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SINCE1988 SINCE 1988



DeSign of Nature F or more than 30 years the core of ila’s project has been to find and highlight the “ Words” of Nature: the delicate, elusive, e q u i l i b r i u m which is veiled behind the perfect appearance




creation and belies the secret of our own being.


a world where the suggestive

language of Nature is more and more ignored by the human mind,


trees awaken and kindle our

senses towards a new, enhanced experience of Nature.

Made in Italy


Olive Nidra Olive Nidra 300x300 cm Green


SEMI NATURAL: THE MARRIAGE OF BEAUTY AND COMFORT Behind the pristine beauty of our compositions lies the simplest philosophy of creation.


has been among the first companies in the

world to adopt and develop the Semi-Natural concept in the production of our trees and plants.

Natural trunks are sourced from environmentallyfriendly areas (especially from the clearing of zones about to be reforested) and are subject to anti-age, anti-parasitic treatments which allow our trees to maintain their natural, astonishing look for years.

The best and finest man-made leaves in the market contribute to make our Semi-Natural Plants unique.

The Union of Nature and Man which inspires ila’s Semi-Natural philosophy is the concept at the core of our timeless, beautiful creations. The life-like elegance of our trees is matched by the comfort that they provide for our clients.

Our products do not need any watering, trimming and maintenance.


gives you the abiding, grandiose feeling of

nature while allowing you to save money and time!





Ficus Exotica Umbrella Ø 400 h. 400 cm Green 6

special 7

editions 8

Root Style

Ficus Exotica Root h. 500 cm Green


Ficus Exotica

Ficus Exotica Gigantea 600 cm Green


Ficus Exotica Malabar Lux 350 cm Green


Ficus Lyrata

Ficus Lyrata Nidra 250 cm Green


Maple Sugar

Maple Sugar Gigantea h. 300 cm Green 13


Podocarpus Multistep cm 250 Ø 250 14



Japanese Boschetto

Longifolia Japanese Boschetto 350 cm Green 17


Gyngko Gigantea h. 400 cm Green 18


Bamboo Boschetto 650 cm Green 19

Phoenix Palm Phoenix Palm 400 cm Green 20

Dracaena Reflexa

Dracaena Reflexa Gigantea 350 cm Variegated 21

Fuji Style Longifolia Fuji Tree 320 cm Green 22


Correspondances La Nature est un temple où de vivants piliers Laissent parfois sortir de confuses paroles; L'homme y passe à travers des forêts de symboles Qui l'observent avec des regards familiers. Comme de longs échos qui de loin se confondent Dans une ténébreuse et profonde unité, Vaste comme la nuit et comme la clarté, Les parfums, les couleurs et les sons se répondent. II est des parfums frais comme des chairs d'enfants, Doux comme les hautbois, verts comme les prairies, — Et d'autres, corrompus, riches et triomphants, Ayant l'expansion des choses infinies, Comme l'ambre, le musc, le benjoin et l'encens, Qui chantent les transports de l'esprit et des sens.

Charles Baudelaire


Since 1988

ila has been the

leader in the market for the production of Semi-Natural plants and trees. The choice of the finest materials and a groundbreaking philosophy of production have allowed us to widen our range of products and to customize our creations to suit our clients’ needs and dreams.

If you can imagine it, we can do it!

V 1048032 Olive Garda 350 cm Green 25


V 1048030 Olive Robusta 200 cm Green 26

V 1048017 Olive Crown 200 cm Green

V 1048018 Olive Nidra 260 cm Green 27

V 1048028 Olive Riviera 260 cm Green V 1048002 Olive Malabar 180 cm Green 28

V 1068009 Myrsifolia Root 220 cm Green



V 1068004 Myrsifolia Natural Style 150 cm Green

V 1068001 Myrsifolia Crown 200 cm Green

V 1068006 Myrsifolia Stylish 150 cm Green 30


V 1046G27 Maple Crown 200 cm Green V 1046B06 Maple Multistep 220 cm Burgundy

V 1046M05 Maple Multistep 190 cm Multicolor

V 1046B08 Maple Malabar 200 cm Burgundy

V 1046G58 Maple Stylish 170 cm Green 31

V 1046M44 Maple Natural Style 150 cm Multicolor

V 1046G31 Maple Nidra 250 cm Green

V 1046B52 Maple Everglades 200 cm Burgundy

V 1046M49 Maple Root 260 cm Multicolor 32


V 1058008 Longifolia Multistep 180 cm Green

V 1058005 Longifolia Malabar 180 cm Green

V 1058018 Longifolia Root 260 cm Green 33

V 1058017 Longifolia Riviera 260 cm Green

V 1058014 Longifolia Nidra 250 cm Green 34

Semi Natural Giants

1058024 Longifolia Root Giant 250 cm Green 35

1056018 Buxifolia Root Giant 250 cm Green 36

V 1056009 Buxifolia Natural Style 180 cm Green

V 1056003 Buxifolia Crown 200 cm Green

V 1056006 Buxifolia Malabar 180 cm Green

V 1056005 Buxifolia Malabar 150 cm Green 37


V 1056011 Buxifolia Nidra 250 cm Green




V 1066F01 Bouganvillea Robustina 80 cm Fuchsia

V 1066F03 Bouganvillea Stylish 160 cm Fuchsia

V 1066P01 Bouganvillea Robustina 80 cm Lt Pink

V 1066P03 Bouganvillea Stylish 160 cm Lt Pink 40



V 1071P04 Cherry Blossom Tree 320 cm Pink

V 1071W03 Cherry Blossom Tree 220 cm White 42

Ficus Golden

V 1057G15 Ficus Golden Robusta 180 cm Lt. Green

V 1057G16 Ficus Golden Root 260 cm Lt.Green V 1057G14 Ficus Golden Nidra 250 cm Lt. Green


