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Chavs And Hippies

Page 3 ————————–————-> Lord of the flies Page 4——————–——-> What are Chavs/Hippies? Page 5 ————–——> Test: Are you a Chav/Hippie? Page 6 ————–———-——-> Stores to Check out! Page 7 —————-> Where to eat like a Chav/Hippie Page 8————————>Send an SMS and WIN!!!

Chavs And Hippies

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A plane with kids crashes on a desert island, so the kids are left on their own, with no adults to care for them. As they wait to be rescued, time passes and the story starts taking strong twists, one after the other, as the once civilized school boys suffer a regression until they turn into real savages, with no sense of order. Ralph: One of the main characters, he’s a 12 year old kid with a golden body and special personality; kids feel attracted to him because of his charisma. He’s a natural born leader, representing positive leadership, meaning that the future of everyone depends on him.

Jack: He’s another of the main characters, tall, slim, red haired, freckled, bad tempered, arrogant, and head of the school choir. He feels superior to the rest, and likes to be the one in charge.

Piggy: Along with Ralph and Jack, he’s the other main character. His real name’s not Piggy, but everyone calls him so, because he is short, and fat. He also has asthma, wears glasses and is intelligent, although he’s usually ignored.

Simon: A spiritual little kid who struggles with his lack of confidence. He has a point of view which is different from others and despite his spiritual tendencies, he stays in reality questioning his friend’s actions and thoughts which come from the minds of young kids with lots of imagination. Despite the fact that he could help his friends maintain hope and faith, he lacks the confidence to express himself and therefore most of the time stays in silence.

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Chavs And Hippies

What are the hippies? Hippies are an urban tribe which exists in many parts of the world, such as in Europe and America. Their ideals are based on a world full of love and peace, with no wars, hate, or anything to do with violence. They specially like psychedelic music and hard metal, their favorite artists are The Beatles, Jimmy Hendrix, Pink Floyd. Their fashion is wearing loose, long clothes, and/or very colorful clothes with bright colors. Most of the hippies are vegans, this means they are vegetarians, and eat

What are Chavs? More tan an urban tribe, Chavs are a social and economic class commonly used to refer those individuals who wear mostly sportswear, hang around in the streets along with their friends, and most of all have horrible habits like picking up fights with people who they can easily overpower (like children or elders) because they are ―nails‖, they spit, they have a nasty thieving habit and have loud cars completely ―pimped‖ in an attempt to achieve an expensive looking car. They don't receive a proper education in most cases and they have no interest to better themselves. They have an obsession for Vin Diesel. They listen to bands like the black out crew and black music even though they are extremely racist. They love parties and having fun and they are known to be extremely successful breeders.

Test: Are a hippie, a chav, or just plain normal? Find out! 1. What do you prefer to eat: A) Vegetable salad B) Chicken and rice C) Burger and French fries 2. What kind of music do you like? A) Hard metal/ psychedelic music B) Pop C) Electro/ Rap/ R&B 3. Which music group is in you mp3/mp4/computer/cell phone? A) Pink Floid/ The Beatles B) Justin Bieber C) The Blackout Crew 4. What do you usually wear? A) Loose, colorful clothes B) Shorts and a t-shirt C) Sportswear/ short skirts/ Adidas/ Burberry 5. When you see someone in the street, you: A) Say ―Peace, man…‖ B) Ignore the person C) Show them who’s the boss; That’s your street

6. In your free time, you: A) Practice meditation/ participate in non-violent protests B) Go walk your dog C) Hang around on the street 7. What do you like most about yourself? A) I'm peaceful B) I'm beautiful C) I'm nails 8. In words, animals are: A) Wonderful B) Alive C) Food 9. You want a shirt but haven’t got money, you… A) Do it yourself B) Buy it some other time C) Attempt to steal it Mostly A’s ——-> Hippie! - Congratulations! You seem to have a hippie inside you! Time to sit on the floor and listen some Pink Floyd

Mostly B’s ——-> Plain normal Well u are not a hippie or a chav, Maybe you could try some other tribes and see which one you belong to!

Mostly C’s ———-> Chav! Well congratulations, you seem to be what the folks call a chav! Go find yourself some nice car, some parties and a street to hang around with your chav friends!

What you need: -T-shirt - Fabric paint spray 1. Put some paper on the inside of the T-shirt, crumple it and leave on a desk you can mess up. 2. Take one of the paint sprays and spray over the t-shirt making a circle. 3. Keep on making more circles of different colours until you’ve covered up all of your T-shirt. 4. Now you can make a heart or a peace sign on the centre.

Pimp your ride! We present to you a guide on how to pimp your car with ideas and tips. 1-First, get a car. 2– Depending on your car you will be able to pimp different zones with different parts. Check out the image below for reference. 3– Choose what you want to add/change/pimp! We recommend: -Tires: Depending on what you can afford this can be a great improvement on the grip of your car on the ground. Keep in mind that wheels and tires are not the same! -Wheels: You could say this corresponds to the inner section. It can improve the looks of your car -Suspension: How car would you like to be from the floor? -Paint colour: You could attempt a Burberry design like the one above, and you could try stickers. -Brakes: Be sure to make a nice clean stop. It could help if you plan on trying some drag races. -Stereo: As a chav be sure not to lack a nice stereo! -Neon: Finally if you have some Money left, try out some neon to own the streets at night. Check out these links for practice:

