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Join CDOT for a public project meeng!

Chamber Partners with CDOT I 25 Expansion CDOT iniated a Planning and Environmental Linkages (PEL) study scheduled for January 26th in Kirk Hall at the Douglas County Fairgrounds to idenfy immediate and longer-term soluons to this vital stretch of highway, which connects Colorado Springs through Castle Rock to the Denver South area. I-25 is the only north-south interstate route through Colorado, connecng the state's largest populaon and employment centers. Project Background: Between Monument and C-470, I-25 experiences congeson on numerous days throughout the week. Weekday and weekend travel delays and unreliability frustrate travelers now and will only get worse as Colorado's populaon grows from 5 million to more than 8 million in the next 20 years. Congeson, high (75 mph) speeds, and climbing grades contribute to severe crashes and can lead to long periods of highway closures. It supports Homeland Security and the military, interstate commerce, and tourism. This PEL study is the first step to analyze and address safety, travel reliability and mobility issues. Acon is coming and we need your help. Learn more at : h=ps://


Castle Rock January 26, 2017 5:00 – 7:00 pm DC Fairgrounds – Kirk Hall 500 Fairgrounds Road Castle Rock, CO 80104

February 4, 2017 DC Events Center

What I’m thankful for A le=er from the CEO/Chamber President—Pam Ridler, CCE

As I write my 18th year-end message to all of you as Chamber business members, I believe it’s important to reflect on what has transpired throughout the last year. Being thankful is something I try to pracce every day, but this me of year it’s top of mind for most of us. With even just a li=le reflecon, we should realize what’s important to our lives. Contemplaon of what lies in the future I believe gives focus to selfimprovement and is a pracce that I believe we all should work towards. By being mindful about those around me, showing them gratude and love helps me focus on what the future will bring. My hope is that you'll consider sprinkling GRATEFULNESS throughout your life. I like to build an acronym to help me remember and digest, so here it is. G—ratude of the support from my family, friends, coworkers and our volunteers R—espec0ul of others for their differences and to work towards earning their trust A—cceptance of varied ideas, soluons, beliefs and opportunies T—ime to reflect on my life and work on my personal growth E—agar to take on new ventures and bigger challenges in the New Year

F—reedom gained from being an American—we may be a naon divided on many issues, but what place is without conflict? I believe the area that we must be united in is supporng our military and our first responders. They are our true heroes. U--nderstand and acknowledge what a giO life is and that life is a journey which should be enjoyed L—ove my family which includes six beauful grandchildren, my faith and good health. N—urture and guide our Chamber and community volunteers to connue their great work of selflessness and outstanding leadership for the good of our community E—nthused by what my outstanding staff has accomplished and to celebrate their successes S—ympathy and compassion for those who are experiencing major illnesses and loss S—upport and foster our vibrant community. Individuals who take risk and demonstrate innovaon deserve the credit for dramacally improving our community’s economy. If there is a silver lining to hard economic mes, it’s a greater appreciaon when things are going well. During this last holiday season, it was wonderful to see the acvity throughout Castle Rock, I hope that acvity turns into financial success for our local businesses. I BELIEVE we all must act as an acve parcipant in the fostering and creang of our future and give ourselves the permission to succeed. Last, but not least, I’m grateful for you and your decision to be a part of our business community and your investment in your Chamber of Commerce.

Pam Ridler, CCE Chamber President/CEO 2

2016-2017 Chairman Circle Sponsors President Level: Castle Rock Bank Colorado Community Media IREA Sky Ridge Medical Center Execuve Level: Black Hills Energy Douglas County Living Pepsi Entrepreneur Level: ANB Bank Brookside Inn Castle Rock Advenst Hospital Castle Rock Development Company Medved Autoplex Castle Rock Outlets at Castle Rock Patriot Enterprises, Inc. Premier Level: 212 Pizza Company Altude SEO Arapahoe Community College Asarch Dermatology Center Chuck & Don’s Pet Food Supplies Colorado Chrisan University ConneXion Spot Douglas County Libraries The Emporium Firstbank of Douglas County Folkestad, Fazekas, Barrick & Patoile, P.C. Front Range HVAC gopixel design studios GroovyTek Kaiser Permanente Lokal Homes Inc. Metzler Memory Care Nytech Heang & Cooling Olinger-Dignity Memorial One Clear Choice Garage Doors OrangeTheory Fitness-Castle Rock Plumbline Services, Inc. Rangewood Orthodoncs RE/MAX Alliance-The Kirk Team Renewal By Andersen

2016-17 Board of Directors We asked 5 accomplished managers the things they would’ve done differently at the onset of their careers

Chamber Staff Pam Ridler President & CEO Melissa Mares Director of Communicaons Alicia Early Membership Development Director The Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors are made up of representaves from public, private, and nonprofit business sectors and our leaders in our community. They represent the broad diversity of our membership and contribute significant amounts of me, talent, and energy to ensure the growing business vitality of Douglas County, Colorado.

Directors con nued:

Jill Garber Arapahoe Community College Brock Goodwin Mutual of Omaha Nadine Kirk RE/MAX Alliance– The Kirk Team

Execuve Commi;ee

Mark Michael Versality Creave Group

John Manka, Chairman 1 Stop Tire & Auto

Andrea Nyquist Outlets at Castle Rock

Bernie Greenberg, Chair-Elect Kokish & Goldmanis, P.C.

Michelle Peck TMMC Property Management

David Zwerenz, Treasurer Firstbank of Douglas County

Julie Voorhees Keller Williams Acon Realty

Aaron Fort, Treasure-Elect Fort & Company CPA’s

Linda Watson-Kolstad Sky Ridge Medical Center

Elyse McNulty, Immediate Past Chairwoman Kaiser Permanente

Tom Waymire, Castle Rock Bank

John Woodrick Event Manager Sue Turner Office Administrator Angela Murray Membership Services Coordinator Carrie Buchan Program Manager: Leadership Douglas County Judy Woodley Business Training Coordinator

Ex Officio Frank Gray, President/CEO, Castle Rock EDC

Now Hiring—Open Posion Visitor Center Coordinator

Folkestad, Fazekas, Barrick & Patoile, P.C.

