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Camilla “Innocence” Rylan “Warrior” Double Earrings 2812 Arrow Necklace 1809

Alexandria “Defender” Nicolette “Victory” Statement Necklace 1624 Earrings 2806

Talia “Trinity” Earrings 2809

Lola “Lively” Earrings 2810

Arya “Noble” Ring 4801

Lucia “Gifted” Triangle Earrings 2807

Ruby Chevron Earrings 2816

Lauren “Sweet” Stud Earrings 2813-0001

Vera “True” Statement Necklace 1616

Lauren “Sweet” Stud Earrings 2813-0002

Lauren “Sweet” Stud Earrings 2813-0003

Helen “the Beautiful” Lydia “Dignified” Statement Necklace 1634 Statement Necklace 1627

Genevieve “Tribal” Statement Necklace 1627-0001

Genevieve “Tribal” Statement Necklace 1627-0003

Genevieve “Tribal” Statement Necklace 1627-0002

Genevieve “Tribal” Statement Necklace 1627-0004

Katina “Pure” Statement Necklace 1631-MLTI

Katina “Pure” Statement Necklace 1631-BLK

Katina “Pure” Statement Katina “Pure” Statement Necklace 1631-COR Necklace 1631-GLD

Katina “Pure” Statement Necklace 1631-WHT

Katina “Pure” Statement Necklace 1631-TL

Katina “Pure” Statement Necklace 1631-RED

Eliza “Bountiful” Statement Necklace 1622-0001

Eliza “Bountiful” Statement Necklace 1622-0002

Eliza “Bountiful” Statement Necklace 1622-0004

Eliza “Bountiful” Statement Necklace 1622-0003

Eliza “Bountiful” Statement Necklace 1622-0005

Norah “Honor” Statement Necklace 1621-0001

Norah “Honor” Statement Necklace 1621-0002

Norah “Honor” Statement Necklace 1621-0003

Norah “Honor” Statement Norah “Honor” Statement Norah “Honor” Statement Necklace 1621-0004 Necklace 1621-0005 Necklace 1621-0006

Cleo “Glory” Statement Necklace 1628-0001

Cleo “Glory” Statement Necklace 1628-0003

Maya “Maker” Statement Necklace 1625-0001

Cleo “Glory” Statement Necklace 1628-0002

Cleo “Glory” Statement Necklace 1628-0004

Maya “Maker” Statement Necklace 1625-0002

Cleo “Glory” Statement Necklace 1628-0001

Maya “Maker” Statement Necklace 1625-0003

Penelope “Devoted” Statement Necklace 1618-0001

Penelope “Devoted” Statement Necklace 1618-0002

Penelope “Devoted” Statement Necklace 1618-0003

Penelope “Devoted” Penelope “Devoted” Penelope “Devoted” Statement Necklace 1618-0004 Statement Necklace 1618-0005 Statement Necklace 1618-0006

Anastasia “Reborn” Statement Necklace 1626-0001

Anastasia “Reborn” Statement Necklace 1626-0002

Anastasia “Reborn” Statement Necklace 1626-0003

Anastasia “Reborn” Statement Necklace 1626-0004

Anastasia “Reborn” Statement Necklace 1626-0005

Irina “Peace” Statement Necklace 1633-0001

Irina “Peace” Statement Necklace 1633-0002

Irina “Peace” Statement Necklace 1633-0003

Irina “Peace” Statement Necklace 1633-0004

Nereida “Of the Sea” Statement Necklace 1623-0001

Nereida “Of the Sea” Statement Necklace 1623-0002

Nereida “Of the Sea” Statement Necklace 1623-0003

Nereida “Of the Sea” Statement Necklace 1623-0004

Cora “Fair” Statement Necklace 1617-0001

Cora “Fair” Statement Necklace 1617-0002

Cora “Fair” Statement Necklace 1617-0004

Cora “Fair” Statement Necklace 1617-0003

Cora “Fair” Statement Necklace 1617-0005

Cora “Fair” Statement Necklace 1617-0006

Katina “Pure” Statement Necklace 1631-0001

Katina “Pure” Statement Katina “Pure” Statement Necklace 1631-0002 Necklace 1631-0003

