all through High School it was never legal and when he became sixteen Richard would learn that when he applied for a driver’s license. As fate would have it, Christine and now her four sons and daughter along with her husband Sam would move to Janesville, Wisconsin. The very same high school that Richard’s oldest half brother Jason was attending who was a sophomore he was a freshman. At the time, Jason or simply “Cat” as he preferred possibly because he had been given a drum set by his Grandmother and played snare in the school


BEHIND THE MUSIC band (which he dropped out). He was not very tall in school, skinny with blonde hair that never came past his corners of his neck. He often wore glasses, a blue jean jacket with the KISS band logo painted nicely on the back. That caught the attention of Richard or Rich. Richard hated his name because a lot of his friends would always call him “Dick” (an alternate name for Richard) to be a smart ass. Richard Bates was a guitar player and loved to play punk rock especially the Misfits and of course Kiss. When he saw Cat wearing his jacket with the KISS logo the two finally struck up a conversation in an unruly study hall that would bond an eternal brotherhood and be the start of a change in music history upon their first meeting. The two were somewhat cartoonists and like to draw and before they even struck a note they begin drawing pictures and stages of their imaginary KISS-like band they would ironically name “Metal Storm”. They first time the two ever played together would be during a snow storm when their school was shut down for a week. Richard or simply “Bates” would tell Jason (Cat) that he also played drums and had a drum set at his house. Picking Cat up on a three wheel nearly 12 miles from his house outside of the city of Janesville and the first time they played together Cat discovered “Bates” was a better drummer then he. So he picked up Bates’s red crappy Harmony guitar and just started ‘jamming it” with no musical experience on the guitar except for a few longs he learned on the acoustic as a kid from Mel Ray’s teach yourself guitar handbook he failed to learn, but somehow kept a few chords in his head to play around with. After plugging into an amplifier and adding a crunch pedal to give the guitar a buzzing ‘swarm of hornets’ said that it sounded like and between the two teenagers who had no idea they were brothers ‘jamming’ punk songs and making stuff up on the spot only because they were not good enough to learn their favorite band (KISS). In High School Richard Bates had already confirmed and was either called “Jayson” or “Bates”. Usually his middle name “Jayson” stuck and become really annoying during roll call when his name would be called. To be a wise-ass he refused to acknowledge he ‘was a Dick” he said, “just because my mother like it so much she didn’t have to name me after it.” The following year is when the boys began to notice some similarities about themselves and that’s when Christine made the horrifying discovery her son’s best friend was Kirkwood’s first child she never knew about thus a phone called to Lena confirmed the whole story and nightmare (to them) but to Cat and Jayson this was just the beginning. Legally changing his last name back to “Damon” they would be known as the Damon brothers a bit later and when they became good enough to play music they found a guitar player named Bradley Sharp (Quick Silver) and that made things easier for Cat to switch over to playing bass guitar. The band name was unspoken, but to Cat and Jayson it was “Metal Storm” no matter who came in and played guitar with them in Jayson’s parent’s basement. Jayson had a natural knack for singing because of his mother (former backup singer who was now getting back into it with a new band). Jayson would sing most of the songs (Van Halen and KISS covers) with Sharp on guitar. Sharp was an Eddie Van Halen fan and the first rendition of this band would learn Van Halen songs for Sharp and in return he would learn KISS songs. One day, Sharp stopped coming to practice and the brothers tried switching around thing with Cat on drums and Jayson singing and playing guitar. It worked for the time being, but it became apparent they needed somebody. Sharp would come back to the band claiming all kinds of reasons and they two would return to their original positions. Jayson got better on drums however at the time he lost his rhythm playing drums. So by the time they were doing covers and starting to sounding good it was obvious that Jayson Damon was an amazing drummer, but would have to pick drums or vocals because it could not work out for both. Consequently Cat bought a microphone stand and began learning to sing (or attempt to) while playing bass. This seemed to be easier and it forced the band to become more punk-heavy which didn’t appease


BEHIND THE MUSIC to Sharp who only knew what he learned and had a hard time holding down fast repetitious songs that Cat loved to play and sing like the Misfits or Metallica. Sharp would later quit the band after High School to join the army while Cat and Jayson would keep “Metal Storm” alive by writing originals that were based on Cat’s influence of the occult, satanic themes and his latest obsession lead vocalist King Diamond of his own band and formerly of Mercyful Fate. This would become Cat’s new idea for “Metal Storm” to become a makeup horror type band wearing makeup. They auditioned and looked for guitar players but the area was dry. That’s when a heavy set fella named J.D. Steele who was a couple years younger Jayson who was the youngest of t he brothers. JD would come along in 1994 on the guitar but he was a ‘lead guitarist’ in training (so he was taking lessons from a guy named Phillip Whitmore whom everyone knew because of his reputation as being the best.) JD wasn’t no Yngwie Malmsteen, but held down pretty powerful and repetitious, fast, dark sounding guitar notes that attracted Cat to begin writing lyrics for such early versions of, “Plastic Jesus” and “The Church Burns Down”. Unfortunately as the trio tried many times to put war paint or some design on JD it didn’t look right. They made him grow his hair out and not shave to get rid of his checkered shirt and baseball cap look. Even with the ‘rugged’ look on JD it was not going to work as far as Cat’s idea with an all-makeup band similar to kiss, but more into a dark, theater setting. JD would eventually become the victim of tragic circumstances that would eventually silence his guitar playing for ever. JD got a girl whose parents were Jehovah’s Witness pregnant they were both strong armed into marriage. JD Steele kept on with ‘Metal Strom” but his rugged looked would slowly work back into his original image that did not fit the word metal at all. Meanwhile growing up at the same time but a year older and lived in Beloit, Wisconsin was a lefthanded guitar player named Matthew MacArthur. He had the same influences as Cat and they briefly met each other when his family moved to Cat’s school area, but he would be forced to move back with his mother in Beloit after being caught vandalizing a mail box by tossing a half a can of Pepsi inside of it on his to walking to school. On rare chance meeting Cat ran into Matt once again in a Janesville music store and saw him testing out the guitars. He played horribly, but explained he was left handed at the time Cat thought he was full of shit. Cat thought the ‘left-handed’ story was a bunch of crap that he was ‘full of shit’. The following week, Cat had no idea that Jayson had known Matt and invited him to come over and play with him and J.D. (who were having a hard time committing to the band because he was already married with a child.) Cat became angry and told Jayson that Matt sucked and to call him up and tell him not to come. His name “Matt” was short for Mathias and as he got older he began to prefer the name because it of a famous musician from a rock band had made the name popular. It was too late to call him up, because he was at the door and already carting a beat up Carvin amplifier and when he opened up his guitar case there was a left-handed black Warlock with a widow headstock inside. As soon as Matt plugged in and started playing, Cat knew that he had made a mistake. Playing with his left hand he was amazing and he knew all the ‘dark” stuff Cat and Jayson loved. J.D. eventually felt like the odd man out because the other three were rushing through the songs coming right from their memory. JD was having a hard time focusing, remembering simple songs and having to sneak to band practice because his new wife and their family thought it was ‘irresponsible”. JD Steele eventually fired himself after dropping out a couple of times and changing his mind to return. The group played ‘switch'o'roo’ between several other guitar players until they decided to get 5

BEHIND THE MUSIC serious and look for something. Cat’s bass playing wasn’t the greatest when he was singing and during solos it became apparent there was an empty guitar and the bass felt wrong alone. This is when it became evident that in order for Cat to ‘get better’ he had to take vocal lessons and in when a he met a bass player named Shane Wells. They had been friends before and had worked together and once Cat learned he was a skilled bassist he offered this bass job to Shane so he could take the lead vocal job serious (keeping in mind what he originally wanted to create in the beginning with Metal Storm) Wells was a year older, but had only little experience as far as being in a band. When he met up with the trio there was an instant clicking among the threesome that started to get good. In fact, after a year of solid practicing, writing originals it was starting to sound like a real band. This form of Metal Storm had an early heavy metal type blues Danzig feel to it. With JD Steele gone the boys had more room to experiment with other types of guitar playing and with Wells being up for anything this ‘new sound’ came out of the four along with the song “Black Cat” and “Jack of Diamonds.” Mathias proceeding to had been taking guitar lessons from the local guitar hero Phillip Whitmore through the advice of JD Steele, but around this time Mathias no longer needed lessons and had become good friends with Phillip who was in a local band called “Devil-runner”. Phillip’s friend Bobbie “Bitch” Schumacher had come back from Los Angeles to visit family one day, and a chance meeting between Cat, Mathias and Phillip would set the two off on a new idea. Bobbie was from a breakthrough band out in LA that had begun to hit a bit of fame so it was little overwhelming seeing him back in town. He tried to get Phillip to bring Devil-Runner, but their singer was dedicated to his job at Dorsey Trailers at the time and it pretty much rooted the band. Phillip liked his job teaching guitar along with the hours he had with Devil-Runner that was known for their speedy guitar metal that unfortunately was dying out in the area. Bobbie came out to watch Metal Storm play a show at a club called “The Cactus” and loved the idea of what the band was doing. At this time, Cat was wearing a little bit of stage makeup but not enough to be noticeable. He convinced the four to move to LA and they would be a sensation. The more beers and conversation Bobbie would have with Cat, Jayson, Neil and Mathias it soon became apparent that Wisconsin was a dead end and their originals were never going to be heard. The next morning everyone agreed to move to Los Angeles for a month to see how it goes unfortunately this became the first time that Metal Storm would have trouble with their original drummer and Cat’s brother Jayson who was in a ‘relationship’ with a woman that had convinced him that his band was a dead end and he could not go to Los Angeles. Bobbie told Cat that he knew a killer drummer named Juan and he would call him up to see if he was available. He said he would fit Metal Storm, “way better than Jayson.” So the three members of Metal Storm got all hyped up and road back to Los Angeles with Bobbie with just enough supplies to get by and their gear in a large bed hamper truck that Shane owned.


BEHIND THE MUSIC When they arrived to Los Angeles everything they had hoped, believed and dreamed was dead also. The scene was dying faster than a family of roaches in a “Roach Motel”. To top it off after twenty rehearsals Cat, Mathias and Shane agreed “Juan” was worthless and started shopping around for another drummer. They did manage to find a drummer and played a couple shows before deciding after nearly three months of starving to death to turn around and go back home after they fired their drummer at the time for coming to their last show so drunk he couldn’t play. By the time they came back home, the band Devil-Runner had broke up and there was nothing left but their lead guitarist Phillip Whitmore and drummer Steve Peterson. When the trio came back from Los Angeles and told him about the nightmare stories he felt horrible for suggesting they go. This time the trio jammed with Whitmore and drummer Steve Peterson and the one thing Whitmore liked at the time was Mathias had improved so much and he was ‘spot on’ with Whitmore because he learned a lot of licks from him. This was around the time Phillip Whitmore had been going by the name simply “Phil Goldie” and dyed his hair an almost champagne blonde. Teaming up with Mathias was a good thing and the boys were still ‘head strong’ on the band name Metal Storm despite Goldie’s idea to call it “Devil-Runner”. Cat was not a fan of Devil-Runner and did not like doing covers and Mathias along with Shane agreed. So, “Phil Goldie” sucked it up and learned their tunes and presented several of his with a few covers of their favorite metal bands sprinkled in there. Eventually, the whole idea with a costume/make-up and theater type act was all well received and this is when all the members began experimenting with their own designs. Everyone but their drummer Steve Peterson was aboard (well he said he was but kept forgetting to show up to gigs as he promised or ‘accidentally forgot the gear.) Even with Peterson being the odd-man out, during an one-off show with a bunch of band in Milwaukee, a band called “Casket” insisted that Metal Storm leave Wisconsin or at least come with them to Chicago because what they were ‘attempting to do”. The band played four shows in Chicago with Casket before realizing the sound they were creating together had instantly caught the liking of some of Casket’s following and so on. It wasn’t long before Metal Storm was playing full time in Chicago. About month into their “Chicago years” they all agreed to fire Steven Peterson and replace him with Casket’s former drummer Neil Pierce. Neil Pierce had quit Casket because he was not getting along with the singer. The odd thing about hiring Casket’s drummer was Steven Peterson went over to Casket and there really wasn’t much of a fuss with the exception that Phil Goldie and Steven Peterson would no longer be ‘good friends’ and vowed never to play together again because he took Cat and Mathias’s side to boot him. Little did Phil Goldie and Stephen Peterson would know that nearly a decade later they would find themselves in a band called the Crucifixion, but that’s a long ways away from these days and it wouldn’t be long before a manager that caught their act at a club called “Hotbox”. Mr. Michael Benson told the band only four weeks after Neil Pierce had been playing with them that he represented a lot of big names, bands and worked along with some guys that were connected to Metal Blade and a bunch of other foreign big name companies that were too far away as far as the band was concerned. This is about the time Benson began turning Metal Storm into a full time job and even though it didn’t pay much around this time this meant the band sometimes played twice a day, full time around the clock. If it paid, Benson would book it and with Metal Storm all in full makeup it was now working with the ideas Cat had originally wanted to do with pyrotechnics, various costumes, and off timed explosive that woke the crowd up during a very gung-ho metal tune like Master of Puppets or purposely done during their originals like “Rock N Hell” or Mathias’s favorite one where he wrote and liked to sing called


BEHIND THE MUSIC “Kicked in the Teeth” (this would give Cat time to change into some kind of menacing war armor or prep for some kind of stage gimmick he worked on. The bigger Metal Storm got in Chicago the more people began to notice them and with more knowledge comes more friends and that leads to more ‘access”. In retrospective usually means the downfall or destruction of a band when drugs are introduced however everyone seemed to stay clean of hard core drugs with the exception of Shane and Phillip who liked dabbling in coke and heroin. This was also the early stints of Mathias’s drinking, but back then he seemed to have it under control and since he was younger and in good health he was more of a happy drunk. Cat right away got caught up in the mixed drinks and when Jack Daniels became responsible for his and Neil’s sudden memory loss or crazy antics the two vowed off booze forever (Cat actually winning that bet with Neil going back to drinking off and on.) During all these fast times in 1993-4 it was fun, but proved deadly for Shane Wells who ‘overdosed’ on heroin and was a found the next day by his girlfriend Dixie who claimed she didn’t think he had enough to kill him, unfortunately what was in the cocktail may have been his downfall. Cat would reunite with his brother Jayson who moved down to Chicago after catching some of Metal Storm’s shows. He had dumped the girlfriend and wanted to get back in the biz, but unfortunately Neil Pierce was in Metal Storm and was kicking ass at the time. Metal Storm scooped up a bass player and friend of Cat’s named Patrick Lewis who was currently no longer happy in a Chicago hard rock band lead by lead vocalist Dave Curry called “High Wind To Jamaica” or simply called “H.W.T.J.” (The long band name was randomly taken from an old movie that Dave saw the title and thought it would make a good band name.) Stealing Pat Lewis from “H.W.T.J.” many said had made mortal enemies between Dave Curry and Cat Damon however this was not the situation. Cat would be the one years later to find H.W.T.J. a label and he and Curry would get mad at each other over “other stupid things” in the music business, but had always remained friends even to this day. Caterson Damon had met Pat Lewis within the forth month of Metal Storm being in Chicago. H.W.T.J. was headlining some big Chicago river front festival and it happened to be on one rare day in Metal Storm’s pre-Benson managing days that they had off (Cat later says that they had to play that night, but it was cancelled because of a grill fire that temporality closed the place down they gigged but opened four days later just in time for Metal Storm to make their rounds back towards that club.) H.W.T.J. went on and what Cat liked right away who had attended this show with Phil Goldie and Mathias Hook was the energy of their bass player. The crowd all believed them to be a very successful club act because of their ‘wall of Marshall stacks’ and their energetic bass play with the ‘biggest hair” ever seen on a skinny body. Cat was quoted later for saying, “It looked like Howard Stern was on stage until I got closer and realized how crazy the hair really was.” Little did Cat know that Patrick James Lewis born in St. Louis, Missouri in 1971 a month after Cat was born, to dirt poor ‘pig farmers’ is what Pat referred them to. Later on it was learned that Pat’s family lived St. Louis and worked at a pork factory. This would be his key introduction when being interviewed the first time he joined Metal Storm (and they were a success later on and he was interviewed). The joke was played on the ‘researchers’ as well as the reporters that searched into his mother and father. They were going to print he was not telling when the article was to go to print. Nevertheless the joke would be on them when they learned his mother and father worked at a pork factory hence the term ‘pig farmers’ word play, as a joke that made the writers laugh for hours while accumulating the interview. 8

BEHIND THE MUSIC Cat has been quoted for saying things like… “Metal Storm was a good Chicago band with a gimmick yet we didn’t become conscious we were anymore than a gimmick until Pat Lewis joined the band and made us trust in ourselves enough to become famous.” “Cat and Pat” have always been officially coined as the core of Metal Storm after they were discovered, they would become what Cat had originally tried to do with his brother Jayson in the beginning however to be split apart but a woman proved to Cat that his own brother was not going to be his “Paul McCartney” to his “John Lennon”. Cat used to think he was alone in Metal Storm when the band started to ‘get big in Metal Storm” and everyone started pairing up in ‘friend groups”. Often times, Cat always felt like the ‘odd man out” while tagging along with Mathias and Phil on an adventure such as this show where they were watching this amazing front man with an incredible range but zero stage presence. The bass player was taking over the show just with the enormous, strange amount of hair to have on one’s head during late summer 1996. After the show Cat met Pat just by Cat himself walking over to the guy and telling him that he (Cat) played bass at one time and thought he was amazing. This is when Cat had learned that Patrick Lewis had the same sense of humor, punch and dedication as he did just by the band’s “Wall of Marshall Stacks” that Pat Lewis insisted would make them look important. “First you become talented,” Pat was later quoted, “And Then you realize you are talented just like a hundred other bands that is exactly when you design a gimmick.” Pat Lewis had all kinds of gimmicks, but the majority of them were shot down by lead singer Dave Curry who secretly wanted all eye on him. Not the crazy bass player with the enormous black wig. Underneath the giant black fluffy wig was a normal skinny guy around the same age as Cat with straight brown skinny hair. To top it off there was only one Marshall half stack per three guitar players and the rest was a part of one of few ‘gimmicks’ that Curry allowed into H.W.T.J. even though he still scuffed and bitched about ‘being found out’. As seen here in pre-fame days, an unshaven, non makeup Phil Goldie posing next to Pat Lewis’s fake Marshall stacks. For some reason this struck a funny chord with Phil Goldie that was tempted to pull this on the ‘Metal Storm crowd’ until Cat said it would take up to much space ‘compared to how little they usually get anyway.” “If we ever make it big I’ll buy you a real stack of Marshalls!” Cat joked around this time they were taking pictures of Pat Lewis’s prank ‘wall of Marshalls. (Goldie jokingly held that to Damon when their first record went gold and they were considered ‘famous’. For some time during May 1994, the band was attempting to record their first album with a recording studio that their manager had set up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The band was at the point where they had finally began to save enough money therefore through because of the new management now each member was paid out a weekly fee depending on if all of their performances went through as planned (rarely it would.) What was left over was ‘put away’ and this had been going on for some time. This was an expensive session reserved at Sound Labs Recording Studios and it happened the weekend the Neil Pierce sprained his ankle playing street basketball with neighborhood kids in the area where all the members of Metal Storm had decided to rent a four bedroom house. Everyone had their own bedrooms and Mathias Hook took what appeared to be a large laundry room closet in the basement and was happy living their during these months. The neighborhood got kind of 9

BEHIND THE MUSIC ‘too close’ and when Neil was playing ‘hoops’ and sprained his ankle the day before an expensive first recording of the band these are things that often break bands apart. Fortunately for Metal Storm they literally had an ‘understudy’ his name was Jayson Damon and he was currently playing in a lesser known band in Chicago called “Rancid Coleslaw” (can’t make this shit up!) Rancid Coleslaw was hard rock with a touch of punk with an egocentric lead singer who came off like he was Johnny Rotten meets Axl Rose. His stage name was literally “Dick Stinky” and he had an extreme disliking for Caterson Damon for saying five words in reference towards his character. “He looks like a dork.”

Jayson Damon knew every single Metal Storm song inside and out with the exception of two new ones which worked fine because they were able to record their main nine songs. Cold Cod, The Church Burns Down, Plastic Jesus, Black Cat, Jack of Diamonds, Please Have (Mercy), Abandon , When Hell Freezes Over, and Cat’s most hated by they did it anyway, ‘Someone Like You’ he originally wrote for a woman that ended bad yet the song remained. It took four days to punch out drum tracks and an additional four more for days to be booked for other parts. It was later said to have been one of the weirdest set ups for recording an album they dubbed “When Hell Freezes Over” because of the song and because it felt like Hell was going to freeze over when it finally got mixed by June. This record they sold right out of their cars and shows during the early years. It had a genetic cover with the Metal Storm logo written in ice, but Benson knew how to get it in the right hands. It wasn’t long before they were getting some play for “Black Cat” but without any idea what their show was about the band sounded as good as they were combined with the mastering skills of what was available at that time. In order to keep the band productive because they lost money not playing during those days they set up shows that Jayson Damon would have to play and at one time Cat, Mathias and Pat were considering him joining but it wasn’t fair to Neil Pierce who had worked his ass off and was still living with the band. They couldn’t just pull what is called to drummers as a “see ya Peter” (hence Pete Best being fired from the Beatles before fame became and now that term is tremendously frequently identified as a “See ya Peter” subsequent to Kiss with Peter Criss in the early 2000s and opted to not renew his contract later on. Neil Pierce came back to the band in under a month and some people say he may not have been fully ready but according to his ex girlfriend Stacy Heath he was getting extremely frustrated and paranoid. Even though Neil Pierce is thought of as Metal Storm’s original drummer the infamous picture with Metal Storm playing live with Jayson Damon is one of the few that survived these years when they remastered “When Hell Freezes Over” years later when their record company bought the original masters from the bankrupt owner of that company at the time in Milwaukee. When 1995 rolled around they were playing full time and had started ‘traveling’ and getting on board with two other acts. Every time Metal Storm would get on a traveling band board they would wind up stealing the show with because of their amazing costumes courtesy of Cat Damon’s girlfriend Christina Harris who was in the fashion business and began dressing up the band larger than life to go with their stage shows, performance and theatrics they all were 100% on board with (including Neil Pierce for what seemed to be the first time since forever.) They would follow up their next demo called “Stairway to Hell” from a time a local recording studio in Chicago who was friends with Pat Lewis. The owner let the band pick 12 of the songs they were able to 10

BEHIND THE MUSIC come in from performing. Unfortunately by the time it was mixed down the band was blowing up all over the United States and Atlantic Records for the first time wanted something what they were selling on stage. At the time all that was going on, manager Michael Benson had begun working out a deal with an agent from Atlantic named Nathan Pratt who was in the process of creating a new label for ‘ingenious acts’ Metal Storm had fallen into. This was mid 1995 and the word ‘metal’ was no a cool word to use anymore. Grunge had taken over the country and Pratt created the “Ingenious performance’’ label and already had some hot, strange and bizarre one hit wonders already aboard. Why not a theatrical metal band that is kind of like Kiss? Michael Benson held onto the copies of “Stairway to Hell” because he wanted a real label to master them. He felt Pat Lewis’s friend did such a ‘shitty job” he got Pratt to drop a measly two grand for their masters so they could release the music from “Ingenious Performance”. When Metal Storm got off their series of tours of clubs and met with Nathan Pratt in Los Angeles he liked what he heard on “Stairway to Hell” but felt there was room for a little more. He wanted to put what he saw on stage in Texas into a recording. They signed Metal Storm through Atlantic Records in October of 1995 and began recording their last final nine songs. Metal Storm had officially put their entire catalog in some form in recording. Pratt felt there were some good songs with what he captured in his studios and what their engineer was able to get out of the masters of “Stairway to hell”. Atlantic spent money on Metal Storm to shoot a video for “The Immortal” by hiring a video director named Terrance Shebazz to fly out to San Diego, California prior to watch a performance of Metal Storm opening up for Pearl Jam and Neil Young (an odd combination but the few shows they opened the crowd was surprised to see these five “Kiss wannabes” come out on stage and suddenly when they played their music changed and their stage (was cut down because of Neil Young and Pearl Jam at those shows) but it still gave the representative at the idea what Metal Storm was about. The video director and editor planned out Metal Storm’s premiere video of “The Immortal” and just before Metal Storm came to Los Angeles they five walked into the studio with manager Michael Benson to find director Shebazz (a very large framed black man) literally with his hands around the small framed production manager Mathew Buchannan who kept telling him, “no. no. no.. it won’t work.” “Off to a great start in honor of Metal Storm!” Pat Lewis shouted cheerfully while Benson had to act as a referee, Meanwhile the makeup ‘professionals’ had arrived seconds later with their ideas of how they were going to ‘paint up Metal Storm’ when suddenly it dawned on Mathias Hook who at the time was a very loud and spoken homophobe who told the ‘obviously gay” makeup “professionals”. “Any one of you touches my face with your semen stained hands I will shoved them up your own asses!” This immediately started an uproar causing one of the homosexuals named James Cobia to run out of the studio crying like an eight year old because his feelings were hurt. To make a long story short, Metal Storm was planning to do their own makeup anyway and cringed at anybody (gay or not) coming up with a more catchier idea. “I saw a printout of my face with pink lines and queer designs over my black but later on dark blue war paint,” Mathias said to a Metal Heads Magazine years later, “then I looked at them and realized I’m about to get retouched by a fag.”


BEHIND THE MUSIC You can almost imagine how well Mathias has been doing as far as interviews and PC in modern times. This is one of the very few reasons why he does not do interviews because of quotes left over like this. Naturally the “Immortal” video didn’t even get played on TV and with the technology from 1995 you can just imagine he kind of cheese that was being sprayed all over these five serious musicians trying to come off a menacing with a horribly reimaged version of their stage. “We looked like gay Man-O-War” Pat Lewis was quoted saying years later about the video. However it helped their touring sales and got them aboard some bigger acts and by the time the studio was going to release their first album, Pratt was having issues with the editing team that didn’t like this and hated that. “I want to make a statement for my new label” Pratt bickered at his superiors at Atlantic. “It’s your label, but our ass,” the President at the time replied back, “nevertheless makes your statement and if you wind up on your ass you can take your Ingenious performance and vanish.” With that, came the idea of Metal Storm’s first release to be two single albums and eventually figuring out a cheaper way to package both albums into one combining (and mixing up) “Stairwell to hell” with the newer recordings and calling it “In The Beginning”. That was Pratt’s new statement a lot of music from an unknown band, when it dropped he had already begun packing up his office while sales and tour dates were slow in the beginning….Nathan Pratt ran out of ideas and so he just threw everything Metal Storm had at once at the unsuspecting public. ….and it paid off….eventually…. The official “Mark 2” lineup FIRST OFFICIAL RECORD COMPANY RELEASE!! 1. 1996 JUNE 14TH “In The Beginning” A. ALBUM DUTIES 1. Caterson Damon: Vocals 2. Mathias Hook: Lead Guitar & Vocals 3. Phillip “Goldie” Whitmore: Lead Guitar 4. Pat Lewis: Bass Guitar & Vocals 5. Neil Pierce: Drums & Vocals Tracks: (Disc 1) 01 In The Beginning (Dust In My Eyes) 02 Stairway to Hell 03 Rock N Hell 04 The Government Can 05 Dancing With The Devil 06 Fuck You, Steve 07 Black Cat 08 Deformed 09 Do Or Die 10 The Cross 11 Holy Lies Tracks: (Disc 2) 01 Lizzie 02 Fire From the Skies 03 You’re a Terrible Evil Sucker 04 The Fire 05 The Immortal 06 Looking High (Pat vocals) 07 I Got Fame (Neil Vocal) 08 (Mr. Pervert) Kicked In the Teeth (Mathias Vocal) 09 The Illusion (Mathias Vocal) 10 Road Rage A successful tour turned what was considered bunch of “Kiss wannabes” into overnight sensations when they premiered their first ‘official album and touring with big name acts. The next year they’d be headlining shows.




They were originally loyal to their make-up style but as the years moved on they showed they were less of a ‘costume band’ and switched around a lot of stuff but keeping the same dark-horror theme.

(Official Mark 1 lineup) 2. 1997 JUNE 13TH “When Hell Freezes Over” A. REMASTERED FIRST ALBUM FROM JUNE 15, 1994 DUTIES: 1. Caterson Damon: Vocals 2. Mathias Hook: Lead Guitar & Vocals 3. Phillip “Goldie” Whitmore: Lead Guitar 4. Pat Lewis: Bass Guitar 5. Jayson Damon: Drums & Vocals

Tracks: (Disc 1) 01 Cold Cod 02 The Church Burns Down 03 Plastic Jesus 04 Black Cat (original) ) 05 Jack of Diamonds 06 (Please Have) Mercy 07 Abandon 08 When Hell Freezes Over 09 Road Rage (Early live version) 10 Someone Like You The record company got a hold and bought the rights to their first album from 1994 and re-mastered and released it in 1997. Some fans thought Neil Pierce was fired when they saw the drum credits that didn’t see it was re-released following the single “(Please Have) Mercy” Neil Pierce originally had plans to re-record “When Hell Freezes over”, but with time restraints and the record company’s ability to clean bounce the tracks over to digital CD. Neil was even set to rerecord the drum parts until the record company President said there was no need. This would be the first ‘issue’ that Neil Pierce would have with his career in Metal Storm of many more to come. Neil was an amazing drummer, but he knew if the first album was to get rereleased he would be replaced. That was never true and the only reason he would later be replaced would be his own undoing otherwise he goes down in history as a big part of Metal Storm’s rise to fame. As seen to the left, the first recording of “Road Rage” (it was done live) circa February 1993 that appears on “When Hell Freezes Over”. Pat Lewis had just joined the band and was almost six month in. Original drummer Jayson Damon on drums behind Cat and Phil Goldie, Mathias off the far left (left handed). This was captured right at the height of their rise to fame. As you see some of the members black makeup, Cat appears corpse out with dark eyes unmistakable curly blond hair. Jayson Damon is way in the back with shorter hair, no makeup and just sunglasses playing a Tama kit.


BEHIND THE MUSIC Because this album was originally recorded as a track by track it was released as an official album in 1994. When the record company got their hands on the masters they cleaned up their first album and officially re-released it in 1997. The popularity of the album with a brand new cover sent the band out on the road with officially album #3 under their belt. Neil expressed how really upset he was that he was not allowed to go back in and erase Jayson Damon’s drums and redo them. It didn’t feel like a new album to him but to the fans it was new music and the first time they heard “Road Rage” Live and the original “Black Cat” (that was rerecorded for the first album. 3. 1998 Back to heavy Touring and then promptly to the studio to cash in on the success with a new follow up album originally titled, “Hell’s Underwater” (a play on When Hell Freezes over). After an excruciating journey to the dentist to have a two back tooth root canals done. Phil Goldie thought of the title when asking the doctor will there be any type of something for ‘the Painkiller’. Produced By Robert Sharp. Mark 2 lineup 4. 1999 JULY 4TH “ The Pain Killer” A. ALBUM DUTIES: 1. Caterson Damon: Lead Vocals 2. Mathias Hook: Lead Guitar 3. Phillip Goldie: Lead Guitar 4. Pat Lewis: Bass Guitar, B. Vocals 5. Neil Peirce: Drums, B. Vocals

Tracks: (Disc 1) 01 The Painkiller 02 Christina 03 Sixty-Nine 04 Evidence 05 Pump and drive 06 Flour (Mathias on Vocals) 07 Pastor Bill 08 The Black Van 09 Dana Shall Not Return 10 Fucking With Me 11 She (Ballad of An Evil Girl




2000 March 13th: Phil Goldie Fired. (Band votes between Mathias and Phil) Halfway through the tour, Phil Goldie is fired after tedious arguments with other lead guitarist Mathias Hook. It started happening right around the making of “The Pain Killer” when Goldie became more involved with the recording process and dynamics of the song writing. Especially on the song “Sixty-Nine” in which he is famous for. Prior to firing during the making of “The Pain Killer” Phillip “Goldie” Whitmore legally changed his name to “Phil Goldie”. He started to get recognized a lot for his work on “The Pain Killer” since he was more dominating as a writer on this record. This causes Mathias to get jealous and fights break out a lot backstage during the first leg of “The Painkiller” tour. The band knew they had to make a choice, it was so bad where a bystander was caught in the middle and was suing Metal Storm’s management. So in they voted for Mathias (some music critics to this day believe that was wrong) because he was a long time friends with the Damon brothers and Pat Lewis. Neil Pierce wanted Phil Goldie to remain but was out ranked by Cat, Mathias and Pat. This also starts a silent division between Cat, Mathias, and Pat versus Neil who becomes more withdrawn from the band. At the same time Mathias Hook’s drinking stars to get more and more, but it wasn’t that but at the time of the vote. March 23rd, 2000 Thaddeus J. Wendell is hired for Lead Guitar spot. On the March 13th the band had fired Phil Goldie during the last leg of the “The Pain Killer” tour. There are exactly four dates that were going to be cancelled but Cat’s friend Bobbie Bitch filled in playing his infamous white warlock. On stage he wore Goldie’s makeup once or twice. Soon people started to wonder what was going on and so “the band has parted ways with Phil Goldie and their old friend Bobbie Bitch would be filling in. in.” The crowd didn’t seem to mind because of his Raven Bitch fame however there were some Phil Goldie fans that flipped him off. They were few and only four shows.


BEHIND THE MUSIC During the time they were playing the four dates the band announced they were looking for a new lead guitarist. They could arrange a time during the four days where they would be in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and Dallas before the shows for try-outs. Thousands of fans showed up before the shows to be judged by Caterson Damon, Pat Lewis, and sometimes Mathias Hook. Neil was not present any of the times and Bobbie helped with the judging. Originally Bobbie Bitch was going to step in as Phil’s replacement but his contracts with his band plus his drinking problem at the time kept him from doing what he could do to bail them out. Officially on the 23rd of 2000 that is when the band hired Thaddeus J. Wendell a brilliant, classical trained guitarist that played part-time in a cover band and owned a gym in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where Cat, Mathias and Pat used to work out and knew Thaddeus from before. Plus he may have got in the door easier because Metal Storm’s tour manager was a part of the management of Thaddeus’s band and was fired for what they said, “Gave away their guitar player Mark 3 Lineup 2000

September 12th


ALBUM DUTIES: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Caterson Damon: Lead Vocals, Guitar Mathias Hook: Lead Guitar Thaddeus J. Wendell: Lead Guitar (on last two tracks of album) Pat Lewis: Bass Guitar, B. Vocals Neil Pierce: Drums, B. Vocals

Tracks: (Disc 1) 01 Aliens (69,000 of them) (Cat with Pat vocals) 02 Contact Lost 03 Invasion Planet Earth 04 Human Race 05 Ladies of the Night 07 the Ocean 08 I like Blondes 09 MX Missile 10 the Final Day Album #4 had been an instant hit putting Metal Storm into the main stream metal with their “American Gothic” parody cover. The majority of this album was recorded between the four members while Thaddeus was studying and training with Mathias who was starting to become a bit of a noticeable drinker. Thaddeus and Mathias got a long and meshed well musically, but Thaddeus was later quoted for saying he didn’t like the way the other guitar player drank too much and the drummer Neil acted more like a hired hand then a band member as he was getting more and more distant. Neil Pierce and Thaddeus J. Wendell didn’t like each other. When it was suggested by the tour manager Michael Benson who was more and more present (hanging out) that Thaddeus just continue the flow and wear the red and black style of Phil Goldie’s makeup just a little more extreme. That’s when 16

BEHIND THE MUSIC Neil got mad and became extremely pissed off and said, "if they are two different guitar players then do something else! Dress up like a fucking deck of cards!” Originally said ‘tongue and cheek’ as an angry comment it sparked the idea for the red heart, black club, red spade and black diamond make-up on his eyes and sides of his face. 2000, June 28th Phil Goldie joins a band that was originally going toward a Christian Rock them because of their guitar player named Quinton Wyatt who had been trying to push the idea for two records. Their second singer Arnold Irish was brought in after their original vocalist was fired for drug problems. The second album from the band “The Crucifixion ” tanked because Quinton Wyatt pushed new comer Arnold Irish into singing ‘Christian themed’ lyrics. Every thought he sucked because he had a high voice and it came off as “Shitty Stryper”. Arnold Irish knew Neil Pierce for some time and there was actual private talk of Neil, Phil and Arnold was going to form a new band and he was going to leave Metal Storm where he was unhappy. Only because Metal Storm was making a lot of money off the sales of “Alien” and the “The Painkiller” previous tour that Neil knew he would be sacrificing a good paying job to start over. So that is how Phil Goldie would enter the band “The Crucifixion”. The band knew they would be instantly recognized because Goldie was all over magazines and had fans. The band decided to get even more publicity they would rename themselves “Phil Goldie & the Crucifixion”. They went into the studio right away with 5 songs Phil Goldie had written and 6 they had already wrote for the next album. Phil Goldie would have to restructure the six songs to fit his aggressive playing. This would also appease to the full range style of Arnold Irish and all things clicked until the album came out before Christmas and changed their theme to a more ‘darker’ them with Goldie still wearing stage makeup, but altered with no red and wilder curves to give him a new look. The Crucifixion’s song and video “The Crucifixion” went straight to the metal charts with their songs from aliens. Later on, it would be ironic that Phil Goldie and the Crucifixion would be slugging it out on the charts with Metal Storm’s most successful song from “Aliens” called “M.X. Missile”. The song “I like Blondes” and “Ladies of The Night” were separate from Pat Lewis idea of some of the songs connecting to fit a theme about aliens living on Earth disguised as humans in a conspiracy against mankind. This was the beginning of ‘something fishy’ going on or coincidence? This album helped separate Pat Lewis as ‘just the bass player” for Metal Storm. He grew out a full beard and his stage makeup became less and less. He started to become also very distinguished and came out from behind Cat and Mathias and began to shine for the first time. His name on people’s lips more with his playing as well as his variation in instruments he would often surprise people with on stage all in range of programmed keys and piano he was a master at. Metal Storm fans disliked that theme idea but like the unattached songs that charted the only one of the songs connected to the story theme called, “Aliens, 69,000 of them” and that was because it was put in a movie that had nothing to do with the song or album. It stuck because of the success of the movie that had no connection to the band. It featured some of Pat Lewis’s singing in the bridge and throughout the song with Cat. It would forever be connected with Pat Lewis even became an opening song to his one and only solo tour he did with his wife (then girlfriend) Kim Togan on guitar a decade or so later. Hitting the road in January of 2001, Metal Storm with Thaddeus J. Wendell all primed and ready to play guitar for the “Alien’s Tour”. There was in a brand new stage the band all conjured up even Neil joined in with a rocket ship casing where his drums would be inside and rise out of with smoke. 17

BEHIND THE MUSIC Their tour manager Michael Benson was getting more and more into the band and had some kind of ‘man-crush’ on Thaddeus. He kept suggesting they record a live album and when Cat said too much work. That’s when Michael Benson said, “I’ll take care of it”. For twenty-five shows, Benson captured the sound of all the shows for the band to pick the best live versions of their songs. Unfortunately they expressed they didn’t think it would be a good idea for a new live album this soon after new guitarist. The pressure of Mathias Hook’s drinking got worse and there were a few ‘bad shows’ where he and Cat got into arguments. Mathias later said he was having a tough time of being ‘big’ with the success of the songs from “Aliens” and the turnouts got bigger and bigger. Mathias towards the end of the tour was seen in public partying and caught on camera saying dumb things that didn’t make sense. He was self-destructing because he couldn’t handle fame psychologically is what was later said. The “Aliens” tour came to the end of the U.S. as the planned for their first overseas sets of shows. This would be something big credited to their tour manager who hooked them up with now headlining shows with some newer bands from the U.K.

