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Somewhere over the former Soviet Union as far as the passengers of the giant airliner could tell they were flying. There were six members of RAID along with the wonderful and elegant “Mistress RAID� and the billionaire computer, electronics tycoon Benson Clark who had been taken hostage over a year ago by RAID and left his friends and business associates to believe he is dead back home in Bradford City. Benson was sitting next to the window on the private airliner, he was not dumb and he had flown in many private airliners before to know that this was a big, expensive jet. Benson Clark would give anything

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to know who had been funding these green garbed terrorists for nearly ten years now since it was no longer backed or had anything to do with the original funder Ms. Amy Sprint who used her Journalism and printer paper called “The Apple Pie” out of New York City as an original backer to bring in money to fund RAID until she kept making a lot of bad calls. Finally somebody got smart and ousted her and made RAID into something far more dangerous than it has ever been. A threat to the safety of the entire world and now every country was in fear of RAID because they no longer stood for a country, political belief or religion anymore. They were just RAID and they wanted to take over the world, destroy Governments and do the worst and horrible expirments to mankind in hopes of benefitting themselves. “Can I get you anything to drink Mr. Clark?” asked one of the RAID plane service people. “No,” Benson said, “Unless you have something strong with rum or brandy in it. Really nothing can calm my nerves.” “Let me see what we can dig up in the back,” the service person said with a safe nod from Mistress Raid. Mistress Raid moved across the isles and to the seat next to Benson Clark so she could talk to him. “This will almost be over Benson,” Mistress Raid said, “you will be going home I can see in under a month or two. We’re moving so fast on this project and you have been such a big help. Sabotage told you if you worked fast and did what we said we would see you home. People who work for RAID are sworn to give their words and we mean it.” “That makes me feel good,” Benson said, “but I still sometimes keep waiting for that bullet in the back of my head. You really think I am that foolish to think that I will be going home?” “I really apologize for Sabotage keeping you in that wheel chair,” Mistress Raid said, “It was me that found out that he had you chemically paralyzed hoping it would bring back bad memories to make you more submissive. I made sure that he gives you the antidote and now I am taking you with us to another one of our main bases. If you see Sabotage in the future you will not be taking orders from him anymore. Even I thought that was a bit excessive making you believe you had lost your will to walk again.” “I went through a lot of hell in those years I was absent without my legs,” Benson said, “I almost committed suicide but I fought back and when that operation reversed the situation and years later I was walking and fully in charge of Clark while standing on my feet it meant a lot. Then I am kidnapped for over a year and made to believe I lost my will to walk again. You could say I was a little angry when I had learned I could have been walking the whole time I was in that under sea fortress. Then my one of my best friend Bill Elenor escapes and leaves me behind. To top it off he does not even tell anyone he is alive and everything I see from what I am allowed to watch on television is focused around the some Crusaders who were missing and came home yesterday but still no Bill Elenor.” “Because your friend Bill Elenor knows that if he talks about you being alive that we will find him and make him a prisoner again,” Mistress Raid, “For three years we finally did the impossible Mr. Clark. We had broken Bill Elenor and nobody thought that would be possible. He may have had help escaping from Wrathdemon and his wretched daughter but Bill Elenor is now a weak, old man and he is broken. Please don’t make me have to do that to you Mr. Clark.” “Clark Enterprises stock is so far down the list if I don’t get out of here soon my friend Lloyd is going to run my company into the ground,” Benson said, “I keep moving fast and hoping that your word to let me go is real.” “You are almost done building RAID a great weapon,” Mistress Raid said, “I keep my word.” “Madam,” one of the RAID agents came over to Mistress Raid, “we will be landing in thirty minutes. I was supposed to give you the message that you are supposed to call base.” “Thank you,” Mistress Raid said as the RAID agent walked away and back to his seat.

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“Look at that magnificent piece of work you have done for us Mr. Clark,” Mistress Raid said as she sent a message through her communication phone, “The new RAID armor is amazing and far more superior then the crap they were wearing before. You have made such progress like I said I can’t even imagine what it is going to be like when you finish the greatest RAID weapon of all.” “It makes me a traitor,” Benson said, “But I am hoping it is buying my freedom.” “You may not know this Mr. Clark,” Mistress Raid smiled, “But when the Revolution comes and RAID armies unite throughout the world. You are going to go down in history as a legend to the cause. Your brain and your technology have been at work for quite some time while millions believe you have died. You know Benson we have no problem with helping you create a new identity. A new face, a new life, only if you feel you can’t go back after the great work you have done. You could always allow one of the great plastic surgeons to create you into someone new. Maybe you should think about that idea?” “Possibility,” Benson lied but kept a straight face and a smile. “You’ve created a new durable armor that is bullet resistant,” Mistress Raid said, “backup parachutes for any type of emergency. Hidden blades, explosives and various gadgets throughout the utility belts plus built in night vision and infra red vision. They have become over and over the best thing RAID has ever had. We cannot produce enough of these things to get out to the masses. We have a stock load in the back plus another four thousand on crates on a large ocean liner. These things are going to be worn worldwide and RAID will be the only people to know the codes to open the suits otherwise they are just another stock weight body armors that are stuck together. The whole thing is incredible brilliant if I do say so. I even have my very own suit ready for action.” “People are not stupid,” Benson said, “They will learn my birth date along with my mother maiden name.” “Worldwide they will be clueless,” Mistress Raid said, “Why did you make it that easy?” “So my friends can get into them and rescue me,” Benson laughed as he was served his rum and coke on ice from the service person. He took a sip, “I really don’t plan to stick around too long Mistress Raid.” “Your friends I doubt would even get near our weapon’s supply to even put on our new uniforms let alone past security,” Mistress Raid said, “Did you know that I am a match for Dragon Master hand to hand?” “Any other time I would be scared with a statement like that,” Benson said, “But I did watch the footage when STEEL came to Japan and literally destroyed that Masaru’s person’s mansion. He had so much wealth, weapons and an army that could have taken over a small nation. Just one simple day, STEEL with the leadership skills of Bill Elenor came through and cleaned all of those assholes up. Dragon Master was there I believe and I do not remember you fighting him. In fact, you were one of the people that seemed to slip away.” Whack! Mistress Raid knocked the drink out of Benson’s hand as he was sipping from it. “You talk brave when you drink,” Mistress Raid said, “After being held captive for three years, Bill Elenor would not come within five feet of a RAID agent especially me. He is hiding and scared for his life. That is why he did not return to his job as Commander of STEEL.” “I hear his son is doing a fine job with STEEL,” Benson said, “Why would he want that old pain in the neck job back? Even I did my time as Commander of STEEL and it really sucked.” “Bill Elenor, Sara Elenor and that wretched Wrathdemon, drowned and killed over one thousand RAID agents when they blew up one of the compression walls that held the top part of the air purifier and the foundation of the underwater base. Their bounty is so high for all of those deaths that those three would probably be hiding for the rest of their lives. Yeah, Wrathdemon saved Bill Elenor and Amy Sprint but those two along with Sara will never be able to live a normal life. There’s always a RAID agent who knows somebody.” “How much to kill one of them?” asked Benson out of curiosity. “Twenty million per person,” Mistress Raid said, “Every time I check our Internet location the bounty keeps going up when our overseas contacts learn about all of the deaths. They fucked with the wrong people and killed way too many RAID people at once.” “You really didn’t give Wrathdemon any choice for a descent rescue,” Benson said, “you had all of the prisoners at the bottom of an underwater complex with the prison being at the bottom with only two exits. Wrathdemon had to create his own exit to escape otherwise each exit had RAID agents waiting to kill him.” “So you’ve been studying all of what happened,” Mistress Raid said.

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“Of course I have,” Benson said, “They are my friends and I needed to make sure that if they ever rescue me that they don’t have to kill so many people.” Slap! Mistress Raid punched Benson Clark and knocked him forward and onto the floor. “I could kill you right here,” Mistress Raid shouted. “If I had on one of those RAID costumes you couldn’t do shit,” Benson said. “Nice try,” Mistress Raid said, “You not using the weapons to punch a hole in this ship and parachuting to safety. That’s why we double checked all of the RAID agents to make sure you didn’t have any surprise guests.” “This is your Captain speaking,” a voice came over the intercom, “We are going to be experiencing some turbulence. So if I was any of you back there I would buckle up and I’ll try to make this as smooth as possible.” “What the fuck?” asked Mistress Raid as she sat down and buckled her seat. Benson did the same. “You like roller coasters?” asked Benson. “Not especially,” Mistress Raid said following the plane that began to sway and dive down for about 40 seconds then it pulled up and did a couple of rollovers, knocking everything out of the storage compartments above the seats. “That was cool,” Benson said. “Tell me what is going on?” asked Mistress Raid sticking a knife to Benson’s throat. “I know as much as you do!” Benson laughed, “I am a little scared myself.” “Fuck off,” Mistress Raid said as she cold cocked Benson and knocked him out. She unbuckled her belt and began to walk toward the Captain’s door but all of a sudden the plane fell back and she literally hurdled back and slammed into a wall toward the back. Then the plane darted to the right, left and finally she snagged a seat and pulled herself down and clamped her battered body into a seat. “What is going on?” asked one of the RAID agents that was across from her and buckled down to his seat. “Someone is flying the plane and it’s not the Captain I hired!” Mistress Raid said, “I need a bunch of you to get up to the front and kick that Captain’s door in and find out who it is.” “This will be tricky,” the one agent said, “But the Captain can see us moving through that camera lens over there.” He pointed to the black device way up front and in the corner. Mistress Raid quickly stood up and hurdled a spinning edged shuriken at the small camera. The blades hit the glass and small fizzles and buzzes came from it. She sat back down and buckled up as the plane started spinning around doing crazy stunts. There was junk all over the isles from the overheads that was being tossed around by gravity and turned into projectiles by accident. “We gotta take this fucker now!” another agent said, “I can land this thing.” “Let’s move!” three other agents agreed as they shot full force toward the Captain’s door which was locked. Ca-Boom! One of the agents quickly blew the door off with an explosive and the door flew open. To their surprise there was nobody at the Captain’s chair as four of them slowly crept in quietly. One guy looked up as the dead body of the original Captain was hurdled at them from Wrathdemon who was hanging from the rafters above. Wrathdemon quickly came down, spinning his katana like a whirly bird on a helicopter, slicing and dicing the Agents. The blade on Wrathdemon’s sword was laced and pressed, sharpened with liquid X-drastranium so cutting through the new suits was a nice feeling when he could hear them scream and blood shot all over from the padded suits. One agent backed up and kept his gun aimed at the door as he ran out into the plane section.

