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Issue: #26 Page: 1 Monday morning and all is well at the beginning the 12th in February of 2018 and Private Eye James Nortis was in his office bright and early at six am looking over case files. The prior weekend before was quite busy, filled up with flying off to Tokyo, Japan to help his friend Dragon Master. The help came along with the concern and the longing spiritual attachment to the fabled knowledge of the infamous “Dragon Temple”. James had just hung up his cell phone after learning that the temple is now completely in ruins from what he heard this morning. He begins to think about maybe he should have stayed longer, but his son Jason (aka the Golden Beetle) convinced his Dad there was nothing to do. Now from what James understands… (All from “Tales of the Crusaders: #11 and Dragon Master: #11 and #12). 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

The Dragon Temple is gone. Dragon Master is dead. Red Dragon is dead Orochi a real ancient shape shifting black dragon is dead Adora (Dragon Master’s wife was freed from some magic wand she was put inside by a spell caster posing as an innocent temple monk.) 6. Botaay (The green dragon) who was brought back to life mysteriously is missing. 7. Every ‘bad guy’ involved including the Dark Angel who killed Red Dragon is missing. Not one of them was found, including the ones that were on camera savaging butchering a bunch of innocent accountants. 8. For some reason, the weakling, piss-ant villain that Huntsman used to beat up on and foil his plans to rob a bank or what not that goes by the name of the Hoodlum. Now either there is a new one, or whatever the case, he wears and all black suit, red eyes and spelled his name in blood on the office walls as, “Hoodlem”. 9. Lady-Deathstar is a lesbian (James kind of liked her.) 10. Last, but not least there feels like something important was not accomplished and something deep down in his soul needs to help or go back to Japan, but airplane tickets don’t fall out of Spellfire’s ass and the last time he borrowed the Crusader’s “Bullet-jet”. The Huntsman (Jim) was only gone for maybe two hours and they sent Dark-Owl and the Golden Beetle (Jim’s son) to find him and the jet. Dark-Owl found the ship and once he realized that Huntsman was ok, that’s when Jason (The Golden Beetle) decided to find his Dad (The Huntsman) and help out whatever he was doing….pretty much, nothing at that point.

Issue: #26 Page: 2 To start off your morning with all these thoughts on your mind would not be healthy for anyone. Plus all of the case files that James had in front of him, it just can’t work. Nobody can clear their mind after what transpired. The guilt he feels for taking Red Dragon’s advice and splitting up and agreed to meet around the corner. This would be after they searched the cavern one going left and the other going right, eventually meeting up because the corridors ran like a circle. They did this to save time because they were both looking for Dragon Master. Thinking about it, the idea was a dumb idea and the last time he saw Red Dragon alive. What were they saving time for? Would Alex (Red Dragon) still be alive? This was going through James’s head as he tried to get involved in a serial killer that made his debut in Bradford City the other night. ‘Where the fuck is Warren Bishop?’ James thought while he looked up with his eyes peering over his glasses. He looked around the small area of the office and pulled the black curtain back. There was no sign of Warren Bishop, at least every time that James has been in the office in between Huntsman appearances there was no Bishop. Could these two just be missing each other by chance?” James had installed one of those bells that make a simple noise to indicate that the front office door had opened. James set the case file up and as he went to get to his feet, something very big and enormous walked over to his desk, literally taking James by surprise. “Why does your office smell like piss?” asked Warlord who was wearing a giant overcoat, leather gloves, sunglasses, shades and a goofy hat to cover his cyborg body up. “Wow,” James said and then busted up laughed, “Is it that cold outside?” “Snowing like crazy,” Warlord said, “this is my first day out after having Xenon go through my entire body with computer probes, scanners and what not, just to make sure there wasn’t anything dangerous with my new cyborg body. It’s all future tech, I’d bet you anything they scammed all my stuff.” (Warlord laughed.)

