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ʻMind the  Gap’  Urban  Park   The  site:  Allen  Gardens,  Shoreditch       “This  project  aims  to  raise  students’  awareness  of   the   behavioural   patterns   of   people   in   spaces   and   the   opportunities   that   exist   for   designers   to   manipulate  that  behaviour.“  


ALLEN GARDENS The Allen   Gardens   are   situated   in  Brick  Lane:  an  area   that   has   in   recent   years   fallen   victim   of   urban   sprawl   and   heavy   arterial   traffic   which   led   to   a   certain   lack   of   structure   that   prejudices   the   community   in   terms   of   safety,  comfort  and  respect  for  the  borough.  By  saying  this,   I   believe   it  is  necessary   to   unite   the  community  and   all   the   elements   –   provide   tools   and   give   these   a   purpose   and   a   meaning  so   the   community   can   then   rewrite  the   history   of   Brick  Lane.   The   concept   evolves   around   the   idea   of   circles   for   the   reason   that   I   believe   Unity   is   deeply   connected   with   spiralling   movements.   Geometry   and   sequences   in   space.   In   addiction,   all   points   and   lines   that   constitute   a   circle   remind   me   of   different   cultures,   beliefs   and   interactions   that   can   be   connected   and   create   a   unifying   system   of   happiness,   comfort   and   welfare.   There   are   no   separate   territories:   the   main   idea   is   to   close   the   gap   between   cultures   and   provide   an   experience   –   you   are   part   of   a   social  event  where  everyone  can   generate   an  environment   of   creation   through   a   series   of   public   experiments,   screenings  of  films,  installations  and  performances.  Art  in   movement.  


Yellow:residential Pink:commercial  Blue:public  structures  Purple:transports  Brown:factory  






THE ENTRANCE The entrance/exit  represents  the  beginning  and  the   result   of   a   physical   and   sensorial   experience.   Its   shape   symbolizes   a   wave   of   emotions:   emotions   that   will   be   designed   and   discovered   along   the   journey  through  the  park  and  that  result  in  a  mix  of   thoughts   at   the   end   of   it.   Moreover,   these   sensations   will   hopefully   consolidate   new   links   with   the   natural,  cultural   and   artistic   panorama   of   Brick  Lane.        

The aim  of  the  panel  situated  in  the  middle   of   the   structure   is   to   welcome   and   praise   the   visitors   for   coming   to   Allen   G.   It   will   display   several   faces   from   people   around   the   world   who   will   indirectly   represent   a   union  of  cultures.      

Model done  with   cardboard  &  board.    


THE VIEWPOINT The viewpoint   is   a   combination   of   two   rings   that   represents   a   commitment   between   nature   and   society.   It   allows   a   360º   view   of   the  park  and  aims  to  be   a   space   of   interaction   and  reflection.    



CONGREGATION POINT In the  point  of  congregation,  the  visitor  doesn’t  move  directly   from  one  place  to  another.  As  you  walk  along  the  ramp,  you   can  go  in  two  directions:  up  or  down  but  in  the  end,  several   paths  end  up  in  the  same  place.  

The oculus   and   the   entry   are   the   only   sources   of   light   in   the   interior.   Throughout   the   day   the   light   inside   the   structure   moves   around  serving  the  great  purpose   of   cooling   and   ventilating   the   area.    



AUDITORIUM There is   no   beam   or   column   in   the   conventional   sense,   no   wall   nor   roof  –   “in  is   “out”.   The   pattern   is   open   ended   and   it   keeps  one  guessing.   Signature   trees   will   heighten   the   auditorium’s   special   character,   enclose   the   site,  provide   shade   to  visitors  and  help  with   the  acoustics  (essential  in  this  area).    



Like   a   vortex,   the   exhibition   centre   takes   the  maximum  exponent  of  creation,  which   is   art,   and   pulls   it   towards   the   centre   in   order   to   generate   a   momentum/   participatory   relationship   with   the   structure.   It   is   intended   to   be   an   area   where   knowledge   meets   creativity   and   everyone   is   invited   to   display   their   work/installations.  


THE NATURE HALL Inspired by   the   “Silence   Room”   in   Selfridges,   which   offers   a   place   for   the   visitor   to   rest   and   “retire   from   whirl   of   bargains”.   The   nature   hall   assumes   the   roll   of   presenting   a   minimalist   meditation  lounge  where   you  can  have  an  intimate   connection  with  Nature.    

DYNAMIC EXPERIMENTAL SPACE Projections of   birds   will   be   displayed   in   the   windows.   Trees   will   surround   the   structure   and   sound   will   be   related   with   nature:   everything   is   provided   so   the   visitor   can   establish   connections  with  scenery.  

Allen Gardens Park Project  
Allen Gardens Park Project