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Welcome Spring is here at last and our favourite time of year – beer garden season – is teetering on the horizon! We’ve got loads going on to tempt the hibernators among you back to your local! There are some spectacular events in the Old Cold Store and the brewery yard and, in this issue, we’re celebrating with our renowned Yard Party. Things are all go as we put together this edition; the beers are ordered, the bands and food stalls booked, and we can’t wait for May 17th to sneak around. (Ticket sales are ahead of last year so I’d recommend getting yours online and not risking us selling out on the door.) The same goes for two events we are hosting for Nottingham’s urban radio station, Kemet FM, who’ll be bringing Boney M in to play live! The early part of the year is always spent getting our ducks in a line for the months ahead, but there have been plenty of other things keeping us busy. I was chuffed to see our debut at London’s Craft Beer Rising go down so well. Well done to our team that planned and delivered it – your efforts were certainly worth the outstanding positive feedback we received. It is reassuring to have it vindicated that our goal to balance tried and trusted brewing with new wave beers is working. I’m very proud of what our brewery team is delivering at the moment, and you’ll see more exciting beers to come on the next page. It’s also another Quarter where we can celebrate pub awards, with both the Fox and Crown and the Horse and Plough winning their respective local CAMRA Pub of the Year awards. We know this is no mean feat. It’s a real testament to the hard work, attention-to-detail and passion that our pub teams put in. Finally, I’d like to congratulate all of our Employee of the Year winners. It is always heartening to see how much our people really care about their peers and about what we all strive to do. All of it, of course, is required to deserve your patronage. We’ll never take it for granted and always keep working hard to earn it. Thanks for your support and cheers to a sunny spring!

Colin Wilde Managing Director @SheriffTipple

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Brewer Dan Gilliland gives the lowdown on new Castle Rock beers to hit bars this spring. At the time of writing, there’s a whole other host of beers in the works too, so keep an eye on our social media feeds for updates. For now…if these won’t put a spring in your step, we don’t know what will. WINK.

IPA v3 5.7%

Sleepwalker 3.9%

(Cask + keg)


IPA is such a broad term nowadays. For us this iterative series is an excuse, ney a reason, to see just how much hop flavour we can cram in and how to focus every other aspect of the brewing to protect, serve and amplify. In the case of IPA v3, we're looking at precisely 'a boat load' of those classic 'C' hops: Columbus, Centennial, Chinook and Citra, with careful consideration to not allow any of that pesky oxygen to spoil the fun. We brew this beer at half the brew length to effectively double the maximum hopping potential we can achieve. Big flavour.

SIPA v2 4.5% (Cask + keg + can) With SIPA v2, we've upped our complexity game and gone for a mixed hop bill of Galena, Citra, Simcoe and Loral in three different forms: whole cones, T90 pellets and the super concentrated cryogenically frozen lupulin powder. Orange, grapefruit, pine and juicy pineapple in abundance are matched in the flavour, but kept soft on the palete for maximum drinkability. Big aromas of all the good stuff.


Continuing the dry hopped cask pale series. The all New Zealand hop bill includes a bit of resinous and limey Kohatu, lots of fruity Motueka and the hen’s tooth of a hop that is Nelson Sauvin. Expect stone fruits, citrus and subtle grape juice, with a complementary pale golden malt bill.

Fruit v3 4.3% (Cask + keg)

Third in the iterative fruit range comes in the form of a lychee and mandarin combo. Expect a puckering acidic breadth of juicy-sweet, palatewidening citrus from the mandarin, giving way to refined and drying pear and rose notes from the lychee. Designed with an eye on the encroaching spring and summer.

It's Always Honey 4.0% (Cask) Available for Mild in May Milds are making a comeback mate, I'm telling you! This one has a carefully considered malt bill to tease out notes of biscuits and nuts, all rolled up in lots of honey and allowed to get to know each other. We’ll be making sure to use responsibly-sourced British honey from a bee-friendly apiary, and keep things as local as possible. It’s Always Honey is arriving just in time for CAMRA’s Mild in May trail.

