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Where are you? What are you doing? Are you listening? Paying attention? Stay focused. Stop looking at your phone. Turn it off. Put it away. Be here. Now. In the present. Be with who you’re with. Talk with them. Live with them. Take some time. Think. Do you understand who you are? What you were called to do? Pause. Take it in. What is your community? Who is your community? What does local mean to you? Do you have a presence? If your church left the community what would happen? Would you have left a mark? Lead in the place you’re called to. Don’t worry about the past. The future will come later. It’s all about now. Here. Go all in. Be rooted. When you’re home, be home. Focus. Look at the big picture. Look at the small pictures. We need your undivided attention. April 18 - 20, 2012. Orange County. Be Present.

Why you should Be Present #1 Our local communities are in need of hope and the Catalyst community should lead right where we are.

Stop. We need your undivided attention. Distraction has become the new norm. We get caught up with what happened yesterday

We need more presence. With our Savior, our

and are preoccupied with what may happen tomorrow. Our attention is too often

families, our friends, our neighbors, our city,

focused on what is happening “out there.” In the same moment, we are talking on the

our teams, our circle of influence. We must

phone, replying to an email, updating our status and checking the latest headline. We

show up and be in the moment.

commit to be in too many places at once. And those right in our midst are hurting. Brokenness exists all around you. Right now.

conversation. Your presence matters. God

As leaders, we must be present. It’s our responsibility to embrace what God has put

desires to use you for something momentous

squarely in front of us, and take action where we are.


Being present requires time, space, and place. Eye to eye focus. Undivided attention.

Lead Well.

Messy moments of inconvenience. A willingness to lay down everything else to pay

Be Rooted.

attention to who is in front of you. Listening, caring, and loving. Putting down roots in

You are Responsible.

a specific place. Leading where you are.

Lead now. Influence big. Change the

Be Present. April 18-20, 2012. Orange County.

Why you should Be Present #2

Catalyst brings together denominations, generations,

When Catalyst leaders gather, a powerful convergence of passion, energy, and influence is released into culture.

and leaders with the common goal of being the Church— and not just talking Church.

We are change makers.

These restorers are serving God’s purpose for our generation.

Dallas Willard shares wisdom from a lifetime of inspiring others to pursue Christlikeness. Soledad O’Brien, CNN anchor and correspondent on the power of story.

Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter, shares on the power of innovation.

Catalyst West is a gathering of young west coast influencers who see things differently and feel a burden for our generation. We seek to learn, worship, and create together with a momentous energy passionately pursuing God. On April 18-20, 3500 leaders are converging for a revolution of ideas challenging the process and pursuing unconventional dreams. Even more than a cuttingJoseph “Rev Run” Simmons recounts his family’s personal experience of adoption.

edge event, Catalyst is an experience that leaves you enlightened, rejuvenated, and ready to embrace the life to which you have been entrusted and the journey

Scott Harrison, founder of charity: water, which has raised over $30 million for clean water projects.

to which you’ve been called. Expect a fully immersive learning, worship and creative experience, where timely inspiration can come from the thought leaders who grace our stage, or the person sitting in the seat right next to you. Catalyst West has been described many ways, but once you’ve experienced it, you’ll call it what we call it - pure leadership adrenaline.

Your Presence is Requested.

April 18-20, 2012 Orange County

John Perkins, Civil Rights Activist and advocate for reconciliation, receives the Catalyst Lifetime Achievement Award.


Why you should Be Present #3 Catalyst unveils the greatest thoughts, stories, instruction, and practical ideas all in one place

– providing a spark for change.

The Catalyst stage is renowned for some powerful moments. We start by hosting an eclectic mix of seasoned sages, leadership experts, and passionate young upstarts. We introduce social entrepreneurs who are shaping culture and creative minds whose fringe thinking and audacious ideas challenge us all to redefine the playing field.

Andy Stanley Lead Pastor, North Point Community Church

Marcus Buckingham

Brenda Salter McNeil

Best-selling Author, Now, Discover Your Strengths and StandOut

Professor of Reconciliation Studies, Seattle Pacific University and Author, A Credible Witness


Donald Miller

David Platt

Erwin McManus

Best-selling Author, Blue Like Jazz and A Million Miles in a Thousand Years

Pastor, The Church at Brook Hills and Best-selling Author, Radical

Activist, Filmmaker, Innovator, and Cultural Architect, Mosaic

Over the years, we’ve found that this learning community encourages leaders to return home impressed by God to do specific and amazing things. Some of the very best leadership insights are born at Catalyst … and we give the credit to these gifted communicators and the strong presence of the Spirit of God.

Be Present. April 18-20, 2012. Orange County.

