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Smile, you’re on camera New school cameras start a debate

Lifestyle Photos by Alyssa Urban

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10 Books you should read before college

FMHS seniors wait for graduation to end and for their adult lives to begin.

Seniors, we know what you can do this summer


The Lucky One: Movie review Guys, you know you want to see it

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2012 London Summer Olympics

Track, Volleyball, Ping-Pong, Fish and Chips


Spring Sports Wrap-up See how Fruita spring sports finished

Commentary 5 Ways to make shallow people like you

Follow these 5 simple steps to gain some new friends

What does your ACT score mean?

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Stanford or McDonalds?

Seminary The pros and cons of this religous class

Hot Tomato vs. Pablos

Who do you love?

Your Team of Choice for Sports Medicine

When it comes to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries, depend on the RMOA Sports Medicine Team to help you stay in the game.



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The Catalyst



May 2012

Smile, you’re on Camera By: Tucker Blake, Reporter

Recently, the security cameras at Fruita Monument High School got an upgrade. The old cameras have all been exchanged with high-tech, high definition cameras. “We replaced all of the cameras, and we even added another,” said Robin Kendall, the school liaison officer. “The old cameras were having problems. One shut down, and some of the other one’s were so poor we couldn’t even see the footage they took.” Non-operational security cameras seem to be a developing problem at FMHS. “It is a good security step for the school,” said senior, Wyatt Allen. “The only

thing I am worried about is a lack of privacy at the school.” CJ Gonzales, another senior at Fruita, said something along the same lines. “I don’t think it is worth it. I hear that they have audio, and I don’t really think that everything we say should be heard.” Contrary to Gonzales’ opinion about the microphone, the cameras actually don’t have audio capabilities. “What happens is that most technological things in

Record Temperatures By: Bram Heberle, Reporter

The time of summer has arrived early, many would say. The temperatures that the Grand Valley has been experiencing lately have broken records and given hints to a long and warm summer that we can hopefully all enjoy. The temperatures started in early March and they have continued so that spring has turned into an early summer. The temperatures have broken records for the month of March in the last ten years. The temperatures were a more than un-welcome respite to the spring sports athletes. “The heat is almost as bad as practicing in the snow. Actually its worse” said Christian Lobato a lacrosse player “the heat makes it unbearable wearing the protective gear is already hot but when it’s ninety degrees it’s even worse.” Most of the spring

sports athletes agreed “running long distance is bad enough. You shouldn’t have to it in the heat. I love to run just not in hundred degree conditions.” joked Osborn. Of course in every group there is always the odd one out. “I enjoy the heat I think it makes for more favorable conditions. Also the heat proves that global warming is happening. And who isn’t happy about that?” Said Megan Volkmann a sophomore golfer, in some people’s brain the heat always has its benefits. “The last time it was this hot I was just a wee lad in diapers” said Jake Gulden, sophomore. “The heat’s so bad it makes it hard to walk around sometimes. I wish I still had those diapers.” Joke or no the heat is on. The temperatures have been rising in the Grand Valley, but the real question is how people feel about the heat. Will they like the heat or hate it?

the whole school district go through a replacement cycle. All of the other high schools in the valley have these cameras, and so do most of the middle schools. Fruita Monument was actually the last high school to get these new cameras.” said an assistant principal, Todd McClaskey. . While McClaskey is involved with the new cameras, it is the School District’s Safety Officer, Tim Leon, who is completely in charge

of the new cameras, including ordering them. “The new cameras are a lot better,” said Kendall. “They have a higher definition and we can change the angle on the cameras remotely.” Kendall continued to explain how the cameras are used. “The security cameras have a 24 hour recording period. We really only use them when we have a specific situation so we can look back to that area where the incident happened, and in that way we can help make things right.” The new cameras do put more responsibility on the school. “Because the cameras

are there, the school assumes the position of a security guard, and anything that happens on school ground should be solved by the school,” said McClaskey. “Hopefully these cameras will help us to keep our good students safer.” While the student opinion about the cameras may not be the same as the staff, in all reality, the cameras do keep the students safe, and are an extremely useful tool to help solve petty crimes that are prone to happen at school.