Sally Misare, Town Clerk, Town of Castle Rock

Send resumes to:

Todd Folkenberg Castle Rock Advenst Hospital

Pam Ridler, President/CEO, Castle Rock Chamber

Directors Aaron Barrick


Pre-Session Kick Off Event at Sky Ridge —January 9

Take Polical Acon There Are Many Ways to Get Involved!

Douglas County Business Alliance: Influencing & Leading Legislaon for Posive Outcome The Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce established the Douglas County Business Alliance (DCBA) to promote a unified effort of certain Chambers of Commerce and Economic Development Councils of Douglas County to lead and influence state and federal policy, legislaon and regulaon to create and/or enhance a posive business climate for the business community of Douglas County. The Douglas County Business Alliance is comprised of representaves from the following organizaons: • Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce • Castle Rock Economic Development Council • Highlands Ranch Chamber • Lone Tree Chamber • Northwest Douglas County Economic Development Commission • Parker Chamber • South Metro Denver Chamber

Pre Legislave Session Kick Off FREE EVENT Monday, January 9 7:30 AM - 9:30 AM Sky Ridge Medical Center 10101 Ridgegate Pkwy Lone Tree, CO 80124 Please RSVP to Mary Marchun –

The Chamber’s Government Interests Commi=ee provides our business community with a proacve voice and advocate regarding governmental issues; and promotes economic interests, which contributes to the quality of life of Castle Rock. This program facilitates communicaon and educaon between the business community, local, and state governments. A variety of elected officials, concerned members and businesspeople meet to discuss and clarify issues that are affecng our community today, tomorrow and in the future. The Horizon Luncheons offer an opportunity to make connecons with community leaders. Each luncheon features guest speakers to help keep you up-to -date on the local community, business hot topics, statewide informaon and much more.

Learn more, contact

Le Sponsorships are available, contact to learn more

The Horizon Luncheons offer an opportunity to make connecons with community leaders. Each luncheon features guest speakers to help keep you up-to-date on the local community, business hot topics, statewide informaon and much more. 4

March 29, 2017 Special Guest: Dave Corliss, Town Manager

Great Main Stage Entertainment Schedule Coming Soon!

Get Your 5

Wellness Rocks hosts Self Defense Workshop

WORKSITE WELLNESS It's more than good business. It's good business strategy.

Workshop will provide you with moves and techniques to show you how to protect yourself Please join us for our first Wellness Rocks Workshop of the year as we welcome John Halle= from Rocky Mountain Self Defense. Organizaons that foster health and safety at work have healthier, happier employees and healthier bo=om lines, too.

Self Defense Workshop Thursday, January 19, 2017 11:00 AM— 1:00 PM Philip S. Miller Library Please RSVP to Angela Murray at (Lunch will be provided) About the Instructor: John Halle= founded Rocky Mountain Krav Maga in November 2005. He is a 2nd Degree Black Belt with the Krav Maga Alliance under John Whitman former President of Krav Maga Worldwide, KMA FORCE: Military & Law Enforcement Cerfied Instructor, a cerfied Level 5 Krav Maga Instructor with Krav Maga Worldwide, a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, CrossFit Movement & Mobility Trainer, CrossFit Gymnascs Trainer, Olympic WeightliOing Trainer and a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. He also has accolades in Hapkido and grappling. Currently he is pursuing further advancement in Krav Maga, CrossFit and MMA.

By creang a work environment that promotes safety, physical acvity, healthy habits, and overall wellbeing, companies can benefit from higher employee sasfacon, increased loyalty, improved producvity, and lower health care costs.

Wellness Rocks is a worksite wellness program of the Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce that partners with Tri-County Health Department and Health Links Colorado to connect employers with free advising and low-cost resources.

The benefits of workplace health and safety: • Lower health care costs • Higher employee morale and greater job sasfacon • Higher producvity • Fewer injuries • Increased ability to recruit and retain top talent • Lower absenteeism

For informaon about employer resources, please contact Angela Murray at the Chamber 303-688-4597 or contact Michele Haugh, Tri-County Health, at 720-200-1518.

Learning from the best pracces of companies that have launched successful programs and from of the leading research-based models, we know what works.

Learn more about Worksite Wellness Watch video h=ps://


Weathering Storms and Working Toward Success This year is the perfect year to turn things around. Disasters Don't Have to Be Disastrous - Just Ask Others Everybody and every business is going to face challenges, obstacles and difficules somewhere along the line. Challenges oOen mes are the trigger points that help develop our character, hone our skills and inspire creavity. A Dutch proverb says, "The gem cannot be polished without fric on, nor the man perfected without trials." Problems may arise and cause delays in schedules and plans but delays are not denials. In his effort to develop a nickel-iron ba=ery, Thomas Edison tested over 9,000 experiments without geVng posive outcomes. While at his work bench connuing in his effort to achieve success, a long-me associate expressed his regrets to Edison for not geVng any results. Edison quickly replied, “Results! Why man, I’ve go%en a lot of results. I know thousands of things that won’t work.” Going it alone can be lonely and discouraging when working through difficules. Seeking input, guidance, and counsel from trusted advisors can help you to see things from a different perspecve, develop a strategy and stay focused on a soluon. When Life Hands You a Bowl of Dirt, Develop a Process for Making Shirts You may need to ask yourself a series of quesons in order to develop a process for overcoming the challenges, problems, or obstacles you or your team are facing. What good things are happening within the project that can be highlighted? Who needs to be nofied of this problem or delay? Have others dealt with a similar problem, if so, how did they handle it? Are there other potenal problems that might be created through our effort to solve the exisng problem? Is there another viewpoint, soluon, or perspecve we have not considered? Somemes, mind mapping a problem can help lead to a soluon. Opmism Beats Pessimism In their Fall 2013 newsle=er, Employee Assistance Program, LLC commented on research regarding opmisc people saying, "According to psychologist Suzanne Segerstrom, opmism is not

