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LOOKING THROUGH THE WINDOW ON... new faces & unfamiliar places The year to date finds the Pakenham ‘Compare Quotes’ Warriors in unfamiliar territory. To the Queen’s Birthday weekend break, the team has gone 9-3 and is on top of the ladder. With just one more win, Pakenham will have their most wins ever in a Big V season and there are still six matches to play. In previous years the challenge has been to get enough wins on the board to be a finals team. This year the goal has been to remain a competitive side that stays at the top of the ladder.

game. This year has seen an increase in scoring output too with new players Jed Bentley and Sav Lopez adding to the already existing depth off the bench.

What it all boils down to is that the players on this team back each other completely. On defence, we trust each other to be in the right positions and to give effort. Offensively, we know how to use the structure to get high percentage shots. We know that the scoring can come from anyone and the defence comes Gone is the underdog tag that the team has from all. previously relished in having. Now teams Going into the home stretch towards finals, we are gunning to take down a side that has know that we must work hard to maintain - and increasingly been cementing its place at the ultimately exceed - the high standard that we top, one tough weekly match-up at a time. The have set for ourselves. things that have been getting the team through these match-ups are solid team defence and depth. The new faces at the club this season have moulded almost seamlessly with the existing roster. The gaps have closed in all positions and levels of experience. Whilst these players are new to the club, they have been accepted whole-heartedly by the team due to their demonstrated commitment, effort, skill level and camaraderie with team mates. The new players are sharing their knowledge and skills for the better of the team. Jay Ferriere, Jimmy Topp, Jeff Reid and Jay Richardson all have a wealth of experience in the Big V. They are players who speak out when necessary and lead by example. This has contributed to an improvement in team communication, and ultimately, in team defence. This in turn has flipped the script on the team results. In 2012, the team allowed the most points in the league at almost 85 points per game. This season so far, the team is allowing just 65 points per

Let’s go Blue and Gold 2013!



ach off-season the talk and hype that surrounds player movement in any sport is normally blown out of proportion and while plenty of discussion is merely rumour or personal opinion as to how talented or how a potential new recruit may fit into a team we thought it would be interesting to find out how and why Warriors coach Ryan Rogers recruited the players he did to the club for the 2013 season. Announced as the new coach in September with the club coming off a horror 2012 season which included American player/coach Bayi Handy released mid season and both long term and bright youngsters considering their playing future, Rogers first task was to assess and secure the local contingent whilst identifying strengths and the role he could foresee for each in his structured system.

“The key thing was to keep the fabric of what Pakenham basketball was about but at the same time bring a new sense of professionalism and culture that would evolve around players who had experienced success yet personally had the drive to be in a picture for multiple years, said Rogers” Rogers spent hours reviewing 2012 game footage and analysing data from not only the Warriors 2012 campaign but since the teams inception in 2010 to pinpoint if there were consistent themes with player performance, development and retention. Take away the 2012 win/loss record there were some alarming stats that caught the new leaders eye, notably the 66.1 ppg the team averaged to the oppositions 84.4ppg along with the magnitude of the losses with 12 being in excess of 15 points. Further to this, 15 players who suited up for the club in the 2011 season didn’t return in 2012. “I didn’t have any preconceived ideas on players, so it was about clearing the slate, reaching out to some of those players from previous years to see why they moved on and being transparent as to how the returnees would fit in” said Rogers. So with the true local Pakenham guys all returning minus Daniel Jeavons, it was now a case of getting the right mix of talent and people who Rogers could see buying into his grand plans at his new home. “Jeavo was a tough one to swallow as he showed great promise in the footage I watched but once I had a feel for things, I knew this wasn’t going to be a complete rebuild, we needed some more pieces but ultimately 2012 could be erased from the memory bank if we got the right people” said Rogers. Every coach has needs and wants but with that comes some delicate points of how to attract players to the team who finished rock bottom in Division 2 the previous year, have no sponsorship base and are based 55 kilometres south-east of Melbourne.