New Orleans Works Hard to Recover By: Tristan White, Reporter

After Hurricane Katrina blasted through New Orleans in 2005, New Orleans became the murder capital of the country. In the worst years, the number of deaths has risen over 400 deaths. This crisis is attributed to many things. Because of the destruction and havoc that was caused by the storm, many say that the youth of the area have been desensitized to aggression and anger. Most murders during the last few years have been mostly for two things: drugs and arguments. Dozens of cases began as an argument and then escalated until they turned into a

slaying. Even though gangs do exist, they are not the major reason for crime. In New Orleans, the poverty rate is nearly twenty five percent, which is ten percent above the national average. Many homes, businesses, and recreation centers have not reopened since the time of Hurricane Katrina. Dumped appliances, broken automobiles, and rotting houses are all over the city. In many cases of violent crimes, the crimes don’t get solved. It’s not because no one witnesses the crimes, it’s because no one is ready to come forward with informa-

tion. The local government of New Orleans is notorious for being corrupt and unfair when pertaining towards citizens rights. The new major described murder as the number one problem in New Orleans. He has worked with the local Crime stoppers chapter and officers so that they can meet residents and form a trust between them and police officers. The local government hopes that they will be able to fix many of the issues that occur in the area in the coming months.

Everything’s Bigger in Japan By: Laren Cyphers, Reporter 593 pounds was the weight of the new record holding fish sold at the Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo, Japan, the largest fish market in the world. The catcher of this blue fin tuna was the victor of a staggering 736,000 dollars because of this one fish he caught off the Amori prefecture. This one fish was the single biggest tuna whose capture and sale has ever been recorded. The record holder prior to this was sold for a dramatically lower price of 422,000 dollars in January of 2011.

Kiyoshi Kimura dished out the big bucks at the first auction of the New Year, according to the Tokyo Times. He runs the SushiZanmai chain in Japan and is president of Kiyomura Co. After a devastating tsunami in March, he wanted to keep the record-setting tuna in Japan in order to “give Japan a boost and have Japanese people eat the most delicious tuna,” the Mainichi Daily News quoted him saying. The previous record-setter had been taken to Hong Kong after purchase. Kimura now has a costly piece of sushi containing

the tuna in his store worth 50 dollars. Still, despite its reputation, pieces of the prize fish are expected to sell for about five dollars, according to CNN. "It's superb. I can do nothing but smile. I am very happy," said customer Kosuke Shimogawara, pointing out that if sold at its market price, the price should not be a measly five dollars, but 96 dollars for each piece of sushi. “President Kimura is so generous,” he added, according to ABC News.


4 May 2012

The Catalyst

9 books you should read before college By Taylor Scofield, Commentary Editor

Photo by Cicely Kohler language. However, they pay inda, two companions who set off in their captivating imag- out in search of Buddha and enlightenment. This book is ery and genuine fantasy. not only for Buddhists. It has a high literary value and is 2. My Ántonia by Willa commonly alluded to. Cather This series of five books weaves a complex 5. The Things They Carried by Tim O’ Brien web following the life of a Not so much a book as young girl named Ántonia “Tony” Shimerda. The book a collection of short stories, this piece illustrates O’Brien’s is narrated through the eyes of Jim Burden who develops personal experiences in the a romance with Antonia in the Vietnam War. Even though first book. Do not start this the characters are based on series unless you’re ready for a work of fiction, they show a lengthy storyline with some similarities to real soldiers that O’Brien knew during his wonderful twists. time in the war. For anyone 3. The Grapes of Wrath by interested in going into the armed forces this is a mustJohn Steinbeck read. The Pulitzer Prize winning novel is considered Steinbeck’s masterpiece. Set 6. Desert Solitaire by Edward Abbey during the Great DepresAbbey’s fourth book sion, the novel focuses on the Joads, a poor family of share- and his first book length nonA Fruita student poses while holding a few of the books on fiction work, Desert Solitaire croppers driven from their Mr. Palmers “must read before college” list. Oklahoma home by drought, was his biggest success and brought him critical acclaim economic hardship and 1. Any Charles Dickens and popularity as a nature changes in financial and agri This summer, many cultural industries. Written in writer. The book is centered students will be busy between book Charles Dickens, an typical Steinbeck fashion, this on the author’s activities as a sports, working, and hanging storyline is meant to capture park ranger at Arches Nationout wtih friends. However, if English writer, was considered the greatest Victorian al Monument (now National the reader’s emotions. you find yourself with some author. Perhaps his most Park). This is a great book free time, take a second to famous works are David 4. Siddhartha by Herman for anyone who loves nature. look at this list of books. Copperfield and A Christmas Hesse According to Mr. Palmer, AP Carol. His works are charac- 7. My Name is Asher Lev by This book, Hesse’s Language teacher at Fruita, terized by vivid detail of Lon- ninth novel, was originally Chaim Potok these books are essential don. All of his books are very The book’s protagowritten in German. It is the reads for any student going to tough reads with advanced nist is Asher Lev, a Jewish tale of Siddhartha and Govcollege.

boy in New York City. Asher is a loner with artistic inclinations. His art, however, causes conflicts with his family and other members of his community. The book follows Asher’s maturity as both an artist and a Jew. Potok brings up the constant struggle between tradition and individuality in this novel. This is a great read for any artist. 8. Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut This satirical novel follows the experiences and journeys of a young soldier named Billy Pilgrim during World War Two. Ranked the 18th greatest English novel of the 20th century by Modern Library, it is generally recognized as Vonnegut’s most influential and popular work. This is another great book for someone considering the armed forces or anyone who loves action. 9. Undaunted Courage by Stephen Ambrose This non-fiction piece follows the Lewis and Clark expedition to explore the western United States. It chronicles their discoveries, hardships and setbacks on their way to the Pacific Ocean. This is an essential non-fiction piece for any college student.

