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Project evaluation Questions Answer the following questions in this order * Do you think that your photographs in the prep work (shoots 1 & 2) are effective and of good quality? * Do you think that you really pushed your creative boundaries in your ideas and experiments for the prep work? * Are you happy with the final outcomes during the 5 hour exam? Do you think that you took enough creative risks or did you play it a bit safe? Please give reasons to back up your answer. READ EVERYTHING BEFORE YOU START WRITING This has been written from a point of view of a student who did a project on how people portray different emotions through their faces and bodies

Please note down every time that I have used the word ‘because’. Every time I’ve used the word ‘because’ it’s means that I have to give a reason for my opinion after it - this is important. Also provide an honest and balanced opinion on what you have done. This is also important! Do you think that your photographs in the prep work are effective and of good quality? On the whole I’m quite pleased with the photographs for my project because the composition in most of them have been really carefully considered and I believe that they created a strong visual impact on the viewer. I’m a bit disappointed with the contrast in some of the profile portraiture photographs because I feel that they were too flat and did not highlight certain areas and features that I wanted the viewer to be drawn towards. However I was able to correct this slightly on Photoshop, although I didn’t really want to change them away that much from their original appearance. I was far happier with my later shots of hands because I feel that I managed to use the lighting correctly and achieve a strong contrast in my work. Also I decided to really experiment with my angles because I wanted to achieve a slightly distorted look which would break up the connections between the different body areas.


L6 photography mock exam 2018  
L6 photography mock exam 2018