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Castrol Professional Leadership Award

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Dmitry Baranov, Sportcar-Center chooses Castrol Professional programs

Sportcar-Center is currently the largest Porsche service center in Russia. We are proud of this, and we think we have a lot of experience since the company’s senior managers have been in the automotive business for more than 20 years. But no matter how well we know the market and approaches to service and maintenance, there are always some niches we do not know about or have not considered especially important. Castrol Professional programs have helped us discover new opportunities for our service. In terms of everyday business, we are convinced that introducing Castrol Professional programs is having real results and increasing the company’s earnings by strengthening relationships with our customers.

CASTROL PROFESSIONAL PROGRAMS — INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS FOR AUTOMOTIVE PROFESSIONALS For more details about Castrol Professional programs call: +7 (495) 961 27 87 Castrol Russia

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Castrol Professional Leadership Award ceremony

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People 04 Our Customers are Pragmatists Interview with the manager of the ŠKODA brand in Russia Lubomir Naiman

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07 League of Outstanding Service Professionals Report from the finals of the Best Ford Mechanic 2012 competition

08 How to Become the Best An interview with the winner of the ŠKODA Best Dealer for After-Sales Service of 2012 competition, Sergei Yurchik, Service Department Manager at Yug-Auto Center

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Cover Story

Awards for the Best

The Castrol Professional Leadership Award is an award presented to the most competent and charismatic company managers.


March 21, the fourth annual Castrol Professional Leadership Award ceremony was held in the prestigious Casta Diva restaurant right in the center of

Moscow. The prizes were awarded in a gala ceremony. The ceremony was emceed by TV and radio presenter Oscar Kuchera and First Channel presenter Tatiana Arno. Along with the awards, the evening included performances by soloists of the Bolshoi Theater and contemporary vocal groups.

02 CastrolNews

The Castrol Professional Leadership Award is

Professional Leadership Award is probably

traditionally presented to the heads of leading

the only award of this level in the domestic

automotive companies based on the results

auto industry nowadays. In the four years since

of a special competition held the day before.

it started, it has become one of the industry's

This year, 18 managers of the official car dealers

most prestigious prizes. The Castrol Professional

in Russia were nominated to receive the prize.

Leadership Award recognizes and encourages

Each of them had to fill in a questionnaire.

managers who work within the strategy of their

The questionnaire was drawn up in order

company and the importers, show initiative

to identify the absolute leader among

and commitment, lead by example, motivate

the nominees by total points. It evaluated

employees, and what is equally important,

leadership qualities, skills, and achievements.

achieve high performance in the business.

Members of the independent jury for the

The prize winners in five categories were

Castrol Professional Leadership Award closely

determined by total points. Andrei Panfilov,

examined each item of each questionnaire

manager of the Moravia Motors Service Center,

and rated it on a ten-point scale. The Castrol

was the winner in the “Inspirational Leader”

About the prize Castrol Professional Leadership Award. Castrol Russia (Setra Lubricants LLC) approved the prize in 2009. Its goal is to recognize the achievements of managers of leading car dealerships for leadership and incentive. The Castrol Professional Leadership Award has no counterpart in Russia today. The awards category. Leonid Kobrin, CEO of

center forward of the Russian national team,

Setra Lubricants LLC (Castrol Russia), presented

announced the winner's name.

him with the award. Viktor Amankva, director

The Grand Prize of the Castrol Professional

of the branch of Autodom LLC in St. Petersburg,

Leadership Award went to Vladislav Gitkis,

was the most pragmatic leader. The winner

CEO of Autograd Plus. He was recognized

in this category was announced by Vladimir

as the best of the best after-sales service

Chagin, manager of the KAMAZ Master team

managers. Elizaveta Sadova, the chair of the

and seven-time winner of the Dakar Rally,

independent jury and professor of leadership

and Andrei Kozhevnikov, head of the Moscow

and organizational behavior at SKOLKOVO,

office of the consulting company Auerbach

and Omer Dormen, the developer of unique

Consulting. Alexei Savostin, CEO of

multi-level leadership programs for Castrol

Avtomir-Bryansk, was declared the winner in

HR managers and sales managers in the CIS,

“Leader-Organizer” category. Andrei Petrenko,

Scandinavia and Turkey, presented him with the prize.

founder and CEO of Autodealer Training Center (ADTC), President of the Russian Automobile Dealers Association and CEO of RTDS, congratulated him on his victory. The prize in the “Expert Leader” category went to Alexei Kislintsyn, Manager of After-Sales Service of

ceremony is a major event on the market of after-sales service for cars and is held with the participation of senior managers of leading car manufacturers and large official dealers.

About the jury In 2013, the independent jury of the Castrol Professional Leadership Award included Elizaveta Sadova, Director of the Executive Education Programs of Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO (jury chair); Leonid Kobrin, CEO of Setra Lubricants LLC; Tatiana Lukovetskaya, Chief Managing Director — Retail Division of Rolf Group of Companies; Andrei Kozhevnikov, Head of the Moscow office

For more detailed information on the prize and the awards ceremony visit our website at

of Auerbach Consulting/Austria; and Andrei Petrenko, President of the Russian Automobile Dealers Association and CEO of RTDS.

the Autobahn Group of Companies. Roman Pavlyuchenko, a renowned soccer player and

CastrolNews 03

Castrol Professional

“Our Customers are Pragmatists” ŠKODA's progress since the fall of the Socialist block has been stellar. Since becoming part of the Volkswagen concern in 1991, ŠKODA has been transformed from a local player into one of the world's most dynamic automotive companies. Today it is represented in more than one hundred countries, but Russia is a key market for it. Castrol News spoke to Lubomir Naiman, manager of the ŠKODA brand in Russia. What is your feeling about ŠKODA at the end of 2012? Our company is more than one hundred

So the Octavia is still the leader, is that right? Of course. As the company's management

series, but even they can claim the status of fullfledged family cars: five doors, large trunk, and

years old, and we have never felt so good about

points out, Octavia is the heart of the brand.

it. Even though the world market situation

I'll give an example: the Octavia Combi (multi-

in 2012 was far from ideal, the company

purpose — Ed. note) was the most popular

Until recently, ŠKODAs had an image as practical cars

delivered 939,000 cars to customers, setting

import model in Germany last year. As you

but with a somewhat boring design. But if we look

yet another historic record and beating the

know, we plan to replace the leader in 2013.

at the the Rapid and Octavia and the updated Superb,

figure for 2011 by 6.8%. Russia is ŠKODA's third

The second generation Octavia is retiring, and

we will see very modern cars. Is not the company

largest market after China and Germany. Last

the third generation Octavia is arriving — it is

afraid of losing its “classic audience”, who might be

year we sold slightly more than 99,000 cars on

an absolutely outstanding car. As before, we'll

scared away by novelty?

the Russian Market, which was 34% more than

produce this model in Russia, but in a different

the previous year.

place: instead of Kaluga (where Volkswagen

”modern” instead of “trendy”. That is exactly

Of course, the Russian market has grown, but

acceptable suspension ruggedness.