Top 8 websites: Catalyst edition By Hannah Soderborg, Reporter Surfing the web can be highly addictive and sometimes mind numbing. These are the top ten time wasting, websites you can spend hours upon hours on happily wasting your life away.

I found most of the websites below because of stumbleupon, that’s obviously why it’s number one. Say goodbye to your social life; stumbleupon is better anyways.

So there is always something new to waste your time in class looking at.

3. TheChive Now I know reading that last one, all the men got jealous, 2. TheBerry but no fear! TheChive is the 1. Stumbleupon The berry is a site geared exact same thing as TheBerry, This highly addictive website toward woman but there are it just has some testosterone will have you up at all hours a few things on there that I’m injected in. The pictures range exploring the web. That’s why sure some guys would enjoy. from cute, or hilarious to gut it’s our number one website. Basically, the Berry compiles wrenchingly gross. The way stumbleupon works awesome, funny, beautiful is, you enter a variety of your pictures and separates them 4. The Oatmeal interests. Then you hit the all- into different groups. Groups The Oatmeal is a website knowing “stumble” button like: Hot men of the Berry, created by Matthew Inman. and it brings up websites that Moring coffee, The berry He has various cartoons and pertain to your interests. Be break, and of course shirtblogs that are pretty much amazed and entranced; you less Fridays. They update the funniest thing around. He can be on this website forever. their website EVERYDAY. takes everyday ordinary thing

and makes them hilarious, like Sriracha hot sauce and what people do on airplanes. If you want to know what I’m talking about you simply must visit 5. College Humor College humor first got famous when their prank war started to catch attention. Now there are lots of other noteworthy videos and blogs to check out. 6. Cracked is not your ordinary website. They have lists upon lists of some of the weirdest occurrences in human history. This can capti-

vate you for hours. 7. Tosh.0 Daniel Tosh is one of the funniest dudes on cable. His show is very popular with almost everyone. He also has a blog that posts funny videos and awesome clips. It’s the best place to go to get his same kind of biting humor when you miss your Tosh fix. 8. Funny or Die Funny or die is super funny. They have countless videos that have gone viral because of their content. One of my favorites: having a completely wasted guy read Twas the Night Before Christmas.


5 May 2012

The Catalyst

Luke, come to the green side… together we will save the Earth Story and photo by Tristan White, Reporter Imagine only taking manner. a five minute shower every Other ways to save day. Imagine being a little bit both the planet and money on colder in the winter because electricity include using powthe thermostat is set a few er strips that stop “vampire” degrees lower. energy (energy drained Imagine leaving from dormant appliThe enviyour car at home ances and electronics) ronment is and carpooling from being used, hangalready pretty ing your clothes up to with friends, or screwed up. even riding a bike dry outside, setting the to school. air conditioner a few If you degrees higher and unpicture these changes, they plugging phone chargers and would seem slightly uncom- appliances when they’re not fortable for the average perin use. son but far from unbearable. The Grand Valley is Being slightly uncomfortable known for its scorching hot might be exactly what stusummers; about the only nadents and their families need, tive species here is Prickly if they are willing to go green. Pear Cactus. Most shrubs, “The environment is flowers, and trees found in already pretty screwed up. We neighborhoods are not from need to work together to fix around here. These plants it.” Steven Porter, a sophorequire lots of water that the more, said. semi-desert climate can’t It’s always best to start provide. One way to save at home, where everyone has water is to landscape yards their personal indulgence or with native vegetation that habit that isn’t quite the best can survive the hot summers thing for Ol’ Mama Nature. with minimal water usage. Perhaps you leave the Two other handy gadfaucet running while you’re gets that protect are limited brushing your teeth. Maybe resource are low-flow shower you drive a gigantic truck heads and faucet aerators. which gets a whooping four Faucet aerators limit the heat miles to the gallon. By some used when warming water chance, your mother let you and both slow water flow watch “The Exorcist” when when using a sink or shower. you were four years old. “We have a “green” You’re scarred for life and shower head, it doesn’t let out now have to leave every light as much water as a normal on in the house when your shower but you barely notice home alone. Whatever the it,” commented Cory Odom, issue may be, the important sophomore. thing is figuring what you can Along with water do to change that destructive shortages, pollution is a habit. significant problem in the Often, people think U.S. According to scientifithat “going green” will cost a, in 2009, 2.4 fortune. In reality, the better billion metric tons of carbon choices for the environment dioxide were released from are often only slightly more power plants. Although most than their alternatives or they would guess that cars released save energy and end up pay- far less than that, automobiles ing for themselves. According accounted for over a fourth to, compact of the remaining 5.6 billion fluorescent light bulbs use metric tons of CO2 released. around 25% of the electric Travis Hash and Kirkity a conventional light bulb land Mahoney, both sophouses. Because you save the mores, thought that we should money that would have other- switch to natural gas. “The wise gone into paying for the infrastructure is already set electricity, the bulbs practiup, we already have pipelines. cally pay for themselves. It’s 40 percent cheaper and Solar panels work in the same it burns way cleaner,” said