Mark 3 lineup 2001

August 18th,

Metal Storm: “LIVE FROM HELL”

ALBUM DUTIES: 1. Caterson Damon: Lead Vocals, Guitar 2. Mathias Hook: Lead Guitar 3. Thaddeus J. Wendell: Lead Guitar 4. Pat Lewis: Bass Guitar, B. Vocals 5. Neil Pierce: Drums, B. Vocals Tracks: (Disc 1) 01 In the Beginning (Dust In My Eyes) 02 Stairway to Hell 03 The Pain Killer 04 The Black Van 05 Dana Shall Not Return 06 Jack of Diamonds 07 Ladies of The Night 08 Road Rage 09 I Like Blondes 10 Aliens (69,000 of Them) 11 Contact Lost 12 Invasion Planet Earth (With ending guitar solo by Mathias Hook) (Disc 2) 01 The Ocean 02 MX Missile 03 Plastic Jesus 04 The Church Burns Down 05 Lizzie 06 Cold Cod 07 Fuck You, Steve 08 Deformed (into drum solo by Neil Pierce) 09 Back Cat 10 (Please Have) Mercy On Me 11 Sixty-Nine 12 Pump And Drive 13 The Enchantress (bonus studio track) After the well-received “LIVE FROM HELL” album is released (even with the reserves from the band members, but they thought they owed their tour manager for the European connections. After the U.S. leg of their tour over with, Metal Storm went to Europe in support of their now widely successful “Live from Hell” double album had exploded everywhere. Live songs from “In the Beginning” some classics from “When Hell Freezes Over” like “Jack Of Diamonds”, “The Church Burns Down” and “The Ocean”. Live versions of “The Painkiller” only featured “Sixty-Nine”, “What Evil Brings”, “Pump and Drive’ and “Plastic Jesus” and just about every song off “Aliens except four which were the non-popular tracks.


BEHIND THE MUSIC It would be Caterson Damon that proved to be the success in Europe as he was becoming more of a recognized stage character that stayed true to his ‘evil look’ and makeup. Even in the highest point in Metal Storm though he was well received he always felt the blond hair thing never made him ‘believable’ enough. It later became the symbol for Metal Storm (his blond hair) and his later solo career is more known with the black hair, but this was just the tip of the iceberg for Caterson or “Cat” is he would be called by his close friends. His vocal range was well more appreciated in Europe and this is where a lot of the beginning of a lot of fans started for him as an individual form this world tour. Plus the third track left off “Aliens” that Thaddeus J. Wendell helped write called “The Enchantress” was an extra bonus one new studio song with a creepy video done by special effects and horror movie creator Freddy Govert (brother of bass guitarist Sam Govert who played with Mathias years later.) An offshoot run in with a News Media rock show they came across Phil Goldie was asked what he felt about Metal Storm’s “best selling albums to date” (which were Aliens and Live From Hell) he responded snarky. “What do you expect? There my songs and with enough smoke and mirrors, remaking of stuff I wrote and the masking of their new guitar’s terrible timing they’ve made themselves successful. They just have to live with fact they are all full of shit and know how to blow smoke up their fan’s asses.” Through the entire year of 2002 Metal Storm kept playing all of Europe and later dates in Japan. They managed to stretch out the touring of “Aliens” as well as promotion of the sale of their first live album. Even though Thaddeus J. Wendell was only on two tracks official on “Aliens” he really wanted to be on a full length album, but that fate would never happen. His appearance on the cover of “Aliens” and “Live From Hell” but the band knew from trying to write new songs with Thaddeus on the road he may have been classically trained and really particular in his solos and by now able to cover-up Mathias Hooks fuck ups or missed solos from ‘being drunk’. Cat and Pat determined Thaddeus could not write a song to save his ass and Mathias has not been able to write decent song since Phil Goldie was in the band. Now that he was drinking all the time that’s when the band began to noticed their flaws through their own flaws and mistakes due to Mathias’ drunken shenanigans on and off stage. It may have been that Phil Gold and the Crucifixion’s “Lightning never Strikes twice” album was out and running up the charts with a new single “Bad for Me” and “Shake Me, Shake me” 2002 July 15th Metal Storm ended their last leg of their world tour. By finishing the in the United States doing five shows in Los Angeles, Miami, New York City and Chicago however it was later noticed that Thaddeus did not play any of the U.S. shows which were said ‘due to an illness’. It was later said to be the cause of a brawl between him and Mathias. The fight started over Mathias’s desire to record when they got back to the U.S. Thaddeus made the comment in an off-shot remark , “if you can stay sober enough to play your own material right then you can start writing”. Naturally Mathias attacked him verbally saying he (Thaddeus) couldn’t write and original to save his ass. “You’re playing my songs I wrote.” “No, I’m playing the songs your former guitar teacher co-wrote that you can’t even play right anymore,” was Thaddeus’s reply following an instant fist fight between the two. Thaddeus being a world class black belt defended himself well then proceeded to give Mathias and ass whipping. It was the fact that Thaddeus had beat Mathias up while he was drunk and continued to beat the crap out of him after he knew Mathias was done for that he was immediately dismissed from the band. The U.S. shows just had Thaddeus’s guitar tech Mark Walker who also played for the band H.W.T.J and play the last shows and as a joke he has a temporarily body wave perm put in his hair and wore Thaddeus’s makeup (repeating the Goldie thing. Not much was noticed.) It was Mathias’s idea and Cat, Pat and even Neil had went along with it who agreed Thaddeus was a ‘rude dick head’ during the final shows in Japan that lead to the fight because Thaddeus J. Wendell had 19

BEHIND THE MUSIC been irritated by Mathias ability to ‘play wasted’. In all seriousness, he really wasn’t that bad when he played drunk but to someone like Thaddeus who a skilled classical player became more annoyed by him the more and more in Europe. Caterson Damon was trying to create a new Metal Storm album that went along with a theme he had been working on about a vampire, Nun and a Demon Preacher. All the songs would be linked together, but the band scratched the idea and began working with the guitar tech from H.W.T.J. on new material and that’s how the five new songs from Metal Storm started out. By the end of the year while guitarist Mark Walker was in and the beginning of next year, drummer Neil Pierce never came back to the studio to finish the album. It wasn’t until recently we had learned besides the fact he was just newly married and off on a ‘honey moon’ with his new wife former Playboy model Glenda Benton. When the three week honey moon trip to Hawaii, Japan and Australia was over, Neil started jamming on the side with Phil Goldie and Arnold Irish. They both had only made three albums as “Phil Goldie and the Crucifixion”. After the sales of the third one did not meet what the record company demanded right away they dropped the band from their label hence Goldie and Irish had begun shopping new labels and a new band. They felt the Crucifixion was a limited band as far as their potential to where they wanted to go, For recording purposes Caterson Damon convinced Mathias and Pat to temporarily bring back his bother the original drummer Jayson Damon. It would be just to write the new stuff and they already played for years and wrote songs and album prior to the first official release. Jayson Damon who became severely depressed only after the band blew up and became famous. At the time was fired he just wanted a break from play shitty clubs and seemed to never bond with Pat after Shane’s death. Since the rise to fame he got over it and got happy for his brother who did tell him that he didn’t see Neil lasting it out and if he played his cards right he may have a shot. Jayson had been waiting for the guy who snatched his job up in mid 1994 because of his ‘lack of ambition” and not taking his position serious. As far as Jayson Damon was told he was just there to work on the drum tracks for the scratch tracks Neil Pierce had laid down. They were some pretty intense tunes and right away Caterson Damon, Pat Lewis, a more sober Mathias Hook, Mark Walker and Jayson Damon became a tight unit. To Jayson Damon it was like coming back home to a family after eight years being away. He was playing drums for a local group called “Harlequin” and was a home town hero because he was known for “Metal Storm’s original drummer and Cat Damon’s brother. Jayson and Mark became really good friends through the attempt to record new music. So when fans and locals heard he had flown to San Diego to ‘record with his brother’. The rumors right away went wild saying he was rejoining Metal Storm after an eight year absence (which was not true at the time and the buzz eventually got to Neil Pierce a lot earlier which may have caused him not to bother to even return or try a first attempt at a new band with Phil Goldie this time for real. Caterson, Pat and Mathias along with the studio ‘Metal Storm” began having fun again and soon things became relaxed like they used to in the ‘old days. As time went along smoothly in the studio, it was the record company that suddenly demanded a new record within the end of the year of 2003 or they would be dropped from their label. Realizing they were


BEHIND THE MUSIC pressed for time the record company manager demanded to hear what they had been working on and liked it. They came back with a ‘plan of sale” that would be a for sure hit. They wanted Metal Storm to release a “Greatest Hits” album because of the fact “Live From Hell” was their best selling record among the fans that love the whole makeup, stage and catchy tunes from all four (five actually because the official first one was considered a double album that was made from their second and third album being meshed together as “In The Beginning” and the first limited album would be re-released a year later “When Hell Freezes Over” plus “The Painkiller and Aliens” the greatest hits album would be a double album because the second half would be partial greatest hits and closed out with four new songs introducing what would be the Mark 4 lineup (later). 2004

May 16th

“Greatest Hits”

ALBUM DUTIES: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Caterson Damon: Lead Vocals, Guitar Mathias Hook: Lead Guitar Phil Goldie: Lead Guitar (Mark 1 & 2) Thaddeus J. Wendell: Lead Guitar (Mark 3) Mark Walker (Mark 4) Pat Lewis: Bass Guitar, B. Vocals Neil Pierce: Drums, B. Vocals Jayson Damon (Mark 4)

Tracks: (Disc 1) 01 In the Beginning (Dust In My Eyes) 02 Sixty-Nine 03 The Pain Killer 04 The Ocean 05 The Enchantress 06 Black Cat 07 Ladies of The Night 08 Road Rage 09 I Like Blondes 10 (Please Have) Mercy On Me 11 The Church Burns Down 12 Lizzie Tracks: (Disc 2) 01 Cold Cod 02 Fuck You, Steve 03 Deformed 04 Rock N Hell 05 Someone Like You 06 Contact Lost 07 The Crematory (new track) 08 War-Zone (new track) 09 Bad Angel (New Track) 10 Big Shannon (New Track)

The Mark 4 lineup only appeared to be studio musicians and Metal Storm’s old drummer to start out with, but later it became apparent that this was the new Metal Storm after releasing the greatest hits album and the new single, “Bad Angel” that did really well along with “The Crematory” and “War-Zone” a song Jayson wrote with his brother Cat a long time ago and shared vocals duties on it. The song War-Zone later became popular and appeared in a movie about Vietnam that was ultimately titled “War-Zone”. These three songs kept Metal Storm alive and talk shows had begun asking the band to come on and play “War-Zone” or “Bad-Angel”. For the song “The Crematory” they put it out with a video that was just going to feature some more of horror film director Freddy Govert’s work with shots of Cat, Mathias and Pat, but it was obvious that 21

BEHIND THE MUSIC Mark Walker was now in the band after nearly a year writing and that’s when they decided to toss in Jayson Damon with similar but different makeup then Neil’s. Instead of his vicious looking Wolverine animal looking makeup, they came up with a vicious “Badger” look with a body suit that he came up with (most of the guys weren’t wearing costumes). After the video was made ‘Metal Storm’ would be in demand of a tour to promote the new album that naturally sold very well. It topped their best selling album “Live From Hell” and everyone got excited about playing again. The appearances on five shows three in America and two over in the UK forced the entire band to all wear makeup because of the obvious Neil was gone and prior to the band shit-canned Thaddeus two years ago that was still on a five year gag order if prematurely released from the band. (In the contract he signed that was written up just in case Thaddeus turned out to be another Phil Goldie. It had already been announced several times that Mark Walker quit H.W.T.J. (High Wind to Jamaica) to join Metal Storm hundreds of times throughout the year. The several appearances in support of the greatest hits album and support of the singles “War Zone” and “Bad Angel” the television shows, clubs and late night music appearances on talk shows saw them dressed and wearing this makeup. Mark Walker appeared to be wearing a fancy version of the Crimson Warrior character and the “Badger” look on Jayson, to the average Joe it was Metal Storm. To a fan that was into Metal Storm they were up to date or just assumed it was Neil behind the drums. Either way this makeup lineup was short lived. When the support shows were done the band decided they were not going tour. Cat, Pat and Mathias agreed this ‘make shift’ studio band would need time to get in shape (mainly Mathias who was not playing well as he used to possibly drinking heavier).

(Mark 4 lineup in last war paint) They were confident with Mark Walker and Jayson Damon (because he was the original drummer) however, things were different that Jayson was going to need to get used to then the big clubs and the grueling touring schedule that Cat said he knew his brother and he would not be able to do it. Naturally it pissed Jayson off causing the two brothers to argue leading to Pat complaining about having to wear the makeup. “It’s starting to get kind of stupid,” Pat said to Metal Thrasher magazine, “I think Metal Storm has passed the era of flashy, colorful and sinister makeup. We don’t look that bad under this stuff and I want to start making music where people take me serious, not a gimmick.” That comment caused Cat, Mathias and the rest of the band to all walk off and take some time off from the band. Pat Lewis felt bad and hoped it did not cause the demise of the band, but now that he said it if Metal Storm were to continue they couldn’t continue like that. Caterson Damon really wanted to push the Mark 4 Metal Storm into making a new full length album on his idea mentioned prior about the nun, vampire and demon preacher story, but that would never come to happen as far as Metal Storm. At the time during the little television appearances (Mark 4). Cat started to work privately on the foundation of the first four songs. They were laid out with him, Mark Walker stuck around with Cat for awhile demoing the guitars and another guitar player from a band that used to open for Metal Storm during the “Aliens” tour called Serpent. 22

BEHIND THE MUSIC The guitar players name was Gregory Harmon and for some reason he had changed his stage name legally to King Tutankhamen. His playing skills were amazing and Cat was a big fan of Serpent and vice versa. Regrettably Cat had just learned while working with Greg (friends call him that) “King” to the fans, but the band Serpent had been in disarray for a year. This had been after the death of their rhythm guitarist Darren Howard along with their Daryl Dodge, lead singer who wrote the majority of the songs quit. In hopes of firing up the engine with a guitar player named John Theismann. Dodge had already said, nope and split to join new popular group that was now catching big waves in Europe called ‘Titan”. End of Serpent story for the time being…. What turned out to be an extra hand in writing sessions for the next Metal Storm album turned into the possibility of Caterson Damon maybe joining Serpent and renaming it something cool. Who knows? Mark Walker was going to be the new second guitarist and there were all kinds of talks. As usual when nothing is seriously going on, Jayson Damon had what Cat calls a ‘short attention span’ and he later heard that his brother heard that he was joining the speed metal thrash gods “Serpent” and he figured, ‘fuck it, that’s the end of Metal Storm” but stayed living in San Diego and with his namesake was able to easily put together a “Metal Storm” sounding band called “Plastic Jesus” and start booking gigs all over the San Diego Bay area and get top dibs on some popular clubs. Jayson Damon got creative and kept wearing his ‘short live” television “Badger” stage costume from the music videos and show appearances but altered it to have more “Neil Pierce” look. The band members wore the original face paint designs of Cat, Mathias, Pat’s first idea with the metallic copper paint and went with a Thaddeus ‘deck of cards’ war paint versus the Phil Goldie red and black look that he thought was lame to many however this was the “Damon brother” and his attempt to “Metal Storm the world with “Plastic Jesus”. He got away with it for almost a year until Pat Lewis came by to check them out and thought they looked like a ‘low budget Metal Storm” even though he got up on stage and jammed with them 6 songs. In serious need of money, Mark Walker was offered a studio job working in Chicago with an old friend where he would be temporarily putting down some guitar work on a couple artists’ albums. Caterson Damon told Mark that they would get back in touch once everything was figured out. His position in Metal Storm would still be here when they got back together. So while Mark wandered off the project that’s when Cat was introduced to John Theismann. He had been originally set to replace the guitarist in Serpent who had died. Theismann became the ‘guitarist that never was’ with Serpent until Cat had King call him up. The only reason he did that was because King talked about him as the ‘best guitar player he has ever played with. John Theismann met up with King and Cat at a studio in Los Angeles where he lived. John was so overwhelmed and had no idea he would be meeting Caterson Damon he couldn’t stop shaking and had to calm his nerves. One Grey Hawk got behind the drums the two guitar players started working out stuff and as soon as Cat heard John Theismann rip into a note and solo up and down his fret board of his guitar. Cat had no idea this guy would be his next guitar player for the next five years. Getting Theismann to play correctly didn’t take long and it wasn’t long before they were focusing on the music King and Cat along with Grey Hawk had been constructing. At the time, Cat believed he was starting a project collaboration or a new band with King Tutankhamen playing lead, and original Serpent members Ric Carter on bass guitar,


BEHIND THE MUSIC Damien Grimm on keyboards (all though never listed as an official Serpent member he was) and last but not least as Cat has been quoted saying… “One of the best metal drummers I’ve had the opportunity to play with!” when Cat strapped on a guitar (something he only does in the studio) and began to write what later to be called “The Unholy Messiah” album with the Serpent members who picked up the first four songs he had done in two days. The drummer’s name was Gray Hawk. (Original last name was Hawkins he shortened it to Hawk. Gray Hawk sounded cooler almost kind of like Dungeons and Dragons old RPG game ‘Greyhawk’. Caterson never really seen or talked to Gray Hawk before, for the reason he was so short. Plus he was always pounding the drums behind a monster kit with ‘monster hair. He finally met the powerhouse drummer and became close friends with him. They finished the rest of the writing as well as structuring all of the songs faster than Cat has ever done with Metal Storm and excitedly he couldn’t wait to take a copy of the new “Serpent” record to his record company President. By April of 2006 the band had agreed they would be called “Unholy Messiah” and when he took the record to the President he loved it. He wanted to stamp “Metal Storm” on it because of an album contract clause they were under and Cat flat out said no. The band has to be called “Unholy Messiah” and the album’s name was “Doctor Butcher.” After months of prepping and rehearsing this whole album, a few Metal Storm and Serpent tune encores, this was going to be a Halloween release date to remember. Things would work out accordingly and smooth until the record company decided to call Cat to a meeting in August of 2005 to tell him what they had decided to reject the band’s idea for the album. They informed Cat on the side that Mathias Hook has put together a new band called “Iron Bird” and they recorded some demos. The music was great but Mathias Hook singing (as many heard on Metal Storm’s “In the Beginning” wasn’t no good.) The record company hired a professional vocalist named Dean Young. He was also a musician looking to break into the music business through is brother. (Ironically was Phil Goldie). Dean Young’s real name was Dean Whitmore. He didn’t care who he played with as long as it sounded good, and it was a prosperous band. So Dean Young redid all the vocals on the Iron Bird album and that’s when the record company decided this would be a ‘two for one” Metal Storm release deal. The band “Unholy Messiah” at the last minute was told to call the band “Caterson Damon” (like a Dio or King Diamond type band) and the title of the album would be changed to “Unholy Messiah” instead of Doctor Butcher”. Cat dragged his heals for three weeks and was ready to shop another label until the band told Cat the music idea and story was his to begin with. They (Serpent) were told there name cannot be used anymore by original singer and deceased rhythm guitarist’s wife. They as a band haven’t done anything in years and this would be a good jumping off point and who knows where it will go, but in this package from the way the record company presented it, this would be a guarantee for them to rock back to the metal scene. And so they did and all though listed as Caterson Damon’s first solo album, “Unholy Messiah” greeted the world, “I hate the word solo album,” Caterson Damon told Metal Maniacs, “it basically says my new band is just a bunch of clowns that I tell what to do. That is not the case I have two the most amazing guitar players and a world class drummer along with an amazing bassist all with the eerie background 24

BEHIND THE MUSIC keyboardist who has a golden throat. If all these guys are supposed to be the outcome of me going solo then I must have lost my dictionary a long time ago an got confused recently

2005 “Solo Work” October 31st

(“CD” Mark 1)

Caterson Damon: “Unholy Messiah” Produced by Aaron Roth & Caterson Damon ALBUM DUTIES: 1. Caterson Damon- Lead Vocals 2. King Tutankhamen: Lead Guitar 3. John Theismann- Lead Guitar 4. Ric Carter: Bass Guitar 5. Grey Hawk: Drums 6. Damien Grimm- Keyboards, b. Vocals Tracks: 01 Doctor Butcher 02 Unto Our God 03 Baptism Lake 04 Miss Shari’s Holiday 05 Hell’s Crown Queen 06 Unholy Messiah 07 Tombstones 08 Rising The Dead 09 The Bastard 10 Dark Night The album that came out from “Caterson Damon” right away was a success from the first video “Doctor Butcher”. Then “Hell’s Crown Queen”, “Tombstones” and “Unto Our God became the next batch videos that sent this new band on the road. The stage would be set up like an old western town with an interchangeable monastery with vampire on flying harnesses and some really inventive stage props allowing the band to play the entire album (ten songs) and work out an intense stage production. It was the heaviest sounding album that Caterson Damon sang on and this is what he wanted Metal Storm to be like and he knew that the crowd would be there for that also. So after the ten songs he said good night and left the stage. An encore called him back and this band ran through, “Black Cat”, “Ladies of The Night”, “Stairway To Hell”, “Sixty-Nine” and “The Church Burns Down” and surprises everyone with the last song called, “synthetic wings” which was one of Serpents most popular songs. There were surprisingly fans that were diehard Serpent fans that came to the show that didn’t really get into Metal Storm but loved “Unholy Messiah. They were small bunch and they got a little surprise with “synthetic Wings”. Throughout the duration of the tour 25

BEHIND THE MUSIC they would add three or four more Serpent song and swap out the Metal Storm songs with other Metal Storm songs for a closer. Either way this band did it they nailed he best horror/shock metal show of 2005

Iron Bird- “IB1” (December 4th, 2005) This album would’ve been originally just a bunch of guitar riffs Mathias Hook had been writing for a ‘solo album’ or the next Mark 4 album he wasn’t sure. His excessive drinking was causing a lot of people to become alarmed. One of the managers from the record label he was still on heard his demo and liked everything but the singing. As mentioned earlier, the management brought in professional vocalist Dean Young to sing the lyrics or collaborates to make them more in the literal sense better. Dean had been trying to break in the business like his bother (Phil Goldie) and didn’t care how.

(“IB” Mark 1)

ALBUM DUTIES: 1. Dean Young: Lead Vocals 2. Mathias Hook: Lead Guitar, B. Vocals 3. Sean Chandler: Rhythm Guitar 4. Sam Govert- Bass Guitar 5. Sammy Kerr: Drums Tracks: (Disc 1) 01 Boyz of Metal 02 Speeding 03 Coming to Get Ya 04 Haven’t Done that Yet 05 Erasing The Memories 06 Steel Hard 07 Thunder In Her Thighs 08 Worthless Gold 09 Iron Bird 10 Do Me Like That Even though this album did great with sales by Metal Storm fans, one video was made for a song called “Boyz of Metal” which sounded like it was purposely made to take a poke a Phil Goldie style of speed guitar soloing with the ‘robotic tones” most critical called it but the video was admired and the only one to feature Dean Young. Mathias Hook traded in his signature white V for a hot pink one for the video. This would symbolize where he would be and what he would be playing by the color of his Jackson flying V. Iron Bird toured “IB1” but Dean Young would not tour because he refused to be a side-man to some “crazy left handed guitarist that used to wear clown makeup in a joke of a band and now wants to be taken seriously.” That was what he was quoted saying later after he refused to tour. The management talked Young into touring the 20 some show deal co-headlining and opening for big metal acts. Mathias Hook turned the tour into one big party and while halfway through the tour the album went gold and it convinced Dean Young to finish the tour (even though he privately hated having to sing for Iron Bird.) The songs he co-wrote or changed the entire lyrics for he seemed to enjoy playing. Young tried to drag his heals singing Metal Storm songs that were in the set list that Mathias told him to sing. Dean Young openly said he did not care for Metal Storm and the eleventh show in Chicago 26

BEHIND THE MUSIC where things came to a blow where the two had to be pulled apart before a psychical altercation could happen. This was supposed to be the end of Iron Bird and Mathias Hook had announced it saying the band was done in March of 2006. He spent the rest of the year of 2006 being a ‘home body’ in his home in Las Vegas, Nevada where he had endless parties, drank and through what was later known as the “Los Vegas, Mathias rock shows” in his back yard with all kinds of ‘rocker’ friends from the business. While he talked about putting a band together again with several musicians that came out to his place. The only thing that seemed prosperous was his other guitar player Sean from Iron Bird and his brother Steve were working on some new tunes from the ‘lost drunk year” but anything as far as recording again seemed like was done for Mathias Hook who was done for good. 1. 2006 July 3rd “Solo Work” (“CD” Mark 1) Caterson Damon: “The Next Generation” ALBUM DUTIES: 1. Caterson Damon- Lead Vocals 2. King Tutankhamen: Lead Guitar 3. John Theismann- Lead Guitar 4. Ric Carter: Bass Guitar 5. Grey Hawk: Drums 6. Damien Grimm- Keyboards, b. Vocals Tracks: (Disc 1) 01 Rip Rip (I’m Your Killer) 02 Evil Man 03 Came True To Day 04 The Sign of Satan 05 The Darkness 06 The Next Generation 07 The Crack-Man 08 Mother Marion 09 Evil Children 10 Regina The album cover featured some interesting art work done by some of the band’s favorite artists, but the record company changed the cover at the last minute to Cat’s face holding a skull from a photo shoot done originally for “Unholy Messiah”. They photo shopped flames and by the time this album was released the band was very upset with the record company for changing it. Even Caterson Damon complained that having his face on the cover misrepresents the band. The band wasn’t going to tour in support of the album had the songs “The Darkness” and “Came True Today” became hits and one last minute surprise hit “Mother Marion” which was the original song that inspired the character in “Unholy Messiah” and was taken off for time limits. A video was made for it and the song became Caterson Damon’s most played song since he ‘went solo” and started this new outfit of musicians formerly Serpent now playing under his name. The band knew there was money and it would be close to impossible to reform Serpent and they continued to tour the album. Caterson Damon was most surprised to see a lot of Metal Storm fans that had been coming to the shows wanting to hear more Metal Storm songs. This became a strain on King Tutankhamen and Grey Hawk to learn more Metal Storm songs to please the fan. When “The Next Generation” was released in July 3rd, 2006 the group would hit the road in late July. Caterson Damon, King Tutankhamen and Gray Hawk had been recording a bunch of their shows during the last dates of “Unholy Messiah” only because they had become a popular unit live.


BEHIND THE MUSIC The stage show slowly began to break up while the story album of “Unholy Messiah would now be play mid way though the new “Next Generation” tour. The band opened up with Metal Storm’s “Black Cat” and then went right into the new song “The Next Generation”, “Rip, Rip” and “Evil Man”. The album “The Next Generation” sold well, but was nothing as far as “Unholy Messiah” and even though the tour was somewhat successful it had plans for a world tour, but it didn’t leave the United States. Bassist Ric Carter quit the band after he suffered from Rheumatoid arthritis got to the point where he could not tour anymore he was quickly replaced by Fear Legion’s Aaron J. Snow who filled in for nine shows until the tour came to an end. Aaron J. Snow would cross paths with Metal Storm and Caterson Damon later down the road as far as fate and music. Ric Carter years down the road moved to Hawaii with his wife (he married a prominent doctor who changed her residency to Hawaii) Ric Carter all though retired became good friends with Jayson Damon (who lived in Hawaii down the road) he still played keyboards, but only for recording and limited projects after his surgery.) At the time, the band Fear Legion was on break and finished touring a fairly successful album. They opened for Metal Storm during the “Aliens-Nation Tour”. October of 2006, Caterson Damon released a live EP called “Live Darkness” based on the song “The Darkness” from ‘The Next Generation” and a new studio song called “Brianna” that told a story about a young girl and her doll collection and some of them were possessed and held the souls of the dead. Caterson Damon: “Live: Darkness”

(“CD” Mark 1)

ALBUM DUTIES: 1. Caterson Damon- Lead Vocals 2. King Tutankhamen: Lead Guitar 3. John Theismann- Lead Guitar 4. Ric Carter: Bass Guitar 5. Grey Hawk: Drums 6. Damien Grimm- Keyboards, b. Vocals Tracks: (Disc 1) 01 Doctor Butcher 02 Unto Our God 03 Came True To Day 04 (Rip Rip I’m Your Killer) 05 The Darkness 06 The Next Generation 07 Tombstones 08 The Bastard 09 Hell’s Crown Queen 10 Black Cat 11 Brianna *bonus (studio track) The song Brianna quite popular through the underground of Caterson Damon fans that he began writing another story type album around the one song idea but took a break. Cat suggested some of them try to restart Serpent or something new he said he would help out. Grey Hawk and King Tutankhamen were mad at all the things that happened but eventually came around after they realized it was probably the most money they had made in their entire life.


BEHIND THE MUSIC Around Christmas after meeting up with his brother Jayson, the two began talking. He heard about “Plastic Jesus” and got a kick out of all of the fans that came to see this new Metal Storm tribute he had been playing under for fun while working on his solo album (that wouldn’t see the light of day for at least a decade in a half). Caterson Damon saw the overwhelming fan base wanted Metal Storm songs and they were attending his shows in demand plus Jayson Damon’s “Plastic Jesus” tribute act maybe it was time to put the real thing back together. Calling Pat Lewis who was working on a solo album at the time and his wife Kim Togan of Catseye was doing all the lead work. The album was having a tough time due to her commitment with her band but he was up for writing new music with Cat again. When they found Mathias Hook he was attempting to record Iron Bird’s second record with the Chandler brothers. They had recorded nine songs. At the time, they had got into a big fight with Sammy Kerr the drummer (who came back) to Iron Bird but apparently quit again. Mathias was ready to jump ship on the follow up album and he said he’d be ‘dying to put on the war paint.’ Pat Lewis refused to wear it, but Caterson said he would wear it like he did his other band and he’d be the only one. It wasn’t long before the four were in a new studio in Los Angeles that Caterson Damon booked. May of 2007 Mark Walker had caught up with the band members and began working on the first official album of the Mark 4 Metal Storm. Mark was about to give up on Metal Storm getting back together to complete a new album, but he was happy to finally be working again with them. The theme of this album seemed to be about after war, nuclear holocaust and living in the wasteland. A story-song theme Caterson Damon worked on with Pat Lewis about a new God being born from the nuclear waste called “Firestorm”. ( Mark 4 lineup) 1.


December 3rd “Firestorm” released

ALBUM DUTIES: 1. Caterson Damon: Lead Vocals, Guitar 2. Mathias Hook: Lead Guitar 3. Mark Walker: Rhythm & Lead Guitar 4. Pat Lewis: Bass Guitar, B. Vocals 5. Jayson Damon: Drums, Lead Vocals, B. Vocals Tracks: (Disc 1) 01 I’m In Charge 02 I’m Damien 03 King Bee 04 Wrath Child 05 Satanic Drones 06 Corrosive Face 07 Thor 08 S.E.X.X. 09 Down on Me 10 Fire Storm


BEHIND THE MUSIC A little bit of a ‘fact’ The Mark 4 Lineup was said to be at the time, the most profitable as far as sales and touring. The Greatest hits’ going platinum and so does ‘Fire Storm’. The song “Thor” becoming a strong single and a video based on the Asgardian God along with their nuclear after math song “Fire Storm” Metal Storm worked with an art director to create their stage to look like a street corner right out of New York City that been hit with an after math of a nuclear holocaust. Jayson Damon’s drums looked like nuclear radiation drums that glowed in the dark. Caterson Damon and Jayson Damon was the only one who wore make up, the others darkened their eyes and had a bit face white on but nothing like before. This tour their outfits looked like survivors of a nuclear war. All torn up, burned and somewhat ‘Mad Max’ looking. The tour and album sold very well and put Metal Storm back on the top for the first time in awhile and soon to follow was the announcement of a world tour for the band. There was one apparent problem that the band was facing and that was Mathias Hook. Mathias had started out good on the tour and he contributed a little bit to “Fire Storm”. Mark Walker for the first time stepped up and wrote a lot of the lead and rhythm guitar work with Pat Lewis. When the band was at the MTV music awards to accept the award for ‘best video” as they have done a few times. Mathias was very drunk and Caterson Damon had to tell him to be quiet when they went up and accepted the award. Caterson and Pat did all the thanking while Mathias would blurt a name or two over them. It was usually some random name that made no sense why they would be thanking them. People were laughing because they could tell the guitar player was hammered. When it came time to do Europe after Mathias Hook showed up late for a show in Fort Lauderdale and when he played his guitar was out of key. He spent a lot of time trying to tune is guitar and he was obviously very drunk Some of the new songs like “King Bee” or “Corrosive Face” Mathias Hook would mess them up. The show was getting the rest of the band upset to the point where Caterson had told the sound man to turn Mathias down, bring Pat’s low end and turn Mark up a bit. They were able to finish the show and the next day a band meeting was called. Caterson Damon had staged an intervention and the option to Mathias Hook. After a very long speech from Caterson Damon, Pat Lewis and even Jayson said a few words. Mark agreed not to be there. He knew how Mathias was with the other guitar players and he didn’t want to be blame for any of Mathias’s issues. The final worlds of Caterson Damon’s included a ‘get help or ship out’ type message. “We love you man, but enough is enough. Either you accept help and go to treatment or we have all agreed to vote you out of the band.” Mathias Hook looked at everyone slowly (he was drunk) and he replied. “Are you guys done?” and got up, walked out of the room and left the band. That pretty much summed up Mathias Hooks answer to ‘get help or ship out” “Assuming we’re cancelling the world tour next month?” asked Jayson. “I refuse to let somebody’s demons destroy something that is going so well,” Caterson Damon said, “This is probably the best album as far as music, recording and liability. I’m not going to surrender to someone who is being stubborn. If he doesn’t call us back in one week I have a solution.” That solution would be Caterson Damon’s band mate John Theismann whom he was still close with after King and Grey left and were pursuing other avenues which would up being those two finding other projects but John Theismann was ready to do a world tour and this would be the biggest show of his entire life time.


BEHIND THE MUSIC Once Theismann knew he was in he practiced every single song on the set list and got familiar with everything else and when he met up with the band to rehearse he was spot on.