You were absolutely right to use the word

built a plant in which ŠKODA invested large

how we define our design style. Modern but

we still surged ahead and increased our share

amounts of its own funds — Ed. note) this will

not driven by fashion. A trend in the sense

from 3 to 3.6% in a year (meaning the Russian

be Nizhny Novgorod.

of fashion is short-lived. This applies to both

market for new passenger vehicles — Ed. note).

clothes and cars. We could make an ultra-trendy Which model will replace the Octavia in Kaluga?

Which ŠKODA models are the most popular?

car. Today everyone will be thrilled! Tomorrow

When we are ready for production in

they'll notice it has started to get stale. Then,

Kaluga, we'll start making the Rapid, which

when time to sell comes, you have problems:

world leaders are Octavia, Fabia and Superb.

also promises to be a very strong player on the

in two or three years the car has lost all of its

In Russia the first two places coincide — Octavia

Russian market.

appeal! We do not want to offer people cars

According to the results of 2012, the three

is the engine, and Fabia is behind it, and Yeti

with a “one-day” design, regardless of whether

is in third place, which makes perfect sense:

How do you explain the popularity of ŠKODA products

they replace the cars every two or three years

crossovers are very popular in your country,

on totally different markets, like Russia, Great

or drive them for seven or eight years. First of

and without any false modesty we consider it

Britain, Germany and China?

all, this is a lack of respect for consumers, and

one of the best examples of compact urban

ŠKODA's philosophy is to give the customer

we are well aware that our customers know the

SUVs. Full-cycle assembly of Yeti has recently

the maximum number of high-quality products

value of the money they earn. In theory, what

started in Nizhny Novgorod (this refers to the

at reasonable cost. Our customers (not just in

I have said is easy to prove. Look at the second

so-called contract assembly at GAZ facilities;

Russia but around the world) are pragmatists.

generation ŠKODA Octavia. The car was first

hundreds million euros have been invested in

They are mainly guided by considerations of

marketed in 2004. And who says it does not

the project.— Ed. note), and the share of Russian

practicality and personal comfort, and then

look good today? Last year we sold more than

sales is continuing to increase. By the end

they think about the status of their purchase.

400,000 Octavias worldwide — an absolute

of 2013, it could be competing with the Fabia

There are plenty of pragmatists in China,

record. Do a lot of manufacturers find a model

for second place.

England and Germany. We have impressive,

becoming more popular at the end of its life

emotionally charged cars like the RS sport




Of course, a manufacturer making cars in Russia will save on customs duties. What does the customer gain? Also a lot. Customers in Russia do not really like to wait for cars they have ordered. Local production shortens the waiting time: a custom-made multi-purpose Fabia takes about three months to arrive from the Czech Republic, but a hatchback from Kaluga is delivered in a month to month and a half. Russian production allows us to keep prices under control and offer a package of options with up to a 50% advantage for the customer. Having our own plant helped us avoid a shortage last year: on some European markets you could not buy an Octavia anywhere, but you could in Russia. Finally, by buying a car made in Russia, you help your country develop world-class production. Our Russian employees are learning how to use state-ofthe-art equipment (the company's new plants are not outfitted with anything else as a matter of principle) and are making products as good as any in Europe. Each car coming off the production line is inspected in several stages. Inspectors in Russia have no more complaints than in the Czech Republic. Russians are great workers if you provide them with the Lubomir Naiman Born in 1967 in the Czech Republic (Czechoslovakia). He has worked for ŠKODA since 1990. Before moving to Russia, he was manager of the Product Marketing Department (global marketing). On November 1, 2011, he became the Head of the ŠKODA brand in Russia. He speaks Czech, English, German, and Russian. His favorite sports are chess, cycling and skiing.

appropriate conditions. Naturally, new cars should be better and look more modern. But we are convinced that they also have a “long-playing” design. What percentage of cars sold in Russia are manufactured here? According to our calculations, it will be 80% this year. I should add that I am talking about models manufactured full cycle from welding to body painting. This includes Fabia hatchback, Yeti and third generation Octavia liftback (a liftback looks similar to a sedan, but the fifth door is hinged at the top like a hatchback — Ed. note).

Why do you think ŠKODA recommends Castrol? The specifications of the engines ŠKODA uses today are impressive. For example, the 1.4 liter Fabia RS has 180 h.p. and average fuel consumption of 6.2 liters per 100 km. Of course, this engine is an engineering work of art, and you can only recommend oil for it if you are sure about its quality. Castrol oils are developed in close cooperation with Volkswagen engineers and go through all possible compatibility tests. That is for everyday life. You also have sports. In 2012 Fabia S2000 rally cars performed brilliantly in world rallies: our pilots were consistent winners. We are proud to say that Castrol played a role in these victories.



Castrol Professional

To Service and Sell Castrol Professional is offering a new training program “Sales Skills in the Service Department” for service center employees. It will supplement the current offering of Castrol Professional training and consulting programs available for authorized dealers.


etc. It should be emphasized that the topics listed above are adapted to the conditions, needs and requirements of the dealer's service department. Participants of the “Sales Skills in the Service Department” course may include managers of parts and service departments, master consultants, and parts and accessory sellers. The program is held over a period of two days in groups of up to 12 people. The format includes interactive lectures,

nderstanding sales

program line is dedicated to this. It will help

efficiency during service is a crucial

with a customer is a potential sale. The training

skill allowing service center

gives participants the opportunity to study

personnel to increase profitability

the entire sales cycle and process, train them

of the company as a whole and

to demonstrate the advantages of the goods

enhance customer satisfaction.

and services being offered and identify the

However, “understanding” is

customer's needs. Course participants will

your employees understand that each contact

an abstract concept. How do you make it real

also learn how to make an offer that cannot

and tangible, reinforce it with specific examples

be refused and discover additional sales

and processes and achieve the necessary

opportunities. The course covers such topics


as “The Sales Process”, “Customer Motives and

The new training course “Sales Skills in the Service Department” in the Castrol Professional


Funnel”, “Dealing with Customers' Objections”,


Needs”, “The Difference between Price and Value”, “Presenting Goods or Services”, “The Sales

analysis of real-life examples, and group and individual assignments. At the end of the course participants will summarize the results, discuss ideas and work out a plan to enhance their work based on the acquired knowledge. A pilot version of the training program was held in October and November of last year in Escadra dealerships (ŠKODA), AAA Motors (Audi, Mazda, and Renault) in Rostov-on-Don, and in the Ukraine at Winner Imports Ukraine, which sells Jaguar, Land Rover, Ford, and Volvo. More than 30 people took part in the pilot program. Today, training courses in dealerships are planned two months in advance.

