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C’EST TOI by Roser Texidó, Jaume Fargas Fiction Estimated time: 74’ Original language: Spanish Budget: 180.000€ Funding confirmed: 100.000€ Selected at: Script Sessions by Sources2 and MEDIA 2017, Coproduction Forum in BeFilmFest 2018, ConunPack pitch 2018.

About a Bycicle Production company based in Barcelona, founded by professionals related to cinema and TV in 2015, that joins to create stories. From documentaries, feature films, arthouse cinema, shorts and more, always from the passion for the seventh art, sensitivity and a curious sense of humor. Its first feature film, Lluc Sky Walker (2016), was awarded and selected at several international festivals as in USA, France, Lithuania and Spain.

A tarot reader reveals to Sandra that the man of her life i s French. From then on, a wild search will lead her into the arms of the unexpected man. C’est toi is a romantic comedy that follows the love affairs of Sandra, who after being told in a tarot consultation that the man of her life is French, ends up turning everything related to France into an obsession. The story takes place in Barcelona, showing its most emblematic locations, the charm of its narrow streets and clima, but also the catalan tradition of human towers, considered a world heritage site. C’est toi deals with a subject as controversial as the biological clock of women. Although relationships have evolved, it is still difficult for women to ignore the personal and social pressure when our time to conceive is coming to an end. C’est toi treats it with humor, but if beyond the laughter, C’est toi awakens a certain reflection in the minds of the viewers with regard to the conception of certain experiences, all the effort will have been worthwhile.

CONTACT Sandra Reina sandra@aboutabicycle.com


EACH OF US by Anne Zohra Berrached

Claudia Llosa (tbc), Anna Jadowska, Stina Werenfels Fiction Estimated time: 115’ Original language: English, Spanish, German, French, Polish, Catalan Budget: 4.860.540€ Funding confirmed: 550.000€ Partners already attached: Televisión Española, Development Fund Europa Creativa, Development Fund Claims Conference. Selected at: Berlinale Talents Project Market, Les Arcs Co-Production Village, Sources2 Screenwriting Development Workshop, L’Alternativa Mentoring Projects

Four women fight for their survival as human beings, each of them with her own strategy, in the dehumanising apparatus that a concentration camp is.


1945, Ravensbrück. One hundred thousand women from 42 different nationalities coexist in the only all-women concentration camp in Nazi Germany. This is the story of four of them: Gertrud, a German petty criminal working as a Kapo, who slips further and further into brutality in order to stay alive and find her son outside the camp. Leah, a Jewish medicine student, survives using her individual value as a nurse, staying in the shadows and expressing herself through hidden art. Aga is a “rabbit” – one of the Polish women who suffer sadistic experiments by the SS doctors. Despite being one of the most vulnerable ones, she finds the courage to stand up. And finally, Mar – a Catalan communist committed to resistance and sabotage who has to adopt her friend’s daughters after she is murdered in the camp, finding herself torn between responsibilities. How to retain humanity in this extreme situation is the question that each of them will answer in their own way.

Alhena Productions

Alhena aims to produce authentic and unique films with personal-print but international heart. His previous films have premiered at festivals such as San Sebastian, Sitges, Locarno or Sundance.

Alhena Production Norbert Llaràs nllaras@alhena.cat


ELS ENCANTATS by Elena Trapé Fiction Estimated time: 90’ Original language: Catalan

Irene takes refuge in a small mountain village after her recent breakup in order to escape a new, overwhelming life. The stillness of the place, the nature and company of Gina, a young woman who has just recovered from a serious illness, will help to give Irene a more constructive perspective of her life and confront this new phase more confidently.

Budget: 1.580.000€ Funding confirmed: 250.000€ Partners already attached: ICEC, Televisió de Catalunya

Coming Soon

Coming Soon focuses on the production of independent films by young authors and directors with a new and original outlook, who are open to the public and keen on being present in leading festivals. Coming Soon seeks coproductions with European and Latin American companies to implement projects aimed at the International market.

Coming Soon Films Marta Ramírez mramirez@comingsoonfilms.