Issue: #26 Page: 3 “I’d offer you a seat,” James said, “Maybe take your coat or hat, but that weather is pretty cold out there you know.” “There’s a Vietnam exhibit at the Museum I was going to check it,” Warlord said Taking off his hat and sunglasses, “It’s not far from here. Thought maybe I’d see if you wanted to go. Dang, forgot my face plate, I guess I’ll just put the hat back on, you up for a walk? Check out that Vietnam Museum?” “Maybe I could find you a sweater with a hood or something,” James said, “Maybe a wig that hangs out of the back of that hat.” “What? You don’t think people will wonder why I have half of a blue metal skull in the back instead of flesh or locks?” asked Warlord in seemingly good spirits. “I wasn’t in Vietnam,” Jim said, “You go have a good time and tell me how it was. I got all this work to do that I should finish up before I go running around. By the way, where did you find that old 1950’s fat guy mob coat?” “It belonged to the late great General William Elenor,” Warlord said, “He always wore this thing to stick a couple of automatics, grenades and anything else he could carry that wouldn’t make any clinking noise. He was skilled like that and for the life I me I cannot figure out why he managed to get away with no bullet holes in this thing.” “Because he was good,” James replied quickly. “You served in World War II,” Warlord said, “That counts, so you can appreciate this museum that was put together. Cosmicman gave me the address to this place. I understand you are back with the Crusaders?” “Only until I lose my cool again,” James laughed, “I suppose some of the members heard about the whole Dragon Master thing I was involved in. Red Dragon is dead, and it was my fault because I agreed to split up. Some bastard called Dark Angel who must have been like a few notches above the original El Valiente killed him in a sword duel. I know Alex (Red Dragon) was good with the katana. I’m a private eye and I’m having trouble picturing Alex being beat this bad by anyone. Maybe seeing Alex going down, but not like this and none of it adds up.” “Maybe this should be the case you look into instead of whatever you are doing,” Warlord said. “James Nortis is a local Private Eye silly,” James laughed, “he doesn’t go flying to Japan to investigate the death of a super hero by some killer sword samurai.” “Hey, if it means anything, I’m sorry,” Warlord said, “I’ve been gone for four-five years…well, maybe not that long, but I understand what all of this is like. You want to avoid anything you feel responsible for so you burry yourself in things that don’t have anything to do with you really are.”

Issue: #26 Page: 4 “I’ll get too it later,” James laughed, “Let’s go check out that museum thing. Maybe another war will help me forget about the one I was just at.” Meanwhile at the Crusader’s headquarters, currently downtown Bradford City, New York, that is until it is moved pending on the minor problems. The six out of the seven board members arrived around the table to talk about various situations as well as things that have been taking place around the world.

“So with Eagleman gone does that mean we are only six official board members now?” asked Pulsaar, “Did I hear that we hired the Huntsman back to the team full time?” “Trial basis,” Dark-Owl spoke up at the far left and back part of the table. “Warlord belongs here also,” Cosmicman said, “as far as I am concerned he deserves to at least be on the board of the team.” “How come we always never really count Xenon as a member?” asked Pulsaar, “I know, dumb question, but he’s been considered a member before.” “He opted out for the board,” Cosmicman said, “he’s always a member, but this board stands for what are the heart, body and mind of this team. Without it, we don’t have the Crusaders, almost what we experienced when the reality got twisted and our own…” (Cosmicman stopped only because he remembered he is the only hero with the ability no to recall alternate time lines due to changes in the past, which are now corrected.) “In our own what?” asked Dark-Owl curiously, it was obvious that since the past had been altered he never received the Stargazer memory power just before he ‘died’ (See Crusaders: #13-14). “We still can talk about the problems without seven members here officially, right?” asked Solarman. “Of course,” Cosmicman said, “Dark-Owl has been anxious to get everyone together. I sent Warlord with Huntsman only so he wouldn’t be offended for not voting him to the board right away.”

Issue: #26 Page: 5 Dark-Owl flipped the gold panel of his wrist band back and began to tinker with the electronics inside. He started to mess with the hologram computer and that’s when the center piece of the table was no longer clear it turned to a dark black. The black center piece of the table began to emit a 3D computer generated, hologram images of land, water, trees and focused in on a city. Dark-Owl zoomed into a certain area of this huge city and began to talk. “Narubu, Africa,” DarkOwl said, “This is the capital of their amazing little metropolitan called Narubu City, if you will. As you see, I am maneuvering you through various parts of this city that is quite wealthy for a country in Africa. What brings them wealth is their technologically advanced computers, electronics that used to be just rumors, but as time went on it suddenly it became apparent that Narubu City is no longer a myth.” “Look at the structure of some of those buildings,” Solarman said, “it almost looks alien to some extent.” “You don’t say?” asked Dark-Owl with a prudent reverberation to his ordinary pitch in addition to a some extent angry accent to his speech, “It is ruled by a very wealth ruler by the name if King Mswati who has a rather obsession or belief in a giant mystical green tiger that grants him power and anyone who he sees worthy of such praise.” “When did this guy or how did he get on your radar?” asked Sealord, “I have only recently discovered this person only because I was spelled to attack him by my mystery twin who rules Atlantis in my place!” “All though the Huntsman really deserves credit for bringing this to the table,” Dark-Owl said, “It was actually Arlyn Graves the C.E.O. of Graves Technologies that began to notice something was off. As all of you know the degree of classification of the products Graves Technologies makes as well as the many things they’ve absorbed after taking over Clark Enterprises long after the disappearance of their owner and C.E.O. Benson Clark.” “When you talk about yourself and your company as a third party it kind of gives me the creeps,” Solarman said expecting a laugh from Dark-Owl, but instead he got a cold glance of nothing shot right back at him. “Anyway,” Dark-Owl continued as the 3-D hologram map

