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With the threat of global warming and how our earth will change in the future, many of us are looking to do our part by purchasing and using Earth Friendly products,Eco- Friendly, Natural and Organic. Recycling our waste. There are so many small things that we can do in our daily routines that can help our environment. So how can you help your environment by purchasing earth friendly clothing? Some clothing is made of fibers that are a renewable natural resourse, such as soybean. Soybean fiber is part of "sustainable clothing", where sustainable raw materials or waste are used to produce textile products. Soybean fiber does not add any extra burden on mother nature. Another way to look at it is like using "recycled paper", turning waste into useful things thus greatly reduced impact on environment. Manufacturing of soybean is done through a cutting edge technology, where the leftovers from soybean, tofu and soymilk products are spun into fibers. All processes used in the used in production of soybean fiber are of a harmless nature, and they are recyclable making the production process a closed end process. Earth Friendly. Did you know that Henry Ford wore the first Soybean Fiber Suitand tie in the 1940's. It's amazing that this process goes so far back. Earth Friendly Soybean baby clothing and clothing for your family offers many benefits such as Cashmere feel: The fabric made of Earth Friendly Soybean Protein Fiber is soft, smooth, light. It has cashmere feel, but smoother than cashmere; it is as comfortable to the skin as human's second skin. Dry and comfortable: the moisture absorption of bean fiber is similar to that of cotton fiber, but its ventilation is more superior to of cotton, which make it comfortable and sanitary. Also, fabric of soybean protein fiber has outstanding anti-crease, easy-wash and fast-dry property. Luxurious appearance: Soybean Protein Fiber fabric has joyful silky luster with perfect drape and elegant; fabrics of yarn in high count has fine and clear texture and is classical shirting. Good color fastness: the original color of soybean protein fiber is ivory like tussah color. It can be dyed by acid dyes and active dyes, especially the color is quite fresh and lustrous with the later dyes while quite stable in the sunshine and perspiration. Compared with silk products, the problem of freshness of color and stability of dying is solved. Its anti-ultraviolet is superior to cotton fiber, much more superior than viscose and silk. Function of Health: Soybean Protein Fiber possesses many amino acids necessary to human's body, so this sole botanic protein fiber has the function of health that no other fiber processes.

Meeting people's skin, the amino acid in soybean protein can activate the collagen protein in the skin, resist tickling and evaporate the skin. Bacteria resistant elements are integrated in fiber's molecule chain, which makes the fabrics keep the property of resisting coli bacillus, staphylococcus aureus and candida albicans permanently, this avoids the shortcoming of not permanent effect when the anti-bacteria function is added to the yarn when finishing. Make sure only the softest, most natural earth friendly fabrics touch your babies and families skin.

Earth Friendly Soybean Clothing for you and your family, be healthy, be comfortable and earth friendly at Our Earth Friendly Babies Ann Cohen is the webmaster of Our Earth Friendly Babies, changing the earth in little ways...

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==== ==== Earth Friendly Blogs, Earth Friendly Matters, & Earth Friendly Ideas ==== ====

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