League of Outstanding Service Professionals The “Best Ford Mechanic of 2012” competition was held on December 18 at the Ford Training Center with Castrol's support. The event included a presentation of the new Castrol Magnatec Professional line of motor oils developed exclusively for Ford cars.


he Russian national competition for best mechanics from offical Ford dealers took place in the Ford Training Center on December 18. Castrol was a partner for this event attended by representatives of Ford Sollers headquarters, Ford dealerships,

members of the Ford Focus Club, and journalists Eight mechanics from six Russian Ford dealerships were among the finalists: Alexander Akulenko (Major, Krasnoyarsk), Leonid Bagrov (Agate Motors, Nizhny Novgorod), Leonid Getmansky (Rolf Carline, St. Petersburg), Sergei Evdokimov (Rolf Oktyabrskaya, St. Petersburg), Maxim Ivushkin (Rolf, Khimki), Andrei Kurdakov (Rolf Carline, St. Petersburg), Sergei Ruzaev (AAA Motors, Rostov-on-Don), and Andrei Shchegolevatykh (Rolf, Khimki). The eight mechanics competed against each other in practical tests of varying difficulty for knowledge of each of a car's four main systems: chassis, power train, electrical, and body. A jury ranked the finalists' skills in diagnostics and car repair. Sergei Evdokimov came first, followed by Leonid Getmansky and Leonid Bagrov in second and third places, respectively. All finalists were awarded the highest qualification level of Master Technician under the global Masters advanced training program for technical personnel. The top three mechanics won trips to one of the stages of the classic World Rally Championship (WRC) provided by Castrol. During the competition Castrol also presented its exclusive new Ford Castrol

Magnatec Professional motor oil product line, developed jointly with Ford engineers specially for Ford engines. Development of engine building technologies, environmental requirements, and harsh Russian operating conditions are making new demands on lubricants. As a result, Ford issued new specifications for motor oils for gasoline and diesel engines. Since Castrol and Ford engineers have been working closely for a long time, Castrol responded quickly. The new Ford Castrol Magnatec Professional oil product line meets all the Ford's current standards and requirements and is officially recommended by it for use in car engines. “Development of any lubricant starts right at the engine design stage in close cooperation with automotive engineers,” Leonid Kobrin, CEO of Castrol Russia, said when speaking about the new product. “This teamwork with major international automotive concerns and

suited to all specifications and features of Ford

co-engineering keep Castrol at the peak of

engines. The newly developed oil was then

innovations. The joint project to develop the

used during tests of the actual Ford engine to

new Ford Castrol motor oil we started from

determine its reliability and longevity.

scratch five years ago is a perfect example of this teamwork". In 2009 Castro was faced with the challenge of developing a new motor oil for the Ford

Ford Castrol Magnatec Professional motor oils have been available only at official Ford dealerships since November 2012.

Ecoboost engine to improve fuel economy, increase protection against deposits and reduce emissions of CO2. Development of the oil started in 2009, when one of the first prototypes of the Ford Ecoboost was set up in a test laboratory in Castrol's top-ranking Pangbourne Technology Centre (UK). This was an important step, allowing Castrol to develop an oil ideally



Castrol Professional

How to Become the Best Yug-Auto Center LLC was the winner in Russia's Southern region of ŠKODA's annual “Best Dealer for After-Sales Service of 2012” competition.

— Let's talk about the competition. What was it about and what were the most difficult situations? How did you deal with them? All dealers take part in the competition. Participants are evaluated by a number of indicators. For example, the number of points in an after-sales service checklist, customer


satisfaction indicators, service performance and economic indicators. The most important

t is well known that Castrol Professional training and consulting programs help managers and employees improve key performance indicators of their companies such as profitability and efficiency. Today Castrol Professional specialists use leading edge approaches

to training and consulting, including techniques to build customer loyalty, sales and service techniques. Training can be one-on-one or in groups at dealership or remotely (online). The effectiveness of these professional programs has been proved time and again. One of the most striking recent examples of this was Yug-Auto Center's victory in the “Best Dealer for After-Sales Service of 2012” competition held by ŠKODA's Moscow representative office. Among the participants, the company had an overall score of 1578 points according to a checklist. This was the best result in the whole country. We spoke with Sergei Yurchik, Service Manager at Yug-Auto Center, about the competition and about what is helping to increase the company's profitability today. — What is the ŠKODA after-sales service department at Yug-Auto Center today? Yug-Auto Center is one of two official ŠKODA dealers in the automotive holding Yug-Auto. The Center is outfitted with modern equipment and specialized tools. The company's employees regularly take part in training courses and events, and today they are highly skilled. This allows us to offer a high level of service and solve any technically difficult diagnostic and repair problems for the entire ŠKODA model line. Convenient parking and a waiting area in the showroom meeting ŠKODA



standards help customers feel comfortable at our dealership. — What are the main specifications of your service center? Thirty people work in the service department, which includes a parts department. Eight stations in the shop are equipped with two post lifts, there is a four post lift with a wheel alignment stand and two diagnostic stations. The interactive receiver has a MAHA line diagnostic tool control. The service center has a capacity of 40 cars per day. — How did you choose the various mechanisms and approaches operating at your service center? Can you give examples of processes implemented as a result of Castrol Professional programs? Our primary reference document for developing internal business processes was “Recommendations for Organizing and Operating Dealership Service Departments”. We adapted and implemented the requirements described in this document. After that, we automated a lot of processes. For example, the “Service Call” business process now allows us to identify the customer and car online, when we receive a call, record the reason for the call, check the car's history, schedule the activities of the receiver and the employees performing the work, etc. This is how we complete the first key service process. Examples of a positive result of Castrol Professional training programs are redesign of the accessory area and increased effectiveness of our master consultant's work in expanding job orders. As a result, we have increased the fill rate of job orders and the total receipt, which means our sales have increased.

indicator is the number of checklist points. Our main emphasis was on meeting standards. At the same time, it is impossible to achieve high scores without consistent effort for a long period, since it takes time to meet a lot of the requirements (e.g. employee training and certification).  — What made your service center the winner? Well, there was the thrill of the competition in our team. But the main reason we won is the understanding that you cannot develop service without expanding the loyal customer base. One way we can increase the loyalty and number of customers is to improve service processes by monitoring work quality, tracking spare parts warehouse performance, training employees, etc.; that is, all that together makes up ŠKODA standards for after-sales service. So, by implementing all of the points on the after-sales service checklist, we basically accomplish the task of developing service. Winning the competition is further proof that we are on the right track to the main objective. — In your opinion, how effective are these competitions as motivation? The reward for winning the competition is a trip to the Czech Republic with a visit to the main center of the Czech auto industry in Mlada Boleslav. This is a very good incentive, in my opinion.  — How do you rate the Castrol Professional programs? Last year we took part in two Castrol Professional training programs. The programs were aimed at increasing the effectiveness of communicating and selling advantages for

frontline employees. I was personally able

— What would you say are the key factors in customer

a wide variety of reports (for example, you

to visit separate divisions and I can say with

relations? How do you use methods for increasing

can evaluate the satisfaction index for each

certainty that the training programs were

loyalty and how do you attract customers beyond

employee) and quickly analyze trends in

organized and conducted at a high level

warranty maintenance?

satisfaction indices. Thanks to this system,

Each customer wants you to consider all of

we have been able to keep all CSS indices in

— What do you see as the main practical value of

his requests and solve all the problems at the

the TOP 20 for the past year. For customers

these programs?

first time. At the same time, it is very important

whose warranties have expired we offer special

to adhere to the agreed time and price. The

maintenance packages through our loyalty

improve the effectiveness of both an individual

customer's needs are identified when the

program. Castrol Days events that we regularly

employee and the service department

customer's phone call is registered and during

take part in are also very effective for attracting

as a whole.

interactive reception. Effective final inspection

post-warranty customers.