Issue: #26 Page: 6 began scrolling until it came to a large area with a enormous fence that was half as tall as the castle that was laid out over fifteen percent of the city and built into a large rocky terrain that supported the back of the beautiful castle as a wall division, “this palace is where King Mswati and his Queen Teonnie.” The wall behind Cosmicman changed into a picture viewer and Dark-Owl pulled up a picture of King Mswati and Queen Teonnie. “I’m sure some of you saw this picture,” Dark-Owl said, “if not this is Queen Teonnie and King Mswati. King Mswati is the one with the obsession with a mythological giant green tiger of some sort. I had Charles do a wide search, scan and global exploration from any businesses, computer websites or folks with knowledge in general to hunt down as many photographs I could find. My goal was to find evidence of a giant green cat or some kind of symbolism that ties these crazy stories together.” “May I ask why you care about some crazy King and what he believes in or worships?” asked Desiree. “Good question indeed Desiree,” Dark-Owl said as he began to adjust the controls inside his wrist band, “you see, I gave you all evidence of the wealth, buildings and various shapes providing a good claim for extreme affluence for a presentation. I, myself being fortunate to have wealth and money around me know that it does not grow on trees, plus you have to maintain a certain degree of wealth or a simple equilibrium before you lose control and possibly will come across your capital are at the present insolvent. It happens to the best of them unless you have three hundred million to play with, but our King Mswati doesn’t come from wealth or power. So, Charles and I began going through every scrap of photo or picture we could with a fine tooth comb just to make sure I wasn’t missing anything.” Suddenly, Dark-Owl brought up an interesting wide screen clipping of the main palace with Queen Teonnie and the majority of the castle guards. Right there in the picture was some kind of green alabaster or wood carvings of tigers with a green finish to their elegant work.

Issue: #26 Page: 7 “The painting way in the back is not too hard to miss also,” Cosmicman added, “Finish what you were saying about Graves Technologies and their detection. What was discovered that got your gears turning?” “They have machines with the most advanced technology that I have ever seen that can produce Stranium within insane amounts,” Dark-Owl said, “Technically Graves Technologies legally own the formula. Well, my father came up with it, but it was his two partners that helped him develop it. It’s like this King was given a machine to make something and he hit a common sense law. He found out he cannot produce something that somebody owns claim to. So, he contacts Mr. Graves and tells him that he may or may not have a spy in his company. Then he proceeds to tell him the alarming rate he can produce a certain metal called Stranium. If he sells Mr. Graves the marketing tools and give him the permission to produce the metal he was willing to cut Mr. Graves in a 50/60 deal giving Graves the edge.” “Even with the edge and figuring an indestructible metal the world has never seen except for the United States Government he would be richer than any man on this planet in days,” Cosmicman added. “What did Mr. Graves tell him?” asked Pulsaar. “I’ll give you two guesses and the first one you get free,” Dark-Owl shot back and then turned his focus on the 3D hologram layout of the giant castle. Everyone looked around the room not sure what to think as Dark-Owl pondered over this situation. It was as if he had more to say, but was saving it for last. “With myself, coming from a place more prone to supernatural items, enchanted animals and an assortment of blessings as well as hexes,” Desiree said, “I know where you are coming from and if he has a golden goose that can predict the future or see thing he can’t, when he starts using it to steal and idea and offer a financial gain from it, without thinking of a consequence. I don’t think he is scared of anything and that makes people like King Mswati a very dangerous person.” “Good observation Desiree,” Solarman said, “It also means if we were to snoop around he could see us a mile away. He’s obviously been in power for quite some time, but I know from grade school there were kings as well as rulers before him. Maybe his lucky cat put him in the arms of his now Queen Teonnie hence he is King and has built that enormous castle. I’d be curious to see before and after pictures of when he came into power.” “You don’t need to because what you are thinking is spot on,” Dark-Owl said, “Narubu, the country was practically poverty level and as for Narubu City it was recently established as the new city capital after the armies

