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We’re delighted and proud to present in Rotterdam 5 feature films and 2 shorts. A substantial part of Catalan cultural output has always been in the vanguard of artistic movements, without making concessions to commercial demands. The selection of films at Rotterdam Int’l Film Festival highlights the daring and innovative approach by many of the new generation of Catalan filmmakers: original, different, artistic and yet extremely engaging. We invite you to discover the fascinating physical and intellectual landscapes of Catalan cinema as well as meeting our young new talents at Rotterdam Lab or the more experienced producers at Cinemart. Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information about coproducing with Catalonia or our filmography. Enjoy the Catalan films! Catalan Films & TV Catalan Institute for Cultural Companies Government of Catalonia


Catalan Films at International Film Festival Rotterdam 2019 Catalan Films Selected Catalan Companies Attending Cinemart Screenings Schedule

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Els dies que vindran The Days to Come by Carlos Marqués-Marcet


Produced by Lastor Media, Avalon PC Sales Agent Film Factory Contact Synopsis The days to come is the detailed account of a couple’s pregnancy. Over nine months they will have to learn what it will mean to be three, despite not having had the time to learn how to be two yet. Taking advantage of the actor’s true pregnancy, the film explores just how difficult it can be to share the process of this profoundly transformative experience with another. Screenings Sat 26 Jan | 13:30 | Doelen Willem Burger Zaal Tue 29 Jan | 11:00 | Doelen Willem Burger Zaal Thu 31 Jan | 19:45 | Pathé 5 Fri 1 Feb | 10:00 | Doelen Jurriaanse Zaal Sat 2 Feb | 16:30 | LantarenVernster 5



Une historie sans destin A History Without Destiny by Enrique Ramirez


Produced by Co Producciones, Villa la brugère, CNAP, La noche del ultimo dinosaurio Sales Agent Jiraffa Contact Synopsis Diary of an imaginary man. The four hundred days, the twenty five days left were discussing who stepped foot on the moon first, the submarines listened to the conversations of fishes, waiting for war to break out, somewhere else in the world. ‘A Story With No Destiny’ is about the construction of a new state of affairs. The reconstruction of an imaginary utopia, where the worlds and conquests of land intermingle in a narrative endowed with certain conscious and organised anarchism. The images of this film will allow us to travel to an apparently just world. It will make us believe in the possibility of building a new territory. A new imaginary. A new world where nothing and everything is possible. Screenings Sat 26 Jan | 12:15 | Cinerama 3 Sun 27 Jan | 21:00 | LantarenVenster 2 Thu 31 Jan | 21:00 | LantarenVenster 3



Love Me Not by Lluís Miñarro


Produced by Lluís Miñarro, Piano Producciones Sales Agent Reel Suspects Contact Synopsis A subversively inventive film where comedy and melodrama mould together. Set in a metaphorical war in the Middle East, Salomé – beyond Oscar Wilde – is a soldier in love with someone who couldn’t be less appropriate. Eros and Thanatos travel together to remind us that truth is based on beauty and love. The film also explores the autarky of cinematic images. A reverie on the edge of ambivalence and gender. Screenings Sat 26 Jan | 17:30 | Pathé 6 Sun 27 Jan | 16:00 | LantarenVenster 2 Mon 28 Jan | 16:15 | Cinerama 7 Fri 1 Feb | 12:00 | Pathé 3



Entre dos aguas Between Two Waters by Isaki Lacuesta


Produced by La Termita Films, BTeam Prods, Mallerich Films Paco Poch, Bord Cadre Films, All go movies, Sutido Indie Productions Sales Agent Filmax Contact Synopsis Isra and Cheíto are two Roma brothers: Isra was sent to prison for drug dealing and Cheíto signed up for the Marines. When Isra is released from prison and Cheíto returns from a long mission, they return to San Fernando. The reunion between the siblings brings memories of their father’s violent death when they were only boys. Twelve years have passed since La Leyenda del tiempo (The Legend of Time), Lacuesta’s film when Isra and Cheíto were teenagers. Now Isra returns to San Fernando to recover his wife and kids. But will he manage to go straight in a place with the highest unemployment rate in Spain? Their search for redemption, their need to sort out their lives and to find reconciliation between them unites Isra and Cheíto once again. Screenings Fri 25 Jan | 21:15 | Cinerama 3 Sun 27 Jan | 18:00 | LantarenVenster 1 Tue 29 Jan | 12:30 | Doelen Jurriaanse Zaal Thu 31 Jan | 16:45 | Cinerama 1



Carelia: internacional con monumento Karelia: International With Monument by AndrĂŠs Duque


