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Formulated and engineered for optimum tool joint integrity in our R&D labs: Crack free coating Multipass capabilities Optimized tool wear resistance Casing friendly Rebuilding of worn hardbanding possible FEARNLEY PROCTOR NS1™ LEVEL 2 PRODUCT APPROVAL OTW-12 Alloy Hardbanding - New Application for Tool Joints Only CERTIFICATION NO. 0052/10-2 FEARNLEY PROCTOR NS1™ LEVEL 2 PRODUCT APPROVAL OTW-12 Alloy Hardbanding - Re - Application for Tool Joints Only CERTIFICATION NO. 0053/10-2

OTW-12 - Superior performance for new part protection and worn coating repairs Down Hole Wear issues The world demand for energy is escalating. Two of the few major energy sources are Oil & Gas. In order to extract these energy resources drilling must be used to reach the underground reservoirs. Major oilfields are found on both land (onshore) and under the sea bed (offshore). When drilling for Oil & Gas, a drill bit is used attached to a drill pipe tools with diameters from 1000 mm down to 100mm. The largest hole is at the top of the well which

must be sealed as the steps get deeper. This is called well construction. The well is sealed from collapsing by using a steel tube with cement to fix it to the well formation. This steel tube is called the casing which has several functions. The major one is to seal off the well from its high pressure. In “open hole” drilling the tools are exposed to the severe wear from the formation, after setting the casing. The current depths of wells are from 3,000 m to 10,000 m deep.

Schematic of today’s drilling operations

What is Hardbanding? Hardbanding is a very established name for the wearfacing welding process used in drilling to minimize wear on casing and drilling tool joints in order to reduce operational costs associated with Oil & Gas production. It involves the application of a wearfacing material on the drill tool joint. The process is done by approved hardbanding applicators for OEM drill pipe producers and drilling companies. Trio OilTec Services have executed hardbanding in the Norwegian market for more than 8 years. Due to excellent co-operation between Trio OilTec Services and StatoilHydro, there has been a very success-

ful development and use of new, innovative alloys such as OTW-12, OTW-16 wires and also special coating (MX5). Today Statoil- Hydro approves OTW-12, OTW-16 and the MX5 coating for drilling. In the development of these products, TRIO, took this task very seriously, and uniquely in the industry constructed its own dedicated hardbanding Wear test Machine and also full scale automated Hardbanding welding system. With Trio’s integration into the global Castolin Eutectic organisation, there is an extension its product offer outside of Norway.

Trio State-of-the-art hardbanding facility


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Critical zone Force Tool joint

Drill pipe

Drill sting tension

Schematic of wear sources

A special Oil and Gas application Why use “OTW-12 Wearfacing technology” ? “Hardfacing” is commonly used by engineers to describe protecting metal parts against wear to extend their service life using “hard alloy” surface coatings. In fact, practical industrial experiences have demonstrated that lower hardness alloys but with intrinsic toughness or frictional properties, can often lead to more optimal solutions. For this reason, Castolin Eutectic prefers the term “Wearfacing” which better reflects the importance to select the surface coating alloy in function of its properties to resist the specific wear mechanisms present rather than a simplistic hardness value. Understanding this difference is critical in the Hardbanding business, and means understanding that actually 3 properties are required: High wear resistance of the Tool Low wear of the casing from the tool hardbanding Low coefficient of friction of hard banding Castolin Eutectic and Trio constructed the only Hardbanding test machine owned by a consumable developer in the world and set about developing a range of alloy solutions, all manufactured in house. The machine measures all 3 properties for a range of typical muds.

Benchmarking was also made against the most commonly used weld overlay wires in the industry. The R&D work, together with StateOil company funded research over many years lead to the development of OTW-12. The success of any alloy is heavily dependent on the welding parameters and procedures that are used. These have been optimised in the group and also produced on the Hardbanding machines at Trio.

R&D with Oil experts Optimisation and Testing of weld parameters on Trio’s advanced Hardbanding machine 100 years of wear and welding expertise With Castolin Eutectic and Trio OilTec Services there is no outsourcing of R&D, nor Wire Production, nor Welding Expertise nor wear testing. Everything is in house and ISO certified. OTW-12 has been formulated to confer optimum hardbanding wear resistance in open hole drilling situations whilst retaining “casing friendly” properties. The wear resistant information is given below, but in addition, there are some other specific performance enhancing properties and features:

Dedicated Hardbanding wear test machine

A Competent Partner - control over quality at every stage. When you buy OTW-12, you not only buy a cost saving solution, but the knowledge that world class experts in the Castolin Eutectic organisation are involved at all stages: Internal R&D on dedicated hard banding machine Wire production in State of the Art Castolin Eutectic production facilities

Smooth weld deposit profile Crack free formulation Elimination of spalling risks Improved fatigue strength Multipass capabilities up to 15 mm thickness Easy rewelding over worn hard banding In conclusion, in addition to extending the service life of new and worn hardbanding parts, “OTW-12 Wearfacing technology” also ensures: Increased operating efficiency with less downtime Minimised maintenance costs Reduced stocks of spare parts Lower cost grade steel can be used Thus Castolin Eutectic’s “OTW-12 Wearfacing technology” is particularly cost effective for OEM Hardbanding of new drillpipe, tool joints & collars as well as reclaiming & restoring worn components back into service by drilling contractors & operators.

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OTW-12 - Superior performance for new part protection & worn coating repairs

Low dilution of welded OTW-12

Description Proprietary, self or gas shielded, flux cored alloy wire specifically developed for Hardbanding of drilling pipe Tool-Joints. The high quality alloy deposit assures a smooth aswelded surface. Wear resistance performance in open hole situations is amongst the best in the market with lowest casing-wear properties. This alloy may be cost effectively reapplied over itself to refurbish worn drill pipes after oil well operations. It is only necessary to ensure that the base material and old OTW-12 coating are free of any physical defects and that safe dimension tolerances are retained.