Their main practical value is that they help

and mandatory analysis of the results help — Who would these training programs be most

improve service quality and reduce repeat

— What is the main mission statement of the

useful for?


After-Sales Department of Yug-Auto ŠKODA?

There is no one size fits all. Each company is

“Handling Customer Feedback” is another

different. A manager's task is to determine where

example of a business process. During the post-

The right process leads to the right result.

effectiveness needs improvement. And then

service survey a customer relations manager

choose a training or consulting program based

records all the customers’ comments, which are

— What are your wishes for readers who are Castrol

on this need. As I have already said, Castrol

immediately sent to the employees responsible

customers and partners in Russia and the CIS?

Professional training programs cover nearly all

for the process through the electronic

service department training requirements.

document management system. A big plus of

partners in Russia and the CIS financial stability,

this system of analysis is being able to generate

bold business ideas. The sky is the limit!

And of course, “Be the first!”

I would like to wish Castrol customers and



Our partners

Tour for Champions At the end of last year the winners of the Audi Winners Trip 2012 competition held among official dealers by Audi and Castrol were rewarded with an incentive trip to Kitzbuhel. All the details are in our report.

24 Hours of Le Mans race, at the entrance was specially reserved for them. The next day the guests visited the Kitzbuhel report and its main attractions. Anyone who wanted to could go up to the ski jump and take a tour to the Swarowski Crystal World near the parent company of the world-


renowned jeweler. Then the participants were taken

he winners of the annual

to a bobsled run. The guests learned about the art and rules of competitions and then got

Audi Winners Trip 2012 competition

the opportunity to feel like athletes and slide

held by Audi among official

down the run on a bobsled. No one refused.

dealers around the world were

At the end of the program the guests had

announced at the end of last year. For the second year in a row Russia came first. The competition is held

jointly with Castrol.

dinner at a traditional Tyrolean restaurant. for an incentive tour to the Kitzbuhel ski resort

The next day they had a sightseeing tour of

in Austria The trip was from November 30 to December 2, inclusive. A memorable program awaited the participants: the guests were greeted in the Audi Forum at Munich Airport, where they were treated to traditional Bavarian refreshments. Then the guests were transported to the Berchtesgaden Salt Mines, where they could see at first hand the life and work of Alpine miners, put on a uniform, Salzburg and return trip to Munich. There, of course, they could not pass up a visit to the

The task of the competitors is to maintain

Hofbrauhaus, Munich's oldest beer hall dating

high indicators for purchases of lubricants and

from the 16th century. And just as five centuries

spare parts. The goal of last year's event was to

ago, honoured guests are always greeted there

increase purchases in three key lines: Castrol

with wonderful home brew and jolly Bavarian

products (purchases of the Castrol Professional


line were evaluated), genuine Audi spare parts, and genuine Audi accessories. The competition ran from January 1 to August 31, 2012. Based on the results, the five best sellers with the highest scores in all three lines represented the following dealerships: Audi Center Petersburg, Audi Center Petrogradsky (St. Petersburg), Audi Center Perm, Audi Center Kazan, and Audi Center Ekaterinburg. All these dealerships received tickets from Audi Russia and Castrol



take a turn on a slide leading to the face, and have their photos taken as a souvenir. A festive dinner awaited the tour participants in neighboring Austria the same evening. An upscale restaurant in the resort town of St. Johann with a prototype of the Audi R18 e-tron quattro, winner of the legendary


Clean and Tidy The demands made on commercial vehicles are very high: continuous operation in any conditions and compliance with all current environmental standards. Our improved products specially developed for commercial vehicles will help you comply with all standards.


etra LUBRICANTS is pleased to introduce the upgraded lineup of BP Vanellus motor oils. The improved ВР Vanellus motor oils are based on CleanGuard™ technology, which decreases the risk of deposits forming in the engine,

guaranteeing reliable engine performance in any climatic conditions. A commercial vehicle engine is regularly exposed to especially heavy loads and the action of aggressive substances that form when the engine is running. Without the necessary protection, this can lead to reduced engine performance (repairs, frequent oil changes and other unpleasant side effects). On the contrary, using high quality motor oil keeps the engine running even in difficult situations. For this reason, BP has developed CleanGuard™ technology — an effective system that keeps the engine clean and increases its service life. The CleanGuard™ logo on a can of the revised product means there is no need to worry; the oil will last longer and at the same

time clean the engine more effectively. BP Vanellus oils have undergone repeated tests for engine piston cleanliness to evaluate the condition of the pistons after operation on high loads. The results are impressive: when BP Vanellus oils were used, the pistons were up to 30% cleaner than required by the ACEA* standard. In other words, the ВР Vanellus line helps commercial vehicle owners substantially reduce their fleet maintenance costs. This is because of the longer service intervals, reduced risk of breakdowns requiring expensive repairs, saving employees time and many other factors. The improved product was developed in close cooperation with commercial vehicle manufacturers. Castrol is a leading world manufacturer of lubricants designed for the most up-to-date requirements and standards for motor oils and collaborates extensively with major auto manufacturers. BP Vanellus oils are an outstanding example of this collaboration. * ACEA — Association des Constructeurs Europeens d’Automobiles, European Automobile Manufacturers Association.

Key advantages of oils of the upgraded BP Vanellus line: — engine cleanliness up to 30% above the ACEA industry standard; — ash content reduced by 25% compared to АСЕА standards; — reduced risk of oil thickening and wear of parts; — cleaner and more reliable engine performance; — cleaner pistons help increase engine efficiency.




