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The Premier Guide to Casual Board and Card Games Issue #2 - Winter 2013


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Queen Games’ Kingdom Builder has won the 2012 Spiel des Jahres award – learn how to play and find out how the publisher came to be PAGE 4



What the board game industry can learn from video games PAGE 10

How casual games have fared on the popular crowdfunding site PAGE 28


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Casual Game Insider

Winter 2013




Card Games 25%

13% Other

Game Weights

Failed Projects

62% 61%

8% Kids/Edu. Casual 23% 21% Non-games


Wargames Role-playing Games Miniatures


38% 39% 58% Non-casual (hardcore) 62% Non-games 62%




42% 38% 38%




3% / 1% Expansion 5% / 3% Casual


33% / 34% Card Games 23% / 11%

Role-playing Games 17% / 13% Other 13% / 4%

% of Projects / % of Funding


3% / 1% Kids/Edu.


Dice Games

Board Games




Non-casual (hardcore) 44% / 56%


Non-games 23% / 30%

22% / 9%

% of Projects / % of Funding



4 6 10 15 19 24 28


Non-casual (hardcore) 40% 1% Expansion 7% Party




9% Role-playing Games

Card Games

Total Pledges

Dice Games


7% Playing Cards

Board Games

53% 1% / 1% 54% Wargames 57% 3% / 7% 60% 67% Playing Cards 67% 5% / 3% Miniatures 73% 5% / 27% 85%


Failed Projects

Playing Cards


Game Categories

1% Miniatures 2% Wargames



47% 46% 43% 40% 33% 33% 27% 15%

Board Games 42%

$3.7M $18.3M

Successful Projects Total Funding Goal

Total Pledges


1% Dice Games







Unsuccessful Projects Total Funding Goal


Tabletop Games on


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Casual Game Insider


Winter 2013

P l e a s e s upport these great companies! Stronghold Games has released many successful games, including the best-selling casual game Survive: Escape From Atlantis!, the award-winning Confusion: Espionage and Deception in the Cold War, and the thematic deck-building game, Core Worlds with its expansion, Galactic Orders. With the release of both Eurogames and light casual card games, Stronghold Games is now in all segments of the market for all gamers.

Gryphon Games is a publisher of board and card games that provide entertainment for the entire family. These engaging casual games encourage multi-age play and adapt well for use in schools, libraries, and social settings. With dozens of titles to choose from, you are sure to find many you will love. Choose Gryphon Games for Fast Family Fun!

Looney Labs offers a small line of award-winning fun family games. Our mission is to create fun — but it isn’t just that we make fun games — our games create fun times! Our biggest hit is a little card game with ever changing rules called FLUXX — pick your favorite theme (from Zombies to Monty Python to The Wizard of Oz) and get together with your family and friends around the table for a game of Fluxx today!

Fun Q Games was founded by Jeanine and Daniel Calkin to create fun and challenging games which bring families and friends together. They design and manufacture award-winning original games. Their product line includes: Smash or Trash released in 2009, followed by Triplica in 2010 and Befuzzled in 2011, and are looking forward to future projects.

“Game Salute provides tools and services to make the industry better.” We create awesome games for the whole family. We support stores, members of the gaming media, non-profit organizations, and individual gamers. All our efforts are designed to help raise the standards of the entire tabletop games industry.


Stratus Games is a publisher of high quality casual games since 2009. From the very beginning, they have been committed to excellence in design, components, and game play experience. Each game includes a video tutorial for easy learning and optional rules for incredible replay value. Published games to date include Gold Mine, Launch Pad, Eruption, DiceAFARI, and Off Your Rocker.

Casual Game Insider


Winter 2013

For your casual game shelf or collection

C asual Games Atlantis Bazaar* Botswana* Blockers* Blokus Carcassonne Castle Panic Crazy Creatures of Dr. Gloom DiceAFARI Duck! Duck! Go! Duck! Duck! Safari!

Eruption For Sale Forbidden Island Gold Mine Hive Incan Gold Launch Pad Little Devils Lost Temple Octopus’ Garden Pentago

Party Games Apples to Apples Cranium Last Word Off Your Rocker

Smarty Party Taboo Wits and Wagers Word on the Street

Pizza Theory* Quartex* Rise! Slapshot Square Shooters Survive: Escape from Atlantis! Ticket to Ride Tsuro Two by Two Zombie Dice *Newly added Publishers: would you like to see your games reviewed or added to this list? P l e a s e s e n d 2 e v a l u a t i o n c o p i es to: C a s u a l G a m e Re v o l u t i o n 7014 E. Golf Links Rd. #265 Tu c s o n , A Z 8 5 7 3 0





u ee n Ga me s di dn ’t st ar t ou t as a b oa rd g am e publisher. In 1989, they imported Carrom tables. When the quality of those imported boards went d o w n , t h e y d e c i d e d t o o p e n a s h o p a n d m a n u f a c t u re the boards themselves. And when the popularity of Carrom waned a few years later, Queen thought: well,

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Casual Game Insider - Issue #2, Winter 2013 (Preview)  

News, reviews, and information about casual board and card games that play in less than an hour, are easy to learn, and which anyone can pla...

Casual Game Insider - Issue #2, Winter 2013 (Preview)  

News, reviews, and information about casual board and card games that play in less than an hour, are easy to learn, and which anyone can pla...