Mark Walker said that, “Theismann was probably the greatest guitar player he has ever played with in his entire life. How come that guy isn’t famous?” The World Tour started in Japan, that’s where a lot of Metal Storm’s fan base seems to be. Caterson Damon decided to opt out with makeup. This was because John Theismann has never worn anything like that and he said he would be uncomfortable even if applying corpse white. It turns out that Pat Lewis and Caterson Damon had a ‘private feud’ going on between them over a misunderstanding of some sort. When Mathias Hook left the band prior to Pat Lewis had mentioned to Caterson that his wife Kim Togan (who was out of the band Catseye now) would be able to jump in on guitar and not miss a beat. “To be honest the idea of a girl in Metal Storm was kind of interesting,” Caterson Damon told Metal Edge, “then I started thinking I don’t want to become Fleetwood Mac. I want to keep the vibe of five guys with long hair. Then it dawned on me that John Theismann had been more loyal to me and didn’t want to continue as Serpent. He had put his old band “Dead Meat” back together and I was in the process of managing them. Sam Govert was the bass player and this amazing upcoming guitar player named Royal Ashton was also singing and playing guitar. Ashton had this Prince look to him with a touch of Hendrix. They were having drummer issues and at the time I went to see what Neil Pierce was doing and he had become a health nut and had his own website He was also in a new band with Phil Goldie called “Metal Projectiles”. It turns out Neil was singing and playing drums on their first album. They hired Sammy Kerry to play drums live. “So, there goes two drummers I thought about next to Star Shaw of ‘the Pact’. Finally, when Ashton was turning “Dead Meat” into a pop rock band and hired some keyboard player/programmer named Brenda K. it had made Theismann uncomfortable because he’s into hard rock metal. So, it was perfect timing when Mathias left and I spaced it about Pat’s wife however he wasn’t complaining because we had two amazing, sober guitar players and putting on the best live Metal Storm Show since the early days.” Caterson Damon grew a beard out halfway through the waiting and the Japanese tour and often wore sunglasses. This seemed to make him comfortable as they told the fans that they are ‘done wearing the makeup’ and just want to rock. The Japanese where very excited to be the first group of fans to get to see Metal Storm without the makeup. The Japanese fans that like metal just love the feeling of ‘rocking out”. Most of them didn’t know who was who and really enjoyed the post nuclear holocaust stage. Metal Storm’s album “Fire Storm” was released in Japan a little later because of an accounting error. There is a picture where Metal Storm took a picture and posed for some shots in Japan on their stage. There was a nice shot of the band that was made into an album cover and for some reason it was released in Japan like that. Possible error on the distribution of the record company in Japan and John Theismann on the cover (photo shoot) but the album credits said Mathias Hook. Somehow Mathias Hook had a Japanese edition


BEHIND THE MUSIC of “Fire Storm” in his hands and he went ape shit. He slandered everybody in Metal Storm and called them bunch of liars he isn’t a drunk and he had new album coming out soon. Well, of course he had a new album coming out because it was nearly done by the time he came back to Metal Storm to write or play on “Fire Storm”. All he had to do was go back to the studio, fix up some tracks, hire a singer and it was done. Towards the end of the “Fire Storm” world tour along with the success of the singles and videos the band took their luck and rolled the dice on another live album. They had been recording all their shows since Japan and had a good stack of live songs. They back to the United States in April of 2008 and begin tweaking the live album with the original engineer for the first live album Don Glass. Glass did such a fine job on “Live From Hell” the band told him that they wanted to strike lighting again just like he did before. They went through nearly one-hundred shows of the Mark 4 and most of the Mark 5 Metal Storm shows and picked out the best stuff that didn’t appear on the last “Live From Hell” album. There was no new studio track on this “Live From Hell 2” however fans picked it up, but it wasn’t a smash success like the original.

6. 2008

June 15th,

“LIVE FROM HELL 2” (2 CDs, VHS or DVD) ( Mark 5 lineup)

ALBUM DUTIES: 1. Caterson Damon: Lead Vocals, Guitar 2. Mark Walker: Lead Guitar 3. John Theismann: Lead Guitar 4. Pat Lewis: Bass Guitar, B. Vocals 5. Jayson Damon: Drums, B. Vocals

Tracks: (Disc 1) 01 Wrath Child 02 Satanic Drones 03 Corrosive Face 04 Thor 05 Fire Storm 06 Abandon 07 You’re a Terrible Evil Sucker 08 The Fire 09 King Bee 10 The Immortal Tracks: (Disc 2) 01 Invasion Planet Earth 02 The Human Race 03 Down On Me 04 I’m Damien 05 Evidence 06 Fucking With Me 06 War Zone (Jayson Vocal) 07 Bad Angel 08 Big Shannon 09 Looking High (Pat Vocal) 10 She (Ballad of An Evil Girl) “Live From Hell 2” Came packaged in an amazing box set with 2 CDs and a 2 VHS or 2 DVDS (your choice). You could watch different countries where the songs were performed. It was a treat to hear a song like “Fucking with Me” for the first time almost 12 years since it was released on the first album. Mark 5 also known as the lineup that all together stopped wearing the original war paint.


BEHIND THE MUSIC Compared to the original “Live From Hell” it didn’t match up but it made more money probably due t the fact it cost a lot for this box set.

2008 August, 15th Iron bird’s second album was released under a new label since Metal Storm has changed their record company so they could start self-producing their own albums. The company dropped Mathias Hook when he had called them to mention he had finished the new album. They were no longer interested however Eruption Force records took them on and released the record. Sammy Kerr returned to the drum throne after quitting “Metal Projectiles” stating that Neil Pierce cannot sing and he should stick to drumming. They never scored one hit song, but spent time on stage going through Phil Goldie/Metal Storm and Crucifixion songs. “Neil Pierce had no business singing those songs,” Sammy laughed. ALBUM DUTIES: 1. Mathias Hook: Vocals, Lead Guitar 2. Steven Chandler: Vocals, Guitar 3. Sean Chandler: Bass Guitar, B. Vocals 4. Sammy Kerr: Drums Tracks: (Disc 1) 01 Maybe Someday 02 Jailbreaks 03 Kick Your Ass 04 Priceless Pricks 05 Show Me... 06 Rode her hard (put her away wet) 07 Lock Me Up 08 Road Trip To Hell 09 Picking My Brain 10 The G-Spot Mathias and Steven Chandler traded vocal duties and it hurt the record as far as sales. Iron Bird needed a singer and not even Steven Chandler’s soft harmonizing voice could re-create the magic from the first one. A Video for “Rode her hard” was released that got a premiere slot on metal video show but didn’t get rotated too much, but did get an award for a ‘comical video” Iron Bird toured but was mainly a support act that toured through 2009. Halfway through their tour they wound up cancelling the rest of their dates. They had got with Metal Storm’s Painkiller producer Robert Sharp that said he would produce their next album. So the band started looking for singers.

Metal Storm went into the studio around the end of 2008 and 2009 and began writing and recording with the Mark 5 lineup. They were attempting to make a ‘big album’ of everything as it would be called “Metal Storms’ White Album” but the anticipation of producing nearly thirty some songs was killing the band to have to remain quiet through 2009


BEHIND THE MUSIC 2009 May 3rd, Mathias Hook hires new singer Tim Lukas from the band ‘Briterica’. He had been their singer for five strong albums and had a very powerful voice like Ronnie James Dio.

ALBUM DUTIES: 1. Tim Lukas- Lead Vocals 2. Mathias Hook: Lead Guitar, B. Vocals 3. Steven Chandler: Vocals, Guitar 4. Sean Chandler: Bass Guitar, B. Vocals 5. Sammy Kerr: Drums

Tracks: 01 Hole In My Heart 02 Just Got Lucky 03 Way With Words 04 The Dealer 05 Never Again 06 Lost my Trust In You. 07 Mean Old Woman 08 I’m Home Again 09 Revenge 10 Evil At Sundown 11 Let Me Cum Inside

The collaboration of the two created an Iron bird record that finally kicked some ass when it was released in September of that same year.

Tim Lukas was reluctant to tour, but Mathias agreed to do some of his songs he did with “Briterica” Ironbird hit the road for seven months. Tim Lukas who is from England did not like a lot of the ‘slum clubs” that were on Iron bird’s tour schedule. Steve Chandler and Sean Chandler called their father’s lawyer who contacted their tour manger’s cell phone. Ironbird had been using Stan Tobias as a tour manager and he had booked them into really crappy dives. They fired Stan Tobias and through the record company they came up with a green horn tour manager by the name of Jason Krueger. He was able to stretch out his connections and get Ironbird an opening slot at Oz-fest and eventually moved them into headline position with a new rock band called N.P.M (Nude Pictures of Melissa) At the time nobody knew who Melisa was but later on it turned out to be the drummer Greg Henning who found out his ‘loyal’ and ‘religious’ girlfriend who tied to make him into ‘perfect’ had a bad habit and a past. Well, judging from the band name may have been a last minute name to change their original named “Needle dick the bug-fucker but worked as N.P.M. N.P.M. would go on to become very successful group with their front man guitar Rand-ee ‘punky’ Petersen who to this day thanks Mathias Hook for that break that put his group in front of tons of people


BEHIND THE MUSIC Tim Lukas stayed until the tour was over he was on a hiatus after his drummer in Briterica was injured. Tim Lukas would wind up doing several projects as his band Briterica would be out longer than expected. There was an eerie likeness/sound with Tim Lukas and Ronnie James Dio and nobody knew why, It was rumored he was Ronnie James Dio’s son, but that was blown off. Tim said that Dio was one of his influences and when he took the job for Briterica the band agreed he was an amazing singer and he had to retrain himself to sound closer to their original pre-fame lead singer who brought the band to stardom and died of an accidental overdose. Even though their first album with Tim Lukas you cannot tell the difference with Lukas and JJ. Johnstone but afterwards Lukas would always slide into this Ronnie James Dio sound. Lukas never had away connection with any cover bands and has been asked to play in Dio cover bands but hundreds of people but he has declined stating he is not doing it purposely that is how his voice comes out. 2009 Pat Lewis surfaces to announce he is recording his first solo album in November. He says that he had to put it off because Metal Storm began working on a very big project and his solo record might be delayed. Metal Storm is off recording what appears to be their second double album. This time, since they are doing it there. The record company took what actually Metal Storm’s 2nd album was called “Stairway to Hell”. It was the first appearance of Neil Pierce on drums and combined it with their new album that was titled, “In the Beginning”. Therefore that’s why it was considered a debate double album when they started. The record company at A & M wanted the world to believe that “In the Beginning” was Metal Storm’s first album (a double album). For the longest time, nobody had any idea that the band had recorded two albums prior called “When Hell Freezes over” and recently “Stairwell to Hell” before A&M gave them a recording deal and remixed “Stairway to Hell” with their new record at A&M. Metal Storm had become such a big act playing shows with their colorful makeup and their original dark themes that a double album would be a gamble but it paid off. (Eventually in 2029 Metal Storm repaired this and repacked them like it was.) Metal Storm turned to rock n roll producer Russ Sperry who had been quite popular in the rock scene for producing some great albums out of rock legends. When he came into the studio he went through all of Metal Storm’s ideas and took a listen to any thing they had as far as demos. That’s when they decided to release two albums instead of a double album as intended. The band had been away doing other things for awhile and they wanted to play catch up. So Russ brought in his partner Grant Ferris and they went to work in two different studios So when Caterson Damon was working on a song he would be in the one studio with Russ and maybe John Theismann or Mark Walker would be in there. Pat would be in the other studio working with either one of the guitar players. Jayson Damon’s job was to either put down the drum track by following the click and then he would go work in whatever room needed him for vocals or what not. Pat would come into the other room and work on bass line or Cat would go into the other room write a vocal line. Both engineers were in constant contact and this idea became later noted as the “Metal Storm Sperry combo” “Seasons in Hell I” and “Seasons in Hell II” would be released at different times only because they wanted more time to work on “Seasons in Hell II. It was a big payoff, and possibly one of the biggest, best-selling albums of Metal Storm’s career.

Going to make a ‘White Album’… 35


7. 2010

June 18th:

Metal Storm –“Seasons In Hell” (Red frame)

(Mark 5 Lineup) ALBUM DUTIES: 01. 02. 03. 04. 05.

Caterson Damon: Lead Vocals, Guitar Mark Walker: Lead Guitar John Theismann: Lead Guitar Pat Lewis: Bass Guitar, B. Vocals Jayson Damon: Drums, B. Vocals

Tracks: (Disc 1) 01 Infernal Names 02 Paralyzed 03 Hello, I Love you 04 Adulteress 05 Judgment Day 06 Thinking Of You 07 Puncture You (Pat Vocal) 08 From The Grave 09 Journey To Hell 10 Raven-Fist Metal Storm’s “Seasons In Hell” Tour kicks off in August. Their first single is the remake of a Door’s song, called “Hello, I Love You” that charts on several boards. “Thinking of You” becomes the bands first song to go to #1 it also included a tearful video of two actors and a woman dying in a car crash. The man continues to live with survivor’s guilt. It’s a very impressive ‘not so ordinary” style of Metal Storm music featuring Cat and Jayson singing and harmonizing. It turns out this song was written ‘back in the day’ circa “Hell Freezes Over” sessions but was it left off because instead of an acoustic guitar it was done with two electric guitars on a clean channel with a really messy panned left solo by Phil Goldie. While the band tours into the next year they announce a world tour coming up and drop “Seasons in Hell 2” A little bit after the new year. It sells well compared to Seasons in Hell 1. The band has been leaving off their war paint throughout the “Seasons in your hell” tour. Caterson Damon begins to wear a type of makeup again for touring that he continues to wear until his most modern album John Theismann is excepted and more noticed by Metal Storm fans. Many call him John and Mark the best guitar section Metal Storm has ever had. “Seasons 1 and 2” prove that Mark 5 is the most inventive as a song John Theismann wrote called “Paralyzed” finishes Seasons in Hell 1 off as a hit song with a last minute video in February almost a month after Seasons in Hell 2 was released. Theismann originally wrote the lyrics to “Paralyzed” and Caterson Damon edited them to fit his vocals after Theismann played him the original version he wrote with his band, “Dead Meat” that Royal Ashton had sang a demo to that was off key and not in his range so it was scrapped. Fortunately when Caterson Damon heard it he loved the song and had John re-record it “Metal Storm’ style. Its release as a single was a last minute decision based on a director friend named Paul Irving who heard the song and had a video idea.



January 12th, Metal Storm – “Seasons In Hell 2”( blue frame)

ALBUM DUTIES: 01. 02. 03. 04. 05.

Caterson Damon: Lead Vocals, Guitar Marcs Walker: Lead Guitar John Theismann: Lead Guitar Pat Lewis: Bass Guitar, keyboards, B. Vocals Jayson Damon: Drums, Vocals, B. Vocals

(Mark 5 Lineup)

Tracks: (Disc 1) 01 Death of Me 02 Paint the Skies (Jayson singing) 03 A Hint of Evil 04 Black Dove 05 Victim of another Day 06 Wait 07 They Waited (2000 Ad) 08 When the War Died 09 Alone (again, in the end) 10 Frostbite 11 Starving (Bonus on some early editions) The first single was “Paint the Skies” featuring a trippy keyboard piece Pat Lewis wrote. It sounded like Pink Floyd when Caterson Damon first sang it. Jayson had a knack for being able to sing like Pink Floyd’ David Gilmour. So the two brothers traded versions vocally and sang the chorus in perfect harmony. This song was released in late March and climbed up the charts at the same time summer came rolling in around late May and early June. The next single “Wait” another slow melody song Caterson Damon wrote about original pre-fame Metal Storm bassist Shane Wells who died of a heroin overdose in which Caterson Damon blamed himself for not being able to save him ‘all was lost in the translation” what one line. “And they don’t remember what you’re saying. All was lost in the translation. As they lay you to sleep forever, a friend lost, there’s no one better.” Brilliant lyrics! A lot of fans and new fans being turned onto the band from these two albums that became one of the best in Metal Storm’s discography. “Victim of Another Day” and “Black Dove” became the head banger videos that kept the heaviness true to the diehard metal heads that were not used to Metal Storm having what they called “slow and pussy” songs. For the duration of the year 2011 and most of 2012, Metal Storm naturally took “Seasons In your Hell Tour” around the world to be greeted by appreciative fans that had bought both albums. Learning to play a song like “Thinking of You” and “Wait” live was tricky for the aggressive metal band. They decided to alternate “Thinking of You” and “Wait” every other night. All though the most popular songs in Metal Storm’s career, they were considered ‘buzz kills’ for the diehard fans watching them live.


BEHIND THE MUSIC At the last part of 2012 in the U.K., Metal Storm and London Symphony Orchestra began plotting special show that would combine Fifteen of Metal Storm’s best songs backed by the Orchestra. Caterson Damon liked the idea after talking to the music director Pauley Mitchell. During this time in March of 2013 the band put out an EP “The Black Van” that featured remade versions of earlier songs to fit a short themed story line that the Mark 5 lineup wanted to put it on the end of Seasons in Hell II. It featured alternate versions from a few songs from “Seasons In Hell 1” to fit the short story theme. The lyrics were altered. “Mortal Thoughts,” “Black Van” and “Dana Shall Not Return” where completely brand new. The song “Mortal Thoughts” was made into a short music video with short intro section of “Black Van” and “Dana Shall Not Return” (Mark 5 Lineup ALBUM DUTIES: 01. 02. 03. 04. 05.

Caterson Damon: Lead Vocals, Guitar Mark Walker: Lead Guitar John Theismann: Lead Guitar Pat Lewis: Bass Guitar, B. Vocals Jayson Damon: Drums, B. Vocals

Tracks: (Disc 1) 01 Invocation 02 Demon Wizard (renaming of Infernal Names) 03 Journey To Hell 04 Mortal Thoughts 05 The Black Van 06 Dana Shall Not Return Surprisingly for just a last minute EP it’s a cult collector and not many out there (mainly because of the late John Theismann. Caterson Damon was really pushing John Theismann as Mathias Hook’s full time replacement such as Mark Walker finally began to get comfortable playing Goldie’s old songs on the guitar. Mark 5 was the most solid, creative Metal Storm units and their next step with the orchestra would prove how much musicians they really are. “Mathias Hook or Phil Goldie would never have the patience or this,” Pat Lewis commented. “Since KISS seem to have been what motivated Metal Storm to slap on makeup and costumes in the early days,” Caterson said, “John and I were watching KISS alive 4 with the orchestra and we said, ‘we should do that’. The next day after our last show in London we had our management find the music director and we began plotting this one time show set for November 16th, my birthday ironically.”

Orchestra music & metal, once again… 38


2013, November 13th Metal Storm performs with London Symphony Orchestra. The audio was released as “Live from Hell 3 featuring the London Symphony Orchestra because the songs “Thinking of You” and “Wait” were included in this show with an amazing orchestra behind them the CD audio began to sell but when it was released as a live (watchable DVD) in December that’s when the new song they wrong just for the show called, “No More Goodbyes” entered the charts and began the fastest incline to #1 in Metal Storm history. This live album turned out to be Metal Storm’s best selling record of all time!! John Theismann wore a makeup style similar to Mathias Hooks but nothing considered stealing. He darkened his hair for the show since it would be televised. They only did the makeup just so some folks would remember them while it was televised around the world. (Mark 5 lineup) ALBUM DUTIES: 01. 02. 03. 04. 05.

Caterson Damon: Lead Vocals, Guitar Marcs Walker: Lead Guitar John Theismann: Lead Guitar Pat Lewis: Bass Guitar, keyboards, B. Vocals Jayson Damon: Drums, Vocals, B. Vocals

Tracks: (Disc 1) 01 Thinking Of You 02 Paint the Skies (Cat & Jayson singing) 03 Black Cat 04 Paralyzed (Seasons From Hell I version) 05 Wait 06 Alone (again, in the end) 07 Road Rage 08 Christina 09 No More Goodbyes 10 The Ocean 11 (Please Have) Mercy on Me 12 Abandon 13 Someone like You 14 She (Ballad of an Evil Girl) 15 Jack of Diamonds 16 Encore “Mortal Thoughts” (new song from EP!) For an Audio CD they had to break up the audio by disc 1 tracks 1 to 8 and disc 2 tracks 9 through 16 with a rare out-take of track 16 of “Ladies Of the Night” that didn’t make the DVD concert however it was replaced with a last minute performance of their latest hit “Mortal Thoughts” MTV and radio stations and applications played the living heck out of “No More Goodbyes”. It had heavy guitars that went with the thunderous orchestra however it had easy going verse changes. Most of the concert, Caterson Damon is seen wearing a black Les Paul. As you know, with the recent early bio and real life he is a guitar player and writes stuff on the album. Caterson Damon felt ‘naked’ with all the instruments around him.


BEHIND THE MUSIC John Theismann talked him into playing with and the entire concert was rehearsed several times with Caterson Damon playing guitar with John and Mark . Pat Lewis looked somewhat dull through the video and Jayson Damon looked like he was going to jump through your television as they played through the show. You could tell Metal Storm and Pauley Mitchell worked very hard to get everything lined up. The songs were personally picked by Caterson Damon and Pat Lewis along with Mitchell. They were based on what would sound good with an orchestra, popularity and how well the sound felt. That’s why “Ladies of the Night” was left off the DVD and should have been left off the audio CD because Caterson and Pat felt the triple picking with the keyboards (which had to be orchestrated) leaving Pat to play a bass guitar. When they did that song live, Metal Storm didn’t use a bass guitar and Pat improvised on the keyboards. The whole sound didn’t sound right according to Caterson Damon, but ultimately saw the light on second and third presses of the audio CD that had to be divided into two discs evenly because they entire concert didn’t fit on one CD. Japanese versions of “Live From Hell III” fits on one audio CD because they omitted “Christina”, “Paralyzed” and “Jack of Diamonds” nevertheless leaving the audio version of “Ladies of the Night” on hence having to make two 30 minute audio discs and 7 LP records. With the holidays and what not, Metal Storm took a bit of a ‘break’. Pat Lewis was exhausted and learned in February he had developed a serious illness due to poor health and lack of sleep and had to be hospitalized. Caterson Damon and John Theismann started writing new material which some felt like it was ‘too heavy’ or ‘satanic-dark’ for Metal Storm. Ever since Metal Storm’s “Aliens” album Caterson Damon has been touching less and less on his favorite and original writing theme the occult and horror stories involving true, mysterious and disturbing things. John Theismann was into the ‘dark themes’ of “Unholy Messiah” and “The Next Generation” and the two began talking about doing another Caterson Damon album with the time they had off. Jayson Damon bought a home in Honolulu, Hawaii, for the first time in his life since the success of Seasons in Hell 1 and 2 plus Live From Hell 3 along with the ‘hits’ and ‘videos’ being the best stuff in the history of Metal Storm (charting and fan viewing). Jayson Damon was new with having ten million dollars (and growing) in his bank account therefore he bought a four bed room home for his mother and current wife Jessica. The home was way out in a secluded area, but unfortunately he would have to build fence because some of the fans got a little ‘autograph demanding’. Jayson’s wife Jessica was starting to ‘lose grip’ with all the ‘girl fans her husband had acquired in recent times. Taking off the ‘war paint was an obvious plus for Jayson as far as the ‘looks factor’ according to many female fans, but unfortunately he never imagined being famous at this height would be like this. When Pat Lewis recovered he completed his first solo album he would later call, “Out Of Time”. The trick now was since Metal Storm had their own label for their music. Pat Lewis would have to pay out of his pocket (which wasn’t a problem now) to Mark et his solo album. His wife Kim Togan played all the guitar and lead work. Jayson Damon lent a hand on drums and so didn’t Chris Halleck from Catseye. Otherwise Pat Lewis did the other entire instrument including sing the entire album which sounded really good. Pat Lewis had an amazing voice and sang lead on some Metal Storm songs, but he wasn’t the best lyric writer. Caterson Damon pushed him to sing more, but he enjoyed doing backups and messing with other instruments on albums and live. When Pat Lewis in Metal Storm would sing, “Looking High” and even “Aliens (69,000 of them)” Caterson Damon would strap on the black Les Paul to allow Pat to have a little stage time. He was always pushing Pat to sing live, but the majority of Pat Lewis Metal Storm songs would be cut from the set list (not purposely, time restraints when swapping in other more popular songs.)


BEHIND THE MUSIC Eventually Caterson Damon puts together what he calls “An all-star band” and the project he started with Theismann turns out to be pretty heavy. King Tutankhamen was going to join them on the project but declined. He just got married to Alexandria Bennet (daughter of rock star’s Bingo Catt and Al Bennet). King Tutankhamen was doing the lead guitar work for her album and couldn’t break away but wanted to ‘patch up any differences’. Caterson Damon assured him there was no troubles and said the three of them “King, John and Caterson) would catch up some other time. Caterson Damon found a lead guitarist that was in a band called “Demon Bitch” which featured Damien Hellstorm on vocals (formerly of Ogre), bassist Mike Black and drummer Moses Christ. Damien Hellstorm used to be in a dull rock band called “Ogre” and he sounded a lot like Rob Halford from Judas Priest and a little bit of makeup to darken his eyes like a corpse. They were from Sweden and had made 6 albums and had become really popular in their home country, but Ogre wasn’t breaking away from their country. Damien Hellstorm born Daryl Holstein changed his name similar to a character he read about in a comic book. He changed the spelling to “Hell-Storm” instead of the character’s last name “Hellstrom”, Apparently Damien saw Metal Storm on television years ago when they came to Europe and did a television appearance for a metal talk show. All though he does not admit it now, his vocal style began to change along with his makeup and interest in the occult. He left Ogre and formed “Demon Bitch” with his good friend and bassist Mike Black. Their lead guitarist was their second guitar player after the first one was fired for being a drug addict. Caterson Damon was shown the band “Demon Bitch” online a representation of somebody ‘copying him’. Even though Damien Hellstorm was a lot skinner and way shorter then Caterson Damon’s 6’7” height, Caterson thought Hellstorm was a horrible imitation but thought the guitarist Phil Hues was pretty good. He did however invent a new hair style known as the ‘hell-mullet’ a lot of kids turned up wearing later on during his solo years. “We should see if that guy is happy,” Caterson joked to John Theismann and a bunch of friends. Two days later, John Theismann brought Phil Hues into the studio and everyone hit it off. An amazing drummer who played for a disbanded metal band called “Attack” named Doug Coyote an American Indian from Minnesota fit the drumming spot after a few tryouts. Damien Grimm came back to the band that played keyboards on the last few albums and to seal the deal was a bass player named Ryan Livgren who Doug Coyote insisted would be what they needed. Doug said he worked with him many times in “Attack” and he was good. The band began to work in the next few months on the third official album under the “Caterson Damon” name. There was a buildup of music and lyrics and when presented to the new musicians everyone worked out all the music. Caterson brought in Aaron Roth who helped produce “Unholy Messiah” and the outcome was pretty brutal with a controversial cover of Caterson Damon being crucified. The album would be called “Die for your Sins.



8. 2014 June 12th, Caterson Damon - “Die For Your Sins” is released ALBUM DUTIES: 1. Caterson Damon- Lead Vocals 2. John Theismann: Lead Guitar 3. Phil Hues- Lead Guitar 4. Ryan Livgren: Bass Guitar 5. Doug Coyote: Drums 6. Damien Grimm- Keyboards, b. Vocals

(CD Mark II)

Tracks: 01 Die for Your Sins 02 Hoodoo 03 Smashed To Bitz 04 Begin the End 05 The Devil Made Me Do it. 06 How Does It Feel? 07 Starving 08 Afterlife 09 Lie To Me 10 The Sorcerer of Fate

The album reception was well received and all of the fans that are into Caterson Damon’s Unholy Messiah type ‘dark theme’ flocked to this album. Some fans were concerned there were no King Tutankhamen and Gray Hawk, but as soon as the first song played on the album track 1, “Die for Your Sins” everyone were hooked. “Don’t expect Metal Storm when you buy this album,” Caterson Damon joked with Hit-Parader Magazine, “this is my writing and it’s dark with forbidden and taboo topics. You know as soon as you hear the words, ‘how does it feel? You’re being rapped!’ there is going to be a wave of hatred towards me right away. What you don’t understand is I am writing from the eyes of a crazy rapist and if I’m to be blamed for the characters in my stories then I should be getting locked up anytime now.” In July of 2014, Caterson Damon went over to Europe and did some shows over there and came back to the United States. John Theismann always brought his Harley Davidson with when he was on tour and he took it for a ride up along some pretty steep hills. September 24th, 2014, Theismann was normally really good with a motor cycle and he decided to take a spin with his motor cycle. At one time John had said he can ride anywhere with no problems except he 42

BEHIND THE MUSIC forgot to take in consideration on the way back it was storming. He learned a bit to the left to come around a corner of a steep cliff side only to be met head first by a semi truck that begun to spin out of control on the highway and killed him instantly. The death was a shock to all Metal Storm and Caterson Damon fans all over it was one of those things where you didn’t expect that to happen. “The next week we had a string of shows,” Caterson Damon said in a press conference right away with Tour manager Tim “I kept think we have these shows next week and then it hits me that John I gone. It’s something I can’t explain, I have never lost a close friend and musician to an accident. Shane our original bassist from Metal Storm was dying on the outside and we kind of knew he was a junkie and when he died we just kind of knew. 9. 2015, Late December, Caterson Damon sadly finds a replacement for John Theismann on the road with Dave Morgan formerly the insane lead guitarist from Devilslayer and his current project, ‘the Dismembered”. Dave was having a rough time with his new band. Dave Morgan was known for the original and early writing of ‘Devilslayer’ along with the singer guitarist Jason Lee, Bassist Tom King and their newest drummer Darren Roberts formerly of the “Phil Goldie Band”. Morgan later quit the long running band after too many disagreements were his friend and band mate Jason Lee of 14 years. He thought he was going to break out in several new projects but was having a tough time. Lee would continue with “Devilslayer” for a few more years with new guitarist Kane Thunder before he would break off with Kane to form a new band “Black Hearst” where he is today. It took Dave Morgan not even a week to learn all of the parts to help fill in for the late John Theismann. Caterson and Dave both agreed he wasn’t replacing John, he was filling in. Caterson Damon by the end of the tour thought even though it started out optimistic he was felt like he’d never do another Caterson Damon album. Caterson Damon pondered Dave Morgan in Metal Storm for a bit but decided against it because he was another Phil Goldie that liked to play stuff really fast except Morgan was spot on. All though it took him a few tries to get some of the written guitar solos off of Unholy Messiah committed to memory. Dave Morgan would ‘get it” and nailed it once it was locked in his head, but he was good. Doug Coyote didn’t like Dave Morgan because he tried to speed him up accidentally several time. Morgan was used to the fast, repetitive thrash and really into the speed metal and when a fast song like, “Smashed To Bitz” or Metal Storm’s “Wrath Child” would come up, those were more Dave Morgan’s style that he loved playing. When the tour came to an end in mid May, Caterson Damon took the time to marry his girlfriend Jessica Alba in a private ceremony on a Sunny May 28th 2016 in West Palm Beach, Florida. Jayson Damon would be his best man. Caterson had invited all the members of Metal Storm except Phil Goldie but sent out invitations to Mathias Hook and Neil Pierce. Surprisingly Mathias Hook showed up with his wife and so didn’t Neil Pierce. Pat Lewis was there naturally with his wife Kim Togan talking about his solo record being done and it was going to be released this year. Sadly because of negotiations and trying to find a good record publisher that record would not seen light of day for another six years, at one point Caterson Damon tried to help Pat Lewis get the record released but they were not budging as far as prices. Pat Lewis felt like he needed more for this release and he needed to realize it wasn’t Metal Storm.


BEHIND THE MUSIC There was a friend of his wife’s that was there named John Beranger and he was a movie producer and happened to be a big fan of Metal Storm. A little bit later in the night, Caterson’s wife introduced the two and he was talking about a book head read that Caterson Damon wrote called, “Before There was Metal Storm”. He wanted to make the story where Caterson and original bassist Shane Wells traveled to Los Angeles after the band they were in just wasn’t cutting it. With early 90s dreams of LA and Caterson’s friend Bobbie Bitch (now of his own fame and the band Raven Bitch) was in LA and invited Caterson out there to start up a band and check out the LA scene. Of course Caterson was interested, but Jayson Damon didn’t want any part of it because it was during a time when the two brothers were mad at each other. One part of the book he insulted Jayson by saying he always had a ‘stupid look on his face’ when Caterson would ask him a serious question. “The Phil Goldie Band” had just sold 2nd album to go platinum album. It featured Phil Goldie and Arnold Irish with a steady lineup of Greg Manning: Bass Guitar and their second drummer Jamie Cranston. The Goldie/Irish pair had been going strong since the band “the Crucifixion and Irish was getting sick of adding his vocals to tracks that were called just “Phil Goldie” as of late. They found bassist Greg Manning and their first drummer which they fired Darren Roberts but the band would be called “The Phil Goldie Band”. Goldie was still under a label and when the Phil Goldie band broke up Arnold Irish would ‘retire from music’ when truthfully he just wanted to find something with his name on it. He would make 2 solo albums before hanging it up and later meeting another member of Metal Storm down the road for another resurrection of his career project. Phil Goldie would struggle to find singers for some time but manage to keep his career above water. Later on Beranger was wondering I that band which was called “Lucky Starz” a total glam rock band similar to Poison had a recording of their music or knew some of their original titles. Caterson knew some of the songs liked “Getting Mine” and “Ego-Man” but had no idea how it was done. Beranger had asked Caterson if he could get Mathias Hook, Pat Lewis, and Neil Pierce and try to come up with a sound track for the album. Caterson Damon asked Pat about it and soon the four of them were sitting a room with a much older Bobbie Bitch who had done just about everything but never had anyone actually play him in a movie or tried to write a bunch of songs that sound like what they were playing or if the band knew any of the music. Bobbie Bitch would remember some riffs and that would spark Caterson Damon’s memory on some lyrics. Since Shane Well was dead and Pat Lewis was his replacement he was happy to put down bass lines and trying to simplify the ‘movie songs”. 10. While Cat’s book was being made into a movie with young actors each person had to approve of themselves. So while the movie was still in production the five musicians (basically the Mark 2 Metal Storm with Bobbie Bitch as an alternative to Phil Goldie. Caterson Damon recently met up with Goldie to write a new song called “Straight On Through” a song for soundtrack to a movie called “S.T.E.E.L”. And were approached by Robert Sharp who had a song Phil Goldie wrote for the movie, but didn’t care for Arnold Irish. He took his friendship with Mr. Damon and was able to reunite the two who met up at Sharp Studios in Manhattan, New York. The song didn’t do much and would be released on the soundtrack under Caterson Damon/Phil Goldie. The recording sessions lead to the two having to meet up in Manhattan and Phil wanted to put down a better bass line then the one that was done by Corey Owens of the band, “The Gang” and later “The Mice”. 44

BEHIND THE MUSIC Caterson Damon thought the bass line was fine and that’s when Goldie said that Caterson Damon settles for “Fine” when he can have the best. The argument left the two with a sour taste in Caterson’s mouth and made him realize why he didn’t like Phil Goldie. This lead to a couple years down the road when Caterson Damon refused to have Goldie came in for the soundtrack and so he (Phil Goldie) wasn’t even asked. Goldie at the time was having an tremendously fortunate break with his most recent album and band “The Phil Goldie Band” with who had been working with Crucifixion’s singer Arnold Irish again for the last five or six years finding his ‘sound’ and fan base. 2016 in October while the five songs from the movie would wind up on an album with some new songs that Caterson Damon, Pat Lewis, Mathias Hook and Neil Pierce would write and title “Fuckin’ With Fire.’ Despite rumor, Bobbie Bitch never joined Metal Strom nevertheless for some television appearances he would play the song from the movie particularly the main one that unexpectedly became well-liked. The title track, “Fuckin’ With Fire” Caterson brought Damien Grimm from his band to add some keyboard to the album and really good backing vocal harmonies with Neil Pierce also. There was something odd about this album, (including a different band logo) that would not be explained or corrected until years later when Caterson Damon was able to legally correct how things were ‘released’ ( *Original Cover*) ALBUM DUTIES: (Mark 6 lineup?) 1. Caterson Damon- Lead Vocals 2. Mathias Hook- Lead Guitar 3. Bobbie Bitch- Lead Guitar (on bass also in one song_) ^ 4. Pat Lewis- Bass Guitar 5. Neil Pierce: Drums 6. Damien Grimm- Keyboards, extra b. Vocals 7. Mark Walker- Guitar on # 8. Brian Fish- Lead Guitar on @ Tracks: (Songs in the movie in Red) 01 Baptism of The Flames (intro) (Only Cat & Damien on keys) 02 Fuckin’ With Fire ^ (Bobbie on all guitars and bass) 03 Animal-Woman (Zoonymphomaniac) 04 Getting Mine ^ (Bobbie Backup vocal and all guitars and bass) 05 Ego-Man ^ 06 The Power of Evil @ (Brian Fish on guitar form “Rockford Blues” with Doug Coyote on drums) 07 Doomsday # (Mark 4 Metal Storm’s new song, even Jayson Damon played drums) 08 The Lucky Phantom Knocks # (Mark 4 Metal Storm’s new song even Jayson playing drums) 09 Zero Hour (guest starring guitarist Brian Fish of Rockford Blues with Jayson on drum, Pat on bass) 10 Cyanide (Mark 4 Metal Storm with Neil Pierce on drums. No Mark 6? This sort of sound track shows everyone that Mathias has cleaned up his drug and drinking issue. He was a joy to be working in the studio with *Brian Fish* once again Caterson Damon.

