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CastoDur Diamond Plates The innovative Castolin Eutectic wearplate concept for maximum resistance against linear wear


Enhanced protection against abrasive and erosive wear Consistent development and improvement of the CastoDur Diamond Plates range Innovative wear pattern that hinders linear uxes, reduces localised wear and increases the service life Minimum residual stresses in the base metal and easier formability due to alternating weld bead direction Now available with multiple types of wearfacing alloys

XuperWave Designed to withstand heaviest linear wear conditions 1


As developers and manufacturers of the widest wearplate range today on the market, we have acquired an exceptional experience and proven track record of successful applications in any type of industry: more than 700 are collected in the Castolin Eutectic Terolink DataBase. Experience has shown that conventional wearplates, when exposed to fast fluxes of extra fine erodents, can suffer from major linear wear, that causes premature wearplate failure. This phenomenon is mainly localised either within the stress relief cracks (1) or along the weld bead overlaps (2), depending on wearplate orientation. The exclusive Xuperwave weld bead pattern (3) provides non parallel geometry to erodents flow directions thus hindering the linear fluxes. This reduces the risk of linear wear and can increase the life in service up to 30%.


More protection in erosive environments The XuperWave concept has been specifically developed for the protection and construction of: • fan blades and housings • cyclones and separators • pneumatic conveyance elbows and generally for all parts exposed to high velocity fine erodents fluxes. In these applications the XuperWave has proven to be efficient which drastically reduces the wear rate. These features have allowed Castolin Eutectic to strenghten its leading partner position with both end users and OEM for these types of industrial machinery and equipment.

The right alloy for your application Let us remind you that the wearfacing alloy, should be chosen for best performance: harder as the erodent hardness increases and a denser carbide distribution as the erodent particle size gets smaller.

XuperWave 4666 Dimensions: 1.500 x 3.000mm (1.220 x 2.740mm coated, 3,34 m2) Base material: mild steel - other metals available on request Type of wearfacing: Complex carbide alloy Hardness of wearfacing alloy: 62-65 HRc Carbide content: > 50% Max operating temperature: 550°C

XuperWave 4624 Dimensions: 1.500 x 3.000mm (1.220 x 2.740mm coated, 3,34 m2) Base material: mild steel - other metals available on request Type of wearfacing: Chromiuiom carbide alloy Hardness of wearfacing alloy: 57-62HRc Carbide content: > 30% Max operating temperature: 350°C

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