Hash. Mahoney added, “There’s a two hundred year supply. It’s abundant.” One way to help with this problem is to walk or bike to school. Instead of taking your own car to school, try carpooling or taking public transportation such as buses. Another benefit of doing this is that you save money because you don’t have to buy gas, you lower your chance of obesity, and you improve your cardiovascular health. You can also live a “greener” life style by making better choices when purchasing

cost of hormones, chemicals, and feed lots is just too great. Every time you purchase a new couch, appliance, or table, new resources must be taken to from the earth to create these things. People can help the planet by reusing and recycling these items

and resources. For example, instead of buying a new couch, look for one at Goodwill or on and consuming food. When your’re cal and organic produce is finished using your old comalways a wise decision. It doesn’t travel nearly as far as puters, TV’s, and phones, most store bought food and it bring them to a certified recycontains more nutrients than cling center where the metals can be sorted and then reused. non-organic produce. Lastly, stay away Eating low on the food from plastic. According to chain, like vegetables and, out of the 14 grains, improve your health and require much less energy billion plastic water bottles purchased in 2010, 90% to transport. If you’re not a vegetarian, try and limit your went into the trash. Plastic is meals that include meat. Meat very bad for the environment is expensive to process and to because it isn’t biodegradable. ship. Plus, the environmental Because of their light weight, they can easily be blow into

rivers, lakes, and the ocean. Animals, especially in the oceans, mistake plastic for food, swallow it, and then perish because their stomachs can’t digest it. “We need to save the environment for future generations, so people can enjoy it for years to come,” stated Emily Conkling, a sophomore. Next time you’re purchasing a vehicle, buy a hybrid. Next time you’re at the grocery store, bring your own reusable bags. Next time you drink out of a plastic water bottle, put it into a recycling container. Remember, reduce and reuse come before recycle. Now…JOIN THE GREEN SIDE!


6 May 2012

The Catalyst

Pick a summer adventure By Jennifer Robinson, A&E Editor

Whether you’re an uber-jock or a sun shunner, we’ve got you covered this summer. Follow our flowchart to find out what we have planned for you.

Your idea of “boating” is...

Soaking up sun on a boat deck at Lake Powell.

Visit the budget section on the next page.

Dining out in the summer means...

Renting a Kayak or something.


Snack bars and BBQ’s, baby.

Your favorite state park is....

Sitting on the patio of a local coffee shop under the misters.

When you think of “summer festival,” you think of...

When you notice you’re gaining weight in the summer, you...

None. You don’t do sun and bugs.

Fourth of July in Ouray, Colorado.

Send yourself to fitness bootcamp.

Do an at home work-out. Gym memberships are too expensive.

Local bands and the farmers market downtown. Visit the road trip section on the next page.

Visit the fitness section on the next page.

Agree or Disagree? A death race sounds kinda fun.

Uh, no. You’re signing up right now!

A summer event you’re looking forward to is...

Visit the culture section on the next page.

Visit the budget section on the next page.

One that has awesome hiking trails.

Grilling in your backyard, unless you can find some dirt-cheap fun stuff.

Nothing you have to buy tickets for in advance. Summer is about spontaneity.

Visit the fitness section on the next page.

Visit the road trip section on the next page.


7 May 2012

The Catalyst

Your summer adventure By Jennifer Robinson, A&E Editor Graphics courtesy of Microsoft Office


So maybe you won’t be saving all your money this summer, but you’re looking to save some cash whenever possible. Fortunately, the Grand Valley supplies a few opportunities to save money, and still be social. Cheep weekly events such as Glade Park movies under the stars and Thursday night summer concerts attract many locals.

Glade Park’s movies under the stars are held every Friday, starting on June 8th at the Glade Park fire department. Thursday concerts are held at the Fruita Civic Center and feature bands such as Pineapple Crackers, Randy Fosburgh, Flat Top Reed and many more.