just about feeling posive. It’s also about being movated and persistent. In her book, ‘Breaking Murphy’s Law: How Opmists Get What They Want From Life – and Pessimists Can Too,’ Segerstrom explains that opmists tend to deal with problems head-on. Instead of walking away, they plan a course of acon, seek advice from others, and stay focused on soluons. Segerstrom also says that opmists tend to expect a good outcome, and even when they don’t get it, they find ways to learn and grow from the negave experience. Opmists believe their acons shape their desnies." There Must Be a Pony in Here It's kind of like the story of the twin boys had who had developed extreme personalies — one was a total pessimist, while the other was a total opmist. Concerned for their children, the parents took them to a psychiatrist. First, the psychiatrist treated the pessimist. Trying to brighten his outlook, the psychiatrist took him to a room piled to the ceiling with brand-new toys. But instead of being overjoyed, the li=le boy burst into tears. Confused, the psychiatrist asked, “What’s the ma=er? Don’t you want to play with any of the toys?” “Yes,” the li=le boy cried, “but if I did I’d only break them.” Next the psychiatrist treated the opmist. Trying to discourage his outlook, the psychiatrist took him to a room piled to the ceiling with horse manure. But instead of wrinkling his nose in disgust, the opmist was delighted. Then he climbed to the top of the pile, dropped to his knees, and excitedly began digging out scoop aOer scoop with his bare hands. “What do you think you’re doing?” the psychiatrist asked, just as baffled by the opmist as he had been by the pessimist. “With all this manure,” the beaming li=le boy replied, “there must be a pony in here somewhere!” Success can somemes be buried beneath a lot of dirt, mud, and manure. Keep digging! ~ Mark Turner, President/CEO of the Gilroy Chamber of Commerce 7

Elevate Your Business Exposure Adversing Space Available in Livability Castle RockMagazine Livability Castle Rock-Douglas County, Colorado magazine, the centerpiece of the Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce's markeng strategy, is starng sales and giving our local businesses the opportunity to purchase adversing space. Don't miss this opportunity to promote your business to thousands of residents, businesses, potenal newcomers and visitors. Your adversement will also be featured in the digital version of the magazine, which is available on the chamber's website and at The digital magazine is promoted on the digital newsstand, where it can be downloaded, embedded or shared through email and social media. The print magazine features highquality arcles and photography about Castle Rock-Douglas County’s business climate, quality-oflife amenies and tourist a;racons, and is distributed to potenal residents and businesses throughout the year. To take advantage of this exceponal markeng opportunity and set up an appointment, please email our sales rep is Derek Brady at He can be reached on his cell at 615.944.1556 or give him a call at the chamber!

Leverage Our Business Connecons & Experience

Ambassador of the Month– Ambassador of the Year Be;yGraf—Reliv Graf, Reliv Internaonal Be=y Internaonal The Castle Rock Chamber proudly honors Be;y Graf as our Ambassador of the Year.

Accelerate Growth, Promote Excellence Let us help you establish a firm business foundaon- from showing you how to develop your business plan, to idenfying the best ways to obtain funding, and everything else associated with opening your doors. All services and informaon are at li=le or no cost to both start-ups and established businesses in Douglas County, Colorado. Our business consultants leverage their combined years of experience to help you guide your business to sustainable success year aOer year. Contact at the Chamber to learn more about our business training courses.

Contact the Chamber for quesons regarding scheduling a business counseling or register online now at: h=p:// -business/

Do you have quesons about…

• • • • •

Congratulaons Be;y & thank you for your outstanding efforts!

Learn more about Trainings/Consultaons Watch video h=ps://

Be=y finds being an Ambassador a great fit since she loves meeng new people and developing relaonships with business owners. She has ulized the many Chamber networking events such as the Leads referral groups to promote her business with great success. For Be=y, it’s a way for her to be “plugged” into the business community. As a Chamber Ambassador, Be=y is a part of a professional group of people dedicated to helping others grow their businesses.

Starng a business? Developing your business plan? Markeng and sales planning? Accounng or tax advice? Securing financing? Managing your growth?


Members Only Secon Enhancements Your Chamber makes it easy for members to take full advantage of their benefits, all you have to do is take the first step Did you know that the Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce has made several excing improvements to the “Members Only” secon of the Chamber website that will make it easy for you to take full advantage of your benefits? Take a moment to visit the page at: h=p://

Please familiarize yourself with all of our amazing benefits we have to offer your business, be%er yet...become an expert and a%end one of our Member Orienta ons that are held on the last Thursday of every month at the Chamber.

Increase Your Exposure Members can link their Facebook page, LinkedIn account, and/or Twi=er page to their business directory lisng as well as upload a “Membership Badge” to your website that proudly lists you as a member of the Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce. Be sure to add your Hot Deals and a Member 2 Member Deal to promote your support to the Castle Rock Business Community. Lastly, proudly display your Membership Decal scker on your storefront or vehicle. This decal symbolizes your business’s commitment to the Castle Rock community.

Member Orientaon January 26, 2017 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM Castle Rock Chamber

Business Directory Features AOer joining the Chamber, all members receive a company login name and password to access the Member Informaon Center of the Chamber website. Members Login: h=p://

Contact Angela Murray at the Chamber for quesons or assistance. Email her at

Save Money In the New Year by using our Connecons! Bulk Mail Discounts Bulk Mail Rates are offered to Chamber Members in good standing. Members can use The Chamber’s bulk mail permit number to significantly reduce the cost of postage for qualified mailings.

Office Depot Savings Members can save approximately 15% to 25% annually on their office supplies! Do business out of the country?

How to Access Your Member Page Just email to request your username and password informaon. We’ll verify the name and organizaon submiVng to confirm that the email used to make the request is valid and belongs to your membership account. Then we will email your username and password to the email address that was used to request the login info.