Elena Trapé After getting a degree in Art History by the UAB, and having coursed a master in Cultural Management in 2000, Elena Trapé entered the ESCAC determined to be a film director. In 2004 she graduated in Cinema Direction with the project I don’t want the night, her first short film, for which she received several awards. Pyjamas (2008), was her second short film (Gijon Film Festival, Valencia Cinema Jove festival, etc.). In 2010 her first feature film, Blog, was released at the San Sebastian International Film Festival (Zabaltegi Section) winning the Otra Mirada Award and nominated as Best Breakout Director at the CEC Prizes. In 2015 she directed the documentary Palabras, Mapas, Secretos y Otras cosas, about the cinema director Isabel Coixet, premiered in Malaga Film Festival 2015. In 2018, Distances, her second feature film, was premiered in Malaga Film Festival, where it won Best Film, Best Director and Best Actress wards. It was also awarded for Best Film in Guadí Awards and in Sant Jordi Awards. It’s been screened in Festivas such as Busan Film Festival, El Cairo Film Festival, Nantes, Cinespaña Tolouse, etc. It was released in Spain in September 2018.


MAGALUF GHOST TOWN by M. A. Blanca Documentary Estimated time: 90’ Original language: English, Spanish, Russian Budget: 212.734€ Funding confirmed: 167.034€ Partners already attached: Mosaic Producciones (Spain), Little Big Story (France), Movistar+, RTS, IB3, France Télévision Selected at: XII Miradas Doc, DocsBarcelona 2018 , Foro Lau Haizetara, EDN Docs in Thessalonki, Sheffield Meet Market, WiP Abycine Lanza 2020

Boogaloo Films Is a creative group that spearheads new forms of production and storytelling. Their commitment goes through the reflection of current issues, with a vocation for internationalization of young talent, without forgetting risk and creative and artistic points of view.

Very strange things are happening in this coastal, Balearic region. It smells like urine and blood — police cars and ambulances pass and no one cares. There are screams in the middle of the night but one can’t tell if they are screams of joy or cries for help... Magaluf is a small, sleepy seaside town that many have labeled the “Balearic Twin Peaks.” Magaluf and its citizens struggle between daily doom and the true happiness of vacation. It’s become the European model of low-cost tourism based on its wild night- life. Millions of tourists, mostly British and from the Nordic countries, invade Magaluf’s streets during summer as if they were specters that transform public space into a lawless theme park. Meanwhile, Magaluf’s inhabitants attempt to deal with overwhelming tourism that at once feels like an invasion yet brings millions of Euros to the restaurant and nightlife sector, provides work for everyone, and opportunities for many people that couldn’t survive outside Magaluf. Magaluf Ghost Town depicts a community during off season, and a different one during peak season. It keeps a mysterious tone similar to a thriller but with- out loosing off sight the art of comedy by mixing documentary with fiction. It’s a story about the inter- national effect on a place’s dreams—a place that can only survive within its touristy context. It’s a reflec- tion on what it means to be a tourist in Europe.

Boogaloo Films Bernat Manzano bernat@boogaloofilms.com


MATRIA by Álvaro Gago Fiction Estimated time: 95’

Ramona lives in a Galician village under the status quo of her family and workplace. Always ready to sacrifice everything for her daughter’s future, she will be pushed to look inside and to think that, perhaps, there might be something new to live for.

Original language: Galician Budget: 808.536€ Funding confirmed: 118.536€ Partners already attached: Matriuska Producciones, Avalon P.C, Avalon D.A. Selected at: MFI Script Lab, La Incubadora-The Screen, TIFF Academy, Cinemed From Short to Long

Ringo Media Since the company opened in 2017, Ringo Media has released several projects such as the short film MATRIA, directed by Alvaro Gago and winner of the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance 2018, the documentary KIBERA SAUTI, which premiered at the THESSALONIKI DOCUMENTARY FILM FESTIVAL 2018 or the short film THE ACCIDENT directed by Marta Font.

Álvaro Gago

Álvaro Gago studied Communication and Music in Galicia, Drama in Chicago and Filmmaking in London, where he established himself as a director and editor while teaching at the Young Film School and organizing the Galician Film Forum. In 2017 he directed the 2019 Goya-nominated short film “Matria”, which won him over seventy awards including the 2018 Sundance Grand Jury Prize. That year he edited “Trote”, Xacio Baño’s first film, which had its world premiere at the 2018 Locarno Film Festival and its Spanish premiere at the 2018 San Sebastián Film Festival. His follow-up short film, “16 de decembro”, premiered at the 2019 Locarno Film Festival and was screened at the 2019 AFI Fest and 2020 Clermont-Ferrand amongst others. He is currently working on the script of his first feature film titled “Matria”.