11 *(Bonus track) As Tears Go By * (Ending credits song.)


BEHIND THE MUSIC *A Rolling Stones cover with Bobbie Bitch on vocals and guitar, Pat Lewis- Bass Guitar, Caterson Damon on drums (true story, he was also a drummer and played in this song which happened to be the first song they recorded.) Of course Damien Grimm working out an orchestra to replace the scratch track set aside for the keyboards parts to be written. Originally “As tears go by” Was just a cassette tape of someone playing a keyboard part of this song. It was originally Bobbie’s former vocal teacher made him so he could practice his voice with the keys. Bobbie recorded this song because it was a part that time. His friend Mark Nelson later died of A.I.D.s in the mid 90s). However cut from the movie, but at the last minute it was played while the credits rolled. In 2017, June the movie that was a reworked now title called “Before the storm” hits theatres. Mathias and his wife, Caterson Damon and Jessica Alba, Pat Lewis and Kim Togan, Bobbie Bitch and Playboy model Deidre Powers all showed up together for the moment of truth to get an early screen of “Behind The Storm” Damien Grimm and Brian Fish showed up also with their significant others. When the movie began running, according to Jessica Alba, Mathias sat on her left and Cat on her right. She would look at Cat and he had a wide open mouth of motionless expression. She looked at Mathias with the same expression. Three two were floored or pissed off because the book had been fabricated so that Caterson and his wife Jessica walked out of the movie during the rope climbing scene. Some of the true but funny stories from Metal Storm he stole from lot of Metal Storm interviews that where funny stuff happened was included in this movie. Including Shane Well’s heroin overdose death which never happened until they went from LA and to Chicago where he would later die. “If I was a fan that didn’t know Metal Storm I would be rocking out,” Caterson Damon told the weekly press, “here was a well respectable movie director invited to our weeding from my wife. She introduces us and soon I am digging for my old my copy of the boo k and fit notes. “It turns out all original songs are re-recorded brand new for the visual effect of thing actually have no remembered the hooks luckily Phil Goldie was good at improvising otherwise we’d be a finish in the water. Also, it turns out that our “New album has new songs that sound effect to make it more closet to the real atmosphere. As to the new songs a video for “Fuckin’ with Fire” featuring Bobbie Bitch playing his while Gibson SG ’62 with Metal Storm (Mark 2) minus Phil Goldie Rumors began to circulate that the original Metal Storm was working together and they recorded some new songs for the sound movie soundtrack. Fans pled into the movie after having the album for a few months prior and wanting to hear and see the Early says of Metal Storm, “Behind the Storm” Sadly it gross over 8 million dollars in the first week and the team was still disappointed with the movie because of ‘gag’ order for 3 years When “As Tears Go By” played at the ending credits Bobbie Bitch got a bit emotional. While fans were hoping for a “Metal Storm” Mark 2 was geared up to unite with Phil Goldie. At the time, Metal Storm had the best soundtrack for a movie. The original release shows bunch a bunch of scenes were Bobbie was reaching stardom and living in a mansion played by Frank Case who was old like he knew he was a star and think about himself first in his sentence. Bobbie’s character he did not recognize. Therefore, he thought Beranger’s was a hack scrip and director and was sued by Bobbie Bitch and Caterson Damon for not giving his permission to alter this move do far was became enraged when he was painted out as “Not a reason” to have there.


BEHIND THE MUSIC People still watched it and liked it and there was talks about “Before the Storm II / Chicago” it will take off and cover their days in Chicago are likely gong to cameo when they come back. It would be based on what started Metal Storm in Chicago’s line up (Mark 1). Caterson Damon told he wasn’t interested and if he does go ahead and do this there and masks the next monstrosity of a movie like this he would see to it that Beranger would never ‘get away with it”. Caterson was not going to ‘tour” the album “Fuckin’ With Fire”. That was the job of the movie producers to make to take them on ‘tour’ instead he released a fabricated movie. Jessica Alba told a bunch of her “Hollywood Friends” that Frank Case was ‘not good.” Who “takes adventure out of his mind or stuff none related as well as the fabrication of the story. After this movie sold well and later became a cult classic with a warning at the beginning of the movie saying, “have fun but just remember since this movie is fiction and get a lot of people in Manhattan that saw this prior to know the truth. This time, Mathias, Neal and Pat wanted to tour the success of this album, but Caterson just didn’t felt “Fuckin’ with Fire” was not a real album, it was like five or six different projects going on so we could guarantee success of all the various fan who like the old and new sound. They felt a quick US tour would assure them some respects but he wasn’t interested. All though he did a photo shoot with just himself, Mathias, Pat and Neil all decked out in their original makeup if possible. Pat was against touring with makeup. Instead of US tour, because the original four were in New York City doing a Q & A press conference based on the movie. Bobbie was with the four original Metal Storm guys because he was being played in the movie and the director kind of exaggerated with all the characters. Caterson Damon was the most pissed off about Beranger, but promised his wife he wouldn’t come unglued. This was only because “Jessica Alba-Damon” (she changed her Hollywood name that) had to do work with people that are associated with Beranger and wanted not problems. Therefore Caterson Damon appeared reserved and said, “I loved the actors, they did a great job”, did not comment if he liked the movie. He passed that to Neil who said he “thought the movie was awesome” (even though he was in the movie but Neil was NEVER in LA.) The actual drummer that was Bobbie’s drummer from his band (Lucky Starz) originally called Panic named Derrick Siebel whom hates Bobbie as well as tried to sue him dozens of times for being fired. He claimed Bobbie stole money from the band account and snorted all of it.) Caterson Damon, Pat Lewis, Mathias Hook and Neil Pierce put on their original makeup from circa 1996 “In the Beginning” album era. Famous rock photographer Ann Hamilton put the four of them up to it for Rolling Stone Magazine. “Isn’t there a fifth member to this group?” Ann asked Caterson Damon. “Original member? Or should I get Mark to put on the Scarlet Dragon character makeup? Hamilton didn’t want Mark or Bobbie in the photo, just the original members of Metal Storm.

Pat Lewis always wore a green bandana and for the first time you could see the design. The band members talked and by the end of the night they would agree they were going to make several appearances with Mark or Bobbie, just not Phil Goldie. 47

BEHIND THE MUSIC Unfortunately only three appearances would be two talk shows and a morning show that did a special on their movie. Metal Storm at the time owned the copyrights too the makeup designs between Caterson Damon and Pat Lewis they played “Getting Mine” and “Ego-Man”. Bobbie wrote the songs so he played with them wearing Phil Goldie’s makeup once again, which caused a bit of controversy because some fans thought it was the original Mark 2 Metal Storm on that morning show. Phil Goldie had a big interview with Bigfatmouth and complained that was a “pathetic attempt to fake out the fans that the real Metal Storm was up there. I can’t believe Neil would stoop that low and play with those guys after what they did to him. Just a bunch of idiots that ran out of things to do and so they dug up the past and made a dumb movie and a bogus sound track with new music, it’s just a joke when I see things like that.” Caterson Damon got angry when he read Goldie’s article and he recanted to the Metal Forum. “Goldie is the only one who is the idiot and we all agreed with that thought that’s why he wasn’t asked to participate in the photo shoot and recording of new music for the sound track. We didn’t want the album flooded with swarming hornets played on high speed for guitar solos.” A reunion tour or an attempt to tour as Metal Storm didn’t feel right to Caterson who was already half way done with his next album he had been writing with Dave Morgan. Pat Lewis who claimed he put his life on hold to fly out to Manhattan to record bass lines and get his picture taken with stupid makeup. He was angry because Metal Storm had about five songs that were cut from the “Fuckin’ with Fire” album and since he partially owned the band he made the call to release the material on the next album. He learned legally he could not release the album with Caterson Damon singing on it because he already said no to it and no to a full-fledged reunion tour in makeup. Metal Storm’s legal distributor/company did not get behind this project and advised the band to contact Caterson Damon before releasing things as ‘Metal Storm” without his consent. At the time, Neil Pierce’s wife had a brother who was a ‘wise attorney” he said. They (Metal Storm) decided they would redo the vocals and write five more songs and release the album and tour as Metal Storm as they had been rehearsing for months. So they decided to find a singer that would be able to complete the music and re-sing the tracks. The lawyer (Stanley Rosenstein) figured if they used another record company and put the I.Y.F. next to the Metal Storm name it would be legal. This ‘lawyer’ would later be schooled in the art of copyrights and band ownership later down the road. The album was released as Metal Storm: I.Y.F “In Your Face” and the back of the album showed Mathias, Pat and Neil in their original war paint along with Damien Hellstorm (who was hired as the singer) and a new guitarist named Zacarri Bolter that was friends through Neil Pierce. Neil was originally pushing for Phil Goldie to come back, but Mathias and Pat said no. Bolter was not into the face paint and he even made comments about releasing this album without Caterson Damon may ‘piss a lot of people off”. Pat Lewis and Mathias Hook were ticked off about not being able to tour after doing all the rehearsing thus coming up with what they thought was a legal loophole with the Metal Storm ‘I.Y.F.” and made their appearance on a late talk show performing three new songs as “Metal Storm: IYF”. Damien Hellstorm had become tremendously admired earlier in the metal scene for the reason a solo album he released that caught attention of many viewers. His video featured Bingo Catt whom he was dating. She appeared in the video for his solo album called “HELLSTORM” and it was the third single off the album called, “Stand up and fight”. It was a slow song that kicked into an amazing solo with the infamous Bingo Catt and consequently the song became big and Damien Hellstorm was finally in the public eye. He believed he needed a big step and stepping in for Caterson Damon would be the career boost he needed. He believed similar to Sammy Hagar taking


BEHIND THE MUSIC over for David Lee Roth. He could not have been any more wrong and it would take Hellstorm almost 56 years to get anyone to listen or respect him again It all started when he (Hellstorm) was trying to follow up with his second album when he ran into Neil Pierce who contacted him about filling in for their singer that refuses to tour or record new music. When he heard it was Caterson Damon he was a little unsure, but then he recalled what happened when he stole his guitar player Phil Hues. So then he came into the studio and heard the scratch tracks Caterson Damon did for the five songs that were now finished. A little reluctant at first, but the next day when he came back he had learned all the parts and sang them on key. When you hear the original Caterson Damon scratch tracks some fans say even in the demo structure they were in, Hellstorm sounded like a bad Caterson Damon impersonator. When you hear the album by itself, with all of the studio magic and auto tune programs it made Damien Hellstorm sound like he was the ‘king of metal’.

Meanwhile, as the fake Metal Storm was trying to ‘cash in’ on a new album and plot a tour he was in the studio he had reserved for the follow up to “Die for your sins”. Dave Morgan was already writing with Phil Hughes prior two months so they could lock guitars in ‘rip some faces off’ with a new set of state of the art floor processors gave out my to himself and Phil Hues so they can be right on the key and play those songs they way they should be played. It had been three months into it when he discovered the fake Metal Storm playing on a big “Metal Fest” tour with the words, “full original makeup”. Caterson Damon thought the Metal Fest ad was wrong and called his lawyer to check into it. Mark Walker called up Caterson Damon and told him about the new Metal Storm CD and the fact that he and Caterson were not on it. The fake “Metal Storm’ was headlining the “Metal Fest” with mixed reviews of Damien Hellstorm singing in Metal Storm. Caterson who owned partial rights to the band with Pat then called his lawyer with the information to begin the lawsuit. The lawyer Michael W. Givens contacted the band with a cease and desist order on the fake “Metal Storm”. Until a judge could hear both sides the ‘fake’ Metal Storm had to refer to them as ‘Damien and the Metal Storm’, which caused the band to be kicked off the ‘Metal Fest’ because people were coming to see “Metal Storm” with their original war paint as it said. ‘Damien and the Metal Storm” eventually found away to get out of the cease and desist order from beginning to end a few loopholes. This would allow them to start up several shows in Japan where they knew they could purposely book shows there and the fans would not care. 2017 At the end of December 17th, the fake Metal Storm IYF “Lawsuit” went before a judge in New York City. A judge ordered them to pull the album and quit using the name around the world. Pat Lewis had already existed the band two months prior, but nevertheless because he took part of in the charade lost his rights to the band name. Now Caterson Damon would remain the only member in Metal Storm that owns the name as a band product and musical industry. Mathias Hook and Damien Hellstorm re-released the fake “Metal Storm” album by removing the name and logo of Metal Storm off the album. “In Your Face” was the name on the album as well as it being recolored blue and even added a 49

BEHIND THE MUSIC new song called “Dying” to try to get new fans as well as Metal Storm fans to buy the album again but the sale of “In Your Face” sold only 25,000 copies. The band attempted to restart the band as a live act calling themselves “In Your Face” in February of 2018, but because of the low sales of “In Your Face”. All five of the band members stopped wearing the makeup with the exception of Damien Hellstorm because it’s a part of his character. The only thing good that came from this attempt of Pat Lewis, Mathias Hook and Neil Pierce’s attempt to tour as “Metal Storm” with the makeup was only because of the success of the movie, “Fuckin’ With Fire” and the television appearances and Rolling Stone cover. Pat Lewis later figured that if Caterson Damon had jumped on the full reunion thing instead of wandering off to record “Die For Your Sins” which was a bad selling album. The combination of Cat, with Mathias Neil, with most likely Mark could have grossed over three hundred million dollars in the United States as to Metal Storm: IYF’s $45,000 (which most of it had to be paid back for damages. Caterson Damon’s “Die For Your Sins” tour grossed not even $55,000.

Caterson Damon denies that his tour grossed that low, but an ex band member named Ryan Livgren later down the road said

“It was a shit tour, lots of dates cut short and instead of taking a break he wanted to hammer out more ideas and get back out there (with Dave Morgan) who he believed adding him to the band was going to help the sales of the next album. I tell ya man, I like all fun stuff and tourist sight in Europe but we were sleeping in bug infested hotels and places with no heat. Eventually I got really sick, but being under contract I know I had to be on that album or I would never see any royalty checks while we toured.”

(Ryan Livgren from 2027)

The bridge of insanity and death…


BEHIND THE MUSIC 2018 March 21st the new album from Caterson Damon called ‘The Bridge’ had finally been released. There was some setbacks due t the lawsuit and a fight between Dave Morgan and bassist Ryan Livgren while recording. The two butted heads because Morgan was a dominating force when it came to writing guitar parts. Phil Hues who was ironically a fan of Morgan’s from “Devilslayer” worked well with Morgan.

ALBUM DUTIES: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

(CD Mark III)

Caterson Damon- Lead Vocals, Dave Morgan : Lead Guitar, bass guitar Phil Hues- Lead Guitar Ryan Livgren: Bass Guitar Jayson Damon: Drums, b. vocals Damien Grimm- Keyboards, b. Vocals

Tracks: 01 Sands of time 02 Evil’s All It Knows 03 Hellraiser 04 The Machine 05 All The Remains 06 Black Around The Eyes 07 Demonic Cancer 08 Get Off 09 The Wound (Leaves a Mark ) 10 God-Fear 11 The Bridge epilogue

Caterson Damon had his brother Jayson join the recordings prior to when Dave Coyote, an amazing drummer could not make the obligation because he was tied up in another project called “Predator” that was having a successful album and tour. With Jayson it was like making another Metal Storm album except Jayson didn’t know any of the players. He quickly got into the groove and spent hours trying to work with Dave Morgan who tends to accidentally speed up the drummer. Jayson Damon being experienced as he was with Metal Storm had encountered these types, As soon as Morgan was laying out the assignments for the guitar music was writing that’s when Ryan Livgren stood up and said, “we will all come together let’s just work it slow into the groove once we get it. Caterson Damon plays the guitar when writing music. He does this so he knows how to write lyrics for a song that needs to be committed to memory


BEHIND THE MUSIC Damien Grimm who seems to be locked in as the keyboardist, with pre programmed sample sounds, computer technology for the stage plus an amazing voice for backing tracks and singing harmonies. Before Damien Grimm, the only time Metal Storm used keyboards is when Pat Lewis would play on stage. Now Damien Grimm has become a regular with wherever Caterson Damon is and he’s been close with Jayson Damon (almost best friends) and in the future they’d become part of a band called “The Unseen.” “The Bridge” would put Caterson Damon into the ‘main stream’ of music for the first time with the second single, “Sands of Time” with a video done by the legendary Freddy Govert (brother of bassist Sam Govert formerly of Iron Bird and now in Violet Aggression with Royal Ashton on guitar and vocals (the Prince wannabe), Brenda K. on keyboards, b. vocals, and J.R. Bates on drums. The song, “Evil’s all it Knows” prior to was premiered on a Halloween show that Caterson Damon with Jayson hosted on MTV where they stayed up until midnight playing their favorite videos. It was kind of a tongue in cheek type show. Caterson Damon and his brother where inside pre-made “Halloween Fun House of terrors” and shocked the hell out of people who would go inside expecting it to be an ordinary haunted house, getting the shit scared out of them. Caterson Damon was in the center behind a fenced off area where you could see him hosting the show from a throne-type chair and Jayson Damon was in an enormous bird cage. Patrons who were already scared and in the dark after paying the five bucks would stop at the area and some didn’t believe who it was nor had no idea who it was. Either way, all of those shots were done live and the videos were preset back at wherever MTV central does their show in New York City. It got to a point about toward the end of the show where Caterson Damon and his brother were standing over a witch’s cauldron with fake human heads in it that the crowds were starting to get a little thick as word spread. The last scene was amusing where they shot fifty some people crawling out of the back of a large Hearst (the trick was they didn’t shoot the side door where people were coming in.). The last part of the show was the interview where they asked the two, “So, what’s going on with Metal Storm?” “I don’t know,” Cat replied and then looked at the interviewer and said, “You tell me, what is up with Metal Storm. Far as I know we’re on a hiatus until further notice. You may, or may not have noticed a fake Metal Storm band that was running around. Shamefully with two original members and a former drummer attempting to ride high on the hog and the first clue would have been Metal Storm headlining one of those lame carnival Metal Fest shows with like twenty some band playing before them. Bells and whistles should have told you that Metal Storm never plays family carnivals and tries to get spooky at night time.” “Have you heard anything live that was captured of any of the classics being performed before they were sued?” asked the interviewer, “For instance the clip of Plastic Jesus that was submitted here that was played before we even heard it was a fake band.” “You know, Pat Lewis has always been a respected friend as well as member of Metal Storm for the longest time,” Caterson replied, “I don’t know what would possess him to join in this charade. I know the movie was great to some people and made a good profit and we all got together and recorded a somewhat sound track, Some knuckleheads assumed there was a Metal Storm reunion thing going on because we had Neil Pierce helping out with drums. We also had Bobbie Bitch performing on the album, but he was not a member of Metal Storm. When he did a video for that Rolling Stones song that was at the end of the credit….forgot the name…” “Tears go by,” the interviewer reminded Cat. “Oh yeah,” Cat laughed, “Bobbie Bitch released it respectfully as Bobbie Bitch with Metal Storm. He has his own thing and it’s a very good thing. His likeness was used in the movie due to the fact it took place in Los Angeles when Shane and I went out there to originally to make it big only to come home broke and starving, but he was there. Neil Pierce of all people was there, and he wasn’t a bad player at the time. So when Shane and I came back we moved to Chicago to start up a new band which would be Metal Storm Mark 1. If you notice in the movie, Beranger has the fictitious characters based on us name their band Metal Storm. I thought of that name in High School and learned there were about 15 bands 52

BEHIND THE MUSIC named Metal Storm by the time I left LA. It’s not even a name Bobbie Bitch would call a band hence we were something like the Lucky Starz band or some shit. He had the audacity to tell me he wanted to write a sequel about when we were in Chicago. No fucking way dude! This movie and that stupid idea with Rolling Stone magazine putting on the old grease paint gave certain people the idea that they were back in the band. It just pissed me off and I just couldn’t do a tour wearing the old makeup and fear playing those old songs. I’d only do it if we could get our old bodies back to go with it, then maybe Neil wouldn’t play like he has a corn cob up his ass.” The tour was a pretty successful tour with a lot of shows added to one of the larger national tours Caterson Damon has ever performed. 2018 at the beginning of December the “Bridge world tour”, and when it came to a successful end, all then mainstream metal fans were pleased to see Caterson Damon’s tour this time. Calling it ‘more alive’ and more ‘theatrically creative” Around Christmas time, Dave Morgan joined Caterson Damon and his wife Jessica-Alba Damon, two kids and Jayson Damon who was in New York City this Christmas instead of his home in Hawaii. The three began talking about some of their influences. To Cat’s surprise, Dave Morgan is a big Elvis Presley and Beatles’ fan as well.

Jayson was always into the same thing his brother was and naturally the three would have to interrupt ‘family gatherings’ and go to the basement area and ‘jam out’ some Beatles and Kiss songs. Jessica was mad at first until everyone including her side of the family went down two floors to watch the three Caterson Damon-Vocals and bass guitar, Dave Morgan- Guitar and Jayson Damon0Vocals and drums entertain everyone with covers of classic rock songs. Later that night, as things were picking up Pat Lewis surprised everyone at the surprise invite by Jessica who knew that Pat and his wife were nearby at a hotel promoting their new album and invited them over. Caterson Damon, Jayson Damon and Pat Lewis made up and apologized for the “In Your Face” stunt and after the apologies the three Metal Storm members and Dave Morgan all got blitzed and rang in Christmas. Pat and his wife Kimberly Togan (who has never really hung out with his friends) had a great Christmas Eve and between all of this frenzy it leads to a 3am jam with Pat attempting to do bass duties. He gave everyone a copy of his new album that was coming out in January of 2019 (next month). At this party Caterson Damon would also meet Dave Morgan’s brother Tim Morgan. Tim Morgan who is a standup comedian and performs as one of the award winning Elvis Presley tribute artists had caught the ear of Cat when Dave broke out the acoustic and Jayson Damon played drums and Pat played bass. Caterson and Tim would become best friends from that point on. New Years Eve the place would be Caterson and Jessica’s New York City home again. This time, Jayson would be there. Dave Morgan had went home in Chicago, but Tim Morgan and his wife Terrie who used to do a Marilyn Monroe impersonator act when she was younger and thinner was there. 53

BEHIND THE MUSIC At this party, Terry had her sister Robin Jones with. She was a bit younger with long, blond curly hair and the most beautiful eyes. This is the first meeting on record known to everyone between Jayson Damon and Robin Jones. A year from this moment they would be married, three years later they’d have kids, but it was fate that put them together. Fate would be only because Jayson would have flown to his Hawaii home where his mother’s side of the family live (As you know Cat and Jayson have different brothers) but he was having such a good time with all of the holiday festivities and talking about a ‘cover album” he remained. Jayson Damon would also remain another month after meeting Robin where they would fall in love and soon become joined at the hip. 2019 In January. Pat Lewis put out his first solo album he had been working on for many years. Between Metal Storm and working with his wife Kim Togan on her material, or learning the production business for helping his wife’s new project called “The Stone Angels.” Pat Lewis is surprised that the album actually charts on the top 100 and so he puts out a single from the album called, “Out of time” which is also title track for the album For fun, his wife has some time and suggests that Pat Lewis books a few solo shows in support of the album. It would be a way for him to ‘save face’ from that lawsuit. To be able to show that he is talented and Metal Storm is not all Caterson Damon’s creative mind. Tracks: 01 (Be So) Forever Beautiful # 02 Savior of Rock + 03 Loud and Annoying * 04 Say You Want It + 05 Out of Time # 06 Sure Beats this Shit! + 07 Whips N’ Chains # 08 Get On Your Knees * 09 Never Will I # 10 Oil and Water # 11 I’m Kickin’ Your Ass + The musicians listed on this album are: Pat Lewis: Lead Vocals, lead, rhythm and bass guitar, keyboards Kim Togan: Lead Guitar Sammy Kerr: Drums+ Neil Pierce: Drums * Todd Rottener: Drums# So he decides to do a series of shows with Kim Togan playing lead guitar. (This helps for people coming to the show also because of her long history in Catseye and her own stuff.) The first show kicks off in March 20th starting off with Metal Storm’s Alien’s album with the intro in the first song and the next four songs he wrote along with a more simpler stage that could be broke down fast after the 5th songs Aliens (69,000 of them), Contact Lost, Invasion Planet Earth, Human Race then finished out the show doing the songs from his album Savior of Rock, Out Of Time, Whip’s and Chains, Oil and Water and finishes off with the song “I’m Kickin’ Your Ass!” The show went over well enough as a headliner to get called back out for an encore and he performed three songs he did in Metal Strom, the first two he actually sang in Metal Storm, “Looking High”, “Puncture You” and does his version of “Black Cat” for fun.


BEHIND THE MUSIC The touring band was Pat Lewis: Lead Vocals, Bass Guitar, Kim Togan: Lead Guitar, Zacarri Bolter: Lead guitar and Todd Rottener doing the drum duties as he had on some of the songs. Bolter turns out to be the only thing good that came of the fake Metal Storm and along with Kim Togan they do a god job on the live guitar work on all the music. Rottener is a drummer/friend from Pat’s first band before he was in Metal Storm. He wasn’t that bad but it would have been better to have somebody else like Neil Pierce for the fans, but everything paid off giving Pat Lewis the idea of a maybe a possible solo career if the album starts selling a bit more. Sadly, besides a good running start, “Out of Time” ran out of time on the charts. The second single, “Savior of Rock” and third “I’m Kicking Your Ass” don’t even break the top 40 singles charts. The after holidays and post “Bridge” tour band members reflected in the studio on the hits like “Sands of Time,” “All that Remains,” “God-Fear”, and the anti-drug song about heroin called, “Black Around the Eyes” with a shocking video about a young teenager who got hooked on heroine and dies at the end the of the video after computer graphics made him look sicker and sicker. Ryan Livgren managed to patch it up with Dave Morgan and nobody was kicked off full-fledged world tour. Ryan and Phil Hues were excited to go to Japan and Australia for the first time in their lives. They had planned to do this before but that is when guitarist John Theismann got into the motorcycle accident and Morgan could only do the United States gigs in time to learn up the material. However in February 2019, Dave Morgan came back to the studio with Caterson Damon and even Jayson Damon were plotting a ‘fun’ cover album of some of their favorite covers. “All of our lives it seems like we have been pigeon holed into the super fast metal direction,” Dave Morgan told Metal Maniacs Magazine, “but I was raised on rock, my mother loved Elvis, I loved Elvis and my brother Tim Morgan is an Elvis impersonator, a very good one indeed.” Dave was surprised to see his brother Tim working in the studio, but Caterson had helping with some of the vocal tracking of the Elvis songs like “Moody Blue” and Elvis Presley’s rendition of “Never Been To Spain”. Caterson Damon became almost inseparable with Tim Morgan aka “Jesse Aron”. Caterson Damon attended a lot of Elvis Presley tribute artists contest. When Time Morgan played the character “Jesse Aron” he was very convincing with looks and vocals. Outside of “Jesse Aron” was the scrappy, baseball cap wearing Tim Morgan, brother of metal guitarist Dave Morgan. Tim like metal but not into the warp speed metal that his brother liked and played and added into Caterson Damon’s sound. On “The Bridge” Dave Morgan was held back a bit except for the speedy solos on “Hellraiser” and “The Wound”. (Bobbie Bitch played lead on “GodFear with Dave Morgan, but for some reason Morgan’s track was erased and so it was left out.) A lot of exposure for Jesse Aron came from Caterson Damon, sometimes Jayson Damon and once in a blue moon Dave Morgan would come out to see his brother. This would get the wheel spinning in Caterson’s head about the next ‘fun’ cover album that would put this foursome in the studio with his friend. Once again, Caterson Damon teamed up with the legendary band leader Paul Mitchell with the amazing London Symphony Orchestra, hence Metal Storm’s 2013 “Live from Hell”. 55

BEHIND THE MUSIC Mathias Hook began what he called the “Mathias Hook’s Club Revenge” tour. (The play on the word Revenge form his last Iron bird album way back in 2009. He hired a non famous local bassist named Niles Gorman, and drummer Chris Newton an upcoming African American drummer that played the blues and loved hard Rock. Between Mathias Hook and Niles Gorman they shared vocal duties going through two ½ hours of Metal Storm, Iron Bird and covers like Cream, Van Halen, Deep Purple, Kiss and Bad Company. Surprisingly the live shows were successful because he was picking small clubs and venues which filled up fast. “I’ve been sitting on my ass for nearly a year feeling sorry for myself for that whole Metal Storm lawsuit thing,” Mathias Hook told a local rock rag that interviewed him at Club Bah-Ha, “I realized the only person that was aging me was drinking and being depressed. So I picked up the guitar played every day for three months, shaved off the beard, fixed up the hair and got a new ward robe. I put together this band hand and we’re just hitting the road. Playing places you’d never see Metal Storm or even Iron Bird, depending on the management. Well, I’m on my own now and this is about the nineteenth show in the club tour and we keep getting better and better. I never realized how much I like playing guitar by myself until I came across Niles Gorman. He’s not even twenty-five and he comes from all this classic rock and holds down a steady groove. I could hold a guitar note all day long with him playing bass and Chris Newton playing drums. Pat Lewis and Mathias Hook met up when their ‘tours’ crisscrossed in New Orleans Louisiana. Pat and his wife were off for the night and heard about the Mathias Hook Revenge Club tour and stopped in during their night off at a small club. Halfway through the set someone spotted Pat and pointed him out to Mathias. Mathias tried to get him on stage and finally Pat Lewis gave in. Niles Gorman who also played guitar very well, just wasn’t an amazing soloist put on one of Mathias Hook’s Jackson V’s and plugged into one of the extra jacks and Mathias mixed his guitar giving Dale a little bit of the left of this system. The four went through Metal Storm songs and even jammed some rock classics. Chris Newton’s vocals and drum skills were shinning that night. Little did he know a New Orleans manager was watching him for a possible position in a famous national act called the ‘Revolutionaries’.

Goth makeup wearing ‘Wrathdemon’ in a tuxedo…



12 2020 June 12 an unexpected Caterson Damon album is released called “Way Down” is released. It shocks all of the metal mainstream fans however there is a new fan base that begins to develop after his cover of Alice Cooper’s “Welcome to My Nightmare” jets all the way to #1 following a string of cover hits including the Beatles “Come Together” and Van Halen’s version of “You Really Got Me”. Tracks: 01. Never Been To Spain (3 Dog Night/ Elvis Presley) 02. Welcome to My Nightmare (Alice Cooper) 03. Desperado (Alice Cooper) 04. Feed My Frankenstein (Alice Cooper) 05. Be My Lover (Alice Cooper) 06. Been Down So Long (The Doors) 07. Way Down (Elvis Presley) 08. Hello, I Love You (The Doors) 09. Come Together (The Beatles) 10. Loving’ Arms (Elvis Presley) 11. Rider On The Storm (The Doors) 12. You Really Got Me (Kinks/Van Halen) 13. The Cross 2020 (Metal Storm)

The album was recorded at the legendary Abbey Road in England The musicians listed on this album are: Caterson Damon- Vocals- Guitar Jayson Damon- Drums & B. Vocals. Dave Morgan- Lead Guitar Timothy Morgan- Vocals Bobbie Bitch- (lead guitar on track 12) Ryan Livgren- Bass Guitar Paul Mitchell and the London Symphony Orchestra The London Community Network Choir

Caterson Damon only did this album originally as something fun to do between projects just by a chance conversation talk with his guitarist. He wound up having a platinum album in three months and along with Dave Morgan they played a couple of shows with the London Symphony Orchestra and the Network Choir in London, Hamburg, Germany, Paris France, Tokyo, Japan and one night in New York City at Madison Square Garden. Jayson Damon didn’t play the shows, he went home to his house in Hawaii to get his personal life in order along organize things with Robin for their marriage. She was blown away at the home in Honolulu, Hawaii. 57

BEHIND THE MUSIC Sitting in on drums was drummer Tim Plant from Robert Harris and the Ravens. “This music is so different for me that doing these shows feels so weird because I am prepared to come out and rip some faces off,” Cat laughs while being interviewed by a local reporter, “Then I heard these big horns blaring as we open with “Way Down” and then continue through the album. The only thing we really do of Metal Storm or mine is “Thinking of You” and “Came True Today.” “Don’t worry, we’re still working on the next record and we will redeem ourselves by ripping your faces off with the next one,” Dave butted in jokingly. After the New York show, Cat and Dave took a month off then went back into the studio to follow up on the next album which was originally titled, “Hell Is all around You” eventually it would be called, “Hell On Earth”. Dave Morgan would be right it would be Caterson Damon heaviest album to date. Morgan wanted to push the band into a real brutal almost Slayer type metal. Caterson Damon was all right with it because he was a Mercyful Fate fan and used to play the stuff when he was younger. One thing Caterson Damon didn’t know was Dave Morgan had a secret he had been carrying for a very, very long time. He was a drug addict who liked to mix cocktails of various uppers, downers and loved using morphine and sometimes cocaine. He knew Caterson Damon had a weakness for that kind of stuff because of sobriety and a car accident when he was younger that got him hooked on pain killer before Metal Storm had made it big. Morgan knew when and how to keep his monkey clear from Caterson Damon’s view. Dave Morgan and Caterson Damon managed to get Doug Coyote back into the band, but Morgan wanted another guitar player besides Phil Hues. Morgan would lose that request and Phil Hues along with a new bassist Duke Goodwin who Caterson Damon met and liked from a band that recently broke up. Phil Hues and Dave Morgan began to butt heads because he wanted the album to be fasts and Hues was not into the repetitiveness of the speed metal, but they would always come to an agreement. Damien Grimm was back on his keyboards after doing work with an opera house. He had wanted to do some serious metal and played on the writing in a side project called “Warhead” with guitar and bass Aaron J. Snow. (Aaron filled in for bass guitar for Caterson Damon back when their first bass player Ric Carter who had really bad Rheumatoid arthritis, but he never became a member. While all of that was being put together, Mathias Hook and the Chandler brothers had begun work on a new “Iron bird” record. Tim Lukas had begun touring with his old band Briterica and so Mathias asked Niles Gorman if he’d like to sing on it. He was busy with a project called the Revolutionaries but suggested a new singer named Tray Albert. Tray worked out for awhile until Mathias ran into Phil Goldie’s ‘retired” lead vocalist from the Crucifixion and the majority of his solo bands including the famous “Phil Goldie Band”. Mathias Hook talked Arnold Irish out of retirement to record the album. Mathias was not happy with Tray Albert’s singing, however decided if Irish backed out on touring he’d give Tray one more shot. So the young vocalist hung around for the process of Iron bird’s new album while it was being recorded. Sammy Kerr returned to the drum throne because he felt Iron Bird’s signature sound must have his drums and it had become a personal and somewhat friendship thing with Mathias. After all these years, Mathias Hook had finally rebuilt his reputation as a musician with all the shows including the live EPs and EPs he put out during his two and half year “Revenge of the club tour”. Subsequent to being on the road that long and rebuilding himself as a musician it was time to make Iron Bird the way he wanted it.