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Benson Clark was starting to come to had already stuck his leg outward and the RAID agent tripped over it and fell back. His gun went off firing a blast of energy from the tip and shattering a small hole in the window across from him. The most obnoxious noise was made from the cabin depressurizing as the wind startled to fizzle through the tiny hole cut from the laser. Wrathdemon came walking out with his sword in his hand. “Take another dumb shot with your guns and lets see who gets sucked out the window when one of the windows collapses next time and yanks you out,” Wrathdemon said, “Who wants to be stupid?” Five more RAID agents got up with their guns and started walking in the direction toward Wrathdemon. “Use your swords dammit!” Mistress Raid shouted, “That hole in that window is cracking and getting bigger! No more holes.” There of the RAID agents charged Wrathdemon only because there wasn’t enough room for all of them. Even in tight spaces, Wrathdemon utilize that to duck and doge their long fifteen inch small swords that came out of the end of their gloves that were built in. Wrathdemon leaped up and grabbed one guys’ arm and flipped him over and rammed that agent’s arm into the agent in front of him in the face killing him instantly. Wrathdemon battled the other three by jumping across seats and taking another guy down with a kick to the face with a blade that was attached to Wrathdemon’s boot. “Do I got to do everything?” asked Mistress Raid as she went to unbuckle her seat when she noticed that her seat belt had some kind of strange fast acting adhesive already on the buckle. It was put on there when she wasn’t looking. Now she knew there was a second guy on the plane as the RAID agent in front of her turned around in his seat to face her. He took off his helmet to show that it was Bill Elenor. “Well hello nice lady,” Bill said as all of his long hair and beard came out of the hood that he tossed aside, “I hear you checked all of the RAID agents to make sure none of us were not fakes. This is what I think, I think you got so sure of yourselves and after a few months of me not coming out of hiding you decided to get cocky and think we would be stupid to show up again and attempt to rescue you the last prisoner you have.” “You will not be able to land this plane!” Mistress Raid said, “Your dumb friend just killed the only man who could fly this plane but of course maybe I might be able to do it but maybe not.” “Don’t worry bitch,” Bill said, “I spent six years in Vietnam piloting helicopters on rescue missions. I also flew several planes in the Gulf. This plane is pretty much the same just bigger.” “You are a dead man!” Mistress Raid said as she somehow undid her belt and she flipped over the top of the seat and landed in the isle. Bill quickly turned around with the gun aimed at her. “Sneaky bitch,” Bill said, “I am a good shot.” “You will miss me,” Mistress Raid said and when you do...” Schawk! Wrathdemon snuck up behind her and his blade came through the front. Surprised as blood squired out the front of her stomach, she dropped to her knees in shock. Bill kicked her in the face, busting her jaw as she flopped over in the row of seat isle to her left. “Why did you kick her in the face?” asked Wrathdemon, “I stabbed her through the back and stomach.” “She would have got up,” Bill said, “I was preparing you for surprises. Let’s land this ship!” “Forget it!” Wrathdemon said, “I heard one of those RAID assholes radio their landing toward below. There are thousands of men at the airport in Berlin waiting for us to land.” “I’m not parachuting off a speeding air liner!” Bill said. “Don’t be a pussy,” Benson said who was already dressed in one of the dead agent’s suits, “There is a puncture wound in the stomach but it should not affect the parachute release

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system.” One agent was still alive. He stood up from behind the back two seats and threw his weapon on the ground and held his hands up. “Waste him Bill,” Wrathdemon said, “I need to get into one of these suits. Doesn’t look like the back pack comes off.” “Hey, I surrender,” the RAID agent said, “Don’t shoot.” “All right,” Bill said, “Tell me where this plane was headed.” “We’re supposed to dock at an airport in West Berlin,” the RAID agent said, “There are a bunch of stuff in the cargo hull for them to take.” “What kind of shit?” Asked Bill aiming the weapon at him. “Spare suits, ammo and stuff that RAID people trade,” the RAID agent said, “Just minor stuff. It was mainly so we can get to the German base hideout for Benson Clark to finish working on the weapon.” “What weapon?” asked Bill. “Just a bunch of shit that I did for them,” Benson said as he cut in, “Open the door and let’s jump out.” “Yeah we can only go so far before it gets too dangerous to jump,” Wrathdemon said, “These agents are too small for me to fit. I am going to have to piggy it down with someone.” “Not I,” Benson said, “I barely can work these new ones.” “Someone had better decided soon,” Wrathdemon said as he began to stick all kinds of C-4 all the way around the side wall like it was no big deal. He stuck wires into the C4 and ran the wires all the way back of the plane and ducked behind a seat. “Don’t do this!” Bill said, “Too many lives at stake here,” “Then won’t you be my piggy?” Asked Wrathdemon. “RAID agent, grab Mistress RAID,” Bill ordered. “I got her,” the RAID agent said. “She’ll be happy you saved her,” Bill laughed. “Why are you letting that bitch live?” asked Wrathdemon “Because we can learn from the living,” Bill said, I learned from the darkness of the human life all these years being a Commander and I learned to straighten out my...” Ba-Boom! Wrathdemon ignited the exposition without telling Bill or anyone when he was pushing the button. First Benson, then Bill, then the RAID agent with Mistress Raid and last Wrathdemon all went out the plane free falling from the sky at nighttime. “Where the fuck are we going to land?” Asked Bill as Wrathdemon snagged onto Bill’s collar and they began to spin around and around real fast until Bill snagged onto Wrathdemon’s arm as the two held onto each other as Bill glided to the ground from thousands of feet up, “I feel so gay.” “We can’t let that RAID agent to land safely,” Wrathdemon said as he clicked a device that was in his mask that changed the lenses. Now he could see in the dark and he could make out the RAID agents and Mistress Raid falling off in the distance, “Hold onto me tight while I take this shot.” “Are you fucking crazy?” asked Bill, “You do not have a parachute and you are going to try and shoot someone in mid air?” “You have about three minutes and then you have to pull your shoot,” Wrathdemon said as he pulled a clamp from his belt and hooked it over the belt on Bill’s suit, “That should keep you from dropping me.” “Forget the shot,” Bill said, “It would have been nice if you would have given me some warning! I could have at least put that RAID helmet back on and see what you can see!” “That’s why I have my own mask,” Wrathdemon said, “Thank you Geoff Delderfield for the design!” Wrathdemon reached down by his hip and pulled out an automatic hand gun. He took aim as the wind knocked him around and making it hard to take the aim. Wrathdemon fired several times but the wind from free falling three thousand feet was not allowing Wrathdemon to hold his arm steady.

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“You can’t make that shot!” Bill said, “Let them live! We’ll get them on the ground!” “Bill, why have you become such a big pussy?” Wrathdemon said as he put his automatic pistol in his side holster and strapped it in with his free arm. All though it was a challenge to do this, Wrathdemon seemed like this wasn’t the first time he has jumped out of a plane. “I have never sky dived in darkness but I can see a bunch of lights below,” Bill said, “I’m pulling the shoot so hold on tight!” Bill pulled the shoot eject button and closed his eyes hoping that the RAID suit wasn’t faulty. It naturally opened as Benson Clark had adjusted all of the spring action in the gear and the two began to spurt upwards from the gravity of the parachute’s resistance and then it evened out and the two began to free fall nicely. “Can you see Benson?” asked Bill “I see two shoots one to my left has to be Mistress Raid and that asshole RAID agent,” Wrathdemon said, “The one that is a little further down has to be Benson. I’m glad that all worked out.” “Are you crazy?” asked Bill, “The simple mission was to go in and rescue Benson and safely land the plane somewhere.” “Then I started charting the territory and realized there was no airport that would let us land without a million questions,” Wrathdemon said, “So whenever the plane falls from the sky and smashes into whatever I hope nobody gets hurt.” “Oh shut up,” Bill said, “I need your eyes because I am flying blind here.” “OK,” Wrathdemon reached up and pulled the parachute reigns, “A little bit over here and now let’s just...”

