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Universal Coating System

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Castolin Eutectic

• Universal coating system for turn symmetric parts • Provides repeatable precision for plasma joining, coating and brazing • Turn-key cell to increase productivity • Completely modular for immediate, tailor made configuration and cost effective adaptation to application


EuTronic GAP UniCoating V2.0

The GAP technology offers a wide range of benefits compared with conventional arc welding processes: Major factors are: • High energy density in an extremely focussed arc • High deposition rates for shorter welding times • Homogeneous, porosity and spatter free coatings • Dilution, heat input, distortion and heat-affected zones are lower than for any other arc welding process • Maximum purity and performance of the applied alloy even in the first layer • Possible multipass overlays • Smoother surface for less rework • Precise control of the weld deposit thickness • Exceptionally good reproducibility • Optionally suitable for fully automated processes Castolin Eutectic introduced the Plasma Transferred Arc (electronic controlled gas valves and automatic inter(PTA) process under the brand name EuTronic GAP (Gas face to link the unit with external controllers) Arc Process) to the welding market in 1972. Since that time a lot of developments took place. Starting with Plasma Powder Technology for coating ap- Application examples: plications, Castolin has now nearly all different plasma • Repairs on tool steels, rebuilding of cutting edges, forging, stamping dies, aluminium die casting processes in its range. Plasma coating as well as joining moulds and brazing applications. • Repairs on cast iron, glass moulds In the GAP process, the plasma is focused while forced • Feeding screws repairs through the heat resistant anode, causing a considera• Hard-facing on drilling tools, valve seats and valves, ble increase of the arc density, energy and temperature. mining machinery, milling tools PTA process can be started by preliminary use of inner pilot arc. The pilot arc is burning between the gas cooled cathodic tungsten electrode and liquid-cooloed anodic copper nozzle. The welding filler alloy, in gas atomized powder or cold wire form is conveyed into the weld pool where the shielding gas protects it from the atmosphere. The plasma arc and the heat input can be far better controlled than a conventional electric arc and the energy is almost completely spent to melt the filler metal, reducing the heat input and dilution to the minimum.

EuTronic GAP

Focused plasma arc allows extra control, that results also in low dilution, smooth surface coatings and spatter-free welding beads: rework and welding material costs are minimised.

With all these advantages, the GAP process is designed for work that requires extra precision, low heat generation and minimal distortion. The GAP technology also provides an exceptionally high purity and quality of the welding bead from the very first layer. In conjunction with the high efficiency of the process, the precise control of the layer thickness and the smooth weld beads, these advantages generate considerable economies by cutting both operating costs and welding consumable requirements.

Why EuTronic GAP UniCoating V2.0 The EuTronic GAP Unicoating is a universal PTA coating machine for semiautomatic applications. Castolin Eutectic´s GAP UniCoating V2.0 integrates all components necessary for the overlay welding of round parts. Well suited to the Glass Mould industry for baffle and bottom plates. Also very efficient at welding various forge dies and moulds as well as engine valves. With the 200 kg table the machine is capable of handling the smallest parts as well as moderately large ones. The GAP UniCoating V2.0 incorporates a complete Plasma power source. This unit uses the latest technology in plasma welding. With fully programmable gas controls, pilot arc settings, powder delivery and welding current the GAP UniCoating can deliver a completely repeatable, precisely engineered weld overlay. Welding parts can be coated in one welding cycle in one layer or multilayer (also with vertical/horizontal offset).

FEATURES: • Base frame contruction of aluminium profiles • Turn table with T-slots, tiltable +/- 110° (manual via hand wheel), diameter: 400 mm, max. weight: 200kg • Oscillating unit with 400 mm stroke, stepper motor controlled • Vertical axis with 400 mm stroke, stepper motor controlled • Arc voltage control on the vertical axis • Welding curtain, pneumatically lifted • E52 plasma powder torch • 3-axis-slide, manual • EP-2 powder feeder • Cooling GAP for torch cooling • Portable Touch-Display 5,7“ for the set up and visualisation • Memory for welding jobs and axis movement • Control cabinet

The power source is fully integrated with the oscillation and arc length controller to work with the tilting turn table for simple, fast setup of welding parameters. The machine is operated via a portable touch display for the setup and visualization. Control cabinet consists of: All parameters are programmed using the dedicated • Plasma power source controls. There is no programming code to learn, all pa• Pilot power source rameters are set in common welding terms for the opti- • Electronic plasma gas control, adjustment range: 0,1 mum in operator friendly set-up and operation. - 5 l/min • 2 Flowmeter for shielding gas and powder feeder gas Adjustment range shielding gas: 2 - 20 l/min Adjustment range powder feeder gas: 0,5 - 4,2 l/min • Motor control unit for the powder feeder EuTronic GAP® UniCoating V2.0

ESC: 757008

Compressed air supply:

6 bar

Gas supply:

2,5 bar

Supply voltage:

3x400V+N 50/60Hz

Mains fuse:

32 A

Max. power consumption:

20 kVA

Protection class:

IP 21 S

Open Circuit Voltage - main inverter:

85V DC

Open Circuit Voltage - pilot inverter:

100V DC

Max. welding current (100% duty-cycle): 160 A Max. welding current (40% duty-cycle):

250 A

Max. pilot current (100% duty-cycle):

30 A

Adjustment range for plasma welding:

6 ÷ 250 A

Turn table Ø:

Ø 400 mm

Turn table - Load:

max. 200 kg

Dimensions (L x W x H):

2400 x 1000 x 2200 mm


650 kg

Application-oriented Optional features for GAP UniCoating V2.0: • Automatic turntable tilting: is used for automated tilting of the turntable • Electronic shielding gas control • Electronic powder feeder gas control • 4. axis with 100mm stroke: The front cover of the axis is an aluminium plate with T-slots for torch fixing. Moving parts of the axis are covered and protected. •

Cooling GAP Chiller: Replacement of the standard Cooling GAP with the Cooling GAP Chiller for a higher cooling performance

Cover with adapter for exhaust connection: fixed side plate and double doors with safety switch and inspection glass; is used as cover and for exhaust-connection

Castolin Eutectic develops and manufactures GAP welding units and accessories in various designs and sizes, as both standard and special models. Our technical team is able to develop the most cost-effective solution tailored to your practical application. From the power source, through feed/transport equipment and welding torches, up to and including handling devices or robots we will take care of all the details. Let yourself be surprised by our specialists - we never talk about products, but about applications and solutions that will meet your needs and your requirements.

Castolin Eutectic PTA consumables Castolin Eutectic manufactures and offers a wide and complete range of alloys, available in different forms, that covers almost every application and any plasma welding process: • Microatomised Ni, Co, Fe or Cu based powders for wear resistant coatings • Microatomised Ni based powders additioned with tungsten carbides for mazimum abrasion and erosion resistance • Laser wires, laser and TIG rods for manual and micro plasma welding • Solid and flux cored wires for cold wire plasma welding Ask your local Eutectic Castolin representative for more information.

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