Culture Maybe you won’t get to go out of country and experience different culture like you hoped. But if you’re looking to stay in the valley and experience your own small town culture, you’ve got plenty of opportunities. Starting on May 26th and extending through June 2nd, JUCO is a good way to experience a little taste of Grand Junction. The event has been a baseball tradition for over 50 years at Suplizio Field. Maybe you


aren’t so interested in baseball, and would rather join family or friends downtown for Farmers Market on Thursday Nights starting on June 14th. Another big hit for the Grand Valley is Country Jam June 20th through June 24th. This year’s line-up includes Chris Young, Trace Adkins, Zac Brown Band and Blake Shelton. Then of course, the Rimrock rodeo will be hosted every Tuesday night at Rimrock Rodeo in Fruita.


You love the taste of sweat. You live for the agony of a long run on a 98 degree day. The more your body screams, the more you enjoy the workout… This is why you’re signing up for a zombie infested 5k obstacle course race in Denver, on July 14th. If that isn’t your cup of tea, there’s always the Palisade

Bike Festival, on June 9th, which ranges from courses of 44 miles to 20 miles of mountain biking. Also on June 9th, is the Highline Hustle. This event includes a 500 meter swim in Highline Lake, a 16 mile bike road race, and a 3 mile trail run. And there’s always the option of joining a gym.

Road trip You’re a collector of experiences, not objects. Living in Colorado supplies many opportunities to hop in the car and travel to somewhere new and exciting. You might be interested in week long vacations or just one night adventures, and we’ve got that. Olathe and Delta both require about an hour’s drive, but both have plenty of summer time activities. On July 13th and 14th, Olathe is putting on a two day concert

of Christian bands including Sixteen Cities, The Afters and many more. Meanwhile, Delta hosts a drive in movie throughout the summer but further information is still TBA. Maybe you’re looking to get away from the crowds though. Off-roading or camping in one of the many national parks might be of interest. With places such as Moab, Uncompahgre and Gunnison relatively close, it won’t be hard to find a solitude place to spend a weekend with friends.


8 May 2012

The Catalyst

What does your ACT score mean? By Eden Laase, Sports Editor Every year, juniors spend months preparing for one test: the ACT. Students do tons of prep and obsess over getting a good score. And with good reason. A good ACT score can open many doors when it comes to college. “I did a lot of online practice tests to prepare. It really helped me to work quickly and to understand the questions,” said Abby Smith. The ACT isn’t designed or graded like any other test. High school students have been taking standardized tests for years, but the ACT is different. It is broken up into four sections: 75 English questions, 60 Math questions, 40 Reading questions and 40 Science questions. The ACT is graded on a 36 point scale, one being low, and 36 being high. A student’s composite score is based on what everyone else in the country scores. What might be a 36 one year could be a 35 the next. A good ACT score all depends on where you want to go to college. Here are some examples of where your score can take you.

Staying in-state? University of Colorado at Boulder: Normally, in order to get into CU, a score of at least 23 is needed, but in-state students are accepted auto-

matically if they get a 19 and maintain a 2.8 GPA. University of Northern Colorado: In order to get into UNC, and ACT score in the 19 to 25 range is required.

Colorado Mesa University: CMU has no set ACT score, but the average student scored between a 17 and a 23. Colorado State University: CSU generally requires a 24

for admission, but like CU, they will accept a 19 for instate students. Interested in going out of state? Ohio State University: In order to attend Ohio State, an ACT score in the 26 to 30 range is required. University Of Arizona: Arizona requires a 21 in order to gain admission. What about an Ivy League? Harvard: Highly competitive schools like Harvard require a score in the 31 to 35 range in order to attend. ACT testing can be stressful, especially since it is so important. However, the great thing about the ACT is that it can be re-taken up to 12 times. So, if your score wasn’t what you hoped, don’t worry, re-taking is always an option. “It makes me feel better knowing that I can always re-take the ACT, but, hopefully I will get a good score the first time,” said Sabreena Carruth.

Photo by Alyssa Urban

Seminary: advantage or disadvantage? By Laren Cyphers, Reporter If you go to Fruita Monument High School, chances are you know a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Some also refer to them as Mormons or LDS’s. Fruita Monument provides a Seminary class as there are a large amount of Mormons in the valley. “Seminary is an optional class that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints provides,” explained Junior and Mormon, Allison Sessum, “It allows both members and nonmembers to learn more about their church.” At Fruita, the class is offered 3rd through 7th period for high schoolers. For freshmen it is only offered 8th period. The events that take place in the Seminary building located across Wildcat Way have long been mysterious to those nonmembers that decline to attend. Be