Let’s Get Social Be sure to visit and connect with us on Facebook and Twi=er. Make sure you Like our facebook page and click Noficaons On so you never miss a post.

Need a Cerficate of Origin? THE CHAMBER CAN HELP! A Cerficate of Origin (CO) is an important internaonal trade document a=esng that goods in a parcular export shipment are wholly obtained, produced, manufactured or processed in a parcular country. COs also constute a declaraon by the exporter. The Castle Rock Chamber is an approved provider of COs for the state.

Direct Market to fellow members on our Members Only Facebook Page: h=ps:// castlerockchamber.membersonly/ Like Us and Follow our facebook page for the latest news and happenings— Check in whenever you visit, let your customers know YOU ARE INVOLVED IN THE CHAMBER & YOU CARE ABOUT OUR COMMUNITY! h=ps:// CastleRockChamber/ 9

Chamber’s Job Board is a Huge Success—Post Your Openings Today! Need Help, Ask Angela!

Sanago's Mexican Restaurant, Outstanding Business

Ambassador of the Month Abby Tardiff—ANB Bank Ambassador of the Month– The Castle Chamber proudly Be;y Graf,Rock Reliv Internaonal honors Abby Tardiff as our December Ambassador of the Month.

Great Food and Service Since 1990 The Castle Rock Chamber proudly honors Sanago's Mexican Restaurant as our November Business of the Month recipient. They have been members of the Castle Rock Chamber for more than twelve years. When Sanago's opened it's doors in 1990, there were three important items the owners firmly believed had to be implemented in order to set them in a league of their own. The first was that all of the food had to be fresh, as a child the owner disliked le4overs. Second, was a mentality of "We only have one chance". When a customer enters the restaurant, He or She is greeted with a friendly face, the food is fresh, good, and made with care. Third, was a humble approach of not naming the restaurant aOer oneself, but to name it aOer a Saint, a4er all not all new businesses are successful, and they would need all the help they could get. The rest is history, their customers would travel from different cies to Brighton to eat their food. Eventually insisng on them opening others in their local area.

Currently they have opened 27 restaurants, so you too can enjoy one closer to you and of course all year round! Visit our local locaon today! Sanago's Mexican Restaurant 860 Kinner Street Castle Rock, CO 80109 720.733.0090 Congratulaons Sanago’s for being recognized as an outstanding member business! Thank you for your support!

Be Inspired Over Lunch!

Abby Tardiff is a Commercial and Consumer Lending Officer at ANB Bank in Castle Rock. She moved back home to Colorado in May of 2016 aOer living in West Virginia for eight years, and she is happy to be living near, and working in, beauful Castle Rock. She has been acvely involved in the Chamber of Commerce since starng at ANB Bank, and she became an Ambassador in August of 2016. She is passionate about people, which is why she loves all the opportunies to network and build relaonships. As an Ambassador for the Chamber, she is able to dig deeper into the community, get involved, volunteer, and help foster business connecons. Congratulaons Abby & thank you for your outstanding efforts!

The Women of Influence Luncheon Series provides opportuni es and a venue for women leaders to network, share their best insights and business prac ces, and foster connec ons with others. Each quarterly luncheon will address a par cular key issue and solu ons to women's advancement.

February 22, 2017 Time: 11:30 AM to 1 PM Union, American Bistro 3 Wilcox St Castle Rock, CO 80104 Purchase Tickets at 10

January & February Calendar of Events View Events Calendar h=p:// January 9, 2017 DCBA Legislave Forum, 7:30 am (Sky Ridge Medical Center) January 10, 2017 Breakfast Club Leads Group, 7:30 am, (Village Inn) Free Business Consultaons, 10-12 pm or 2-4 pm, (Chamber OďŹƒce) Leads Plus!, 11:30 am, (Fowl Line) January 17, 2017 Government Interests Commi;ee (GIC) 7:30 am (Chamber) Free Business Consultaons, 10-12 pm or 2-4 pm, (Chamber OďŹƒce) Third Tech Tuesday, 9:30-11 am, Seven Social Media Trends You Need to Know for 2017 (Chamber) Ribbon CuUng: Block Advisors, 4 pm, 4833 Front Street, Unit E, Castle Rock, January 18, 2017 Leads Referral Group, 11:30 am (Castle CafĂŠ) Community Leadership Mtg, 11:30 am (Chamber OďŹƒce) Power Partners Leads Group, 1:30 pm (Chamber OďŹƒce) Business AVer Hours, 5-7 pm (Castle Rock Bank) January 19, 2017 Wellness Rocks! Self Defense Class 11-1 pm (PS Miller Library) January 20, 2017 Chamber Board (Millhouse)



January 24, 2017 Breakfast Club Leads Group, 7:30 am, (Village Inn) Free Business Consultaons, 10-12 pm or 2-4 pm, (Chamber OďŹƒce) Leads Plus! Leads Group, 11:30 am, (Fowl Line) Ribbon CuUng: Colorado HorsePower January 26, 2017 Member Orientaon, 7:30 am (Chamber) Biz Builder Lunch ‘n Learn: Amp up your Team’s Customer Service, 11 am 1pm (Chamber)

February 1, 2017 Leads Referral Group, 11:30 am (Castle CafĂŠ) Power Partners Leads Group, 1:30 pm (Chamber OďŹƒce) February 2, 2017 DC Job Fair, (DC Events Center) 2 pm—6 pm February 4, 2017 Douglas County Lifestyle Expo (DC Events Center) 8 am – 2 pm February 7, 2017 Government Interests Commi;ee (GIC) 7:30 am (Chamber OďŹƒce) Free Business Consultaons, 10-12 pm or 2-4 pm, (Chamber OďŹƒce)

Catholic Charies of Central Colorado - Castle Rock OďŹƒce 210 FiOh Street, Suite 100, Castle Rock, CO 80104 (720) 215-4521 Category: Human Services

