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February 2010

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Editor’s Note

How and why to dazzle your members

Every month we hear about lots of great things that you are doing for each other and our community.

To help spread the good word and gather support for you where possible we have set

Running Seminars can add a huge amount of value to the service you provide your members and their friends! Seminars not only transfer wads of information they help members to bond with each other, encourage referrals and in themselves, can be a great source of extra income.

up an on-line ‘Causes’ page. Over the next three editions we will include information on how Feel free to submit anything that is of a

to go about running a successful series of seminars in this, your

charitable nature and beneficial to our

best year yet.

industry or community. You may for example be trying to raise money for The Heart

This month we encourage you to start thinking of some topics you’d love to present on. Here’s a few ideas to get you started.

Foundation, get sponsorship to attend a conference or race or want to advertise a


monthly get together of trainers in your area.

basics of good eating habits: the importance of dietary recalls,

Whatever it is, fire it through and we will put

portion sizes, what to eat and how often etc.

it up for you. “WARMING UP FOR A GREAT WORKOUT” Go over warm up Hope you enjoy this month’s jam packed newsletter,

protocolofwhich is especially useful if members are going to be People mediocre ability sometimes achieve outstanding success because doing these without their personal trainer. they don't know when to quit. George Allen

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Broni and all the Crew at Catch Fitness

GET FASTER, FASTER” Show members how and why to use

1 their heart rate to achieve their goals. Do a practical session, and hand out summary notes.

WORKSHOPS GET FAMOUS OR GET RICH TRYING Julz Darroch – TV STAR Secrets to using the power of your personality for personal training success. In Christchurch March 18th 2010. For all the details just email



Spread the word and win! Simply refer someone else to this newsletter no later than




having them email us at

William Sukala for

Nearly all top fitness industry dynamos have expanded their

their own copy and you’ll go

repertoires to include writing articles, presenting, consulting, and

into the draw to win a ticket

professional collaborations. You want to do the same, but where

to your choice of either Julz

do you start? In this three-hour powerhouse seminar, 20 year

Darroch's up and coming

industry veteran William Sukala brings it to you straight with tried

seminar in March or William

and tested “mercenary” techniques for taking your business to the


next level. •

Diversify to build your personal training business.

William Sukala MSc is a

Increase your income streams.

Command more $$$ per session.

Establish your reputation as a

a proven track record as an

leader in the fitness industry.

established author,

Get on the mainstream radar by

international presenter, and

building a media profile.

consultant to major health and

“Mood-proof” yourself to

fitness industry leaders.

clinical exercise physiologist and diabetes researcher with

overcome adversity and create long-term staying power.

Auckland, Tauranga, New Plymouth, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin, and Nelson. For more information, cities, dates, times, and to register, please visit: 2


Sunday March 28th

Dunedin here we come!

A full day of CEC accredited workshops for Personal Trainers, Group Fitness Instructors and other Activity Providers.

A Functional Group Workout Drawing on real life situations, this session will allow you to experience ideas that make group training not only functional, but fun for your clients! With little to no equipment required, these exercises are designed to train large groups of people at multiple levels. A must-see session for group fitness instructors and personal trainers on a tight budget.

Erin Raines

Gymstick-Simply Effective Gymstick速 is a unique muscle conditioning tool that incorporates multiple fitness principles including muscle strength, muscle endurance, balance, joint stability, coordination, and postural awareness. Its versatility allows it to be used in a wide range of fitness genres no matter what level your clients are at. This session will cover the basics of Gymstick速 training, and take you through a range of individual, paired and client vs trainer activities. If you only try one new fitness tool this year, let Gymstick速 be it! Bounce Swiss balls have numerous uses, but let's face it; doesn't everyone just want to sit on it and bounce?! The Swiss ball is well known for it's multitude of uses, and cardiovascular training is one of its best kept secrets. These ideas are not only effective in raising heart rate, but also in training balance, agility, movement reaction times and the development of heightened proprioception.

PLUS A half day of workshops with our positively raved about, creative presenter Peter Evans.

Take an up-close look at creative group training ideas, CrossFit and the Kettle Bell

From $48 $199 $109 $60

Full Price REPs registered Student full time from a recognized REPs course

Join Pete for new moves for group fitness (circuit style) plus ways of creating powerful group dynamics for all levels of fitness in your class (including creating opportunities for clients to learn, be inspired and become super confident) plus learn all about CrossFit inclusive of a practical workout to suit all levels of fitness. Peter Evans To register please click here

Early Bird

or email

20% off

These workshops are bought to you with the generous support of the

Skills Active Small Business Enterprise Fund.

registrations received before March 10th 2010.

All prices3include GST


Nutrition Made Easy When it comes to having people follow your nutrition advice, do you feel like you’re banging your head against a brick wall? If you do, take heart, the problem is not yours alone and there are answers!

Workshop Fee $90 BUT thanks to the support of the Active Canterbury Network if you are in Christchurch you can come for FREE Simply register by February 25th. register here If you live outside of Christchurch we can pay up to 60% of your travel expenses* and 100% of your workshop attendance costs!

If you would like to help others to follow your advice and fastrack them to success, then this is the workshop for you. Join us as we run though lots of tools and toys all designed to help good information sink in. Presenters include Kris Tynan (from Lighten Up ) international presenter and specialist in the area of Communication and Weight Loss and Cher Hunter from Somebody Weigh Better (South Island Winner 2009, Fitness Life, Contribution

*Thanks to Skills Active, the training organisation for the Fitness, Sport and Recreation Sectors we might just be able to help you out. Drop us a line at or register here

to the Community Award). The workshop will be held over 2 evenings, from 7pm – 9pm on Monday 1st and Tuesday 2nd March. Register here.