About twenty some minutes later Bill Elenor and Wrathdemon safely land in what appears to be a large corn field of some sort. The stalks were about neck high and the rustling of the two rolling around through the corn stalks sounded painful but luckily their suits protected most of the damage. After disconnecting from the mangled shoot that was entwined around dozens of corn stalks, the two ran out of the field and into nearby woods that was about a hundred yards from a community of homes off in the distance. “Well let’s go find Benson,” Bill said as he adjusted the RAID gun, “all these spy pricks and their energy guns. Whatever happened to good old fashioned bullets?” “They bounce off Kevlar and they are noisy,” Wrathdemon replied. “You have two ammo guns strapped on you,” Bill pointed out. “Yeah but I enjoy the sounds of the bullets,” Wrathdemon said as he followed Bill through the woods. Bill found the spot on the side of the belt where the gun went. Then he began playing around with the various tools there were in the belt. He managed to pull out a pair of binoculars. Adjusting the binoculars, Bill then found out there was a night vision setting on them. So he set it for night vision while he adjusted the lenses to be set at normal site (so they would not be constantly on distance viewing). “Strange they would have those fancy masks and then have a pair of these in their belts,” Bill said as he kept looking through them. “I think they are for distance viewing,” Wrathdemon said, “Luckily you have the option to adjusting the viewing percentage. It has to suck walking with one of your hands stuck on your face if you don’t mind me adding.”

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“There’s one!” Bill said as he adjusted the binoculars, “Off in the distance by that creek! Do you see it? It’s a parachute. Let’s keep quiet and move down there!” “Gotcha,” Wrathdemon said as he pulled out his automatic weapon and followed Bill in a stealth mode. Finally arriving at the scene they noticed that the shoot had been damaged. Bill makes a determination that it must have scrapped through the tops of the tall oaks over in the distance but there were no bodies. “I hope it is Benson,” Bill said. Just as he finished talking there was gun fire. Bill and Wrathdemon ducked behind a couple of thicker trees about twenty meters from the creek. Bullets hitting the ground just inches from the two. “Something tells me that’s not Benson,” Wrathdemon said. “All of this could have been avoided if we simply just stuck to an easier plan,” Bill said, “Give me your automatic pistol. I’m not playing Star Wars out here. That prick must have a gun with bullets also.” “Not possible,” Wrathdemon said, “All of the suits are equipped with those energy guns. I am thinking we are playing shoot out with someone else.” “Who the hell?” asked Bill in deep thought. “Stay put,” Wrathdemon said, “I am going to circle around and move in the direction of those shots. Keep that cheap ass night vision binoculars on me the whole time.” “Go for it,” Bill said, “I’ll cover you.” Wrathdemon went running down by the creek and hit the ground and leaped over the water in under a minute. He popped up and began to run toward another set of trees on the other side of the creek when gun fire went off. Wrathdemon fired back blindly with his weapon and hit the ground and crawled up the small hill to the trees on his stomach. Wrathdemon began to move through the woods with the night vision in his mask. The woods were thick with green even though there was a small chill in the air. Wrathdemon kept pushing until he could see something moving that was human and it vanished from his sight. Wrathdemon went in pursuit of whatever it was. Wrathdemon used his climbing ability and began to scale a thick tree. He moved from branch to branch until he could get a view of the area from where he was. He could see movement so he fired down into the area to give off a warning shot. Ca-Boom! Something hit the tree Wrathdemon was in and he had to brace his fall with an acrobatic flip. He landed dead center in a clearing. Once he got up he noticed a whole bunch of soldiers surrounding him with automatic weapons. Wrathdemon pulled out his sword but then he noticed more coming out of the woods. He was now officially surrounded and it didn’t look good. (Translated from French) “Don’t be a fucking hero,” one soldier spoke in French said, “Drop the sword or we are going to make you into Swiss cheese.” “I want him to make a move,” another soldier spoke, “Come on and one little movement with that sword and you’re a dead man!” “Luckily I’m originally from the Germanic temple days when the French battled the Germans over territory,” Wrathdemon spoke back in French, “So I am reading you all loud and clear. We don’t want any type of trouble we are actually chasing down a couple of terrorist. I’m a former agent of STEEL and my partner is also an active member. You might want to put the guns down because they could be anywhere.” “What the hell is STEEL?” Asked the first soldier, “There’s nobody out here but about thirty of us and three more captives that parachuted out of the sky. I am assuming your other asshole friend is the other guy who came down on private property? You’d better point him out or we’re going to blow your head off and hunt him down ourselves.”

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“I apologize about landing on private property,” Wrathdemon said, “We had plane trouble and just decided to jump. Our plane caught fire and it was not a pretty sight. You may have already heard reports of an explosion somewhere?” “He’s right,” a soldier spoke up, “There was some kind of foreign plane that was flying over Switzerland and pieces have been dropping left and right. I would be willing to bet somebody would love to know these boys are alive.” “First of all,” the main soldier said, “Drop all of your fucking weapons right now.” “You don’t have to get so personal,” Wrathdemon said as he began to slowly drop his gun and then he reached for his other automatic pistol. Just as he was about to grab the automatic pistol, Wrathdemon could see a grenade come out of the trees. Luckily the night lenses in the mask notified Wrathdemon. Wrathdemon without haste did a flip and accurately cart wheeled over two soldiers and into the woods followed by a loud detonation. The gun fire followed as the angry French soldiers stared firing in all directions. Wrathdemon knew that Bill had thrown that grenade but he kept proceeding through the dark woods hoping that he could lose these French assholes and find out what the hell this place was that would cause thirty armed French soldiers to come out in the middle of the night to guard some property where they have only seen a lot of trees and a small creek.

A little bit later about ten miles north of the little area where the battle is taking place. There is a nice home that has been designed on the outskirts of the woods. The home is breath taking as the back patio over looks an enormous shot of the ocean while it is securely embedded in the sides of the cliff rocks and nestled for the best comfort for a fortunate Frenchman who has had this home built there after the original one that was in his family had been burned down due to a forest fire nearly forty years ago. Now three soldiers are leading Benson Clark through the home. Benson seems to be a bit dinged up from his sky diving when he came down and was scrapped up pretty bad from the trees he tried to avoid but managed to come within yards of the house. When he cut himself loose he found about nine armed guards that were there to greet Mr. Clark with the beating of a life time. “Now where are you pricks taking me? To an ass raping chamber?” asked Benson who was pretty angry from getting smacked around over the last hour or so. To Benson’s surprise he was thrown into a bathroom type area where a couple soldiers stripped Benson down to nothing and then used a powered water hose on him to wash him down. Benson scrambled to his feet after the fifteen minute abuse with water pressure of icy cold water. Then they strapped Benson to an old fashioned chair with arms, neck, waist and legs straps to keep Benson tied down for some reason with the only clothing was an old dark towel thrown over his private area. Then this slightly frail younger guy literally shaved off Benson’s beard, cut, trimmed and styled his hair while he was strapped down. When the hair designer finished he left the room and two soldiers came in with a nice looking suit that was in a clear bag. What was really odd the suit was already sized and they ordered him to put it on and they left the room. What the hell is this? Benson thought as he put on the strange black suit that was given to him. Even down to the shoes Benson Clark literally fit into the whole entire get up. Twenty minutes later the two soldiers came and grabbed Benson and nicely escorted him through the home. Now Benson could see the elegant home and how things were nicely placed along with rare 17th century paintings, antiques, and all kinds of nice looking rugs. The odd part about the trip was the fact the soldiers had to step onto these sticky pads that went on the bottom of their shoes so they could walk through the home. That’s when Benson noticed that the majority of the main colors were white.

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Benson was sat down at a dinner table on one end. On each side of the table there was an even amount of eight chairs (sixteen total). On the other end of the table was a bald man Benson has never seen (though he did look familiar) before whom was sitting on the opposite end of the long table. The stranger was wearing a white suit with a weird goatee and the bushiest of eyebrow that Benson has ever seen on a man. The table was decked out with silver trays with lids on them and large bottles of unopened wine. “Welcome Mr. Clark,” the man said as one of the Butler looking men filled up his glass with wine. The man took a sip, “My name is Professor Herodes and welcome to my humble and happy home. Though you do have to take quite a hike to get here it looks like you decided to drop in.” Benson was still a little weary from the beating he took earlier but with the cologne, shower and “trim” he felt out of place with no facial hair. The last time Benson did not sport a goatee was in college. The name Professor Herodes was ringing a bell in Benson’s head but he just could not connect the dots. “Thank you for the invite,” Benson said, “Truth be known I am here by an accident. Somebody blew hijacked a plane I was out and I survived due to my quick thinking and jumped out with a prototype suit of mine with a built in parachute. The only reason I am in your back yard is simply just a roll of a chance dice.” Professor Herodes looked across the room at Benson with a serious look on his face. Then as the room was quiet for a whole minute, Professor Herodes just started laughing madly. The laugh carried on for thirty seconds and then he just completely cut it off. “So, I have to ask you,” Benson said, “I know your name but I am curious how you know me? Plus I am a little offended by having my clothes removed and having a bunch of grown men spray me down like some sort of wild animal in need of a bath. Then I was also violated and strapped to a chair and had my hair cut and my facial hair removed. So, I am a tiny mad and I am sure there is a reason for everything.” “I truly apologize for the abruptness of my soldiers,” Professor Herodes smiled, “When I say clean him up and invite him to dinner I did not expect that type of treatment. You see, I have a facial recognizer program installed in the entire complex of my home. Your face though covered in hair and dirty came back with 80 percent recognition of billionaire electronics and computer wizard Benson Clark of Clark Enterprises. Then of course when I clicked on your biography it went on to say that you were shot and died on the operating table and the business is run by your long time friend Lloyd Ellington. I think that is very sweet, two lovers with one goal. You go out in the world carefree escaping the pain of business and invent some of the most incredible stuff. Your little green suit we peeled off of you is being inspected by my best men in the building over. They are saying that it looks like something that jumped out of the future. It is all loaded down with all kinds of gizmos and safety switches. Even the snazzy little helmet you had on was built with amazing little secrets and various different modes that allowed you to switch from night vision to Ingra red vision. So tell me Mr. Clark, why are you playing dead while your lover runs your business which by the way is dropping in the stock market.” “First of all Mr. Herodes, Lloyd Ellington is not my gay lover,” Benson said, “We have been friends since college and he is taking care of my company until I can get home. These bastards known as RAID had me hostage and had been forcing me to build shit like that. Thankfully I had already predesigned these new RAID soldier uniforms and was able to get into one when the plane was damaged. I was not about to go down in flames.” “It’s a nice story Mr. Clark but you must take note,” Professor Herodes said, “I am a man of GOD and I have been gifted with the glory of the Lord. He has saved me many, many years ago and taught me the secret of everlasting life. So when someone tells me a little white lie, it is my powers that send me a message saying someone is not being truthful.” “Well, you talk to God,” Benson said, “I guess I really do not even have to answer any of your questions because you know all the answers.” “Now you are getting it my lost sheep,” Professor Herodes smiled.