Katina “Pure” Statement Necklace 1631-0004

Katina “Pure” Statement Katina “Pure” Statement Necklace 1631-0005 Necklace 1631-0006

Katina “Pure” Statement Necklace 1631-0007

Chevron 3-Piece Bangle 3801-WHITE

Chevron 3-Piece Bangle 3801-TEAL

Chevron 3-Piece Bangle 3801-RED

Chevron 3-Piece Bangle 3801-PINK

Chevron 3-Piece Bangle 3801-NAVY

Chevron 3-Piece Bangle 3801-BLACK

Daphne “Virtuous” Statement Necklace 1637-0001

Daphne “Virtuous” Statement Necklace 1637-0002

Serena “Princess” Statement Necklace 1537

Ophelia “Serene” Statement Necklace 1619

Callisto “Protector” Statement Necklace 1629

Juliette “Beloved” Statement Necklace 1623

Lorraine “Royal” Necklace 1638-0001

Sydney “Brave” Stacked Bangles 3803

Lorraine “Royal” Necklace 1638-0002

Lorraine “Royal” Necklace 1638-0003

Lorraine “Royal” Necklace 1638-0004

Lorraine “Royal” Necklace 1638-0005

Cassandra “Powerful” Statement Necklace 1636

Daisy Earrings 2603-GOLDWBLACK

Daisy Earrings 2603 -RSGOLDWBLACK

Daisy Earrings 2603-GOLDWWHITE

Daisy Earrings 2603 -RSGOLDWWHITE

Daisy Necklace 1808-GOLDWBLACK

Daisy Necklace 1808-RSGOLDWBLACK

Daisy Necklace Daisy Necklace 1808-GOLDWWHITE 1808-RSGOLDWWHITE

Krista “Devoted” Hammered Earrings Black 2153-0001

Maria “Mayan” Krista “Devoted” Hammered Earrings - Earrings - Black 2808-0001 Crystal 2153-0002