Experiments with Oils Castrol has conducted joint testing of its products with leading companies in the agroindustrial and passenger transport sectors.


veryone knows that oil change intervals in commercial vehicle engines, whether in trucks, buses, construction, mining or farm machinery are variable in many cases when modern products are used. To put it simply, a vehicle operator or

private owner can increase the life cycle of motor oil without damaging the unit while cutting costs as the result of comprehensive test program carried out with the support of the oil supplier. For our partners these test programs are not just about promoting sales, but are increasingly a direct condition for them. At the request of our partners who are distributors of lubricants, the engineering department organized testing of the behavior of our products under actual conditions. The purpose of the tests was to prove the advantage of our products over competitors. So how does a modern motor oil behave under severe operating conditions? Only an experiment can answer that question. Below is a brief report by the engineering team of Setra Lubricants LLC on three test programs carried out in 2010, 2011 and 2012. We'll start by defining the concept of “severe operating conditions” used in the article. First of all, it denotes fuel of variable quality according to such parameters as mass fraction of sulfur, fractional composition, number of solid particles, and amount of water. The fuel was analyzed for these parameters even before the tests started. Operating conditions are next. Very briefly, “city” conditions are the most unfavorable conditions for a bus, while “construction site” or once again “city” conditions are worst for a truck (a delivery van or a light truck delivering goods within one community). Those are probably the main factors affecting the length of the service interval for commercial vehicles. We also note the parameters used to track changes in motor oil and engine wear: — total base number (a parameter describing the ability of the oil to neutralize sulfurous and sulfuric acids that form when sulfur-containing fuel is used, among other things); when this parameter is reduced to 50% of the initial value, the oil should definitely be changed; 12


— total acid number (a parameter describing the total acid components in the oil); — kinematic viscosity at 100 °С (when this parameter exceeds the limits set by the viscosity class, the oil should also be changed); — presence and amount of impurities like water, antifreeze, fuel, soot, silicon (soil, dust, sand); — amount of metal wear; — amount of additives.

City The first experiment was carried out together

Farm machinery

with the Department of Transport of the Omsk city administration and consisted of monitoring

The reason for this experiment was

the condition of Castrol Enduron Global 10W-40

a conversation with the chief technology

motor oil.

officer of AGRO-INVEST Group of Companies,

Test subjects: four NefAZ 5299-30-32 buses with Cummins 6 ISBe 270 B engines and a Common Rail fuel system, with an average of 250,000 km on them. “City” conditions; four LiAZ 5293 buses with Caterpillar 3126E engines and an HEUI (hydraulic electronic unit injector) fuel system, with an average of 180,000 km on them. Variability of such a quality indicator as sulfur content over a fairly wide range from 200 to 800 ppm was monitored in the fuel (according to the quality certificate provided by the fuel supplier). Test results The overall results of the experiment for the NefAZ buses showed a gradual reduction in total base number and kinematic viscosity to values close to the permissible limits. The motor oil was changed at the end of the experiment at intervals ranging from 16,200 km to 18,650 km, allowing us to set an interval of 15,000 km. The previous maximum recommended oil change interval for these engines in a large Russian city was 12,500 km. The overall results of the experiment for the LiAZ buses showed a gradual reduction in total base number and kinematic viscosity to values

from which we discovered that the engines of 16,706 km, allowing us to set an interval

John Deere combines were burning quite a lot

of 10,000 km.

of a competitor's oil product. The oil change

The previous maximum recommended oil

interval was 250 m/h, which did not really satisfy

change interval for these engines in a large

the customer. As a result, the condition of Castrol

Russian city was 8,000 km.

Agri Power Plus 15W-40 was monitored together

Suburban The next experiment involved monitoring the condition of Castrol Enduron Global 10W-40 motor oil and was carried out together with MAP No. 2 Bus Column 1417 and a branch of GUP MO Mostransavto. Test subjects: three LiAZ buses with CAT 3116 engines and an MEUI (mechanical electronic unit injector) fuel system, with various total mileage. “Suburban” conditions. Sulfur content in the fuel varied from 550 to 1,550 ppm. Test results The parameters describing the condition of the oil did not reach critical values during the tests. However, the oil was changed at intervals close to 15,000 km at the customer's discretion, since this was the target interval for MAP No. 2 Bus Column 1417.

with AGRO-INVEST, Setra Lubricants LLC, and Tarvas LLC. Test subjects: two John Deere 9640i combines with 6081 HZ017 engines. Analysis of the fuel showed good data for sulfur content of 25 ppm. Test results Total base number and viscosity at 100 °С, specified as test parameters, did not reach critical values in the combine engines with garage numbers 8828 and 8829 during the tests. However, the oil was changed at intervals of 370 and 390 m/h at the customer's discretion, since this was the target interval for AGRO-INVEST Group of Companies. The customer was more than satisfied with the rate of burning of the tested oil. Based on the results, we can state the following: Castrol Enduron Global 10W-40 and Castrol Agri Power Plus 15W-40 motor oils intended for commercial vehicles proved

close to the permissible limits. The motor oil

their effectiveness: a significant increase in

was changed at the end of the experiment

change intervals was revealed and confirmed

at intervals ranging from 10,262 km to

when they were used. CastrolNews


HD News

Strategic Partnership of Leaders

Setra Lubricants started supplying lubricants to branches of MAN Truck & Bus RUS in Podolsk and St. Petersburg under a global partnership between Castrol and MAN.

MAN Truck & Bus MAN Truck & Bus designs, manufactures and sells a wide range of diesel and gasoline engines for various purposes in many industries. MAN engines are available in 4- and 6-cylinder straight and 8- and 12-cylinder V models with power from 37 kW ( 50 h.p.) to 1324 kW (1800 h.p.). MAN Truck & Bus technologies like Common Rail, AGR gas recirculation system, 2-stage supercharger, selective catalytic reduction (SCR), and optimized soot filters (DPF/CRT) ensure reliable compliance with the strictest exhaust gas toxicity standards, while keeping operating costs low. Above all, MAN components mean innovative technologies and superior quality characteristics that constantly prove themselves with high economy ratings.


he start of deliveries of Castrol lubricants to branches of MAN Truck & Bus RUS is significant in terms of strategic partnership. Branches of MAN Truck & Bus RUS in St. Petersburg and Podolsk are some of the largest service stations for

MAN equipment in Russia and set the standards for service and implementation of the company's marketing plans in the after-sales service market segment for MAN equipment. The use of Castrol products is an example for all MAN Truck & Bus RUS dealers in the choice of recommended Castrol™ lubricants for servicing MAN equipment. The companies signed a global cooperation agreement in 2010. It provides for MAN's exclusive recommendation of Castrol lubricants. The Castrol logo is under the hood of each MAN truck, in operating manuals, and on top-up oil cans specially developed by Castrol for MAN. Along with this, Castrol is a strong supporter of Castrol Team Hahn Racing taking part in the FIA European Truck Racing Championship. In Russia partnership between Setra Lubricants LLC, Castrol's official importer in our country, and MAN Truck & Bus RUS is at the highest level. Castrol supports MAN dealers by supplying them



with the full required range of recommended lubricants and promotes development of spare parts sales and after-sales service. For example, this year Setra Lubricants and MAN Truck & Bus RUS will hold another joint event for the sale of genuine spare parts and Castrol lubricants among MAN truck and bus dealers. There were two similar events last year where the main prized were tickets to the Russian team's match at the group stage of the 2012 European Football Championship and tickets to the 64th IAA Commercial Vehicles Show. This time, the grand prize winner will receive a trip to the stage of the FIA European Truck Racing Championship taking place from June 12 to 14 in Germany at the famed Nurburgring track. In addition to working with MAN dealers, Setra Lubricants also works continuously with key freight carrier fleets with MAN trucks. For example, one of MAN's customers in Europe — Magnit (Russia's largest retail store chain) — renewed its cooperation with Castrol's Russian representative office.

