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I Want a Career in Applied, Fine, or Performing

Dedicated to to Len Len Rhodes Rhodes who who is is the the executive executive director director of of Pikes Pikes Peak Peak Young Young Composers, Composers, an an organizaorganizaDedicated tion tion dedicated dedicated to to the the education, education, performance, performance, advancement, advancement, and and preservation preservation of of music music composition. composition. Len Len has has also also instructed instructed hundreds hundreds of of youth youth and and adults adults in in multiple multiple instruments instruments and and voice voice -- many many who who have have highly highly succeeded succeeded as as professionals professionals within within the the arts. arts.

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Opportunity to work in areas one loves. Use of “Right” Brain in Employment. Have Ability to Create, Teach, and Expand Your Reach.

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Applied or Decorative Arts: Decoration of Functional Objects so as to make them aesthetically pleasing such as media art ( computers/graphics ), Interior Design - houses or the workplace, video/film/theater, photography,architecture, and culinary. Fine Arts: the study, mastery, and creation of higher non utilitarian arts such as painting, sculpture, poetry, and music. The performing arts are those forms of art which differ from the applied and fine arts insofar as the performing arts use the artist's own body, face, and presence as a medium. There is immense crossover between the arts.

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Absolutely - Options include Certificates in Individual Subjects ( ie Computer Graphics ), Associate, Bachelors, Masters, and PHD.

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-CertiďŹ cation -Validation -Fosters improvement -Course Assessment -Reputable Accreditors: WASC, NASAD





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Aptitude - Propensity to acquire a skill with ease Specific Area of Strong Interest - Painting, Music, Dance, Computer Graphics, Art Education, Fashion Design, Historical Preservation, Culinary, etc. Being on the "Cutting Edge" of Humanity and Culture

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Associate yourself with your area of interest - specifically if you love music, associate yourself and learn from the very best instructors in your middle and high school as well as private lessons. If you love art, pick an area which strongly appeals to you and obtain training in an area such as Interior Design, Sculpture, or photography. Applied Art extends into sports and furniture ( custom canoes/dressers ). Obviously a strong interest in woodworking and applying specific materials to create a finished project such as a canoe or hand made furniture requires great artistic skill, compassion, and work ethic.

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Review the Exact specific area which appeals to you as to what is required to Actually Practice and make a living. Specifically if one wants to be a professional musician or dancer, review the best schools and opportunities available which one can obtain appropriate training with the best professors. Auditions may be required. Conventional college art study requires aptitude, superb high school grades, and an art portfolio showing your expertise and potential. " Shadow " a Professional: If Fashion Design Strongly Appeals to you, one needs to get on line or preferably in person to follow a professional studying a fashion show, developing/materially creating new fashions, and reviewing store displays - the final products.

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Yes you can make a viable living as a studio artist. Versatile studio artists are employed in industry, advertising, schools, and Entertainment. As a student one has to work hard, develop their talent, complete a portfolio of their own individual work to actually prove to a prospective employer that they actually do have talent. One may develop a theme and work as a free lance artist also. Page 10

Water color, Mixed media, Oil pastel, Acrylic, Collage water media, Colored Pencil, Pen and Ink

Chagall:Â Bride Many famous artists have been well funded if superior talent and work ethic are revealed. Page 11

Yes, there are many opportunities, but these areas are very competitive.

Architecture: the design and construction utilizing materials, designs, stability, aesthetics, Page 12 and cost effective planning of structures such as homes/buildings/bridges, etc.

You Bet! Options include

Art Dealers, Antiques, Furniture, Jewelry, Metals (Blacksmith), Art Galleries, Art Investments, Art Librarian, Art Law, Art Representative, Art Critic (one who makes critical judgments and interpretations), Consultant, Curator (Keeper of Art or Archives), Art Collection Manager, Preservation and Conservation, Publishing, Art History Instructor, Art Administration, Marketing, and Fund Raising - Public Relations with Foundations, Schools, and Companies.

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A freelance artist usually practices and shows his art at sales, markets, sidewalks, shows, and galleries or online. Most freelancers have other jobs and are associated with poverty, but again Van Gogh was a starving artist at one time. Many successful commercial artists also freelance. Freelancers are absolute lovers of Art.

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Yes ! One can obtain an accredited degree to assist patients naturally in need of mental reparation or healing. All the art forms are used; and by creating and practicing art, one's emotional issues subside. An art therapist may be much better than a bottle of pills or a surgical procedure.