The alloy is formulated to produce a unique microstructure with numerous, very fine, ultra-hard Ti phases in a relatively tough martensitic matrix, giving excellent overall resistance to combined wear by gouging abrasion, erosion, heavy impact and pressure at ambient temperatures.

Ideal choice for field work or on site applications. No need for costly gas cylinders, regulators or flow meters. Core de-oxidizers tolerate air currents or draught effects. Relatively thick, wide overlays possible in single pass.

Ideal for multi-pass coatings up to 5/8” (15mm) thickness. Deposits resist stress relief cracking and have very low dilution with base metal. Few slag residues save weld cleaning time. Easy striking and re-striking.

Lower heat input Reduced dilution Better bonding Shallow heat affected zone Minimal undercutting

Unique solution Eutectic OTW-12 solution 8880 XFM

Compressive strength

8880 FM 8880 MM

Fine and tough nodular carbides provide good compressive strength

8880 GM

Crack resistance Fine, nodular and dense carbides offer better resistance to stress Wear resistance Hard, fine carbides in a tough matrix make OTW 12 ideal for abrasion and erosion protection Ability to be repaired The exceptional crack resistance of this alloy allows a thick (up to 12mm) safe, reliable repair


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CastoLab® Services FEARNLEY PROCTOR NS-1 TM Certification Fearnley Proctor Group is an independent organization offering quality assurance/quality control services for well operations in the oil and gas industry. The group offers very specialized services based around the reduction of non-productive time during drilling and completion of oil and gas developments known as the company The NS system covers QA/QC Inspection Services, Well Engineering, Process Assurance, Training and the company library of NS Standards and Booklets. Certified products have been reviewed and qualifi ed by selected members of the Fearnley Procter Technical Review Committee which consists of industry experts including users, manufacturers and consultants of drilling and well completion equipment. FEARNLEY PROCTOR NS1™ LEVEL 2 PRODUCT APPROVAL OTW-12 Alloy Hardbanding - New Application for Tool Joints Only CERTIFICATION NO. 0052/10-2 FEARNLEY PROCTOR NS1™ LEVEL 2 PRODUCT APPROVAL OTW-12 Alloy Hardbanding - Re - Application for Tool Joints Only CERTIFICATION NO. 0053/10-2

CastoLab® Services Our mission is to develop applications and solve customer problems. Depending on the customer’s wish, we can transfer this knowledge to him or perform the work for him in our approved CastoLab® Services workshops. CastoLab® Services can develop advanced procedures to allow transfer of complete solutions to end users as Trio OilTec Services is doing in Oil&Gas. CastoLab® Services offer a complete and comprehensive service for the maintenance of machine parts and major components subject to extensive service wear or needing repair. Work can either be undertaken in our workshops or alternatively on site. Often the parts being repaired or protected need to be produced on a regular basis, and here “specialist prepared parts” can be produced in unique manufacturing environment, from 10’s to 100,000 parts per year.

Wearfacing of cutter wheels

Precision working

TeroCote® wearfacing

Special Oil industry parts protected with GAP®

Repair in difficult conditions

Stabilizer sleeves protection

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Arc Wire Spraying


Castolin Eutectic Castolin Eutectic


To increase customer know-how in wear technology and repair techniques, we have developed a full line of seminars and training programs, teaching all relevant personnel from welders and engineers to sales teams and managing directors.

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Together with our sister companies in the Messer World, we can offer our customers a very powerful range of products and services. Being Part of the Messer World means:

The unique TeroLinkÂŽ database of Castolin Eutectic contains more than 8,000 fully documented approved applications from around the globe. The case studies include photographs, technical data, detailed descriptions and cost saving analyses.

Investment of over â‚Ź 420 million More than 6,000 motivated employees Over 100 offices to meet customer needs Technical sales support in over 120 countries 2,000 technical sales people in the field with our customers every day

Quality control laboratory


OTW-12 wire Manufacturing

Product Portfolio - Widest in the Industry

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History of Castolin Eutectic 1906 Foundation of Castolin in Lausanne, Switzerland by JeanPierre Wasserman. His stroke of genius: to discover a way of welding cast iron at low temperature

1991 Development of CDP® Wearplate production 1996 Creation of Global Industry Program 2005 Part of the Messer World.

1940 Foundation of Eutectic Welding Alloys Corporation in New York

2006 100 years Anniversary 2007 CastoLab® Services acquisitions in Norway, Belgium, Hungary. Opening of the World most advanced powder production

1952 Foundation of Castolin France 1959 Foundation of Eutectic Japan Ltd 1962 Foundation of Eutectic India Ltd 1960’s International consolidation under Castolin Eutectic 1970’s Development of Cored wire production, EnDOtec®

Your Industry Partner A century at the forefront of protective materials technology has positioned Castolin Eutectic as the world’s premier industrial partner. Our comprehensive know-how is unrivalled, and our industry partnerships continue to thrive. We provide solutions to all of the major companies operating in industry with global industrial programs for steel, cement, automotive, power, oil, waste & recycling, etc.

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Your resource for protection, repair and joining solutions Statement of Liability: Due to variations inherent in specific applications, the technical information contained herein, including any information as to suggest product applications or results, is presented without representation or warranty, expressed or implied. Without limitation, there are no warranties of merchantability or of fitness for a particular purpose. Each process and application must be fully evaluated by the user in all respects, including suitability, compliance with applicable law and non-infringement of the rights of others, and Castolin Eutectic and its affiliates shall have no liability in respect there of.

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