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All the individual Requirements for this Project

(this is the minimum, you should aim to do more for higher grades) Task 1: Write in the title of the project: L6 MOCK EXAM PROJECT 2018 – SECRETS, CODES & CONVENTIONS Task 2: Initial written brainstorm - (you can brainstorm either 1, 2 or all three themes). Write in bullet points – NO DRAWN BRAINSTORMS Task 3: Upload 4 photographs by 4 different photographers that is inspirational to your starting ideas. Write the names of the artists underneath and a couple of sentences about why you find them interesting or inspirational. Task 4: Write about what type of ‘Secrets’ or ‘Codes’ or ‘Conventions’ you are intending to explore. Write an in-depth paragraph about the ideas you have in relation to the specific aspect of the theme that you are intending to explore and what personal connections you have to that idea. Find 3 – 4 non artists links (with at least 1 image from that link) that connect to your ideas. (Further explanation and help regarding this task is on the slides 10 & 11). Include a paragraph of response to what you have found out about through that link. Task 5: Take 1st set of initial photographs (photo-shoot 1) Task 6a: Write Pre Annotation paragraph/s then Task 6b: edit a minimum of photos from photo-shoot 1 Task 7: Write Post Annotation paragraph/s and Application Annotation paragraph/s (Help with annotations is on slide 12 &13) Task 8: Write Artist Analysis 1 (linked to the experimental photographs that you are working on next) Task 9a: Write Pre Annotation paragraph/s then Task 9b: create a set of developmental / experimental images Task 10: Write Post Annotation paragraph/s


L6 photography mock exam 2018  
L6 photography mock exam 2018