Issue: #26 Page: 8 became prosperous by taking out corrupt dictators and basically building a kingdom on wealth from designs, developments, inventions, creations, suggestions and marketing schemes that have this guy well known across the internet. Nobody wants to go to war with a country that is helping them become better. When you have riches, money and what not, you can build all the things to maintain armies and fortresses. All you need is the people willing to come over and prosper with you.” “Then honestly,” Sealord added, “What right do we have to go in and take his good luck charm? The only thing I would want from him is to know his connection to Atlantis and why the mirror image pretending to be me hates him hence the time I was spelled to attack the shores of Narubu (See Crusaders: #16). What if this King knows who the doppelganger is? Otherwise, taking away one’s lucky rabbit’s foot is kind of immoral in some ways.” “No,” Cosmicman spoke up, “As chairperson of the Crusaders, I do agree we can’t just fly over there and take away his magic charm. However, the story about what happened with Graves Technologies. If he did this offer to Arlyn Graves then it would be my wisest guess that he has been playing a sinister game with other people. This is wrong and it almost borderlines on the things one of our old enemies known as Paradox used to do all the time that drove us all crazy.” “I’ll keep digging around when it comes to mysterious findings, or people that are suddenly wealthy,” Dark-Owl said, “Maybe check for a connection or anybody who may have reported him for company theft. Arlyn Graves should have, but I had him blow it off and I am checking into it my way. There’s got to be more people or something out there that we are missing, maybe somebody knows something.”

Issue: #26 Page: 9 Unfortunately the one person that knows of King Mswati is currently exiting a war museum with his friend (Warlord). James Nortis (Huntsman) has heard of King Mswati or as he is called the Jade Cat, but unfortunately he is not present. Around 4:40pm it gets dark during this time of season in Bradford City, New York. It starts to snow on the way back from the display on the long side walk that continues down for several blocks.

“Married?” asked James as he fumbled for his keys walking up to the front door of the Private Eye business. “We did it when we thought it was the end of the Earth,” Warlord said, “Looking back, I don’t know why because the world wasn’t really that bad off. Odd thing to do, look for an excuse to get married and then I go off with Voltage and stall away inside a small starship that had secretly landed in New York City, probably the dumbest thing in the world, but I’m glad I did because it was a Tyrolean nanny ship stealing a bunch of materials from a warehouse to make more weapons.” “Here we go,” James said as he opened the door and walked inside the nice, warm Private Eye Office. Warlord was right behind and closed the door while James pulled the shades.

Issue: #26 Page: 10 “Much better,” Warlord said taking off the sunglasses, hat, coat and tossing it side, “Glad I found the front plate in the jacket.” Warlord stood there for a second looking at James who was amazed at the big cyborg super hero from the future who once was his best friend and probably still is to an extent.

“If you fellas don’t mind,” a stranger about with light graying to dark hair and an overcoat said as he stepped out of the area where Warren used to work, “I would kill for a cup of coffee. I’m guilty, I put that on, but it took forever and I fell asleep waiting for it to fill up.” The man pulled out a pack of cigarettes and shook them around until one slid out. He tilted it sideways and he smiled as if he had just won the lottery. “You smoke that in here I will use your asshole for an ash tray when I put that out!” James said, “Who are you and why the hell are you in my partner’s office? “How rude of me,” the man said, “I’m Detective John Blackstone. I used to work for the LAPD, but moved around, did some freelancing. Even did some private eye work when they took my gun for that stupid incident in Chicago with the Russians. I got it back and I’m apparently now in Bradford City at a Private Eye business run by Mr. James Nortis and Mr. Warren Bishop. That was until I realized I was in the company of two Crusaders known as Warlord and of course Huntsman. You know Mr. Nortis you

Issue: #26 Page: 11 are hiding out from your superhero identity in plain sight. Never noticed the goatee and the Elvis sideburns until Warlord called you Mr. Huntsman. What? They, don’t pay you two ass-clowns enough money working for the Crusaders anymore?” “Why don’t you tell me why you are illegally inside my place of work?” asked James. “Not illegal,” Detective Blackstone said holding up both of his hands. On his right hand was Warren’s keys hooked around his index finger, “I never break into any building, this was an invitation right here.” “Where’s Bishop?” asked James. “The million dollar question Mr. Huntsman,” Blackstone said, “The Government has been chasing him since the mid to late 1950s. Let’s see, he has had a total of twenty names and I’m sure you know that Warren Bishop is not his real name.”