“That’s why I took on the role, I’m a change merchant and what we needed and what I wanted all aligned as I left no stone unturned” said Rogers. Having 12 years of involvement within the BIG V from Championship level to Youth League along with a deep hunger for success he set out on a hunt to target some additional size and leadership whilst obviously working around location and how each foreign face could help with fast tracking particularly the younger locals. The thought process on each player... James Topp (right) - I was the coaching director at Sherbrooke when Toppy was playing U/18’s and he was always a mature head who unfortunately got disenchanted with basketball the last year. At 25 he’s in his prime and with a point to prove he was the perfect candidate to add size and scoring punch while having won a Youth League Championship back in 2008. Jay Ferriere - I remember watching Jay in 2003 as a 19 year old playing his first year of State Championship and we later crossed paths at Sherbrooke where he won a Division 1 title. He’s a player I have always admired and also left basketball early 2012 as he lost the drive to play at a big association. His leadership and family nature along with positionally adding direction at the point were telling factors. Jay Richardson - I coached Jay as a 14 year old at Sherbrooke and formed a close friendship. While he took the latter years of his juniors away from basketball before returning to play for me at Blackburn last year, he’s a tireless worker and the ultimate team guy. He never worries about his stat line and whilst undersized will always take the number one defensive assignment on opposing bigs. Jeff Reid (left) - I’ve sat on opposition benches seeing Reidy pour in 30’s and 40’s for a number of years and sometimes you just hit the jackpot. Jeff has played in the PDBA domestic competition for years and lives five minutes from the stadium whilst being good friends with Jay Ferriere and James Topp helped the cause. At 30 and after sitting out the best part of the last 18 months due to injury, he brought immediate leadership and has been a great role model for his teammates while the desire to win a title after 11 years in the BIG V is a key driver. Jed Bentley - I spotted Jed playing MMBL for Warrandyte where he knocked down six or seven threes and sought out who he was and where he has played previously. After not making the cut at Warrandyte in their Youth League team and seeing he had the motivation to prove a point, the rest is history.

Savin Lopez - Unlike all the new faces who I approached, Sav attended our try-outs in October and while looks are deceiving at 29 and without a BIG V career game to his name I knew he had talent. Being a mature aged rookie he has steadily adapted to playing structured basketball and has never put his own agenda before that of the team. So did he achieve what he set out to over the off-season period, the team gained experience, scoring punch along with some much needed defensive grunt. “We didn’t land the genuine big that the club has always lacked and not through lack of trying but truth be told when you reflect on the personnel we have and who we really pushed hard to bring in, I don’t think they would of fit in as it ultimately turned into being about how many cm’s over 200 the potentials were” said Rogers. “In the end, each of the new guys have been outstanding as have the established crew and when you define team, this group of players epitomise the true meaning.” Speaking on his thought process and how things have panned out star point guard Jay Ferriere couldn’t be happier with his choice to believe in the persistence Rogers showed, “It was all pretty simple. I had near zero interest in playing the game anymore, I really knew nothing of the team’s past (2-18), it was more the fact that I was approached to help develop the younger guys and provide leadership around the club. Coaches now a days are so eager to just get quick wins on the board by trying to buy teams & recruit over their juniors that I really respected Ryan’s long term philosophy and outlook - that was something I was eager to be a part of.” “Once I developed more of a relationship with Ryan, and then further meeting the fellas, I knew this was a place I would feel comfortable and felt there was a lot of potential within the team and club, it was just a case of bringing it all together. Once Jeff got on board everything just clicked and we’ve been rolling ever since. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to join the Warriors not just because of the on court success we’re experiencing, but because it’s a genuine bunch of good people in and around the club.” Regardless of what happens from here, Rogers has played an important role in connecting the juniors with the seniors, brought success to the club and self belief to a group of players who didn’t know if playing for their home club was worth the 15 hours of weekly commitment on and off the court anymore. Having already committed for season 2014, he knows this is only the beginning of a new era. “We have a special group together who have grown and formed close bonds as time has passed. I have lifelong friendships with 15 guys who I didn’t know 12 months ago and just like when the club took a plunge on me, I did the same with each one of them. They say fairytales don’t exist but this shows anything’s possible.”