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Visual Art Calligraphy: The study and implementation of designs, inscriptions, lettering, and graphics for aesthetic effect. Uses include weddings, certificates, maps, film, documents, artistic text, etc. Join us for the Reception immediately following the ceremony Magic Garden 4008 First Avenue

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Cartooning with Animation: - series of 20 still pictures seen in one second - filmed drawings and photographs Page 16

Structural, including bricks, pipes, floor and roof tiles. Refractories, such as kiln linings, gas fire radiants, steel and glass making crucibles. Whitewares, including tableware, wall tiles, pottery products, and sanitary ware. Technical, which is also known as Engineering, Advanced, Special, and in Japan, Fine Ceramics. Such items include tiles used in the Space Shuttle program, gas burner nozzles, ballistic protection, nuclear fuel uranium oxide pellets, bio-medical implants, jet engine turbine blades, and missile nose cones. Page 17

c. t e , g in h c it t s , g in k r o w Wood , g in w e S , s le d n a C , g in Quilt

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Transportation/Industrial Design ( Cars in Detroit ) Landscape Design ( Biltmore Hotel ) Furniture Apparel and Footwear Stained glass ( churches )

Sculpture, marble design Medical illustration ( Dr. Netter ) Games - computer and conventional Jewels Interior Design ( house structural and aesthetic solutions ) Page 20

Still Photography is the study and application of capturing images that visualize an event. It allows through technology the ability to create a professional art form, be your own boss, and work in multiple areas including medicine, news, sports, portraits, commercial and industrial arenas, science, government, and the military. Is a Degree Necessary ? YES, if at all possible from an accredited school, because it allows one to interact with experts, creates job opportunities, and has a faster career ramp time. Photography Techniques Outdoor/Indoor Film Types Film Development Images Focus








Cleaning critique Digital/Conventional Black and White

Physics Motion Lens Field Lighting

Colors Physics


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Cinematography is the making of Acting is the work of an actor or Digital videography (DV) requires extensive lighting and camera choices when specialized education and training. actress, which is a person in recording photographic images for DV is the process of making a film, from theatre,television, film, or any other the cinema. an initial story idea or commission, through storytelling medium who tells the story It involves the use of lighting, lens scriptwriting, shooting, editing, directing by portraying a character and, usually choices, composition, exposure, and distribution to an audience. speaking or singing the written text or filtration, and film selection. play. The first cinema production was a sequence directed by Louis Le Prince, French inventor and showman, on October 14, 1888.

The very best film and acting schools bring opportunities, better training, and superb techniques with again, a faster career ramp time.

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Theater focuses almost exclusively on live performers creating a self contained drama. A performance qualifies as dramatic by creating a representational illusion. Theater has come to take on many forms utilizing speech, gesture, music, dance, and spectacle. It often combines the other performing arts, as well as the visual arts, into a single artistic form. There are multiple careers within theater from acting, lighting, music, to stage design. The performing arts of film and theater are very competitive, involve right brain functions of creativity, intuitive cognition and require a love to perform. Do seek to obtain a degree in theater from one of the very best performance schools. Subjects include acting, music/vocal, stage design/technical production, lighting, technology, stagecraft, directing, performance, dance, stage management, costume, opera, ballet, and auditions. Page 23

Magic is an innate entertainment desire to

deceive the crowd while performing.

Comedy classically is a happy ending play.

Modernly it is an art form with humorous discourse from satire to parody.

A circus is commonly a traveling company of performers that may include acrobats, clowns, trained animals, trapeze acts, musicians, hoopers, tightrope walkers, jugglers, unicyclists and other stunt-oriented artists. It requires intense athletic ability, superb work ethic, and a love to perform.

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Dance as a career option offers extensive teaching opportunities, performance for the gifted, and is a very unique art form celebrated in all cultures - for example " Dancing with the Stars "

Composition History Jazz

Anatomy Creativity

ern Dance t s a E d n a n r e West

Choreography Training


Ensemble e r e g e D e y Danc Technique Kinesiolog

Teaching Ballet


Yoga Aesthetics Style


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Music education: • Teaching • Learning • Pre-school through post secondary education • Integral part of culture Basic and Advanced Music Education leads to careers in Performance (instrument or voice), teaching, composition, Theory and Research, music analysis, and digital sound editing for productions (movies). Music education has been frequently associated with higher academic performance in many other disciplines, career enhancement, learning, and overall improved affect and mood as an adult. Page 26



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Pre college study includes:

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It is often said that "making a living" in the arts is difficult. Yes, this is true. However if the arts are a student's passion, the aptitude and right brain qualities are present, and an accredited education is attainable, then the Arts are for you. Life is short, to be enjoyed and what a way to enjoy life if one is able to make a living practicing his passion. It is as if one never went to work at all.

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