Hot courses run by Mike Catton and Steve Gurney. Keys to Success


20-21 Feb


Keys to Success


6 – 7 Mar

Steve + Elena

Keys to Success


20-21 Mar

Amanda + Steve

Keys to Success


27-28 Mar

Mike + Steve

Keys to Success


15-16 May


View heaps of testimonials at



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CHRISTCHURCH: Taught by one of the dancers from "Ayla's Angels" Christchurch's Premier Burlesque Troupe and will introduce participants to the art of burlesque, specifically chair burlesque. There will be no nudity involved as the only articles of clothing taken off will be hat and gloves (please bring these along with a good pair of high heels that you can comfortably move around in). Wear whatever you like as long as you can move freely in it, skirts and dresses are probably not a good idea unless you have a pair of shorts underneath. You will be taught an actual chair burlesque routine to music and the emphasis is on having fun! The class will be held in the Circo Arts studio at CPIT.

March 12th 6pm 1.5hrs, $25. To book in please email

Chair exercises could soon look a whole lot different!

Motivational Interviewing Presented by Dr Joel Porter (BA, MA, PsyD)


Motivational Interviewing (MI) is an evidence-based counselling


method used to help people increase their motivation for change.


9.00am – 4.30pm, Wed 5th May, 2010 QEII Stadium, Christchurch $125

This workshop is aimed at health professionals who have a role in

Morning tea and lunch will be provided

helping people adopt wellness behaviours. While the workshop is

To book please phone Trudy (03) 373 5056 or 0800 ACTIVE (22 84 83) or email

arranged for Green Prescription staff whose focus is on changing clients’ physical activity levels, the techniques presented apply to other areas of health.


Friday 19 Feb


Sat 20 Feb 20

Christchurch: Sun 21 Feb

What you can expect

Why you won't attend Business Bootcamp • •

A six week business program

To identify roadblocks and to have a plan to

overcome them

You feel guilty taking a day away from your business You’re telling yourself you can’t take a day away from the business You can’t afford to attend these kind of events and are on a financial treadmill You are expecting a different result but continue to do the same things

The latest and greatest in business philosophy specific to health and fitness

A follow up process that allows you to work at your own speed on your 2010 goals

5 Email:

LAST PAGE OF WORKSHOPS INFLAMMATION AND TRAINING RECOVERY PRESENTATION + FREE COMPRESSION WEAR Who should attend? High Performance Managers / Analysts, Coaches, PTs, Elite athletes and Fitness enthusiasts WHY ATTEND? Body IQ Ltd and Excelgene (Australia) invites you to an Excelgene presentation to see the latest training technology used in professional sports to assist athletes to understand their unique response to inflammation and lactic acid transportation. The opportunity to be tested with 21st century molecular biological analysis to assess your DNA profile with • Inflammation response to injury and intensive training • Tissue and cellular repair • Lactic acid transportation • Understand what intervention strategies may be better suited to you. When? Tuesday 23rd of February, 2010 7.30pm-8.15pm. Where? Health and Sports - 2 Morningside Drive, Kingsland - Auckland. PRIZE DRAW FREE SKINS COMPRESSION WEAR FOR CUSTOMERS ORDERING ON THE NIGHT. Contact Richard Harris at Body IQ Ltd on 021-852-772 or e-mail to REGISTER. Limited spaces. RSVP 17th Feb.

Oz Tai Chi Accredited by REPs 37.5 CECs. Auckland 15-16 May The beauty about Oz Tai Chi: ü Designed to fit in the gym/studio environment ü Mix and match programs together to keep clients interested ü Easy and fun ü Suitable for everyone - young and old. ü Proven to assist people with arthritis, diabetes, risk of falls and high blood pressure ü No experience needed ü No equipment needed Please go to for more information

WHY TEST? The GeneElite recovery test is only required once and has lifetime relevance to your training. A great investment at a realistic price for your training. “The GeneElite™ analysis is ideal for every athlete, fitness enthusiast, or just anyone who wants to understand more about what their body will respond to, and how they can enhance their health by adjusting their lifestyle to accommodate their genetic makeup” Rob de Castella.

Commercial Cybex Grade Treadmill (CX-445T) Only $6200 (plus gst) Thousands of $$$ below cost price* *One only* fully commercial grade treadmill only used for 3 months!! Standard purchase price was around $10,000 plus gst. Fitness business was sold shortly after the purchase of the treadmill and is now available for sale at a fantastic price. This treadmill has only been used for 3 months and will provide a personal training studio or club with years of excellent use at a fraction of the new cost to buy. Why buy a lower grade commercial or home grade treadmill when you can have a fully commercial grade treadmill at a fantastic price. Further specifications and photos available at : Treadmill is located in Christchurch for collection. For further information please call 021 220 50206or email




Attract more clients, offer existing clients the chance to share in over $5000 worth of prizes and receive free weekly support material for your Personal Training business.

Great trainers can’t be wrong. Six Fitness Life Award Winning Personal Trainers and Finalists have entered their clients into this competition.

OMG! there’s

NO COST for you to join in.

I NEED A JOB Check out and for a listing of jobs nationwide.

Ever seen a

Check out these very cool group Gravity fitness classes

dog use a Treadmill?

Could be the best thing since sliced bread for owners who want to go at a different pace to their dog, have an injury or who don’t want to venture outside this winter. Check out the video

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