big v league stats leaders points

points 18.8




James TOPP


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James TOPP

James TOPP

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League Ranking 5th

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VJBL Mid-Season Review BL season, we take VJ e th of lf ha nd co d sed into the se teams are fairing an L B VJ 14 As we have just cros rs rio ar W how each of the a moment to assess e. look at their run hom Under 12 Boys (VJL 2) Win/Loss: 5-4-1 (Draw) Ladder: 4th In a nutshell: Following from a brilliant Australia Day Tournament championship, Coach Brett Small has his charges positioned nicely to make a run at the finals and can solidify their standing with games against teams in the bottom tier coming up. The Stat: The team are 4-1 at home to date so if they can keep the wins flowing at the Colosseum and pick up some scalps on the road they are sure to make noise in the post season. Under 14 (1) Boys (VJL 1) Win/Loss: 1-9 Ladder: 9th In a nutshell: The team showed ominous form at the Australia Day Tournament, and qualified for the highly regarded VJL1 competition but just haven’t been able to string wins together despite being very competitive in 75% of their games. Recent losses by margins of 4,9 and 4 show they are close but it doesn’t get any easier with top 5 teams all on the agenda. The Stat: The team has pushed four of the top five placed teams to only go down by seven points or less in prior meetings, if their luck turns they could cause serious hassles for finals bound teams. Under 14 (2) Boys (East 4) Win/Loss: 3-4-3 (Draw) Ladder: 7th In a nutshell: Starting the season with a draw is unique but when the boys had a second only two weeks later it wasn’t until Round 5 were they took full points home. They backed it up with another victory the following week and most recently had a third draw just for good measure.

The Stat: The team are kings of the close finish having three draws in 10 games all with teams who surround them on the ladder. In a wide open field they have every chance to be in the finals picture. Under 16 (1) Boys (Reg 1) Win/Loss: 2-7-1 (Bye) Ladder: 8th In a nutshell: The season started positively for Braden Venning’s boys as they picked up a win on opening night but followed up with five defeats. A win against Dandenong (5) in Round 7 saw smiles return but narrow defeats in the past fortnight to top 5 teams have made their task of finals very tough. The Stat: The team have shown improvement in recent times and with the top two teams on the menu in the next three weeks it’s time for them to double their number of wins. Under 16 (2) Boys (Reg 2) Win/Loss: 3-6-1 (Bye) Ladder: 7th In a nutshell: Opening up the season with a bye was far from ideal but with a week under their belt the boys picked up an 11 point win in Round 3. Since then it has been all about multiples as two losses followed with two wins and most recently three losses but a must win game this week against ninth placed Frankston (4). The Stat: The team had a tough draw with five of their opening six games on the road. Currently on a five game home stand they need to grab a win, currently 0-3 on this leg.

VJBL Mid-Season Review Under 16 (3) Boys (Reg 3) Win/Loss: 1-9 Ladder: 10th In a nutshell: The season has been a big learning curve with some tough defeats early in the piece before a team building three point win in Round 3. In Round 8 the team pushed 4th placed Hampton Park the distance only going down by six points and while they won’t feature in the finals race a goal of posting two more wins in the remaining eight games is something to shoot for. The Stat: The team picked up their sole win in Round 3 scoring 37 points against Casey (3) being their highest of the season. With their next opponent giving up a competition worst 45.1 per game another win is on offer. Under 18 (1) Boys (VJL 1) Win/Loss: 3-7 Ladder: 8th In a nutshell: With a Runner-Up placing at the Australia Day Tournament behind them, the team came from the clouds to qualify for VJL1. Despite dropping their opening three games by an average of just 8.3 points, a win in round 4 wasn’t able to ignite a run as their last six games read L-W-L-L-L-W. With three games in the next month against top 5 teams they will need to get hot if they are going to feature in late August. The Stat: The team haven’t claimed a top five scalp as yet and averaging 48.9 points against (ranked 2nd most in the competition) is an area that has hurt their W column. Under 18 (2) Boys (Reg 3) Win/Loss: 8-2 Ladder: 1st In a nutshell: The boys opened with a one point loss to Blackburn (3) and despite a hiccup in Round 3 to Sandringham (4) it has been smooth sailing since currently on a seven game winning streak. Noticeable is the stat they have won by an average margin of 10.7 points on their run which should give them confidence heading into the back end of the season.

