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Catch this: December 2017/January 2018

December 2017/January 2018

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Catch this: December 2017/January 2018

refuse collector. You choose which challenges are appropriate for you to accept. If you would benefit from meeting with others to discuss an aspect of Advent, we have a number of Advent study groups meeting in December. In groups meeting on Monday and Wednesday evenings, we'll be looking at the classic Frank Capra film It's a Wonderful Life. Just as Christmas can promise so much and then deliver so little, our own lives can seem bittersweet when we consider dreams we may have had that never worked out. George Bailey, played by James Stewart, discovers that it is never too late to re-evaluate our lives, to find much to be thankful for, and to live again. It's a story of hope, of seeing the best in people, and how we can make the world a better place. In a group, which is meeting on Monday mornings, people are reading Jane Williams' book Approaching Christmas. This is a beautiful and thoughtful companion to the season of Advent and Christmas, and encourages readers to explore the true meaning of the festive season through a combination of reflections, quotations and classic art. The chapters focus on objects and activities we all associate with Christmas such as making lists, decorations, gifts, Christmas trees, music, food and family - as well as special days such as Christmas Eve and Epiphany. In each section, Jane Williams brings together her own personal experience, Christmas traditions, spiritual reflection and quotations from scripture and other writings through the ages. The result is an imaginative and stimulating exploration of the riches of this season - all laced with beautiful reproductions of Christmas-themed paintings. If you would like more information about any of these, please let me know. I do wish you and your family a holy and joyful Christmas when en it comes!

God with us You may have seen the controversy about the High Street chain Greggs, and their Advent Calendar. Each day in th 'Merry Greggsmas' calendar the there is a token to redeem at the shop. The bakers released a promotional image for its festive calendar that shows a part eaten sausage roll replacing the baby Jesus in the manger surrounded by the Three Wise Men. Not surprisingly they have had to apologise for the 'bad taste'. At least it makes a change from the usual chocolate Advent calendar. But what is Advent all about? Is it just a countdown to the big day, reminding us how much time is left to get everything done, with little sweeteners on the way to keep us going? I'd like to suggest a few ways that might help to make these next few weeks special. The Church of England has produced a campaign called #GodWithUs - Your Christmas Journey. Archbishop Justin Welby says in his introduction to the reflective guide "The constant refrain of Christmas, in carols and readings, is that God is with us. In whatever situations you find yourself this Christmas, God is with you - you need only turn to him and ask to know his presence". Your Christmas Journey is a series of short reflections throughout December and into early January 2018, which people can receive as texts, emails, on social media, or you can get a good old fashioned booklet! The reflections have been written as soul food for people who are new to faith, but also help us all grow in our love of God. The Bible Society has also launched its #AdventChallenge. If you sign up through the Bible Society website, each day of Advent they will email you a choice of three challenges to help you bring the Bible to life in a practical way, alongside a short reflection following the characters of the Nativity story on their journey to Bethlehem. The challenges vary from giving flowers, encouraging someone, getting to know your neighbours better, making a donation to a foodbank, tidying a shared living space, to leaving a note for your 3

Catch this: December 2017/January 2018

Do you live alone, have a problem and do not know who to turn to? Do you have a problem that can be fixed by accessing the right people, services or agencies? Are you struggling as a young person, an older person or as a family and need advice and support? Are you a carer that needs a little help and support? Does your community have a collective problem that needs a kick start to solve?

All calls and advice given are treated with strict confidentiality

Please call - 07746 332897 or email


Axbridge Methodist Church Services

We repair most makes of Washing Machines, Dishwashers, Dryers, Vacuum Cleaners & Cookers.

Every Sunday at 11am

Minister: Revd. Julie Letts Tel: 01934 852314

(Small charge for estimates)

PD LOVERIDGE Tel: Cheddar 742527 or 01278 789132 4

Catch this: December 2017/January 2018



We've been seeing the Christmas decorations in the shops since the summer holidays ended. At the beginning of November a checkout assistant was telling me she already had her decorations up at home due to her daughter's insistence. I remember the time when my parents would put up the tree on Christmas Eve and we weren't allowed into the living room until the next morning! 'Waiting' is something we are not very good at. Many of us are impatient in this world of immediacy. We want our needs, our wishes, fulfilled straight away. We are like that with our shopping online, paying more for next day delivery. And we can be like that with our prayer too. Challenging God as to why He doesn't appear to have heard us when we don't receive the answer we are looking for. This season of Advent is all about waiting. Waiting and watching, not just to celebrate the festival of Christmas, the coming of the babe in the manger, but also waiting and watching for his coming again in glory. The early Christians were anticipating that Jesus would return for them in their lifetime. His words in John's gospel about "going to prepare a place for them", 'going ahead' of them, caused them to be expectant of another advent or arrival of God, breaking into their world. They couldn't understand why He didn't come back quickly particularly when they faced persecution for their faith. I know of people now who live in that expectancy of Jesus' return each day, opening their curtains with the words, "Maybe today, Lord". Perhaps you do. I'm aware that I don't do that enough. Not because I'm fearful of life in the 'here and now' but rather thinking of each day as potentially the last here on earth and therefore thinking about how to make it count. Thinking about how I might live and tell the story of God's love to friends and neighbours, strangers and family, in a way they might hear that message most effectively. So that they can come to know a God who loves them enough to enter into their world and be present with them. This Advent perhaps we need to become more aware that it's not only us doing the 'waiting' but also God waiting to receive the best from us. God Waits God waits silently In our inner recesses, The chambers of our soul, Gazing lovingly On our treasure, Awaiting our response. (Yvonne Morland)