13 2021 April 4th Iron Bird 4 is release with the first positive review for an Iron Bird record since the after praise of the now classic Iron Bird I with Dean Young (Craig Whitmore) on lead vocals. Originally before any vocalist was in stone, Tim Lukas expressed the idea he wanted to do another Iron Bird record. However, Lukas was already back in Briterica (their band was falling from the sky doing a slowly spiral of death and he made a comment to Sean who he had kept in touch with that thinking back he had fun being a part of Iron bird.) Unfortunately being in London kept Lukas from lending vocal tracks and he stayed with Briterica until their demise in 2020. ALBUM DUTIES: 1. Arnold Irish - Lead Vocals 2. Mathias Hook: Lead Guitar, B. Vocals 3. Steven Chandler: Vocals, Guitar 4. Sean Chandler: Bass Guitar, B. Vocals 5. Sammy Kerr: Drums

Tracks: 01. Iron Bird (Musical) 02. Whack-O-Hoe 03. The Line Of Duty 04. Dipped In Chrome 05. Rising From The Ashes 06. When I Want To 07. That’s How It Goes 08. Don’t Be Bitchen 09. Threes Not Enough 10. Ready 11. Get It While It’s Hot 12. Don’t Make Me Wait Iron Bird surprisingly has their first chart breaking song with “Don’t Make Me Wait” sounds a lot like old Metal Storm with the way Irish puts his pipes into it with Mathias Hook’s solo. “Don’t Make Me Wait” also has that old ‘hair band ballad style’ to it. Its slides into the contemporary as a single with the song ‘Don’t Be Bitchen’ as the “B-Side” It’s also the first Iron Bird album to feature the faces of the musicians on the album even though it was pressed over and a metal negative was made out of it with what looks like bird wings coming out of Mathias Hook’s back. Irish is so happy with having a hit song since “The Phil Goldie Band” he goes out on the road. The Iron Bird decides to be the opener for some big acts instead of trying to carry the weight of a headliner. Nevertheless, Arnold Irish is happy to sing seven metal storm songs and six Iron Bird songs and then finish off the night with some songs he wrote. One from the Phil Goldie Band called, “Burn Down The Bridges” and “I See Through Your Eyes” and a song from his second solo album “Karma’s A Bitch.” The band goes off the stage and gets called back for an encore and guess what they do? Mathias said no at first but it was Irish’s request…..the “The Crucifixion” with Mathias Hook playing the solo flawlessly on a red flying V he brings out of nowhere. It was obviously a ploy for Irish for getting


BEHIND THE MUSIC back a Goldie for screwing him out of royalties and Mathias Hook just did it because he likes messing with his old guitar player. Phil Goldie who was in the middle of his “Odds N Ends” box set support tour did not appreciate Arnold Irish doing that last one. He didn’t care too much about the poppy “Phil Goldie Band” but he was angry as hell and demanded they change up the song because he uses the same song as an encore. Mathias Hook was enjoying having his face back in the spotlight again and it was positive this time and he was charting at #4 with “IB4” but unfortunately it would never go higher but still the combination proved that people like Arnold Irish’s voice and with a good guitar player behind him it’s flawless. “Ironically, what I would do as an act of revenge brought to former friends together in the long run,” Arnold laughed, “But it was nice going out with two number ones under my belt.” It was becoming more and more obvious, the fans wanted one thing. That would be METAL STORM one more time! Iron Bird was now doing flawless covers of Metal Storm almost as good as anything Caterson Damon has put together. How do we get them together again? Was on the minds of many... Sadly not right now…not for awhile anyway, but whatever it was it was to make a really heavy record as promised. With all Dave’s bitching and Phil and the new comer bassist Duke Goodwin who played bass like a pro and wanted this back tracks to be heard and played from. July 17th, 2022, time rolled around as Mathias Hook released another album of live tracks from his latest club shows. This time Sammy Kerry did drum duties in place of Chris Newton and Tray Albert finally got his shot as a lead singer as Mathias promised the upcoming singer who remained loyal working for Iron Bird as a roadie and partial touring manager. ALBUM DUTIES: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Tray Albert: Lead Vocals, some guitar Mathias Hook: Vocals, Lead Guitar Niles Gorman: Bass Guitar Sammy Kerr: Drums


Disc 2: (Chicago, Illinois) 01. Whack O’ Hoe 02. Don’t Make Me Wait 03. White Room (Mathias Guitar solo intro) 04. Mathias Hook Guitar solo 05. (20 seconds continued Mathias Guitar solo finish into next track) Lock Me Up 06. Priceless Prick 07. Detroit Rock City 08. God Of Thunder 09. Rip It Out 10. Invasion Planet Earth (Mathias Hook singing) End of the show. 11. (Encore)

Disc 1: (Live Los Angeles) 01. Wild Thing 02. Sunshine Of Your Love 03. White Room 04. Smoke On The Water 05. Burning Up 06. Ladies of the Night 07. Rock N Hell 08. Boyz Of Metal 09. Coming to Get You 10. Black Cat 11. Iron Bird

While Mathias Hook was doing his club tours again this time inviting Tray Albert to take the lead singer position and this time Mathias Hook could play more solos and get wilder. Bassist Niles Gorman came along for touring again but there would be no Niles Gorman, but Sammy Kerry would find himself


BEHIND THE MUSIC playing more and more with Mathias Hook beyond Iron Bird as well as a solid friendship that helped Mathias Hook not ‘go overboard with his drinking. Rebuilding his image as a guitar player helped Mathias Hook get the respect back he needed that he lost from when he became a drunken recluse for many years. September 18, 2022 finally, Caterson Damon released the long-waited “Hell on Earth”. The entire band had decided to fly to Los Angeles and work at a studio where a producer name Russell Sperry worked and did a fine job on “Hell On Earth”. He was the producer that helped create the successful Metal Storm Albums, “Seasons in Hell I” and “Season in Hell 2” a Caterson Damon thought he would be good for tackling this project. It has been listed as the heaviest Caterson Damon album to date. It featured some of Dave Morgan’s signature speed/thrash metal playing as well as soloing. Surprised at the reception of the record from Metal Storm and his own fans, which a lot of them all agreed it rocked and they had been waiting for a record like this is a very long time. ALBUM DUTIES: Caterson Damon- Lead Vocals Dave Morgan- Lead Guitars Phil Hues- Lead Guitars Duke Goodwin- Bass Guitar Doug Coyote- Drums Damien Grimm- Keyboards, b. Vocals TRACKS: 01. 02. 03. 04. 05. 06. 07. 08. 09. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14.

World Crisis (Intro) Hell On Earth Exterminate Evil In Disguise The Final Day The Creature Reinvent Myself The Sniper Road Rage Black Is Your Heart When I’m Dead Your Time Is Through Precognition Of Violence Jane Doe

This would be the first time Caterson Damon legally would be under his own management he started with Dave Morgan called “The Cat’s Litter box”. He had already removed the record company at the end of the recording of “The Bridge”. That record is still considered a part of A&M that had been controlling Metal Storm as well as Caterson Damon since the beginning. After the movie “Before the Storm” and the sound track “Fuckin’ With Fire” which was done by the book of the record company. That is when Caterson Damon got his lawyer Mr. Michael Givens to start finding himself away out of their meddling. Givens said that if Caterson Damon wanted out of A&M he would be always fighting when it came to the ownership of Metal Storm. Givens figured out since Caterson Damon won the court battle against a ‘fake’ Metal Storm of former members with an attempt to steal money from him and after


BEHIND THE MUSIC he won Givens was able to officially put Metal Storm a band, music as well as appearances with make prior to Fire Storm and before.

Caterson Damon wound up paying over three million dollars to buy out everything A&M owned as far as legal-wise with Metal Storm and Caterson Damon as two separate enterprise and that’s why he waited for September 18, 2022 to officially put the “Cat’s Litter Box” official copyright and log. What does that say for Metal Storm? It basically puts Caterson Damon as the owner of everything from all the original masters, makeup designs, songs, stage setups and any future movie scripts any directors had planned to make about them. “When you create a project from ground up,” Cat spoke to Time Magazine on October 5th, 2022, “and as you are building that pyramid it starts to get taller and taller. Pretty soon you have this giant monument in the middle o the dessert. People are coming from all over, cross the dessert in hopes of riches, water, food or whatever they believe is inside this amazing triangular shaped pyramid that turns to gold and then one day it’s platinum and radiating as bright as the sun. Had Patrick (Pat Lewis) been an original member of Metal Storm I may legally had to split the band name down the middle with him however he isn’t. When that pyramid began to crack and big chunks or blocks fell off of and shattered into dust. It was my job to run around to find a large block similar to the one that fell off and make sure we get it back up and sealed into the part of the pyramid where it fell off. I had been doing that since the band’s creation and I never imagined in a million years that my brother or Mathias would have danced around and lost their way from the structure. Sometimes I could pick up a boulder or a tiny piece of a rock that broke off my pyramid and spackle it back into place but sooner or later it would chip off. This is what I basically went through in the band Metal Storm and this is the case that my lawyer Mr. Michael Givens presented to the courtroom. The last evidence was a kick to the nuts the way he explained how a director wanted to take a book written about me with my help and make it into a movie and how that director was given what is called creative influence. Many now know that director took his small bit of creative influenced and turned my life story into a glorified super-star rocker in LA who was larger than life and was climbing inside buildings from skylights on a cable like Batman. You know, that’s good for the movies but I was nobody in LA and to toss my original bassist in there was fine because it was true but over dramatize about his death which happened in Chicago and place it directly in the center of this over exaggerated story about myself, Mathias, Shane and some made up drummer who was a hybrid of five drummers I played with out there and let’s not forget how they paired Bobbie Bitch and myself up like we were best friends out on a long, fun summer camp of clubs, women and drugs. Before I saw the completed movie this director, whom I refuse to say his name because its free promotion to someone who made a big shit storm out of nothing, but he wanted to know if I had any unreleased songs or demos from those days so he could hire a band to re-record them professionally for the guy playing me to perform in the movie. I said to him nobody will be playing any music and saying it is mine. I will provide songs or something similar to what we were doing. That is why I had Neil Pierce, Mathias Hook, Pat and I reunite to try to drum up that original sound. I got Bobbie Bitch involved, even though his band was only a simple competition back then and they smoked us yet ironically he was helping me to create new songs that sounded old. Me doing this only as sound track is when A& M took advantage of the whole thing and released it as a new Metal Storm album called “Fuckin’ With Fire” thus giving the world a fake representation that I was reuniting the majority of the original members minus Phil Goldie. This is when all of the bullshit and disrespect towards me from A&M got to its highest level of dim-witted inconsideration towards the freedom, creativity and meddling with something small I had done for a movie soundtrack. Unfortunately this only hyped up a movie that was titled ‘Before the Storm’ and 62

BEHIND THE MUSIC suddenly old fans of the original Metal Storm which I refer to as the ‘rip-of Kiss years’ where checking the internet for ticket sales and endlessly blogging about a reunion tour with Bobbie Bitch filling in for Phil Goldie which for some reason had buzzed around the internet that we (Phil and myself) had got together to record a song for this box-set idea that has been sitting around since 2020 and I beat him up in my basement studio where my wife Jessica and I live….” With all of the evidence taken in consideration, the court ruled that Caterson Damon was now onehundred percent in charge of everything to do with the band Metal Storm. The dealings still connected to A&M would have to be worked out at a later date, but as for any members of Metal Storm everything now has to be approved by Caterson Damon and his attorney Michael W. Givens. A&M representatives seeing how Cat was able to pull off that win decided to cut out cheaply a mentioned earlier. They had lost a lot of creditability after the “Fuckin’ with Fire” album which Cat refused to allow the official Metal Storm logo ever to be put on that album which ironically turned platinum. “It doesn’t matter,” Cat said about that to Heavy Hitters, “it’s all about reverence and contempt of an individual artist. He is doing something for somebody and you come in and take it and dress it up with a fancier label and sell it before my entire idea and my collaboration (the movie) was ever released. That’s why today you see two versions of that album. One is called Before the Storm movie sound track with the six songs from that movie and the other five are the movie orchestra scores instead of unreleased music we had left out of the movie. “Fuckin’ With Fire” now officially has the Metal Storm logo on it with no mention of that god awful movie. That was a nightmare but I have been doing a lot of house cleaning since winning that case.” December 18th, 2022. “Fuckin’ With Fire” (Remixed, fixed remastered by Caterson Damon and Pat Lewis) 01. 02. 03. 04. 05. 06. 07. 08. 09. 10. 11.

Fuckin With Fire Getting’ Mine Ego Man Baptism Of The Flames The Power Of Evil Cyanide Animal Woman (‘Zoonymphomaniac’) Zero Hour Doomsday The Lucky Phantom Knocks The Sign of Satan She (Ballad of An Evil Girl)

The song “The Sign of Satan” was originally released on Caterson Damon’s “The Next Generation” album, but with creative freedom to do with what he wanted. That song was originally written by Caterson Damon, Pat Lewis and Bobbie Bitch back during the original idea for “Before the Storm” soundtrack. However Bobbie Bitch and Cat agreed it was ‘too evil’ or ‘satanic’ for that era of Metal Storm. Pat agreed and the band never mastered or repaired the scratch tracks. Caterson Damon originally got Pat Lewis’s permission to fully re-record “the Sign of Satan” for “the Next Generation” solo album. So when Caterson Damon and Pat Lewis sat down to re-release “Fuckin’ with Fire” as a Metal Storm album approved by the band with the logo. They decided to dig up the original “The Sign of Satan” and Mark Walker came in and fixed the scratch guitars and Caterson added vocals to the abandoned Metal Storm version. Caterson Damon later brought his friend Brian Fish in to add a second guitar track so that there would be two different guitar tones.


BEHIND THE MUSIC Then the song “She (ballad of an Evil Girl) which originally appeared on “The Painkiller”, was originally written by Caterson Damon, Mathias Hook and Shane Wells (the original bass player) who had given Cat the idea for the lyrics after a really bad breakup with a girl where he almost killed himself. Mathias brought it in for “The Painkiller” and by the time it was put on that album it sounded different form the original recording that was cut from the original “Stairwell to Hell.” Now owning all the masters that Atlantic bought awhile ago, it was easy for Caterson, Pat and Mark to repair the scratch guitars with Brian Fish adding another guitar (which mysteriously sounded more like Mathias Hook’s early guitar tone. Later Caterson decided to fix up the vocals with a new harmony with himself and Pat. Pat also repaired what he called “a really bad bass tone that A&M executives didn’t have time for Pat to repair it when they assembled “In The beginning” hence cutting it completely. This was the original track that unfortunately Wells died before the band recorded the only song he helped write. The bonus about the whole deal was when this version of “Fuckin’ With Fire” came out Shane’s daughter was now in her mid 30s received a royalty check for fifty-five thousand dollars since she was next of kin and Metal Storm officially put Wells down in the song writing credits. Later on, Jenna Wells-Christens (Shane’s daughter) was now a widowed woman with two kids barely able to keep food on the table living in the projects of Chicago nearly fainted when Caterson Damon had made sure everyone was equally distributed portions of the albums’ earnings. Even Cat was surprised this ‘new’ “Fuckin’ With Fire’ went gold and then Platinum the next year. “It just goes to show the stay power of the hard core Metal Storm fans out there,” Pat was quoted. “The only thing I ever wanted in the beginning was the intro of Baptism of the Flames to be the intro to the song The Power of Evil,” Cat grunted, “instead they used it as an opener going into Fuckin’ with Fire…just killed the whole theme of the album until now. It’s fixed.”

As a friend, Caterson treated Pat as if it were half and half and from this point out they both had to agree or it didn’t work. This was done out of respect to Pat for the years of friendship and dedication towards the band and Caterson himself since they were good friends outside music with their families and such. A picture taken at the Damon’s house where Pat is showing “Fish” a tricky part in “She” where he wanted his guitar part to play opposite of the bass notes .

Now that Caterson Damon (and Pat Lewis also) were in full control of Metal Storm’s financial security they hired a man named Brian Fish who originally tried out for Metal Storm during the time Phil Goldie was fired. (As history would have it Thaddeus J. Wendell would get the job) but Cat always felt Brian Fish would have been the ideal sound however deep down inside the reason why Fish wasn’t hired was it was obvious he was black and didn’t fit the big hair white boy dress code. What a lot of people don’t know is Caterson Damon paid “Fish” a lot of money to come in when Mathias Hook was messed up during the recording process. He played a lot of guitar solos that had been credited to Mathias Hook on “Alien”.


BEHIND THE MUSIC During the re-recording of “She (Ballad of an Evil Girl)” and “The Sign of Satan” Caterson Damon and Pat Lewis brought back what they called ‘sober studio Mathias” (Brian Fish) to place the new guitar parts instead of dealing with Mathias Hook. The drums that were done by Neil Pierce were fine and nothing with changed but the level and the mastering of the complete two tracks. This whole process only took a week out of Caterson Damon’s schedule but it was timed perfect so he could rehearse with his band that had been previously scheduled to do a world tour. Later, after the minor business and repairing a new “Fuckin With Fire’, Caterson Damon and his band had begun rehearsing for another world tour with a couple bands that would be continuously with them throughout the dates. One of them would be a band that has been on the scene in Denmark as well as Europe for some time called “The Black Cross”. Dave Morgan was a fan of the band and “The Black Cross” used to open for his old band Devil-Slayer back in the day. He was surprised they were still at it (the brothers Allister Cross on lead guitar and Anton Cross on Lead vocal and guitar as well as original bassist Mel Parks.) The Black Cross had gone through a string of drummers since their original drummer committed suicide at the commencement of their career by the time they were opening for Devil Slayer former Raven Bitch drummer Harlan Briggs was playing with them. Now as they geared up with drummer #8 Darren Roberts formerly of Devil Slayer. Dave Morgan wanted to give “the Black Cross” a push because he felt like they missed their chance to ‘blow up’ and by sending them Darren Roberts who was looking or steady work this seemed the time to have them open for Caterson Damon’s “Hell On Earth World Tour” November 16, 2022 the “Hell On Earth World Tour” kicked off in London with its supporting acts “Demon Wizard” and the “Black Cross” if this show was to be the show to indicate things to come then it was going to be big. “Cat’s Litter Box” was up and running as a company and even talking about becoming record company, but right now the show had just begun. Another thing that had just begun and never seemed to get better was Dave Morgan’s growing dependency of opiates and morphine. What started out as stomach issue originally thought to be crones but was not. Turned Dave Morgan into a super-junkie that now need opiates and morphine for his creativity and ability to play like he does. Unfortunately before Christmas on December 19th 2022, in Paris, France the lead guitarist of Caterson Damon, Dave Morgan did not awake like the rest of the band did in their hotel room. It would be discovered that shockingly he died in his sleep after an overdose of pain opiates; cocaine and morphine were later found in his system. This was a blow to the entire band as well as the tour. With a four week holiday season ahead it looked like Caterson Damon’s “Hell on Earth World Tour” was done before it circled the globe.’ Not even five days after Dave Morgan’s death, for the second time, Caterson Damon decided to go with his wife Jessica to the Oscars. Jessica was in a new movie that was up for an award where she plays x-ray technician in hospital where her husband works as a Doctor. One of those stories that takes a twist and someone cheats on someone or whatever the case. It was the first serious drama she has been up for an Oscar and Caterson decided since things have slowed down he would attend with his life. The red carpet really was a big eye opener for Caterson Damon seen for the first time in ages without full makeup or some kind of ‘rocker’ outfit with leather and metal studded spikes. He cleaned up naturally and wore a tuxedo with his long black hair down. The couple walked in 65

BEHIND THE MUSIC and she was smiling from ear to ear naturally, but as you know about Caterson Damon he never smiles. He tried to force a few smiles, but it seemed unnatural and his wife started laughing hysterically when she became aware of it. The giant 6’7 long black haired front man was hoping nobody was going to be one of those wise-ass reporters and ask about Dave Morgan. It would appear later that there was one reporter that was there from Rolling Stone that said he had the intention to ask, but feared for his life. “Caterson Damon would have probably grabbed me by my neck and ended my life,” he was quoted saying when he wrote the interview about the night at the Oscars. “What’s it like being married to such a….tall…man?” asked one of the reporters. “My neck suffers a lot,” Jessica replied jokingly that she could see he husband crack a smile. “How many kids you have?” another one shouted. Caterson Damon held up two fingers as they two began to walk toward the entrance destination. Jessica tightly wrapped around his left arm. A day or so later, Caterson Damon was in his home in New York City when Tim Morgan came by. They caught up at the funeral, but he promised to come by. Tim, (who had abandoned he Elvis Impersonator thing over the last year and let his hair grow out and had been taking a shot in hard rock bands singing and playing guitar), and Caterson had talked about Dave Morgan for some time and then Tim reminded Caterson what Dave said one night about the band, the “Black Cross”. Dave was watching them play and said to the two, “If I were to die that dude right there on guitar (Allister Cross) would be the one dude that I’d like to replace me.” The next day, Caterson Damon contacted Allister Cross who was staying in London at the time and had asked him if he’d be capable of learning all of Dave Morgan’s parts and playing in two bands on this world tour. Allister was overly excited because he was a major Metal Storm fan and had been meaning to talk to Caterson Damon about his band whose life long bass player just fell off the back of a truck at work and broke his leg and wrist. They were going to replace him, but the singer (who was also Allister’s brother) said this would be a good time to pull out since Caterson Damon’s band was down. Allister Cross arrived in New York City two days later and met up with Caterson Damon and his wife Jessica at their enormous apartment house building they owned. Phil Hues and Doug Coyote showed up later and they were all surprised to learn that Cross had taken the liberty to buy the new album and learn every song (Even though he only plays four songs off the album). Allister Cross without his makeup was a very short bald man with a beard and glasses. You would never point this man out in a crowd and say he is a guitar wizard for a dark hard rock metal band called “Black Cross.” In the lower floor where Caterson Damon has made into a sound proof recording studio everyone got behind the studio instruments. Allister brought a vicious looking B.C. Rich Warlock that everyone was wondering how this five foot four man could pick up. Tim Morgan worked the sound behind the studio both and often picked up a studio bass and played a long the best he could. (Ironically Phil Goldie would ask him to sing for him only in a short while.) Halfway through the jamming he put it away and picked up a regular black B.C. Rich guitar. Allister was so good, the song he didn’t know he picked right off of Phil Hues and the second time through he was playing all the way through. He had been around in the music scene with Black Cross and seemed to miss all the lucky breaks bands around him got now it was time for him to shine. “Oh, by the way,” Allister said at the end of the jam, “I assume you don’t want me to wear my makeup because you are the only guy in this band that does?”


BEHIND THE MUSIC “Hell no,” Caterson laughed, “go ahead and wear the makeup on stage, I wish we all did it but this isn’t Metal Storm. If you have been playing that way in Black Cross that many years as your character, then please bring it to this band on stage it will rock.” January 12th 2023, Mathias Hook is playing a club in Miami, Florida which he has no idea that it is only four miles from Phil Goldie’s home and twelve foot fence. When Goldie drives down the street a bit later to run by a friend’s house to hang out he notices the club called “Big Jacks” had a line already forming around the block. He noticed a large tour bus pulling up around the back and he began to wonder who the hell was drawing such at this club. The crowd hasn’t been forming lines around the blocks since Corey Owens’s Gang came through two years ago. He went around the block in his 2021 silver bullet Corvette and checked out the marquee and his eyes about fell out of his head when it said “Mathias Hook Live” with special guests Miami’s Jabber jaw. Goldie walked around back towards the tour bus and some locals let him walk by. A couple security guards had idea who it was. “That’s Phil Goldie you dumb ass,” whispered a voice while he walked over to the giant tour bus. “I hadn’t seen Phil Goldie in years,” Mathias recalls in an interview, “next thing I knew I was on my bus getting ready to rip Miami a new ass and there was a crowd around some guy with wavy blond hair, thick blue sunglasses, dressed like a hippy and most important of all hitting on my wife. When I sent Giles (assistant) out there to get her she came back in all wide eyed and a look of fear on her face and said, ‘Phil Goldie is out there and he wants to talk to you. Do you have time before the show or after?’ I said to Sara tell him to come aboard I’ll talk a bit before the show. The next thing I know I was looking at the face of an old friend, an old band mate and my old guitar teacher. The first thing we do is give each other a long, warm embrace of a bro-hug and then step back, scratch are noses and so Phil breaks the ice with a, “HOW THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING MATT?’ (Matt is short for Mathias and also his real name that only Phil Goldie has always called him since the beginning when not in public). Right away we just start talking like old days he said he lost touch with me after the Iron Bird thing and when I stole his old singer but he had no idea that I have been back doing the rounds as well as bringing the Metal Storm sound back to the new generation. The next thing I am doing is long for a spare amplifier and saying, “let’s show them how it’s done or can you remember any of it?’ Turns out he has his original red V in the car that he had picked up from a technician who repotted the electronics. He was going to hang it on the wall but would love to play it through one of the Marshalls I had. He then said, ‘DUDE, THIS IS YOUR SHOW! I START COMING OUT THERE WITH YOU THERE’S GOING TO BE METAL STORM REUNION RUMORS….” I said, “Those rumors? Every time I play I hear about them.” The next thing I know he’s reading a copy of my set lists and counting what he knows. I said I was going to talk to the band because the can play just about everything. I’ll come out and act like it’s just a normal show and break into Wild Thing and toward the end I will start playing the intro to Sixty-Nine. I’ll have you already dialed in and once you come walking out we’ll just go right into it. “WILD THING to Sixty-NINE transition?” Phil asks, “HOW LONG YOU WANT TO JAM?” Not sure what the hell I was thinking because I was just happy to see someone that I hated for some reason but not sure why. He wanted to play like we were normal and most important we were not fighting and we both said, ‘FUCK IT, LET’S DO IT!’ Big Jacks in Miami Florida got a treat instead of one former Metal Storm guitarist, they got two. Not just two, but the two original guys. Once half the crowd that knew Phil Goldie recognized him they spread word to everyone else who it was and soon the place was going mad thrash dancing to classics off of their first four recordings (three officially by A&M standards). 67

BEHIND THE MUSIC Mathias was counting his lucky stars Sammy Kerr was still drumming because he could play everything perfect. This was Tray Albert’s final year with Mathias but none of them had any clue because Albert had perfected his singing to sing exactly where everyone needed him that night….on key!

While that party was going on that would eventually have a rippling effect for the other original Metal Storm members, but right now Caterson Damon and his band were on their way to London to kick-start their “Hell On Earth World Tour 2023” in March of 2023 that was cancelled. They decided to do London again because they promised them two shows and so they figured they’d do it right away instead of coming back.

This would be the first time in the history of Caterson Damon’s career that some countries began forming religious groups and protesting Caterson Damon and his “Hell On Earth World Tour” and band that he dubbed ‘the Fatal Agenda’ because of they had a pretty menacing look to them.doi The album, “Hell On Earth” was far from being involved with the occult. Many individuals assumed the upside cross on the guitar player’s face, the war paint and all of the blood on the stage was enough to get them banned from a few countries. “They did this once in Metal Storm when I we first got noticed” Caterson Damon told the Paris press, “The fact they are doing it with my latest band is absolutely hilarious only because last year or so I was standing on stage wearing a tuxedo with no paint singing classic rock songs. Some people don’t understand what is show and what is entertainment and this band is both.” “If you want to ban me or call me the devil I guess whatever floats your boat,” Caterson continued, “I grew up listening to King Diamond, Ronnie James Dio, Glenn Danzig and loved that whole dark theme in that scary mystique and morons that actually believed they had reverence for a demonic deity or worship the devil. I was a young kid and was brought up to believe in the bible and all that nonsense and to thing there were people dark enough to go to the other side really tripped my mind and sort of scared me at first. You have to understand, before King Diamond or his band the satanic religion type scary sounds of Mercyful Fate that were actually singing about satanic rituals, witches, black masses and all kinds of dark and crazy stuff. Before that, was KISS and they were inexplicable enough until they became family time and eventually took off their makeup and became just one of the bands of that era. By then I was an atheist or at least met enough people to shake me loose from the grip of the churches to make me want to hear what all this so-called evil shit was about. When I found myself liking it as a hobby more like Stephen King write yet becoming driven by King Diamond’s whole concept as a front man I figured it was either an act of some kin or he was fucking nuts, but either way, I was hooked and when I started playing all my school mates were into Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer. I could dig Slayer and found a happy medium and when it all panned out to all of us wearing full face makeup we found ourselves transitioning back to a modern sounding, but dirty version of W.A.S.P. meets KISS and that’s what got us 68

BEHIND THE MUSIC signed. Unfortunately, I found I could only do some may different songs, styles and stage shows under that whole theme before mine or Patrick’s mind began wandering into different styles and when you grow as a band sometimes there are members that don’t want to grow they are happy what they are doing. You either get a long or try to work with the new and their old, but as soon as they start causing the band gruff then enter a new guy. Each new guy changed Metal Storm slowly and molded us towards what we really want to be doing and it took me nearly thirty years to get from Hell Freezes over to Hell on Earth and here is exactly where I want to be!” It would be somewhat ironic that Caterson Damon would make that statement about his first recording and almost thirty years later he the musical metamorphosis of his love for ‘darker things’ slowly but surely made him a successful version of King Diamond meets Danzig. Caterson Damon summed things up pretty well in that Paris interview that would be translated across the internet. Imagine Caterson Damon’s surprise when coming back to the United States and taking a day off and then going at thirty solid shows with no break in April of 2023. Since he was the acting representative for the whole group he realized that he crammed way too many dates to make up for the time missed so they could get back on schedule by the time they came back to New York City. It was around the time Caterson Damon was in Boston, Massachusetts in October 2023, Pat Lewis gets a hold of Jessica who reaches Caterson mentioning that Pat and Kim bought a house in Boston and it’s a fifteen bedroom small mansion and would like them to stay the day before the show and during band’s two says off so they can catch up. Caterson Damon call up the number he left his wife and confirms he information with Pat who said he noticed that the “Hell On Earth World Tour” was coming through and not to make any hotel arrangements because he’d like to catch up hence Jessica got the address to meet her husband later at Pat and Kim’s home. (Comical banter is actually what was said according to Pat Lewis) “Tell you what Pat,” Caterson said after much thought, “we are booked at the Boston Tower Suites the night of the show however the day after the show maybe Jess-Tim and if any of the group wants to come we’ll meet you for the day and possible the night at your new house. I’m dying to see what your wife’s number one hits and records helped you get.” “Oh you’re funny wise ass,” Pat laughed, “I have a record coming out this month by the way.” “Really?” asked Caterson jokingly, “Took you long enough.” “I know, when I’m by myself I’m always doing stupid shit or get caught up with my other hobby (Pat is part of his friend Tad Beach’s stock car racing team and was in the process of helping him build a new car from bottom up. They just finished in February and were testing in Florida and heard about Mathias Hook and Phil Goldie playing together again for a surprise show in Miami at a club called Big Jacks.” Being an Elvis fan both Timothy Morgan and Caterson Damon started laughing about the name of that club. It took Pat a bit after he heard them laughing and then he remembered the song ‘Guitar Man’ where Elvis Presley mentions about playing a show there. (Probably not that exact place it was just lyrics).


BEHIND THE MUSIC Caterson Damon and his wife Jessica wound up at Pat Lewis and his wife Kimberly ToganLewis’s home in Boston, Massachusetts the next day. They all talked and looked through digital photo albums of some candid shots of Metal Storm as well as personal photos Pat took. It great time, but Pat had something on his mind beside his second solo album that was taking forever since of all the projects he had going on at once. Meanwhile November 13th 2023, over in Honolulu, Hawaii where Jayson Damon had been living and at the moment no longer working in any music projects. For the first time in awhile he hasn’t picked up a set of drumsticks or got behind a drum set since 2020 when he leant his drumming abilities to his brother’s album “the Bridge” and “Way Down”. The Bridge was later remastered after Caterson Damon got his complete masters from A&M and put an unknown extra track he labeled “Bridge Jam”. It was a drum solo that Jayson had the engineers recorded because there was an hour of time to kill and it was just him, Dave Morgan and one of the studio engineers, Mr. Jerry Swanson. Swanson’s name is on the “The Bridge” CD for songwriting credits for the music for, “Evil’s All It Knows”, “Sands Of Time” and “All The Remains”. He did the demos with Caterson Damon while Dave Morgan was working out guitar parts with Phil Hues for songs like “Hellraiser” and “who was a retired professional guitar player but an unfortunate side job he did doing construction left him paralyzed from the waist down. Swanson was trying to produce “The Bridge” and help Caterson Damon steer away from the ‘dark stuff’, but he soon learned that’s like taking a chew toy from a managing, feral animal. Fortunately a good portion of “the Bridge” Caterson wrote about drug abuse, modern day factory/slave workers, the dangers of smoking, raising cars and naturally Satan got in there with the opening song. When the two first meet, Swanson had tried to get Caterson Damon to sing a song he wrote called “Walking the Steel” way back in 2014 for a possible addition to his album, “Die for Your Sins”. Caterson Damon had later learned the lyrics were about Jerry’s construction job where he walked high and dangerous heights on metal guarder beams (naturally slipped and fell hence his condition today). Caterson set the lyrics down and had left the studio for an hour and that’s when former bassist Ryan Livgren picked up the lyrics and asked Doug Coyote (drummer) what they were. Doug said something Caterson Damon was listening to and fixing up the lyrics for some dudes demo they don’t make sense to me. The two decided to mess around with the music because the guitar riff was catchy and so Ryan put down the bass and picked up one of the studio’s Gibson and plugged into Phil Hues’ Marshall stacks and instead of the lyric, “Walking the steel…walking the steel…walking the steel….” Ryan started singing “How does it feel? How does it feel? How does it feel?” By the time Caterson Damon came back with Phil Hues it was altered to, “How does it feel? You’re being raped! How does it feel? You’re being raped?” A song about a psycho-path who gets back at his sadistic girlfriend by raping her in the ass and nobody had any intention of releasing it. It was just something that Caterson Damon came up with after reading about a woman who super glued her husband’s penis to his leg and ran off with his credit cards. The studio engineer accidentally sent the wrong recording back to Swanson who became so irate that his song was changed he literally wheeled across half the city of New York City in a non powered wheel chair to get to Mirage Studios 2 on 15th street.


BEHIND THE MUSIC Whatever the outcome was, Caterson Damon apologized and recorded another version and at the last minute of the album release, “How Does It Feel?” became track #9 because Aaron Roth was producing the record and he thought Jerry was a dickhead (competitors probably) Now in on November 13th, 2023 Jayson Damon was having a party with a brand new twenty-thousand dollar Yacht he bought for half the price because the person who bought it died before he could use it. He would have invited his brother had he not been busy working with Pat Lewis on some New Years Eve special show with Mathias Hook and Phil Goldie. Phil Goldie and Jayson Damon hated each other he knew he wouldn’t be playing that show which would probably be a jam of their first four official albums. The suicide, murder or accident incident involving Jayson Damon finally explained in details. The party consisted of Jayson and his wife Robin Damon were the host and hostesses along with a giant yacht filled with a couple friends of his from Hawaii. Robin’s brother in law Tim Morgan (the brother of the late Dave Morgan), Jim Beam formerly of Raven Bitch who was handing out Raven Bitch t-shirts hence the reason you see pictures of Robin wearing a black tank top that says “Raven Bitch.” Also Ric Cater (former bass player for Serpent and Caterson Damon’s band. He was retired but he was good friends with Jayson), Sherry Van Hook (the sexy cougar singer from the legendary girl rock band ‘Catseye”), and Metal Storm band mate Mark Walker who was currently playing bass for the band “Black Dye” (Mike Black formerly bassist of Demon Bitch and Dwight Dye from Arsenal’s new band with Arnold Irish on vocals and Mark Walker on lead guitar). They just go off the road and Mark was exhausted and couldn’t wait to relax on the giant Yacht and said around the isles of Hawaii. Jayson Damon hired a former Navy ship navigator he knew in Hawaii named Eric Reynolds only because he had no clue how to sail it yet. Reynolds brought two other guys with him just in case stuff went bad or he needs help in the bridge. Reynolds was paid a good ten grand which he chose to split up among his two friends that were helping. Robin discovered at the last minute that a man named David Nelson a former lover was one of the men on the bridge. The relationship ended not very well and she was going to have him thrown off but he told her that it was a long time ago and he was sorry (plus the ship as already sailing). For somebody who couldn’t swim because she was deathly afraid of the water, Robin Damon hosting a Yacht party sailing around the Hawaii isles with her husband and a bunch of random musicians and friends. The only female that was there was Sherry Van Hook and that was because Robin was friends with her and invited her. At the same time, Caterson Damon, Pat Lewis had been secretly rehearsing with Mathias Hook and Phil Goldie after being offered thirty million dollars to play a London Ball gig where the famous band ‘The Electros” cancelled the New Years Gig in March to move their seemingly once a year New Years Eve show to Australia of all places. Cat who still had obligations and tour dates with his band had originally had December through February months off to spend time with his wife who was filming a movie called “Mask of Deception” in London.


BEHIND THE MUSIC That’s how everything came together in London when Caterson told Pat of the months he had off and invited him to London with his wife Kimberly who had just released her third album under the new band name “Stone Angels” that originally featured the two former ‘Kim’s” formerly of the band Catseye, his wife Kimberly Togan on guitar and the amazing powerhouse vocalist Kim Stone on vocals who was having problems committing to touring but was able to lay tracks for the first two albums. The success of the “Stone Angels” was overwhelming as recording artists, but Stone could not tour our make commitments to finish the third album which had to be completed by an unknown, but similar sounding female named Gina Flint. Needless to say after that entire mess, Kim and Pat were anxious to join he Damon’s in London which wound up being a jam rehearsal for a last minute one shot offer for New Years. Cat originally flat out said “no fucking way” but his wife Jessica pushed him into joining the group which officially would seal the offer as ‘the original Metal Storm reunion” (even though it was technically the Mark 2 lineup.) December 31st, 2023, New Years Even in London Square was cold, amazing and where the world famous Electros played for the last five years Metal Storm would reunite (no makeup or costumes just ordinary but a bit over the top leather clad biker looking outfits they all agreed would suffice. This was because Neil, Pat and Mathias all three agreed to surprise people with the music, and all agreed if they showed up in original costumes and make up it would send the wrong signal that the band was seeking approval to do this again. Miraculously, all five members Caterson Damon, Pat Lewis, Mathias Hook, Phil Goldie and Neil Pierce surprised the world New Years Eve. They kept everything under wraps making people believe that it was not happening or one guy was not coming. All kinds of rumors where spread yet people still showed up to hear classic songs performed from their first four albums.