February 9, 2017 Business over Breakfast, 7:30 - 9 am (TBD) February 14, 2017 Breakfast Club Leads Group, 7:30 am (Village Inn) Free Business Consultaons, 10-12 pm or 2-4 pm, (Chamber OďŹƒce) Leads Plus! Leads Group, 11:30 am (Fowl Line) February 15, 2017 Leads Referral Group, 11:30 am (Castle CafĂŠ) Community Leadership Mtg, 11:30 am (Chamber OďŹƒce) Power Partners Leads Group, 1:30 pm (Chamber OďŹƒce) Business AVer Hours, 5– 7 pm (TBD)

Illuminaon Light Show 650 Sky View Lane, Larkspur, CO 80118 (719) 799-6708 Category: Recreaonal Acvies

February 16, 2017 Biz Builder Lunch & Learn: Health BeneďŹ t Cost Containment for Small Employers, 11 am (Chamber) February 21, 2017 Third Tech Tuesday, Build Your Exper se with Facebook Live and Groups, 9:30 – 11:00 am (Chamber) February 28, 2017 Breakfast Club Leads Group, 7:30 am (Village Inn) Free Business Consultaons, 10-12 pm or 2-4 pm, (Chamber OďŹƒce) Leads Plus! Leads Group, 11:30 am, (Fowl Line) 11

Christopher and Banks 5050 Factory Shop BLVD, Suite #1020 Castle Rock, CO 80108 (303) 688-6696 Category: Retail

Make Strategic Connecons at Our Networking Events Fees/Admission: Business Over Breakfast Events •

Free for members.

Guests must have a guest pass from Alicia or an Ambassador for both events.

Fees/Admission: Business AVer Hours Events • • •

$10 for Community Connecon Level One Pass for Networking Level Free for Ascent Level and Above

Host an event at your locaon, Bring more exposure to your business— Contact Alicia for info.

Business AVer Hours January 18, 2017 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

501 Wilcox Street

Interested in expanding your Network? Business Over Breakfast February 9, 2017 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM Locaon: Sam’s ClubNew Castle Rock Locaon

Join us at one of our networking events to start growing your reach. By a=ending our networking events you will: 1. Increase Your Visibility 2. Expand Your Professional connecons 3. Find Referrals 4. Create Strategic Partnerships 5. Socialize Registraon is not required; however, be sure to add this event to your calendar. 12

Amp up Your Team’s Customer Service

#1 Customer Service Training, SEND YOUR EMPLOYEES!

Thursday, January 26, 2017 11am to 1pm Castle Rock Chamber Guest Speaker: Joe Weber, Chick-fil-A

Good customer service every day by every single member of your team is vital to the overall health of your business. Excellent customer service pays big dividends. 1. Service is what customers remember. Your employee “is” your company. Through daily interacons, customers may remember your company fondly – or you may lose a customer and gain bad press. 2. Customer service reflects heavily on your enre business. If you offer great customer service, people assume you have great products and vice versa. Plus, they feel confident that if they experience a problem, you will give them the help needed. 3. Excellent customer service shows customers you care. Customers who feel as though a company cares about them are more likely to refer others and become repeat customers. 4. It’s a great markeng angle. When real-life customers talk about how great your customer service is, those reviews and tesmonials serve as a powerful markeng message.

Okay, so it really is vital and you have talked to your staff about it, but what else can you do to make sure they believe it and know how to achieve it? You and your team can a=end this Biz Builder Lunch n Learn to learn how one company excels at it. Hear from accomplished Chick Fil-A owner/operator and speaker, Joe Weber. Chick Fil-A has achieved numerous awards for customer service excellence including 2015 Choice in Chains Award, 2015 Consumer's Choice Award, & the 2014 Customer Service Hall of Fame award.

Small Businesses...This One’s for You! Health Benefit Cost Containment for Small Employers Feb 16—11:00 AM—Biz Builder Lunch n Learn Health Benefit Cost Containment for Small Employers (Chamber) There are things that a small business owner/manager needs to know about current health care trends. Healthcare benefits are a major expense and factor in employee sasfacon. This Biz Builder Lunch n Learn will tell you what you need to know about this topic and can DO to protect your business, maintain a compeve benefits package and reduce costs. Centura experts will provide ps and connect you with helpful resources. Please Note: Lunch is NOT served at these trainings, feel free to bring your own. 13

Welcome New Members The Castle Rock Chamber partners with more than 600 member businesses and organizaons including 15,000+ employees to support local business, promote our community and culvate a vibrant economy. Health Images Castle Rock, CO 80109 Healthcare (719) 930-4249 h=p:// Colorado Living 3120 N. Century St. Colorado Springs, CO 80907 (970) 214-9595 h=p:// Leaf Guard 5825 W. 6th Avenue, #3C Lakewood, CO 80218 (720) 907-9952 In & Out Smart Repair 4991 Factory Shops Blvd., Ste 110A Castle Rock, CO 80108 (985) 630-8026 American Family Insurance James Thiessen Agency 514 Perry Street Castle Rock, CO 80104 Insurance (303) 551-0594 h=p://

Country Financial - Mike Misuraca 7979 E. TuOs Avenue, Suite 100 Denver, Colorado 80237 Insurance - Investments (303) 474-9025 h=p:// mike.misuraca Profit Pilots, Inc. 2373 Central Park Blvd. Denver, Colorado 80220 Business & Trade Organiza ons (303) 355-0550 h=p:// Envoy Mortgage 116 Wilcox Street Castle Rock, CO 80104 Mortgages (303) 731-6625 h=p:// Castle Rock Cryo Care & Rejuvinaon 751 Maleta Lane, Ste. 104 Castle Rock, Colorado 80108 Health & Wellness (303) 663-6990 h=p://