SPRING Viv Anderson MBE 4.2% (Cask + keg) Available April - June Lager style beer brewed with noble hops for a savoury slightly herbal and floral character, balanced by a nice bit of DMS derived from the lager malts. DMS (Dimethyl sulphide) provides a pleasant sulphidic, almost sweetcorn-like flavour which is synonymous with the style and, when done properly, is the perfect contrast to the subtle hop profile.

About Viv Anderson, MBE Nottinghamian Celebration Ale #35 Viv Anderson joins our own hall of fame this year as the 35th local person to be celebrated with a Nottinghamian Ale. Viv was born in Clifton and went on to play for various clubs in the Football League during the 1970s and 80s, including Nottingham Forest. Viv was also the first black player to play for England internationally. We are particularly excited to launch Viv Anderson's namesake beer this year as 2019 is the 40th anniversary of Nottingham Forest's European Cup win. Viv was a member of the winning squad. To celebrate, the Embankment is hosting a special ‘An Evening with...’ event on the anniversary of the cup win, May 30th. Viv will be joined by other members of the squad of '79 to talk about the tournament, and there'll be a Q&A afterwards too. Tickets are just £30, and include a £5 donation to Prostate Cancer UK, a drink and some tasty chilli, to accompany an evening of football tales. Visit our website for tickets.

The Umpire Strikes Back 4.5% (Cask) Available May-June Brewed especially for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, with a pump clip featuring Castle Rock directors (just for fun). Crisp, refreshing and goes down like a Portuguese footballer inside the 12-yard box. ‘But this beer’s for the cricket not the football!?’ I hear you say. Not to worry, I don’t know much about either. It is, however, built to be sessioned alongside the sun while watching those matches that play on for days. Expect subtle fruity and citrus aromas with a long drying finish mirroring those lazy summer evenings.


The Goings On

CRAFT BEER RISING 2019 Castle Rock’s Lewis Townsend reflects on our first trip to Craft Beer Rising as exhibitors On 20th February, a team of six Castle Rockians made the annual pilgrimage to Craft Beer Rising on London’s Brick Lane. This time, however, we were travelling as exhibitors. It was our first year to share our recent output to the people of London and beyond. Exhibiting at CBR was something we’d wanted to do for some time, having been attending the festival as beer lovers since its inception. Our trip to Craft Beer Rising was the culmination of, essentially, years of planning, improving, developing and progressing into a brewery with a strong modern portfolio of ever-changing beers (with our continually popular range of more traditional and classic beers too, of course). To this end, we took with us some of our newest beers and they were all tasting wonderful. We showcased our fastest growing beer in recent years, Session, a drinkable and light session pale. A delicate fruitiness and juicy character from Simcoe and Ahtanum blends with a soft mouthfeel and finishing bitterness. Session was side-by-side with SIPA v1, our newest session pale, which is saturated with Citra and Mosaic cryo hops, added in the hop torpedo and FV. It’s got the tell-tale tropical fruit of the hop combo with a smooth mouthfeel. We also took our second fruit beer, Fruit v2, which we should have called ‘Breakfast Juice’, with its juicy and tropical combination of the unique guava, backed up with indulgent mango and passion fruit. Next up was Lightspeed Spacerock, our collaboration with Liquid Light Brew Co, a chocolate salted caramel stout. We’re delighted with this one, which has wound up tasting rich, thick


and indulgent, and received several “beer of the festival” comments. Following this, we had Mango Milkshake, which was one of the fastest-sellers on our bar. It’s well-rounded with smooth mango at the fore, followed by a crisp and lingering finish from the mango blending with Citra and Mosaic. And finally, there was newbie IPA v2, an extremely hop-forward showcase of Ekuanot cryo hops. It’s complex, fruity, rich and full of character. Two trade sessions and four customer sessions later, and we couldn’t have been much happier with the response. Some people seem to hold an ongoing assumption that Castle Rock is some kind of behemoth, but in reality, our approach as a brewery in recent years has been understated, and we’ve undertaken a developmental approach when it comes to our production. It was enlightening that just as many people hadn’t heard of us as those who had, and furthermore that many didn’t know we brew craft keg beer. Ultimately, we were immensely proud to give the brewery some exposure in London, and equally proud to be representing Nottingham, including our friends at Liquid Light Brew Co with our collaboration beer. It was also great to catch up with industry friends and make new ones! Huge thanks to Wild Card for being kind and hospitable, Salt Beer Factory and Mothership for being lovely neighbours, and also thanks to Beigel Bake – without your 24-hour eatery we wouldn’t have made it through! Onwards and upwards, here’s hoping we can do more and more festivals in 2019.