“Why don’t you get to the point before I bounce you out onto the frozen street!” Warlord exclaimed. “Being a great, American hero, surely you should understand how important it is to come right away when your government wants to question you,” Blackstone said, “After World War II there were a number of accusations against Warren Bishop for the inhumane treatment of Nazi war prisoners. Such rumors that he may have killed Adolf Hitler and burned him up with a can of gasoline, including his wife and this is why he has been running because he knows if he is caught, history will change and he will no longer be America’s all great super hero.” “I don’t know why I didn’t see it under my own nose,” James said, “Bishop came to work with me out of the blue and now I know why.” “Why?” asked Warlord. “He’s Uncle Sam!” James said, “Yes, he was kind of a tough ass during the war but he never did inhumane things. I think you can go back and tell your Government sources to let Uncle Sam be. I assume you stole his keys or he dropped them?” “He dropped them trying to get on a Greyhound,” Blackstone said, “I almost had him.” “How do you plan to get Uncle Sam?” asked James, “He used to be able to punch through brick walls, dent military tanks and jump out three story windows. Not sure if you knew this, but…” “Warren Bishop’s real name is Upther and we know he is a so called ‘God’,” Blackstone said, “we know he is what is referred to a ‘Lost God’ and Upther is incongruously the God of freedom. When World War II came, he was left behind on Earth and not accepted into Olympus. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, I know all about this mythology bullshit. To me it’s kind of a joke, but this I the only information we have on Uncle Sam before he borrow America’s mascot and began to fight in World War II against the Axis alongside a bunch of you.” “I know the story as well,” Jim said, “I was there, you forget the archer guy slinging arrows called the Huntsman. Just a bit younger, but I fought beside Uncle Sam and all

Issue: #26 Page: 12 he talked about was freedom as well as not being should ever serve or answer to anyone else.” (You can find some great stories about Uncle Sam recently in Sealord: The Origin Story that breaks down the Cosmicverse on Earth 2 during World War II. It was one of the bestselling books next to the origin of the Nuclear Man in the Mighty Centurions.) A scene from a legendary story where Ares’s daughter Dorianne along with her halfgod foot soldiers tried jumping into the war, but Uncle Sam, Madcat, Thor, Sir James (Huntsman), a couple of French Resistance soldiers and Frankenstein’s monster (who was obedient to Uncle Sam for saving his life years ago from a mob) all fought Dorianne and the daughter Ares retreated after her brave and powerful warriors went down. As the legend would have it, Uncle Sam’s best friend (or later became his best friend during World War II) was the leader of the Royal British Fighter Squadron, the Madcat. A lot of historians don’t recall Madcat originally being a fighter pilot, but before he put his feet on the ground he was the best the Royal British Air force had to offer. All of the stuff with chemicals and trying to enhance Madcat’s reflexes originally started out to triple his abilities as the Squadron leader. The enhancer worked on him, but began killing his fellow pilots. Madcat ordered the British Parliament to stop treatment before all of his men would soon be dead. When the United States finally entered the war, Uncle Sam was already over in Europe and between him along with Madcat, they devised their own agenda. They decided they’ll never help win the war with all of these ‘oddball suggestions.” Their group of fighters was oddballs, plus a couple French Resistance Soldiers had gone off to fight the Axis with a group of ‘heroes” (See Sealord Origin special) and they were to get lost, but came out swinging when Nazi, Germany fell in 1945.

Issue: #26 Page: 13 “So Uncle Sam is still wanted for questioning and a treason charge even though he may have been responsible for the Russians progressing further into Nazi territory and ending the main threat?” asked James. A little reminder of the Russians in the dead of winter with an android bear with a crushing body and a human brain, this was the group that Uncle Sam was being convicted of treason over.