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Now it was finally coming back to Benson about Professor Herodes. Benson had to think awhile but like a haunting story sometimes it likes to hide in your head. Benson remembered being a young boy and watching the news with his father and reading about a man named Herodes and he referred to himself as “the King”. He used to run a strange religious cult outside of France and claimed God talked to him and gave him powers. What caught the attention of Benson back when he saw this coverage on TV was the fact that this “King” Herodes had a bunch of followers that followed him up in the mountains around this area actually. They had a little cult following village that was decked out where everyone lived in tents, trailers and what not. There were rumors of what were called “Suicide sacrifices” where members were going nuts and killing their youngest child. When all was said and done the Police came in there and arrested a lot of people. This man named “King” Herodes alias Mark Butler got off free. A man from Mark Butler’s cult by the name of Fred Chippe admitted that he went behind “The Kings” back because he believed that killing the young children would give Mr. Butler great powers. To this day, Fred Chippe is in prison along with everyone that was in that cult. They all refuse to talk to the press and everyone keeps quiet including Fred Chippe who has shaved his head and taken a vow of life silence. “Wasn’t there some cult that lived in the mountains way back in the seventies?” asked Benson, “You remember anything about that sir?” “Please Mr. Clark have some food,” Professor Herodes said as the house servants began opening the trays of roast beef and serving the mashed potatoes and gravy with asparagus and other side dishes. So Benson took a few things and had them put on his plate to satisfy Professor Herodes. “You came here because you want to become a part of what I am doing,” Professor Herodes said, “Your calling was to bring me your technology. You have brought me the keys to a survival suit that will protect me in my days to come. Though your offer is very nice and rewarding I am starting to think maybe Satan sent you. Benson Clark all though is dead, and either Satan sent you or God resurrected you to come here. I just don’t know which yet and my communication with God is very foggy at the moment but he will speak when he wants. I think he wants me to make the guess because God thinks I might be ready to call my own once again.” “OK,” Benson said, “I am willing to get up from this table, take the RAID uniform and leave. I really have nothing I want to trade with you Professor Herodes. This truly has been a mistake and I wish you would just forget about this. I am here because I was taken prisoner by RAID and I really need to...” “Mr. Clark,” Professor Herodes laughed, “RAID’s founder Amy Sprint happens to be a former student of mine. Though, I have not been in contact with her in many years I do know who RAID is and their unpopular terrorist acts they have done in the news. My father before me was the King and before this very home we are enjoying this meal with was here, there used to be a small village that my father dedicated to his disciples. It was the true house of God and even though the only way to get here is a long hike through the country side and through thousands of acres of woods it did not stop their calling. People heard the Lord’s voice and they came here to be closer with God. The very land this house rests on was such a beautiful place until one day someone just dropped in from nowhere. Oddly, he tried the wanting to become a brother approach as to your recent accident excuse.” “It was an accident,” Benson said, “Did you find any others?” “Oh yes,” Professor Herodes smiled, “a couple of them are being hunted through my very woods. They have killed a bunch of my men but I do not see them making it through the night. There was a comment about another man in a suit like yours with a woman. Three of my soldiers were bringing them to me when they tried to escape and they slipped and fell to their deaths into the thrashing waters below this steep cliff.” “So where is your father?” Asked Benson. “There is something about you,” Professor Herodes said as he stood up, “When you speak I feel an over whelming sense of peace. It only means one thing Mr. Clark. That would be the fact that you are a good soul and you mean no harm. So if God is filling me up with such feelings I think maybe I wronged you Mr. Clark.” “Um....thank you,” Benson said. “Follow me and let me show you the truth,” Professor Herodes said, “The lord wants me to show you the truth. Professor Herodes got up from the table. Benson slowly got up and followed Professor Herodes through a large hallway and down a flight of steps. Benson noticed that large white suit that Professor

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Herodes was wearing was not because he was heavy or fat. There was an actual muscular body underneath there. Almost as if Professor Herodes worked out every day and was some kind of trainer or maybe dabbled in martial arts of some kind.

Meanwhile, Wrathdemon and Bill finally found each other near a large ravine where a bunch of hills and boulders were stacked evenly downward and there seemed to be a homemade trail. The path seemed to be ascending up a hill that was built by somebody who rooted small logs into the soil with the flow of the hill structuring a stylish arrangement of track steps that could be taken up or even down. When Wrathdemon and Bill saw what appeared to be more soldiers coming down those steps, they ducked back a bit into a thick shrub area. Then when the coast was clear, the two ran up the trail until they finished their journey as the sun was starting to come up. You could clearly see the home that was built on the edge of a cliff with fancy glass windows, monuments, steel bars, fountains and all kinds of artsy-type of designs around the home. “This fucking suit is doing me no good,” Bill said, “It’s slowing me down and making me sweat like a stuck pig.” “You don’t see me signed up for RAID,” Wrathdemon joked, “I have to be at least on their most wanted list. I think I have killed thousands of those buttholes.” “Look at that house,” Bill said, “This is what I mean when I talk about real retirement. I want to disappear into a house that is hidden way up the side of large wooded ravine area. Nobody can get to my home unless they fly in. It’s sad that place has been turned into whatever this is. What the hell do you think they are running? I sure hope it’s not another meth lab. I was covered from head to toe in crystal meth powder the last place STEEL went into with all guns blazing. It wasn’t a great day for a lot of people. I jumped into a lake chasing after this one guy who started on fire.” “I thought I had the bad luck,” Wrathdemon said. “You don’t know the half of it,” Bill said, “This green prototype suit is not doing too well. I actually feel resistance in the legs. I almost wonder if the microscopic fiber optic cables in these things are having a flaw since being shot.” “Take the damn thing off,” Wrathdemon said, “we may need your speed in a bit judging from those guys with guns.” Professor Herodes was showing Benson all around his expensive house and bragging about his antiques and the various places where they have come from. “Tell me Mr. Clark,” Professor Herodes said, “If you could take your skills, knowledge and whatever else you have up in that noggin of yours and use it to live forever, would you do it?” “I used to think about that a lot Professor Herodes,” Benson said, “But everybody around me would die and I would be sad seeing all the death and all of the people leaving me. It just would be so sad and I guess my answer would be no.” “Let’s say you also have a secret that besides immortality your strength and your agility have made you into a super machine where nobody could stop me,” Professor Herodes, “You would almost have to live in isolation because people would not understand you.” “You talk as if this is real,” Benson said, “Have you found the fountain of youth?” “Follow me,” Professor Herodes said as he lead Benson over to a fancy elevator, “The Lord sent you to me and therefore since I am doing the Lord’s work there should be nothing shocking to a man of science.” Meanwhile, Wrathdemon and Bill (who removed the faulty RAID suit now) are running and now behind a couple of large boulders and trees. There were about twenty African looking men with guns that were leading what appeared to be children with guns. The children were silent, poor looking and walked with their heads down. “What’s up with all those kids?” asked Wrathdemon. “That large military looking helicopter off to the west,” Bill pointed out, “it has African flags on it. All those kids look like they are from of African descent. If they didn’t have guns I would say Soccer team but those children don’t look happy. Their ages range from eight until about twelve.” “I sure hope this isn’t one of those child molester cults,” Wrathdemon said, “I really hate sick fucks.”

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“I think it is more than that,” Bill said, “Try and listen to what they are saying.” “It’s surprisingly French,” Wrathdemon said. (Translated from French) “Move it faster you little bastards!” the one armed thug said, “We have a run in Demark we have to pick up tomorrow. You little pricks have been nothing but problems for us.” “Don’t make haste!” another armed thug shouted at the kids using a baseball bat for intimation, “move! Move! Move! I’ll smash your little skulls in!”

“Let’s take them,” Wrathdemon said. “Not yet,” Bill said, “Too many of them. I don’t have enough ammo. We should make our way to that helicopter and see if they have some weapons. If we can balance out the scales we can blow some of these fucks up. I just don’t want to take a risk and hit any of those children. Those kids are nothing but shields right now.” “You have a point,” Wrathdemon added.