The Stat: The team leads the league defensively only conceding 36.5 points per game but interestingly their two losses have come at the Colosseum. On their side is the that five of their next six games are on the road. Under 12 Girls (East 1) Win/Loss: 5-3-1 Ladder: 4th In a nutshell: Instant Australia Day Tournament success had everyone wondering how good this first year team could be. The wins have continued at a comfortable averaging margin of 10 points in the season proper and with bottom four placed teams all in the next three weeks they have the chance to cement their finals position. The Stat: The team haven’t taken a top three scalp as yet with a draw against third placed Nunawading (4) the closest result back in round three. Defensively if they can restrict teams consistently in the second half of the year it could be a dream first year for the girls. Under 14 Girls (VJL 2) Win/Loss: 9-1 Ladder: 1st In a nutshell: Coach Chris Pentland grabbed Australia Day Tournament success which followed with a heart breaking Round 1 loss to Southern Peninsula by just two points. Since then the team have gone on a nine game winning streak with an average winning margin of 14.8, not to mention a 45 point smashing of Blackburn most recently. The Stat: The team know how to play defence only allowing a measly 25.3 points against per game while essentially leading the comp in attack too. A return clash with Southern Peninsula in Round 12 will be a blockbuster.

VJBL Mid-Season Review Under 16 (1) Girls (East 1) Win/Loss: 3-6-1 Ladder: 7th

as a big challenge next week, if it’s a shoot out the Cobras will be in for a long night.

In a nutshell: It has been an up and down season for the girls with a number of close defeats but they have shown the talent is there forcing a 35 all draw with top placed Dandenong (4) back in Round 2. Still a very realistic chance of being there in the post season but need their fortune to turn.

Under 18 (2) Girls (Reg 1) Win/Loss: 2-7-1 (Bye) Ladder: 6th

The Stat: The team are currently two wins out of the five, with an average losing margin of just 7.6 points, the time to string some wins together is now. Under 16 (2) Girls (Reg 4) Win/Loss: 4-6 Ladder: 7th In a nutshell: The team opened with a win in Round 2 before suffering five losses with four being in excess of 19 points but have turned the corner in recent times clocking up healthy team scores with three straight wins and posting 38 points collectively in those games. The Stat: The team have won three on the trot and comfortably beat Sherbrooke (3) last start who sit in fifth place currently. With some very winnable games on the calendar a final place beckons. Under 18 (1) Girls (VJL 2) Win/Loss: 5-4-1 (Draw) Ladder: 6th In a nutshell: The girls opened up with two wins but have struggled with consistency as two losses followed then three straight wins and most recently another two losses. While player availability has hurt the teams cohesion if they get on a run which is due, gauging by their season trend they have every chance of being a contender. The Stat: When the team score 40 or more they are 4-0 this season yet only average 24 points in their losses. Top of the table Kilsyth (2) looms

In a nutshell: With the tough assignment of trying to keep the ship a float after early season departures Coach Liz Kors-Jones went L-WL-W in the opening month but her charges have tired dropping the last five with only six players remaining on the team list. The Stat: The team are currently on a five game slide but with a bye this week to regroup, if they can win a couple in succession a finals spot is not out of the question.

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Height: 180cm Weight: 88kg Age: 25 Years At Pakenham: 6 Years Recruited From: Waverley Juniors Nickname: Drewy Occupation: Gym Technician

Fav Playing Venue: The Colosseum Childhood Hero: Michael Jordan Shoe Size & Make: 12, And 1 Fav Food: Chicken Parma Fav Drink: Grape Gatorade Fav Movie: Too Many To Name Fav TV Show: Big Bang Theory & How I Met Your Mother Fav Group/Artist: Anything On Triple J What Would You Spend Your Last $20 On: Lotto Ticket Three Dream Dinner Guests: John Stockton, Michael Jordan & Adam Sandler Pre-Game Superstition: None What Do You Look Forward To Most This Season: Getting A Few More Wins On The Board