Regional News

Playing hockey with BP


February Castrol Russia rewarded distributors who had shown the most growth is sales of BP with an incentive trip to a regular match of the Continental Hockey League

(CHL) in Minsk. Eight representatives of official Castrol distributors in Russia from Novosibirsk, Omsk, Voronezh, Kazan, Krasnoyarsk, St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad, and Moscow traveled to the match between the local Dinamo hockey club and Ak Bars from Kazan.

They all had four memorable days in the capital of Belarus from February 13 to 16. Participants went on a sightseeing tour, saw the local landmarks, and learned about the country's life and culture. They visited the best restaurants in Minsk, where they had a chance to try the national dishes of Belarus. The main event of the tour was the no holds barred duel on ice between Dinamo and Ak Bars at the Minsk Arena, the main ice facility in Belarus, which was packed to capacity on that day. The match

delighted the representative from Kazan. The BP brand, of which Setra Lubricants is the exclusive distributor is Russia, has been a partner of CHL since 2010. As part of this partnership, a Russia-wide project to popularize hockey among young people is underway. International and national hockey stars hold master classes for children, and their parents receive gifts and souvenirs from BP.

ended with a score of 2:3, which obviously

For the new motorcycle season From March 18 to April 28 the seasonal “Gift with Purchase” event for motor cyclists was held in the Rus and KEMP auto parts retail chains and all the retail stores that are partners of Castrol distributors. A customer who purchased Castrol Power 1

Price thaw

Racing 4T 10W-50 and Castrol Act>Evo X-tra 4T 10W-40 motorcycle oils at these stores during the event received a gift of Castrol Chain Spray O-R oil or Castrol Chain Cleaner.

from March 4 to April 30 the “Spring Price Thaw” event was held. The campaign products were Castrol Magnatec 10W-40 and Magnatec Diesel 10W-40 semisynthetic oils in 4-liter cans. The event coincided with the seasonal oil change and car owners' preparations for summer. During the event the oils were being sold at a special price of 10% off the recommended retail price. Customers at more than 4,500 sales outlets throughout Russia were able to take advantage of this offer, and all the retail stores partnering with official Castrol distributors in their region

Castrol to the rescue From March 15 to April 30 car owners getting a change of Castrol oil at a service station were eligible to receive a member card for the “Castrol. Road Assistance” program. The event was held at service centers that are its partners. The offer extended to the full line of Castrol EDGE oils and Castrol Magnatec 5W-XX oils. The “Castrol. Road Assistance” card allows members to make use of the following services: 24-hour technical and legal advice for car owners, towing in case of an accident, supplying fuel if it runs out and driving is impossible, and opening a car (if the keys are locked inside). The card is valid for six months.

could take part.




Spring Planning Castrol Ukraine, the exclusive importer of Castrol lubricants in the Ukraine, is continuing its partnership with AIS, a major automotive holding in the country.


he partnership between Castrol Ukraine and AIS holding began in June 2012 after signing a bilateral agreement. The holding represents car brands like Audi, Cadillac, Citroёn, Chevrolet, Hyun­dai, MG, Renault, Ssang-Yong, Geely, etc.

Under this partnership, starting in spring 2013, Castrol Ukraine will implement a series of new marketing and educational programs for authorized service centers for all AIS brands. In March of this year, Castrol Ukraine launched a spring incentive program for AIS sales staff. Consultation and technical training programs are held for the holding's mechanics, and promotional materials have been developed for the Castrol professional oil line for 38 partner service centers. Specialists of Castrol Ukraine have also designed and issued

Social responsibility Starting in November of last year, the AIS Parts chain offering Castrol motor oils to car enthusiasts shifted to using environmentally friendly bags for customer service. This initiative had the support of Castrol Ukraine, since it reflects the fundamental values of the Castrol brand for safe business practice and environmental protection. According to statistics, a polyethylene bag is used for an average of 10 minutes, whereas it can take from 150 to 400 years to decompose completely, according to various estimates. Ordinary polyethylene releases a large number of toxic substances during the process of decay or disposal, and is a threat to both the environment as a whole and human health. The ecobags have special bioadditives that break down quickly, and within 2–5 years, nothing is left of the bags but water and a small handful of biomass. At the same time, the problem of safe waste disposal in general and used polyethylene in particular is a very acute problem in the Ukraine today. Implementing this project will be a strong contribution to environmental protection in the Ukraine from both companies, and may serve as a positive example for other market participants.

a customized chart of Castrol Professional lubricants for AIS customers. A two-day training course “Red Carpet for Front Line” conducted by Sergei Kudryavtsev, a business trainer from Setra Lubricants, was held in Kiev on March 19 and 20. Thirteen AIS representatives from the Ukraine's major cities attended the course.



Races with Castrol The RACES WITH CASTROL event for 35 of the company's leading customers began on March 1. The event was planned and carried out through the combined efforts of employees of Castrol Ukraine's marketing department and service center relations department. Its goal is to increase purchases of Castrol Professional lubricants.

Advertising leaflets announcing the conditions of the program and individual goals were sent to all service centers participating in the event. The event received a good feedback from the customers: in March 90% of the invited customers confirmed their participation by placing purchase orders for Castrol Professional products.


The Hunt for the Super Trophy The “Castrol — Lamborghini. The Dream becomes Reality” event is underway in Kazakhstan for sellers and buyers. As a grand prize, customers will be offered a test drive in a Lamborghini on the Super Trofeo race track in Italy.


March 15, 2013 the “Castrol — Lamborghini. The Dream becomes Reality” B2B2C event got underway in Kazakhstan. The event

continues until May 31, 2013. Participants include 250 sales outlets from 12 cities in Kazakhstan. An event for final buyers will be held in four key cities: Almaty, Astana, Karaganda and Shymkent. The grand prize of the event is a real Grand Prix: it is a chance to test a luxurious Lamborghini on the legendary Super Trofeo race track in Italy. A so-called SMS hunt for final buyers was used in the event for the first time. A customer who buys oil taking part in the event also

For sellers at sales outlets recharging a cell

A sales plan was specified for all sales

receives a special sticker with the Castrol logo to

phone balance was chosen as an instant prize.

outlets, and an outlet that fulfills it has a chance

place on the car's rear window.

