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here are several ways you can get involved with Restore. First of all, buy a bracelet - and then tell all of your friends to buy bracelets too! The bracelets are the symbol of Restore, and they are central to what we do. You can buy the original bracelet and support the projects we want to do in San Benito, or you can buy the Purity bracelet and put your money towards education programs and support for young mothers within the village.

We can,t do any of this without your support. After you buy that bracelet, you’ll notice it comes in a nice little cardboard box. This box can be used as a collection center for your house, school, church, or wherever you want to put it.When it gets full, put our address on it, and mail it back to us. That way, we’ll have more than enough tabs to take to Nicaragua.

Want to take your tabs to Nicaragua yourself? Come on a trip with us! Our first project is to build a water well so that the people of San Benito can have clean water. After we get that done and see what else we can do for San Benito, we’ll need volunteers to come and help us get those projects done. If you’re interested in coming with us, send us an email, we’d love to hear from you!

what we do R

estore was founded on the idea of helping the world by helping one village at a time. So we’re starting with San Benito, Nicaragua. We want to get people to come together and provide our resources to help. They need improved housing, ready access to clean water, and better education for their children. By buying a bracelet, you’re giving money directly to the people of San Benito.

We understand that when resources are so limited, getting things to happen can ,feel hopeless. That s where we come in. We want to restore hope.

our story I

n July 2008 a team of ten traveled to San Benito, Nicaragua to build a church. Although we spoke very little Spanish, we met the families of this poor village. Their children grabbed our hands and walked in the muddied streets with us. We were moved as we visited their homes built with sticks, boxes, and spare tin.

The need was obvious. The solution obscure. Until we met a creative young boy who made us a bracelet. These bracelets will build homes, create jobs for the Nicaraguan people, and give hope to a hopeless village.

Restore Brochure  
Restore Brochure  

Restore was founded on the idea of helping the world by helping one village at a time. We will provide improved housing, ready access to cle...