Your Editor writes: Firstly, a huge thank you to everyone who has anything to do with putting the magazine together. There are more people than many would realise (not least me!). So, whether you write copy or organise the people writing copy for your area, distribute the magazine, organise and invoice the advertisers, print the magazine, put the magazine onto the website and distribute the online version, proof reading, stock it in your shop ready for resale, liaise with printers, attend boring meetings to discuss details of the new office printer, or perhaps most importantly subscribe and read the magazine. Thank you to all of you. As mentioned in last month’s edition, because of rising costs, we are having to increase the cost of the magazine as follows: Single copy £1 Annual subscription (paper copy) £8 Online subscription £5 Combined paper/online subscription £11 For those who would like to subscribe, there is a subscription form on page 7 of this edition. You will also be able to subscribe to the online magazine by visiting the Catch this webpage on the Axbridge Church website ( where you can pay by PayPal. Alternatively you can complete the form available in the December issue of Catch this. When you subscribe you will be sent an email (normally within 10 days) with a MailChimp link that you need to click on to confirm your subscription and consent to receiving Catch this emails. With the pending replacement legislation for Data Protection coming in May 2018 (General Data Protection Regulation: GDPR), we are very aware that we need to have explicit permission from individuals to include their contact details in the magazine. To this end I will be contacting people over the coming month asking them to confirm that they are happy with us publishing their name and phone number. Without this permission I will not be able to include names/phone numbers on page two or the Directory page at the back of the magazine. Finally, the whole Catch this team would like to wish all our readers, from near and far, a very happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year. May God’s love light your way and lead you into a new year that shines with His special joy and may you always feel blessed in 2018. 5

Catch this: December 2017/January 2018


compton house axbridge

Liz Friend writes: There is no talk in December but on 17 January John Page will be talking about Lighthouses in the Bristol Channel. The venue is Cross Memorial Hall (BS26 2EL) and the talk starts

A Grade 2 listed Georgian House with fabulous views across the Somerset Levels

at 7.30pm. Non-members are always welcome but a donation of ÂŁ3 is requested. There are around three dozen lighthouses in the Bristol Channel. Most date from the C18th onwards (with one earlier exception), but cover a number of differing structures, uses and types of light. Their fascinating history and those of the people who commissioned and ran them will be discussed. And do check out our website for details of all the 2018 talks and visits.

Unique bedroom accommodation House Hire for up to 13 people Flexible meetings space Private Dining Room for special occasions Receptions & Events for intimate parties


Contact: 01934 733944

Debbie Andrews writes: Our winter production is a children's play: Seeking Sleeping Beauty - a fairy tale with a twist - by Mark Billen. The play is being directed by Daniel Jeffery and will be staged on Friday 2 and Saturday 3 February. Evening performances will be at 7:30pm and there will be a matinee on the Saturday at 2:30pm. In this comic fairy tale, Prince Florimund and his Equerry are seeking Sleeping Beauty, Princess Aurora, who has been put into a deep sleep for many years by a wicked witch, Carabossa. On their way through the forest they encounter a hay-fever suffering Lilac Fairy, together with a host of assorted fairy tale characters such as Hansel & Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood, the Old Woman who lives in a Shoe, Rapunzel and many more. The cast will be a mix of children and adults and is suitable for an audience of any age. Tickets will go on sale at 10am on Saturday 6 January in the Star Room at Shipham Village Hall and thereafter from Hansfords, The Square, Shipham. We regret there are no telephone or online bookings 6

Catch this: December 2017/January 2018

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Catch this: December 2017/January 2018

AXBRIDGE DISTRICT TREFOIL GUILD Hazel's time in 6th Form, she and others in the school led by Miss Rendell started a dig. Hazel was captured for the rest of her life. She made maps of the field names using the 1820 - 1859 maps, there may be only 10,000 acres that make up Wedmore, but Hazel has walked practically every one of those acres making notes on the maps of any usual activity below ground, and the finds revealed. In 1893, digging in a field quarrying Wedmore Stone an amazing find was made by Revd. Hervey and his brother-in-law William Sanford: bones of two Dinosaurs; one being the only example of that type of dinosaur to be found in the UK and the other the only one found this far north. Apparently, at the time these two Dinosaurs lived, way before the really BIG dinosaurs, Wedmore and its environs were actually situated on the Equator. The first of our “little” Dinosaurs whose remains now live in Taunton Museum were named as Pierodon Herveyii and Avalonia Sanfordia and are the only dinosaurs to have been found in Somerset. They originally lived around 210 - 205 million years ago. An absolutely fascinating talk taking us through all sorts of finds, of the first known coppicing of Hazel to make rods to form the ancient trackways across the moors, 5,000 years ago. We learned how cows in a field turned up a Roman wall - ok they had no idea they were the first bovine archaeologists, but badgers, and moles also play their part in bringing ancient artefacts to the surface. All this intertwined with the history of the Abbot of Glastonbury becoming the Bishop of Bath and Wells, and how his moated house was built and subsequently demolished for being too sumptuous. As always, entertaining, enlightening and amusing, Hazel held our interest throughout what felt like a very short evening. The time went so quickly, as she skipped from names, places and finds, as well as the characters who were involved in days gone by. On Tuesday 5 December Bill Hudson will be talking to us about the History of Rupert Bear. Starting at 7:30pm everyone is more than welcome to join us and enjoy reminiscing about our childhood cartoon characters. Calling all members: our New Year Social will be held at the Rodney Stoke Inn on Tuesday 6 February and if you wish to join us there, please let me have your names as soon as possible, when a menu will be available for your pre-ordered meal. Contact 01934 842291, or email

The Guild held a Coffee Morning in Axbridge Town Hall in early November. Starting at 10am, it included a Cake stall, Tombola, Book stall and many other delights. Although not particularly well supported just under £200 was raised to share between Marie Curie and Guild funds. The November meeting was an afternoon of fun learning how to make a floral table decoration. Much to many members’ surprise the end results were excellent and a great deal of laughter and banter enjoyed by all. Arrangements were completed for the Christmas Lunch on Tuesday 12 December in Shipham Village Hall at 12:30pm. The Trefoil Guild Members wish every one a Happy Christmas and look forward to meeting again on 9 January at 2pm in the Catholic Church Rooms, Cheddar. Visitors will be very welcome and the new calendar of events will be revealed.

THANK YOU Harry Mottram writes: Just a quick note to say thank you for sponsoring Lawrence's Mega Mendip Marathon in October in aid of Street Child UK. I accompanied him to check he completed the 26.6 miles around and to the lakes of the Mendips and his brother Ashley also came along on his bike as support unit. It was an exhausting journey as it was over bogs, moors and fields, scrambling over barbed wire fences and through thickets and across marshes, but he did it. The total raised was more than £1,300 more than his £1,000 target - so thank you. He is now in Makeni in Sierra Leone teaching English, playing football with children, helping in an after school club and working in the charity's office helping on their accounts and marketing stuff. He said he's been jogging with fellow workers, and they are followed by crowds of children and a goat!