Chamber Anniversaries—Together We Will Do Great Things! We'd like to take this opportunity to recognize local businesses who are celebrang a their Chamber anniversary with us. These businesses are the fabric of the Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce, we are grateful for your support through your membership investments. Company Name # of years FirstBank of Douglas County 50 Castle Rock Bank 43 Hier Drilling Company 43 Park Street - Jerry Street Storage 40 The Fort CPA Group 37 Opcians 2 37 Land Title Guarantee Company 36 Boyd Chiropracc 33 Black Hills Energy 31 Acme Brick 31 Double D Auto Repair, Inc. 31 CoWest Insurance Group 30 Castle Pines Golf Club 30 MW GOLDEN CONSTRUCTORS 30 Intermountain Rural Electric Associaon 30 Ted Spring Photography 30 Olinger- Dignity Memorial 30 Colorado Community Media 30 Folkestad, Fazekas, Barrick & Patoile, P.C. 30 Hair Design Team 30 White Construcon Group 30 Rotary Club of Castle Rock 30 Medved Autoplex Castle Rock 29 Waste Management 29 Arapahoe/Douglas Works! 28 Air Academy Federal Credit Union 28 Columbine Kitchen & Bath 28 Pediatrics at the Meadows, PC 28 Pegasus Restaurant 28 Gabriel's Restaurant 27 Village Inn Pancake House 27 Gene's Muffler & Auto Service 27 Autobahn Autobody, Inc. 26 AreaNewsle=ers 26 Castle Rental, Inc. 26 Douglas County Libraries 26 PRO Plumbing Service 25 Insurance Town and Country 25 Outlets at Castle Rock, The 25 Wonstolen, Al 24 Big O Tires 24 Crisis Center 24

Company Name # of years Party Time Rental, Inc. 24 Sam's Club #6634 23 Castle Rock Senior Acvity Center 23 Park Land Company 23 Flying Horse Catering 22 Castle Cafe 21 High Tech Audio Systems, Inc. 21 Han Lee Taekwondo Academy 21 Kokish & Goldmanis, P.C. 20 BreakThroughs, Inc. 20 Brookside Inn 20 CSU Cooperave Extension 20 Cherokee Ranch & Castle Foundaon 20 NAPA Auto Parts 20 Crystal Valley Ranch Dev. Co. 19 Allstate Insurance - Bob Lowry 19 Angie's Restaurant 19 BEST WESTERN PLUS Castle Rock 19 Douglas Land Conservancy 19 Faith Lutheran Church 19 Castle Rock Foot & Ankle Care 19 Link Real Estate Group 19 Douglas County Government 18 Sco= & Associates- Dispute Resoluon Services 18 Rockyard American Grill & Brewing Company 18 Douglas Elbert Task Force 18 Red Hawk Ridge Golf Course 18 Copperfalls Spa and Salon 18 UPS Store, The 18 Links at Plum Creek, The 17 Comfort Technologies, Inc. 17 Courtesy Plumbing & Heang Services, Inc. 17 American Soluons for Business 17 Castle Country Assisted Living, Inc. 17 Berkshire Hathaway Preferred Real Estate 16 Zonta Club of Douglas County 16 Stucy Realty Company 16 Makkai Capital Management - Adam Makkai, CFA 16 Sky Ridge Medical Center 15 GLB Bookkeeping & Tax, LLC 15

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More Chamber Anniversaries—Together We ARE Doing Great Things!

Company Name Rock, The Spencer Fane LLP Nytech Heang & Cooling Dumb Friends League- Buddy Center Heard Financial Soluons Theatre of Dreams Echo Ridge at Metzler Ranch RE/MAX Alliance - The Kirk Team Edward Kraemer & Sons, Inc. FASTFRAME of Greenwood Village Bruce L. Fosdick, CPA, PC Castle Rock Orthodoncs Plumbline Services, Inc. Campbell Chiropracc, Inc. TMMC Property Management Parker Port-A-Po=y, Inc. Echo Pages Sanago's Mexican Restaurant Douglas County Living Weboluons developersDen Servpro of Castle Rock/Parker State Farm Insurance - David Topolnicki Pinnacol Assurance Old Stone Church Restaurant, The Signature Interiors/Rita Coltrane Pure Water Soluons, Inc. American Legion Post 1187 Union - An American Bistro Castle Rock Bank at Castle Pines Columbine Prinng & Copy Center DeYoung Brothers Construcon Sunny Cruises & Travel gopixel design studios, inc. CoolCarGuy.Com Metro Mix, LLC Plum Creek Church Peak View Dental, P.L.L.C. Castle Oaks Covenant Church Camp Bow Wow Venaxis, Inc. Brooklyn Veterinary Clinic, Inc.

# of years 15 15 15 15 15 15 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11

Company Name # of years Summit Church of Castle Rock 11 Fund Your Dream 11 Grand Lodge on Peak 7 / BGV Markeng 11 Sunset Stone 10 RE/MAX Professionals - Joan Pra= 10 IMI Global 10 Cox Baker & Page, LLC 10 BJ Enterprises Back Flow Tesng & Repair 10 Reliv Internaonal 10 A Repair Guy, Inc. 10 Sky Ridge Imaging Center at Castle Rock, The 10 Gubbels Law Office, P.C. 10 H&M Transmission & Automove, LLC 10 1 STOP Tire & Auto 9 Goddard School, The 9 Fowl Line 9 Portocol Business Strategies 9 JM Kitchen and Bath 9 Murray, Carole 9 Budget Blinds of Castle Rock 9 180 Branding 9 Castle Pines Electric 9 Barnes Plumbing and Heang, Inc 9 Red Stag Producons 9 Aflac - Wendell Cummings 8 Plum Creek Funding, Inc 8 Knothead Tree and Lawn 8 Chick-fil-A 8 Douglas County Community Foundaon 8 CertaPro Painters of Castle Rock 8 Taylor, Bruce 8 Castle Rock Mini Storage 8 Colorado Pump Service & Supply Co. 8 Guadalajara 8 Tallgrass Kitchen & Bath 8 Colorado Agricultural Leadership Foundaon (CALF) 8 Cetera Advisors - Patrick Brannan 8 Rerement Strategies & Investments, Inc. 7 Premier Painng LLC 7

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Even More Chamber Anniversaries—Together We All Succeed!

