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The agency.ibz

born about the idea to connect the great

business opportunities offered on a growth market as Ibiza. With investors around Europe. If we link this market with the great ideas demand that we find in the rest of Europe (Belgium, Holland, France, UK), We will find a perfect balance between the commercial potential of our company and knowledge of “know how” on the market of Ibiza , and therefore in the rest of Spain. If we analyze the social-economic situation of Spain nowadays we will find a field apt for foreign investment in the services sector. With a lot of positive variables:

 .low wages

.high ratio of amortization for investment

 .ease of business

.low cost of implementation

.etc ...

 .institutional support

From the sum of all these variables born the idea of creating a strategy and marketing company based in Belgium but focused action in Ibiza.

Our company offers many services related to the brand image and development of it in Ibiza, under normal situation, that would represent a significant investment, but through our organization these cost will be reduced considerably. Next, we will detail each of our services, and make a brief introduction of the company.

1.- Strategic marketing 2.- Business model 3.- Feasibility plan 4.- Project management 5.- Seo, community management 6.- Other services

1.- Strategic marketing 





developing an effective strategy to achieve target customer.

Attributes positioning: study the target market and release the most efficient actions to get the highest market share.

Generation customer offer brand & target set: once we know our customer preferences and how to satisfy them. We can raise the most direct actions. (avoiding unnecessary expenses for the company)

Boost business and optimization of campaign. We know our products who are interested in. It's time to develop a sales campaign aimed directly target market

2.-Business model 

Business model analysis and weaknesses location: to make the most advantage strategic decision of the knowledge of our target market.

Outlining display and business model: to analyses all the structure of our company, the real scope of the business.

Methodology for regeneration of business model: to define all the weakness and strongness of our business model, and change the wrong link to save investments and make more productivity our human resources.

Internet business model design

3.-Feasibility plan 

Creation new lines of business: Creation new lines of business not usually used to increase cash flow to re-invert it on the main business or open new niches market.

Enhance and optimize rentability: Analyses profitability of the company, analyzing in depth the sales process & locating strengths and weaknesses across those projects to choose the best way to delete these weaknesses points (with the best decisions).

4.-Project management •

Control and monitoring of all types of projects

Advisory in creation and development of new business

Budget control business (general and// focused)

5.-Seo, community management •

Improvement brand web

Control and use as tools networks on business expansion

Search engine optimization.

Web designs

…Other services • Concierge • Real state • Vip services • General outsoarcing • Translations • Hospitality

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