perplexed no longer all you Catholics, Lutherans and Scientologists. “We study one book of scripture every year and usually follow along chronologically and get a lesson daily, based on where we’re at in the book,” said Sessum, “It’s always a surprise and it’s a nice break away from school.” Apart from all the surprises, sprinkles and sparkles Seminary does have a hitch. “The only disadvantage is we don’t get to take as many elective classes,” Sessum said with a laugh. The advantages, however, may be more than just a nice break. Rumors of being in Seminary helps your GPA have been discussed, whether it be at The Round Table or at the water cooler, for ages. “In the beginning, [Seminary] can either hurt or help your GPA,” says Sessum, “That’s why I

was top of the class for a little bit.” The theory is that with one less class (a total of seven classes) to divide by to find your average, the average should equal a larger number than if you had to divide by eight. For example, if each class is worth 32 points and you get an A in all eight nonweighted classes, then your average will be a 4.0. However, if you get A’s and you factor in just seven classes then the average is about 4.57. Vinny Castellini, a

Photo by Alyssa Urban

junior and non-Mormon, believes this theory holds true. “It depends if the student has all A’s. Then it does raise their GPA because on average they have one less class.” “Since seminary is not reflected on the transcript, students who take it do have fewer classes to factor into their GPA so they earn a higher GPA sooner,” explained school counselor Catherine Mudd. “It also affects the valedictorian status in that someone could conceivably have taken fewer classes

and then have a higher GPA. School District 51 just looks at the final GPA of all seniors and takes the person with the highest and bestows them with the Valedictorian status.” Castellini and Sessum are, in fact, both correct, proves Mudd. Therefore, attending Seminary has an effect on GPA, especially in the first few semesters of a student’s high school career depending on their grade in the class and other classes.

The Catalyst



May 2012

Pablo’s Pizza vs. Hot Tomato Story and photos by Alyssa Urban, Features Editor

Pablo’s Pizza:

Most Fruita locals were devastated when they realized that Pablo’s Pizza was closing at the beginning of 2012, but customers were overjoyed when the pizzeria reopened under new ownership at the end of April. “We were looking to buy a business and this seemed like a good opportunity for us,” said new co-owner Terry Davis. While the original Pablo’s Pizza owned by Paul Knaysi on Main Street in Grand Junction has been open since 2000, citizens of Fruita enjoy the convenience of another pizza shop in their area. New owners Dawn and Terry Davis see a bright future as students and other customers love the exciting features of the menu. “I like Pablo’s Pizza because it doesn’t seem as greasy as Hot Tomato’s,” said junior Joey Franklin. Pablo’s also offers many specialty pizzas such as the Dracula’s Nemesis, The Santa Fe Way and many more. Terry Davis observes that the most popular pizza is generally Punk’s Pesto, but among students it is the one and only Mac N’ Cheese Pizza. “No pizza can beat the Mac N’ Cheese Pizza,” said

McIntyre. Artist Pablo Picasso did, in fact, have an impact on the creation of Pablo’s Pizzeria. The restaurant’s website describes that just as Picasso changed the world of art, Pablo’s Pizza hopes to change their customers’ world of pizza. Reflected by the name, the inside of the pizza place has classy and abstract artwork hung upon the walls by the tables. Although it is very different from Hot Tomato’s environment, the décor works for the more formal type restaurant. Pablo’s Pizza is open Sunday through Thursday 11 a.m. – 8:30 p.m. and Friday through Saturday 11 a.m. – 9 p.m. while Hot Tomato’s hours are Tuesday through Saturday 11 a.m. – 9 p.m. “Pablo’s Pizza delivers which makes it nicer on us customers,” said sophomore Maggie Sackse. With the philosophy of the pizzeria being that eating pizza should intertwine with exploring, learning and loving, the Pablo’s Pizza staff strives to always satisfy theirhungry customers.

Hot Tomato Cafe shows off it’s biking theme outside of the restaurant.

Hot Tomato:

that into Hot Tomato. “Our pizza is unique Ever since it was opened in 2005, Hot Tomato because we make everything from scratch,” said Keller, “I has attracted all different don’t think many places do groups of customers. The that anymore so we make sure small pizzeria is owned and all our ingredients are fresh managed by Jen Zeuner and every day.” Anne Keller who both bring Not only does Hot Todifferent styles to the table. mato offer their one of a kind As Zeuner is from New Jersey, she had more ex- pizza, but also have their faperience in the pizza industry. mous Stromboli which Keller says has to be one of the most Zeuner knew the traditional ways of the east coast which popular items on the menu. “I don’t really like helped creating the restaupizza that much, but the rant. Keller, originally from Seattle, recognized the atmo- Stromboli at Hot Tomato is sphere of the west coast area my favorite,” said sophomore, Cassidy Koos. and was able to incorporate

Zuener and Keller moved to Fruita in the first place because of their love for the outdoors. As they are both part of the cycling industry, mountain biking is one of their greatest hobbies and is reflected in the interior and exterior of the shop. A metal art piece of a bike is featured in front of the entrance and photographs of mountain bikes and trails taken by Keller decorate the walls on the inside. Customers seem to enjoy the interior design as it is more local friendly and gives a natural feeling of the real Fruita. “I may like Pablo’s pizza more, but the Hot Tomato environment is a lot better,” said junior, Landon McIntyre. One element that Hot Tomato has that Pablo’s does not is live entertainment in the summer and fall on the weekends. The music is available to all customers as families and high school students are able to watch and eat outside in the back portion of the pizzeria. “It’s nice having the music play while just sitting with your family or friends,” Koos said.