Inside the home of Professor Herodes there is an elevator that travels down below the house into the large rock cliff that is below the house. To Benson’s surprise there was no dirty caves but a nice evenly dug out facility where a couple of people walking around doing various things that Benson could not figure out what was going on but Professor Herodes seemed very sure of himself as the elevator traveled down two more floors and stopped and opened up for the two to exit. “These rocks keep things very cool down here,” Professor Herodes said, “What looks like a very tall side of a mountain to climb it is nothing but a secret science research facility. Places down here have so many things going on. I have three very intelligent scientists besides myself that are onto some intense breakthroughs.” “I don’t get it,” Benson said, “I see a lot of rooms with doors and what used to be a solid cave that has been hollowed out into an underground laboratory. Why are things so secret?” “Into this room here,” Professor Herodes said as he opens a large metal door with the twist of an old circular metal wheel. Even Benson knew that it would be hard to turn that thing but to Professor Herodes turned and opened that door with no effort and the next room was a little dirtier but filled with rooms with piles that were filling up great vats with some kind of liquid. “What are you making an illegal brewery?” Asked Benson who was trying to add a little humor towards a normally stale character so far but still no reaction. “What is being pumped into these vats is the miracle of the Lords work,” Professor Herodes smiled, “you see when God chose me. He chose me to be the guardian of lost. I am the Sheppard who leads the lost here and sends them back to the Lord where he finds a place in Heaven for them. Usually children who have no families or they are orphans. My men have them brought here and from these vats I house the miracle of life I have taken from them before I send them back to the Lord. You see Benson this cavern

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has been down here since 1864 when I originally built it. There is no King Herodes or anybody else I have been the same person for quite some time. Originally there was a nice Victorian home that stood above where the new home that you see embedded into the rocks. Why is that? Well, the Victorian home was my idea but I found out that being this high up above the waters and high sky on this cliff makes you very open to the elements. After I lost the house due to the accident, that’s when we began rebuilding with tents and whatever we could gather from the lost home to make the little village you asked me about earlier when I was in charge of many followers. Though my followers felt the need to goto the Lord without me I have never understood any of that but now after six years of planning, working and drilling into the rock I have the most perfect home that is safe from the elements. My new life has taken on a whole new meaning now that I heard God’s new message and have been surviving.” “Surviving on what?” asked Benson. “Oh you blinded child!” Professor Herodes shouted, “The blood of the lost children! It cycles through those machines where it is purified and with the added compound. Below this room is a large pit where I submerge my entire body in God’s warm blood of the innocent and when I submerge my ailments, weaknesses and whatever is gone. Yes, of course it works because I was born in 1834. So, I am pretty sure the Lord and I have a good bargain.” “You murder homeless children and bathe in their blood?” asked Benson with eerie confusion in his voice. “The Lord told me when I was forty years old that I have a new calling,” Professor Herodes said, “I was a wealthy man but he said that the world is filling up with unwanted children from evil parents who only fornicate with lust and throw their children to the lost world. I am helping the Lord send them back so he can recycle their souls. We have been working well together since 1865 and with my money making places better and emptying the orphanages of third world countries that cannot afford to take care of these lost children. You have to understand Mr. Clark this is my way of doing God’s work. Do not judge unless you hear what God thinks.” “This is just sick,” Benson said, “Where are the children?” “When they die they are nothing but empty shells,” Professor Herodes said, “Their souls travel to Heaven and it is our duty to load them into the incinerators and remove the shells. The new children from Zimbabwe should be here soon. I need to go greet all of them and thank the military from bringing them from the refugee camps.” “These camps and orphanages think you are finding them homes!” Benson said, “They surely do not know what you are doing!” “Of course not,” Professor Herodes smiled, “if I told them that I was taking all their see Mr. Clark, a lot of people don’t understand God. Some evil doers believe in letting others starve or live in fear. God takes all of that away from you and sends you back into better worlds. I am just doing God’s work. Now if you excuse me, I must exit through this back doorway that leads around to a set of stairs where the new children will be brought in. I must not be late or I could be getting others in trouble for tardiness. I need all the help I can get way out here!”

Professor Herodes crept around like some sort of happy Captain Kangaroo type to surprise all the children that were standing in a room that looked like a large foot locker with many benches. Professor Herodes went into the room and talked to them and assured all of the kids they were going to be happy and the Lord was coming to meet them. Some of the children didn’t understand Professor Herodes but seemed to smile at his phony, goofy personality. Professor Herodes opened up a cabinet and pulled out a large basket in which he set on a table and then dumped out. It was all kinds of candy, treats and things kids would like. “Eat up!” Professor Herodes said, “This is your new home and when you get to meet the Lord you get to be a special person! No arguing! I will be back! My friend Mark over there is big, black and scary but do not be scared because mean old Mark won’t hurt you now that Professor Herodes is here. Standing off in the distance was Benson Clark. He noticed the large black guy standing in the corner with a gun with no expression. Benson also noticed how happy the kids looked as they dug through all of the chocolate bars, wrapped hard candies and various other candies that children like.

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Professor Herodes went up the stairs to the back as if he were going to meet with somebody. He mentioned that he was going to say goodbye to the nice men who brought them to him.” When Benson went to follow Professor Herodes up the stairs, which is when the man named “Mark” decided to open his mouth and step in front of Benson and block his way “Excuse me,” Benson said politely I am following Professor Herodes. Could you please kindly move out of my way?” “I do not move for anyone until me and my homies get paid!” Mark said as he gripped his gun, “I do not know you from shit Mr. Fancy pants with the black suit and nice hair cut. You look like one of those guys from the United States that sits behind a desk all day and don’t do shit and you just make money.” “I am Benson Clark. I am here to upgrade the systems and prep all of the new weapons and things like that. I have to go with Professor Herodes to get the layout of this place. So if you don’t mind moving.” “My name is Mark as you have heard,” Mark said as he stuck his big index finger in Benson’s chest, “I do not have to be nice to anyone but Professor Herodes. So, why don’t you take your black suited, clean shaving ass over there and eat some candy?” All of a sudden, Benson Clark looked up and he could see a familiar face as he was sneaking down the stairs. It was surprisingly Bill Elenor. So Benson decided to keep talking to Mark to keep him busy. “You don’t scare me tough guy,” Benson said as he poked Mark on the chest, “Sure you have big solid pecks and you think you are tough but let me tell you that you are not anything.” Crack! Mark punched Benson in the face and knocked him on his ass. “I’m going to give you a beat down,” Mark said. Wham! Bill smashed Mark in the back of the head with a power punch. It knocked him forward as he slammed his face into the side of the door frame. Mark went to turn around but he was too slow, Bill had the muscular man on the ground and was smashing his face in. Bill then looked up at all of the kids standing there watching as they ate their candy. “Hey kids!” Benson said as he got to his feet with his nose bleeding. He found a handkerchief nicely pressed inside the jacket he put it over his nose, “This man is my friend. He took out the mean man who put the gun on you. Things will be ok.” “I’m taking his guns also,” Bill said, “Ammo makes me happy also.” “Bill there is some sick shit going on,” Benson said. (Translated from Spanish) “Try this, can you understand Spanish?” asked Bill. “Yes,” Benson said, “That’s a good call because I am a billion dollar business man with a lot of Spanish speaking customers. Anyone, these kids are set to be killed and their blood is drained into some giant blood where this bald headed, bushy eyed browned freak in a white suit bathes in their blood. We have to get these kids out of here somehow.” “Rescuing these kids cannot just be the end it all,” Bill replied in Spanish, “Help me find some more weapons. I have Wrathdemon with me and we need to shoot these fucks dead and I’m ending this murder house.” “We need more then you two,” Benson said, “There is fifty some people all over plus that Professor Herodes is like some kind of super mutant who thinks he has powers from blood. He’s going to be a problem.” “This could be a problem,” Bill said, “Try to find your RAID suit you had on.” “We have to hide these kids,” Benson said. “I know,” Bill said, “I definitely know!”

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Meanwhile Wrathdemon was already at the giant military helicopter and has two armed soldier type guys tied up way in the back. He slowly takes off the gag and sticks and sticks a blade by the throat of the thug type man. “We’re going to play a simple game,” Wrathdemon said, “If I don’t like your response I will simply cut your throat like chicken, are you ready?” “You are a dead man!” the man shouted. “Wrong answer,” Wrathdemon said as she slashed his throat and blood started gushing all over as he choked on his blood while Wrathdemon put his gag back on his mouth. He then turned to the second man and took the gag off. “How about you?” asked Wrathdemon. “We pickup kids from the Orphanages all over,” the thug said, “We get paid good money and we fly them up here.” “Are the Orphanages giving up these kids freely?” asked Wrathdemon. “No...We are paid to take them against the will of the orphanages and paid to burn them down,” the thug replied. “You guys are kind of a bunch of sick fucks,” Wrathdemon said, “Where’s your spare ammo?” “Under the metal flooring in the back hatch,” the thug said, “ammo, automatic rifles and grenades.” “What is this pricks doing with these kids?” asked Wrathdemon “I don’t know! I don’t care! I get paid!” the thug said. “You know what?” Wrathdemon, “You ever flown?” “I’m a pilot,” the man said, “but this is...” “Shut up faggot,” Wrathdemon said as he gagged him and dragged the man several feet and then tossed him over the edge and watched him fall to his death. Wrathdemon went to get the next guy and tossed him out and threw his body down the opposite side of the hill where it wound up in the bushes. The man was already dead and it seemed pointless for Wrathdemon to watch his guts smash all the way on the cliffs down the rocks. The next thing Wrathdemon seen was Bill Elenor running up around the back of the building with a bunch of kids. He had a couple of guns and was leading the smiling faces of the kids back to the military helicopter. Behind him was Benson Clark, he was wearing one of the RAID suits that he managed to get while helping Bill look for weapons. “I thought those suits were shit,” Wrathdemon said to Benson. “They are but I know how to reverse the polarity on the energy packs to make them work,” Benson laughed, “I neglected to tell anyone how they work. In case I had a gun to my head I installed them polarity packs so they wouldn’t think I deliberately trashed the work I made for them.” Rat! Tit! Tat! Tat! Rat Tit! Tat! Tat! Rat! Tit! Tat! Tat! Rat Tit! Tat! Tat! Rat Tit! Tat! Tat! Rat! Tit! Tat! Tat! Rat Tit! Tat! Tat! Rat! Tit! Tat! Tat! Rat Tit! Tat! Tat! Rat Tit! Tat! Tat! The sounds of two automatic rifles ripped through the trees as several of the armed men that worked for Professor Herodes. “Children get down inside this compartment,” Bill said as he pulled the final piece of machinery out of the weapons compartment. There was enough space in there for the children. They all quickly piled in there as Bill assured them they would be safe and he would die protecting them. He pulled the lid down but slid a tiny rock in the corner to keep fresh air and make sure the lid didn’t trap them. “Cock suckers!” Wrathdemon said as he fired into the trees where he can see a bunch of dark skinned men with guns, “Come out of there!” Bullets ripping through the trees and a few hitting the side of the helicopter but Wrathdemon didn’t care. He ran over to the nearby boulder and used it for protection. A bullet managed to ping him in the arm and it pissed him off. Bill figured out that the large weapon in his hand was a flame thrower. There was a small portable tank with some kind of flammable butane container attached to it as he tossed the cable over his back, pulled a

