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PARKING dilemma


In previous years, many sophomores have had the opportunity to park at the school during school hours, but due to overcrowding that is no longer an option here at Castle View High School The no parking rule is because of the excess amount of growth within Castle Rock.While many

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sophomores feel that this is unfair, sophomore Michelle Paige weighs in on the issue. “I do think it is fair that there is a seniority system in which older students are allowed first chances to park, but banning sophomores from parking at the school during school hours is a bit extreme,” said Paige. This is the view that many sophomores share because while it is disappointing that the class of 2019 can not park at the school this year it makes sense that seniors and juniors get priority over the sophomore class. Brittney Blacker, a sophomore, weighs in with her opinion. “I think that sophomore have just as much of a right as juniors do,” said Blacker Blacker is disappointed

that she won’t be able to driver her new car to school this year. She was looking forward to being able to drive home after softball practice each afternoon without having to wait for one of her parents to pick her up. Britany is determined that even though she won’t be able to drive this year, it will make driving next year even sweeter. Due to no longer being able to park at the school many sophomores no longer feel obligated to get their licenses right away since they have limited circumstances in which they can use it. There are two sides to this debate. Paige’s side is more justified due to sophomores being younger and less experienced behind the wheel, juniors and seniors are older and

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