Pictured above: Castle Rock’s Carl Duke and Dan Gilliland with their mascot, Bob Ross, at Craft Beer Rising.

TEN GREAT THINGS ABOUT LEWIS UK YOUNG ARTISTS TAKEOVER NOTTS This February saw the UK Young Artists Takeover Nottingham, with one of the largest biennials of national and international artists in the world. UKYA is a charity that champions the next generation of creativity, supporting collaboration and intercultural dialogue. The Takeover brought 250 of the world’s brightest artistic talents to our city, and we had the pleasure of hosting them at the Barley Twist for two outstanding poetry events, featuring some of the UK’s most exciting emerging writers. We also donated some kegs of Session for the launch event at Metronome, which was happily received by artists from around the world. Find out more about this vibrant charity at

Hi there, it’s Liv here, editor of the Castle Rock Quarter. It seems my boss Lewis slipped a little article into my content list for this edition. He entitled it “Ten Great Things About Lewis”. Clearly, he thought I’d chuckle and ignore it, but what’s the fun in that? So here we go, in no particular order: l The way you clear your throat to reach really high notes when you’re singing l Your co-dependent relationship with Dan (above) l That you’re so kind to me when nobody else is around l Your fabulous shirts l Your love of plants and small critters l The sad reality that you can’t pronounce ‘polo’ l Your unrivalled skill at reciting scenes from Harry Potter l Your unrivalled skill at reciting scenes from Matilda l That when a wasp stung me and got stuck in my arm, you came to help l That we cry with laughter together You’re welcome.


The Goings On CASTLE ROCK’S ANNUAL SHINDIG Each year on a chilly January day, Castle Rockians gather at the brewery for a good old knees-up. For one day only, we close all our managed pubs and come together to celebrate with a Christmas Party, New Year’s celebration and team bonding day rolled into one. Thanks to the efforts of Sarah Halpin, this year involved enough inflatable assault courses to rival the Gladiators, street food and a DJ. Employee of the Year awards were given to a staff member from each pub and/or department, voted for by their peers. MD’s Merits were awarded to Neil Harrison, our longestserving brewery team member, and Pete McWilliam, who heads up our logistics and green initiatives, and has worked for Castle Rock for 18 years. The Chris Holmes Award (named after our founder) went to Barley Twist manager Dave James, as voted for by his fellow pub managers. Thank you for managing without us for a day, and for all your messages of support and thanks.


NB: A special mention must go to our Operations Director Vicki, who broke three fingers in her admirable commitment to the assault course and led the pink team to victory.

NEW RELEASE NIGHTS We recently kicked off a series of brand-new events at the Old Cold Store (next to the Vat and Fiddle). New Release Nights are a chance for you to try our freshest, newest beers before they go out to the pubs, and an opportunity to meet our brewers, sales reps, managers and friends.

This spring kicked off with two amazing awards for two of our lovely pubs... Newark CAMRA announced their Cider Pub of the Year and Pub of the Year, and both accolades went to the Fox and Crown! Then, before a date was even set for the awards night, the Horse and Plough in Bingham was crowned Pub of the Year by Belvoir CAMRA!

Our first New Release Night saw over 80 people pile into the Old Cold Store to try four of our newest beers: IPA v2 (hop-forward IPA), Fruit v2 (guava, mango and passion fruit pale), Lightspeed Spacerock (chocolate salted caramel stout, a collab with Liquid Light) and Computer World (single hop Simcoe dry hop pale ale). All but Computer World was offered in both cask and keg so our visitors could compare and contrast – a celebration of both forms of dispense and their own complexities.

