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Exceptional Performance Ceramic Repair Compound

AbraCor 5 with Kevlar ®

COATING • High performance polymer for in-situ repairs, no special tools or added heat required • Fine silicon carbide particles enhance wear properties • Angular aluminum oxide particles increase resistance to abrasion and erosion • Uniform distribution of interlocking Kevlar fibers add toughness and impact resistance



AbraCor Formula 5 with KEVLAR is a high performance polymer that provides resistance to erosion and abrasion while ensuring good adhesion to a wide variety of metal and rigid non-metal surfaces. Its comprised of a two-part epoxy system consisting of a hardener and a resin. When mixed, the components react and cure to form a wearresistant coating. AbraCor Formula 5 is composed of four primary ingredients; a high performance polymer, silicon carbide particles, aluminum oxide particles and interlocking Kevlar fibers.

· Rebuild worn areas on pumps and impellers · Line chutes, elbows and piping sections that are used to convey abrasive materials (coal, cement, etc.) · Form a wear face on fan blades and fan housings · Restore screw flights to dimension · Cast wear plate/wear pad

AbraCor Formula 5 has been formulated to allow application in-situ, with no special tools and without the need for additional heat. Plus it is suitable for use on both new and worn parts. It can be “cast” into irregular shapes for use as wear pad / wear plate. Use AbraCor Wet Surface Repair to bond wear pads into place.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE: 1. Remove oil, grease and scale from the surface to be coated. To ensure optimum adhesion, roughen by grit blasting to achieve a 0.002-0.003 inch profile. For small areas roughening with a grinding wheel or coarse sandpaper is acceptable. 2. For large applications combine the entire contents of resin and hardener, then mix until a uniform, streak-free, Light gray color is achieved. Use mechanical mixing equipment to ensure uniformity. For small repairs combine a ratio of four parts resin to one part hardener by volume and mix thoroughly. 3. Spread evenly over the surface with a trowel. Press the material into cracks and voids to eliminate air bubbles. Use a dragging motion with light pressure on the tool to achieve a smooth surface texture. Pot life is about 25 minutes at 75°F (approx. 24°C). 4. Post-heating with a heat gun/heat lamp held about 1520 inches (approx. 38mm x 51mm) from the composite coating will accelerate the cure. Begin heating after the coating has jelled - about one hour after application.



Hardness Shore D: Compressive Strength: Lap Shear: Shrinkage: Machinable: Specific Gravity:

90 17,000 psi 3,600 psi Passed No 0.074 lb/in 3

Max. Operating Temp.:

250°F (approx. 121°C)

ASTM TEST D 695 D 1002 C 881 D 792 -


Light gray

Mixing ratio by volume:

4 resin : 1 hardener

Pot life at 75°F: (approx. 24°C)

25 minutes

Return to service:

3 - 4 hours

100% cure @ 150°F: (approx. 65.5°C)

48 hours

Shelf life:

1 year


2.66 lb per ft 2@ ¼” thick 13.5 in3 per lb


Super thick paste

COVERAGE: 5 lb Kit: 20 lb Kit:

1.9 ft 2@ ¼” (6.4mm) thick 7.6 ft 2@ ¼” (6.4mm) thick

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