This action was used in one of the previous

to participate in an intermediate draw for prizes

events and received a positive feedback from

of certificated for the purchase of household

receives a cell phone message about the place

sellers. A sticker with a detachable box with the

appliances. On the final day of the event

and time for the hunt. The customer first has to

seller's code under a scratch layer is attached to

on May 31 there will be a draw for the

go to the specified place to win a can of oil. All

each campaign can of oil. When a purchase is

grand prizes of three trips to the legendary

the customers arriving at the assembly point will

made, the seller detaches the box with the code,

Super Trofeo race track in Italy.

also be able to register and participate in a draw

sends a message and receives an instant prize —

for the grand prize.

a recharge of his/her cell phone balance.

On the day of the SMS hunt customer



Independent Workshops

For all Independent Workshops Partnership with Castrol is not only sound but also profitable. We offer Castrol Service Plus for independent Workshops.


In other words, a workshop receives a whole set of business tools, the latest lubricants, and practical assistance in increasing customer loyalty.

astrol, a leading world manufacturer of lubricants, has been on the Russian market for more than

Service plus loyalty The advantages of partnership with one

20 years. During this time, Castrol

of the leading manufacturers of high-tech

oils have earned the trust of both

lubricants are not only about the opportunity

professionals in the automotive

to buy high-quality oils recommended

business and Russian car enthusiasts. Today Castrol products are one of the few officially recommended by car such manufacturers as Audi, BMW, Ford, ŠKODA,

by leading OEMs, but also about the support Castrol Russia provides for its partners. What does it involve? Partnership gives independent workshops

All this leads to the growth of the company's economical indicators, or simply, increases profit.

Through knowledge to money The training programs offered under Castrol Service Plus can be divided into three groups. First group is manager training programs.

Volkswagen, Jaguar and Land Rover. All these

access to a whole range of programs and

Among other things, it means examining such

companies use Castrol as the original oil, and

business development opportunities.

topics as workshop, personnel and financial

you can see the company's branding and

The following kinds of partnership are available


buy its top-up oils in the showrooms of their

under the Castrol Service Plus offer for

official dealers. However, Castrol Russia has also been working successfully with both official service centers and independent workshops

independent workshops:

Second is training programs for front-line personnel. It includes important topics like

— training and consulting programs;

telephone communication techniques for

— involvement of independent workshops

services, key competencies of a master receiver,

for many years. The Castrol Service Plus

in Castrol's advertising campaigns and bonus

customer-oriented service, and skills for selling

business proposal has been specially


services and spare parts.

developed for them. It will highlight the status of independent workshops to their benefit and will make their business more efficient and profitable. 



— investments in equipment and loans; — special offers to attract and retain customers (increasing loyalty).

Third is consulting programs (improving the performance of mechanics, service, a startup project for new businesses, etc.).

Castrol's training programs enjoy great

the competence of the workshop's employees.

success on the market. Some of them have

On buying a specified quantity of lubricants

been approved by strategic partners and

from a local Castrol distributor, an independent

recommended for implementation at Volvo,

workshop receives expendables and a uniform

Land Rover, and Audi dealerships. Experienced

for employees, what also creates a positive

trainers and business consultants conduct the

image of the workshop on the local market.

courses. Expert trainers tell you about such

Another important feature of the offer is

key aspects as additional sales opportunities

the opportunity to participate in Castrol's

(express diagnostics, spaghetti charts, etc.) and

advertising campaigns. Participating in these

share their knowledge and experience.

campaigns not only helps to increase lubricant

Growth factors Alongside with training and consultations, other, more tangible advantages are also available under the Castrol Service Plus program. An example is external branding from Castrol for independent workshops. It helps to visually distinguish the workshop from the competitors and strengthen the company's reputation on the local market. After going through the appropriate procedure, an independent workshop can receive a certificate of conformance to Castrol standards. This document will decorate the reception or waiting area of your workshop, and the customer will have no reason to doubt

sales, but also provides a chance to win various prizes, from company T-shirts to tickets to sport events sponsored by Castrol. This can also be an excellent additional means of motivating and encouraging employees. Castrol Service Plus also provides

Official opinion “The program developed by Castrol allows us to make an objective assessment of the situation at dealerships and identify ways to improve service based on successful practice in Russia and on other markets”. Alexei Tarasov, Volvo Cars LLC “We make the most efficient use of all the resources to improve our quality of service customer satisfaction. The Castrol programs we are implementing in the Audi dealer network in Russia are successfully accomplishing the corresponding business tasks”. Alexander Gavrilov, Audi Russia

investments in developing the technical base of an independent workshop. Flexible conditions (the workshop chooses the necessary equipment and supplier independently) make it possible to buy everything you need for business development. Detailed conditions of the Castrol Service Plus offer are available from the regional distributor in your region and a full list of Castrol

“Together with Castrol experts, we have developed a training program on effective use of dialog reception and are implementing it in our dealer network. This program allows us to build trust and long-term relationships with our customers and maintain the brand's image in their opinion”. Alexander Aleshin, Jaguar Land Rover Russia

distributors in Russia is published on the site:



Sales & marketing

Advertising campaign 2013 This year Castrol has unveiled a powerful advertising campaign in the media, in the Internet, and on outdoor billboards. We'll talk about its main lines.

Castrol EDGE: recommended by leading OEMs A new visual advertising campaign for premium Castrol EDGE oils began on March 1 of this year. Its concept is based on the long history of productive collaboration between the company's specialists and engineers of leading OEMs, including Audi, BMW, Ford, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mini, SEAT, ŠKODA, Volkswagen, and Volvo. Since the target audience for Castrol EDGE consists of people for whom a car is an object of prestige, we decided to focus on outdoor advertising and online resources when choosing placement sites. Poster and billboards designed according to the new concept appeared in 23 Russian cities, and banners were placed in popular resources like,

Engine music A new viral video from Castrol dedicated

MSN,,,, and

to Castrol EDGE premium oils appeared in “Manufacturers' recommendations

the Internet on February 25. The product's

for customers are probably the most important

innovativeness is highlighted in an offbeat way

factor in the choice of lubricants. We are proud

in the video. A DJ mixes the sounds of working

of our long-term partnership with leading OEMs

engines, making a dubstep composition out of

and place high value on the trust they have

them. Thus, the video's creator — Ivan Egorov,

shown us by recommending Castrol oils for use

a director and filmmaker from the Havefun

in their engines,” says Maria

Visual — played on the slogan of Castrol EDGE

Kurshina, Castrol's marketing

motor oil: “Maximum effectiveness even in

director in the CIS and

extreme conditions”. Professional dancers, a DJ


and multi-instrumentalist Sergei Makarov were involved in making the video. The music which WATCH THE VIDEO

became an advertising soundtrack was written by Alexander Karelin and Vyacheslav Zavyalov.



