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Newsletter - Issue 1 - 2009

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Interview with the CastoLab®

Services Manager, Dr. Jeffrey W. Luster

GAP fully Automated

Solution «Improving productivity with high technology» Join our Success into

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Editorial In a CHANGING WORLD, some NEW FACES of the CASTOLIN EUTECTIC BUSINESS Dear Reader, We are all witnessing one of the most radical economic downturns in living memory, where established companies, industries, institutions and business models are failing. How does a company survive these difficult times?- by being flexible, innovative and service orientated. Castolin Eutectic is an established repair and maintenance company since 103 years, which has a global reputation with our customers for its core values of Service, Quality and Technology. We are known by most of our customers and colleagues as a supplier for all heavy industries of proven, simple to use, innovative processes & materials to solve problems in the factory, workshop or plant. However, this image has been slowly evolving over the recent years, built on our core values. Today we have thousands of customers who know us, not just as this traditional company, but also as a very different company. We are, to these customers: A Maintenance Service Partner An automatic coating machine designer and producer An innovative high tech coating applicator and developer


An innovative wearplate manufacturer

Editor >> Dr. Gary Heath

A distributor to craftsmen and amateur Do-It-Yourself

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Contributors for this edition >> Dr. Jeffrey W. Luster, Holly Pasciak, Kahbin Sew, Dr. Gary Heath, Patricia Nigg, Tony Nogaredes

A training expert as part of the Arian Space program

Graphist >> Greg Williams For more information or contact addresses, please visit our websites or

SOLUTIONS - Customer Information - Newsletter - Issue 1 - 2009

In this edition, we hope we will surprise you when we describe some of the other businesses where Castolin Eutectic is working today. They are very diverse and not always available in every one of our market centers. However, each one has its roots in the simple concept of “bringing complex technology to a customer in a simple form to provide a real solution”. We hope this edition completes your view of Castolin Eutectic. In such difficult times, now more than ever is the time to talk to us and use our breadth of knowledge and experience to make the most from the current situation and plan for the future. Good reading Dr. Gary Heath

Interview with the

CastoLab® Services Manager,

How would you describe the CastoLab® Services concept in a few words?

Where are the CastoLab® Services Workshops located?

Today, many customers are looking for a “turnkey” solution to their repair and maintenance problems. When it comes to wear protection everyone knows that Castolin Eutectic is the world leader. The CastoLab® Services concept is the answer to these needs for turnkey solutions.

What is so special? The CastoLab® Service concept differentiates itself from traditional welding workshops in our very wide range of processes and products that are offered with our uncompromising effort to always find the optimal solution for our customer. We determine the best approach that will save the customer the most time and money.

What are the customer's benefits? By outsourcing their wearfacing, repair and wearfaced parts production to us, they can focus on their core businesses. This is a major driver in the industry today and is behind the rapidly expanding service sector. They know they can trust Castolin Eutectic, because we have over a century of experience all around the world.

We have more than 30 locations worldwide today and are continually opening more shops. Mid-term we envision an implementation worldwide like that in Eutectic Japan today – 6 workshops within Japan and plans to open a CastoLab® Services in each of their 13 sales regions. One of the upcoming highlights will also be the opening of our new Saudi Arabian CastoLab® Services in Dammam which is under construction for first quarter 2009. Again, please consult our internet site regularly for the latest news:

«We have more than 30 locations worldwide today and are continually opening more shops» What were the main changes in 2008? Of course, new shops, new investments, new applications… But the biggest change for me has been within our own organization. Virtually every salesman, every employee, every manager has embraced the CastoLab® Services sales strategy. As an organization, we have learned that we maximize our value to our customers by also providing

them complete “turnkey” solutions to their wear problems. So we can certainly see that “nothing brings more success than success itself”. So I think the excellent performance is contagious.

What about your vision of the future? CastoLab® Services will become the biggest part of our whole business. It will allow us to increase our sales dramatically over the next decade. That will provide more job security and growth opportunities for all our people. By doing the work more efficiently than our customers or our competitors, we will grow stronger.