SHIPHAM ROWBERROW & STAR HISTORY SOCIETY Jill Smith writes: A full house welcomed back Hazel Hudson, who this evening she was talking about the Archaeology of Wedmore and the surrounding villages/hamlets. Hazel went to school at Sexey's Blackford, where her interest in Archaeology was first aroused by her R.I. teacher, Isabel Rendell. During 8

Catch this: December 2017/January 2018

the house, Mr and Mrs Gibbs owned the house. They had ten children! After that, we went down to pretend to be a Victorian servant in the main house. We split up into four groups and went into the house. We sorted out cups, cleaned silver, went in the night nursery and went in Mrs Giggs bedroom. After pretending to be maids and butlers it was lunch time. After lunch we walked back to the class room when we got back from the main house. We dressed up in clothes that wealthy children wore for school. Isla wore an orange dress and Elijah dressed in a gold jacket and trousers. We went outside and we lined up practicing bows and curtseys. After that, we went back inside and took our outfits off to give back to the ladies. The last thing we did at Tyntesfield was writing on a slate chalkboard and slate pencil. We wrote our names and said our favourite thing or things about our funday at Tyntesfield. Isla wrote ‘I liked dressing up as a maid’ and Elijah wrote ‘I loved looking and holding the pocket watch. I loved unclasping and seeing inside the watch.’ The last thing we did was walking up and down the hills the way we had come back to the coach that we had come in and we talked happily on the way back to school.’

SHIPHAM SCHOOL Blackrock Class visited Tyntesfield as part of their topic work on Victorians this term. Elijah and Isla recounted when Blackrock class went to Tyntesfield. Tyntesfield is a Victorian house near Bristol. We waited for the coach for about half an hour and finally the coach arrived. Everybody got on with their partner and we whizzed off to Tyntesfield. When we arrived, there were a few ladies standing out in the chilly wind waiting for the class to get off the coach. Time passed away very quickly as we walked up and down the steep hills to the private classroom. We hung our coats up on the pegs and our lunches in a metal crate. Then we went to study the artefacts on the four tables. Our favourite thing was the pocket watch. A pocket watch was a type of watch in Victorian times which men kept in their waistcoat pockets. Next, we looked at the census form, which was a document that had the names, ages, occupations of all the people who lived in


Catch this: December 2017/January 2018



Paul Ashmore writes: At the Save the Children Charity lunch at Shipham village hall on Friday 27th October, John Agate unveiled a memorial plaque beside a tree that had been planted to commemorate his wife, Jan. Jan had been one of the Shipham Save the Children "Lunch Bunch" team for thirty years and the organiser for twenty of them. She was also a stalwart of Inner Wheel, and a coffee morning organised by them in July raised £614 to buy the tree and its plaque. A cheque for the remainder of this money, £375, was handed to Lysbeth Ballantine, an area organiser for Save the Children, as was the £69.50 from the sale of cake at this particular lunch. Save the Children was very dear to Jan's heart and those who continue to serve the charity lunches in Shipham on alternate Fridays, miss her very much. We know she would have been delighted to be remembered in this way and with the donations Save the Children received in her memory.

SHIPHAM REMEMBRANCE Pam Williams writes: Thank you to everyone who gave so generously at the Remembrance Service in Shipham on 12 November. We have been able to send £286 to the Royal British Legion.


The Church Steps, The Square, Axbridge, BS26 2AP email: Rectory telephone: 01934 732261 The office in the church rooms is open on Friday mornings from 9:30am to 12:30pm

CATCH THIS ORGANISATION Deadline: Please ensure that any submissions are sent to the editor by close of play on the 15th of the month; copy has a vastly improved chance of inclusion in the magazine if submitted early. Copy to: Adverts: Editor: Kevin Walke (07821 186702) Correspondents: Axbridge: Paul Passey (733373) Rowberrow: Vacancy Shipham: Julia Bradshaw (844954)

Catch this: December 2017/January 2018


Catch this: December 2017/January 2018



The Somerset Singers will perform their Christmas Concert Elijah by Felix Mendelssohn at St Mary’s Church in Wedmore at 7:30pm on Saturday 9 December. They will be conducted by Guest Conductor Alison Blundell with the Lochrian Ensemble (Leader Catherine Black) and soloists. Mendelssohn wrote the bulk of his Oratorio Elijah between June 1845 and August 1846. When it was first performed in the Town Hall, Birmingham on 26 August 1846. Following its first performance, Mendelssohn completely revised it before it was next performed at Exeter Hall, London on 16 April 1847; it is this version that we recognise today and will be performed in this concert. It is full of stirring melodies and chorales interspersed with arias and recitatives containing many well known four part and eight part choral pieces starting with the plea “Help, Lord!”, the magnificent “Baal” choruses before Elijah sings his plea “Lord God of Abraham” and the first half ends with the mighty chorus “Thanks be to God”. The second half includes the choruses “Be not afraid”, “Woe to him”, the serene “He watching over Israel, slumbers not nor sleeps”, the mighty fire and earth quake sound of “Then did Elijah break forth from the fire” and the piece ends with the stunning finale “And then shall your light break forth”; all in all it is a feast of brilliant oratorio music that will be performed by some excellent soloists, accompanied by a first class orchestra with four top lead string players and supported by a well drilled amateur chorus. Tickets priced £14 and £16 are now on sale from Wedmore Post Office and telephone 01934 843727 or 01934 713271 or from Choir Members. Unsold tickets will be available on the door. Further information may be found on line at

Paul Passey writes: If you pass by the South Porch of St. John’s you may think vandals have been at work - strange markings on the footpath. Not so! The sprayed paint gives, almost to the millimetre the position of the lower end of the new "Access for All" into the Parish Church. From the layout you can see that a clear passage will remain between the access and the Church Rooms wall. Sedgemoor District Council now need six months of consultation before final consent. The second paint job was the October "Splash and Dash Day" in Church Rooms, organised by Peter Smith and supported by CRS at Cheddar. Walls, doors, window sills and shelves all painted a delicate and fancifully named grey or a brilliant white. Even half of the stairway received its share of "Splash". We had to dash before all was completed but the front porch is now receiving its own special attention. CRIG would like to particularly thank the Tim and Margaret Hind and Janie Gray for their painting skills and Maggie Stanley for her sandwich making. We have had generous financial support too from Axbridge Harvest Home and a donation in memory of Violet Dodd towards our "Access for All" (A4A) professional costs and fees. However, I think that we can say now, and with some relief, that all our future fund-raising will be to create a "Construction Fund" sufficient for us to build the A4A. Your first opportunity to help swell the coffers will be on 16 December, when Kate and Mike Taylor are holding a "Christmas mulled wine and Coffee Morning" (see page 21).