“I’m just doing my job,” Blackstone said, “the lost gods left Upther behind when Olympus destroyed wherever they were living hence the term ‘lost gods’. So, I’ve seen Thor, I’ve seen Hercules and a few things to know there are other races higher than man that used to be demanded they’d be called “Gods’ back in the day. This is where all of that mythology come from and it seems poor Upther had no legend so that’s why he took the guise of Uncle Sam. By the way, not sure if you noticed, but the United States already has an new Uncle Sam so Upther’s stink don’t ever get learned and rub off on a great American mascot.” “I hate to cut ‘world legend’s according to Blackstone’ short here,” James said, “I just got a police report on my cellular phone having to do with that serial killer that has been all over Bradford City and New York City. Wrap up good Warlord we need to see what info we can get!” “Serial killer!??!” Blackstone asked aloud while following the two outside, “I had no idea there was one loose! This could be something big if we put our heads together!”

Issue: #26 Page: 14

‘Right now, I am completely helpless as Private Investigator James Nortis,’ James thought to himself as he walked away with Warlord not too far behind him, ‘maybe I send my information to the Crusaders tower and switch uniforms. I might be able to find something a little better that way, but the clues don’t make sense. Is there a giant water hole or a swimming pool around this area?’

‘Ok. I got an idea,’ James thought to himself as he walked around the other side of the mini-van, ‘I’ve done nothing wrong and instead of going over there half cocked and

Issue: #26 Page: 15 ripping some innocent man from the blackened window and about to pound on his face. Then learning he’s been lost and can barely speak English, not this time. I’m going to call the Crusader’s headquarters, most likely Dark-Owl isn’t there, but I know trusty old Mr. Scott the Butler always answers that phone at 7:53am, ho-boy….’ ‘

A few minutes later, James must have got his answer because he thanked Mr. Scott and put his cellular phone away. He then took a deep breath and began walking over to the old, beat up white van with the tinted windows.

Issue: #26 Page: 16

“I was not present when Dravon had transported the lost city of Adryell back to the mortal realms,” Upther added, “back to a false, younger version of the mortal realm that we all had come to known. I was on the correct mortal world when this took place however I had been hiding for many years after escaping the imprisonment of the dungeons of Empire X. I found looked up some old mortals from decade ago, but they do not have what it takes to assist me in my quest.” “What is your quest…um….Upther?” “I have heard many tales of you Desiree,” Upther said, “You are the daughter of Zeus? He is the previous leader of Olympus, who now is powerless and resides in the Olympian dungeons. Zeus is now hundreds of feet below Mount Olympus, alongside the hollow corpse of his father Cronus, the leader of Olympus before Zeus.” “I can’t get to Olympus anymore so I would not be able to tell you what is going on,” Desiree said, “Hera killed my mother and along with Ares help destroyed the mortal realm Zeus created called Olympus City. A gift for my mother so she could live like an immortal, but after a thousand years, Hera got tired of looking at her husband’s many mistresses he kept there. Let me guess, Hera found a new king and sent Zeus packing?” “Ares is the king of Olympus,” Upther said, “he claimed the throne while Hades tricked Zeus and threw him down the dungeon well, stripping him of his powers. It is said that Hades wanted the throne, but Ares took the throne while supposedly helping Hades overthrowing Zeus. Melinoe was supposed to gain Tartarus to reign as queen and now that Ares has pulled a fast one on his uncle I sense another uprising coming to Olympus sooner then we think. This might be the disturbance we need while the guard walls are down so we can get inside.” “Why must you care about Olympus?” asked Desiree, “Why don’t you return to the Kingdom of Adryell, wherever it is now.”

Issue: #26 Page: 17 “It can be found on a secluded section of the old new Cordon where Dravon has worked out a pact with Emperor X to leave them alone, but I told you I know the truth goddess. It is a shocking revelation of truth, which will set Dravon as an outcast from Adryell and his on brother for eternity.” “I don’t know what I can do for Olympus,” Desiree said, “I can try to free my father from those bottomless dungeons, but then I have no idea how to get out once I get in. I could take the Crusaders with me, but there’s that thing about getting inside of Olympus that is now locked down. You really came to me at a strange time cousin on the other hand I cannot turn my back on family. There is always a way to stop evil I just don’t know where to begin.” “If you decide there is nothing you can do then I will be forced to go back into hiding,” Upther said, “Dravon and Hades has ordered their legions of followers to kill me on sight. Being the god of freedom is not something two dark Gods of the underworld look to kindly on.” “I need to get out of my workout clothes,” Desiree said, “I’ll be back, don’t go wandering around this place. I will come get you after I’ve had a thorough discussion with the rest of my Crusaders.” “I will do as you ask. I shall be here when you get done with your tasks aforementioned,” Upther said sitting down on a large wood bench that was outside the work out rooms in the hallways. Meanwhile, across the ocean in the continent of Africa inside the country of Narubu, the King is sitting in his favorite room he calls the ‘gem room’. He is having conversation with Abe Nelson (Dark Angel). This was two days later after King Mswati (Jade) had spent nearly two million dollars in tests to try to find out what I wrong with his friend that he is suddenly trying to find a way to distance himself and his kingdom from him. It was all over the news that Dark Angel had killed the super hero partner of Dragon Master, the Red Dragon. This was blowing Abe Nelson’s mind because he said it never happened nor did he do it. “You forget I was walking through those corridors when Red Dragon’s dead body I think was attempted to be dropped on me,” Jade said, “that’s not even something you