Needless to say, we are incredibly proud of both pub teams, and the pleasure was all ours to attend the award-giving and celebration night at the Fox. The turnout was brilliant, with live music aiding a great atmosphere, and a cake baked especially for the night stood out a treat amongst the buffet. At the time of writing, the date hasn’t been set for the awards night at the Horse and Plough, but you can bet we’re looking forward to another evening of fun, food, and a chance to raise our drinks to the pub team for their excellent work.

What ensued was a wonderful atmosphere as everyone came together to talk about not just our new beers, but beers in general (and the local scene in particular). It was a heartening coming-together of our favourite people.

The hugest congratulations to all of you.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on future events!


With everything we do, constructive feedback from our broad customer base is genuinely valued, so that’s why we’re committing to holding a New Release Night for every new beer, giving you plenty of reasons to head out for a teatime drink.

A TRIBUTE TO HELEN We paid tribute to suffragette Helen Watts, with the unveiling of a memorial plaque in the Nottingham Arboretum. Back in April 2018, we brewed a Nottinghamian Celebration Ale for Helen Kirkpatrick Watts, Nottingham’s best-known suffragette. Watts, raised in Lenton, rose through the ranks of the suffragette movement thanks to her pragmatic and inspiring speeches. She was arrested three times and imprisoned twice before the age of 30, and her second incarceration saw Watts go on hunger strike for 90 hours, though it’s believed she avoided forcefeeding. Shortly after the last Castle Rock Quarter went to print, we gathered in Nottingham’s Arboretum with members of the Watts family, both the Sheriff and Counsellor of Nottingham, and the Nottingham Women’s History Group. It was 14th December, 100 years to the day since some women were able to vote for the first time, and we marked the occasion by unveiling a memorial plaque, next to a juniper tree planted in her memory. The beer may be long gone now, but Helen Watts’ memory is set in stone. We hope that people will remember all she and her contemporaries did for us, and will continue to strive for equality for everyone. There’s still plenty to be done.

THE TALE OF THE HUMBLE PUB CRAWL AND THE LONG-LOST COUSINS In January, we organised a pub tour to celebrate the launch of our first Nottinghamian beer of 2019. The milk stout with coffee was named in honour of Arthur Skill, whose enterprise (founded 100 years ago) has grown into Skills Holidays, one of the region’s largest tour companies. On a frosty winter morning, a Skills coach picked up 57 customers and beer fans for a mini-Castle Rock pub crawl. We re-created the original Skills route to Derby, stopping off first at the Alexandra Hotel, before scooting down to the Swan in the Rushes in Loughborough, over to the Horse and Plough in Bingham, and finally back to the Embankment on Trent Bridge. At each stop, we sampled Arthur’s tipple in celebration of the remarkable young entrepreneur and his achievements. What we didn’t expect was for our humble pub crawl to reunite members of the Skill family. For the Nottingham-based family members, Arthur Skill was their great grandfather, while he was a great uncle to the Derby side. They turned up to surprise Rupert, Arthur’s great grandson, and the group re-connected after many years. A big thank you to everyone who joined us on the crawl and who enjoyed a pint of Arthur’s namesake beer, and our best wishes to the Skill family.

PROTECT PUBS ALL YEAR ROUND This January, we kicked off the year with our biggest campaign yet – My Local Is. Created to celebrate all that is wonderful about this industry and inspire others to protect pubs, we were flooded with messages about what your local pub means to you. From providing a safe space to do coursework, to giving office teams a place to relax and take stock at the end of the week, My Local Is proved that you feel just how we do about pubs; they’re about community, comfort and friendship. One customer captured everything this campaign was about. We really couldn’t say it better ourselves… My Local Is…an important social environment, where I can escape life’s struggles, society’s troubles, and for a few hours surround myself with people within my community I may otherwise never meet. It’s a place where everyone comes together

no matter what background to enjoy a drink, and although you may not speak to those people directly, everybody is aware of each other’s presence, and collectively we all create an atmosphere like no other. It’s a place where somebody knows your name, where bar staff know you on a personal level, know what you will order, and other beers you might like. It’s a place that keeps friendships alive, when you haven’t seen that friend in years and you need to loosen up, act lively and embrace the time you have. It’s a place that allows you to try new tastes, beautifully crafted and created by local brewers with families to support, who wouldn’t be able to support them or continue doing what they love – making beer – without you as a customer. It’s a place that, after the cold winter months and the blues of Christmas, I turn to. It’s a place I need to be open in January, and every other month of the year.