WEDMORE AND CHEDDAR BEEKEEPERS Liz Friend writes: We will be holding a seven-week beginner’s course in beekeeping starting on Thursday 18 February (7:30pm – 9.30pm). The cost will be £20 and it will be held in the Old Schoolroom, Stone Allerton BS26 2NJ. If you are interested in joining then please contact Jonathan Friend as soon as possible as numbers are limited. Tel. 01934 712971 or email

MOTHERS' UNION - 'WHO AND WHEN' Mothers' Union has discovered a number of old photographs of past events and people in Axbridge. At our meeting on 10 January we shall be sorting through them trying to identify and record names and events from the past. If you think you could help and would like to be involved please join us and help solve some mysteries. Your help is really needed. We very much hope to see you on Wednesday 10 January at 2:30pm in the Church rooms. In the meantime we wish you all a very Happy Christmas and peaceful New Year.


Catch this: December 2017/January 2018

24a Woodborough Road, Winscombe BS25 1AD For Appointments tel 01934 843617 * OSTEOPATHY

Janet White


Dan Lloyd


Patricia Clark


Linda Thomas


Catch this: December 2017/January 2018


extreme times. An excellent cast, led by Gemma Arterton as an aspiring screenwriter, make this a very enjoyable and moving film. Moonlight (cert 15) is our first screening of 2018, and it is hard to describe this five-star masterpiece. It is unlike any other film, telling the often difficult story of a young black boy growing up in downtown Miami. Director Barry Jenkins and his wonderful cast combine to make this a lyrical, heartbreaking and uplifting triumph. Winner of The Best Picture Oscar and many other awards, this is one of the great films of modern times; it really is unmissable. We will use sub-titles with this film as sometimes the American dialogue is not always clear; we thought this may be useful, let us know what you think. 12 January is the date. Two weeks later on 26 January, we have a Spanish film, written by one of Ken Loach's favourite screenwriters, Paul Laverty. Everybody who has seen The Olive Tree (cert 15) has loved it. It portrays the relationship between Alma (Anna Castilio) and her grandfather Ramon (Manuel Cucala). His family have sold his beloved 2,000-year-old olive tree to a German company, and he has now retreated into depression and dementia as a result. Anna's journey to bring back the tree is both poignant and funny. F-rated. Doors open at 7:15pm, and the programme starts at 7:45pm. Members pay £2, as do under-18s, and guests pay £4. All the usual local refreshments will be served.

Lynton Gray writes: The November meeting of the Shipham Wine Information Group focused on seasonal drinks, when we tasted "Fizzies and Fortifieds" from The Wine Society. A selection of sparkling wines from Spain and France was followed by two contrasted Sherries, two different Ports and finally a couple of Madeiras. Our favourite choices from that lot and their prices can be found on our website: Our Christmas dinner and extravaganza will take place on 15 December: tickets at £25 for members and £27 for non-members. Apart from a lavish spread washed down by some of our favourite wines over the year, we will be entertained by a local magician. Contact John Moorhouse (01934 842272) by 1 December if you want to join in. The first SWIG meeting in the New Year will be 19 January, when Alan Wright from Clifton Cellars returns, with his usual idiosyncratic perspective on the wine trade. Plans for our June 2018 visit to the Burgundy vineyards are now well under way. We still have a couple of places available so let John Moorhouse know if you are interested. A reminder that the annual membership fee for 2017-18 season has been kept at £10, with the usual £9 per session for members and £11 for guests. If you are not a member yet, you are welcome to come along as a guest, but please first contact our Membership Secretary, Andrew Fairhurst (843258), at least a week SAVE THE CHILDREN beforehand, so that we know how many to cater for. Membership benefits will include Kate Baldock writes: Our last lunch of 2017 will take place on 8 December, at the negotiated discounts with local suppliers. earlier time of 12:15pm. Once again we will be joined by the children from Shipham First SHIPHAM COMMUNITY CINEMA School, always an occasion to look forward to There's a great treat for everybody, as they entertain us with their delightful young and old, on Saturday 16 December, selection of songs and carols. We will also be when we show Sing (cert U). This joyous serving our usual festive lunch, to include animation featuring Johnny the soul-singing homemade soup and mince pies. For your gorilla and a punk rock porcupine with attitude, diaries, the following are a reminder of the is funny, clever and completely engaging, a Friday lunch dates for the New Year: 19 perfect pre-Christmas outing. Doors open at January and also 2 and 16 February, 2:30pm for this Saturday matinée and the film 12:30pm at Shipham Village Hall. will begin at 2:45pm. There's a family ticket May I take this opportunity to thank deal of £6, and usual admission prices for everyone for their continued support - our individuals. lunch guests, our wonderful volunteers and Fans of Bill Nighy (having a whale of a those of you who make regular and very time!) will enjoy our screening on Friday 8 generous donations to Save the Children. It December. Their Finest (cert 12A) directed wouldn't be the same without you! On behalf by Lone Scherfig, is set during the Second of The Lunch Bunch, a very merry Christmas World War, and shows the power of cinema in and a happy, healthy New Year to you all. 14

Catch this: December 2017/January 2018



Janet Angle writes: Mary Earle was our speaker in November and gave us a valuable insight into ‘Tot Slot’, a new initiative which is part of the MU parenting programme. It’s designed to be a 10-minute Slot in a Toddler group or Clinic to share the important development of a baby or toddler through interaction with those caring for the child. The difference that can be made for the future well being, social, emotional and mental, of the child as the grows. Our Deanery Advent Service will be at Burnham on the 11 December starting at 2:30pm. Out next meeting will be a Coffee morning in the Church Rooms on the 13 December, 10:30am. It will be raising funds for the Women’s Refuge and will include Bring and Buy and Christmas cards stalls. Everyone is most welcome. We will be acknowledging the 16 days against Gender Violence again with a prayer tree in Axbridge church.