Kiera “Shining” Necklace - White 1811-0001

Kiera “Shining” Necklace - Black 1811-0002

Maria “Mayan” Earrings - Teal 2808-0002

Gemma Gemstone Bracelet - Black 3802-0001

Gemma Gemstone Bracelet - White 3802-0002

Belle “Beautiful” Drop Earrings 2815

Ashlyn “Nature” Layered Necklace 1810

Brianna “Strong” Layered Necklace 1812

Harley “Cherished” Statement Earrings Black 2811-0001

Mariah “Bittersweet” Bangle 3530

Mackenzie “Princess” Earrings 2523

Harley “Cherished” Statement Earrings Teal 2811-0002

Lindsey “Intuition” Layered Necklace 1813-0001

Ada “Key” Necklace 1614 -0001

Nancy “Grace” Pendant Necklace 1114

Everly “Meadow” Ring 4401-0001

Everly “Meadow” Ring 4401-0002

Everly “Meadow” Ring 4401-0004

Everly “Meadow” Ring 4401-0003

Everly “Meadow” Ring 4401-0005

Everly “Meadow” Ring 4401-0006

Elisabetta “Bountiful” Dangling Earrings 2801

Heather “To Blossom” Earrings 2802

Erica “Noble” Ring 4306

Erica “Noble” Ring 4306-65

Ryan “Royal” Heart Necklace 1612-RG

Ryan “Royal” Heart Necklace 1612-SLV

Lindsey “Intuition” Layered Necklace 1813-0002

Shamballa 1 Pave Crystal Bracelet 3542-0001

Shamballa 1 Pave Crystal Bracelet 3542-0002

Shamballa 1 Pave Crystal Bracelet 3542-0003

Ada “Key” Necklace 1614 -0002

Shamballa 3 Pave Crystal Bracelet 3542-0003

Addison “Innovator” Necklace 1815

Shamballa 3 Pave Crystal Bracelet 3542S-0001

Shamballa 3 Pave Crystal Bracelet 3543S-0002

Paisley Earrings 2804-0001

Paisley Earrings 2804-0002

Paisley Earrings 2804-0003

Paisley Earrings 2804-0004

Paisley Earrings 2804-0005

Paisley Earrings 2804-0006

Paisley Earrings 2804-0007

Paisley Earrings 2804-0008

Paisley Earrings 2804-0009

Darlene “Tender Love” Earrings 2803-GD

Darlene “Tender Love” Earrings 2803-SLV

Darlene “Tender Love” Earrings 2803-RGLD

Nina “Strong” Earrings 2814-0001

Nina “Strong” Earrings 2814-0002

Betty “Royal” White Stud Earrings 2805

Megan “Mighty” Ring 4205

Camille “Flower” Bangle 3528

Brianna “Strong” Gold Circular Studs 2316


Aimee “To Love and Be Loved” Open Heart Necklace 1201

Abby “brilliant” Bangle 3529

Abby “brilliant” ring 4210

Alaina “Precious” Bangle 3201

Alberta “Noble” Shield Ring 4201

Amelia “Ruthless” Bracelet 3221

Audrey “Precious” Bangle 3217

Audrey “Princess” Necklace 1516

Ava “Desired” Bracelet 3222

Brittany “Goddess” Brooke “Of Nature” Bangle 3206 Bangle 3532

Caroline “Strong” Bangle 3215

Charity “Generous Love” Multi Heart Necklace 1202

Catalina “pure” earrings 2505

Catherine “Pure” Bangle 3203

Courtney “Wild” 5-String Bracelet 3225

Elaine “shining” Elli “Light of the Sun” hoop earrings Bracelet 3204 2511

Emma “strong” hoop earrings 2513

Eve “Life” Bangle 3216

Fiona “Fair” Bangle 3202

Fiona “Fair” Ring 4208

Gwendoly “Blessed” Mesh Ring 4202

Hadley “Powerful” Ring 4206

Hanna “Joy” Bangle 3209

Jean “Gift, Gracious” Bangle 3539

Jackie “gracious” bangle 3537

Julie “Youthful” Bracelet 3205

June “Youthful” Studs 2202

Kaitlin Silver Bangle 3554

Karie “Beloved” Bangle 3211

Kaylie “pure” open hoop earrings 2502

Kelly “Warrior” Bangle 3213

Kendall “Bright” Bangle 3524

Kendall “bright” hoop earrings 2512

Laurel “Nature” Leaf Necklace 1505

Mandy “To Be Leanne “Princess” Mara “Light, Aspire” Loved” Bangle 3218 Bangle 3541 Earrings 2506

Melissa “Princess” Ring 4207

Merritt “little one” earrings 2514

Mindy “Loving” Ring 4203

Mirabelle “Beauty” Molly “wishful” circle Morgan “Bright” Earrings 2510 pendant necklace 1515 Earrings 2203

Naomi “Beauty” Necklace 1204

Patricia “Noble” Bracelet 3220

Payton “strong” hoop earrings 2516

Regina “Queenly” Samantha “Blossoming” Savannah “plain” Mesh Earrings Bangle 3207 earrings 2501 2202

Savannah “plain” Scarlett “Bright” Open necklace 1504 Leaf Earrings 2509

Scottie Dog Necklace 1506

Simone “sweet” Bangle 3527

Sophia “Wisdom” Bangle 3210

Taylor “Honor” Bracelet 3223

Tory “Triumphant” mesh ring 4209

Wendy “friend’ pendant necklace 1517

Zoe “Life” Interlocking Bangles 3208

Zoe “Life” Interlocking Ring 4204


Victoria “Victorious” Victoria “Victorious” Alexa “Protective” Heart-Key necklace Earrings - Crystal Earrings - Pink 1526 2306-WHT 2306-PNK

Victoria “Victorious” Victoria “Victorious” Cheryl “Darling” Necklace - Crystal Necklace - Pink Heart Necklace 2122 1307-WHT 1307-PNK

Maddy “Young” Heart Drop Earrings 2518

Faith Pendant Necklace 1503

Clara “Bright” Earrings 2521

Connie “Constant” Open Circle Pendant Necklace 1805-C

Connie “Constant” Riley “Courageous” Open Circle Pendant Love Pendant Necklace 1805-P Necklace 1801-C

