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December 2009

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Editor’s Note Personal Trainers are experts when it comes to helping people achieve their health and fitness goals, often going well beyond the call of duty to see others succeed. It was great therefore to see Personal Trainers acknowledged at the recent Awards night for the 20 Week Body & Lifestyle Competition. Dwayne Thomas took out the title of Best Personal Above: Cher Hunter and her clients. Karen (left) who won an afternoon nd of pampering before the big night, Sharon (2 from right) won the Diamond Mine Jewellery Best Overall Female Entrant and Ellie (right) won the Best Team category with her husband Andy.

Trainer (seen above with his clients) and where some 38 Personal Trainers nationwide (including six Fitness Life Award Winners/Finalists) were also congratulated. Held in Christchurch, the night was attended by over 100 entrants, trainers and sponsors. Champagne flowed as did many moving stories about the successful journeys of clients, who were rewarded with over $5000 of prizes. It was a joy to be there and I look forward to being part of the next ones in 2010.Have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

Above: Robyn Perkins, (right) Personal Trainer with her client Rebecca Moss, (middle) Winner of the Somebody Weigh Better, New Mum’s category and Rebecca’s mum (left). To view more photos of the Awards night visit

Broni Broni McSweeney

WHO’S WHO Meet Steve Gurney.


Some may know him as the champion athlete and nine time

Coast to Coast winner. Others may recall him as that guy who made a death-defying comeback after Leptospirosis disease from the bat-cave in Borneo. Some will remember in the nutty aerodynamic bike pod speeding across the Canterbury plains. And how could you forget the chest waxing on Dancing with the Stars? While others choked on their cornflakes as he stripped naked on live morning TV. More recently you may know him for racing across the Sahara desert with the aim to raise $100,000 for the She-rescue home. Regardless, everyone knows that Steve Gurney always achieves his goals, he has fun doing so and he is dedicated to helping others do the same. This month Steve talks about some of the tools that have enabled him to be so successful.

“I used NLP techniques to race winning effect through out my racing career. I am so convinced at their efficacy that I decided to train to be a trainer in this area. What is NLP? NLP is most often the study of how people do things well, really well. Then we can copy or modify this strategy. We like to model excellence so that we can transfer that excellence to other areas in someone’s life, or to help others do similar things well. Here are a couple of examples of the infinite possible applications. You and I will be able to recall those events, or training sessions where we were totally -in the groove-, or on fire-. Remember how you got that tingle down your spine, goose bumps, that irrepressible grin on your face, and you were saying fantastic things to your self, possibly even proudly yelling out loud? At times like that we are in a very powerful state and capable of performing at our best. With NLP we can train ourselves to access that state at any time, at will. Another way that NLP is commonly used is to undo behaviours that we don’t want, like allergies or fear. An example that I use with many sports clients is curing a fear of being trapped under water. This is very common when learning kayaking. I have seen many of my kayaking students transform miraculously, freed from crippling fear to become skilled kayakers and excited at the thought of white water! Personally, I used NLP to help me access my best resourceful state possible for racing and for effective training. I also used NLP to cure my depression when I had leptospirosis. I have also recently cured an allergy I had to peanuts in just 10 minutes! I had a lot of fun recently running training courses on Motivation, Attitude, Goal setting and Life Purpose and also a Keys to Success weekend. All NLP based, mixed with some real-life anecdotes and practical lessons.”

KEYS TO SUCCESS 30th and 31st January, 2010 This is the same course that Steve Gurney attended and raves about. Perfect for your clients.

