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How to Support Someone with Anorexia Learn how you can support someone with anorexia and guide him or her on the road to recovery. Most often, people affected by this eating disorder are aware of their problem, but too frightened or embarrassed to get help. Some people may even refuse to accept that they have a problem, though they realize that they have no control over their eating patterns. Fortunately, eating disorder treatment centers offer effective therapies for the condition.

Providing Support – Some Useful Tips Before you provide any kind of help, you should assess how seriously anorexia has affected the person, their life, and their health. Don’t make the mistake of considering the condition as a passing phase. Remember that anorexia affects more than a person’s eating behaviors and body image, it affects all facets of their life. Learn as much as you can about the eating disorder so that you are prepared. You may start by searching the web and other available resources to find places where the affected person can get professional assistance or advice. Get in touch with doctors and local hospitals to get the names of good anorexia nervosa treatment centers and specialists. Finally, remember that anorexia is not about the food, it is about deeper emotional issues. Once you’ve done these things, consider yourself prepared to offer the person the much needed support.

Let the person know that you will always be available to help and listen to them. Assure them that, with time, everything can get back to normal. The person may not feel like talking to you in the beginning. Don’t worry, be patient. They may come around when they realize how supportive you are. If they don’t, convince them to at least read about their condition. Be consistent and relentless in your approach. Be kind but firm. Don’t take on the role of the food police. Instead of being an authoritative figure with a calorie counter, show emotional support. Be a role model – eat healthy, don’t criticize your body, exercise in a balanced manner. Incorporate parents and peers into the circle of support. Be patient. Learn to deal with the person’s mood swings and irritability without losing your control. Encourage the person to seek help from professional treatment centers you have short-listed. Accompany them to their doctor visits

With all the support that you give the person, you may be emotionally drained yourself. Make sure that there is someone to support you.

Help Them Get Back to a Normal Life It may help if you can get in touch with people who are recovering from anorexia or have recovered from it. The information you get from them will be the most helpful. It is important to support someone with anorexia to ensure that they can get back to a normal life as soon as possible.

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How to Support Someone with Anorexia  

There are many ways to support someone with anorexia. A strong support system will help the anorexia nervosa sufferer get back to a normal l...

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