Craig Groeschel

Nancy Duarte

Bob Goff

Charles Jenkins

Founding Pastor, and Bestselling Author, Christian Atheist

CEO and Principal, Duarte Design and Author, Slide:ology and Resonate

Founder, Restore International and Author, Love Does

Lead Pastor, Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church

Dave Gibbons

Jon Acuff

Lead Pastor, Newsong Church and Author, Xealots

Blogger and Best-selling Author, Stuff Christians Like and Quitter

Tony Hawk World Champion Skateboarder, Entrepreneur, and Founder, The Tony Hawk Foundation

Catalyst attracts the doers, influencers, cultural architects, activists, and agents of change in our churches and our world.

Why you should Be Present #4 When one voice worships One God, the veil between heaven and earth is lifted and His glory is revealed to His people.

His presence consumes us. Everything we do together to create Catalyst is really for an audience of One. Our collective voice sings, laughs, cries, screams, and praises all to glorify our God and risen King . We see it all as our act of worship, and we humbly lay it at the feet of Jesus. We are most alive, worshipping together. We were created for this.

Be Present. April 18-20, 2012. Orange County.

We are

Why you should Be Present #5 – 9 The Unexpected / Tripp and Tyler / Red Panda / A Mariachi Band / Venice Beach Street Performers

Pure Fun

We are passionate

about creating a unique experience. With so many serious things to process, your

brain needs frequent rest stops. Creativity and fun does something that primes our

minds for maximum absorption. If it makes your spirit smile, your heart light, and your jaw drop, we’ll try it. Maybe that’s why so many things from Catalyst actually stick. You gotta be present to truly get the full Catalyst experience!

Be Present. April 18-20, 2012. Orange County.

Watch more great Catalyst experience moments at

“Catalyst is the premier conference for anyone who is serious about leadership. ” —Michael Hyatt

“Catalyst is like a really big family reunion. I can guarantee you will walk away inspired to courageously pursue the vision God has given you.” —Jay Hardwick

“I love Catalyst ... It is an amazing opportunity for both the Kingdom and for the heart.” —Louie Giglio

“This place represents some of the greatest leaders in the country who are very passionate about Jesus. There’s something special that God has done throughout the history of Catalyst ... I think it’s just the beginning.”

“I believe Catalyst has always been at the tip of the spear in helping the church understand how to not be behind culture, but instead how to get in front of it.” —Dino Rizzo

—Craig Groeschel

“Catalyst is unlike many of the other conferences you’ve been to. I think a lot of us are getting conferenced out. But I always find fresh ideas when I come to Catalyst.” —Nancy Ortberg

“I love being challenged to new ways of thinking and learning from those who are different. I always leave with a new personal challenge for myself.” —David Kirkpatrick

Why you should Be Present #10

Catalyst Labs are smaller environments designed specifically to engage around issues pertinent to next generation leaders on a deeper level. These sessions

One day of earth-- shaking ideas inspiring ongoing conversations at coffee shops,

are popular because the learning format affords participants more interaction

dinner tables and hotel lobbies.

with the speaker and encourages great dialogue between sessions. In this

Add Catalyst Labs to your experience Wednesday, April 18th

conversational workshop environment, you’ll engage in dialogue with new, fresh voices in leadership and the Church.

Choose from 6 lab tracks or create a custom track. Lab tracks are simply recommendations for specific courses of interest. If you prefer, chart your own course by selecting sessions from multiple tracks.

Opening Session Jon Acuff Blogger and Best-selling Author, Stuff Christians Like and Quitter

Engage Young leaders have a passion for genuineness, but often our leadership culture doesn’t provide an environment to be vulnerable and human in our pursuit of God. Join in a dialogue with fellow travelers as they candidly share their journey of spiritual formation and spur us towards authentic transformation.

Lysa TerKeurst NY Times Best-selling Author and President, Proverbs 31 Ministries



As culture makers, we must use the biblical narrative as the lens in which we view our world as well as address the issues within it. Hear how we can live out the tension that exists at the intersection of the biblical and cultural story and use our influence to shape the culture, not just react to it.

Our world is being confronted with serious needs. A new breed of pioneers are rising up to face these challenges through creative and ground-breaking means. Hear these compelling stories of leaders active is advancing the common good.

Dave Gibbons Lead Pastor, Newsong Church and Author, Xealots

Claire Diaz-Ortiz Social Innovation, Twitter and Author, Twitter for Good

Esther Havens Humanitarian Documentary Photographer

Charles Lee CEO, Ideation and Author, Good Idea. Now What?




Organizations rise and fall on leadership. This practical forum will provide tactical tools for everyone desiring to elevate their effect on their circle of influence.

A historical approach to community engagement is challenging our current church practice. Dig deep into the heart of our mission and integrate it into your community.

Communicating your vision is essential. The story gives context for the action. Imagine in new ways with the best cultural storytellers we know.