10 May 2012

A fan cheers for his home country, America, during the 2010 Olympics.

Courtesy of MTC Campus

2012 London Olympics By Cody Daniels, Reporter The 2012 Summer and many of them are from Olympic Games will take Britain. The main focus of the place in London, England, games will be a new 500 acre from July 27 to August 12, Olympic Park, constructed 2012. With less than 100 days on a former industrial site at before the Summer OlymStratford in the east of Lonpics, the United Kingdom don. The Games also make announced that they are ready use of many venues which and ahead of schedule for the were already in place before greatest show in sports. “It’s the bid. Britain has constructincredible to think that in just ed the Olympic Stadium, a few months, all of London situated in the inner-east part will be focused on of the city, is the delivering the most centerpiece of the exciting sporting and Already Games and will cultural event ever to eights million host the Opening come to the capital,” of the 11 mil- Ceremony and said the Mayor of lion tickets for Closing CerLondon, Boris Johnthe Olympics emony as well son. have been as track and field In three events. Although sold.” months, the famous some say it’s not flame will be lit on going to be like the night of July 27th.This the Birds Nest in Beijing, ceremony marks the start of “London has raised the bar the Olympics. The Olympic when it comes to leaving a torch relay will begin on May lasting legacy,” International 18, 2012, which will last Olympic Committee president over 70 days and have 8,000 Jacques Rogge said. torchbearers pass the Olym Of course, some of pic flame to one another. The London’s sporting event Olympics start on July 27th arenas didn’t need any work and end on August 12th. It at all. The tennis tournais extinguished at the end of ment will be staged in the All the games, during the closing England Club, home of the ceremony. Wimbledon championships. London was selected 198-year-old Lord’s Cricket as the host city on July 6, Ground is host to the world’s 2005 during the 117th Interoldest sports museum and national Olympic Committee will host the Olympic archery Session in Singapore, defeat- events, while beach volleying Moscow, New York City, ball is held in Horse Guards Madrid and Paris to win the Parade, just a short walk from bid. London will become the the Queen’s main residence of first city to officially host the Buckingham Palace. modern Olympic Games three As of May 1st, 165 times, having previously done countries have qualified at so in 1908 and in 1948. least one athlete. The Olym Already eight milpic Games features 26 sports lion of the 11 million tickets like basketball, gymnastics, for the Olympics have been soccer, swimming, and wressold to people for the games tling.

For the winners and top three in each event, a total of 4,700 medals for the Olympic and Paralympic Games are produced by the Royal Mint. The medals designed by David Watkins, weigh 375–400 grams and are 7 millimeters thick. The sport and discipline are engraved on the rim of the medal. Following recent tradition, the front of the medal features Nike, the Greek goddess of victory, stepping from Parthenon. The reverse side features the Games logo, the River Thames, and a series of lines symbolizing the energy of the athletes. The Minister for Sport and the Olympics, Hugh Robertson has high hopes for British athletes, “Most of all I want to see British athletes do well in the medal tables. We have an aspirational target of fourth with more medals in more sports, so I want to see our athletes succeed and inspire a new generation of people to take up sport.” To make sure the games are secure, London is strengthening their security with 10,000 officers available, supported by 13,500 members of the armed forces. Naval and air assets, including ships situated in the Thames, fighter jets and missiles, will be deployed as part of the security operation. The figure of 13,500 armed forces personnel is more than Britain currently has deployed in Afghanistan. So far there have been no riots or terrorist threats like there have been in past years.

