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The Healing Task.

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The Company

M3 Surgicals


The primary basis for the success of any product is its ability to satisfy the purpose for which it is manufactured. Not only should it be designed to meet specifications, the specifications or “needs’ must be clearly identified for the design to be result oriented. The acumen for understanding these ‘needs’ is the hallmark of a successful business. M3 Surgical, a second generation family Concern, was established 5 years ago on a small scale. Clear vision, fair practices and a passion to succeed has lead M3 to grow into a highly professional international company that reaches clients across the world. We have complete confidence in the quality of our products. With clients in more than 60 countries, our high grade, theater quality instruments are being primarily sold under our own brand name, and are used and recommended by doctors and surgeons around the world.



SPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR SATISFACTION We manufacture a wide range of products for all areas of human surgery including instruments for dental surgery. Our current production comprises more than 15,000 instruments that include: Diagnostics; Orthopedic surgery; Cardio-vascular surgery; ENT; Colorectal surgery; Ophthalmology; Liposuction and Cosmetic Surgery.

Regular contact with clients and an extremely active Research and Development section helps us keep abreast of the constantly changing needs of the profession and enable usto introduce new and innovative products continuously.




In order to maintain the high quality of our medical instruments, we performed all processes in our factory under own supervision. Top of the line machinery ensures the precision and accuracy so highly regarded in case of medical instruments. Specialist craftsmen compliment the machines with excellent manual skills to produce exceptional surgical instruments, using top grade material regularly tested for quality and reliability. Medical devices are subject to many strict international regulations for their safety and functionality. Our company understands the importance of meeting these regulations and has, therefore, adopted and implemented a strict quality management system in accordance with ISO 9002: 1994, EN 46002 ( now obsolete), ISO 9001: 2000, ISO 13485: 2003, USA FDA cGMP and also European Medical Device Directive no. 93/42/EEC for CE marking. We know that many lives depend upon the safety, accuracy and perfection of our instruments.




Sufficient stocks, an eye on the market and proper planning ensures that what our customers are going to need tomorrow is already available with us today. This made possible by maintain a regular and close contact with our customers. That is why they keep coming back to us. We have free promotional material is separate catalogues for different lines of instruments. This helps save time and makes selection and ordering a stream lime procedure. Our instruments are aesthetically appealing for end users because of well-designed packaging. This makes them attractive as well as highly functional, and helps our market based customers put up an eye-catching display. Personnel meetings and attendance at exhibitions across the glove give us an opportunity to introduce our latest products in the most economically viable solutions to our clients.




The3 success of an enterprise depends to a large extent on a highly motivated team that takes decisions and executes them. Our current team comprises qualified managers, efficient supervisors and over 600 highly experienced and skilled craftsmen who have them preserving the great tradition an art of instrument making since many decades. Regular training programs aim at keeping our entire staff up to date with the latest trends in production and quality management. We ensure participation at all levels in meetings where everyone is encouraged to make useful suggestions and hence provide important feedback for the overall improvement of our products and services. Our strength lies in accepting new challenges and innovative product development.

M: Three Surgicals (Pvt.) Ltd.

Royal Palace road, Burgimgham, England Contact: 046 284 2029

M:Three Surgicals  
M:Three Surgicals  

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