Ringo Media Mireia Graell mireia@ringomediabcn.com


MEN’S KITCHEN by Sílvia Subirós Documentary Estimated time: 80’ Original language: Catalan Budget: 176.000€ Funding confirmed: 137.900€ Partners already attached: ICAA, Ajuntament de Figueres Selected at: Medimed, D’A Pedrera Lab

Cornelius Films

Cornelius Films is a production company created in 2009 that aims to develop and produce film projects of fiction, documentary and animation. Currently, Cornelius is producing the first season of the animated TV series “Mironins” with the support of TVE, TVC and Ketnet. Previous projects are the feature film, “Frontera” (2013) and documentary “Metamorphosis” (2016) among others.

Kitchens have always been a domestic territory typically associated with women. However, as the culinary world professionalized –and thus entered the public sphere– it didn’t leave a lot of room for female cooks. From history books to reality shows, from royal courts to the great nouvelle cuisine chefs, male names have always taken the spotlight. With my personal history as a starting point and the support from archival material from different times, I use my family history (a lineage of chefs from l’Alt Empordà that marked the tradition of Catalan cuisine) as a springboard to construct a critical and searing interpretation of culinary tradition and the way women’s role in it has been rendered invisible.

Sílvia Subirós Film Director and Screenwriter. She holds a Master’s degree in Creative Documentary. Her first short, “The age of the sun” (2010), was selected Best Shortfilm (Alcances Festival, Cádiz) and Best New Director (Sitges Film Festival). She codirected the short FILMA with Florencia Aliberti, which premiered at l’Alternativa (Barcelona Independent Film Festival). Her first feature, “The Festival of Lies”, won her the Docs in Progress at Visions du Réel (Switzerland, 2015) and was selected by the Norwich Radical Film Festival, among others. Codirection “Can Gardell” (2020) is her latest short.

Cornelius Films Mikel Mas mikelmas@corneliusfilms.com

Postproduction Development

MUYERES by Marta Lallana Documentary Estimated time: 90’ Original language: Spanish Budget: 574.780€ Funding confirmed: 87.440€ Selected at: Cinespañalab 2020, Malaga Work In Progress (2020) REC Primer Tall (2019), FIDBA, Margins Work (2019).

Corte y Confección Production company specialized in genre and art-house films, its main activity is the production of feature-length films, TV Series and documentaries. Our target is to produce quality genre and auteur movies with worldwide economic relevance. We work in tight collaboration with writers and directors, in order to establish longlasting relationships and develop more ambitious and international projects. We are used to work in coproduction with other companies.

In the Asturian mountains of Cangas de Narcea live the last guardians of a centuries-old tradition, the oral transmission of songs, romances and legends. These women were taught by their ancestors, but now no one continues their legacy and their voices are muted. A visitor comes to the valley with an old recording device that guards the voices of theses women recorded years ago. Obsessed with these deep songs, he decides to start his search in order to find them.

Marta Lallana

In 2017 she graduates in Audiovisual Communication and Film Direction at Pompeu Fabra University (2017). From 2016 to 2019, she writes and directs her first film OJOS NEGROS. Produced by Nanouk Films and distributed by Filmin. Winner of the Silver Biznaga for Best Spanish movie at the Málaga Festival in 2019. The film was premiered in Official Competition at the BAFICI Festival among other festivals. Muyeres will be her second feature film.

Corte y Confección de Películas Oriol Maymó oriol@corteyconfeccion.net


OLE MI COÑO by Patricia Franquesa Documentary

Budget: 190.000€

OLE MI COÑO is a cinematic riposte to the stalker who stole my laptop and revealed my intimate photos. A documentary thriller on how I embark into a terrible blackmail situation. Shame, anger, and distress caused by months of brutal extortion transform into the need of sharing my experience. Realizing the inefficiencies of the legal process, I start my own investigation on the dangers and challenges of personal data as a tool of control in our actual society.

