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String Theory

Leeds, UK

String Theory Leeds, United Kingdom Business Incubator Collaborative Design w. Olesia Kruglov

Original Site

Cat Callaghan

Retained + Enhanced Elements

String Theory is a multi-functional building that integrates business and recreation. The program is composed primarily of office and meeting space comprising a business incubator, while also containing a restaurant and a pub integrating both private economic and public social aspects into a single area. The project as a whole is designed to deal with the concept of connection. It creates a dialogue with the adjacent buildings as well as the regional and historical context. It nonetheless is an iconic and landmark building that is easily identified. The business and restaurant programs bridge the area between the two adjacent buildings while also creating a bridge between the city and the river. The systems included in the building are also highly integrated and connected, no one system working on its own. Additionally, these systems seek to reinforce the ideas of connection, in the vernacular, historicity, physicality, and visuality. The space, while monumental in its own respect, is also transparent and permeable. It is an extension of its surroundings, where the city enters the building and the building, in turn, is a fundamental part of the city.


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The Calls 1 A-500

Leeds, UK 53°47’41.18”N 1°32’18.94”W

Kruglov & Callaghan Floor 3 13.4 m Floor 3 12.3 m

Floor 2 8.9 m

Floor 2 6.3 m Floor 1 4.8 m

Ground Level

Ground Level 0m


Location Map

Drawing Status

Design Development Scale


Job No.

1 A-400

Issue Date

North Elevation Scale 1:100

Drawing Title

North Elevation

Drawing No.


String theory  

Design Development Studio, 2010

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