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lever back and aimed the flame thrower into the woods where the men with the guns were taking cheap shots. The woods went up in flames followed by screams and cries of men running out of the woods into the open where Wrathdemon leaped onto the boulder and ended their misery with a round of bullets from his automatic weapon that ripped them apart. “The sun is starting to come up,” Benson said, “I can still see some of those pricks in the woods be careful Bill! They cannot hide too long!” “Are there anymore children in that house?” asked Bill as he took off the flame thrower and tossed it over the edge and listened to it clang and bang a few feet where it stopped on a smaller cliff ledge. “Professor Herodes said there was not but that guy is nuts,” Benson said, “We made need to get out of here. I think he is some kind of mutant or altered human. He really believes bathing in children’s blood is why he is strong and immortal.” “We’re going to find out how immortal he is,” Bill said, “Can you see anymore people in the woods?” “Not too many,” Benson said, “I am switching through all various kinds of lenses. There is one man to the left but I think he is fleeing down by that ravine and that makeshift step is.” “All right,” Bill said as he came back by Benson who was standing in back of the helicopter, “Keep your Star War’s laser gun ready to protect. That suit is bullet proof but it hurts like hell. If you get in too deep I’ll be back out here.” “Why can’t we just leave?” Asked Benson. “We can’t let this crazy nut ball run around,” Bill said, “As much as I would like to fly this helicopter to safety we have to kill this prick.” “I can fly a helicopter,” Benson said. “Really?” asked Bill as he looked at Wrathdemon. “Dude, I built the fucking Metalloid armor!” Benson said as he took off the helmet and handed it to Bill, “You think you can get off this rock without a helicopter?” “Where the hell are we on a map?” asked Wrathdemon who finally made it over to Bill and Benson. “I caught glimpses of pictures and in conversation with bozo in there that we are up in some fancy hills near Switzerland but way down through the tall valleys is apart of France,” Benson said, “I really can sit here with the gun until you find Professor Herodes or I can get the kids to safety. I do have a place in France where one of my former colleges runs a medical facility. If I can get an in-flight view now that the sun is coming up I can get these kids there.” “There is backup gas,” Wrathdemon said as he jerked free a long tarp that was holding a peg board up where guns; coats and whatever could be clamped down on with the fancy hooks on the peg boards. Beneath the space was where the helicopter gas was. “You can’t just put gas in a helicopter like you do a car,” Benson laughed. “Yeah you can,” Wrathdemon said as he tugged and yanked on a large oval shaped metal box until it broke free, “I broke it. Oh fuck it you are only going to need this thing one time. I’ll make sure this is dumped into your tank. It should get you to France if you really think we are in some Alps or high hills in Switzerland.” Just as Wrathdemon walked around to the other side a bullet just missed him and bounced off a metal door. Bill grabbed his automatic rifle and started firing. The man ran toward the side of the house. “That’s my cue!” Bill said, “Hurray it up and get these kids out of here!” Meanwhile inside the house Professor Herodes was near the back room of his house when a couple of his armed workers came running down the stairs. “What the hell took you bozos so long?” asked Professor Herodes

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“Sorry,” one of the men said, “We had to break open the heavy gun cabinets and get the ammo out. Those assholes are not getting out of here.” “You should get into hiding Mr. Herodes!” the other thug type soldier said, “We have several more guys on the grounds. If one of those punks were to get inside this house I would hate to...” “First of all you ignorant son of a bitch,” Professor Herodes said with an angry voice, “have you lost your mind? I am to be addressed as Professor Herodes. You also seem to think that because I appear to be a little bit older and have gray hair and I am bald that I am helpless but safe inside this house. When people think I am weak or what not it tends to sometimes make me feel like I am pulling one over some of you but some people just piss me off to no end when they extend that feeling to me after all this time they have known me!” Professor Herodes picked up the man who made the comment about Professor Herodes should get into hiding by his throat with one hand. The armed guard was like helpless in his grip as his near 300 lbs body was lifted in the air one handed with no ropes or nothing. As soon as he started to gag, Professor Herodes dropped him to the ground. “I’m sorry Professor Herodes,” the man pleaded. “You get paid well,” Professor Herodes said, “I feed you well and your job is to patrol my humble home and take care of pests. NOW GO TO IT!” The screams from Professor Herodes’s voice literally had made the two armed men jump and they ran down the back stairs, opened the door and shut it behind them (which automatically locked the door).

A few minutes later Bill came around the corner and he ran dab smack into one of the men carrying an automatic weapon. They both were at a stalemate with their gun on each other. “Are you a tough guy?” asked Bill. “Put down that gun and let’s see,” the thug said, “Professor Herodes pays me well to get rid of pieces of shit like you.” “I don’t think any of us are going to drop their guns,” Bill smiled. “I will do it first if you do it,” the man said, “Same time.” “All right,” Bill said, “I am getting sick of being shot at and...” Whiffft! A bladed shuriken came sailing through the air and stuck the thug right in the throat. He staggered forward choking for a few minutes on his own blood and he dropped over dead. Bill looked around with anger and saw Wrathdemon came running around the corner of the large trees to the west. “Why did you kill him?” Asked Bill, “We were talking terms on a fight.” “Save your strength Billford,” Wrathdemon said sarcastically, “Everybody we have to kill until we find this Professor Herodes. We do not know what kind of powers he has or what the case is. You cannot be out here fighting kung fu-mono-e-mono just because you need your daily dose of ass kicking. You seem to forget that you surrendered your immortality awhile back. You recall that monstrous demon that had me as a slave? You traded your immortality to make sure the Red faced man Perkins died. Of course that monstrous demon saw no more interest in me and he let me go of my resurrection curse. So, now you are for some reason back here in the flesh which tells me he just took your power away and added it to his stack of shit, almost like a bunch of kids who play those cards and collect powers.” (See original STEEL #35-#36). “You have any idea how crazy any of that sounds?” asked Bill, “I don’t even think or believe anybody was immortal. I don’t even think a demon possessed your body. I am starting to think we had a lot of shit put in our head.” “Dude you are like almost eighty fucking years old and you look like you could hang out and spend time with Justin Beiber peeing in Mop buckets,” Wrathdemon replied. “OK,” Bill said as he walked closer to one of the doors of the house, “I never said STEEL didn’t offer me a little bit of their science projects. You see Wrathdemon, science and the super natural are two different things. My world revolves around science and what the Government did to me because they thought I was a suicidal kid that just came back from Vietnam after witnessing so much death and violence

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that they could not even make a movie based on it without having it be the worst blood and guts film since Friday the 13th. Times have changed Wrathdemon, I’m glad to be a live and I sure hope this prick in this house just didn’t give us the slip.” All of a sudden the military helicopter with Benson Clark went sailing past the house and down through the back alley and vanishing over the hills. A smile came to Bill Elenor’s face as the helicopter vanished in the hills. “I like to save lives,” Bill said, “You like to take them.” “Dude,” Wrathdemon said, “You looked like a kid in the fucking candy store with that flame thrower about twenty minutes ago.” “I hate to categorize people but there is a difference between scum bags and innocent people,” Bill said, “The difference with me is I kill scum bags. You ready to go kill a scum bag?” “I’m getting all choked up,” Wrathdemon said sarcastically as Bill kicked in the door and went running through the house. Wrathdemon was running close right behind Bill and making sure there wasn’t any surprise thugs with guns or mysterious monsters hiding in corners. Wrathdemon observed Bill who just didn’t care. It had been awhile since Wrathdemon had been with a person who just didn’t care. Wrathdemon believed that Bill thought he was immortal but now he saw Bill for the first time through his eyes. Bill didn’t believe he was immortal. Wrathdemon came up with the psychological suggestion that Bill was in the depths of despair, wanted to die but just didn’t know it. Bill’s life was unlimited because of something that happened to him in the 80s courtesy of STEEL and now it’s like his own body has backfired on him and forced Bill to become something he wasn’t. That is the scary part, Bill’s heart and mind were in the right spot but he quit caring after so much death and destruction. A couple minor guys jumped out but Bull made short work of them by ducking, spin kick and the ram of the butt of his gun which busted open the skull and dropped the two big guys. The two moved through the home and finally as they came down through a sunken floor in the living room they could see this infamous Professor Herodes who was wearing his white suit as Benson described and he was sitting in a nice black leather chair with his hands folded. Wrathdemon went to reach for his automatic hand pistol and Bill gave Wrathdemon a look to wait. “I must congratulate you on your excellence on taking down some of my best men,” Professor Herodes said, “My entire congregation is pretty much running for the hills or taken off. They really believe that you two hooligans can take apart my existence and all that I have dreamed of. You know if that could be possible I would have tried to find you years ago but I have to warn that you that dying or leaving my home is not a part of my plans. So let’s begin with names, many call me Professor Herodes. Like I was telling my friend a few minutes ago, Professor Herodes is my name. Any other form like Mister or just plain calling me Herodes is disrespectful. You can really take a man’s power away with just the simple rewording of his name. What do they call you two?” “They call me Bill,” Bill said, “This here is my assistant, he like to be called Wrathdemon.” “I know,” Professor Herodes, “your friend is Satan and I am being tested, so why don’t you talk to me Satan? Surely you don’t want your Priest to do all your talking. You know I am a man of God and everything I do is because God talked to me. He warned me that one day Satan would come and he would come masked with glory and opportunities. I should have saw through it when your candy boy came earlier offering me some incredible technology. I can spare a few minutes of conversation but when all is said and done I am going to ravish your avatars and burn them so that you may not return until I ask.” “Have you ever been told that you are crazier than a shit house rat?” asked Wrathdemon, “bathing in children’s blood? I mean come on Dr. Douche bag! I have done some sick shit to criminals but innocent children? You are just screaming for a torturous death.”

