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Current Students


Prospective Students


Bulletin Board Students/faculty/alumni would be able to post information:

flyers/job postings/newsletters /spelling grammar dates/other relevant info

Click on board postings to get more info

To get on the board, send postings to an admin

Ok it and post it

Features 

Feature articles Written by: Alumni, professors and current students J-school interns would delegate article topics and edit posts Ex: Alumnus spotlight, industry updates or advice




Twitter Feed • Displayed on the home page • Managed by a group of people who will: • Follow news outlets and journalism related accounts • Manage tweets on feed • A hash tag (#uncjomc) can be used by students, alumni, etc. to have their tweet displayed on the feed

Interactive Calendar • Color coded by type of club/event –Ex: ad club - red; PRSSA – green; DTH – purple, etc. • Can check on the side of the calendar which event you want to appear (personalized) • Approval of non J-school events will have to be reviewed by an employee managing the calendar –Email address provided to submit calendar events

JOMC Mobile

Student Internships • Goal: Create easy access to internship opportunities • Compiled database of current/former interns • Searchable by • Sequence • Company • Industry

• Contact info for company & student • Position duties descriptions

Videos on Curriculum • Goal: Bring coursework to life with real testimonials • Collection of videos for each sequence – Feature upperclassmen for each track – Discuss classes, coursework, experiences as a JOMC student – 1-2 minutes each

• Student ambassadors to create videos

Ask a Student Feature • Goal: To connect prospective students with current students in J-school • Create “student ambassadors” to run the section • Feature live video chat options

J-school Tour • Goal: Provide prospective students with a visual look inside the school online. • Brief video shorts featuring Carroll Hall • Filmed by student ambassadors • Posted on Youtube & the website • Locations to highlight: • Reese Felts Digital Newsroom • Charles Kuralt Learning Center • Park Library

JOMC Downloadable Widget

J-School Blog • Blog featuring content from alumni, professors and current students • Submit posts about work, internships and industry trends • Platform to promote JOMC

Blogs: Internships & Faculty Input • Jay Eubank – Post internship opportunities to blog and bulletin board – Allows students to view archive of internships

• J-School professors and adjuncts – Update blog within their sequence

• Alumni contribute personal blogs

Poynter Blog

Academics • Advising •Advising Worksheets •Registration •JOMC Curriculum •Class Requirements •Professors •Spelling and Grammar Test •Etc…..

Interactive Advising Worksheets •Auto-fill technology

•Unfulfilled areas will populate with class options

Professor Information • Easy access to our biggest education tool – Their information should include: • Office locations and hours • Biography • A Photo • Email, Blog, Personal Website, Twitter, Skype, LinkedIn etc

Using Twitter to Ease Registration • Publicize a hashtag (#openjomcs, #jomccourses) • Advisors, professors and students are encouraged to tweet courses • Available courses and links to more information • Low cost

JOMC Programs • Global UNC • JOMC Networking • Business Journalism • Latijam •Etc…..

Study Abroad •List the choices first •Students tweet and blog about experiences abroad •Use @UNCGlobal •Aggregate those tweeting about their experiences

Fall/Spring Break Networking • • • •

Tweet and blog about experience Skype with alums before Integrate YouTube Alumni explaining how trip affected them

Other Programs • • • •

Business Journalism Carolina Community Media Project concern Graduate Programs. Certificate Programs

Get Involved • Publications The Daily Tar Heel Blue & White Magazine Patchwork Magazine

• Productions ReeseNews

• Clubs CAFME Carolina Ad Club

Campus Organizations • Providing information for students to get involved on campus, find hands on experience and implement skills learned in class

Internships and Job Postings •Print •Internships •Jobs

• Broadcast •Internships •Jobs

• Public Relations •Internships •Jobs

•Advertising •Internships •Jobs

•Graphic Design

Internships/Job Postings • Posted and updated frequently, readily accesible and easily viewable • Methods – Twitter – Facebook – Blog – Search

• Who can post? – J School (professors, employees), Students, Alumni

Alumni Database

Alumni Profile • Alumni enter personal info, create a username and profile • This profile can be edited by alumni and can be viewed by current students • Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In and all other networking information is available

Alumni Profiles • Alumni will create a username and password • The profile will: – be linked to twitter and LinkedIn – Contain picture and mini bio – Hold links to past work, employers, online portfolios, blogs, websites, etc. – Include an option to be available for contact

Inviting Alumni to Profile • An invitation to join the social network will be sent via email • Invitation will explain the benefits of the Alumni Profile • Invitation could include a video to make it more personal, raise interest, and directions on how to join.

The J-School Forum • The forum is designed to help foster a sense of community throughout the JOMC school. • It is an effective way to engage students within the JOMC school with each other and with current topics or issues. • The forum would be split into different sections.

Forum Sections • What’s Happening on Campus? • Current News Topics • Advice – For Incoming Students – For Current Students

• • • •

Advertising/PR/Marketing Journalism Miscellaneous Alumni

Notable Work of Alumni • Online library cataloging every work published by alumni • Like Park Library display case: – includes books, artwork, news clips and other published media

• Include name, year, graduation date and link to their profile

Mobile App • JOMC Academic Worksheet on the run

JOMC Website Renovations PPT  

Final project for NMTFAMP Fall 2011

JOMC Website Renovations PPT  

Final project for NMTFAMP Fall 2011