Company # of years Pediatric Dencare, P.C. 7 Historic Douglas County 7 Outback Steakhouse 7 Augusne Grill 7 Colonial Benefit Group 7 Jaris Realty, Inc. 7 Greater Castle Rock Art Guild 7 Castle Rock Smiles Pediatric Denstry 7 GE Johnson Construcon Company 7 Barn, The 7 KC Mortgage 7 American Family Insurance - Timothy Brown Agency, Inc. 7 Aluwind Inc. 7 Allstate Insurance - Sydney Strausheim 7 Colorado Horse Park, The 6 H&M Collision & Auto Body 6 Elements Therapeuc Massage 6 Remote Bookkeeper, LLC 6 Castle Rock Church of Christ 5 Bright Now Dental 5 One Clear Choice Garage Doors 5 Comcast Business 4 Parts Internaonal, Inc. 4 3 World Orphans 3 Transworld Business Advisors 2 Johnston Construcon 2 Holiday Inn Express and Suites 2 Master Magnecs, Inc. 1 Premier Wealth Management-A financial advisory pracce of Ameriprise Financial 1 Mathnasium of Castle Rock 1 Detailed Elegance Events 1 Creave Colors Internaonal 1 Cranelli's Italian Restaurant 1 Paczosa and Associates, P.C. 1 Wesbield Consulng, LLC 1 OnPurpose Enterprises 1 Costco Warehouse 1 Lisa Lisa Bouque 1 Way Out West CO Inc 1

Ambassador of the Month Bre= Turner—180 Branding Ambassador of the Month The Castle Rock Chamber proudly honors Bre=Graf, Turner - ourInternaNovember – Be;y Reliv Ambassador of the Month.


Bre= Turner is a Colorado nave, and he has lived in Castle Rock for 20 yrs along with his wife Sue and son Steve, who are also acve in their markeng and branding business, 180 Branding. The family moved to Castle Rock just before the town exploded with record growth. At the me, the town was starng to grow at an accelerated rate. Bre= believes that aOer 20 years, he is sure that the move to Castle Rock has been one of the “best decisions” of their lives. The family cherishes the sense of community that Castle Rock has along with its “small town feel”. Bre= and his wife joined the Castle Rock Chamber shortly aOer starng their promoonal products and apparel business back in 2008 and now they’re a full markeng and branding agency without agency fees. Bre= joined the Ambassador program with the chamber in 2013 and Bre= said that being a member of the Castle Rock Chamber has resulted in many strong new relaonships with other like minded business owners. Congratulaons Bre; & thank you for your outstanding efforts!


4 Ways to Take Your Business to the Next Level It’s a new year, and its me to do things differently if you want to grow your business. Chart a Course If you’re dissasfied with the direcon of your business currently, or you want more from it, decide what that more is. Don’t think in nebulous concepts. Instead ask: • How do I plan to grow? • What do I want to accomplish? • How will we get there? • What’s the bridge that will take us from where we are now to where we want to be? Make an aconable map of what it will take. Jim Collins and Jerry Porras wrote about the concept of establishing a “Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal (BAHG)” in their book, "Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies." In the book they wrote, “A BHAG engages people—it reaches out and grabs them. It is tangible, energizing, highly focused.” Give people on your team something to get behind. Seek Out a New Audience If you’re not sure of your BAHG, try a smaller one instead. One of the easiest ways to grow is selling your product/ service to a new audience. We see this all the me with high-end designers. They create a budget-friendly version of their line and mass market them in stores. Think about your product or service. Is there a way to reach another market, possibly by pairing with another business? Get creave behind brainstorming ideas. Hire Slowly, Fire Fast Once you’ve established where you want to go, you need to assess your team to decide who is a good fit for your new direcon and who is not. This does not mean you let go of your most loyal employee because she’s not sure how to post to Instagram and that’s going to be a big part of your new markeng strategy. This is about geVng rid of detractors, not people who are lacking teachable skills or those who don’t agree with you.

Change is difficult under the best of circumstances but if you have a toxic employee, don’t let her infect the others. Get rid of her quickly so you can embrace the new direcon unencumbered. If you are fortunate enough to be hiring at this me, give some thought to the skills you’ll need as you make the leap to the next level. If your current team is missing something, you’ll need to hire it or teach it. Remember not all skills can be combined into a single jack-of-all-trades employee. For instance, if you realize you need a bookkeeper, personal assistant, and social media help, don’t lump all of these into one job descripon and try to source for it. Instead, think about professional growth and interests for your current employees. Has anyone expressed a desire to learn more about social media? Terrific. Now take it out of that bookkeeper job descripon. Consider Your Leadership Infrastructure When you’re a small business and your enre staff is huddled around a coffee table at the local coffee shop, you’re agile and able to respond to things quickly. As you grow and move on to the next level, you need to begin to consider your leadership infrastructure. This is the ideal me to join a mastermind group or some sort of business-leader-to-business-leader mentorship program. The movement from small business to mid-sized is a much less organic experience, and must be more organized and deliberate.

A Final Word About Next Steps for Your Business As you grow, remember you’re not alone. There are many community resources that can help, including your local chamber. ~Chrisna R. Green


Restaurant of the Month

Kneaders 826 New Memphis Ct, Castle Rock, CO 80109 720.974.4821

Beverage Sponsor

The Pepsi Bo=ling Company 3801 Brighton Boulevard Denver, CO 80216

Storage Sponsor

Park Street/Jerry Street Storage 1500 N. Park Street Castle Rock, CO 303.688.2242

Got leads...We do— Join a leads group today!

Business Trainings At a Glance Jan 17—9:30 AM Third Tech Tuesday - Seven Social Media Trends You Need to Know for 2017 (Chamber)



2nd & 4th Tuesdays 11:30 AM—1:00 PM Loca on: The Fowl Line

2nd & 4th Tuesdays 7:30 AM—9:00 AM Loca on: Village Inn



1st & 3rd Wednesdays 11:30 AM—1:00 PM Loca on: Castle Cafe

1st & 3rd Wednesday 1:30 PM—3:00 PM Loca on: Castle Rock Chamber

Some restric ons apply.