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enhancing the pathway The transition from junior to senior basketball is not an easy one and up until now the steps for males and females at the PDBA have been significantly different. Pakenham Basketball is dedicated to providing and maintaining a pathway for juniors through to senior basketball, enabling our players to reach their full potential with the Warriors. In order to offer a more complete pathway the club intends to enter an MMBL Womens team in the upcoming Summer 13/14 season and is seeking interest from Juniors playing U/16 or above, former Warriors players, or any high level domestic players that would like the challenge of playing basketball at the next level. MMBL is played similar to a Big V Game, on a Wednesday night, and the competition is divided into winter and summer seasons. Some Big V clubs use the competition to aid player development, squad practice and increase match fitness while we intend to use it as a progression to ultimately fielding a Big V Women’s side. Training will be limited to one session per week so if you would like to be a part of this exciting development, simply register your interest by emailing the club at On the Men’s side, to bridge the current gap between our elite level Big V Men’s program and current U18 Junior Warriors squads, the club wlll be cementing the position MMBL plays from next season. From next season onwards this will be the sole avenue for players graduating from the U/18 program and run in-line with the BIG V program to ensure continuity and consistency. This group of players will form the core of our Big V Men’s squad in years to come, along with offering flexibility in the event of player injury or unavailability. Speaking on the news Big V Men’s coach, Ryan Rogers said “It is my vision to ensure we have 90% of our current VJBL players still active at the club within three years as they are the future of the Warriors and to be a successful club in years to come we need all of those kids pushing for BIG V selection. If you would like to maximise your potential and play MMBL for the Warriors Men’s squad, simply register your interest

Proof of the Pathway: Sean Armstrong came through the ranks.

Womens Coaching Vacancy Pakenham Basketball are currently calling for all interested Coaches to submit an expression of interest for the following position - MMBL Womens Head Coach. Join with us as we enter an exciting new phase for our Association. We are seeking a Head Coach who can calaborate alongside our Big V Mens Division 2 Coach to develop our current Juniors. The successful applicant will be expected to meet the following selection criteria: • Being a minimum Level 1 Accredited Basketball Coach or similar experience • Adhere to the Basketball Victoria Coaches code of conduct & the PDBA coaches code of ethics. • Coach Women’s MMBL 2013/14 Summer Season team. This comprises: Games; Wednesday nights and Training; Sunday mornings or a nominated week night, at venues yet to be determined pending court availability. • The coach will need to be organised and able to work with and around current players commitments within the Association. For the opportunity to Coach this exciting new program please email your coaching resume as follows: MMBL Women’s Head Coach Position Closes Sunday 30th June 2013

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JUNIOR HOOPSTAR NAME: Aidan Pipicelli AGE: 10 DOMESTIC TEAM: U/12 Heat VJBL TEAM: Under 12 Boys PROUDEST ACHIEVEMENT: Winning a few MVP’s at domestic level and Dandenong/Eltham Australia Day Tournament this year with my Under 12 representative team. Q&A What are your goals or ambitions within basketball? To go as far as possible with it and play as high as I can. Why do you play basketball? It’s a fun sport Which basketball team(s) do you support? Miami Heat Who is your favourite player(s)? Lebron James & Dwyane Wade What is the most number of points you have scored in a game? Around 30 points What position do you play? Forward How many years have you been playing? 3 years Do you have any hobbies outside of basketball? I play footy for Officer Kangaroos Under 11’s. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO NOMINATE A ‘HOOP STAR’ OF THE MONTH SIMPLY SEND THE PERSON’S NAME, CONTACT DETAILS TO -

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0412 591 647 Charlie Taualii Daniel Stow Jake Heyen Jay Richardson

THE VOICE OF REASON Name: Mick McMahon Q & A: Specific Role: Vice President & Assistant Coaching Director Nickname: Have many and answer to all Years Involved in PDBA: 5 Years Years on PDBA Committee: 3 Years Favourite Food: It’s easier to say I don’t like peanut butter. Favourite Drink: Scotch Favourite TV Show: Mash Favourite Movie: Troy Who is the hardest to get a word in front of around the table: Calfie What is Pakenham Basketball currently doing well? Big V kicking butt love it, well done Ryan Why are you on the Committee: To help develop junior basketball in Pakenham. The future of our club will come from there. What challenges does Pakenham Basketball face in the short term? Where do I start, lack of money is a big one, but like most clubs, coaching staff in general.