V 1057V05 Ficus Golden Malabar 150 cm Variegated

V 1057V09 Ficus Golden Multistep 210 cm Variegated

V 1057G03 Ficus Golden Crown 150 cm Lt. Green 44

V 1049023 Ficus Exotica Boschetto 220 cm Green

V 1049038 Ficus Exotica Malabar Lux 250 cm Green

V 1049027 Ficus Exotica Malabar 180 cm Green

V 1049046 Ficus Exotica Root 260 Green 45

Ficus Exotica 46

Ficus Panda

V 1051012 Ficus Panda Robusta 180 cm Green


V 1051001 Ficus Panda Crown 200 cm Green

V 1051009 Ficus Panda Multistep 220 cm Green

V 1051004 Ficus Panda Elfie 90 cm Green

V 1051019 Ficus Panda Stylish 170 cm Green

V 1051007 Ficus Panda Malabar 180 cm Green 48

V 1064005 Ficus Retusa Natural Style 150 cm Green


Ficus Retusa

V 1064009 Ficus Retusa Stylish 170 cm Green

V 1064002 Ficus Retusa Multistep 180 cm Green

V 1064001 Ficus Retusa Crown 200 cm Green 50


V 1060014 Podocarpus Stylish 170 cm Green

V 1060001 Podocarpus Crown 150 cm Green

V 1060005 Podocarpus Multistep 180 cm Green

V 1060009 Podocarpus Robusta 180 cm Green 51


V 1047008 Gynkgo Multistep 150 cm Green V 1047012 Gynkgo Malabar 180 cm Green

V 1047007 Gynkgo Boschetto 220 cm Green

V 1047020 Gynkgo Nidra 250 cm Green 52


V 1069001 Mango Bush 130 cm Green 53

V 1069005 Mango Nidra 250 cm Green

V 1069012 Mango Robusta 200 cm Green V 1069003 Mango Malabar 180 cm Green 54

V 4008A24 Dracaena Reflexa Robusta 180 cm Green

V 4008A18 Dracaena Reflexa Drago 280 cm Green

V 4008A25 Dracaena Reflexa Fence 180 cm Green

V 4008A23 Dracaena Reflexa Drago 120 cm Green 55

Dracaena Reflexa

V 4009A26 Dracaena Reflexa Everglades 200 cm Variegated

V 4009A32 Dracaena Reflexa Robusta 190 cm Variegated V 4009A06 Dracaena Reflexa Boschetto 220 cm Variegated 56


Bush 57

V 1044018 Bamboo Wild Bush 120 cm Green

V 1044004 Bamboo Fence 240 cm Green

V 1044019 Bamboo Wild Bush 180 cm Green 58

Japanese Bamboo

V 1054V04 Bamboo Japanese Tree 180 cm Variegated

V 1054V02 Bamboo Japanese Bush 140 cm Variegated

V 1054V03 Bamboo Japanese Tree 120 cm Variegated

V 1054G04 Bamboo Japanese Tree 180 cm Green

V 1054G02 Bamboo Japanese Bush 140 cm Green


V 1054G05 Bamboo Japanese Tree 150 cm Green


Jackfruit 61

V 5453001 Jackfruit Bush 100 cm Green

V 5453002 Jackfruit Tree 180 cm Green


Ficus Elastica

V 5426005 Ficus Elastica Crown 180 cm Green

V 5426006 Ficus Elastica Root 200 cm Green

V 5426002 Ficus Elastica Plant 120 cm Green 63

Ficus Lyrata

V 5427006 Ficus Lyrata Nidra 250 cm Green

V 5427007 Ficus Lyrata Bush Small 120 cm Green

V 5427005 Ficus Lyrata Step Tree 200 cm Green 64

Split Philo Climber

V 5411GRN Split Philo Climber 250 cm Green 65


V 5466001 Philodendron Lux 200 cm Green

V 5410GRN Philodendron Selloum 200 cm Green

V 5442001 Split Philo Plant 120 cm Green

V 5466GRN Philodendron Plant 180 cm Green



Tr u n k s

V 1063B03 Aralia Malabar 170 cm Burgundy

V 5299002 Croton Mash Root 250 cm Multicolor

V 1052001 Schefflera Gigantea 200 cm Green

V 5299005 Croton Robusta 180 cm Multicolor V 5404GRN Alocasia Calidora 180 cm Green 68