Produced by Andrés Duque Contact Synopsis First part of a diptych dedicated to Karelia, a border region between Finland and Russia, and the homeland of the Karelians. Duque‘s essayist narrative portrays moments where the real and the fantastic of a culture come into conflict, “a hallucinated history of Karelia where different layers of time converge”. Karelia - which has belonged to Sweden, the Republic of Novgorod, Finland and Russia - is a region of contrasts due to its border dimension, cradle of Finnish literature and memory space of the wars and repressive policies of the last century. A family from a remote village preserves the vestiges of their ancestral and shamanic-culture; on the other side, the testimony of the daughter of a historian currently in prison. Both stories reflect and criticises Putin’s current actions to rewrite the history of Russia. Screenings Fri 25 Jan | 22:15 | Cinerama 6 Sat 26 Jan | 19:00 | LantarenVenster 3 Sun 27 Jan | 09:00 | Pathé 5 Tue 29 Jan | 10:15 | Pathé 6 Sat 2 Feb | 11:30 | Cinerama 2



No me despertÊis Don’t Wake Me Up by Sara Fantova

Produced by ESCAC Films Contact Screenings Fri 25 Jan | 21:45 | Cinerama 2 Sat 26 Jan | 13:15 | Cinerama 5 Tue 29 Jan | 13:45 | LantarenVenster 5


Synopsis Bilbao, 2009. Jone is a teenage girl studying on her 4th year of secondary school. At her school there is a strong activist and Basque nationalist atmosphere. One day, her father takes a political post in the Basque Government, which means needing a bodyguard and giving up the way of life the family had been able to enjoy until then.


the eyes empty and the pupils burning of rage and desire by Luis MacĂ­as

Produced by Secuencia Cero Contact secuenciacerofilms@ Screenings Sat 26 Jan | 20:30 | Kino 4 Sun 27 Jan | 12:45 | Kino 4

Synopsis Expanded cinema performance with two modified 16mm-projectors that reduce the essence of film and projection to the bare minimum: no image, sound or narrative. From frame to frame, the filmmaker balances on the edge in an improvisation comprised of light, dark and focus, with the film emulsion at a constant boiling point.

Luis Macias will also performe at the IFFR sound vision program on Thu 24 and will guide a hands-on workshop at WORM Filmwerkplaats on movement in the static image and the slide.


Professionals attending Cinemart

Ivet Castelo Director

Andrés Duque Filmmaker

Sara Fantova Director

Luis Macías Director

Carlos MarquesMarcet Director

Andrés Mellinas Nanouk Films Producer

Luis Miñarro Eddie Saeta Director and Producer

Joan Montesinos Eddie Saeta Director coordinator

Sergi Moreno Lastor Media Producer




Rotterdam Lab participants

Carolina Olivares

Andrea H. Catalá

Gerard Rodríguez

CO producciones


On-site contact for Catalan Films & TV The Catalan Institute for Cultural Companies (ICEC) is a public institution of the Government of Catalonia’s Ministry of Culture that looks after the development and the consolidation of the Catalan creative sectors as an uplift for its professionalization. ICEC advises and accompanies Catalan companies in their development process in several sectors such as: music, performing arts, visual arts, audiovisual, books and digital culture. Catalan Films & TV is the program used by ICEC for the international promotion of Catalan audiovisual industry. Catalan Films & TV aims to increase the participation of the Catalan audiovisual industry at international markets and to encourage the co-production and the distribution of Catalan projects.

Queralt Pons International Promotion

In addition, it also supports films and talent that have been selected to attend international festivals around the world and acts as the industry’s official representative at key festivals and markets.


Fri 25 Jan

Cinerama 3 12:15

A History Whithout Destiny

Beetween Two Waters

Cinerama 3 21:15

Karelia: International With Monument

Cinerama 6 22:15

Sun 27 Jan

Lantaren Venster1 18:00 Pathé 5 09:00

Love Me Not

Pathé 6 17:30

Lantaren Venster2 16:00

The Days to Come

Doelen Willem Burger Zaal 13:30

The Eyes Empty and the Pupils Burning of Rage and Desire

Cinerama 2 21:45


Lantaren Venster2 21:00

Lantaren Venster3 19:00

Don’t Wake Me Up


Sat 26 Jan

Cinerama 5 13:15 Kino 4 20:30

Kino 4 12:45

Cine 16:1

Mon 28 Jan

Tue 29 Jan

Thu 31 Jan

Fri 1 Feb

Sat 2 Feb

Lantaren Venster3 21:00 Doelen Jurriaanse Zaal 12:30

Cinerama 1 16:45

Pathé 6 10:15

Cinerama 2 11:30

erama 7 15

Pathé 3 12:00 Doelen Willem Burger Zaal 11:00

Pathé 5 19:45

Doelen Jurriaanse Zaal 10:00

Lantaren Venster5 16:30

Lantaren Venster5 13:45


Catalan Institute for Cultural Companies ICEC

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Profile for Catalan Films

Catalan Films @ International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) 2019  

Catalan Films @ International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) 2019  


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