Third Tech Tuesday—Let’s Get Social! Two Social Media Trainings to Jump Start Your Year!

Jan 26—7:30 AM Member Orientaon (Chamber) Jan 26—11:00 AM Biz Builder Lunch & Learn Amp up Your Team's Customer Service (Chamber) Feb 16—11:00 AM Biz Builder Lunch n Learn Health BeneďŹ t Cost Containment for Small Employers (Chamber) Feb 21—9:30 AM Third Tech Tuesday - Build Your Exper se with Facebook Live and Groups (Chamber)

January 17, 2017 9:30 AM - 11 AM Castle Rock Chamber Seven Social Media Trends You Need to Know for 2017

February 21, 2017 9:30 AM - 11 AM

Jan 19—11:00 AM Wellness Rocks Self Defense Workshop (PS Miller Library)


Taught by: Dr. Michelle Post, PHD

Castle Rock Chamber Build Your Experse with Facebook Live and Groups Fees/Admission: Free for Networking level and above $10 for Community Connecon Members $25 for Future Members

Third Tech Tuesday Fees/Admission: Free, Networking level & above $10 for Comm. Connecon $25 for Future Members Biz Builder Fees/Admission: Members are free $25.00 for Non-Members


Developing Leaders in Douglas County

Thank you to our November and December Host Sponsors: Parker Senior Living by MorningStar Credit Union of Colorado

Developing Leaders in Douglas County

Douglas County Sheri’s OďŹƒce Wind Crest Rerement Center

The LDC Class of 2017 spent their November and December class days exploring healthcare, aging, philanthropy and opportunies for civic engagement. Through tours, presentaons and expert panelists, parcipants learned about resources available for those who are aging in Douglas County; and got a behind-the-scenes look at how Colorado’s 18th judicial district court handles the scope of legal cases that come through the system.

Each Leadership Day revolves around professional development. Class members have received professional development training on team building, creang common visions, strategic planning and catalyc leadership—skills they can take back to their workplace to make them more eecve leaders and team members.

In November, complemenng Health, Aging and Philanthropy Day, a panel consisng of Brooke Fox (CALF), Donna Sco= (Douglas County Community Foundaon), Wayne Hansen (Summit Church) and Dana Rinderknect (Community First Foundaon) discussed their organizaons’ reason for existence and the tremendous social service needs in Douglas County exisng alongside its ranking as the ninth wealthiest U.S. county, with the ďŹ rst in income disparity in Colorado.

If you would like further informaon, or are interested in applying to LDC for 2017-2018 and would like to preview the program by a=ending a class day, please let us know by calling 720-440-3726 and emailing Classes start in the fall each year.

In December, the LDC class had the opportunity to talk with elected county oďŹƒcials, municipal leaders and meet with 18th Judicial District judges Susanna Meissner-Cutler and Paul King. Photos from these recent classes can be viewed on the LDC Facebook page at h=ps:// leadershipdouglascounty

Considering LDC for referring a colleague?



“I appreciated all the elected oďŹƒcials who cared enough to spend several hours with us sharing what they do for our community.â€? ~ Tom Bailey, Adolfson & Peterson Construcon

Established by the Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce in 1999, Leadership Douglas County is a nonproďŹ t, nonparsan, program designed to broaden parcipant knowledge of the community while enhancing leadership skills, to increase the strength and eecveness of our community leaders.

Many thanks to our valued sponsors who make Leadership Douglas County possible: LDC gratefully acknowledges these major sponsors: Patron Sponsors—BreakThroughs, Inc., Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce, City of Lone Tree, Town of Parker. Leadership Sponsor – Douglas County Government. Program Sponsors—Charles Schwab & Co., Douglas County Libraries, South Metro Fire Rescue Authority, Town of Castle Rock. 20


Our Vision Igning Passion for Business Success and Community Prosperity

Our Mission Support and promote member businesses • Be a “voice” for business to government • Foster a livable community with posive growth •

Upcoming Events— Douglas County Job Fair—February 2, 2017 Employers a=ending the Job Fair will represent a wide variety of industries and have several different types of staffing posions for which they will be hiring. This event is FREE for the public to a=end. 2 PM to 6 PM @ DC Events Center

Douglas County Lifestyle Expo—February 4, 2017 Features companies, small businesses and nonprofits from across Colorado. Day begins the freeze your buns off 5k. 8 AM to 2 PM @ DC Events Center.

Women of Influence Luncheon—February 22, 2017 Be inspired over lunch. This quarter’s luncheon is held at Union Bistro at 11:30 AM.

WEBSITE TRAFFIC: Nov/Dec— Website Hits: 33,590 Total Hits for the Year: 299,728

Horizon Luncheon Series—March 29, 2017 Stay up to date on the latest community & business hot topics, statewide topics an more! Guest Speaker: Dave Corliss, Town Manager.

Chamber’s Annual Banquet—April 21, 2017 Installaon of new officers and Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce. Also the presentaon of the annual Business(person), Cizen, Ambassador, Volunteer of the Year and Philip S. Miller awards.

Castle Rock WineFest—July 15, 2017 More than 180 variees of Colorado wine will be showcased by Colorado’s superb winemakers who are rebuilding a tradion of excellence. New Locaon: Bu;erfield Park in the Meadows.

Douglas County Fair and Rodeo Parade—July 29, 2017 The parade exemplifies old-fashioned, hometown charm with approximately 85 entries consisng of 4-H projects, marching bands, stagecoaches, horses, rodeo queens and dance troupes from all over Colorado.

420 Jerry Street Castle Rock, CO 80104 303.688.4597 ph 22

Business Voice Newsletter January/February 2017 Final  

Castle Rock Chamber's Bi Monthly Business Magazine

Business Voice Newsletter January/February 2017 Final  

Castle Rock Chamber's Bi Monthly Business Magazine