Chavs And Hippies

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What do Hippies and Chavs think of Lord of the flies? 3 chavs a-b-c and 3 hippies 1-2-3. (Chav b is actually a chavette, a girl chav) Question A: Have you heard about the new book release of the book called Lord of the Flies? 1: Mmm… yeah, I think so, I’ve seen something about a new book release on a magazine. 2: Yes, today I was walking on the street and saw a poster about it on a bookshop. I’m already thinking of buying it. 3: No, unfortunately I haven’t heard of any new book release. I just arrived from my journey of a one-week-pure-meditation. I’m totally renewed now. A-What the hell’s that? William Golding? I’d sure like some gold right now and I wanna go eat some freakin’ Mc Donalds. Think willburg here would give me some? Might have to pay him a little visit… haha just kiddin man. Sounds like a boring book… Who cares ‘bout flies anyway. B– Oh my god! Dude that’s so gross! God who would want to be lord of the bugs… That’s just bollocks. C– Haha sick man! Whats that all ‘bout? Saw an old guy on the tele while I is eating my KFC bucket, ya talkin’ bout him? Man im so smart right now knowing this stuff aint I? Question B: Would you read it? 1: Yeah, I love to read, and this book sounds interesting, I bet it’s out of the ordinary. 2: Of course, I’ll read it as soon as I can, I’ll either buy it or ask someone to lend it to me. Believe me, by next week, I’ll have already read it. 3: Give me the book, and I’ll read it all right. I’m ready to start on reading ‘bout a new adventure, and practice that new meditate-reading method I just learnt. A-Read? You want me to read? Yeah right readin’ is for ‘em nerds. You wont go all smart for readin’ you just go the wrong way. On the rode to lameland. B-Does it have pictures in it? Who needs readin’ when there are ‘em pictures! You know what I mean? C-Reading a book? You where rumbling ‘bout a book? About flies? Haha bet there’s flies eatin’ trash and dead corpses haha that would be hella’ fun but im still not readin and you wont make me! We clear? Haha when are they making a movie? Question C: Do you like the idea of a bunch of kids dropped on uninhabited island? 1: I think it’s nice, the kids have total freedom. There will be no rules, just pure love and peace, man. 2: Oh, that sounds like paradise, I mean, imagine, doing what you want all day…no one telling you to do something…no need to work…in contact with nature…see? It’s being dropped on a paradise. 3: It’s totally awesome! It’s my ideal world; you know…a place like that one. Well, supposing the uninhabited island’s got a beach, and some shade, and also lots of organic food. A-Bet if it where us, me and my lads would party like mad! Like freakin’ Caribbean man! B-Kids? Whats with yer tone man? Is there a problem? You think cause ya are so grown up with yer job an all you would be better than those lads? Yeah right! Party, party in the beach…Still, it’s a book, must be ‘em nerd kids with those nerd glasses on it island! C-How the hell would I know? I would go freakin’ crazy without my daily Mc Burger! Bollocks! Bet there is no Mc D and no KFC… bet they have like Taco bell or something haha pathetic fools! No good dude what a lame book that is. Question D: What do you think of being no girls on the book? 1: Oh, I say there should be girls; it’d be really different without them. 2: No girls!? Really?...Oh, well, that’s not a great idea. What would boys do without girls? They’d get crazy. 3: Wait, wait, wait. Only boys…no girls…if I’d be there, I’d like to be with some girls too, no need to take them out of the story. A-Who need them anyway? Come man hear me out, chicks are for the fun and even for making ‘em babies if ya wants, but… well you know… they just is no good. What do they know about cars n’ life? Those kids on the wilderness and the beach should just use their mobiles to call them to their parties and then bye bye ladies. Trust me. B-Excuse me? They would obviously die without girls I mean look at them! Men can’t even fix their cars right, who do you think does all the work round here? The coolest cars of them all are all ours, yeah that’s right and I is no dude. Just give them a few hours and they shall cry for us haha but we don't need THEM that’s for sure. C-Aw that’s just too bad, chicks are loads of fun… no girlfriends for them! Oh but if u give them Mc Donald's that’s ok, Mc D is all you need that’s what I say.

Question E: Do you think they should hunt for food, or should they try to find fruit? 1: Of course they shouldn’t hunt! They would kill animals! Poor them! The kids will be all right with fruits, and a vegetarian diet. 2: Certainly try to find fruit. They shouldn’t even touch a flea. Or else, many animals will leave their families on their own. They’re living creatures, how could anyone even think of hunting them? 3: What a question! I’m a vegetarian, so obviously NO hunting. Just fruits, and what they find. A-You mean like hunting? No KFC? Oooooh…. Well that’s it they are done for, bye bye children. B-Like killing? Haha men can’t even kill a fly! Haha get it? Haha….. Oh man …. So funny…. Just order some pizza! Us girls would own the place! C– Hell yeah! If they are like me and my guys that is, we are freakin’ nails! Check me out, see them muscles? I’m all Vin Diesel like now! I’ll teach them kids how it’s done! WOOO! Fruits is for nerdy losers!

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Chavs And Hippies

Contests valid from 10th July to 10th September in the U.K. WIN the Beatle’s collection box! Send an SMS to 8383 with the word BEATLES, and you will be participating to win this fantastic box. It includes 2 CD’s, a magazine and a poster.

Win a book and a note! Saw the cool notes with the characters of lord of the flies on page 3? Win a note and a copy of lord of the flies NOW! Send an SMS with the Word FLIES to 8383 and participate NOW!

Win a Burberry Gif Card! Send an SMS to 8383 with your answer, which of these belongs to burberry? A)




Hippie Hippie Shake Movie release! Directed by Beeban Kidron, and starring Cillian Murphy as Richard Neville and Sienna Miller as Neville’s girlfriend, it’s settled in London on the 60’s, when Neville launches a controversial radical magazine.

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Urban insight, a school project featuring Hippies and chavs

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