Lorna Richardson writes: I am delighted to inform you that Miss Coles has had a gorgeous baby girl, Lucia Florence. They are both doing very well and we are looking forward to seeing them in school soon. I am pleased to welcome Maria Haigh to our team, who will be working as a Midday Dinner Supervisor, and our new SCITT student, Monica Cristescu-Cook who will be based in Chestnut class this term. We are delighted to report Mr Elliott Robertson is also joining us more formally this year, and will be working in Willow and Hazel class as well as at lunchtime. With Christmas just around the corner I would like to bring your attention to some of our exciting events. Our first event is our Christmas Fair on 7 December at 3:30pm when everyone is welcome and on 12 December we are looking forward to our Nursery (children in their final year at Busy Bees) and Reception children performing their Christmas Nativity. Our school play will be performed in the summer term. On 13 December we will have a Pantomime performance for all the children. We will also be hosting a Christmas Carol Service on 18 December in Church. The children are looking forward to singing their favourite carols, sharing the Christmas story and singing some Christmas tracks for us all. It's set to be a lovely evening to get us all in the mood for the festivities ahead! We hope to see lots of you there. On the last day of term, 21 December, it's Christmas Jumper Day! Children can come to school wearing their favourite Christmas jumper and help raise money for Save the Children. We raised money for Children in Need in November. School uniform was not required and children came to school dressed in spot something spotty! Finally, I would like to share Emma Michelmore has become our PTA chairperson this year and we wish her all the best in this role!

SHIPHAM GARDENING CLUB Notice of Annual General Meeting The Shipham Gardening Club AGM will take place in the Shipham Village Hall on 18 January at 7:30pm. All are welcome. The meeting will start with a presentation by Helen Schofield from Westonbirt Arboretum. The schedule for 2018 includes talks on cottage garden flowers, Bristol Botanical Gardens, Bristol Zoo Gardens and a talk by an ex Head Gardener from Hestercombe Gardens. There are also planned trips to gardens during June and July.

IN HARMO HARMONY LUNCHTIME CONCERT Bob Foster will be joined by the Celtic Harpist Jackie Thomas for a St John’s lunchtime concert in Axbridge on 12 December. It starts at 11:30am and is free (with a retiring collection) At 12:30pm you can then go on for a soup lunch in the Church Rooms afterwards. Do join us.

11 November service in St Andrew’s, Compton Bishop, attended by many RBL members 15

Catch this: December 2017/January 2018

DECENT BROADBAND AT LAST? Lynton Gray writes: For years we have struggled with appallingly slow Internet speeds across most of Shipham, Star and Rowberrow. We have had to resort to a do-it-yourself system in Rowberrow based on microwave signals, where we can now get speeds ten times faster than those supplied by BT and the other commercial providers. But this is just a temporary patch: what we need is a 'futureproofed' service bringing fibre to the premises at speeds that meet the business and domestic demands of the next few years. There is now a strong possibility that we might get that service - if we act together as a community. A local company, Truespeed based in Newton St Loe, near Bath, is working its way towards us, delivering full fibre broadband to rural homes and businesses by building a brand new infrastructure, separate from other providers. The company is holding a number of meetings in Shipham and Rowberrow to tell us about the service on offer and to encourage us to sign up for it. Their offer is three times faster (200mb/s up and down) than the maximum possible BT/Openreach speed if you are near their cabinet in Shipham, and there would be no contention or fluctuation (unlike the current BT/Openreach service). They also provide an option of upgrading to 10Gb/s. The company clearly needs a critical mass of customers to make this provision worthwhile, and as an incentive they are offering broadband free for life to the village school and village hall if 30% of the community sign up for the service. And as a further incentive, the first 30% to sign up will get free installation. To install the fibre to our properties they have an agreement with Western Power to use their low voltage poles, BT poles and underground ducting including the ultra-fast London-New York internet link that runs under the A38. After years of discussions with government agencies and private companies, this is the first solid opportunity for our communities to join the digital age. There have already been village meetings with Truespeed representatives at The Swan, Rowberrow and Wilcox's Cider Barn and the next meeting is scheduled for Shipham Village Hall, 7:30pm on Wednesday 12 December. You can find out more about the services on offer there or on line at where you can sign up for TrueSpeed today, regardless of how long you are in contract for with your existing broadband provider. Your deferred

sign-up will count towards our community 30% requirement. No money will change hands until the broadband is live in your property, and if you sign the order form and they cannot deliver the service within six months then your contact is null and void.

SHIPHAM, ROWBERROW & STAR W.I Lyn Wood writes: In December we do not have a meeting but will be looking forward to Christmas Dinner at Mendip Springs Golf Club and later in December we will finish off our year with a Christmas Party. Next year we will meet on 8 January in the George Thiery Room at 7:30pm. Ron Barron will be demonstrating 'Haggis Basking'. On 12 February, Micheal Malaghan, who is an author, will give a talk on 'It Shouldn't Happen To A Writer'. Trudy Henderson will advise us on 'Guarding Against Scams' on 12 March. We have a full programme throughout the rest of the year. We are a friendly group so please come along and join us. For more details please contact Lyn Wood on 01934 843620.

SHIPHAM ACTIVE LIVING As always you will receive a warm welcome at our drop-in centre that opens at 10:30am. Enjoy a cup of Fairtrade tea/coffee with biscuits. The activity usually starts at 11am and there is no charge. A freshly cooked lunch is served at 12 noon to those who have pre-booked. Our Fridays programme for December is: 1 December: Our Local Village Agent, Kirsten Rushby will be with us to talk to us about how she can help us with bills, problems with housing, heating and anything else you may be having worries about. Lunch: Lasagne with salad & garlic bread Dessert: Fresh fruit salad 15 December: A very special day today as we welcome back Tim Lewis and Sheila with 'The Greatest Story Ever Told' set to music in their usual delightful way. Lunch: Three-course Christmas lunch and we welcome the years 3-4 from Shipham CoE School to sing their Nativity songs. We will return on 12 January for games and chit chat! We can be contacted as follows: Gloria (lunch booking) 842360, Ray 843562 or Liz 843038. Merry Christmas to all!


Catch this: December 2017/January 2018


Not to be missed! A Date for your Diaries Christmas Concert

Andrew Newton has been invited by the MRC to teach in the Gambia in January 2018. He has arranged to stay on for a couple of days in the country to teach and train students and staff at a local NGO charity school. Please see the link:

Performed by

The West Gallery Singers On Friday 8 December at 7:30pm in Shipham Church (doors open 7pm)

Andrew will be doing first aid and life support training for staff and health promotion teaching for the Junior Grades (ages 5-10 years) on the Friday and the Saturday when he is running a health camp.