January 1st, 2024 Happy New Years! Here we go…



It was later revealed that Metal Storm (the reunion lineup) had been secretly rehearsing in a secluded area owned by Pat Lewis’s family for a week that was out in the country side in Wyoming of all places. They had done this for a week while everyone stayed in the large five bedroom home that was set up for the band to stay there. They were offered a lot of money by the record company to fill the time slot usually done by the Electros. The company had set them up and recorded the entire week rehearsing and staying on the property like some kind of reality show but unfortunately it was Caterson Damon and Pat Lewis that vetoed the ‘reality show’ being aired or released to the public because of the fact there was some pretty bad stuff that took place involving arguing, drinking, fighting and things the guys agreed probably should be buried. Whatever took place during the rehearsals was really bad however their New Years Reunion show (even though they were not in makeup and costumes) shocked everyone who had been a part of the band as a fan for a long time. Some fans that were more modern steered toward Metal Storm’s 2007 ‘Firestorm ‘and beyond type music said they looked awkward and was no longer the band they knew. Either way, the world watched London as it aired across the globe. Sadly while on the other side of the world, Jayson Damon was having all of this drama going on with his wife Robin passing away (the drowning incident) and he had become so occupied with the people that worked for him and keeping the drama to a minimum that it was close to impossible to reach his brother who had been on tour with his band and currently in London. He wouldn’t know anything about what is going on until sitting in his living room with all of his family members and there was New Years events being broadcasted and when they switched from New York to London joining Metal Storm ho was halfway through their second song, “Black Cat” his jaw hit the ground. Jayson Damon called this moment, “the double whammy of shock” (first meaning his wife November 13th and now seeing the band he was supposed to be the drummer in reunite without him or Mark Walker during a worldwide televised New Year’s event in London. 73

BEHIND THE MUSIC “Neil Pierce or Phil Goldie no longer fit the image of Metal Storm and what it has become,” Jayson was quoted in mid January of 2024 saying to a rock reporter that asked for an interview about what had been transpiring. Jayson Damon agreed to the interview as long as Robin’s name or what had taken place in November was not brought up. Only because legally he was ordered not to leave the area and still under a legal investigation and his lawyer ordered Jayson not to speak.” “I have not spoken to my brother or even Pat,” Jayson continued, “I understand that was a onetime thing for a lot of money that a bunch of billionaires club boys who loved the old Metal Storm in London raised some money I was told after the Electros decided to bail out of the event they made popular in the last five years. It was weird seeing Phil Goldie standing near Cat, Pat or even Mathias because I had been so long it became almost a myth that they played together almost twenty five years ago as a unit. With me even longer with Goldie that some people have never seen only heard hence the Hell Freezes over album. To this day, I’m a bit flattered and surprised the studio engineer Nathan Pratt skipped town date and sent all the masters to the engineers telling them to leave the drums, they were damn good and proceeded with the final remixing of the album, ‘When Hell Freezes Over”. Back when Atlantic records decided to find the masters because they liked “When Hell Freezes Over” but hated the mix. So they tried to hunt down the bozos that recorded Metal Storm in Milwaukee and they were no longer a business. They had to pay off some guy who owned the masters at some warehouse and it was so pricey that they almost told him to fuck off and were going to have Metal Storm re-record the album. It would have been cheaper than when this Lenny Homo guy was asking. When Atlantic told this guy to buzz off that’s when he suddenly caved and took their bottom offer because they were done dealing with the guy after he took them so far that it pissed off Atlantic’s President. When all was said and done they got off really cheap and hired their best tech to engineer and remastered the tape therefore I made my first world premiere nationally on a record earning thirty percent earnings per-sale. I was still playing for peanuts in Rancid Coleslaw and suddenly I had six million dollars sent to me.” Caterson Damon’s band was going to resume in early March of 2024 to finish off the “Hell on Earth” tour and previous to Cat had in February Cat had learned that Doug Coyote (drummer) was having an emergency appendicitis and that’s when they discovered an aneurism near Doug’s brain. The Doctors in Switzerland where he was currently living that the aneurism could be corrected with blood thinners, but that would only be after the operation on his appendix had properly healed so he had t be monitored which meant he could not rejoin the “Hell On Earth” tour support of the album which his thunderous drumming was responsible for the new heavy music on their with their late guitarist Dave Morgan who had to be replaced by Allister Cross formerly from “Black Cross” that was now on an official hiatus. One of the big surprises with reuniting with the original Metal Storm members was seeing Neil Peirce after all these years that had been clean and sober. He also had put back on some muscle mass and had been working out to the point where he looked physically fit and hadn’t played drums that good since the early Metal Storm days. Cat was surprised when Neil had called him up (they had both been chummy since the whole New Years rehearsal and show) and around February after hearing about Doug said if he could help fill in he could handle it. Cat knew that Neil had a diverse playing ability, but with Metal Storm he was never pushed to the limits in which drummers like Gray Hawk and Doug Coyote have nailed down the super, fast speed thunderous drumming of the Caterson Damon albums and touring. 74

BEHIND THE MUSIC “You seriously can play and know the music on the current set list?” Cat asked Neil over the phone one time. Caterson Damon’s “Hell On Earth” tour came to an end in March of 2024. Caterson Damon and the band went into the studio to begin working on the next album. Neil wrote some songs with the band but it was Doug Coyote that would eventually rejoin the group for the record aspect of the album. Neil and Cat remained good friends as he went off to another music project he was talking about doing with a band he was thinking of putting together with Phil Goldie but that would take a strange twist of events. Caterson Damon flew back to Los Angeles and met up with the band once again to follow up the “Hell on Earth” album keeping the same idealisms and producer Russell Sperry. There were a few leftover songs they wanted to tweak and some new stuff they had been writing while out on the road. Sperry was quick to dig into the left over music and began talking to the band about what they want or how they wanted to do things. They seemed to be happy about the last album and figured they would just keep going with the flow of things



BEHIND THE MUSIC 2024 , August 2nd Caterson Damon: A Dish Best Served Cold The quick release of this album right after the “Hell On Earth Tour” coming to an end was because it was going to be included as a double album with “Hell on Earth”, but they decided to release it only as a regular album. When the (the same band) returned back to the studio in mid April they had five songs already left over and the five and an exceptional cover of the Beatles “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” featuring Allister Cross doing an amazing guitar solo and singing with Caterson Damon flawlessly. This would be the first single to be released. This album was well received, but did not chart as well as Caterson Damon’s prior albums.

ALBUM DUTIES: Caterson Damon- Lead Vocals Allister Cross- Lead Guitars Phil Hues- Lead Guitars Duke Goodwin- Bass Guitar Doug Coyote- Drums Damien Grimm- Keyboards, b. Vocals TRACKS: 01. Circus Boy 02. God 03. Back Off 04. Lay Down Your Gun 05. Want To Die 06. A Dish Best Served Cold 07. Parental Christ 08. Evil In Disguise 09. Holy Man 10. The Predator becomes the prey 11. While My Guitar Gently Weeps 12. Your Time is Through (Live) . 13. Black Cat (Live) 14. Road Rage (Live) Some classic fans of the band “Black Cross” loved this album while fans of what Dave Morgan bought the album felt that Allister Cross had failed to captivate some fans with unfeeling, speedy solos and with less than amazing sound, Even though this album had a good run with “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” Allister Cross felt like this album felt rushed between Caterson Damon working with Pat Lewis on the “Fuckin ‘With Fire” re-release. Allister boldly expressed that he felt the album was weak because it fighting with the exceptionally well sales of “Fuckin’ with Fire.


BEHIND THE MUSIC This would be the first time Caterson Damon legally would be under his own management he started with Dave Morgan called “The Cat’s Litter box”. He had already removed the record company at the end of the recording of “The Bridge”. That record is still considered a part of A&M that had been controlling Metal Storm as well as Caterson Damon since the beginning. “A Dish Best Served Cold” featured a live version of “Your Time Is Through” that was recorded as one of Dave Morgan’s last shows. “Your Time is Through” was a catch phrase Morgan used to say and he wrote the amazing hook guitar parts. When Cat heard the audio for it he decided to make that song along with Road Rage and Black Cat from that show to be placed on the new record as a tribute to the deceased guitarist. Allister Cross played on all the originals after learning the scratch tracks Morgan had left over prior to. Allister also is the first musician to submit music of his own to a Caterson Damon record with the song, “Lady Down Your Gun” and “You”. A lot of fans of the classic fans of “Black Cross” loved this album

After the movie “Before the Storm” and the sound track “Fuckin’ With Fire” which was done by the book of the record company. That is when Caterson Damon got his lawyer Mr. Michael Givens to start finding himself Neil Pierce and Phil Goldie began playing and putting together a new band. They managed to woo Mathias Hook into the band after everyone was still on a ‘chummy’ basis from the New Year’s show. The singer would go through a couple changes of events until Pat Lewis joined up with the guys believing that Caterson Damon would come around and this would be the after New Year’s Metal Storm regrouping of the original band. Caterson Damon declined to rejoin the original Metal Storm saying he had no interest in making new music with that lineup. He would be interested in doing shows but new music would be out of the question. The four (Mathias, Phil, Pat and Neil) had actually laid down four new originals with Pat Lewis singing and sharing the vocal duties with Neil Pierce but guys knew that Caterson Damon owned the “Metal Storm” name and thought about reforming the band “In Your Face.” Right away Pat Lewis refused to working with Damien Hellstorm and put his foot down, but Neil got Phil Goldie to take interest in Damien Hellstorm after he heard him sing on the fake Metal Storm “In Your Face” band. Pat Lewis recorded a 5th song with the foursome, but when everyone was dead set on having Damien come in and sing on the tracks Pat (who really had no say in this project) walked out and quit the group before they could complete the record.



BEHIND THE MUSIC August 12th, 2024 the album was finished with Damien Hellstorm adding lead vocals. Mathias Hook and Phil Goldie played split up bass duties on the next five songs and the album would be released under a new band moniker called “Fire Storm”. Track Listings: 01. Demon Chaser (Musical) 02. Fearless 03. Monstrous Monsters 04. Nowhere to Run 05. Take You Down 06. Faster and Faster 07. The Edge of the Blade 08. Warrior (Musical) 09. Guardian Of the Gate 10. Burning In Hell Album Duties: Damien Hellstorm: All Vocals Phil Goldie: Lead Guitar Mathias Hook: Lead Guitar Pat Lewis: Bass Guitar (tracks 1,3,6,7 & 9) Aaron Snow: Bass Guitar (Track 2,4,5,8, and 10) Neil Pierce: Drums They called it “Fire Storm” because Phil Goldie and Mathias Hook wanted to play together live under a fresh moniker instead of using something like “In Your Face” which was associated with a negative vibe with the ‘fake ‘ Metal Storm record that was ordered by Caterson Damon’s attorney in court and had to be renamed Calling the album “Fearless” it sold really well because of the fact that Mathias Hook and Phil Goldie had always been labeled as two of the best guitar players known for originating Metal Storm’s guitar sound in the early day. Fans would be curious if the two guitar players could pump out new music and work together. When it paid off, Damien Hellstorm (who was surprised) and had only came in to put vocals down would be offered a chance to tour the album as a new band called “Fire Storm” that would focus on the new material and the first three Metal Storm records.

Damien thought about it and was leery after the “In Your Face” mess but enjoyed the album sales and he accepted and suggested Mike Black on bass from his old band “Demon Bitch” but Goldie and Hook were not too keen on Mike Black’s style. They were looking for somebody that could fit them like Pat Lewis. They even called Pat Lewis and offered him the tour bass spot and he declined (absolutely refusing to work with Damien Hellstorm). Pat Lewis was really angry that the album was released and his and Neil’s vocals were turned into backing tracks and Damien Hellstorm’s vocals were added in ass leads (plus five new songs). Pat Lewis


BEHIND THE MUSIC thought about suing Goldie/Hook and Pierce but decided to keep the ‘chummy’ vibe on an even pace since things went off well New Years Eve up until he ditched the album idea.

Mathias Hook, Phil Goldie and Neil Pierce decided on Aaron J. Snow who earlier had been known for filling in for Ric Carter in Caterson Damon’s band on tour when he was injured. (Ric Carter later retired way back in 2006.) Mathias remembered the guy played a bunch of complicated Metal Storm songs on stage with Caterson Damon and so they had him come down and tried out. Aaron got the touring job and “Fire Storm” would hit the road giving Metal Storm guitar fans a small ‘reunion’ tastes with Phil Goldie, Mathias Hook and Neil Pierce. Halfway through the tour Neil Pierce would be critically injured in a boating accident during their break in January of 2025. Fire Storm borrowed Mathias Hook’s drummer from Iron Bird to finish out the tour up until late May of 2025. Phil Goldie and Mathias Hook talked about following up the successful “Fire Storm” album, but Damien Hellstorm declined. Later on, Aaron would wind up playing in Damien’s band which would be ironically titled “Hell Storm”. Around March of 2025, sometime after “A Dish Best Served Cold” tour ended in March, Caterson Damon and Pat Lewis got together and started talking about making new music together. In May of 2025, Mathias Hook joined in the idea of working with Caterson Damon, Pat Lewis and Mark Walker (who Caterson Damon said ‘was still the guitar player in Metal Storm. Which meant no chance of Phil Goldie slipping into Metal Storm again which kind of rubbed Goldie the wrong way who was wanting to still get that “New Years Eve” gig thing back working again because of the great vibe it left causing the sales of “Fire Storm” to be successful yet a short-lived band. Meanwhile as it was just ‘talk’, Pat Lewis went to Hawaii while his wife was on tour with her band. He took a vacation and hung out with his former band mate Jayson Damon who was working on a solo album. He had asked Pat to help him produce it. When Pat got to Hawaii he was surprised to find Jayson was not as ‘depressed’ and suicidal as the papers were writing. He told Pat the death of his wife has forced him back into the music business and he put a band together and was recording an album originally going to be a band project, but he later changed his mind when A&M offered to sign Jayson Damon to the label and release it. The album was forty percent done with songs written by Brian Fish and Jayson Damon, but they needed a professional engineer (like Pat Lewis). Through the weeks, Pat Lewis would help turn out the rest of the music for the album. What was supposed to be a new band turned into a revolving door of musicians liked Brian Fish on guitar, Zacarri Bolter on guitar, and later Thaddeus J. Wendell was invited and wrote two new songs with Pat and Jayson for the album. It was the first time the three of them had wrote together in almost twenty-five years. Being a studio engineer with a studio he has never worked in was a bit odd, but after a bit of tinkering And talking with Reginald Plumber (who built the studio and was retired and Jayson Damon bought it). A week later, able to get he sounds up and running and have a completed album by September 21st, 2025 released under contract by Metal Storm’s former record company that put Jayson Damon (did all the drums and vocals on the album). Pat Lewis wrote all of the lyrics and 40 percent of the music with Metal Storm’s former A&M studio guitarist known as the ‘sober studio Mathias,” Mr. Brian Fish. Zacarri Bolter who was the lead guitarist for the “In Your Face” era with Damien Hellstorm, Mathias Hook, Neil Pierce and originally Pat Lewis but later Aaron Snow on bass for the tour. Pat Lewis got to know Zacarri a little better and they became friends over the process of writing and getting the record released in October 2nd, 2025.


BEHIND THE MUSIC Metal Storm fans knew Jayson Damon could sing from the hit song “Thinking of You” but they were blown away at his vocal range that almost compared to his brother, but with a softer spin that worked really well on slower songs. With a group of former and studio Metal Storm musicians Jayson Damon was hoping to capture a bit of the “Plastic Jesus” fans that helped him develop a fan base outside of Metal Storm. Jayson Damon was hoping that a new album full of originals now with A&M behind him would help him to be able to put a band together and go back out on the road with his own music instead of being a cover band based on the band his brother created. The irony in the whole thing was the album was released and received well with the public but Metal Storm fans picked up the album thinking to hear some rocking tunes and were turned off by all of the ‘mushy, cheesy love songs” Pat Lewis defended the record by saying there was a lot of time spent on vocals and believed it to be the best harmony record as far as vocals he took part in. Jayson Damon stepping out as a lead vocalist wanted to take vocal harmonies to a new level and this met a 50/50 response with the normal Metal Storm crowd of fans. October 2nd, 2025 Jayson Damon, “Love is All Right Tonight” is finally released.

ALBUM DUTIES: Jayson Damon: Lead Vocals & Drums Brian Fish: Guitar Zacarri Bolter; Guitars Pat Lewis: Bass Guitar, B. Vocals Aaron Snow: Bass Guitar Debra Finney: Keyboard, B. vocals TRACKS: 01. Love is All Right Tonight (Rick Springfield cover) 02. Baby You Know… 03. The Closer You Are To Me 04. One In A Million 05. Face The truth 06. Alone in this Room 07. Don’t Leave 08. Never Said Goodbye 09. Showing You The Door 10. One-Way Ticket 11. Thinking Of You (Metal Storm cover/remake) The reception was Luke warm however the song “Never Said Goodbye” which was written about his wife (Becky) who had passed away. It was made into a beautiful video in honor of her memory and the song was the 3rd release from “Love Is All Right Tonight” and eventually went to #1 making the record eventually gold. Jayson was pleased with having a #1 song and in return for Pat coming to Hawaii he played drums on Pat Lewis’s second album that had been sitting around with a drum machine or click tracks. It was


BEHIND THE MUSIC nearly abandoned until Pat’s wife told him that there was no reason he (Pat) couldn’t have a number one song also. Being able to help Pat Lewis finish the record even though Jayson Damon pondered the idea of tour but the record company said they wouldn’t back him however they supported the idea of appearing on a few night talk shows performing “Never said Goodbye” which he did using a backing track of the orchestrated music for the band. December 12th, 2025 Pat Lewis released his 2nd solo album called “Round N Round” that was received well by Metal Storm fans, but the newer songs that Jayson Damon helped with the drum parts. The critiques complained some of the songs sounded ‘dated’. They were right because some of the tracks had been lying around since “Alien” and “Seasons In Hell” A double album was too much for Pat Lewis who was basically unknown outside of Metal Storm. \ Even with his wife Kimberly Togan playing lead guitar on the majority the tracks it still was neglected and did not get any respect until a year later. That was when it started to become a Metal Storm ‘cult classic out-take” type album for hard core fans. There were a few songs with Neil Pierce on them left over from his last solo album “Out of Time”. That was another reason it got a second life because nobody knew Neil was playing on there until Pat mentioned it in an interview. All the lyrics and music written by Pat Lewis ALBUM DUTIES: Pat Lewis: Lead Vocals, bass guitar, guitar, keyboards and b. vocals Kim Togan: Lead guitar, b. vocals. Brian Fish: Guitars Zacarri Bolter- Guitars Todd Rottener: Drums Neil Pierce: Drums Sammy Kerr: Drums Mark Walker: Guitar Disc. 2: 01. Force of Nature 02. Keep On Walking 03. Hard-Ass M.F. 04. She Kisses Me 05. When I Get Back on My Feet 06. Tuesday Night Blues 07. Nature Reborn (continuation of the ‘alien saga’) 08. Outer space: Planet Earth Gone 09. Galaxies Away 10. Never Go Home 11. The Threat is Real (end the ‘alien saga)

Tracks: Disc 1: 01. Round ‘N Round 02. Stopping the Clock 03. Arms Become Wings 04. Give Me An Idea 05. Messing Around With you 06. The Rock Don’t Stop 07. Love-Killer 08. Riots In The Streets 09. Ten O’clock Funk Stop 10. Show Me The Money

The song “Love-Killer” was played a lot which featured Thaddeus J. Wendell and “Ten O’clock Funk Stop” which featured Brian Fish and his “Rockford Blues Band”. The song would simultaneously appear on this album and their album as “The Rockford Blues Band featuring Pat Lewis. Pat Lewis and Brian Fish were planning on a tour that the Rockford Blues would headline and Pat Lewis would come out when they were done and do about ten songs. Since Brian Fish knew some of the 81

BEHIND THE MUSIC songs (or practically wrote a few in Metal Storm it would be easy for the band since Todd Rottener played drums for The Rockford Blues. The Rockford Blues was finally having a bit of success with their sixth album that had their first #1 since their existence courtesy of Caterson Damon helping them get their foot through the door. The song was called “Grab it and Hold on”. The band’s original singer Daryl Henning had returned to the band after a car injury permitted him from doing too much due to the amount of pain and healing had was going through. After the album before their recent one they had a new singer that lasted one album and tour. Their latest album was self titled with no designate however it is referred to as “XI” or six as far as indexing. Pat Lewis pulled out of the co-headlining tour with the band after his wife had to go through had series of tests which the couple learned in February of 2026 that she had Pancreas cancer.

Pat Lewis called up Caterson Damon and told him that his wife has Pancreas cancer on the other hand it is not as bad as it sounds. He told Cat about a new innovative procedure that is new in Japan where he and his wife would be flying to have done. A month later, Pat Lewis and his wife returned from Japan and went to the Damon’s house to tell them that Kim was in remission and things were great. The two couples had a long talk about life and what they want to do in the future. It would be ironic when Jessica decided to turn the television on and there was special about Metal Storm on the Arts and Entertainment channel. It was a real cheesy documentary where they can’t use the music because it probably wasn’t in the budget and quietly in the background of the documentary was a basic few metal riffs and pounding drums. There was a comment about Caterson Damon ‘refusing’ to allow any of the members to reunite as Metal Storm since he owns the band name. Cat became angry and bitched out load that everyone had been too busy. “Let’s make a fucking Metal Storm record and not tell anyone,” Pat joked. “That’s not a bad idea,” Cat replied, “everyone is expecting or believes that Phil Goldie is back in the Metal Storm lineup since that show a year ago. I don’t ever recall firing Mark .” Caterson Damon and Pat Lewis decided to go see if Mathias Hook was still drinking and the only reason they decided to do this is because this was during a time Mathias Hook had organized another club band where he would sing and play guitar or sometimes the bass player would sing. He was back playing with Niles Gorman (the bassist singer) but the live drummer was this new kid who couldn’t have been no day over twenty five years of age. Whatever this drummer was doing he was playing so fast it was somewhat of an incentive to see Mathias Hook playing his guitar by himself with just a bass player as well as keeping up to this insane drummer. Turned out he was the nephew of Niles Gorman who had been practicing with the kid since he was ten years old. The kid’s name was Nicolas James From and he went by “Nikki From” and when Mathias Hook decided to throw together a ‘quick club jam band’ he called up Niles because he was an incredible bass player and could sing. That worked for Mathias because he wanted people to focus on him as the only guitar player.


BEHIND THE MUSIC This time Niles suggested they “jam” with his nephew who could play just about every single Metal Storm song at the drop of a hat. Mathias was skeptical but after one little practice jam he was convinced he was playing with the greatest drummer in the world thus the reason Mathias Hook’s little ‘club drop in tour’ was successful was because he had sobered up and had an amazing drummer. Even with his hair tied back, and a baseball cap over his head, Caterson Damon still was noticed because of being six foot seven. Patrick could get away with it. Since the two were together it doubled their chances of being noticed and now they were watching Mathias Hook playing good for the first time to a large crowd. Caterson Damon thought Nikki From was about thirteen years old because of the fact he was so short and looked really feminine, but that was not the case. The show raged on for nearly a brutal one hour and a half with no breaks. Backstage, Caterson and Pat simply walked past the security guard who didn’t do anything but stand there with his mouth wide open. Niles Gorman was ecstatic at the sight of Caterson Damon and Pat Lewis entering the back dressing room. Nikki From Mathias Hook gave his two former band mates warm hugs and what seemed to be a bewildered puzzlement why they came. “Wanted to check out the buzz,” Pat would say. Caterson Damon mentioned later that they were putting together another Metal Storm album and seeing if he (Mathias Hook) was physically able to play and that answer was totally obvious. When Caterson said that he tried to reach Jayson and he wouldn’t respond and Neil could no longer player. They were going to hire a session drummer for writing and credit him or her as a studio musician but not a member. That’s when Niles jumped in telling Caterson Damon that they should consider ‘Nick’ because he can play anything. Pat assured Niles they already knew and saw that and that may be a possibility. It had to be some one that was a professional drummer that could keep up the pace while everyone worked on new songs. To keep the word silent they knew Niles Gorman would be telling the world what was going on. So Caterson Damon made him a promise to keep quiet they would give ‘Nick’ a shot as a session drummer if he wants, but there was any type of talking or letting any press in on what was going on thy would have to leave.


BEHIND THE MUSIC The following week, everyone agreed to meet up in a studio that was in Los Angeles, California that Caterson Damon had recorded “Hell On Earth” and “A Dish Best Served Cold”. He was able to acquire Russell Sperry again who this time was super stoked to be a part of an official Metal Storm album. Caterson Damon rented out the studio area and told Russell he could sit in while they write to learn the material or they would call him. Sperry was so stoked to be a part of a ‘secret project’ he wanted to be there every second the band was there. He wanted to know the insides and out of the songs and this was something he would never imagine himself doing. The writing process would be a very brutal with Caterson Damon and Pat Lewis at the helm of the Metal Storm band unit. Mathias Hook and Mark Walker had to get used to playing with each other again. That seemed to be a chore at first but after they dialed themselves in that’s when Pat got comfortable riding a grove with this young, session drummer. Nikki From played and did everything he was told. He was a little bit hyper than what Caterson, Pat and Mark were used to, but that’s when his Uncle Niles would be telling him to “calm the fuck down these guys are pros!” Mathias Hook had stopped drinking several months ago after making some Tabloids for doing crazy stuff in public. He looked healthy again and when he showed up in Los Angeles and was no longer wearing his stage clothes it was noticeable he had packed on a few lbs. Sperry sat at the control both and he would record everything that went on throughout their entire rehearsal and writing process just in case they stumbled onto something. That’s when Cat would yell, “Russ, can you play that back?” This was a new way of writing, but it had become a process Caterson Damon as well as Pat Lewis had been doing (hence Pat with the Jayson Damon album with all the various musicians that came in to work.) The plan that Cat, Mark and Pat originally wanting to do was go back to what they created as far as sound on “Seasons in Hell One” plus “Seasons In hell two” and try to figure out the code of what made those albums successful and they came to the conclusion it was because it had everything. Everything meaning it had the super fast metal songs that Metal Storm had never been known to do hence the reason why Caterson Damon originally contracted the former members of Serpent to create a new band that would be fast, heavy and dark for his “Unholy Messiah” idea. Now after years of playing in that style including Mark Walker who was involved with a band called “Night Hunter” that was almost like Serpent. The vocalist was a short gal with large breasts who had an insane pair of knockers. Mark started out as their studio guy and wound up befriending the band and going on the road with them and having the time of his life over in Europe during the ‘Dark Metal Days” of Summer.


BEHIND THE MUSIC So it was apparent from the start that Metal Storm was making an album with a pretty brutal styled of heavy metal. During the process of writing it became quite obvious that Niles Gorman would have to go. He was becoming very opinionated about the new songs and how he thinks they should be structured. During the creation of the song, “Ready to Kill” he had stopped the band (it was just Mathias, Pat and Mark . Caterson Damon was at a meeting about the business with the record company and possibly looking over submitted artwork for a cover idea. Pat Lewis was trying to conduct the band rehearsal while Gorman kept approaching Pat Lewis with an idea, but he would do it in a fashion where it looks like he is asking Pat a question. For instance... “Wouldn’t it just be easier you as the bass player to ride the open E string in that intro so that the two guitars can play off each other with one lead break switching off into the other player?” Finally Pat looked at Niles and said something like… “You are here as guest,” Pat said, “You are in some band with Mathias that is currently is not functioning because he is working on a new Metal Storm album. You are not a member of Metal Storm, if you continue to talk, act, or even suggest anything to me again giving the impression you are a part of the team I will ask you to leave and not return.” “Okay guys,” Russell’s voice spoke over the microphone inside the engineer booth, “We don’t you guys take a break and get some coffee, stretch your legs. I think I heard something from last night I want you to hear but I need to locate it again because I got too tired last night and neglected to do so. This should only take me a few minutes.”

“Good idea!” Mathias cheered taking off his left handed fender Stratocaster , “Gorman, let’s talk about something.” “S-Sure… “Niles replied leaving he room with Mathias. The next day everyone returned to the studio to do the work and begin the recording process on some new songs. Some of the practice runs Russell had been capturing and splicing together what he thought were flawless moments. This is when Caterson Damon had learned that somebody was in the building last night messing around with everyone’s gear having ‘jam session.” Mathias said that he believed Nikki had stolen his pass keys because he had to have Pat let him in after calling his cellar phone and when the band reviewed the security footage you could clearly see it was Nikki From with a girl and a couple of kid his age he must have just met in Los Angeles. Cat made a statement that if the process of this album is to go forward we start working with the drummer this going to be on this album and going on the road with us, providing anyone buys it. “By now all of the music media had some idea we are making a Metal Storm Record,” Pat said checking over his bas amp and cords, “we should just abandon ship for four months and watch who is still feeding the gossip mill. Then we jump out at the last minute.” “I hope you were kidding,” Cat said. 85

BEHIND THE MUSIC “Yeah, I sure hope he is also,” Mark added, “I’m not making money being here every day and if I abandon ship one more time I will walk out the door and never look back. I don’t see why four grown, intelligent men who have made music with one and another for their entire lives just can’ seem to keep the studio clear of idiots.” “We have to bring back the costumes and makeup one last time,” Mathias said, “We can make the best and sound the greatest but we lost the visual. This is the one thing that would seal the deal and should be considered.” Caterson Damon, Pat Lewis and Mark Walker all agreed they are not going to dress up in costumes. They felt the music coming along on this record was good and heavy. They felt it was good and reminded them of the “Seasons in Hell” two records. Producer Russ Sperry suggested this album be called “Seasons In Hell III” and for quite some time this would be the running title. Metal Storm knew that 2026 and having a new album would Mark the anniversary of thirty some years since Metal Storm was officially a successful recording group. This didn’t count the years before their first album because things were kind of in disarray until they met Michael Benson and came aboard Atlantic records. Now under their own label and branch of Caterson Damon’s new label he had created Cat’s Litter box Records a division of the new Thunder-Force Records. Thunder-Forcer Records was bought by Mirage Entertainment this year. The owner of Mirage Entertainment is John Boran formerly of the super group Mirage. These days he is a record producer, writer and just had partnered up with Thunder Force so it basically strengthen Cat’s Litter box Records with a little financial backing With Metal Storm’s permission he had Rolling Stone come in to interview the band. This is when everyone learned that the band (Metal Storm) was up for the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame once again. The first time they were looked over and John Boran said it may have been because there were so many other applicants and the fact that Metal Storm was a defunctive band at the time. He suggested doing the Rolling Stone interview as the four and maybe mentions to them that you are not hiring a new drummer, just one person to do the tour that way there won’t be all this focus about Metal Storm looking for a drummer. John Boran’s successful career as the guitar player and singer of the band Mirage was way beyond anything Metal Storm has ever done as far as achievements. Boran gave the group advice and told them it’s always good to stick together when an anniversary like thirty years is coming up. Thirty years is actually a bit longer than the band Mirage however, Mirage was more successful because they were like soft to regular rock type ballads as to Metal Storm that was heavy metal with only a selective crowd. Metal Storm’s crossover record was Seasons in Hell with the song “Thinking of You” and that’s why they wrote two new songs similar to “Thinking of You” to see if they could push back into the standard contemporary chart one more time. Rolling Stone gave Metal Storm the cover and interviewed Caterson Damon and talked to Pat Lewis a bit but didn’t ask any questions to Mark Walker or Mathias Hook. 86

BEHIND THE MUSIC They took a ton of pictures and even though Mathias Hook complained about not being recognized Cat whispered for him to shut up and deal with how they do it or they’ll think were bunch of rejects.

After they left Pat Lewis pulled Mathias Hook aside and bitched him out. “Caterson Damon and I don’t have to work with you,” Pat said, “in fact, if you want you can leave right out the door and back to your shitty little club. I’m sure there are plenty more Nikki Froms or the Niles Gorman’s of the fucking world. You have one more chance to be somebody or be somebody that you once were. If you want to piss it away by grumbling about the order of sequence by a simple questionnaire by Rolling Stone then you’d better leave now. I say that because you have not been associated with Metal Storm for quite some time. The simple fact we give you another chance you had better take it while it’s hot. If we get in the hall of fame and actually kick off successful album sales it will go hand in hand with the thirty year anniversary. You can be here or out there playing for quarters in your open guitar case either way I don’t give a fuck. Just remember if you leave you will never come back again!” Pat walked out of the study slamming the door. Mathias would have normally argued but he was more surprised that he got his ass chewed for what he thought was just minor complaining. From that point out, Mathias Hook would ride the train and see how far it would go and what he was about to encounter next would be the next breath of fresh air breathed into what he thought was his dying career. November 18th , 2026 the album (self-titled) was changed at the last minute from “Seasons In Hell III” to becoming an undecided ‘self titled’ album. A lot of hard core Metal Storm fans came from afar and waited at music stores until midnight hoping to jump the street or get a glimpse of a new Metal Storm record in quite some time. They finished up the album with a drummer named Cara Lynn who was the newest drummer in the world famous female rock band “Catseye”. The original drummer Chris Halleck had retired because of physical conditions of arthritis and many other things and as the band got heavier with a new guitarist Gabrielle Neal (who was dating Mathias Hook as of October 2026. Half of the band Catseye and their old guitarist Kim Togan would be in the studio of often working with Metal Storm. With Cara Lynn being the main drummer on this album it forced Mark Walker, Pat Lewis and Mathias Hook to play heavy. That was a walk in the park for Caterson Damon and the fans were literally blown away by the heaviness of this self-titled album from what was considered classic rockers. Damien Grimm naturally was asked to come put down some keyboard parts and asked to tour with the band once they found a drummer. He was excited to be doing something again because at the time he was playing keyboards in a Deep Purple tribute band. Metal Storm would have hired Cara Lynn as a drummer to go on the road with them had she not been committed to the new Catseye record with Jennifer Stevenson (the bassist and only original member) and Gabrielle Neal who had been Kim Togan’s replacement going on seven years now (Kim left to start her own project ‘Stone Angels). 87

BEHIND THE MUSIC After bit of talking, they agreed to check into a selected few drummers known to be able to play heavy like this new album and the ability to change it up a bit. They wound up contacting Sam Kerr who was the drummer for Ironbird (Mathias Hook’s first postMetal Storm group). Kerr was currently playing for a group called “Brutality” and it was actually how he got the live Metal storm gig. November 18th, 2026

the album (self-titled) was released world-wide (Partial Mark 4 lineup)

ALBUM DUTIES: Caterson Damon- Lead Vocals Mark Walker- Lead Guitar Mathias Hook- Lead Guitar Pat Lewis- Bass Guitar, b. vocals Cara Lynn- Drums* Damien Grimm-Keyboards* Brian Fish- Guitars* Kim Togan- Guitar* John Boran- Backing Vocals* *Non-band member TRACKS: 01. 02. 03. 04. 05. 06. 07. 08. 09. 10. 11.

Hell Or High Water Ready To Kill Conceited Pressure Point The Only Way A Season In Hell Going For The Throat Charred Remains A Trail Of Bodies Jack The Ripper Everyone Must Die

Metal Storm released an extremely graphic and violent video that had to be toned down for video stations using the track “Ready To Kill”. It was the first Metal Storm album to be embraced and shoot up the heavy metal charts this fast and when the single “The Only Way” was released later on it became just as they planned another hit song that would increase the sales of the album making it gold and platinum almost a quarter way through their “We’re back!” tour 2027 Caterson Damon, Pat Lewis and Mathias Hook managed to get backstage at a show to watch “Brutality” opening up for a big act in Los Angeles called “Manifestation”. Ironically, way back in the day John Theismann was their guitar player and they were death metal Now, they were a smoke/mirrors band featuring the infamous “Harry Houdini” (Elliot Winston) who 88

BEHIND THE MUSIC had adopted the name Harry Houdini many years back and performed magic on stage giving life to the classic rock band “the Gods” after their guitar player had passed away quite some time ago. Now a part of “Manifestation” besides Houdini, the lead singer was also a part of the magic show with the music. This new band was taking California by surprise and selling out shows. “Brutality” was one of many bands that opened up, the only thing good about then was the drummer. (Besides the fact he used to be the drummer in Iron Bird and Mathias Hook) Mathias kept talking up Sam Kerry saying he was loyal and “probably, the best drummer that is out there”. It had been years since Mathias Hook played with him, so the three went to this big show and watched ‘Brutality” and they agreed that Sam Kerr would work in Metal Storm as far as a live drummer, but they would approach him and make an offer after they show and Sam replied with a simple… “Fuck yeah. Get me the fuck out of here.” ….and so the first Metal Storm tour in March of 2027, not counting the New Year’s show two years before but this would be fourteen years since Metal Storm has went on a tour in support of a new album. Fans from all over would begin to make a buzz about their new album and wonder if they would be treated to a costumed band or a bunch of sixty some year olds barley able to move. By the sounds of the new self-titled record this was going to rock. A group of ‘old school’ fans of Metal Storm who was into the early records and old gimmicks were turned off by this record. They failed to make any connection to the Metal Storm of modern day (Even though the band promised to give them a classic show with the new sounds.)