Michael Hyatt Chairman, Thomas Nelson Publishing, Author, and Blogger

David Kinnaman President, Barna Group and Author, You Lost Me

Nancy Duarte CEO and Principal, Duarte Design and Author, Slide:ology and Resonate

Ryan Meeks Founder and Senior Pastor, EastLake Church, Seattle

Charles Jenkins Lead Pastor, Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church, Chicago

Chris Seay Pastor, Ecclesia Houston and Author, The Gospel According to Jesus

Rick McKinley Lead Pastor, Imago Dei Community and Author, A Kingdom Called Desire

Brenda Salter McNeil Professor of Reconciliation Studies, Seattle Pacific University and Author, A Credible Witness


Joshua DuBois Director, White House Office of Faithbased and Neighborhood Partnerships

Bob Goff Founder, Restore International and Author, Love Does

Lori Wilhite Founder, Leading and Loving It, Central Christian Church, Las Vegas

Panel Jeremy Cowart Award-winning Photographer and Founder, Help Portrait

Brandi Wilson Co-leader, Leading and Loving It, Cross Point Church, Nashville

Bianca Juarez Olthoff Bible Teacher, Speaker and Chief Communications Officer, A21 Campaign

Panel Amena Brown Poet, Speaker, and Journalist

Carlos Whittaker Artist, Experience Architect, and Blogger, Ragamuffin Soul

Register now for Catalyst Labs

ONLY $99 when you register by February 16, 2012.

Closing Session

Cole NeSmith Creator, Uncover the Color and Pastor, Status Church, Orlando

Be Present. April 18-20, 2012. Orange County.

After an engaging day of intense stories and practical teaching, relax and join other leaders for a refreshing evening of enlightening content, conversation, and worship in an unplugged environment.

Britt Merrick Lead Pastor, Reality Carpenteria and Author, Big God and Godspeed

Amanda Phelps, founder of RESURFACE, auctions her artwork to raise funds for clean water through charity: water.

Why you should Be Present #11 With shared influence committing to reflect the Kingdom, the Catalyst community is combating injustice and impacting lives around the world.

Catalyst humbly stewards the responsibility of introducing and connecting every leader with the projects that touch the lives of people in need. Over the years, the Catalyst community has launched documentaries, brought clean water to millions, helped lift children out of poverty, promoted an adoption movement, confronted sex trafficking, and funded hundreds of businesses for entrepreneurial women. Don’t miss an opportunity to connect with the most inspiring stories of people courageously fighting to end suffering everywhere. Our Partners in Doing Good. International Justice Mission

Rwanda Clean Water

charity: water

TOMS Shoes

Veritas Fashion

Not For Sale

Art House Dallas

To Write Love On Her Arms

Bethany Christian Services

Trade As One

The A21 Campaign

Word Made Flesh


Advent Conspiracy

Compassion International

People of the Second Chance


Gift Card Giver

Convoy Of Hope

Orange County Rescue Mission

One Day’s Wages


Nuru International

Invisible Children


Krochet Kids

HOPE International

Samaritan’s Purse

Mission Year

31 Bits

A Home In Haiti

LiNK Global


First Response Team of America

410 Bridge

Tronie Foundation

Red Eye, Inc.

POTSC uses their Caddy to help raise awareness for the epidemic of mobile homelessness. Socks, towels and canned items collected at Catalyst to serve Orange County.

Freedom necklaces were distributed to all attendees in partnership with The A21 Campaign, reminding us of millions still in slavery.

Gift Card Giver puts unused gift cards to work helping those in need. Mac Powell singing with the Daraja Children’s Choir.

Christian Alliance For Orphans Land Of A Thousand Hills

Find out more about these organizations at

Be Present. April 18-20, 2012. Orange County. Strategic Partners like 31 Bits create great products with the purpose of giving back.

The Catalyst community is stepping up to break the cycle of poverty for many children in need through Compassion International sponsorships.

We have a gift for you. A personally wrapped experience from Catalyst. Take a moment to tear open the wrapping and see what’s inside. We don’t just wow people with a single prize you have a slim chance of winning. Instead, from now until Catalyst, everyone who visits the website gets a gift on us!

Open Your FREE Present!

Rates & Dates

Super Early Bird

Early Bird

Regular Price

Before Feb 16

Before March 22

After March 22

Single Ticket




Group of 2-9




Group of 10-19




Group of 20+




Student Ticket*







Labs Ticket

*Student rates available by phone only. For details on schedule, accommodations, discounts and more, visit

Register Today Mariners Church 5001 Newport Coast Dr. Irvine, CA 92603

Call 888.334.6569 or register at

The bigger the group the lower the price. Bring your entire team! We want to help you by providing a cost effective way to bring your entire team of 10 or more to Catalyst. Our concierges are here to work with you and create special pricing incentives for larger groups. Just talk to us if cash is the rub. We want everyone to be able to come to Catalyst West. Ask about our materials to help get the word out and build your group. Call your Catalyst Concierge today.

We’re also giving away an iPad 2 and custom Republic Bike every week leading up to Catalyst. Winners chosen weekly. There is no obligation. Anyone can enter. Winners chosen weekly from February - April.

Stay Connected

Be Present. April 18-20, 2012. Orange County.

Lowest rates available before February 16th

Register today at

Catalyst West 2012 Brochure  

Catalyst West 2012 Brochure

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