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RBS Requires Diverse Supply Chain to Ensure Success Reportedly, the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) believes that a diverse supply chain can turn out to be a key factor for driving its success. This is what the bank's head of procurement, Jonathan Sutherland firmly believes in. He also noted that small and medium enterprises' participation is critical for ensuring long term success of RBS. According to Mr. Jonathan, the move is a "strategic imperative" for the firm because the bank has the most SME customers serving about 32% of the sector. This directly implies that the fortunes of RBS are closely connected with the these companies' success.

“A healthy SME market is a healthy client base, which is a healthy RBS, so why would we not be [supporting SMEs through our supply chain]? There is a strategic imperative for us in this. For us it’s a case of strategy, not philanthropy,” said Mr Sutherland. Grab the Best Supply Chain Management Jobs in the UK!

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