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DC welding power source for Manual Metal Arc

Robust and reliable construction Digital ammeter and voltmeter Optimised for all electrode types Fitted with a 230V socket for portable power tools


CastoMatec RCD 400

Large trolley wheels for ease of movement Ideal for medium and heavy industries

CastoMatec RCD 400 - (ESC 755849) Thyristor controlled DC MMA welding power source Applications Welding with manual electrodes: rutile, basic, cellulosic, etc. and on all types of alloys: steel, stainless steel, cast iron, copper, etc. TIG welding (with argon) by adding the 450 AFC unit and appropriate accessories. Welding with cored wire without gas shielding (open arc), with Teromatec wire feeder.

Robust and practical machine

RCD 400 Technical Data Current Adjustment Power supply Max. primary current Max. power Absorbed Open circuit voltage Welding current Duty cycle Electrodes (gouging) Insulation Protection Weight Dimensions HxWxL

DC electronic V 3x230/400 A 76 KVA 30 V 74 A 6-400A % - A 40%-400A % - A 60%-325A % - A 100%-250A Ă˜mm 6,0 Cl H IP23 kg 190 cm 78x67x98

With large diameter wheels, transport arms and four lifting rings for ease of movement on site or in the workshop. Fitted with a 230V - 2500W socket for connecting portable power tools (grinder, inspection lamp, portable oven), TIG unit Continuous adjustment of the welding current from 6 to 400 A. Machine delivered complete and ready for use with power cable (10 metres) and an accessory kit containing : ground cable, electrode holder (3m + 4m), mask, wire brush and chipping hammer. The Castomatec RCD 400 is designed to comply with European standards EN 60974-1 and EN 60974-10.

RCD 400 functions

Optional TIG 450 AFC unit (ESC 755851)

ARCAIR - Chamfering Hot start Arc force Digital Ammeter + Voltmeter 230V - 2500 W socket for power tools HF generator for TIG welding, 450 AFC Remote control Foot control

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