Sam “Sammy” Kerr born Ethan Glenny in Canberra, Australia August 3rd, 1969 Ethan Glenny changed his name to “Sammy Kerr” for a stage name when he as eighteen after seeing the cheesy B-flick “Trick Or Treat” (featuring Gene Simmons, Ozzy Osbourne..etc.) A lot of people assume “Sammy Kerr is his birth name because in the United States the 1987 movie “Trick or Treat” was considered a joke or ‘flop’ Called “Boy Toy” (glam rock type band) and he tried to emulate himself after the fictional character Sammy Kerr from the movie “Trick or Treat”. The band ‘Boy Toy” would not last very long and Ethan would flop around between a lot of bands before moving to drums at the suggestion of the band manager who preferred a guitarist named Dobbs over Sammy and at the time the band “Frankenstein’ Monster” needed a drummer In Canberra and most parts of Australia the movie “Trick or Treat” was considered a smash only because Gene Simmons (who was a big celebrity along with Kiss in Australia) was in it along with Ozzy Osbourne’s little cameo. Everyone knew Sammy was a kick ass drummer and often played drums with their current drummer Tommy Sheets would not show up to practice or became unreliable and by the time ‘Dobbs “joined 89

BEHIND THE MUSIC “Frankenstein’s Monster” it was obvious that Sammy Kerr had to go or replace Sheets with him. The rest would be history as far as Sammy Kerr becoming a drummer and continuing to play drummers long after “Frankenstein’s Monster’s” demise. Sammy already professionally know throughout Australia and got his name in a lot of metal magazines decided to drop the “Sammy” and call his first name “Sam” trying to distance himself from the idea of what he wanted to originally do. Sammy (people pretty much called him that or “Sam”) moved to New York City with his next band that was called “SSIK” (pretty much a Kiss cover band that could flip flop between that for money and then turn around and book original shows with dressing up as Kiss playing their own music. It went over well in New York City because Sam looked a lot like Eric Carr (with the big puff ball hair) and he dressed up as ‘the Fox” character instead of the traditional Peter Criss in most Kiss tribute bands. The A &M branch that is connected to Atlantic Records that produces albums for new acts came across the band “Ssik” and loved their originals however they were asked to change their name and no longer associate their original band with their Kiss tribute band show. Therefore the band became known as “Decomposer” and released their first album called “Rat village”. It was put out on the same label Metal Storm in 2001 in October only after Metal Storm released “Alien” in September 2001. “Decomposer’s first album tanked and they actually got to open for Metal Storm in 2002 in support of their “Live From Hell” tour. Sam would meet Mathias Hook and they would hit it off and hang out a lot back stage. Caterson Damon felt the band with its odd name “Decomposer” was good but it lacked a good lead vocalist. At the time they had a very young girl referred to as “eye candy” who was only eighteen. Her name was Candy Star. She would later find herself in Catseye for six months after the successful vocalist Kim Stone quit the band after she got into a fight with Jennifer Stevenson. Candy Star helped Catseye continue as a live act and later became lovers with drummer Chris Halleck before she was let go when they were able to negotiate a new contract with Sherry Vanhook (their 2nd lead vocalist who had sold the most albums when she was in Catseye). Jeremiah Dregne, the bass player, backup singer for Decomposer was hired to in a new band called “Briterica” (that later went on to have major success in Europe with their lead vocalist Tim Lukas). Ironically the lead guitarist the band ‘Briterica” whose name is Billy Jo Neal originally from Arkansas, would later marry Sherry Vanhook and from that day forward Billy Jo would always be the lead guitarist on all of her successful solo albums. Later in 2009, the lead singer for Briterica (Tim Lukas) would later join Ironbird and play on the same record as Sammy Kerr on their 4th album. This was during a time when Briterica had decided to take a break after their drummer Darrell Wagner (leader and co/founder) was injured when a large speaker cabinet slid off the top ledge of a truck that he assumed had no wheels. However there was a wheeled pallet underneath the cabinet and someone forgot to lock it down. Darrell Wagner had torn his rotator cuff and had some damage to the discs in his back. He also suffered from a pinch nerve that ran down the side of his left from his back. He would have to undergo physical therapy and a possible surgery. This meant Briterica (a very successful band would wind up being down for three years). Wagner only predicted maybe a year tops, but learned the pinched nerve going down his leg would cause him problem walking and standing. The drummer from Decomposer went onto play with Mathias Hook’s band Ironbird through the record company. Sammy Kerr has been the drummer on every single Iron Bird record despite the bands unsteady lineups. When Metal Storm found Sammy Kerr again he was in Los Vegas as a backup drummer in Gary Hansen’s Vegas shows that were very successful (if you are Gary Hansen). Sammy barely made a fifty t a hundred bucks per week despite how big Gary Hansen had become in Vegas (Gary Hansen was the original lead vocalist for a rock band called Forty-Four Magnum and had stretched out his career and moved into a different, more successful bracket of performance as a vocalist where he had lots of fans waiting to see him in Los Vegas every night.)


BEHIND THE MUSIC Successfully Sam Kerr was able to packup and leave at the drop of the dime when Caterson Damon asked him if he could perform as Metal Storm’s live drummer. Sammy could not stand Gary Hansen and when he was asked to do the live shows he just up and left without saying anything to Gary Hansen. It cost Hansen a show but he was able to recover with his drummer from Forty-Four Magnum until he later replaced him with somebody Sam Kerr Live with Metal Storm as their drummer during the “We’re back 2027 tour” as ticket sales were strong in America their tour manager Jason Krueger told Metal Storm if they didn’t make this a word tour they would be crazy. By September 2027 Metal Storm officially added European, Japanese and Australian dates making the “We’re back “ tour officially a world tour. Australia, being one of the biggest Metal Storm ‘fans” country went crazy when it came to promoting and selling ticket. Metal Storm added four shows in Australia (compared to the original only one appearance in Melbourne).

Jayson Damon: Where did he go? One of the biggest mysteries when it came to Metal Storm was ‘Where is Jayson Damon?’ Naturally if Neil Pierce can no longer play drums (or so it says) then why not have Jayson Damon, who technically is there first drummer jump behind the kit? For quite some time Caterson Damon & Pat Lewis blew off the question by replying with the same answers, “Jayson and I will always be brothers, but after being found innocent of murder, which we both know he didn’t do. The stress of that trial was so bad he has been doing a lot of traveling and has a another band plus he’s got solo projects he’s working on. I don’t think at the time Metal Storm would be a healthy choice for him at this point in time. Never say never, for the reason that Jayson will always be a part of my family, as my brother and the family of Metal Storm and officially Jayson Damon has never left or been fired from the band therefore the rationale why we don’t have Sam Kerr listed as a Metal Storm member. For the recording of our new album Metal Storm used a very talented drummer named Cara Lynn formerly of Digital Sandwich and currently of Catseye. Having her play drums on the last record worked out perfect for the schedule and Sam Kerr another amazing drummer is doing the tour as Metal Storm’s live drummer. We decided as far as playing live that Sam or ‘Sammy’ as some people call him, since he knows how to play with Mathias Hook in addition it has helped us when came to rehearsals, Mathias and Sammy have jammed the majority of Metal Storm Songs in ‘Ironbird’ so it wasn’t knew to him. Sammy is a great live drummer plus it has helped us four to get back to Metal Storm as a live act.” This usually is how Caterson or Pat answered the question and the subject would wander off talking about Metal Storm’s upcoming shows and recently their new song/video for “A Season In Hell” which was written by Caterson Damon and Pat Lewis as a tribute to their late guitarist John Theismann” as it approached the anniversary of his death. Five years had passed for Jayson Damon and he still lived in Hawaii and was able to invest some his money in real estate and build a large area for a group of his followers. What started out as a party that was thrown after he was proven innocent of any charges in his wife’s death a party was thrown for him by a bunch of friends. It was jam after jam, first it was Brian Fish then a bunch of local bands and after awhile it seemed like the party needed to stop, but since Jayson Damon owned the area and land there was nothing anyone could do since there was not any neighbors for miles. 91

BEHIND THE MUSIC Eventually this lead to what Jayson Damon called a “spiritual awakening” with God and all though some found it to be strange the more Jayson would say, “spread the world, everyone is welcomed. The more people would come.” Almost a couple years later the fifteen acre area, with two giant barn like buildings including his home that was private began a congregation type group. Jayson Damon would break out the acoustic and sing some songs every other night. Jayson Damon built a recording studio in his home and hired a new studio engineer who worked in Los Angeles but came to Hawaii to record Jayson Damon’s second album. The engineer’s name was Douglass Shannon and every time he would bitch about something Jayson would say to him. “Tell me what you need. Is it something this studio doesn’t have? I’ll get it!” Eventually Douglas Shannon began to find himself very comfortable in a studio with all the fixings including a remodeled bedroom off to the side and locked doors with his own private access. The lawyer that saved Jayson Damon from going to prison began to stay at the enormous home and soon she was involved with Jayson. The fifty-eight year old Jayson Damon decided he wanted to marry Miki Kiyo was a young twenty-eight year old Japanese lawyer that was very intelligent. Jayson and he fell in love after a week of non-stop sex that according to Jayson, “just don’t seem to stop.” Jayson Damon and Miki Kiyo married May 23rd, 2028 and everyone showed up including his brother Caterson Damon who had had not seen in nearly four years. Jayson and Miki had so many friends they decided not to have a best man or a bride’s maid because it would only offend those who were not asked. The wedding reception lasted three days and on the third day Jayson Damon said he woke up lying in bed with his wife and looked out the top of the second floor of his bedroom window and said to himself, “What the fuck am I doing?” When his wife awoke she was concerned to find Jayson sobbing and asking himself over and over, “what the fuck am I doing?”

Miki tried to perform oral sex on her husband that usually did the trick) but he wasn’t having it. Something was wrong with the fifty-eight year old ex-drummer and now a solo artist, but for some reason he had a recording contract but he wasn’t getting paid or receiving any statements about the sales of his last three records. What was going on?


BEHIND THE MUSIC Miki got dressed and went into lawyer mode and contacted the agent that worked for A&M where Jayson Damon had a record deal with Metal Storm’s old record company that was through Atlantic, but for some reason they could not track down Jayson’s Agent Brent Walsh.

Three records had been released since he put out his most known record “Love Is all Right…Tonight” in October 2nd, 2025. Now for some reason, he was releasing them and the last statement got was for his second album “Albino Ave” but for some reason he never got any more information. He checked the internet and learned “Albino Ave” and “Colorful Pain” was never released and his agent Brent Wash was fired from A&M for using the company business card to take money out of ATMs to buy hookers and cocaine for a couple ‘big time’ artists he represented. “Don’t worry baby,” Miki said in a playful voice in between dialing numbers, “Somebody is going to get suited big time for this! You are going to own Atlantic Records after I find out who was handling Walsh’s clients after they canned him.” Eventually Miki Kiyo sued Atlantic Records for not alerting their artist ‘Jayson Damon’ what was going on with his material. The only thing that was distributed was the first album (obviously) but anything after that including the ‘gospel’ one he cut was not even touched. It took the executives of Atlantic Records about a month to find all of the master copies and they came to a deal with the two. They offered Jayson Damon 4 million dollars and offered to re-release the albums in an exclusive box set at a low cost (they would take the hit.) This allowed Jayson Damon to release a live album that his engineer was mixing from over a span of four shows done at his ‘celebration stages”. Of course the albums could also be bought separately for twenty five dollars apiece or the box set that went for a special deal for $75.00. This would be the agreement that Atlantic records would make to Jayson Damon as an artist along with his new band he called “The Unseen”. So far, Jayson Damon only listed himself and Miki as members of the group but the live shows were recorded with all kinds of players like Brian Fish, Ric Carter, Thaddeus J,. Wendell, Zacarri Bolter and even Pat Lewis came to Hawaii to sit in on a few shows. April 10th, 2027 with the help of Atlantic Records (because of their deal in the lawsuit) first they released Jayson Damon’s discography then a month later everything was sold separately.



Atlantic Records promoted the box set with everything they could come up with and way beyond. This was a part of their deal and many other artists were beginning to wonder what the heck was going on with this “Unseen”…..who is the Unseen? While that craziness was going on, Metal Storm had already begun to work on the follow up to the last self-titled album. They were going to release a live album, but decided against that only because they were not happy with the recordings that were captured at the beginning of their tour after they had just got back together.


BEHIND THE MUSIC For drums they decided to give Sam Kerr a shot instead of asking Cara Lynn (Catseye were still on the road and joined up with some other bands after Metal Storm’s last tour of Australia concluded their shows. Metal Storm played to their biggest crowd in years and decided the last night of their show in Australia they would surprise the fans and put some form of their old costumes and war paint on. Mark Walker dressed as A hybrid of his ‘crimson warrior’ with a bit of Phil Goldie’s costume in it. The fans went insane and I made headline news all over. News and pictures along with Mark Walker’s custom red and black Warlock traveled all around the world and by the time Metal Storm came back to New York to start work on their album they were beginning to see and hear the backlash for their ‘last show stunt”. Sam Kerr looked like it was actually Neil Pierce back behind the kit because he had the original hair that Neil had, but he played a lot faster and better. Sam didn’t think it was any big deal and it was Caterson Damon and Pat Lewis that suggested that Mark and Sam dress similar to Phillip and Neil and it worked, fans wanted more! Mathias Hook actually felt good wearing the old war paint even though he didn’t have the massive hair (it was cut more stylish to today’s look). Mathias pulled out his new left handed fender and played like any other show. He looked over at Mark a few time and remember thinking, ‘that looks too good to be true and somebody is going to be pissed off.” He was right. That somebody would be Phillip Goldie and he called Pat Lewis up and asked why they had dressed Mark Walker up in his old suit. “We were in Australia and this company had made a replica of our old costumes,” Pat replied the while story. As you Phillip, Metal Storm or anything associated to the band has always been really big in Australia. In recent times I think it has something to do with our drummer Sam Kerr born Ethan Glenny in Canberra, Australia August 3rd, 1969. To make a long story short Phillip, when we arrived in Australia we added a show in Canberra after learning they were responsible for this Metal Storm museum…” “I know I’ve been there.” Phillip responded. “Okay,” Pat continued, “recently they bought some vintage Metal Storm costumes. After we inspected them they were the right sizes however they were fakes. The man who owned the museum was crushed and at the last minute we decided to help the guy out and wear the clothes on stage. Of course we’d have to hire a seamstress to take the one apart for Sam who is a body builder. It was just for Canberra not really much of a major city on the world map and we had Julia, our assistant get a hold of some of the expert theater type stage makeup and we surprised the audience with one show like that. We had no idea there was a dozen professional photographers. When the show was over, it went over like any show with the exception they photos were circulated around the world saying that we were back in makeup. The kicker is that Canberra would be the final show of the tour. We’re done touring for now so don’t expect any Metal Storm in your makeup shows soon.” “How about Metal Storm never in my makeup shows,” Phillip said, “What was the deal with the warlock that was painted up to like my crimson warrior design?” “Mark Walker is sponsored by two guitar companies,” Pat returned, ‘they make him guitars and send him free stuff. That warlock was sent just as a designed based on the whole crimson warrior theme. Had it said your name you could complain.” “I hope I never see Mark Walker EVER dressed up as anything close to my crimson warrior design,” Phillip’s last words were after he rambled a bit, “As a matter of fact, I haven’t talked to Neil Pierce and I


BEHIND THE MUSIC know for a fact Sam Kerr hasn’t been hired by Metal Storm. Even though I had to take a double take and many the papers assumed that was Neil Pierce you should publically make a statement that was not…” “You know Phillip,” Pat finally snapped, “Caterson Damon owns everything. From the band trademark, the colors, designs, logos and costumes. You were there in court when his attorney Michael W. Givens sued the record company and he was awarded everything back to him as an originator. If we wanted to, we could dress up Brian Fish and put a red wig on him and then add your scarlet warrior designs, but we don’t. We all have this respect toward the original foundation of the band however if you don’t stop with the orders you are going to push Caterson Damon and the next time we do a tour we will be dressed like that. Just be thankful it was one time, okay? Thank you and goodbye.”” After Pat Lewis hung up his cell phone he turned around and Caterson Damon was standing there drinking a can of coke. It kind of surprised pat but it was a big recording studio and it had a nice break room. “Phillip Goldie,” Pat said taken aback to Caterson Damon. “Got an idea,” Caterson said, “I’ve been talking with King Tutankhamen and Grey Hawk again and we started talking about maybe jamming on stage sometime in the future for fun or maybe in Hawaii where Jayson has that enormous stage. To make a long story short, we should move to Los Angeles and hire Aaron Roth to engineer the next Metal Storm album.” “Why Aaron Roth?” asked Pat. “Because we are all on the same page as far as Metal Storm making one last album,” Caterson replied, “But this studio in Queens is limited and we don’t have anybody aboard as an engineer.” “I thought you and I could do it,” Pat said. “You and I could, but why?” Cat asked, “Aaron Roth did my first album Unholy Messiah and Metal Maniacs said our last record was good but not as heavy as they expected. They were referring to me because my last batch of Caterson Damon albums was heavy. This is not Caterson Damon however it has become what you and I made Metal Storm into. Every time we stamp the Metal Storm logo on it, the album turns gold following the platinum color. Sam Kerr can do it, I have heard his other bands, I can do it and I know after hearing Night Hunter that Mark Walker can do it.” As Pat Lewis, Mark Walker, Caterson Damon and Mathias Hook would try to get together and converse about the ideas. They found it hard to get a hold of Mathias Hook who was off and running doing his last minute gigs. This time Mathias Hook had assembled Nick From on drums and Sean Chandler came out to do some shows to replace Niles Gorman who was a bit salt after the fiasco a couple years ago. (When Niles and From were kicked out of the studio for over-stepping their boundaries.) Nikki From lived in Los Angeles and Sean Chandler had a nice little home in L.A. so Mathias set up some local three piece shows using Sean on bass. Sean Chandler had an amazing voice and did harmonies with his brother Steve however this was Mathias Hook. Therefore he would have to improvise harmonies while they played. This club was the type of club that nobody cared when they were drunk and it allowed Mathias Hook to be his own boss and control the crowd without Pat Lewis or Caterson Damon who now controlled the band he created and lost because he became a drunk and quit caring.


BEHIND THE MUSIC Pat, Mark and Cat began planning out ideas for new music on day three they called up Sam Kerr (who had been waiting by the phone. He arrived grinning ear to ear ready to rock. He loved Los Angeles and he loved this studio. When producer/engineer Aaron Roth (LA based known by Caterson Damon for his work on ‘the Bridge’ and many other projects). To the band (including Caterson) they could tell he had lost a lot of weight and was extremely nervous about something. Just as the band was about to shake his hand and tell him they were still looking for producers that is when Aaron Roth began talking about his wife leaving him and said he was sorry for his appearance but he needed to get back into something serious or he was going to lose it. His last studio work had been with was a studio in Florida for some teenager Disney group that drove him batty. Then he apologized to Caterson Damon saying that he went to Hawaii to work with Jayson Damon and Miki Kiyo is ‘the biggest cunt on the planet.” There was an eerie silence and the Caterson Damon started cracking up laughing followed by everyone else in the room. “I met her twice,” Caterson said, “I don’t have any opinions however you are the fourth person to tell me this so you all can’t be out of your minds! “So what do you want out of me as an engineer type production?” Aaron would later ask during conversation. “I’d like you to revisit Unholy Messiah,” Caterson Damon replied, “You’ve been chosen to record the last Metal Storm album. So, make it the heaviest, evil, brutal sounding piece of metal you can get out of us.” “Guys like you this should be a piece of cake,” Aaron commented the group. “What should we do about the Mathias situation?” asked Pat to Caterson Damon who was leaning against one of the large shelving units in the control booth, “I’m going to make some calls,” Cat said, “We’ll make Mr. Roth comfortable and I’m sure King Tut will not have a problem playing on Metal Storm’s last album.” “Right, the will have no choice, but to use King Tut for the tour because Mathias will never be able to play that,” Pat replied. “Have a little faith in the band Patrick,” Caterson laughed, “tomorrow night we are being inducted into the hall of fame. I’m not sure who is going to show up, but I will be anything Mathias Hook and gal pal Gabby will be there. She has been hounding him since he got back about wanting to make sure there is a seat for her, Mathias will play this last tour with us Pat, and right now he’s just board. This is the side of Mathias that some don’t know about and pretty soon we won’t ever have to deal with him ever again.”


BEHIND THE MUSIC “To be honest with you guys,” Mark said, “I’d rather play alone on stage or somebody who stays in the right key. The beginning to the U.S. tour was terrible until we got to Germany he started t kick it in gear otherwise it was slop-city. I have played with King Tut in the studio during the recording of his lat band Mark Walker wears a thick hair ‘wig’ when he performs. He also conceals his aging under makeup and foundation. A lot of time when he is outside of Metal Storm working in a studio repairing an piece of equipment or a broken computer some people won’t even recognize him. It was during recent times that Mark Walker was asked back to Metal Storm and he was the one that made the observation to Caterson and pat that he no longer had thick hair it had thinned out. He mentioned that he had aged a bit faster and blamed it on his mother’s side that worries a lot. His skin tone is a shade darker than normal because he has a quarter Indian in him meaning his Grandfather is a fully blown Indian that lived on a reservation. Mark was always the first to tan when outside and usually not purposely. He always wears a thick lighter foundation on his face when performing as Mark Walker from Metal Storm. Originally the band wanted to call him Mark and it worked for awhile but after so much time he just revere to the selling of his first name. When he was hired Pat Lewis was the one that came to Caterson Damon with the idea of hiring the guitar tech that was brought in to work with Thaddeus J. Wendell who was a complete asshole to Mark. Back in the day when Mathias and Thaddeus were getting along (when they were drinking) they both disliked their guitar techs (because the company hired them,) The two made a bet and let’s see who can get their guitar tech fired or quit first and it was obvious Mathias one after stressing out a BTT Technical college student provided by the recording halfway through the “Alien “tour. It was a god thing that Thaddeus had one because when Thaddeus was fired for causing physical violence with Mathias they needed somebody right away and since Mark was the guitar tech for Thaddeus for nearly 110 nights while Metal Storm was touring in support of their “Live From Hell” Tour. “I’ve been playing in the band H.W.T.J. for six years and this is the first time in quite sometime our lead singer Dave McCurry took a break after what he called a nervous breakdown,” Mark recalled in an interview with Hit Parader in March of 2001, “I was only twenty-four years old and I had a kid on the way and there was no such thing as unemployment for musicians. So I wound asking around some people at the company who said Metal Storm’s having issues finding guitar techs. Come to find out the two guitar players Mathias and Thaddeus were being dicks on purpose. Except I hit it off with the both of them because of the fact I came in from a 98

BEHIND THE MUSIC working class and very popular band that Metal Storm used to play with. Thaddeus liked me because I learned what he liked for sound and tuned his guitars perfect. Thinking about, he should have been tuning my guitar. Close to the end of the ‘Live From Hell Tour’ after opened my big mouth telling Mathias can play all of Thaddeus’s stuff note for note, I found myself at the back of their plane being fit into a spare costume while playing one of Matthias’s extra flying V’s going through the songs with him.” “You will do this shit so much better,” Mathias kept saying to me as we jammed the songs on guitar, “I can take all of the solos if you want. A lot of Goldie’s solos can be complicated but I know the secret to his headaches.” Even up to the last minute in Toronto, Canada, Mathias Hook used to be such a team player back then. He was right on Mark Walker while they were back stage. Mark knew what he was doing and Pat Lewis (who was watching from afar ever so often) knew it also. I was too strange to think back how much of a band member, song writer and guitarist Mathias was. When did Mathias Hook lose his ability or thrill for the band he helped create? Right at this moment in time you could hear the roaring fans chanting while the punk rock band called ‘The School Boys” were being ripped apart. Mark Walker noticed right away that there was some songs that Phillip Goldie had written that were not on the set list that Mathias was talking about but Mark had been such a fan he could play all of it and he began to suspect that Mathias was more concerned about somebody messing it up. In all hindsight, Mark could see that Mathias wanted to take this moment for the spotlight by telling him to hand off all the majority of the solos to him. Mark was thinking to himself, “If I have to wear this fucking wig that cocksucking tour manager rush ordered for his head to be waiting in Toronto. Then he was going to show everyone what I was made of. Mark had made sure everyone saw him play that stuff not for note and you would think someone in his position would have croaked? Not Mark Walker, he shined like a sparkling diamond and amazed Pat Lewis and Caterson Damon with the way he played. Hell, he was better than Thaddeus and he was playing the songs flawlessly. At first Mathias Hook was thinking, “What the fuck is this asshole doing?” Then it dawned on Mathias that Mark Walker was good, way better than Thaddeus J. Wendell and possibly as good as or better than Phillip Goldie. It has been some time since Mathias Hook didn’t have to worry about who was playing guitar next to him. Whoever this guitar tech was, he was coming unleashed and in front of twelve thousand people in Brazil who believed he was Thaddeus J. Wendell. This is what Metal Storm needed and right away from there out Mark Walker would be that lead guitarists all the way to this final moment in the studio right now in 2028 making the last album.” By the end of summer in 2028 came to a close, Metal Storm had the heaviest album on their hands. They had lots of work done from the beginning of this year all the way up to where they were. Caterson Damon was finishing up work today adding vocals to a song titled “Ungodly”. When the Aaron Roth gave him the signal he took off his head phones and left the booth he went into the engineering room where Mark and Pat were sitting behind Aaron who was fast at work at the board. “I think we got it!” Aaron said with a smile, “I think I can make a killer harmony with the higher voice and your lower singing voice. I don’t know Cat, but I think we have a hit.” “A hit?” asked Cat, “You mean a likable song among the metal crowd. I don’t see that being played on the top 40.” 99

BEHIND THE MUSIC Everyone laughed and then Pat began to speak a bit. “You know, we always seem to make Metal Storm records with the thought in the back of our head that we have to write one radio friendly song,” Pat said, “For the first time I think we have a pretty heavy album and I don’t care if we don’t have a radio friendly song. It’s just a good feeling going into the studio and writing some aggressive stuff. We haven’t done that since Seasons in Hell and that’s kind of why we made two albums I think.” “One that was kind of metal friendly and the other to jam out on,” Mark added with a laugh. “I thought Mathias Hook was supposed to be here today?” asked Cat. “I don’t need him until tomorrow,” Aaron spoke up, “So he is meeting me here at nine am. He just has three guitar parts and two solos right?” “Make sure to keep his guitar solos on a separate track and isolate them for one of us to listen to,” Pat said, “If they are not up to standard I am sure Mark could do it or Kind Tut if he ever gets here.” “He’s already been here last night,” Cat added, “he put down solos in parts of the songs that were empty. We can decide which parts are better later, I want to see if Mathias can out do Mark or King but we’ll wait for the final outcome.” “It’s kind of cool King Tut came here,” Pat said, “What about the idea of Serpent opening for us during the U.S. part of the tour?” “He hasn’t been in Serpent for six years,” Cat said, “When Serpent reformed they recorded an album but Damion Grimm who usually does work for us declined to work with them. So, Gray found this new keyboard player named Susan Stewart. I guess she is pretty hot and had been playing keyboards all of her life. To make a long story short, Gray made a play for her and by the time they were on the road King said she has started hitting on him.” “I thought he was married to Alexandria Bennet?” asked Mark. “The Divorced three years ago,” Cat said, “To make a long story short she was banging both of them and King Tut got jealous and got into an argument with Gray back stage to keep his hands off Susan. Long story short, Susan walks into the room and plays stupid and makes King look like and ass. So he walked out and quit the band” “End of Serpent once again?” asked Pat. “Believe it or not they cancelled some shows but got back on the train a month later with a new guitar player,” Cat said, “sadly the bitch who broke up their friendship remained in Serpent and the two have not spoken. It’s kind of bullshit but not the first time it happened.” “Wait, now that I think of it I thought I saw a video from Serpent and assumed King Tut dyed his hair blonde,” Mark said, “He was dressed up like a Viking and really hammering the axe.: “That would be Dylan Houghton,” Cat said, “Funny thing, when he joined Serpent he wanted to be called King Leviathan but Gray told him not while he was playing in Serpent. It would probably cause too many issues with fans.” “Never thought those two would not be working together,” Pat added. “King Tut has wanted to retire for some time,” Cat said, “Gray has been still trying to make or break that band and gets that gold record. Their guitarist singer Jon Long who has an incredible voice and has always played well with them since he came along suddenly Gray tells him that his singing hasn’t been so great when they play live. So he without asking he hired this younger kid in his mid twenties name Jacob Ross for when Serpent play live Jon can focus on his guitar playing and save his voice for backups.” “I would have walked out,” Mark added. “Gray Hawk is one of those guys that has been there and had the gold and platinum records,” Cat said, “But it’s never been what he calls his work. Like playing drums for my solo stuff, Jonathan Rothschild and many other artists. I think he wants to get Serpent that gold record that he has always wanted for them, but they always fell short and he is prepping for world tour of music. He just needs to admit like we have that we’re at the end of the road here.” 100

BEHIND THE MUSIC “This may seem like the end of the road,” Pat said, “we showed up and played while we were inducted into the hall for fame without Phillip Goldie pestering anyone, which was strange, but we have this album and wherever we may roam to tour. As far as the road, we always think we’re there, but in truth we are probably just getting started.” Pat Lewis has always been an optimist when it comes to music, but the band that Metal Storm used to love has open for them has become a shadow of their former self. They were not even the slightest hint of what they were when they were Caterson Damon’s backup band. Serpent was working on album number ten (the second with Dylan Houghton on guitar). Since Jacob Ross was only the flashy lead singer live it would have to be decided (and soon) if he was going to sing on their new album they were calling “Ten” Sadly, Gray Hawk (the guy in the center with the gray shirt, beard and blonde hair) was a shadow of its former self however he was still a killer drummer. For somebody like Jon Long to join Serpent six years ago as their singer (clean shaven guy with straight blond hair) who had come from a very successful band called “India” but their drummer went on to join a very popular group called “The Asgardians” (mentioned earlier)

Jon Long took a chance after Serpent tried to use Damion Hellstorm as a singer and that failed right away. When Jon Long (at the time was writing a solo album) used King Tut on guitar that’s when King Tut decided Jon Long should be in Serpent and the rest was history. Bassist Art Carnell would replace the retired Ric Carter and Serpent would be back on their feet for quite some time and finally recording a couple new albums, touring and receiving a special video Grammy for their new song “This time you must decide.” Now it was all gone. New keyboard player, King Tut was gone and what Gray thought was or could have been “as popular as Metal Storm” now could barely even be compared to the School Boys (a rocking Punk band that opened for Metal Strom but had no special songs that stood out and the crowd ate them alive.)

December 16, 2028, after all the delays and hassles, produced an engineered by Richard Neman who spends a year gathering and buying the masters of every professional recording. He also was able to get or find just about every, single demo John Theismann recorded from his first band all the way to Metal Storm (and Caterson Damon) was collected as a compilation album.

Caterson Damon was very generous and helped out with the masters and even unreleased songs Theismann played on including with the help of Aaron Roth who helped work on the Metal Storm’s “Seasons in Hell” 1 and 2.



December 16, 2028, “John Theismann: “The Collection” hit the stores just in time for Christmas. Because of the success of Metal Storm’s “Seasons in Hell” two albums and the ‘Live From Hell 2’ (which ironically was one of Metal Storm’s best selling records), Theismann became a well known guitarist. His death made the news at the time he was just starting to appear on the cover of guitar magazines.

TRACKS: 01. 02. 03. 04. 05. 06. 07. 08. 09. 10. 11.

Understand (Manifestation w/ Bridget Rodgers) I Want the Whole Thing (Dogma) Side Effect- (Dead-Meat) Looking For The Gun (Metal Storm) (Rip Rip) I’m Your Killer (Caterson Damon) Baptism Lake (Caterson Damon) Abandon (Metal Storm from Live From Hell 2) From The Grave (Metal Storm from Season in Hell) Five Minutes of Hell (Unholy Messiah) Judgment Day (Metal Storm. Alternate take) Sixty-Nine (With Metal Storm recorded but left off Live From Hell 2 because it fit with five minute guitar solo). 12. Acoustic Guitar Piece (recorded during Season In Hell 2) The long delay of this record company (Atlantic) was waiting on the band “Manifestation” he played guitar (back in the day decades before Harry Houdini joined them) plus they a hard to find demo from a band he was with in German called Dogma. John Thiemann’s sister Bridget (who was a professional singer) was asked to redo the vocal tracks and the song called “Understand” to an unreleased song recorded by Manifestation that was never released because Theismann quit the band Manifestation to join Serpent who changed their name to ‘Unholy Messiah’ when Caterson Damon began writing with them. Later the record company changed the name from “Unholy Messiah” to “Caterson Damon” when the album was released. (Because they were worried about sales), however there was one song they wrote as “Unholy Messiah” just in the beginning that had nothing to do with the story if the album and they scrapped it. There was also a song perfectly recorded by pre-Houdini-Manifestation called “Understand” sat around. Subsequently by the time Harry Houdini came around it did fit the theme and they had problems keeping singers hence Bridget got to sing on it and it was released as ‘John Theismann- “Understand” featuring Bridget Rodgers and Manifestation. Caterson Damon contributed two songs off from his solo band including an unreleased song that was never released by Metal Storm with John Theismann on guitar (Season’s In Hell) called , “Looking For the Gun”. March 18th, 2029 Elite record Companies, Wall-marts and various other selected record companies chosen by Metal Storm released their fifteen album titled, “Ungodly”. Caterson Damon and Pat Lewis decided to hide in the back room of an Elite store in East Los Angeles. They watched from monitors as kids, teenagers and adults lined up for blocks waiting for the store to re-open at a special time just to hand out the “Ungodly” album as it would be released at midnight at March 19th, 2029. Three days before Metal Storm put out a single called “The Day before You Died” and while they were sitting in the back room Pat tapped Cat on the shoulder and said to him, “Listen to that.” 102


Cat listened and outside everyone that had been gathered around the block where chanting the song, “The Day Before I killed You”. The song was written by Caterson Damon and Mark Walker and it started out from the eyes of somebody who appeared to be deranged and they were singing about a relationship and the lyrics god. “You know how things always begin when you’re in love. Lovingly wrapped in an embrace place like leather glove. It’s ironic how I talk about that leather glove on my hand, Gripped the handle of the knife stabbing again and again,. But I like how it feels right now. Right before you lied. In your arms without a sound. The Night Before You Died,,,,” There was News media turning up at some stores the woman who ran the Elite Music company came into at the back room and turned off the office TV. There News media was asking people why they like Meta Storm. Lots of kids were replying, “Because they last forever. They are its and they don’t change for any trend, they stay true and they hold no punches when it comes to lyrics. “What do you like about Metal Storm?” reporter asked a kid that was no old than 12. “Caterson Damon!:”’the kid said, “the fast guitar playing and …everything!” So at midnight when it changed over to midnight at March 19th, 2028 Caterson Damon and Pat Lewis came out of the back room of the selected Elite club and as they promised the first twenty costumers through the front door a free new Metal Storm album (LP, CD, USB Stick Box) as promised on the radio Caterson Damon and Pat Lewis would sit at a table toward the back (with two armed security guards) and sign the record albums, compacts discs, USB stick box covers. People were in shock and most of them could believe they were at the sitting where they could be seen.

March 19th, 2029. Metal Storm would release what was said to be their last and final album called “Ungodly” it was first released with a special edition cover Caterson Damon holding a cross and his hand bleeding by it later was changed to the four of them and there was another edition artwork done of the band as they appeared in war paint costume in Australia.



March 19th, 2029. Metal Storm would release what was said to be their last and final album called “Ungodly” it was first released with a special edition cover Caterson Damon holding a cross and his hand bleeding by it later was changed to the four of them and there was another edition artwork done of the band as they appeared in war paint costume in Australia

ALBUM DUTIES: Caterson Damon- Lead Vocals Mark Walker- Lead Guitar Mathias Hook- Lead Guitar Pat Lewis- Bass Guitar, b. vocals Sam “Sammy” Kerr- Drums Damien Grimm-Keyboards TRACKS: 01. 02. 03. 04. 05. 06. 07. 08. 09. 10. 11. 12.