V 5444GRN Areca 170 cm Green

V 5444001 Areca Lux 200 cm Green

V 1016A16 Majesty Queen Palm 300 cm Green 69

V 4175002 Kentia Palm Lux 260 cm Green

V 4175GRN Kent ia Palm 180 cm Gr een

Green V 5434GRN Kentia Palm 160 cm


Cycas Baby

V 4222A13 Cycas Baby Drago 250 cm Green

V 4222A15 Cycas Baby Lux 150 cm Green

V 5405GRN Cycas Palm 160 cm Green


Phoenix Palm

1065002 Phoenix Palm 200 cm Green


V 5416005 Cordyline Plant 160 cm Variegated

V 5416003 Cordyline Drago 220 cm Variegated

V 5409001 Papyrus Royal Lux 190 cm Green

V 5416004 Cordyline Plant 120 cm Variegated

V 5409GRN Papyrus Royal 170 cm Green 73

V 4232B03 Yucca Linearis Set x 3 - 200 cm Burgundy 74

Tr o p i c s




V 5468GRN Strelizia Plant 160 cm Green

V 5467GRN Strelizia Plant 100 cm Green V 5469GRN Strelizia Plant 190 cm Green

V 5441GOR Strelizia Plant 170 cm Green Orange

V 5417GRN Honey Grass 140 cm Green

V 5415GRN Calathea 140 cm Green 76

V 5431GRD Anthurium 110 cm Green Red V 5429GRN Aloe Vera 110 cm Green

V 5432GRN Dracaena Surculosa 110 cm Green V 5435GRN Zamiifolia Bush 110 cm Green


V 4493GRN Boxwood Sphera Ø 60 h. 160 cm Green

V 5425001 Sempervivum Plant 180 cm Green

V 5418001 Coral Plant 180 cm Green

V 1055002 Boxwood French Ball Ø 70 h. 140 cm Green




E c h everi a S u c c u l en t 79

V 5419M01 Echeveria Bush Lux 140 cm Multicolor

V 5419M02 Echeveria Bush 120 cm Multicolor

V 5421M01 Echeveria Plant Lux 170 cm Multicolor V 5419M03 Echeveria Fence 1 m. lin. 130 cm Multicolor 80

S e m i n a t u r a l M i n i a t u r e s

V 1046B56 Maple Root Mini 150 cm Burgundy 81

V 1046M56 Maple Root Mini 150 cm Multicolor

V 1060012 Podocarpus Root Mini 150 cm Green

V 1064004 Ficus Retusa Root Mini 150 cm Green

V 1046G56 Maple Root Mini 150 cm Green

V 1051018 Ficus Panda Root Mini 150 cm Green 82

V 1046G55 Maple Robustina 100 cm Green V 1046B55 Maple Robustina 100 cm Burgundy

V 1063B01 Aralia Robustina 100 cm Burgundy

V 1060011 Podocarpus Robustina 100 cm Green

V 1046M55 Maple Robustina 140 cm Multicolor 83

V 1048035 Olive Robustina 100 cm Green

V 1064003 Ficus Retusa Robustina 100 cm Green

V 1051017 Ficus Panda Robustina 100 cm Green

V 5449001 Thuja Robustina 100 cm Green

V 5302001 Laurel Robustina 100 cm Green

V 4008A28 Dracaena Reflexa Robustina 100 cm Green

V 4009A28 Dracaena Reflexa Robustina 100 cm Variegated


Vertical Gardens Designing the Fourth Dimension A perfect solution for saving space and feeling immersed in nature within the walls of your house, office, etc. Vertical Gardens redefine the idea of space itself. Whereas traditional dĂŠcor utilize surface and structure to occupy space, this new breakthrough in garden design provides a great opportunity to create a lighter and wider environment while maintaining a powerful and sublime atmosphere. Indeed, width become length and long becomes large! Vertical Gardens reshape the coordinate system of space inspiring new groundbreaking dimensions of design.

Fe r n Ro c k



Mossy Gardens


Moss Mix


Moss Mix Buxifolia Moss Mix Bamboo

Moss Mix Dracaena

Moss Mix Cycas


Moss Mix Gynkgo

Moss Mix Ivy

Moss Mix Maple Moss Mix Longifolia


Vertical Garden Evolution : Simplicity and fantasy reunited for a pleasing, grandiose effect. Vertical Garden Evolution, is the latest addition to our established collection, offers an assortment of various irregular growth of plants and hangings of different shades of green and flowers, customizable according to the clients’ desires. While maintaining an easy-looking, elegant structure this new development in Vertical Garden design will create a natural, fascinating atmosphere.









S t y l i s h


G a r d e n s


Ve r t i c a l 101

Fo r e s t 102



V 1068008 Myrsifolia Multistep 180 cm Green


inspired nature inspired byby nature

greenliving living harmony green harmony and sustainability sustainability environmentand environment

idealforforourourtime time ideal authenticItalian Italiandesign design authentic “Artee eNatura... Natura... “Arte perfettaarmonia” armonia” ininperfetta

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