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“Dr. Douche bag?” asked Professor Herodes as he got to his feet, “that was pretty insulting.” “How about fuck face?” asked Bill. “I would have to say no,” Professor Herodes said as he did a surprise kick that came out of nowhere and it nailed Bill right in the face with his boot. The force from the blow sent Bill backwards in mid air and landing down on a hard ceramic top stove as a bunch of hanging kitchen utensils fell down on Bill but nothing cut him. It was just very noisy and loud as Bill rolled over and down between the oven and the kitchen island, blocking his view. Wrathdemon attacked Professor Herodes, throwing some kicks and punches. He knocked Professor Herodes but noticed the man had a tough endurance. Professor Herodes threw some punches back, he missed Wrathdemon but the one he connected with knocked Wrathdemon over the black leather chair he was sitting in. Bill stood up and fired a hand gun and the bullet sailed across the room and hit Professor Herodes in the side of the head and the bullet bounced off and hit the ground all scrunched up like an accordion. “What the fuck?” asked Bill. “I am over one hundred and eighty years old Mr. Bill,” Professor Herodes laughed, “I am kind of old school and so I ask you not to use vulgar language in my house. Will that be ok?” Wrathdemon jumped upwards, spun around and leaped into the air with a flying kick toward Professor Herodes who blocked the kick and sent Wrathdemon to the floor. With his other free arm, Professor Herodes quickly turned around and was able to connected into Bill’s mid section as he was charging Professor Herodes. Professor Herodes grabbed onto Bill’s hair and brought his knee up and smashed Bill’s face into it. Then he performed a martial arts move by throwing a straight forward palm punch as Bill was stunned with pain from have his face rammed into Professor Herodes’s knee. The blow from the force of Professor Herodes’s hands nailed Bill really hard and he fell over a small magazine rack and bounced his head off a stone layered fire place. Bill’s nose was broke and blood was oozing from his mouth and Wrathdemon could not get up fast enough to attack this guy only to be tossed around the living room like some sort of rag doll. Professor Herodes was obviously a little bit powerful and off the scales a tiny margin if he was able to hold his own with two of the best martial artist assassins. It was like they would throw a bunch and he would counter act it with the same speed they would throw at him. It just didn’t make sense but the two kept coming at him. The more they came at him, the faster he would draw the reflex and send it back. “So my guests are we having fun yet?” asked Professor Herodes, “you have destroyed my entire living room to prove some kind of point in which you are not proving very well but I intend show you a lesson about attacking a man of God. When you are evil you will fail every time because the Lord is on my side and he shall always be my protector and guidance.” “You are one delusional cock sucker,” Wrathdemon said as he reached for his special katana that was specially dipped in a vat of X-drastranium from when he was with RAID and under their control. Wrathdemon usually uses the weapon but don’t often throw it out in case it gets stolen lost since the weapon itself is probably worth over 3 million dollars in rare metal.” “All right,” Professor Herodes said as he reached above his small book shelf and snagged his sword, “You want to do a little clanging of the blades huh?” Bill was hiding behind the kitchen island. The ammo in his automatic rifle was official out. He was going through his belt to double check if there was another round but he used it back before he came in when he was shooting it at the thugs who were trying to peg them off. Then like a light bulb hit Bill. He began to realize that Professor Herodes originally was slow and sitting in the chair. It’s when Bill and Wrathdemon started moving around when he drew something from their speed or abilities. Bill knew Wrathdemon was fast and when he saw the tall slinky Professor Herodes blocking and throwing punches back at Wrathdemon while block his attacks. Bill began to think that maybe Professor Herodes had some kind of parasitic powers. So Bill began to slowly crawl down through the living room on his stomach. Professor Herodes and Wrathdemon were in the middle of throwing blades back and forth. When the swords hit and clanged

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together, Professor Herodes brought his sword back and came at Wrathdemon. Wrathdemon brought his sword down and up and with all of his might he nailed Professor Herodes’s sword and slicked the blade in half. The blade went sailing and hit the front window that had the nice view of the cliffs from the drop where he was at due to how the sunken living room was embedded into the rock. “How could you cut through that blade?” Asked Professor Herodes as his face turned red and you could almost see steam pouring from his ears, “That blade was carved from the Shalamon monks in the Alps.” “Don’t bitch at me because you have cheap swords you lame fuck,” Wrathdemon said as he kept his sword up in defense. It seemed to be the only thing that made progress so he kept it up in defense. “The lord must have you dead!” Professor Herodes shouted, “If I can bathe in your blood I will take your evil powers and turn them into the good of my path. So I will do this because God has asked me.” “Come on you bald fuck!” Wrathdemon said, “Make your Mama proud.” “Ahhh!” Professor Herodes shouted as he came at Wrathdemon. Bill jumped up and by surprise he shoved a couple of hand grenades down the front of Professor Herodes’s suit and then pushed Wrathdemon back as Bill ducked down behind the soft plush couch. Professor Herodes went to grab the grenades down the front of his shirt and they both went off. CaBoom! Ca-Boom! Both Grenades went off and Professor Herodes fell back and his body hit up against his side window. Professor Herodes dropped to his knees as Wrathdemon placed the sword by his head. “Don’t move,” Wrathdemon said as blood was finally starting to show as his ripped up suit jacket and vest was covered in blood. The Professor did not have time to absorb any speed or strength and speed from Bill since he did everything by surprise. “I am not defeated,” Professor Herodes trying to catch his breath, “You agents of Satan only have me caught off guard for the moment.” “Are there any more children in this house that we are not aware of?” asked Bill. “Well their corpses align the burners and have been rendered to ashes so that the Lord can take their souls to recreate new and happy body’s that will be normal and born to families that want them.” “If shit worked that way buddy I would be the person leading that march,” Wrathdemon said, “But logically you have to know that in the Old Testament and parts of the New Testament one of the biggest acts of unforgiving of sin is murder. You mention that we were agents of Satan that have come here to trick you but maybe perhaps have you give thought that Satan has tricked you with his silver tongue. He pretended to be your Lord and Savior and has been using you to slaughter babies and children for decades. What purpose would a being as powerful as God need with you? God can kill and save anybody he wants. He doesn’t need a middle man. You Professor Herodes are one of the biggest idiots on the planet and even I know better to buy into your crazy borderline schizophrenic rants.” Wrathdemon backed up slowly holding onto his sword. Bill popped up slowly from behind the remains of the nice plush couch that was reduced to nothing burning ashes, wood and springs. Bill stood there with an automatic rifle in his hand. “Do we take him back with us?” asked Wrathdemon. “You are asking me that question?” asked Bill with a laugh, “Just remain still.” “What do you mean by that?” asked Wrathdemon. “Trust me,” Bill winked. Professor Herodes got up to his feet and you could see his skin was exposed through his ripped suit. Strangely you could see his intestines that started to fall out but he grabbed them quickly as blood began to trickle from his mouth. “What is happening to me?” asked Professor Herodes. “You didn’t get your defenses up in time,” Bill said, “Your body is trying to heal but your wounds are too severe.”