Riley “Courageous” Love Pendant Necklace 1801-P

Kristy “Angelic” Wing Pendant Necklace 1803-C

Kristy “Angelic” Wing Pendant Necklace 1803-P

Bailey “Leader” Pendant Necklace 1802-C

Bailey “Leader” Pendant Necklace 1802-P

Jenna “Fair” Pendant Necklace 1807-C

Jenna “Fair” Pendant Necklace 1807-P

Dora “Gift” Glitzy Heart Pendant Necklace 1804-C

Dora “Gift” Glitzy Heart Pendant Necklace 1804-P

Natalie “Happy” Natalie “Happy” Skinny Heart Pendant Skinny Heart Pendant Karen “Pure” Square Necklace 1522 Necklace 1806 -C Necklace 1806-P

Jessica “Rich” Circle Necklace 1523

Vicky “Goddess” Teardrop Necklace 1524

Jaime “To Be Loved” 2 Heart Necklace 1527

Anne “Graceful” Ring 4211

Bridget “Power, Virtue” Earrings 2307

Felicity “Luck” Necklace 1528

Cassidy “Clever” Earrings 2206

Beth “Beloved” Heart Drop Earrings 2138

Hayley “Hero” Necklace 1530

Hayley “Hero” Earrings 2524

Stephanie “Victory” Ring 4212

Melissa “Princess” Ring 4207

Iris “Noble” Earrings 2137-EAR

Shaena “Beautiful Shaena “Beautiful Hoop Earrings Hoop Earrings Rose Gold 2136-0001 Silver 2136-0002

Joan “Hero” Hoops 2525

Bailey “Leader” Pendant Necklace 1802

Cynthia “Goddess” Drop Earrings 2522

Harper “gentle” earrings 2517

Dee “Bright One” Earrings - 2 Ct. Studs 2116

Lynne “Pretty” Crisscross earrings 2520


Infinity “endless” Necklace 1605

Moira “the great” Disco Pendant Necklace 1602

Erin “Peace” Small Hoop Earrings 2604

Almira “Princess” Delilah “Delicate” Pearl Necklace 1610 Pearl Necklace 1606

Charlotte “Free” Necklace 1609

Michelle “Peaceful” Necklace 1604

Darlene “Tender Love” Intertwined Heart Necklace 1603

Grace Necklace 1613

Brandy Necklace 3529

Lauren Necklace 1601

Rhonda “Admire” Necklace 3524

Rachel “Beautiful” Rose Gold Bracelet 3602

Adele “Noble” Earrings 2605

Virginia “Pure” Pearl Earrings 2606

Rosalind “Pretty” Earrings 2607

Caitlin Earrings 2608

Nadine “Hope” Small Stud Earrings 2609

Nikki “Victory” Ring 4304

Nicole “Victorious” Ring 4303

Ellen “Courage” ring 4305

Tamara “Growth” Ring 4307

Katie “Pure” Ring 4601

Jane “Gift” Rose Gold Bracelet 3603

Nadia “Hope” Drop Earrings 2601

Sasha “Brilliant” Ring 4602

Michaela “Divine” Elise “Dignified” Rose Rose Gold Bracelet Gold Bracelet 3606 3604