>> Interview

Dr. Jeffrey W. Luster

We are also rapidly building up the required engineering quality and production skills to meet the needs of our customers for wearfaced OEM parts. The potential is enormous and we are already producing for some of the largest equipment manufacturers around the world. Last but not least, we are also implementing the strategy for OilTec Services, headquartered in Norway at our company called "Trio", with the opening of an oil dedicated shop in Saudi Arabia and plans are underway to establish a location in most major oil centers in the world.

Your benefits: Outsourcing solutions to your problems Maintenance turnkey solutions State-of-the-art technologies for the best solutions Flexibility Speed of response A partnership to lower your cost Cut your equipment investment needs High level of expertise and continuous innovation

Trio OilTec Se



Wear & Fusion Technology with Service and Quality

GAP fully

Automated Solution «Improving productivity

>> Product

with high technology» Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) is a modern and exciting technology that has found its place in wearfacing and joining technologies, Castolin Eutectic’s homeland. As one of the pioneers in PTA with more than 35 years experience and over 350 units in the field, we have recently upgraded our range with a fully automated system combining all state-of-the-art technologies developed during recent years. The Universal Unit can be used for wearfacing but also for PTA brazing with powder or wire to give low heat input, outstanding precision and quality with speed, cost and experience of welding. With its fully programmable gas controls, pilot arc settings, powder delivery and welding current, the

EuTronic® GAP Universal Unit can deliver a completely repeatable, precisely engineered weld overlay. The EuTronic® GAP Universal Unit is fully integrated with the oscillation and arc length controller to work with the tilting turntable for simple and fast setup of welding parameters. The Universal Unit is well suited for protecting round parts. With the 150kg table, the machine is capable of handling smallest parts as well as moderately large parts. To enhance the security of the operation in rough conditions, the electronic parts are capsuled and cooled by a heat exchanger. Typical applications are: bottom plates and guide rings for the glass industry, different types of valves, pistons, etc.

Usually, using such advanced technologies require in-depth knowhow in machine programming and long experience in working with such a robot. Thanks to a close collaboration with our technician expert team, we have developed this user friendly machine, with no programming codes to learn, as all the parameters are set in common welding terms. PTA process produces extra smooth, spatter-free deposits, minimising machining and filler alloy costs.

What is the EuTronic® GAP process? The EuTronic® GAP is the Castolin Eutectic Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) process which is ideal for coating and joining operations. The plasma is focused while forced through the heat resistant anode, causing a considerable increase of the arc density, energy and temperature. The welding filler alloy, in gas atomized powder or cold wire form, is conveyed into the plasma arc column where a shielding gas protects the weld pool from the atmosphere. The plasma arc and the heat input can be far better controlled than a conventional electric arc and the energy is almost completely spent to melt the filler metal, reducing the heat input and dilution to the minimum.

>> For more information about this product, visit our website or contact your local Castolin Eutectic representative.

SOLUTIONS - Customer Information - Newsletter - Issue 1 - 2009

- Enduring Performance

Did you know that about 10 billion glass containers are produced every year in Europe? In order to offer a complete service to our customers, Castolin Eutectic acquired Provac Ltd. The flagship product is ProTecGM that has been developed specifically as full cavity protection for the glass container industry, for the improvement of mould wear and release characteristics. It is capable of sustained operation at high temperatures and can withstand thermal shock and rapid thermal cycling encountered the manufacture process. The coating properties of ProTecGM are exceptional. The high nickel content of ProtecGM imparts considerable toughness and wear resistance, to withstand stringent temperature requirements for ex-

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tended run lengths. Such properties transform the performance of moulds and blanks in a number of important ways. The most popular use of ProTecGM is for blank moulds and blow moulds.

CDP速 212 - Lightest parts for

the best wear protection!

As mentionned in page 3, our CastoLab速 Services are specialised in wear parts production, from individual workpieces to OEM parts that need to be produced on a regular basis.

for many applications such as: fans, cyclones, sidewalk moulds, gliding strips, chutes, etc.