TRANSFORMING COMMUNICATION 20th to 23rd February, 2010. Great for personal trainers, group fitness instructors, coaches, parents, leaders, managers and anyone who has to communicate with people and influence them. All those booking on the course prior to 10th January, 2010 receive a one hour one-on-one coaching session with NLP guru Mike Catton for free. (Valued at $195+GST)

Steve is available for NLP one to one coaching, simply Email: or phone 021 487639. To see the courses he has coming up see Steve’s book “Lucky Legs” is available in good book stores and via his website 2

Courses nationwide



Want to come to Christchurch to do some workshops? Choose between nutrition workshops, an exercise techniques workshop or a motivational tools workshop then let us pay up to 60% of your travel expenses* and 100% of your workshop attendance costs! Thanks to Skills Active, the training organisation for the Fitness, Sport and Recreation Sectors, we are able to help four fitness professionals not based in Christchurch overcome the financial barriers of upskilling in these tough times. Check out the workshops at, pick one you’d like to attend and drop us a line at *(up to a maximum of $175)

Dreams do come true OPPORTUNITIES For Group Fitness Instructors and Personal Trainers Thanks to the Skills Active Small Business Enterprise Fund Catch Fitness are able to bring top presenters to one South Island town for a full day of discounted, CEC accredited workshops on Sunday 28th March 2010!

From all accounts the GetNZActive conference rocked this year.

Your presenters will include Group Fitness Instructor and Fitness Life Award winner Erin Brown, as well as fitness writer and acclaimed Personal Trainer, Peter Evans.

If you live in the South Island but outside of Christchurch and are keen to make the most of this opportunity simply register your interest with us by 30th January, 2010. Register your interest at

We’ll go to the town with the biggest response. Winner announced 1st February, 2010.

We’re traveling to you!

With world class presenters, 100s of personal trainers and group fitness instructors and on site accommodation it was destined to not only be super informative but super fun. This is definitely an event to put into your calendar for next year. For dates and more information about other upcoming events check out 3


Hilary Blackstock, recent winner of the Fitness Life Awards North Island Personal Trainer is soon to have a baby. To make room for her new career, Hilary has decided to put her winning New Plymouth business, Body Evolution, up for sale. If you’d like to know more about this fabulous opportunity you can contact Hilary on Mobile: 021 480 180, email: or visit her website

Enter four male clients into the nationwide “All Blokes Team Challenge” and they’ll be in to win a share of over $5000 worth of prizes. Starts 8th February, 2010.

For more information visit and or email

FOR YOUR MEMBERS Resembling a small motorized surfboard the platform has a 3 speed unique tri-axis motion system, replicating the action of a real surfboard. Working with your own balance instincts, the machine tones and conditions all your core muscle groups, also improving posture, balance, coordination and flexibility - while increasing calorie burn. The balance board is pre-programmed to offer you an effective routine to condition your core muscle groups. For more information email

Desra Barron (seen here in the Coast to Coast) has been in the fitness industry for 10 years. Her business is now looking for a self motivated trainer who is looking to work out of her recently built, Body Studio. Located in Spreydon, Christchurch, you would have sole use of the premises with up to two clients at any one time, i.e. no two trainers work in the studio at the same time. We offer a range of rental options making it a great opportunity for those who wish to train on a part-time basis and who wish to build their own brand. Currently there is only one trainer working from the studio. If need be, some support can also be given to help you grow your business here. All applicants must be REPs registered.

4 For more information please contact either by email at or Mobile: 021 708 642.


For those of you who take Senior Classes we now have a newsletter just for you and your attendees. Better yet, it’s in an easy to use word format, that you can brand as your own, add to or alter and either email or handout each month.

A monthly newsletter for your seniors is:1)

a great way to provide them with information about how to stay fit and healthy and


one of the best ways to promote your classes.

Just $3 per month – gives you unlimited use of each month’s copy! Just email for more information

Attract more clients, offer existing clients the chance to share in over $5000 worth of prizes and receive weekly support material for your business.

Great trainers can’t be wrong and we’ve had six Fitness Life Award winning Personal Trainers and finalists enter their clients into this competition. Join the programme for FREE. Visit and for more information

GYM MEMBER SURVEY. YOUR MEMBERS COULD WIN AN IPOD NANO. Just have them complete the gym member’s survey at 5

December 2009 Catch Fitness Newsletter  
December 2009 Catch Fitness Newsletter  

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