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Music has been a staple of mainstream culture since the existence of culture. In ancient times, music and dance were used to pass along traditions and history through generations. This has not changed as humans have evolved through their technological inventions in the modern era. The contemporary tools of communication, like television and other visual media, still continue the tradition of the ancient past using music as its major form of effective communication and expression. The unavoidable influence of popular magazines, music videos and the clothing musicians wear on popular culture have been documented since the days of poodle skirts to today's Ugg boots and leggings. The overpowering influence music possesses over our culture is quite evident. Retail stores and clothing lines have also been paying close attention and are now harnessing the music world's strength to gross large gains. Often they achieve sales by getting a popular music star to wear their apparel. Consequently, once lucky photo from an unsuspecting paparazzi shows up on the front page of your favorite gossip magazine and you have Ugg boots flying off the shelves at the pace of bread and milk. More specifically, hip hop has a tremendous influence on today's fashion trends all over the world. Undoubtedly, many hip hop artists have taken notice. For example, some of hip hop's biggest stars have created very successful clothing lines such as Jay Z's Roc-A-Wear, P. Diddy's Sean Jean, and Russel Simmons' Phat Farm. So you can imagine it would not have been long before we started seeing music stars headlining fashion shows! What better way to introduce your new clothing line or clothing store. Victoria Secret, although, not a new clothing line understands the influential power of hip hop and used Akon and Kanye West in their November 2010 fashion show. The Eastberlin fashion show fashion show will also feature music artists in summer 2011. Another great marketing tool is the use of sports celebrities. Super athletes such as Michael Jordan, Serena Williams, and Tiger Woods have all been used by the leading brand Nike to sell sports apparel. Companies that have the resources to get a mainstream athlete ore music artist to promote their clothes can attest to the increased profit gains they receive directly due to the sponsorship. For example, Lady Gaga who is now Forbes' most influential entertainer has over 35 million Facebook fans. What that means in terms of marketing is that 35 million people are watching what Lady Gaga is wearing at her recent concert or newest video. Overall, it is an intelligent strategy, when the funds are available to combine music, sports, and marketing to increase sales. Music and sports, regardless of language, race, or culture, are universal and cross all boundaries. Accordingly this is why they are such a great marketing tools to take advantage of while working in the clothing industry because they have a big influence and are often in the spotlight. For any clothing store this equals more sales.

You can find more information on B. Adore clothing at their website The Eastberlin fashion show will be apart of the Bread and Butter tradeshow weekend. More information found at Victoria Secret products and information can be found on their respective website. -Quincy McGaha

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==== ==== Lady Gaga Shows, Lady Gaga Music, Lady Gagy Fashion, Lady Gaga Reviews ==== ====

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