The latest development made by Castolin Eutectic is the unique CDP速 212 wearplate, which contains evenly distributed chromium carbide phases in a ferrous alloy matrix. This powder wearplate offers high abrasion and erosion resistance when used in non corrosive conditions. With state-of-the-art technologies such as our brand new water jet cutting machine in Austria or Messer plasma cutting machines, we ensure highest quality wear parts for industry. The new CDP速 212 is ideal

Wear & Fusion Technology with Service and Quality

Join our Success into


its experience

>> Distribution

Castolin Eutectic brings

Castolin Eutectic is the specialist for all wearfacing and joining applications. With more than 100 years experience and our strategy focused on a close contact with our customers, we are able to anticipate the needs of the market to offer the best solutions. During the last decade, we have seen a growing demand coming from professional distributors. So obviously we had to satisfy this demand and came in this new business with more than enough assets.

develop the right products. Staff consists of highly skilled and experienced professionals from the distribution sector.

Complete product range As you can see in the picture above, we have built a complete range of products especially adapted to the distribution mar-

Distribution experts Such business models have already been launched in many countries where Castolin Eutectic is already present. In these countries, a major investment has been made in know-how, to be able to analyse your needs and to

SOLUTIONS - Customer Information - Newsletter - Issue 1 - 2009

ket. Our main concern is to develop a complete range, providing you with all solutions from standard joining applications to highly resistant wearfacing materials involving rods, pastes, fluxes, electrodes, welding equipment, gases etc.

Packaging, promotions and displays

>> Distribution

Developing new packaging, finding products to complete our range, as well as creating special promotions to animate your sales is our daily routine. But is it enough to be the best partner? Not for Castolin Eutectic. We have also thought about how you are going to show the famous red and yellow products and especially on which support. To provide you with this tailored offer, we use softwares able to reproduce the exact display you need, according to the products, the space available in your shop, as well as the design expected.

Close to you With over 350 sales engineers travelling around Europe everyday, we are able to provide unbeatable service to our customers. We can literally be at 90 % of customers in Europe within 2 hours; this allows us to give unsurpassed service and support. We manage warehouses and keep stocks adapted to local requirements in every European country (including the new countries), so when realizing that you

have sold all your stock of Castolin Eutectic products, just contact your local sales representative. Our Distribution team is at your service organizing training courses on a regular basis for your team as well as demonstration days at your shop to animate your sales, showing your customers how fast their biggest problems can become a trifle.

Your benefits: Distribution experts at your service Outstanding product quality Complete product range to lower your number of suppliers Modern packaging and displays Flexibility Supporting you, all over the world Warehouse in every European country

>> For more information about these products, contact your local Castolin Eutectic representative.

Wear & Fusion Technology with Service and Quality


>> News

Plate Production at of a New CastoLab® Services Building in USA Castolin Eutectic China

In the continuing quest to offer our customers the best service possible, Eutectic Corporation acquired a new CastoLab® Services in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The new facility will house three wear plate cells, 2 CastoTube® machines, a product demonstration area, and a large training center that will accommodate up to 30 employees.

See you next at: Fair IEEE – IAS/PCA Cement Industry Conference, Palm Springs, USA 29th of May – 5th of June 2009 Annual Cement Industry Technical Workshops

New CDP® Wear

On the 1st of August 2008, Eutectic Castolin China successfully completed the installation of a CDP® wear plate cell and began production of wear plates to supply domestic customers. “With this CDP® cell, Castolin Eutectic China has set up a strong foundation to pursue future expansion plans, which include a new plant with more CDP® cells and CastoLab® Services activities”, explains Kahbin Sew, CEO of Castolin Eutectic in China.

Fair FabTech Mexico / AWS Weldmex Trade Show, Monterrey, Mexico 2nd – 4th of June 2009 North America’s largest Metal Forming, Fabricating, Tube & Pipe and Welding Trade Show

Most important welding fair

Schneiden & Schweissen Essen 13th -19th September 2009 Come and visit our stand at the world’s most important welding fair

SOLUTIONS - Customer Information - Newsletter - Issue 1 - 2009


Outer space!

This year, a training course was organised by Castolin Eutectic for REGULUS (National Center of Spatial Studies, France). This training took place at the Space Centre in Guiana. The staff was trained to use the CastoDyn® DS 8000 equipment on critical parts of the space shuttle.