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INTRODUCING CatalaseNow hair supplements

Supplements for hair growth

PRODUCT CatalaseNow hair supplements • CatalaseNow is a new product with Catalase, a powerful super antioxidant. • It supports better looking and thicker hair. • Apart from Catalase, it contains a range of minerals and vitamins for hair growth and thickness. • The CatalaseNow natural formula feeds hair from the inside out.

INGREDIENTS CatalaseNow hair supplements CatalaseNow contains herbal, plant and mineral additives  that support more vibrant and thicker hair. It includes: • Catalase • Copper • Vitamin B6 • Fo Ti  • Biotin • L-Tyrosine  • Folic Acid

CATALASE CatalaseNow hair supplements CatalaseNow hair supplement contains a high  concentration of Catalase enzyme a powerful  antioxidant which is studied for its ability to  protect cells from the toxic effect of hydrogen  peroxide, the culprit to why human hair turns gray.  Read more about it here.

USAGE CatalaseNow hair supplements Take two CatalaseNow Super Premium Vitamin Catalase  capsules together every day, after a meal.  The hair supplements might promote more youthful and  thicker hair.   Customer experiences have shown that results vary  depending on the individual — some start to see results  as soon as 8 weeks while others may take up to 12 weeks.

TESTIMONIALS CatalaseNow hair supplements • “Believe me, I am not advertising this product, but the results are really awesome. I am really happy with the product as my hair getting full black gradually and result made me very happy. :) • This is my second order of 3 bottles and still I have some gray hair on my beard and chest and head waiting for the gray hair to be turned to black. Ii will keep posting my result time to time so that it helps other peoples also.” Devendra V • “Love the product!!! Been using it for years now and my hair feels great!” - anonymous • “I hooked! I can't live without them...they make my hair beautiful! I love the way it has improved the thickness, shine, body and overall health of my hair!” - Theresa • “Easy shopping and satisfied with product and delivery time.” Mark

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Catalasenow Stimulate your hair follicles with CatalaseNow, based on a Super Premium vitamin formula. Catalase enzyme helps...

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