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M26: The LaCimbali M26 machine is

easy to use, easy to control and easy to maintain. Ergonomic and versatile, the M26 is made from steel and ABS and comes equipped with a reliable LaCimbali thermal system. Together, all of this guarantees impeccable quality in the cup Elective: This interacts with La Cimbali’s most technologically advanced machines, in order to guarantee impeccable quality in the cup and maximum flexibility. The 4.3” touchscreen display, easy to use and completely customisable, and a compact design featuring elegant shaping comes together with a new Inverter motor to bring about definitive change in the way we view grinding as a concept.

What's your best-seller?

Our best seller is actually Faema E71, a top-of-the-range professional coffee machine. An outstanding blend of iconic design, cutting-edge technology and classical

features, it was purpose-built to give baristas full flexibility to express their art.

What makes your company stand out in the market?

Gruppo Cimbali is recognised for quality, reliability, modern design of its products and above all for the consistent in the cup quality. Moreover, the focus on innovation has always been a key element of the philo¬sophy of Gruppo Cimbali, as a manufacturer, with its yearly investments in research and development for innovative and increasingly high-perfo¬ming technological solutions. Product design activities are conducted solely within the group, with its R&D department staffed by about 60 operators. The group’s focus on innovation is also reflected in the 55 currently valid patents, 12 of which have been filed in the last three years.

They see perfection, We see prosperity. Where your customers see the perfect cake, we see a prospering business. Our new Soft Style Cream Cheese does not only blend in beautifully with any filling, but it also has an outstanding stability for that perfect texture and appearance. Its delicious, rich cream cheese flavour makes your cheesecake taste as good as it looks, so that every serving serves your business. As your dairy partner, we continually find innovative ways to drive your performance.

Great food feeds great business.

December 2017 Catering NEWS ME


Catering News ME - December 2017  
Catering News ME - December 2017