Castrol Magnatec: tested by rodeo The advertising campaign for the Castrol Magnatec line began in February. Its concept is virtually unprecedented: no one has ever tried to promote motor oils so boldly. A TV clip created by the international agency Ogilvy & Mather completely changes the concept of what motor oil ads should look like: the subject of the clip draws a parallel between the action of molecules of Castrol Magnatec, which protect the engine, and a skilled cowboy who should be able to stay in the saddle of a mechanical bull as long as possible during a rodeo. The clip was shot with a 5D camera designed for shooting documentary films, and the engine being tested by the cowboy was designed specially for this project. Real experts who followed the progress of the experiment and an experienced cowboy were involved in creating the video. Richard Harden, a champion bull rider from New Zealand, had the starring role. The new advertising video had its Russian TV premiere


on February 18 on First Channel, Russia 2, REN TV, TNT and NTV. The campaign also made use of radio advertising and Internet resources. “Showing the fantastic tenacity of Castrol Magnatec in such an unusual way was a great idea,” says director Noah Marshall. “This character gives the motor oil ad a completely new tone. These videos are usually very serious and are saturated with a special high-tech aesthetic that sometimes looks a bit fake. The main task of the new Castrol Magnatec ad was to attract viewers with an interesting experiment in a recognizable form”.

Magnetic force Another video clip on the Castrol Magnatec line was shot according to the concept of the Smetana agency by Russian specialists from the Comrades Pro creative studio in St. Petersburg. This viral video is dedicated to the unrivalled tenacity of the molecules of Castrol Magnatec, which attach themselves to engine components and effectively protect them under any conditions. According to the scenario, a can of

visualize in an understandable form. We came up with the concept of exaggerating the magnetic properties of the oil molecules and chose a gas station, which is a familiar and recognizable place for all drivers, to develop our story. The production team spent a lot of effort and time to make the blondes, the keys and the dogs to gain magnetic properties, but the result was worth it,” says Andrei Buzina, creative director


of Smetana.

Castrol Magnatec attracts all nearby metallic objects to it. “Our goal was to talk about a feature of Castrol Magnatec oil that was difficult to CastrolNews


Press review

Official opinion Under our traditional heading we would like to draw your attention to a selection of media publications that mention the Castrol and BP Visco brands, and Setra Lubricants LLC, their official importer in Russia.

AutoBusiness Info, 25.03.2013

Gruzavtoinfo magazine

“The 4th Castrol Professional Leadership Award ceremony was held on March 21, where the awards to automotive company managers achieving maximum economic effectiveness of their business were presented. This is a momentous event for the industry, which annually recognizes the best representatives of dealerships and business leaders who are able to form an effective team and motivate employees to achieve their best performance”.

“Castrol presented the new line of Ford Castrol Magnatec Professional motor oils for official Ford dealers. The new Ford Castrol motor oil was developed jointly with Ford engineers and is exclusively recommended for Ford cars”., 28.03.2013 Kuzov magazine “The M-Sport team and Castrol have presented the totally new Ford Fiesta RS WRC and revealed the colors of the Qatar M-Sport World Rally Team that will decorate the car in the 2013 FIA World Rally Championship”. 



“Audi and Castrol EDGE demonstrate excellence at Sebring. Team Audi, with the support of Castrol EDGE, have made history by winning the first two places in the 12-hour race in Sebring. For the first time a hybrid race car has won the classic American endurance race after triumphing in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. During the qualifying round Marcel Fassler, Benoit Treluyer and Oliver Jarvis set the pace in their Audi R18 e-tron quattro with record speed on the track”.

ProSPORT magazine

“According to the updated Castrol EDGE Rankings, Lionel Messi is still in top form and remains player number one. The Argentine football player managed to break through opponents' defence in each of La Liga's matches in January. Messi ended the month with a fabulous game at the Camp Nou Stadium: during the match against Osasuna all four of his shots at goal were successful, allowing Barcelona to win by a huge margin of 5:1”.

“A TV clip created by the international agency Ogilvy & Mather completely changes the concept of what motor oil ads should look like and promises to become a real breakthrough. The video draws a parallel between the action of the molecules of Castrol Magnatec, which protect the engine, and a skilled cowboy who should be able to stay in the saddle of a mechanical bull as long as possible during a rodeo”.

Popular Mechanics, 29.03.2013 “Castrol presented a new line of Ford Castrol Magnatec Professional motor oils developed exclusively for Ford cars on December 18 at the “Best Ford Mechanic of 2012” event attended by representatives of Ford Sollers, Ford dealerships, members of the Ford Focus Club, and journalists. The new motor oil developed jointly with Ford is as close as possible to the latest trends in engine building and meets Ford's unique specifications. This is why Ford not only approves Ford Castrol Magnatec Professional motor oils, but also recommends them exclusively”.

“What is unique about the innovative Intelligent Molecules? Here are only a few of the advantages that were officially documented during tests and confirmed by the results of comparative tests: — remain on key components even when the engine is turned off; — provide enhanced protection when the engine is operating at high and low temperatures; — attracted to engine components, forming a reliable protective layer; — adhere to the engine's metal surfaces, making them more wear-resistant; — provide continuous protection under any operating conditions in a wide temperature range”.




Predictors League The Castrol EDGE Grand Prix Predictor — an online championship for the most exacting fans — started on March 17 along with the first stage of the Formula 1 races.


astrol EDGE Grand Prix Predictor may not be the shortest, but it is probably the least expensive way to get to the Monaco Grand Prix or win a trendy iPad tablet. The first round started on

the Castrol EDGE site at the same time as the first stage of the 2013 Formula 1 World Championship. The challenge for players is very simple. To play the game you need to register on the site and predict the winners of the race the day before each stage of the competition. The game will continue right up to the Brazilian Grand Prix on November 25 of this year. The winner will be determined from the results of the season. The player with the most points in the Castrol EDGE Grand Prix Predictor championship will receive a trip for two to the 2014 Monaco Grand Prix — one of the most spectacular and thrilling stages of the “Race of Kings”. Whoever correctly guesses all the winners of this year's stages will receive a tablet. Remember: participation in the championship is free. You can register and play on the site:автоспорт/grand-prixpredictor/ 24


Schedule of Formula 1 stages for the 2013 season 17.03 — Australian Grand Prix 24.03 — Malaysian Grand Prix 14.04 — Chinese Grand Prix 21.04 — Bahrain Grand Prix 12.05 — Spanish Grand Prix 26.05 — Monaco Grand Prix 09.06 — Canadian Grand Prix 30.06 — British Grand Prix 07.07 — German Grand Prix 28.07 — Hungarian Grand Prix 25.08 — Belgian Grand Prix 08.09 — Italian Grand Prix 22.09 — Singapore Grand Prix 06.10 — Korean Grand Prix 13.10 — Japanese Grand Prix 27.10 — Indian Grand Prix 03.11 — Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 17.11 — United States Grand Prix 24.11 — Brazilian Grand Prix

Start playing


A “Road Assistance” card

Now we protect your engine from the moment you turn the key and protect your car on the road!

When you change Castrol motor oil up to April 30, 2013, you’ll receive a gift of a membership card for the “Castrol — Road Assistance” program valid for six months from the card activation date. Details of the services offered under the program are on the sheet with the card attached to it and on the Castrol website. Hurry, the number of cards is limited!



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