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Trulz&Robin (remixers of Wagon Cookin’ on the previous Ep released) just delivered exclusively for us a tipical reintepretation of their previous maxi released on their own label Snick Snack. Gay Boys first remix is firmed by Chloé. A very intense track that reminds the early acid house productions. A must to have!!! The two following Of Norway’s remixes, are two huge tech-house tracks to die for. Ready Guys? This is the sound of Norway!!! Don’t miss it!!

TRACKLIST A1 - Gay Boys (original) A2 - Gay Boys (Chloé’s Stretching remix) B1 - Gay Boys (Of Norway Android version) B2 - Gay Boys (Of Norway Paranoid version)


Laurent Garnier, Dj Morpheus, Francesco Farfa, Alexander Robotnick, Alex Attias, Ptoile, Simon Says, Mr.Statik, Pablo Bolivar, Alf Tumble, Rune Lindbæk, Annie Hall, Soliman, Patrick Bateman, Michelle Owen, James Blonde, Arno Gonzalez, David Delor, Álvaro Cabanna, Simon Harris, DCFDT, Monkey Brothers, Saccobros,…


Mastering: Luis Bautista ArtWork: Distribution: BELIEVE (

AVAILABLE IN DIGITAL July 26th, 2010 (ref. CCRMX002)

Trulz&Robin - Gay Boys (remixes)  

Infosheet CCRMX002, Catalytic records