The Catalyst

Spring sports By Courtney Kreidler, Reporter As the school year winds down, and the spring sports come to an end, it is safe to say most teams had a pretty successful season! Boys Varsity Lacrosse finished their season with a record of 11 wins, and four losses. “We had a pretty good season,” said senior Trey Thygerson. “We really bonded as a team, and it was just a lot of fun.” Girls Varsity Lacrosse ended with a record of seven wins and six losses, and took 4th in SWL. Their leading scorer, sophomore Lindsey Burenhide, made Varsity and she was only a sophomore, “I’m really glad I joined the team. Playing lacrosse was a great and fun experience,” said Burenhide. Boys Varsity baseball ended their regular season with a record of ten wins and eight losses. However, their season isn’t over just yet; they have a playoff game on May 12, 2012 against Dakota Ridge. “I’m excited for the play-off game, hopefully we can put our heads together and come out with a ‘W’. But if not, it was still a good season,” said senior Drew

Bridges. Girls Varsity Soccer ended their season with a record of nine wins and three losses. “It was a really good season, we came together and played great as a team,” said Senior Katie Benton. Girls Tennis had a pretty good season, however only Senior Meredith Soychak is going to state from the team. “Meredith is a really good singles player, it would’ve been nice to send more but she’ll represent us well,” said sophomore Bronte Hayward. Our Co-ed track and field team had a good year as well. “Track this year went good for us, we had some top placers in most of our meets,” said Junior Vince Grasso. It’s sad that all the high school sporting events are over for the 2011-2012 school year. The next game will be football in the fall Good luck to all of you and the rest of the athletes at Fruita Monument.

The Catalyst



May 2012

10 Ways to make shallow people like you

Story and graphics by Taylor Scofield, commentary editor

1. Carry gum in your pocket at all times

Even the strongest-willed person cannot resist the sugary cool sensations of a fresh piece of gum. Also, everyone in high school is overly concerned about how their breath smells. Beware, this could cause an over-reaction so do not attempt when there are too many people around.

AP tests: Abnormal pain or awesome props? By Keaton Brown, News Editor

In the final month of equally weighted between school, AP students aren’t the two rounds, so failing sure if they want the days to one of them doesn’t necspeed up or slow down, be- essarily mean inevitable cause they face their great- doom. 2. Carry a est foe yet, the infamous AP Many students tennis ball test. deem the AP tests a comwith you To some, these tests plete waste of time. An Maybe it’s are a positive experience; hour and a half is way too some kind a chance to show colleges long for a test over one of obsession that they are ready for the subject, and the entire with athletireal world and can take on process puts excessive cism. Maybe challenges. To others, the amounts of stress on the it’s the awesome feeling of throwing and catching. Either test is just hours of stress students. The AP class, way, people, much like dogs, seem to be fascinated with and many say, is enough of a tennis balls. Walking down the hallways of Fruita with a Some students, challenge itself. Also, why tennis ball however, take an AP class should a student pay $87 will unbut decide not to take the for something they don’t doubtedly AP test. This can be a very want to do? make you smart decision in some So, why spend $87 to take dozens of cases, because if a student an hour long test that friends. is already failing an AP class, takes a year of studying? A People taking the AP test would be score on the test is ranked you have a waste of $87. on a one-to-five scale (five never These tests take a being the best), and if a talked to year of a more-than-difficult student receives a score you before classes to prepare for. Even of a three or higher on will be then, many students say the test, they will usushouting that they weren’t even re- ally receive college credit your name saying, “Ball me blazer.” motely ready for the exam. (depending on the score 3. Over The typical exam consists of requirements of a specific flatter a round of 50 or so multiple college) which will save choice questions, followed them thousands of dolFrom lars, compared to mere now on by four “free-response” problems. The test is nearly you are only allowed to say, “Tell me more about you,” or “Wow that makes my life sound so… boring. What else did you do this morning?” People will be unable to resist you because they love nothing more than talking about themselves. Unfortunately, this will cause excessive talking, and for you, excessive listening. A simple solution is to wear earplugs and when you see their mouth stop moving, insert one of the above phrases.

$87 that the exam costs. The exam also develops confidence in the student to take on more tests and challenges and furthermore ready the student for college. Also, after Fruita Monument received the Legacy Grant (which pays for some of the exam fee), a score of three or higher will not only earn college credit, but that student will receive $100 for each time they scored on or above a three. Plus, once done with the test, the student gets the rest of the day off of school. Weighing in the pros and cons, I think the overall benefit of the test comes out on top. Though it may be a large pain (and though that may be a large understatement), the test does prepare students for college and gives them college benefits. An hour and a half test compared to the year of studying really isn’t that big of a deal. Also, $100 and a get-outof-school-free card? Count me in!

4. Don’t try too hard.

People can sense it when you are sucking-up to them. This automatically makes you desperate and therefore undesirable. Try to find a happy-medium between friendly flattery overbearing obsequiousness. (Also, never use words like obsequious.)

Photo By Tristan White

So, if you really want someone to like you try all of these steps at the same time. First, throw the tennis ball you are carrying at this person and yell, “catch.” Then walk up to the person an offer them a piece of gum. After the conversation has been dragging on for a few minutes, say, “Tell me more about you.” Despite the response, always say, “Wow, that makes my life sound boring.”

Tell me more about Yourself!

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The Catalyst Issue 8

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