The Night Before You Died Ungodly Afterlife Burning wings (Falling From the Sky) The Prince Of Darkness This Evil Curse A Pact with Lucifer Fear For Your Life You will Not Escape The Center (of the pentagram) Go to Hell My Last Words

(Even though Damien Grimm has always played keyboards live and appeared on the majority of their last ten albums this was the first time he was ever credited inside the album sleeve with his own separate picture (each band member got their own section.. This was special because it was talking about each member written from the perspective of Aaron Roth at the request of the band..) The main 3rd edition cover became the final cover and this was because some critics really were saying they liked the album but they thought it was a ‘sad excuse” for Caterson Damon to write an album in the style of the ‘Caterson Damon” albums and slap the Metal Storm logo on it. It was well received but not liked like all their albums and many agreed it was too dark and too heavy but the band stuck to their guns saying they’ve grown as a band and this is how they did this album with Aaron Roth. It took some times to warm up but the metal crowd soaked it up including old school Metal Storm fans. The videos for “Ungodly” and “The Night before You Died” were so good they were in demand. Videoland wound up playing them in the nightly ‘after hours’


BEHIND THE MUSIC Caterson Damon noticed something inside the Elite Music store on his way out toward the back. They usually had a video running all day of some artist, but he saw a large glowing sign on a stage that said “The Unseen” and so he looked closer and it was 100% Jayson Damon’s band. Jayson was singing lead vocals and switched off with the drummer once in a blue moon last time he saw him, however things were completely different. He cut his hair, shaved his face clean and turned “The Unseen” into something Caterson Damon wish he hadn’t seen. When he went over to the albums and began to look through all the new records and found the latest album from “the Unseen”. No longer Jayson Damon and the “Unseen” it had become a band of younger guys in their 30s-40s and when he studied the cover he started to feel a bit sick. Caterson read the record credits and noticed Tim Morgan had helped out (that was obvious by the title of the album ) “Raised on Rock”, an obscure but really god Elvis Presley song. He went to purchased the record and the store clerk laugh and said ‘it’s cool’ (assuming ‘it’s cool’…means just take it.) On his way back to the hotel with Pat in their ‘rent-a-car’ he slipped the USB stick into the USB port directly on the side of t he radio. The small view screen read, “The Unseen: Track 01: “Gimme more Lovin” and suddenly what sounded like the guitar riffs for “Whole Lotta Love” but tune down and played slower kicked off with a really simple drum beat with an annoying cowbell like in Led Zeppelin’s “Good, Times, Bad Times” began clanging away. Suddenly Jayson Damon’s voice started singing, Caterson Damon knew all of the voices and could recognized Jayson out of a crowd of fourteen hundred and instead of something mind blowing or instantly relatable his voice went down into this lower tone trying to add this really out-date’ Yea-eh-yeah… like Lale Stanley from Alice In Chains with this exasperating tone that kept dropping down with this line “You know it…you want but Daddy’s hungry. Oh yeah. Oh yeah…Gimme Some more. Gimme me some More. Gimme Some Love-….Love….loving baby…” Out of the corner of his eye he could see Pat was no longer on the phone to his wife. His eyes were locked right on Cat as Jayson’s band kept rocking this track. They were into the second verse that broke up the monotony a bit with late bridge that you’d think would lead back to that annoying chorus but it broke down into this really slow drop D chugging on the guitar. Then the cowbell counted off quickly and Lale Stanley’s voice was gone and now Jayson went into his “Sully voice” (Godsmack) he would do when he was nervous or had no idea. It was impressive to those who didn’t know how was way more talented that that but he began spraying the cheese-wiz with this “Godsmack- Voodoo rip off thing” at the end of each verse like this… I bought you some flowers….’who knew…who knew…. You threw them the waste basket ‘who knew…who knew… But you had another lover ….who knew…who knew…. B…B….B…B…Baby….baby….baby…. What was I to do? (Big Godsmack crunchy guitar mute) Then back to the beginning, same singing, music theme, different lyric. Click…Click.. Click. A noise from his stereo came from Pat yanking the USB stick out of the stereo. Caterson looked over at Pat and he simply tossed it out his window of the passenger’s side of the rental car.


BEHIND THE MUSIC “What the fuck did you do that for?” asked Caterson who was kind of annoyed. “I just found out that Kimberly’s cancer is not going away,” Pat said, “that music reminded me why I hated the 90s and I just couldn’t take it.” “Oh My God dude,” Cat said trying to muster up a word that would make this moment much bête however there was nothing that could be done. Cat would just keep driving with a million thoughts, question and thing he wanted t say but he knew better.” Everyone was happy to go back to the east side, Pat and Kimberly where happy to be home and it didn’t matter whose home or hotel they were living out of, this was home and everything else was just a substitute. Cat was surprised to find his wife Jessica home and they embraced right away worth a long, warm passion kiss. Trembling while he held his wife, she had already knew the story from Kimberly herself and she didn’t need any more words. May 13, 2029 all the members of Metal Storm met up with a stage director, Mr. Stan Glen and he brought along a woman who named Hannah Miller who had several of her friends who worked on giving Mathias Hook a ‘makeover’ and a new outfit that had shoulder pads and black fur.

Out of respect for the original drummer Neil Pierce, Sam Kerr conversed with him on the phone who gave him the ‘ok’ for borrowing a bit from his original design. Mark Walker kept the altered Phillip Goldie ‘scarlet warrior’ suit from Australia and dyed his hair that had grown out a bit more blue black. He was going to dye it blonde but changed his mind because they band knew Phillip Goldie would be causing problems. As for Caterson Damon, they cut his hair short after they talked him into going back to the blonde color to look like the original appearance. With his hair shorter they were able to lighten it and weave in the long blond hair with a healthier mode. Lastly, Pat Lewis agreed to trim his beard a bit and a woman named Doris Creasy figured out a fast, easy and quick method for him to apply his classic ‘green dragon’ paint but use blacker, getting rid of the original green headband made from a green patterned bandanna that he originally used to utilize When the band did the dress rehearsals in a large secure warehouse and all of the new pyros and demolition experts and the instrument technicians were all there. The band ran through all their songs they would do for the show and one of the guitar techs asked out loud (and was heard). “How come you don’t do any guitar solos?”” The band had taken that out of the show since Mathias Hook returned to the band and the fact that Mark Walker did not like doing showcases like that. However the last person to do a guitar solo showcase would have been John Theismann during the song “Sixty-Nine” where Phillip Goldie made a solo spot famous and it was recorded during the Live From Hell II making however it was left off because the era of that song didn’t fit the theme of ‘Live From Hell II.” As some people know that John Thiemann’s guitar solo and the live recording of Metal Storm during “Sixty-Nine” would be salvaged and put on the John Theismann Collection and this comment sparked an idea and it would only bring up the unspoken question, Mathias or Mark. After a bit of talking, Sam Kerr said that Mathias put on some pretty entertaining guitar solos. They didn’t have to do the song, “Sixty-Nine”. Maybe something else? 106

BEHIND THE MUSIC So they band discussed it later together and decided they would put the “Sixty-Nine” song back in the set list and asked Mark Walker if he was ready for a spot. Mark was a little leery at first but jumped on the idea and said he would need a day to work it out and listen to what Phillip Goldie did on the first Live From Hell.” Mathias spoke up and said, “On Live From Hell I did a guitar solo spot because Phillip Goldie was already out of the band by the time we recorded a live solo. Phillip Goldie did it in the beginning during Sixty-Nine but it was only recorded live on fan cameras and phones. I did a guitar solo after Contact Lost but we have never done that song ever again.” “Then Mathias you take the solo after Sixty-Nine,” Pat suggested. “Nah,” Mathias laughed, “we’re going to go out doing a bit of everything. We’ve never officially captured Sixty-Nine live with the guitar solo with the exception of John Theismann. Let’s rub some salt on the wound a bit more, how about it Crimson Warrior?” “If you insist blue Smurf,” Mark replied and everyone would all start laughing at the comment. (Mathias Hook was known as the “Sapphire king” but had forgotten or tossed the title out ages ago same with Caterson Damon who was originally called ‘The Wrathdemon”). As the lead singer for ‘Metal Storm’ and ‘Caterson Damon’, Cat would tell only very few what was happening to his body. The band was finished with ‘Ungodly’ and done with the visit at elite records. Cat had jumped up on the stage quickly with the band Black Cross, they had worked out their problems and reformed and was playing in Los Angeles, California where the “Ungodly” album was recorded. Allister Cross contacted Caterson Damon (knowing he was in LA) and said that his band would learn/play some songs if he came up to play “The Black Cross” had to carry on and it was obvious the Cross brothers decided to remain brothers and stop fighting and it meant that Anton Cross would bow out after a series of problems with his lungs due to chain smoking. So now it was Allister Cross on lead guitar and lead vocals (he sang/shared vocal duties on “A Dish Best Served Cold and he had to learn to play guitar and singing full time. Anton Cross would be replaced by Phil Hues (who wasn’t much of a singer). Mel Parks the original bassist was playing bass guitar and stepping up to the plate doing backups and Dave Coyote was on drums ending Black Cross’s problem with the never ending changing drummers. They originally called Harlan Bugs who was no longer in Raven Bitch (everyone was retired), and he came to jam with the band however after word he decided that he wasn’t going to pass and stay retired doing studio work. Caterson Damon was excited to hear some of his former band mates wanted to surprise a big crowd in LA. Allister told Caterson Damon to text him a list of ten songs that they will finish with. Caterson Damon was reluctant to do this, but figured it would be no biggie. So sent a text to Allister, ‘We’ll just play it safe and stick with all the songs on A Dish Best Served Cold and play it as we go since we’re all proficient with that album and Allister agree.’ During the show, Allister had a limousine pick up Caterson Damon and his wife Jessica Alba-Damon at the hotel they’d been staying at during right before they left for New York and had finished the album and were trying out ideas in Los Angele (Caterson Damon’s hair was blond first) Cat forgot to ask who it was and he was surprised to learn it was Serpent. They were not bad for a bunch of replacement members Gray Hawk put together. The small club which only maxed out at five-hundred people was filled to the rim and they were turning people away. People had come to see the two bands that were credited as being a part of Caterson Damon. He (Cat) was surprised to see how many people were there wearing Caterson Damon and Metal Storm t-shirts. They had no idea that Caterson Damon was actually backstage. 107

BEHIND THE MUSIC During Black Cross’s final song “Dark without Light” the lights went black and the stage went dark. Allister came back and said to Cat (who was in full war paint). “Time to rock!” The theme for “Your Time is through was cued” and the band popped up with the light and Allister Cross jumping around. Then when the vocals came in you could hear Caterson Damon singing through the wireless and everyone looked around. Suddenly there he came stage left and the whole entire club went crazy.

It was like suddenly the crowd was alive and roaring and Allister was playing with a smile (because he was a part of this album.) Caterson Damon pretty much got a warm up show and kind of took it up a notch with the jumping and singing. Ending what was like ten songs with the head banger hit “God” Caterson Damon says he don’t remember any pain happening but he leaped off the stage and landed on the smaller stage across from the large band stage. (this club was set up with two stages so they could set up while one band was breaking down.) The next day Cat said he remembers getting out of bed and going to step down on the floor and having the worst pain set through his entire body and going down his left leg causing some kind of pinch nerve. He recalls not being able to walk without holding onto something. Caterson Damon had to get to New York City after he found away to dye his hair blond again and trimmed his beard. Now in New York City he was walking with a cane and went to a doctor find out what was going on. The doctor scheduled and MRI and found out there was a minor tear in his back where the disc was and a bit of the gel inside the disc was leaking causing major damage on the nerve endings. Caterson Damon did his best not to take pain pill but there were moments where he could not get out of bed without pain and with the Metal Storm shows kicking off in Manhattan and working their way all the way down the east coast and throughout the Midwest the band was already working on what they were going to do live while back in New York City in the practice warehouse. Pat Lewis asked about the Hawaii test show at the large cathedral stage that Jayson Damon owned on his property. Caterson was scared to call his brother after witnessing that album cover so Jessica did and she talked to Miki who was sweet as sugar to the beautiful actress. “Oh yes, date still here,” Miki replied, “Jay-sen look forward to rock show and got people coming to see his old band. Maybe new Unseen is there, we’ll have to see.” Something about Miki Kiyo’s voice made Caterson Damon’s pain worse. She had this annoying ‘shriek’ in here tone. He could not figure out how a Japanese woman could be such a ‘holy roller” and converted his brother into this ‘born again’ type life style.


BEHIND THE MUSIC He still can’t get over that “Unseen” album cover with that goofy hair cut, but it would get worse while recovering in his giant bedroom with his large 90 inch screen television lying in bed with his wife Jessica (Kids were off with Grandparents for summer). I was going through the channels and landed on VH1 a song called “Ashamed” came on for the band Unseen and as for the video driving his eyes nuts with the strobe effects going off. Caterson and his wife both agreed threat wasn’t a bad song. The phone calls were coming in about Metal Storm doing a ‘warm up’ show in Honolulu, Hawaii on one of the small islands Jayson Damon had bought and build a few homes for him and his family members. Caterson Damon learned that the majority of Jayson Damon’s family members on his mother’s side had moved out. They people now living there were Jayson and his wife Miki plus all of the band members that were unknown to Caterson Damon. Brian Fish who had been living there for nearly two years left the paradise island shortly after the enormous stage was build called, “Unseen Stadium”. Only months after the band “The Unseen” began holding shows there with bands that would fly out to play he had learned that the state of Hawaii required the Damons (Jayson and Miki) acquired a ‘concert permit’. This would have to be approved by the state and the surrounding natives of the island. Miki Kiyo went into full blown lawyer mode and began to sue the state of Hawaii for signaling them out because they were a multi-racial couple. To ass worse for wear Miki went around and got native Hawaiians to sign the petition. To make things more plausible, Miki Kiyo (who was one quarter Hawaiian) had decided that all native Hawaiians would never have to pay a dime (upon the presentation of their identification cards (driver’s license) or proof of where they were from. Meanwhile, before Metal Storm hits the road they shoot a video all in stage costumes and lights one in New York (ask to the idea in Hawaii). Mark’s hair has been grown out and with the red light on him he looks exactly like Phillip Goldie the original “crimson warrior’. It was a new song called “My Last Words” and the band was surprised it actually charted. It was a song about somebody being on their death bed and they were reciting their last words. What they want done in life and how many people they wish they’d ‘paid back’. “My Last Words” would officially be the last Metal Storm song released to chart and to get played a lot as far as an original and being a well received song. Mark Walker claimed that he grew his hair out, but a lot of Metal Storm fans speculate the he was wearing a weave despite the noticeable blue and lighter tint in his hair. This was Caterson Damon and Pat Lewis idea for Metal Storm so they could keep their modern sound however is able to prepare for playing their early songs when it came to playing live as a celebration of the band.


BEHIND THE MUSIC June 28th, 2029 Phillip Goldie released his 19th LP titled “Crimson Warrior”. Phillip Goldie was asked to change the name of the album a week before its release by the request Caterson Damon’s attorney Michael W. Givens. Goldie dragged his heals but knew that he would be sued since Caterson Damon had the rights to the band logos, names and anything related because of the I.Y.F. lawsuit (which Phillip Goldie has an attorney working on a loophole out of that as far as he was as being an individual person.) It was purposely made to sound heavy, with an edge with that old school sound. Mathias Hook actually had flown to San Diego previously and hung out with Phillip Goldie (since they had rekindled their friendly ship awhile back. During some of those times, Mathias Hook played on a couple tracks with him prior to from 2027 until early 2028. Since Phillip Goldie last 3 LPS have been just him with a guitar and an obvious drum machine, plus an embarrassing attempt to sing. This time he would hire real musicians. The album title was changed to “The Red Light” and featured a brand new singer named Randall York who was only twenty-five years old but had been the successful group “Mad-Hungry Men” and “Digital Bitch” which was a Black Sabbath tribute but later became original. His old drummer Darren Roberts who left his band decades ago to join Devil-Slayer was back and he sounded pretty dang good after years of being on hiatus ALBUM DUTIES: Randall York- Lead Vocals Phillip Goldie- Lead, bass and Rhythm Guitars Darren Roberts- Drums Mathias Hook- Lead Guitar (duel solo) * TRACKS: 01. 02. 03. 04. 05. 06. 07. 08. 09. 10. 11.

The Crimson Warrior A Fist to the Face Heavy Metal Mother Fucker The Red Light* The Devil Made Me Do It No Time for You* Walls Are Coming Down Rock Nation Bullet Lodged in the Chamber I Think About You Rev It Up*

Sadly the album was not a best seller however the song “I Think About You” was chosen to be in a movie called ‘The Full Thing About Love’ and it became a hit almost a year later. Phillip Goldie toured for a couple of months in support of “The Red Light” and was having problems with Randall York’s voice that all though it was amazing on the tracks from “The Red Light” when Randall would sing the classics like “Burning Bridges” or even “The Crucifixion” he didn’t have the right pitch and Phillip Goldie Fired him and replaced him with Bridget Rodgers (The late John Theismann’s sister). It would become a match made in heavy and by late November Phillip Goldie and Bridget Rodgers would be married. This would her second marriage and this would be Phillip Goldie’s 4th marriage Phillip had four kids that were adults now and Bridget had one daughter who was thirteen at the time of her previous marriage. 110

BEHIND THE MUSIC Prior to in August of 2029, Metal Storm had kicked off their late “Ungodly” tour after a successful show in Hawaii that broke the bank with their new stage that was created. Jayson Damon decided that he would have the Unseen open for Metal Storm which was a fun thing between both bands. As a surprise, the Damon brothers along Mark Walker came out during the Metal Storm encore each with acoustic guitars doing the song “Thinking of You”. (The song originally was on Seasons in Hell I and II). It was a dedication to the late John Theismann. Late August 2029, The Tour for Metal Storm’s “The Ungodly end” kicked off back in the United States in Los Angeles California. Full makeup as well as updated costumes. Caterson Damon would later hire the band Serpent who just put out their third record with Dylan Houghton on guitar but unfortunately John Long had left so King Tutankhamen would surprise the world and come back. It was during the time Serpent releases a live EP with four live songs and two new songs with King Tutankhamen and Dylan Houghton playing guitar. With John Long no longer in then band, Jacob Ross had to step up to the plate and that is what this new EP was about to show he could and to prove that Gray Hawk and King Tutankhamen would be able burry their differences again. Word may have got to Gray Hawk that Metal Storm was going on their last farewell tour and they needed a kick ass opener and Caterson Damon wasn’t too fond of Serpent without King Tut. So with John Long deteriorating as a performer (with all of the health problems) may have been why Gray Hawk parted ways with the incredible vocalist/songwriter after 6 good, strong Serpent albums. King Tut lost a bit was still a bit on the heavy side, and was obviously wearing a wig but the fans knew exactly who was on stage playing guitar again. Dylan Houghton would step back and allow King Tut to have his main guitar solos except for the ones he wrote. Either way, the two unsuspecting guitarists worked together well for that tour. Metal Storm and Serpent went overseas and continued what would become a world tour in support of the “Ungodly End” tour. They did a New Years Eve show in London of December 31st 2029 and it was broadcasted around the world while Cat was interviewed by the host asking if the rumors are rue about the band calling it quits while the Damons (Cat and Jessica were trying to leave their hotel room. “I tell you were going full out ball to the wall bringing out all the props, songs, costumes, makeup and what not,” Cat laughed, “putting all of this to an end allows me to be with my beautiful wife and never again will I ever have this god damn blonde hair.” “Oh Cat it looks fine,” Jessica joked as the two ran off down the hallway with the media following them. January 21st, 2030 in Germany Pat Lewis got a dreadful call about his wife taking the turn for the worse. Caterson Damon began pondering how they were going to tell the others (they had the day off but the next night they would be at a large street gig in Hamburg, Germany with Serpent and some lesser 111

BEHIND THE MUSIC known European band called Deplorable Beings. Deplorable Beings were a new metal band from Cordon, England that sounded like early Metal Storm with a twist of English accents and their costumes were kind of like Gwar. That’s when Pat Lewis told Cat that he would find a replacement and Caterson Damon along with Mark Walker assured them there would be no replacement for Pat Lewis. It would be better to cancel out their shows and return to the United States. Talking to Serpent they came up with an idea to save the show, it may require Metal Storm to have to twist their set list around and do several rehearsals. Serpent’s bass player who was new by about maybe seven-eight years (the man who was Ric Carter’s successor) Mr. Art Carnell, who prior too used to be a bass player in a Metal Storm tribute act called “Fire-Storm”, not to be confused with Phillip Goldie and Mathias Hook’s short lived band “Firestorm”. Mathias Hook and Mark Walker would practice the set list in Carnell’s hotel room. Art was a little bigger than Pat Lewis. Consequently none of the new Emerald Dragon costume would fit but they were able to muster up a ‘make shift’ Emerald Dragon uniform with the shoulder pads and keeping the rest of his normal black tee-shirt, pants and black boots. “This is like a dream come true for a young French boy from Paris who used to pretend he was the emerald dragon Pat Lewis,” Art was telling Mathias and Mark who were teaching him the new Metal Storm songs he wasn’t familiar with.” “These shows are going to be hell on you,” Caterson Damon was telling Carnell as they were fitting the green dragon wings to regular, cheap shoulder pads that Metal Storm’s crew picked up at a sport store, “I’ll see to it that you get paid what Pat normally gets for a show, you may have saved Metal Storm’s butt. Cancelling these shows would have cost us millions of dollars in sales.” “I just wish that new Emerald Dragon suit fit but I am happy to do this,” Art said, “I go from bar band in Boston to Serpent to filling in for Metal Storm in less time that anything.” “Make sure when you practice those songs with Mathias and Mark that you are using the green bass Pat left behind,” Cat said, “unfortunately it is the only bass of Pat’s left and if anything happens as far as electronics you’ll have to use one of the backups.” “I’ve always wanted to play that bass he invented,” Art laughed, “the alien one would have been cool but it’s the same thing just an air brush job?” “Pretty much,” Caterson Damon replied. Art Carnell spent the whole entire day off with Mathias, Mark and two of Metal Storm’s costume and makeup people Deana Shandon and Chrissie Helms who managed to get one of the spare Emerald Dragon shoulder pads and front torso to Pat Lewis’s costume to look right even with the makeup (even though Art doesn’t have a full beard, they got it to work. “Oh my fucking God it’s doable!” Art said in the mirror, “All the way down to the emerald rock! Looks real enough to me!” Art was a bit bigger and he had to wear a pair of Mathias Hook’s spare boots and the blue outer lining had to be quickly painted over with green fabric paint and it didn’t turn out too bad. The is how it would have to work until Metal Storm could get Aaron J. Snow to get there from Atlanta, Georgia. First the band Deplorable Beings would play their one hour set, then Serpent would come out and rock the stage, but come back for one encore.


BEHIND THE MUSIC Serpent’s encore would be something never done in the tour but it had to be designed so that the girls could get Artie out of his sweaty stage clothes, dry him off and start painting his face up. So Caterson Damon would come out with the bassist from the band Deplorable Beings. His name was Joe Simon and he already knew the bass guitar parts for “Unholy Messiah” by saying “that’s my favorite Fucking album. Guess what? Joe Simon was asked to come out with Caterson Damon and jam the songs, “Doctor Butcher”, “Unto Our God, “Baptism Lake” and the song “Unholy Messiah”. Simon was blown away, but time was ticking and he agreed. While that ‘mini-reunion’ was going on, Art Carnell plenty of time to get done up as the Emerald Dragon and the first night doing this strange ‘switch-o-roo’ of musicians, as Caterson Damon called it all worked out fine. Nobody expected Serpent to turn into an Unholy Messiah jam and some fans of the Deplorable Beings noticed Joe Simon playing bass and others didn’t bat an eye. Metal Storm would come out with the intro from “In the Beginning (Dust In My Eyes)” and right into “Stairwell To Hell” and as far as their fans were concerned they were the main band and they were on fire. The band was able to keep this up through the rest of Europe with only Japan left on their world tour and Art Carnell was stoked but Caterson Damon could tell being on stage for nearly five hours was wearing the guy thin. The band, Deplorable Beings were not going to Japan with Metal Storm and Serpent. This is when the band was able to have Aaron J. Snow meet them in Japan. It had been awhile since the band has seen or heard of Aaron who has been brought in several bands to fill in. He told Caterson Damon he was starting to go bald so he shaved his head. Snow would be greeted with Deana and Chrissie who fitted him with a wig that looked more like Pat Lewis. They were able to get the whole entire emerald dragon suit to fit Snow (who knew every, single Metal Storm song and what they were doing o stage from downloading the shows prior). Having a guy who looked more like Pat Lewis in the Emerald Dragon costume made more sense especially when they were traveling to Japan. Towards the end of every show Caterson Damon would announce a special thoughts going out to bassist Pat Lewis and his wife Kimberly Togan who was in the middle of a tough fight with cancer. Caterson Damon always made sure to tell and thank Art Carnell or Aaron J. Snow for doing a ‘great job filling in for the show”. So, technically Caterson Damon wasn’t trying to pull any pranks or hide the fact Pat Lewis wasn’t there. Cat felt it was unfair to try to fool anyone as far as Pat Lewis was concerned. Caterson Damon as happy to catch up with Neil Pierce in Tokyo, Japan during the last nights of the tour and he was very happy to see Metal Storm ‘kicking ass and calling it quits while on top’. Cat recalls Neil Pierce looking good after all the years he had been out from the boat accident. “I’m playing again, but I doubt I could do what Sam Kerr is doing up there,” Neil said back stage, “it was amazing sitting back and being a spectator for the first time and getting into it.” Then the two discussed Pat Lewis and what was going on with his wife, Caterson Damon said he wished that Pat could have finished out these shows but his wife needed him there. So it doesn’t sound good and I hope he’s ok. Neil was surprised that Pat Lewis allowed somebody to dress up and continued the final shows, “but shit happens and you’ve done a good job keeping all of this sounding good up until the end.” As Metal Storm was flying home to the United States a week later Neil Pierce was interviewed by 113

BEHIND THE MUSIC Drummer Weekly talking about catching the Tour for Metal Storm’s “The Ungodly end” and he replied something not too nice. “I felt Metal Storm or should I say Caterson Damon’s ending to a great era and band was not authentic to me one hundred percent,” Neil said, “Yes, I allowed Mr. Kerr to wear makeup similar to myself as some kind of tribute however I felt there were way too many satanic overtones for myself to endure. Red lights, smoke and inverted crosses are not exactly what we created or had to do with Metal Storm. The covering of the classic music was good and Mr. Kerr is an acceptable drummer. I just wish the respect would have been given to Pat Lewis, even though he told Caterson Damon to continue the shoe using a bass player dressed as him, it was wrong. I can understand replacing Goldie, then me, but as for their last shows, now Pat? It looked like a tribute show and it wasn’t bad except and the early songs were done really well by Mr. Mark Walker especially during the classic sixty-nine that had not been done since Goldie was fired from the band. I’ve been getting back to playing drum again however I am kin no condition to sit behind that drum throne. Who knows? Maybe now that I’m playing better maybe we can all sit down and agree on something. Even if it’s just a small, limited appearance at a club, a song or a few selected shows, Metal Storm was put to rest but I’m sure we haven’t heard this rest of Caterson Damon or even Pat Lewis trying to cash in on the classic band name.”

With the shows being over for Metal Storm, Caterson Damon and his wife went to New York City to check up on Pat Lewis. His main concern was for his wife and could have given two shits for Metal Storm.


BEHIND THE MUSIC Later in the day, Tim Morgan showed up and had a copy of Drummer Weekly and the Damon read it just shaking their heads. “Typical Neil,” Caterson Damon laughed, “he dishes out some nice compliments however he can’t resist a few jabs. I’m so glad to be done with all that Metal Storm, say what he wants he told me a different story, sure hope he sleeps well at night.” April 3rd, 2030 it seemed kind of convenient with all of Neil Pierce’s sudden appearances and interview not even weeks later a new album would be dropped under his named called “Metal Projectiles”. It was a new solo album he had created along with all of the now classic songs from the “Metal Projectiles” days with him redoing the music and singing on all the songs including some new songs. This time, Neil Pierce had reunited with lead guitarist Thaddeus J. Wendell. Surprisingly there was the bassist Sam Govert, Brenda K. (formerly of Violet Aggressions) and a whole list of other musicians who gave the former heavy metal songs a more of a down beat of jazz funk fusion rock. This would be why Phillip Goldie was probably not included in the remakes.

For the first time, Neil Pierce was back on the drums (credited) and he didn’t sound that bad for overcoming injuries that had caused severe nerve damage in his legs, hands and throughout his body from the broken back. The album surprisingly charted because of a catchy number called “Turn Around (Face Me)” which appeared in a movie that year called ‘The Year Before Last Year”. It had been obvious that Thaddeus J. Wendell had been out of serious guitar work for almost four or five years because he was in a band with Sam Govert and Brenda K. promoting this album with Neil on late night talk shows. They played the song “Turn Around (Face Me)” and “You’re Gonna Get It”. Neil was singing wearing a guitar on “You’re Gonna Get It” and prior to the was playing piano and singing on “Turn Around (Face Me). There was a drummer playing on the late night appearances but he was not credited or was mentioned as being a part of the band. Caterson Damon had been working on a new album for some time with various musicians including his brother Jayson Damon who had done drum tracks in Los Angeles. Caterson Damon would make his first record by using a variation of musicians per each track instead of putting together a traditional new band. Mathias Hook stayed busy and started up a few of his local appearances with Nikki From on drums and Niles Gorman back on bass. He was little salty, but enjoyed the times he could play backup for Mathias Hook. This time for some reason Niles Gorman suggested an increase in pay and so Mathias told him to hit the road and looked up Steve and Sean Chandler and put on a special Mathias Hook/Chandler Brothers club which offered little more. This seemed to be a little more for the buck and that’s when Mathias Hook started talking about maybe another live album similar to the famous “Burning Up” one back in July 17th, 2022. Meanwhile Phillip Goldie was shopping out ideas for the follow up to “The Red Light” that is when Caterson Damon contacted him for a project that he would allow him to sit in on the studio remasters of the Metal Storm albums he was on.


BEHIND THE MUSIC This was decided when Caterson Damon and producer Aaron Roth along with Mathias Hook began plotting a project for the fans who wanted to own a special discography or greatest hits. In view of the fact that Caterson Damon was the owner of all the masters through his lawyer Michael W. Givens they decided first another ‘Greatest Hits” then they would do remasters of the albums per ‘eras’ of the band. The first five albums would be remastered in the set and this gave Philip Goldie the opportunity to choose alternate guitar parts that were cut out or solos that were originally left out in some of the songs. Caterson Damon was in between this re-mastering project, working with Russell Sperry again on a solo album as prior mentioned and keeping tabs on Pat who sent him a message about Kim saying ‘it wouldn’t be long’.


Ironically a ‘Greatest Hits” and Kimberly Togan’s death would be released on the same day she passed on August 29th, 2030. The Greatest Hits was just something ‘new” for Metal Storm fans along with an unreleased song called “Rebels” which allowed Mathias Hook to fix the original guitar part and lead work. Phillip Goldie was allowed the same choice because the guitars were recorded but not up to the best and it was left off “The Painkiller”.


BEHIND THE MUSIC Caterson Damon added the word “From Hell” so fans wouldn’t confuse it from their May 16th, 2004 release “Greatest Hits” which featured new songs. This was called “The Greatest Hit From Hell” which gave the fans an unreleased song that was unfinished from “The Pain Killer”. TRACKS: DISC 1: 01. Rebels (Unreleased) 02. Rock N Hell 03. Black Cat 04. Dancing With The Devil 05. Fuck You, Steve 06. Lizzie 07. Fire From The Skies 08. The Church Burns Down 09. Plastic Jesus 10. Sixty-Nine 11. The Pain Killer

DISC 3: 01. Infernal Names 02. Paralyzed 03. Thinking Of You 04. From The Grave 05. The Adulteress 06. Death of Me 07. Paint The Skies 08. Wait 09. Victim Of Another Day 10. Starving

DISC 2: 01. Pastor Bill 02. Dana Shall Not Return 03. Contact Lost 04. Ladies Of The Night 05. The Enchantress 06. Someone Like You 07. War-Zone 08. Corrosive Face 09. Fire Storm 10. Thor

DISC 4: 01: Journey To Hell 02. Mortal Thoughts 03. The Black Van 04. No More Goodbyes (orchestra) 05. Fucking With Fire 06. Getting Mine 07. Zero Hour 08. Ready To Kill 09. The Night Before You Died 10. Ungodly

There was a simplified version of this album with two discs (which was the best of the four discs chopped down to two), but the four disc set or nine LP set varied from $55.00 to $65.00. During the process of the album Mathias Hook was seen wearing facial bandages and told someone from the media he had been in a small ‘fender-bender’, but later became apparent that Mathias Hook had underwent plastic surgery for a face lift. 117

BEHIND THE MUSIC Mathias Hook and Phillip Goldie had rekindled their friendship with the radio play of “Rebels” and had enjoyed working together again. While taking apart of what Caterson Damon had labeled “Wave 1” Phillip Goldie really felt a fully fledged Metal Storm reunion would work. Caterson Damon made the excuse that all of that was put to bed during the world tour with the makeup and costumes. Phillip Goldie began talking to Mathias Hook later on about making another “Fire Storm” record but didn’t want to work with Damion Hellstorm who had declined a bit in his older years. In recent times, Damion Hellstorm had reunited with a half-assed version of his first band Ogre and tried to combine that dark original sound with a new album that sounded more like his solo music. It pissed off the singer Josh Jacobs the singer of Ogre during their small ‘hay-day’ after Damion Hellstorm left and they had a couple of regular radio plays. (It was like now that Damion Hellstorm had rejoined Ogre, he and the original guitarist had tried to erase the ‘Josh Jacobs” years and push it off or ignore it.) August 30th, 2030, “Rebels” is released by Phillip Goldie and Mathias Hook. Putting out mainly a ‘guitar album’ with very little vocals but enough to get some plays featuring Randall York (who sang on Phillip Goldie’s last record and did well.) Aaron J. Snow doing the bass duties and Darren Roberts’s playing drums Phillip Goldie and Mathias Hook would release “Rebels” and too much of a surprise there was a bit of a cult following to the two original guitarists from Metal Storm.

ALBUM DUTIES: Phillip Goldie: Lead Guitars Mathias Hook: Lead Guitars Randall York: Vocals* Aaron J. Snow: Bass guitar Darren Roberts- Drums TRACKS: 01. 02. 03. 04. 05. 06. 07. 08. 09. 10.

What Ya Got In Those Pants?* Watch This Running Down the Fret Arpeggios Of Death Have You Seen Her?* Scared to Die* West Or East* Rode ‘er Hard, Put ‘er Away Wet* Queen Diva Hairy Mound


BEHIND THE MUSIC September 18th, 2030 Caterson Damon releases an album that is just titled “Damon”. It’s very different from most of his efforts however it finds itself on the billboard with a lot of rock songs entering as played hits later on. Noted on the credits is Jayson Damon as the drummer, so perhaps calling it “Damon” was just something he did personally?

ALBUM DUTIES: Caterson Damon: All Vocals, Guitar Derek Shuman: Guitar, Bass Guitar Damien Grimm: Keyboards Jayson Damon: Drums Mark Walker: Lead Guitars

TRACKS: 01. 02. 03. 04. 05. 06. 07. 08. 09.

Abandoned Christina (Lady Of The Night) Lay You Down Flames Of Tomorrow I’ve Had Enough Her Love Into The Fire Deadly Beliefs Voices In The Wind

The track “Lay You Down” featuring an old song written by Caterson Damon and Brian Fish (demo) had had been recorded for this album goes to #1. Following “Flames of Tomorrow” and a song called “Her Love” Caterson Damon originally wrote for Tim Morgan for a solo album that never went anywhere, so Caterson Damon recorded it ten years later and that would go to #1. This would be Caterson Damon’s (noted) best solo album effort and an album he does refer to as a ‘solo album’ instead of a band he is in with his name stamped on it. Later on in October of 2030, Caterson Damon begins to plan a show that would play the entire “Unholy Messiah” album from beginning to end. King Tutankhamen and Gray Hawk are asked to do this and they agree. It appears the band Serpent is officially done for the moment, so that gave Caterson Damon the idea of reuniting King Tutankhamen and Gray Hawk for the special “Unholy Messiah” tour. Even though he does not tour what will be his most successful album “Damon” the idea of the album “Unholy Messiah” being toured and played from beginning to end gets a lot of metal fans excited. Caterson Damon does not mention who will be a part of the touring band. He does state that Mark Walker was up for playing the shows (in place of the deceased John Theismann). Damien Grimm naturally on keyboards and bass player Art Carnell who surprised people in Europe by covering for Pat Lewis in the last shows of the world tour whom Caterson Damon seems to admire as a bass player and speaks about hiring him as his new bassist. Everyone was on board for a Metal Storm reunion show in London during New Years Eve of 2030. Phillip Goldie and Mathias Hook had been touring/playing their new album and running through the classics. 119

BEHIND THE MUSIC The sales of “Greatest Hits From Hell” have inspired an interest in the early music however Pat Lewis is still not sure if he would be up for playing. Since the death of his wife, he has not been able to function too much musically. Caterson Damon said he will not do a Metal Storm reunion show without Pat or one of the original drummers (Jayson Damon would be aboard since Neil can’t play as good as he used to prior to the boating accident.) So it appears to be a waiting game…. By December 15th of 2030, the Metal Storm box set Remasters is released. They are referred to as “Wave 1”. No songs were added or moved around except for the new addition of the song called “Rebels” which was now at the end of “The Pain Killer”

Metal Storm fans are pleased to hear these four albums and how much more of different some songs are with an additional 360 stereo addition put into them that has been added to systems in 2019 but assembling 24 tiny speakers (12 each side) and a center bass amp with treble tweeters. 360 stereo is starting to appear in most new cars now. Wave 2 is scheduled for release in Feb-March 2031, but is currently in production.

“Wave” Three is unknown for now (however the last two Metal Storm albums already are in 360 sounds so it won’t need much work. Especially since “Black Van” is an EP. The trick will be the Live From Hell III with the orchestra…)




"Metal Storm" (Behind The Music)  
"Metal Storm" (Behind The Music)  

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