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Finding English Bulldogs & Other Bulldogs For Sale Easily If you are looking to purchase bulldog puppies, then you should know that like any other dog, buying one requires a lifetime commitment. Decide first if you actually want a pet, and then consider whether or not you will be able to attend to the needs of a bulldog. This will help you to determine if you and this very special breed of dog can coexist as a good life partners. English bulldogs have a history of breeding that dates back to the sixteenth century. Originally, this breed’s sole purpose was to participate in fights with a bull or bear. Naturally strong, of great courage and persistence, the dog was a popular sport dog for this purpose well into the 1800’s when bull baiting was banned. The beloved dog continues to be bred with the ferocious traits and characteristics removed. Today, a number of breeders proudly advertise English bulldog puppies for sale, and the popularity of the breed continues to grow. To determine if this is the right dog for you, it is important to consider several factors. First, you should find a temperament of dog that matches your own personality. For example, the needs of a family with young children might vastly differ from those of a single person. Each English bulldog is different, and thus can run the gamut from independent, dominant, loving, and docile to aggressive and unpredictable. Even tempered bulldog puppies are far more ideal a choice for those families with young children. More willful and dominant dogs are not so well recommended, except in those cases where the owner has lots of time and patience on hand to work with and train the dog. Once you have determined that English bulldogs are an ideal match for you, seek out a solid breeder with an equally solid reputation for producing a great dog. Avoid puppy mills‌ instead look for smaller-scale breeders who care enough about the health and welfare of their dogs to limit the number of litters produced each year or two. This assures that dogs are being well cared for by the breeders. English bulldog puppies for sale should also have a pedigree that the breeder can share with you. This transparency should go both ways. Not only is it good that you know the background of the breeder and the puppy that you may obtain, but for the breeder to know about the type of owner you will be. Good breeders will want to interview to determine if you are a good match for the dog, and vice versa. Castlewood Bulldogs is located in Southern Missouri. Operated by lifelong dog lovers Ronny and Dawn Castillo, Castlewood Bulldogs is a breeds and shows outstanding and exemplary bulldogs. They are members of the Bulldog Club Incorporated and of the Bulldog Club of America. Learn more by visiting us at Contact US : Castlewood Bulldogs HC 68 Box 84, Caulfield Missouri, United States, 65626 Contact No. 417-274-1881 Email id:

Finding English Bulldogs & Other Bulldogs For Sale Easily