Funding confirmed:28.500€

Patricia Franquesa

Estimated time: 75’ Original language: Catalan, Spanish, English

Partners already attached: Ringo Media Selected at: Source 2 Media Creative Europe

Gadea Films Gadea Films is a multidisciplinary creative platform based in Barcelona with international projection aiming to enrich and produce creative and innovative stories that give meaning and direction to our time. Its first documentary LA MAMI has been selected at numerous festivals such as IDFA, SXSW or Moma DocFortnight.

With a Degree in Audiovisual Communication at Ramon Llull University and a MA in Creative Documentary from Pompeu Fabra University, Patricia has been part of the production team of the Heymann Brothers Films and Medalia Productions in Israel. In 2019 she produces with Laura Imperiale the feature length documentary LA MAMI (IDFA, SXSW, MoMA DocFortnight). Patricia has been selected as emerging producer at Locarno Match Me!, La Incubadora-The Screen and by Variety magazine mentioned as part of the rising swell of young female filmmakers now energizing Spanish cinema at big. Currently, she’s editing her first feature documentary film as a director OH DEAR SARA.

Gadea Films Patricia Franquesa patricia@gadeafilms.com


ROBIN BANK by Anna Giralt Documentary Estimated time: 80’ Original language: Catalan Budget: 350.000€ Funding confirmed: 330.000€ Partners already attached: IndiFilm, TV3, Arte, YLE, CH8, RTS Selected at: IDFA Forum

Gusano Films GusanoFilms it’s an audiovidual production company founded in 2008 by a team of professionals with wide experience in cinema and TV. After finishing several short films and documentaries working with other production companies, this team of directors, writers, photographers, designers, editors and producers was gathered to research and develop independent audiovisual projects outside of the maintream circuit.

ROBIN BANK is the story of a Catalan activist who committed one of the most controversial robberies of the last decade in Spain. Between 2005 and 2008 he took out loans of half a million euros which he never repaid. Instead, he used the money to fund social projects. After having been incarcerated for two months, he was released on bail, and while he was awaiting trial, he escaped the country, declaring himself a fugitive from the law. He stated that he committed the robbery as an act of civil disobedience to reveal the bad practices of the banking system and also, to encourage people to think differently and join him in his effort to create another, more equal and sustainable world. The movie will reconstruct the robbery with animation and will discover the person behind it through several phone calls maintained with the character from his hiding place. ROBIN BANK is a hybrid documentary that moves between the idealistic dreams of this activist and the reality.

CONTACT Jorge Caballero jcaballeroramos@gmail.com


SINJAR by Anna M. Bofarull Fiction Estimated time: 110’ Original language: Kurdish, Arabic, Catalan, Spanish Budget: 1.133.000€ Funding confirmed: 833.000€ Partners already attached: ICEC, TV3, coproducer Genius at Large (USA) Selected at: L’Atélier - Cinéfondation Cannes 2019, European Work In Progress Cologne (2020), Sources 2, Fundación Sgae, Fest Forward Women in Film (Belgrad), Fest Pitching Forum (Portugal), Abycine Lanza.

Sinjar, Iraq, 2014. As ISIS soldiers invade the city on a genocidal campaign against Kurdish-speaking Yazidis, HADIA and her children, including her teenage daughter ARJIN, are captured, separated and sold into slavery by European-born ISIS soldier MARC. Meanwhile, in Barcelona, Marc’s mother CARLOTA comes out of her ignorance of reality to face her caring son’s sudden disappearance. Sold to an abusive Syrian couple, Hadia endures rape and physical abuse to protect her remaining younger children. Arjin escapes sexual slavery and, despite a great sense of fear and confusion, is impelled by a force inside her to join the Kurdish militia. On the European front, Carlota struggles to unravel the mystery of Marc’s departure to join ISIS, which forces her to confront her inner demons. As Carlota searches to uncover the truth, Hadia faces an ever-increasing mother’s nightmare that takes her to the brink of desperation, and Arjin is challenged to reach into the depths of her being for strength to face the enemy that destroyed her family. How far will Arjin, Hadia and Carlota go for the ones they love?

KaBoGa Art & Films

Based in Barcelona, KaBoGa is a production company dedicated to truthful storytelling of universal interest. KaBoGa projects have strong social themes, and always reflect a fresh, sensitive, feminine and daring spirit.

KaBoGa Art & Films Anna M. Bofarull abofarull@kaboga.eu

Profile for Catalan Films & TV

Matchmakings Catalan Films & TV at Sitges 2020  


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