An imaginative programme of Christmas music and readings from yesteryear Tickets ÂŁ5 each from Jill Smith (842291), Pam Williams (843772) and The Cider Shed, Broadway. Includes a first drink of mulled wine (or mulled fruit juice) with mince pie.

Andrew needs your help What is desperately needed by the school is:

Come and enjoy their only Christmas concert this year!

School notebooks * Pencils or Biros Coloured Crayons 2nd-hand Children's T-Shirts and shorts in sizes from age 4-10 Years Simple sports kit like small sized footballs/tennis balls for catch games etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated Andrew would be happy to pick up any donations locally in the Shipham area or you can drop them off at Albia, North Down Lane, Shipham, BS25 1SL Please email him for further information, or if you have any donations you would like collected: 17

Catch this: December 2017/January 2018


AXBRIDGE ROYAL BRITISH LEGION The November meeting was the AGM when Mervin Scane was re-elected Chairman and Brian Winder Secretary. Amongst other business the arrangements were finalised for the Christmas Lunch on 5 December and plans for an exciting programme of events for 2018 were revealed. As there is no meeting in January the first meeting for 2018 will be Tuesday 6 February at the usual time of 11am in The Lamb, Axbridge. The speaker will be Elizabeth Rhodes and her talk entitled Keep the Home Fires Burning. Visitors are always welcome so if this is something that interests you please just turn up. However if you are interested in finding out more about the Legion's activities before you visit please contact the Secretary Brian Winder (01278 785696 ) or Chairman Mervin Scane (01934 743332) they will be happy to talk to you.


Malcolm Owen writes: In October, an audience approaching 150 in St John’s Church enjoyed an amazing evening of Russian choral music by The Voskresenije Choir from St Petersburg. This group of nine conservatoire trained professional singers, on a two month tour of the UK, performed a varied programme of Russian sacred music and folk songs. Tim Hawkings set the scene by saying that in the Russian Orthodox tradition, churches resonated with the sound of bells and human voices. The choir certainly demonstrated the flexibility and range of the human voice without accompaniment, filling the church with incredible sound, from highest soprano to lowest basso-profundo. The choir’s name ‘Voskresenije’, means ‘Resurrection’, and the audience was privileged to have this opportunity to hear such uplifting music. Proceeds from the concert, organized by the Friends Of Axbridge Church, will go towards maintaining and enhancing the lovely church building at the centre of Axbridge.

This wonderful service of carols will take place on Sunday 10 December at 4:30pm and BOOST YOUR HEALTH WITH AGE UK will be led by Revd. Roly Sims. It will be followed by tea in the schoolroom to which Age UK Somerset is pleased to extend a everyone is invited. warm welcome to new members for their EXTEND Movement to Music class held at Winscombe Community Centre, promoting BENEFICE CHRISTMAS CARD your well-being with this health boosting Following our usual custom, we will be activity to help you age well. You don’t have producing a Benefice card with the names of all to worry about keeping up, the moves are who want to take part in it to greet one easy, the class caters for any ability and the another at Christmas. If you would like to join emphasis is very much on feeling happy. in with this, please put your name on an The sessions which are part of the envelope with a donation for Church Housing Charity’s Ageing Well service, which is run by Trust, and give it to one of the churchwardens a fully trained but friendly instructor, and by Sunday 10 December at the latest. Cards promises to be great for improving mobility will be ready to hand out the following Sunday. and posture and general well-being. Church Housing Trust works to resettle Not only will you look forward to coming and rehabilitate homeless people of all ages each week, you might enjoy meeting new and backgrounds. People who have people too. Nikki Smith, Scheme Coordinator experienced homelessness need more than says, “it helps you to feel more relaxed, it just a roof. They need help to overcome the gently stretches your muscles and strengthens difficulties they face, and opportunities to your joints, whilst improving your balance’. develop their confidence and skills. Last year it ‘These classes can help you develop more helped 5,000 people. strength, flexibility, energy and better health Sadly the need for its work is not going in general”. away. A recent survey by Shelter reports an We are extending a warm welcome to increase in the total number of homeless participants to join us on Tuesdays at 2:30pm. people in the UK to 307,000. That means that Sessions cost £4 on a “come on the day” basis. there are more people sleeping rough or in If you want to know more please contact temporary accommodation than the population Nikki Smith 07530 777895 or email of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. 18

Catch this: December 2017/January 2018


Catch this: December 2017/January 2018

WRINGTON VALE ROTARY Bob Shaw writes: With Christmas quickly approaching, the Club is trying hard to attract as many Senior Citizens as possible to accept an invitation to attend our annual Christmas Party on the afternoon of Sunday 17 December. In particular we would like to invite those living on their own and who would not normally have the opportunity to attend such a function. All the guests will be driven by car to the party and returned back to their homes at the end, safe and sound. For anyone who would like an invitation will they please phone either Bob Shaw on 842551 or David Welham on 852361. Alternatively, if you know of anyone who you think would like an invitation but reluctant to make contact, and then please advise us who the person is and we will make the contact. The club continues to attract excellent speakers covering a wide range of subjects. Details of our future speakers can be found on our web page: Please make contact with us if you wish to know more about our club, who we are, what we do or, perhaps, what are our objectives then we would welcome your call.

REFUGEES BY BRIAN BILSTON [Read it twice - from top to bottom and then from bottom to top] They have no need of our help So do not tell me These haggard faces could belong to you or me Should life have dealt a different hand We need to see them for who they really are Chancers and scroungers Layabouts and loungers With bombs up their sleeves Cut-throats and thieves They are not Welcome here We should make them Go back to where they came from They cannot Share our food Share our homes Share our countries Instead let us Build a wall to keep them out It is not okay to say These are people just like us A place should only belong to those who are born there Do not be so stupid to think that The world can be looked at another way 20

Catch this: December 2017/January 2018


Catch this: December 2017/January 2018

RNLI FOLK CONCERT Paul Ashmore writes: It's that time again; following Twelfth Night and to bid farewell to the Christmas season for another year, Winscombe Folk are delighted to announce that we have secured the two brilliant artists Kathryn Roberts and Sean Lakeman for your entertainment and enjoyment. Kathryn & Sean were the winners of the BBC Radio2 Folk Award for the best duo in 2013 and again in 2016. These are two of the British folk scenes most accomplished performers who have graced stages the world over in a number of guises; the intimacy and strength of passion shown as a duo, combined with an eclectic repertoire ensures a rare treat for any listener and we are proud to bring them to St James' Hall for an evening on 6 January 2018. With a story that includes over 20 years of music making with the likes of Seth Lakeman, Cara Dillon, Levellers, Kate Rusby and "Show of Hands", Kathryn Roberts and Sean Lakeman have established themselves as pillars of modern British folk. Their new Album "'Tomorrow Will Follow Today" is out on "IScream Music UK". More information may be found about this splendid folk duo on their website: Tickets are now on sale for £13, with all proceeds to go to the Winscombe & District Branch of the RNLI and tickets may be obtained from James Barattini at or telephone 07703 538861 on a first come, first served basis. Unsold tickets may be available on the door. The doors of St James' Hall will be flung open at 7:30pm and there will be a cash bar selling wines, beers, ciders and soft drinks throughout the evening to wet the whistle for potential sing-alongs. So come along and enjoy a real treat of an evening.