MEET (SOME OF) THE TEAM NAME: ROSIE ROLE: Manager at the Fox and Crown YEARS AT CASTLE ROCK: 8 Likes: Cask ale, pub crawls, horror films. Dislikes: Laziness. What’s your favourite thing about your job? I love my pub so much! Making it the best it can be gives me incredible job satisfaction. Drink of choice: I can’t choose a favourite beer! I’m enjoying SIPA v1 at the moment, but I do think I could happily drink Northern Monk’s ‘Striding Edge’ forever. What’s your background? I worked in retail before working here, and have some experience in sales too. Who’s your idol? Britney Spears. The strength she displayed to overcome her mental health issues is really inspiring. Plus, who doesn’t love Toxic? Where’s your favourite place? The Spa at Centre Parcs. What do you like to do outside of work? Visiting different cities with my fiancé for pub crawls, watching horror films and going to the seaside. What’s your favourite quote or saying? Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans. What guilty pleasure would we find on your music playlist? Probably the Spice Girls. That’s what I play in the cellar at work when I’m scrubbing the floor! Which quality do you value most in others? Reliability. What’s your biggest fear? The zombie apocalypse? What’s your favourite book, film or podcast? Book is George Orwell’s 1984. Film is Jackie Brown. Any nicknames? Nope. Tell us one thing left on your bucket list? I am getting married in May, so that’s one big one! What would your super power be? To be able to stop time, just like in Bernard’s Watch. Give us one word to describe you: Busy.

NAME: PETE HOPWELL ROLE: Head buyer and business development manager YEARS AT CASTLE ROCK: 5 .5 Likes: The wife and my boys. Food, drink, music and Derby County. Dislikes: Ignorance. What’s your favourite thing about your job? Negotiating, mentoring and trying samples! Drink of choice: Screech Owl. What’s your background? I have worked in the industry for 30 years. I started as bar staff at the age of 18, fell in love with pubs and worked my way up the ladder. Eventually that led me to finding the Castle Rock family and carving a career that is different every day and allows me to work with some great, inspiring people. Who’s your idol? No real idol, but I do idolise my two boys. Where’s your favourite place? Ibiza. What do you like to do outside of work? Date nights, watching my boys play football on Sundays followed by a homemade roast, going to gigs, and watching Derby County (although the latter can be painful). What’s your favourite quote or saying? Solution-orientated, not problem-centred. What guilty pleasure would we find on your music playlist? I have a very eclectic playlist, but I reckon my guilty pleasure would be the Pet Shop Boys. Which quality do you value most in others? Common sense and honesty. What’s your biggest fear? Wasps. What’s your favourite book, film or podcast? Film is Shaun of the Dead. Not really a podcast but I love the Chris Moyles Show. Any nicknames? None to my face, except Vicki Saxby (the boss) calls me the Hopster! Tell us one thing left on your bucket list? To attend the Burning Man Festival. What would your super power be? Sarcasm. Give us one word to describe you: Happy.



