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Issue: #27 Page: 2 The man that resembles Sealord with a touch if gray wearing what appears to a red and turquoise uniform that resembles one he wore n his formative years as a super hero. This counter-part is called the “Sea-King” according to his wife, Ezenta also the queen of Atlantis. They are apparently both demigods, much like the Sealord, this version of him is the son of a powerful “God of the ocean” named Morus and as for Ezenta she is the daughter of a goddess left on an island hundreds of years ago. Either way, the tale is close to the many tales and nobody is quite sure of Morus is another name for Poseidon or does this Earth have a whole new set of powerful “immortal” Metahumans that have been worshipped as Gods also? It doesn’t seem to matter, but this couple from Atlantis is trying to decide what to do with their infant son Burasail. The “Sea-King” wants to face the music after turning on a special under water viewing apparatus to allow him to see all over the world. When all he sees is death in every city, Tefdohr (The Sea-King) decides he is a super hero, king and coward. He does not want to die like a coward after he glances at images of near quiet cities with dead bodies all over, including familiar super hero friends who literally dropped dead on the job.

“Wait,” Tefdohr the “Sea-King” said as his eyes lit up, “I know you have exhausted yourself trying to operate the Morus’s Periscope, but I have not taken a shot. What have I got to lose? Maybe I can combine my telepathic abilities with what I have for shape shifting powers and…” “You will die,” Ezenta said, “Don’t be a fool. Atlantis needs its king!” “There is no more Atlantis!” Tefdohr said as he turned to his left and went up the large white shiny ivory looking stairs with bits of sparkly pearls embedded in the mixture. `

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Issue: #27 Page: 5 “I had no idea that went on,” Cosmicman spoke up as he continued to float in mid air with his arms crossed while peeping through the thick glass plated window at his friend Pulsaar trapped in the thick block of ice. “It’s depressing as hell,” Dark-Owl said, “but then again we have bigger problems we should be worried about. Pulsaar is one of our immediate team members. We should be looking for Adora if she is still around.” “Red Dragon is dead also,” a voice spoke in the room, but nobody was present in the room that could be seen. Dark-Owl looked at his shoulder and replied to a five inch man with bug wings and shiny gold armor, it was the Golden Beetle. “I was going to get to that,” Dark-Owl said, “that one is the hardest because he was like a son to me. The only person I trusted and believed in enough to wear my uniform several times when I was not able to be Dark-Owl.”

“Spellfire,” Sealord spoke up,” he’s an unofficial member according to the endless team roster that is in the computer. How do we contact him? Maybe he can assist with getting Pulsaar out of that iceberg.” “We haven’t seen or heard a peep from him since that Tenebris thing was taken down by Ares and his warlords,” Desiree said, “naturally that’s how we learned the dead body of Chronus, former ruler of Olympus was inside there and being used as a puppet through advanced technology.”

Issue: #27 Page: 6 “That’s the first time I heard that about the Tenebris,” Sealord responded kind of half joking with his cousin, “and I’m starting to learn the details of Olympus clearly through you. Where do you get your information? Being so, that I am the son of Poseidon and all.” “My brother Hercules,” Desiree said, “I’m assuming he is trapped on Earth 1 since he was helping a group of heroes out. So, my updates won’t be coming in anytime soon, Lycus.” (You need to check out The Lost Gods part 1 and 2 to see the last team-up of Hercules and Desiree while aiding their furthest cousins battle Dravon who controls New Cordon with his Dark Empire.) All of a sudden, just as Desiree finished her last word, loud noise literally echoed through the entire hollow corridors of the enormous asteroid and shook things up like a minor Earth quake for 2.3 seconds. This followed what appeared to be a bizarre power surge that caused the lights to flicker (even with the Cardarian power generator) This power heave made Cosmicman and Dark-owl become strangely suspicious and slowly looked around with their eyes, because they knew nothing could do that accidentally. The Cardarians build their generators to last inside starships for years without any issues. “I don’t think I like that,” Cosmicman said as he stopped floating, landed softly and started to walk toward a set of stairs that went down another level to where there was a computer terminal that was hooked up to the power grids. “Check for any overloads and make sure there isn’t any fuses blown,” Dark-Owl shouted at Cosmicman who had begun to walk down the stairs. Cosmicman stopped and turned around and began to talk to Dark-Owl as if something

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was bothering him or he just felt like getting something off his chest

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Issue: #27 Page: 16 (From previous other issues, this is who the original Major Zero from Earth 8 was.)

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The Crusaders: #27 (2018)  
The Crusaders: #27 (2018)  

Copyright © 2018 Cosmicverse World. The Crusaders once again have to return to the asteroid headquarters to figure out how to free Pulsaar...