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Use Almond Oil To Moisturize The Skin Use almond oil to moisturize the skin prevents pregnancy stretch marks? Myth Stretch marks occur in people prone to them. Women who used moisturizers can have streaks and women who have not used may not have. Anyway, it is recommended to deep hydration of the skin because it can help prevent them, but they are not sure that they will not appear creams for stretch marks work? Myth Creams for stretch marks currently marketed not end up with stretch marks because they are irreversible. Even the base of fatty creams, formulated by physicians, and that they are more active substances in commercial creams, has only an effect of improvement on the appearance of stretch marks. Toiletries too bad for the skin? Truth The water does not hurt the skin but excessive use of soaps can remove the layer of grease required for maintaining the integrity of the skin, causing your dryness, especially in the elderly and in cities with dry climate. Warm baths increase the oiliness of skin? Truth In people with oily skin, the hot water can stimulate the secretion of sebum in most areas of oily skin passing saline skin does well?

Myth Saline is just salt water, has no beneficial effect on the skin. are sympathies to treat warts work? Truth Sympathies may work for some people. Warts are caused by viruses. Sympathies cause a self-suggestion that the person will be cured. This can stimulate your immune system to fight the virus, eliminating the warts.

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