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along with a blue cheese burger to punch you right in the face.” It’s understandable that Isidori takes pride in Black Tap’s success – it is a brand that is very much at the forefront of what is trending in the F&B industry right now. “Everybody wants to get into this casual lane with an elevated experience, a certain price-point and a singular focus,” he says. “Everyone’s taking that old-fashioned experience and modernising it – that is what Black Tap did.” The market is moving away from the traditional fine-dining experience, says Isidori. “You are seeing more and more of those fine dining chefs throwing their hats in the fine dining ring and saying ‘You know what, I am going to make the best burger I can make or the best fried-chicken or the best pizza’,” he says. If anyone knows burgers, it is Isidori, and he knows exactly what people want from a burger. “The juicier the burger… the messier and more all over your face the better,” he says. 28

Catering NEWS ME December 2017

Black Tap is not a success simply because of great food – Isidori is every bit the shrewd businessman that his plans for the future suggest. “The future holds a lot for us. We already dominate New York in the burger game,” he says.

“We have five locations there and are opening a new one in Las Vegas and we have a great expansion plan here in Dubai and in the Middle East. “We are going to begin our expansion in Europe soon and open up our first outlet in Singapore too.”

Catering News ME - December 2017  
Catering News ME - December 2017