Issue: #26 Page: 18 would do to your worst enemy. (See Dragon Master #12) All the tests that came back don’t exactly help with anything with which you are or who you thought you could be. You are kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place. All I can say as an observer my friend, is somebody went into your head and fucked around and damaged some shit pretty bad. Our best neurologist can’t even tell if you were in an accident in Vietnam or did somebody do this purposely?” “I was blown up,” Dark Angel said, “Major explosions, missile dropping, anti-personal devices and by the time they found me, I was missing my right eye and I had to be worked on by a medical staff with limited resources attempting to put my skin back on. All I remember was pain and every inch of my body was fucked up beyond repair.” “I think that is when the problems may have started up inside your mind where you are confused my friend,” Jade said, “on the outside, except for the natural aging beauty lines, everything down to your teeth are healthy as a newborn. You claimed this was because you were administered the warrior formula through the late General William Elenor’s blood stream? It’s just such a farfetched story, how the hell would he know that type o’ negative blood is the neutral blood that can transfer this warrior formula like catching the common cold?” “General William Elenor knew the ins and outs of everything that came through F.O.R.C.E. including what was inside of him that kept him young, fast, healthy and almost immortal. He showed me everything because he wanted me live my life instead of working for some ungrateful Government that just wants to give you orders and expect you to enjoy doing it. Even earning the rank as General never really seemed to stop Elenor from people always trying to kill him and doing dangerous missions only because nobody else could do it and it simply had to be done.” “There’s always that one thing that tugs at the back of my sub-conscious,” Jade said, “first of all, why would somebody go through the trouble to delete your military and birth records. Basically making it so you don’t exist? What kind of trouble does that cause for you?” “It keeps me sitting in foreign countries with my thumb up my ass most of the time,” Dark Angel said, “it’s payback for my work I did with F.O.R.C.E. when I worked as an agent at the time William Elenor was alive and running the show.” “What if that little suggestion or thought that William Elenor didn’t die,” Jade said, “What if somebody fucked with William Elenor’s head thus creating this guy whose name is Abe Nelson, one of the best assassins and mercenaries I have ever seen in my entire life time. Maybe somebody knew that William Elenor as an agent of F.O.R.C.E. did nothing for the Government. Maybe he was more important as this Dark Angel with the shady memory.” “Explain my son and ex-wife,” Dark Angel said. “I got people looking into it my friend,” Jade said, “In the meantime you need to lay low in the rooms downstairs and get a lot of rest. I may be getting some important political guests and you’d probably be better off a ghost.”

Issue: #26 Page: 19 “I understand my friend,” Dark Angel said, “Thank you for everything you’ve done. I keep thinking when this is all over this going to be some big, fat mob boss sucking on a cigar clapping his hand saying bravo, bravo, you figured it out.” “In the meantime,” Jade said, “I’m going to put out my secret little birds to see if they can snatch me copies of General William Elenor’s medical records as well as the types of injuries, effects of the warrior formula along with anything that comes up on Abraham Nelson or maybe a project Dark Angel.” “If you find something you’ll be lucky,” Dark Angel said, “F.O.R.C.E. is pretty locked up and good at destroying evidence. You want General William Elenor, you need to get a shovel and start digging. That’s the only way you’ll get it unfortunately.” “That is the best idea you’ve given me all night,” Jade said, “you see I can pay anyone to do anything I want with money. I just have to find some professionals and things can be set into motion. Let me think about that idea for awhile, not bad…not bad, at all.”

