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Urban Sky Farm

Manhattan, New York

Urban Sky Farm Manhattan, New York

Hydroponic Plants

Hyper-Local Food Supply + Public Garden Water Processing

Output Input

Nutrient Rich Sludge

Output + Input

City Systems

Biogas Production


Sewage + Waste Water

CH4 Potable Water

Local Organic Processing

Energy Grid


Livestock Energy + Heat

Building Systems





The Urban Sky Farm addresses the rising demand for local food sources by creating an urban farm in the increasingly dense Manhattan. Through the examination of the requirements for feeding 10,000 people, program associations were developed to optimize the system as a whole. The vertical and horizontal relationship between programs is important; however, day-lighting is quintessential. Furthermore, allowing the public accessible entrance to the interior public gardens as well as the ability to transport the harvest, were a key elements for the successful development of communitycentered food production. Through the dynamic integration of the necessities of these forces, the Sky Farm’s morphology was manifested in an optimal way with regards to its context and function.

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Urban Sky Farm  

Vertical Studio, 2010

Urban Sky Farm  

Vertical Studio, 2010