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DRILL OF THE MONTH Marissa Fillipou ’Half Court Press’ Australian U/17 Women’s Coach Marissa Fillipou demonstrates how to apply a sound Half Court Press sure to help your team. Click the TV to view this educational coaching video.

PLAYER DEVELOPMENT FEATURE Dell Curry ‘Free Throw Shooting’ Former NBA sharp shooter, Charlotte Hornets all-time leader in points and three-point field goals made (929) Dell Curry demonstrates his secrets to shooting 86% from the free throw line over his distinguished 16 year career. Click the TV to view this educational coaching video.

10 ticks with toppy The Queen’s Birthday long weekend signals the turn for the home stretch with regards to the home and away season and what a journey it’s been. It’s amazing with this now my eighth season in Big V I can never get use to how the season seems to slip by so quickly. Ironically however I realise that the real work hasn’t even started yet as the team faces its toughest challenges over the coming weeks. The team has experienced some great results so far this season no doubt, but we are just scratching the surface at this point. External expectations and hype were placed on us early in the year with some suitors making bold predictions as to what they believed the team should achieve in 2013. Internally however we have very much focused on the process of getting to where we need to be as a team and and fine tuning our game style. I feel privileged to have been involved with such a transformation from the beginning and seen the team arrive to its current level. The feeling amongst the group and our on court play is undoubtedly going from strength to strength. I believe we are coming to our peak as a group just at the right point in the season. The frustration of last season and thirst for continual success drives the guys both at training and on game day. The feeling amongst the group is one of real belief and in turn has bred dedication to our goal of going all the way in 2013. Captains Note The team looks forward to the return of Sean Armstrong who showed great promise early in the season before going down with a severe ankle injury. Sean will add further depth to the team and some welcome assistance on the boards.

July 2013 Warriors SuperCamp Come and join Warriors Big V star Point Guard, Jay Ferriere along with other Big V Warriors players. Develop skills and improve your basketball knowledge in an enjoyable and rewarding environment. Now With 3 Easy Ways To Register 1) Fill in this editable PDF, save and email by CLICKING HERE and make direct deposit to: BSB: 033 636 ACC: 129062 REFERENCE: Childs Surname, Initial(s):SC (Eg. ROGERS,R:SC), please make separate direct deposit payments for each child if you have multiple participants registering. 2) Complete Regsitration Form, submit form along with payment by cash or cheque on Saturday 22nd June at Cardinia LiFE, Court 1 (between 5-6pm - prior to tip off of Big V game). 3) Complete Registration Form and pay on the day by cash or cheque. (NOTE: $5.00 extra per person applies to same day registrations) Participants please arrive 15 minutes early, BYO ball, drink bottle & lunch.

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Contact: _____________________________________________________________________________ Relationship: __________________________ Ph: _____________________ Mob: _________________ Any medical conditions? _______________________________________________________________ For further information please email: CLICK HERE PARENTAL CONSENT I hereby consent for my child to attend the Pakenham Warriors Supercamp to be held at the Cardinia LiFE Stadium, Pakenham. I permit the staff of PDBA to act on my behalf should my child require medical attention, and hereby release PDBA from any liability should my child be injured during the course of the camp. I give permission for any photographs taken of my child to be used for any promotional material by Pakenham & District Basketball Association. Parent/Guardian: ______________________________________________

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ABOUT US Compare Quotes heard the call. A simple way to find and compare local services or trades. Since 2007, we’ve been helping Australia choose the right quote. And we’re fast becoming the e-Business solution of choice for quality contractors everywhere. Headquartered in Melbourne, Compare Quotes is an advanced referral hub. We’re 100% Australian, so we’ve got the right solution to generate local and national leads you can easily turn into sales... and dollars.

WHAT WE DO Simple. Compare Quotes connects service providers and customers. But we’re not some nameless, faceless automated system. A specialist marketing team strives to ensure users and businesses enjoy smooth, easy transactions. Like what you see? Contact us to discover what Compare Quotes can do for your business.

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