Issue: #26 Page: 20

“You are in no position to make any threats commie,” Pulsaar said, “Last I saw on the World Wide News the Soviet Union has no leg to stand on. Your Communist country sounds like it may be the last of a few. They’ve already got enough problems to worry about then one tiny little man of theirs who dresses up in a red costume and shoots arrows at people’s backs. Plus, I’m sure they’ll forget they even know you when the Cops open these bags up and nail you for possession and transporting. That’s a lot of tightly wrapped bags back there Captain Commie. I do believe you will property of North Gate until your balls sag all the way to your knees and you are older than dirt.” “Untie me and hand me back my bow mister golden speed guy,” Red-Shot said, “then look me in the eye, face to face and I will beat you fair and square. I am rated as the world’s greatest archer and have won more trophies then the sparkles on your gold costume!” “What did this Russian asshole just say?” asked James to Pulsaar. Pulsaar started to get nervous because the Huntsman (James) likes to accept or take on anyone who claims to be the ‘world’s greatest archer”.

Issue: #26 Page: 21 “He’s just pissed off because he didn’t see me coming,” Pulsaar said, “If I had a mask like that with those stupid goggles I probably wouldn’t see crap either. Look! If you got a free hand can you call the police so I don’t have to stand here babysitting.” “Baby sitting?” asked James as he reached for his cellular phone inside his coat, “I’m a Private Investigator, who would you be babysitting? You got the Scarlet turd all wrapped up with a fiber optic television cables that was wrapped around that empty spool in the back of this van next to all the pot…or is that heroin?”

Then, all of a sudden….

“I knew there was somebody up there I just assumed this ass-clown climbed to the back,” James said, “I’m James Nortis Private Eye, is there anybody you want me to call?” “I’m just happy to see another day,” the man said who was sweating purposely in buckets dripping down his face, arms and his white suit was soaked. Most likely from nerves and the man was a few pounds overweight. “My name is Clifford Peck I am a Lieutenant Commander for the United States Navy. I guess, I was in the wrong place at the wrong time when the ‘reds’ grabbed me.”

Issue: #26 Page: 22 “Do you want me to call an ambulance?” asked James. “I think I’ll be fine,” Clifford replied. Just then, a very old 1976 gold Ford LTD pulled up and James could hear Pulsaar laughing. Laughing mainly because the car looked like a boat. Detective John Blackstone just looked like turd to Pulsaar, but he silenced the laughing as the detective walked closer to everyone. “Who dialed 9-11?” asked Blackstone. “That would be me,” James spoke up. “I was two blocks away and I still beat the Police to this area,” Blackstone chuckled, “tell me the Police in this city are a little sluggish.” “Kind of weird because I dialed them nearly six minutes ago,” James said as he went to look back at the Navy guy and suddenly he was completely gone. Leaving James puzzled with three words to describe his amazement. “What the fuck?” “What’s going on?” asked Pulsaar as he zipped over to James in the blink of an eye. “That Navy guy vanished,” James said, “Need you to kick in the super speed. I don’t the guy got too far he was a little out of shape.” “I’ll have him,” Pulsaar said as he took off running and literally vanished into a hurricane of super speed. “Don’t tell me while you and golden Flash-age where talking about the stupid commie wrapped up in television cable you let someone get away?” asked Blackstone, “Nortis, you are a god damn amateur.” “I got super heroes like Pulsaar in my back pocket,” James added, “What do you got?” “What did this little arrest scare you so much that you pissed yourself?” asked Blackstone looking down at James’s feet. James looked down and noticed there was water on the hard blacktop that had literally started only a few feet from him and ran down the slope of the way the pavement was laid. The water had literally drained all the way down the slope and into a street drain. There had to have been buckets full of water, but James didn’t see Clifford dump anything out.

Issue: #26 Page: 23 James went over the curb where the water had drained down. James knelt down to examine the street and drain. James was more surprised to see how much the tiny bit of grass in the corner curb median was soaked. James knew that it snowed last night, but the next morning it was all dried up, but this street drain looked like it had just recovered from a flood. James Nortis and John Blackstone turned around and could see a car had pulled up next to the “Red-Shot” and were attempting to undo his wires. “Stop right there!” Blackstone shouted that pissed off James (Huntsman) because they were not even looking their way. The man pulled out a small hand gun and began firing at Detective Blackstone and James. The two (James and Blackstone) ducked along side of the white van. The gun man ducked alongside the car he pulled up in. There was another guy who had either ducked down or was on the other side of his car.

Issue: #26 Page: 24

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The Crusaders: #26 (2018)  
The Crusaders: #26 (2018)  

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