Linda “Pretty” Rose Gold Bracelet 3601

Carly “Little, Womanly” Stud Earrings 2602


Kayla “Slim” Pearl Earrings 2708

Lucy “Light” Pearl Earrings 2703

Leah “Delicate” Pearl Pendant Necklace 1709

April “Open Up” Pearl Pendant Necklace 1701

Tina “Little One” Pearl Pendant Necklace 1710

Avery “Gift” Pearl Pendant Necklace 1711

Ashley “Dream” Pearl Pendant Necklace 1708

Kimberly “Bright” Pearl Pendant Necklace 1705

Flora “Flower” Pearl Pendant Necklace 1702

Sarah “Princess” Pearl Pendant Necklace 1704

Kayla “Slim” Pearl Pendant Necklace 1712

Leah “Delicate” Pearl Earrings 2707

April “Open Up” Pearl Earrings 2701

Tina “Little One” Pearl Earrings 2709

Avery “Gift” Pearl Earrings 2710

Ashley “Dream” Pearl Earrings 2706

Kimberly “Bright” Pearl Earrings 2705

Flora “Flower” Pearl Earrings 2702

Sarah “Princess” Pearl Earrings 2704

Lucy “Light” Pearl Pendant Necklace1703


Alice “Noble” Pendant Necklace 1119

Amanda “Lovable” Drop Earrings 2124

Aubrey “Wisdom” Drop Earrings 2130

Cher “Darling” Candace “Royal One” Casey “Vigilant” Hoop Earrings 2152 Flower Studs 2147 Necklace 1110

Danielle “GodLike” Drop Earrings 2125

Devin “Divine” Necklace 1113

Devin “Divine” Stud Earrings 2121

Diana “Divine” Necklace 1111

Diana “Divine” Stud Earrings 2106

Eleanor “Shining bright” Hoop Earrings 2133

Evangeline “Pleasant” Ella “Bright” Ella “Bright” Stud Earrings 2139 Stud Earrings 2139 Bracelet 3607-0001

Evangeline “Pleasant” Bracelet 3607-0001

Hallie “Hero” Earrings 2113

Hallie “Hero” Necklace1108

Irene “Peaceful” Stud Earrings 2148

Isabella Simulated Diamond Earrings - 1”

Isabella Diamond Simulated Hoop Earrings - Rose Gold - 1”

Isabella Diamond Simulated Hoop Earrings - Rose Gold - 1.62”

Isabella Diamond Simulated Hoop Earrings - Silver 1.62”

Isabella Diamond Simulated Hoop Earrings - 1” 14K Gold

Isabella Diamond Simu- Isabella Diamond Simulated Isabella Diamond Hoop Earrings - Black Simulated Hoop Ear- lated Hoop Earrings Black Stainless Steel/ Stainless Steel/White Diarings - Gold 1.62” White Diamonds - 1.62”

monds 1.62”

Janine “Graceful” Hoop Earrings 2135

Jenny “Pure” Stud Earrings 2151-0001

Jenny “Pure” Stud Earrings 2151-0002

Joy “Happy” Stud Earrings 2149

Larissa “Cheerful” Necklace 1115

Layla “Beauty” Stud Earrings 2132

Layla “Beauty” Pendant Necklace 1112

Malena “Loving” Necklace 1122

Mary “Motherly” Earrings 2146

Mary “Motherly” Necklace 1123

Mia DiamondSimulated 1Ct. Stud Earrings - Sterling Silver 2205-Silver

Mia DiamondSimulated 1Ct. Stud Earrings - 14K Rose Gold 2205-Rosegold

Mia DiamondMia DiamondMia DiamondSimulated 2Ct. Stud Simulated 2Ct. Stud Simulated 1Ct. Stud Earrings - 14K Rose Earrings - Sterling Earrings - 14K Gold 2205-8MM- Silver 2205-8MMGold 2205-Gold SILVER ROSEGOLD

Mia DiamondSimulated 2Ct. Stud Earrings - 14K Gold 2205-8MM-GOLD

Nelly “Light” Pendant Necklace 1120

Olivia “Dignity” Stud Earrings 2134

Phoebe “Bedazzling” Stud Earrings 2150

Rebecca “Captivating” Hoop Earrings 2127

Rena “Joyful” Studs 2145

Sadie “Princess” Pendant Necklace 1116

Sally “Princess” Earrings 2112

Sally “Princess” Necklace 1109

Shannon “Wise One” Drop Earrings 2128

Skylar “Beloved” Pendant Necklace 1117

Stacey “Stable” Hoop Earrings 2123

Stacey “Stable” Hoop Earrings 2123

Taylor “Leader” Hoop Earrings 2129

Nancy “Grace” Whitney “Adventurer” Stud Earrings 2126 Pendant Necklace 1114

Valerie “Strong” Pendant Necklace 1121

Layla Bracelet 3102

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