2017 2 Dec 8 Dec

8 Dec 9 Dec

11 Dec 13 Dec 16 Dec 17 Dec

Methodist Coffee Morning Axbridge Town Hall (see p15) Shipham Save The Children Christmas Lunch, Shipham Village Hall, 12:15pm “Called to be a Saint Choir” Concert, Shipham Church, 7pm Somerset Singers Christmas “Elijah” Concert, St Mary’s Church, Wedmore at 7:30pm Deanery MU Advent Service MU Coffee Morning Coffee Morning at Kate & Mike Taylor’s (see page 20) Homekeys, Shipham Village Hall

2018 6 Jan

Winscombe Folk RNLI Concert, St James’ Hall, 8pm (see right) 27 Jan RNLI “Super” Quiz, Shipham Village Hall, 7pm 2/3 Feb Shipham Players “Seeking Sleeping Beauty”, Shipham Village Hall, 7:30pm on Fri/Sat with a 2:30pm Sat matinee 17 Feb Backyard at Shipham Hall 24 Mar Men’s Big Breakfast, venue tbc Starting at 8:30am 24 Mar Earth Hour Concert, Axbridge Church at 7:30pm 14 Apr Winscombe Folk RNLI Concert, St James’ Hall, 8pm 2-5 May ACT present Our Country’s Good at Axbridge Town Hall 11-13 May Music & Flower Festival at the Church of St. Peter, Staple Fitzpaine Further information is also available from: If you have any events that are not included above and you would like them to be considered please email the Editor: 22

Catch this: December 2017/January 2018

A Christmas Winter Warmer

17 December Live music with The Homekeys and special guests. Come and see the Homekeys in the George Thiery Room for an intimate evening of classic tunes, imaginative covers and Christmas glow. Well loved songs combine with soulful guitar interplay and the warm rhythmic tones of the double bass. With mulled wine on the bar and mince pies for all, this evening promises to satisfy all musical tastes and warm you for the winter. Featuring Andy Christie: Guitar / Jo Crozier-Cole: Vocals Jerry Crozier-Cole: Guitar / Al Swainger: Double Bass

TICKETS: £12 Doors open 7pm Furrther information please contact Jo on 01934 842306/07816 953456 Tickets available from Jo and Hanford’s 23

Catch this: December 2017/January 2018

SHIPHAM & ROWBERROW REMEMBER in the Pacific that oversaw the surrender of Paul Ashmore writes: At 10am on Sunday 12 November, 105 Adults and 48 Young People assembled in Shipham Church to commemorate Remembrance Sunday and to remember the eight men from Shipham who died in the Great War and the five men who died in World War II. As the half-muffled bells ceased ringing one by one, the Service began with the Standard Parties from the Brownies, Guides, Cubs and Scouts presenting their Standards to John Angle at the altar. All four uniformed youth organisations were well represented within the 48 Young People present. Shipham Church was festooned with poppy decorations at the altar, in the peace candle, at the Book of Remembrance and all the windows; a special addition this year were placards on each of the pew ends containing a short poem coloured with poppy drawings by members of the Brownies. John Angle delivered the address in which he commented that war and fighting continue throughout the world today and Pam led the prayers and pointed out that 2016 was the first year since 1968 that no British Service Personnel had been killed on Operations; 2017 may yet prove to be the second year with no Operational Deaths. At 10:45am, the congregation filed across the road to the War Memorial in the Square for the Act of Remembrance and the final part of the Service where we were joined by around 20 more people. John read the names from the “Roll of the Fallen” and at 11am the British Legion Bugler played “The Last Post”, the main road traffic was halted, the Standards were lowered and silence embraced us all. After two minutes the Bugler sounded “Reveille” and wreaths were laid in front of the War Memorial. David Williams read the “Poem for the Fallen” and “The Kohima Epitaph”. Peter Garrett (now in his late 90s) laid the wreath on behalf of the British Legion; Peter was on a Royal Navy minesweeper off Omaha Beach on DDay and watched the US forces bravely get into the water and fight their way onto the beach. Later on VJ Day, Peter was on a cruiser

some of the Japanese forces. Iain Shaw laid a wreath on behalf of Shipham Parish Council followed by representatives from Wrington Vale Rotary, the Scouts, Guides, Cubs and Brownies. On a chilly November morning, some of the people of Shipham remembered the sacrifice of thirteen Shipham souls with gratitude. At 3:30pm the half-muffled bells of Rowberrow Church rang out to call the people of the village to their Remembrance Service. Thirty five people assembled at 4pm including the Standard Bearer from Winscombe Royal British Legion together with the Bugler and member Maurice Lee. The Service began around the War Memorial in the churchyard when the two names on the “Roll of the Fallen” were read out, one from each World War, Maurice read out “The Poem for the Fallen” and the Bugler again played “The Last Post” and two minutes silence was kept in the peaceful sanctuary that is Rowberrow Churchyard. After “Reveille” Maurice read “The Kohima Epitaph” and then laid a wreath on behalf of The Royal British Legion followed by Neil Bisdee who laid a wreath on behalf of Shipham Parish Council. Everyone filed back into church for the remainder of the The Service. The British Legion Standard was laid on the altar during the first hymn and remained there until the end. Tim led the Service and provided the Address and the Service ended with the singing of two verses of the National Anthem. After the Service, everyone stopped for a “cuppa” with sandwiches and cakes provided by the good people of Rowberrow. As darkness fell, Rowberrow people of today had remembered and honoured the sacrifice of two of its predecessors.

