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Let's unveil Tunisia! Easy Event Tozeur

5 reasons to come to Tunisia 1. Unique mixture of arabian atmosphere & european standard 2. Clean & Safe 3. Close, 2 hours flight from Europe 4. Very attractive prices 5. Professional european DMC partner, codex experienced

General Information • Area: 162,155 sq.Km • Coast line: 1,298 Km • Climate: Mediterranean (semi-arid in the interior, arid in the south) • Average temperatures: December 11.4°C / July 29.3°C • Population: 10.5 Million inh. • Official language: Arabic • Time zone: GMT + 1 • Capital: Tunis • Main cities: Sfax, Tunis, Sousse, Béja, Bizerte, Nabeul, Tozeur, Mednine,… • Currency: Tunisian Dinar (TND) • Public Holiday: March 20 (Indep., 1956) • Religion: Moslems (98% of pop.), Jews, Christians

Things to know • Language: The Tunisian people converse in the Arabic language yet many speak French fluently. English, German and Italian are often spoken. • Telephone: Country code 216 + number (8 digits) • Exchange: The Tunisian Dinar is divided into 1,000 milimes. It may neither imported nor exported. Traveller‘s and Euro Cheques are accepted. • Credit cards accepted: Visa, MasterCard, Eurocard, Amex, Diner’s Club. • Shortest travel time by plane: Tunis-Rome 1h Tunis-Barcelona 1h 50 Tunis-Madrid 2h 15 Tunis-Paris 2h10 Tunis-Frankfurt 2h30

Tunis-Brussels Tunis-London Tunis-Cairo Tunis-Copenhagen Tunis-Jeddah

2h 40 2h 50 3h 05 3h 30 4h 20

• International airports: Tunis, Monastir, Djerba, Sfax, Enfidha, Tabarka, Tozeur, Gafsa

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MICROSOFT, Germany DEUTSCHE BANK, Berlin EISAI, Germany DEBITEL VODAFONE, Germany IVECO, Germany GENERALI, Slovenia D&B, Italy ENEL, Italy STRYKER, Italy AUTODESK Sweden & Europe SUTTER, Italy PROMEGA, France GOLDSTAR, France AUTODESK Germany DANONE, Germany BNP Paribas


Facts •


4 Days / 3 Nights

• Participants

30 pax

• Destination


• Location


• Target group


• Hotels

5* Palm Beach Palace or

4* Ras El Aïn

Program • 1st day:

Arrival at Tozeur Airport 4WD Excursion to Ong Jmal - Star Wars Option: SELF DRIVE 4WD Excursion to Star Wars Sun downer Open Bar on the Dunes Dinner under Bedouin Tents in Desert Option: Overnight in the Desert. Check In Hotel

• 2nd day:

AM: Horse Carriage to Palmgroove of Tozeur / Old Medina / SAHARA LOUNGE Team Building (Zip Line, Adventure Parcours & Climbing Walls) at SAHARA LOUNGE Pic Nic Barbecue in Palmgroove SAHARA LOUNGE PM: Free. Option 1: Bedouin Olympics at SAHARA LOUNGE Option 2: Quads & Buggies Excursion to the Desert Buffet Dinner at Hotel Option: Dinner around the pool at Hotel

• 3rd day:

Full Day 4WD Rally Excursion to Mountain Oasis Option: SELF DRIVE 4WD Rally Excursion to Mountain Oases Lunch at Tamerza Palace (Terrasses de Latlas) Gala Dinner TOTAL WHITE in Palmgroove. Option: Gala Dinner TOTAL WHITE at Hotel

• 4th day:


First Class Hotels in Tozeur Welcome to Tozeur

5* Palm Beach Palace 122 Rooms + 6 Suites + 1 Presidential

• The hotel is overlooking TOZEUR Palm Groove • SPA heaven… • The high-level culinary options are wide-ranging in this hotel, which has 3 restaurants and 2 bars.

• There are also facilities specially designed for events like conventions, congresses and incentive travel

Impressions “Palm Beach Palace ”

Impressions “Palm Beach Palace ”

“Palm Beach Palace ” Meeting Room

4* Ras El Aïn 120 Rooms + 23 Suites  Nestling in a magnificent garden facing Tozeur's palm oasis, beside the majestic landscapes of the desert, the Hotel Ras El Ain promises a cool and comfortable stay in the heart of the Tunisian south.

 Three kilometres from Tozeur airport, close to the town centre, the hotel is ideally located to make the most of your Saharan stay.

Impressions “Ras El Aïn”

Impressions “Ras El Aïn”

“Ras El Aïn” Meeting Room

Day 1

Destination Europe / Oasis Tozeur : 2 hours 30 Minutes by plane

Welcome to TOZEUR ! • At the crossroad of civilisations, where the Oases - symbols of life thwart the salted immensity of the deserts by forming an unreal and magical border, Tozeur offers its guests an incomparable setting. • In the town, which counts some forty three thousand inhabitants, the buildings are in perfect harmony with the colour of the sand. No house and no hotel in the town can exceed the height of a full-grown palm tree, a blessed tree that towers above all and any human-made construction. Indeed, this is a venerated tree, throughout Tunisia, a country that counts some two hundred and sixty different varieties of it.

Impression «Tozeur»

Impression «Tozeur»

Desert Experience

Ong Jmal

Star Wars

Open Bar on the Dunes !

Dinner under Bedouin Tent in the Desert !

BĂŠdouin Band for entertainement

Overnight in the Desert !

Overnight in the Desert !

Day 2

Breakfast in the Desert !

Horse Carriage to Palmgroove

Old Medina

SAHARA LOUNGE Event Location



Pic Nic Lunch at SAHARA LOUNGE


Team Building: Bedouin Olympics

Team Building: Bedouin Olympics

Team Building: Bedouin Olympics

Quads & Buggies

Day 3


Lunch Tamerza Palace

Red Lizard Train

Gala Dinner “ White Night“ •

Lampions, torches and candles will illuminate the white tables.

Your guest are invited to dress in white

After an international dinner the dance floor under the oriental sky will be opened by a traditional drummers group

Total White Dinner in Palmgroove

Total White Dinner in Palmgroove

Disco in Palmgroove

Total White Dinner at Hotel

Total White Dinner under Ca誰dal Tent

Gala Dinner Total White

Day 4


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