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“You knew this would happen,” Professor Herodes staggered a bit as he grabbed onto the side of one of his arm chairs, “You have condemned me to death, help me get myself to one of my chambers. I can heal if I am able to get there...” Professor Herodes walked a few feet but fell down. He got up again and more of his internals fell out. “What’s a matter?” asked Wrathdemon, “Nobody left to help you? You sick fuck.” “Just a few more feet to the elevator,” Professor Herodes moaned, “It is not supposed to end like this!” “Yes it is,” Bill said. “Let me put him out of his misery,” Wrathdemon said. “He’s all yours,” Bill said, “I’ve done my part.” “Thank you,” Wrathdemon said as he watched Professor Herodes get to his feet then he swung his sword around and sliced off his head. The head flew across the room and bounced off the wall and rolled across the carpet where it came to a stop as it landed next to a door in the long hallway. Strangely the body was still moving and trying to get up. Bill looked over at the head and the eyeballs were still controlling his body but it was such a mess. “This cannot end like this!” Professor Herodes said as Bill picked up his head and looked at his face. “How did you get like this?” asked Bill. “I was a young boy with my father in Africa,” Professor Herodes, “My father and mother always were trying to spread the word of God to the poor lost souls of Zimbabwe. The many people came and learned about God. There were many who thought my parents being there was not right. When I turned thirteen I traveled with them to help them hand out bibles with the missionaries along with the free meals. One night they waited for my parents to sleep and they ravished the tents and slaughtered them. I prayed to God and begged for my life. I told them I would do the Lord’s work and no longer force it upon them. Their head witch doctor told me I was free to go. He pointed to the dessert and said if I prayed to my God and I make it through the dessert my God will save me and his God will smite him. So I told him that my God would not allow me to die on a bet like that. So I headed out toward the desert and after five days I survived and was found on the other side and from that day forth God talked to me and told me little things and that’s when I discovered I could not die. God told me everything that I had to do.” Clunk! The last bit of life that was in Professor Herodes body had fallen and the head was now emotionless. Bill set the head down and walked over to Wrathdemon. “Let’s get the fuck out of this place,” Bill said. “Voodoo curses,” Wrathdemon said, “They are wicked and they cannot be cured. Help me burn this house down. I’m thinking something completely different and this place has to be burned to the ground. If you have never listened to me at least listen to me now.” “All right,” Bill said, “I’m with you.”

Hours later the whole entire building was in flames and Bill who had an automatic rifle on his shoulder was leading the way away from the infernal while Wrathdemon trailed as the sun was coming up. Wrathdemon took off his mask so that he could feel the morning air on his face. “You have any idea how long I could not do this?” asked Wrathdemon, “When those pricks at RAID had me all messed up and my flesh was so badly burned where I looked like a ladies purse. I still would like to find the central nervous system of that place and kill them all.” “It’s a long hike through these hills so just keep concentrating on the walk,” Bill said to Wrathdemon. “Yeah,” Wrathdemon laughed, “that’s another thing. We save Benson Clark’s life and so he escapes with the only means of escape. He mentions about a hidden base he has in France and then we wish him luck and he never returns. Didn’t we like risk our lives to save his?” “It’s funny how you always evaluate things,” Bill laughed, “We just took down some kind of sick cult leader that may have been possessed by a voodoo heck, burned his house

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down and saved about nine kids and you are holding your hand out waiting for a paycheck. How about be thankful you didn’t get the curse handed down to you.” “Well being resurrected by a bunch of crazy monks and priests hired by RAID to turn me into a zombie monster but retaining my killing abilities and forced to do their bidding,” Wrathdemon said. “I’d like to think I saved you,” Bill said, “Please let’s talk about any of that shit again,” Wrathdemon said, “it gets confusing and every time I think about sleeping in a nice comfortable bed about right now my head aches with pain.” Just as the two got around the long bend of never end trails and hills they could hear the thunderous noise of something rocketing over them. Bill immediately grabbed his gun and Wrathdemon did the same. The sounds kept traveling over them until they finally made it out near the clearing of the foot hills and strange looking military helicopter landed in the open field. There were no countries or flags signifying that they were nobody so that made it ever more suspicious. “Well, they are landing and not firing,” Bill said, “that’s a good sign.” “Do we stand here?” asked Wrathdemon. A few seconds later a man leaned out the side and identified himself as STEEL agent. The two ran over to the military helicopter as the big bird whirled around and around. The door slid open and they were helped aboard and flown away.

Endlude: Somewhere in Paris, France Bill Elenor is leaving a rather elegant apartment complex where he has been staying the last three days and recovering in nice ravishing hotel room and told he was allowed to put anything on the bill. (No pun intended.) Bill has been also invited to attend a meeting in Paris across town. So precisely around seven pm where come down the elevator dressed in a very nice black suit that was left for him. His STEEL contact greeted him in the hallway and through the lobby to a black limo that was waiting. As soon as Bill and the STEEL Agenda Rollin Briggs climbed in and closed the door it drove off. In the back of the limo was Wrathdemon (all dressed up). “You look like living proof that the Indians really did fuck buffalo,” Bill joked to Wrathdemon. “You cut your hair?” Wrathdemon joked, “Oh well. It’s nice to walk around for a few days without a katana or a belt loaded with ammo on me. I still few naked but I promised agent Briggs I wouldn’t bring anything.” “God, I hope so,” Rollin laughed, “You guys are going to like what we have in store for you. Just don’t get too excited before we finish. There are some ideas and shit we need to lay out for you.” “Wait a minute,” Bill said, “Rollin Briggs I was Commander of STEEL when they busted a case in Detroit and Chicago that involved you and some STEEL agents that were doing some rouge illegal shit. I thought you were in prison. So why are you over in France and we are dressed up like a couple of tea-baggers heading to a ball?” “I was undercover,” Rollin said, “I was sent to prison with all of the bad agents that we involved went with. Except with me being undercover the whole time I just was relocated all the way over here in Europe. I like the work but I miss being in the United States.” “If this is some RAID execution bullshit you are setting me up for Briggs you will be the first I kill,” Bill said calmly as he looked out the window.” “I assure you Mr. Elenor nothing of the sort,” Rollin laughed. “How is Benson?” asked Bill.

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“He’s doing fine and is back in the United States,” Rollin said, “I guess Clark Enterprises was near bankrupt and his face alone could probably pull it out of the toilet. That is all I know and he thanks you am million times over. I forgot to tell you that he sent the pickup helicopter to grab you guys after the reports of a fire some area he heard you were in near Switzerland.” “I’ll thank him later,” Bill smiled.

About thirty minutes go by and Bill and Barry (Wrathdemon) and lead by Rollin into an American Embassy building in France. They are lead to the top floor where a very attractive Asia American woman was sitting at a desk. She smiled at the sight of Bill and Barry and invited them in. She then offered Bill, Barry and Rollin a seat as she closed the door. “So, I am actually at a loss for words that you two are actually here in my office,” the woman said, “my name is LeAnn Hughes, “I work here in the American Embassy and I would love to be a part of a new assignment that we are working on. I also would like you Bill Elenor to run it and of course you too Mr. Wilcox, along with Rollin as another member.” “What kind of a job is this?” asked Bill, “I’m getting too old to play super hero.” “We have been trying to prove the case against Mr. Mark Butler for some time,” LeAnn said, “You two went there and cleaned house. Sure it was done illegally but that is how some things need to get done. Mr. Briggs and I want to put together something like that. A group of men and women who get things done, walk away and vanish and leaving a trail of bodies of nothing but criminals.” “Who is Mark Butler again?” asked Barry Wilcox. “Herodes or I mean Professor Herodes,” Rollin added. “Well, my other choice was to return to my job in STEEL but my son seems to have that Commander position filled pretty well,” Bill smiled, “In other words I don’t want to be a Commander or I don’t want to be a United States General. Can I just be dead?” “Well technically you are alive in the eyes of the United States Government,” LeAnn smiled, “But I have been praying, hoping and plotting for a team of vigilantes for a long time. Mr. Bill Elenor, I would like you to hand pick your team.” “I never said I want to do this,” Bill added. “I will,” Wrathdemon raised his hand. “You can’t do it unless Bill agrees,” Rollin said. “All right,” Bill laughed, “Fuck it. What else do I have to do? What do you mean hand pick a team?” “You are going to be classified under The Exterminators Inc.” LeAnn said, “You report to me at all times. I will be your eyes, ears and whatever you need. I will be at main tower while you are working. You will have mission access and I will be in line and giving you the equipment, tools, weapons and electronics to get job done.” “I can’t just walk into New York City or even Bradford City and give you a name of a bunch of super heroes,” Bill said, “You realize that these men I pick are going to have to be monitored and watched. I can give them orders but if you want nasty killing machines a lot of them can’t take orders well.” “I come up with that solution,” LeAnn smiled, “Exterminators Inc. is going to work. Super heroes can only go so far when it comes to things like RAID. You can take them down. Stack bodies to ceiling and then sneak away. Exterminators Inc. will be so private nobody will know who you are. You will not exist.” “What if we get arrested,” Bill said, “it’s happened before.” “You call us,” LeAnn said, “We send in lawyer. They will explain that you are undercover agents, present credentials and then you all leave.” “We getting paid?” asked Wrathdemon. “Of course,” LeAnn smiled. “Give us a week to get our shit back together,” Bill said. “You have week,” LeAnn said, “Rollin will take you back to hotel. Enjoy the week off boys because the next week we have some serious work to do. Plus you make people very happy about dead Herodes. So many people are looking for him. Too bad his house burn down so body to display but he is dead. So many countries call STEEL and ask if we did it. We tell them maybe and maybe we have more tricks.”

Exterminators Inc. “I kind of like this,” Bill smiled, “Where do I find my team?” “North Gate Prison in Bradford City and one also in London,” LeAnn said, “have to be people that nobody knows. Give them new identities.” “I’m not working with criminals!” Bill shouted. “You have no choice,” Rollin said, “you can’t hire the Emerald Knight or Dragon Master. This isn’t STEEL. This shit is not even supposed to exist. You are giving vigilantes killers a second chance. You will train them to think differently. There are many tools and I am sure you will appreciate them all.” “I’ll give it a shot,” Bill said, “If I don’t like something I tell you and you change it.” “No other way,” Le Ann said, “you are man in charge. We just make it happen.” “We’ll see,” Bill smiled, “we’ll see.”



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