CAROLS AROUND THE CHRISTMAS TREE, SHIPHAM SQUARE This year, we will be holding Carols Around The Tree on Saturday 16 December. Carols commencing at 6:30pm with David Williams leading the singing and playing the keyboard. Refreshments will be available including mulled wine and soft drinks, and of course the odd mince pie or two! Do please come and join us and get into the festive spirit. NB Hollow Road will be closed off for the event, so if you are venturing out, please find an alternative route. The event is being organised by: Shipham Scout and Guiding groups


Catch this: December 2017/January 2018

VOLUNTEERS REQUIRED A ground-breaking research study at Musgrove Park Hospital aimed at helping people with type 1 diabetes safely exercise is appealing for volunteers in Somerset to test it. The study includes a new course which provides people with information so that they can exercise without upsetting their blood sugar levels. The Musgrove EXTOD Education (Exercise in Type One Diabetes) team needs to recruit 50 participants to trial the programme under their supervision. The study, led by Musgrove consultant Professor Rob Andrews, wants to find the best way of enabling those with type 1 diabetes to exercise safely, by helping them manage their glucose levels. Participants can be any age from 18-70, and should either be doing more than 30 minutes of exercise twice a week, or have signed up to a sporting event in the next six months. Professor Andrews, consultant in diabetes at Musgrove and a researcher at the University of Exeter, said: "This is the first programme of its type, and if successful, it could be taken up by the NHS and other health services around the world. "The study will also involve developing training for healthcare professionals so they can provide this new education programme to patients in their local area. So everyone, both patients and the wider NHS, will benefit from this." Volunteers will need to attend eight appointments over an eight month period. Travel expenses will be covered and the EXTOD team hope to begin the trial - the second phase of the study - at the end of February. Professor Andrews added: "The aim of this study is to develop and test the UK's first education programme to help people with type 1 diabetes manage their glucose levels when they exercise." According to figures from Public Health England, around 3,500 people in Somerset live with type 1 diabetes. Research has shown that less than 40 percent of people with type 1 diabetes participate in regular exercise due to the worry of experiencing hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar), or not knowing how to adjust insulin dose and diet in order to exercise. Those taking part will be selected at random to either receive the new education programme, or continue their usual care.

Anyone continuing their usual care will have the chance to try the new programme after completing the study. If you are interested in taking part, or want to find out more, contact Catherine Thompson - lead diabetes research nurse on 01823 344986, or email You can also follow the team on Twitter and keep up to date with their work @mphresearch.

RNLI REPORT Our October events went well and raised £2,450. Our December (our major "Bucket Collection" of the year) will be held at Tesco's Shepton Mallett throughout the whole of Christmas Eve. January events include the Folk Night on 6 January (see page 23) and the Super Quiz which will take place in Shipham Village Hall at 7pm on Saturday 27 January. We seek teams of up to six people at a cost of £7 per head (£42 per team) that will include Tina's Mega Ploughman's Supper; there will be the usual bar, raffles, auctions etc. Please contact Tina to enter a team on 01934842304 or e-mail: Local Lifesaving in October - Lifeboats were launched on rescue calls nine times; (Minehead - 4, Portishead - 3, Weston - 2). On Thursday 5th October both the Portishead and Barry Dock lifeboats were launched to assist a 61ft yacht that had lost power in the middle of the Bristol Channel off Portishead; the two lifeboats towed the yacht safely into harbour. Our forthcoming events and latest updates are always on our RNLI Notice Board at Brown's Corner in Winscombe Village or Contact: 01934842304 or e-mail:

SHIPHAM ROWBERROW & STAR FRIENDSHIP CIRCLE Ian Sutton writes: A reminder that the Circle Christmas lunch is at Beachlands Hotel in Weston-super-Mare on 7 December at 12:30. The minibus departs Shipham square 11:30am and Axbridge (the Pennings) at 11:45am. The January meeting at Shipham village hall is on Thursday 11 January at 2:30pm for crafts, tea and cakes and the usual raffle and fun. We would like to wish all our members and friends a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.


Catch this: December 2017/January 2018

SERVICES IN JANUARY Sunday 8am 10am 10am 4pm


Sunday 14 January 8am AXBRIDGE 10am SHIPHAM 10:30am ROWBERROW 6:30pm AXBRIDGE Sunday 21 January 8am ROWBERROW 10am AXBRIDGE 10am SHIPHAM Sunday 28 January 10am AXBRIDGE 10:00:00 SHIPHAM 4pm ROWBERROW

Epiphany Holy Communion Parish Communion K@CH Evensong

Second Sunday of Epiphany Holy Communion Parish Communion Matins Informal Eucharist - Taize style Third Sunday of Epiphany Holy Communion Parish Communion Together in Worship Fourth Sunday of Epiphany Parish Communion & Prayers for Healing Parish Communion & Prayers for Healing Evensong

Midweek Communion Services in January 10:30am 3 January Rowberrow 10am 10 January Shipham 10am 17 January Axbridge 11am 24 January 2017 Axbridge Court 10am 31 January Axbridge Evening Prayers of Compline 9pm 13 January Axbridge

For our services in December please see page 28


Catch this: December 2017/January 2018

SERVICES IN DECEMBER Sunday 8am 10am 10am 4pm


Sunday 10 December 8am AXBRIDGE 10am SHIPHAM 10:30am ROWBERROW 6:30pm ROWBERROW Sunday 17 December 8am ROWBERROW 10am AXBRIDGE 10am SHIPHAM 6:30pm AXBRIDGE

Advent Sunday Holy Communion Parish Communion K@CH Service for Advent Sunday

Second Sunday of Advent Holy Communion Parish Communion Matins Advent Eucharist Third Sunday of Advent Holy Communion Parish Communion Together in Worship Benefice Carol Service with Bristol Brass Consort

Sunday 24 December 4pm AXBRIDGE 4pm SHIPHAM 6pm ROWBERROW 11pm AXBRIDGE 11:30pm SHIPHAM

Christmas Eve Christingle Christingle Carols by Candlelight Carols followed at 11:30pm by Midnight Mass Midnight Communion

Monday 25 December 8:30am ROWBERROW 10am AXBRIDGE 10am SHIPHAM

Christmas Day BCP Holy Communion Family Communion Family Communion

Midweek Communion Services in December 10:30am 6 December Rowberrow 10am 13 December Shipham 10am 20 December Axbridge Evening Prayers of Compline 9pm 9 December Axbridge

For our services in January please see page 27


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