BEER TOP PICKS Wayne Harvey, Castle Rock’s beer guru and manager of craft haven the Canalhouse, picks his top beer choices for April, May and June 2019. BET THE FARM, Duration, 4.5% Bates and Miranda, the pair behind Duration, are working towards creating a ‘UK destination farmhouse brewery’ in Norfolk. Their aim is to bring modern technologies back to the farm; to revive old traditions but with improved efficiency and less waste. It’s a project on a huge scale, which includes renovating a farmhouse and building a taproom and visitor centre. They have quickly made a name for themselves, collaborating with Cloudwater and Brixton among others while they work on making their dream a reality. Bet the Farm (and their other beers) are currently being brewed in Norway at Amundsen Bryggeri. Bet the Farm is Miranda’s beer, created to reflect her personality as well as what’s in store once the brewery is up and running. It’s a hoppy pale at 4.5%, brewed with Magnum (for bitterness), Tettnang (for aroma) and Mandarina Bavaria (for flavour). There’s some zesty lemon in the aroma and a well-balanced flavour – crisp and dry with a refreshing bitterness. A great beer as the days warm up. DREAMCATCHER, Turning Point, 10% Turning Point Brew Co is based up in Kirkbymoorside, just north of York and bordering the North York moors. It’s a 12BBL brewery which uses a fresh water well directly under the brewery, supplied from the moors. The head brewers describe Dreamcatcher as ‘that time we poured two tonnes of dates from the door of a stunt plane into a chocolate river flowing through a vineyard in Sicily’, which seems about right. It’s an imperial stout aged in bourbon and marsala barrels for a year, and then blended together. Chocolatey, rich, warming and very boozy at 10% ABV.


DRINK’IN THE SUN, Mikkeller, 0.3% It’s about time I included an alcohol free (0.3% ABV) beer in my top picks and Mikkeller has nailed this one. Founder Mikkel Borg Bjergsø has gained a bit of a cult-like status; the former maths and physics teacher has never owned his own brewery but is always brewing and collaborating with some of the world’s best breweries. Drink’in the Sun is an American-style wheat beer brewed at D’Proef in Belgium, and has all the characteristics you want in a summery beverage. It pours a hazy pale amber with juicy aromas of tropical fruits, and citrusy flavours including a refreshing hint of pineapple. Mikkeller say they add actual sunshine to the recipe – I’m inclined to believe them.


CIDER TOP PICKS Castle Rock’s Cider Guru Rachel Hopwell gives us her top picks for the spring season, and for the last time! Without further ado…over to you, Rach, and a big thanks from all of us. MARMALADE, Seacider 4% ABV The guy behind SeaCider, Mark Francis, started out as a brewer in sunny Brighton, when he spotted an abundance of apple orchards that weren’t being harvested. While touring around Sussex delivering his beer, he also realised that most pubs didn’t stock local cider and figured that was because there weren’t many real cider makers knocking around anymore. Marmalade is one of the best tasting ciders I’ve tried in quite a while. It’s not surprising then, that SeaCider also took home our Castle Rock Cider Producer of the Year Award. Made with Seville oranges, you really get that marmalade taste – slightly bitter and slightly sweet with a tang. Very drinkable and perfect for the warm days at a sessionable 4%. To add to the seaside charm of SeaCider, Mark also makes sure to use apples that have been rejected from supermarket chains for being the wrong colour, size or shape.

BLACK DRAGON, Gwynt Y Ddraig 7.2% ABV I picked Black Dragon a while back, but it took home Castle Rock’s Cider of the Year award, so it only seemed right to feature this one again. Gwynt Y Ddraig made their first few barrels of cider on their home farm in South Wales, back in 2001. Since then, the hobbyist’s experiment became a thriving business. Though

their cider is still made on the home farm, its now pouring in seven countries. Gwynt Y Ddraig is definitely a trustworthy name to start with if you’re new to real cider. Black Dragon especially has gained quite a following among the most discerning cider drinkers. It’s a special reserve cider made with a secret recipe, so there’s not much I can tell you about the process behind producing it. But I can say it’s got plenty of body, a fresh and fruity aroma, and rich apple flavours. It’s also suitable for veggies, vegans and coeliacs, so that’s a win.

RED LOVE, Biddenden 5% ABV Biddenden is a family vineyard based in Kent, with the second and third generations of the family currently running the show. The Barnes family diversified their farm in the late 60s, after Mrs Barnes heard a BBC Woman’s Hour programme about English vineyards being replanted. This cider is a bit different, being Britain’s first naturally red cider. The name comes from the red-skinned and fleshed apple used in production, though the cider itself can have a pink-hue. There’s a fresh, sharp apple aroma, a moderate amount of sweetness and some nice sourness too. I’d recommend giving their wines and juices a go as well.

And a bye from me! I’m sad to say this will be my last Top Picks! I’m hanging up my Cider Guru hat so I can crack on with other projects, but I’ve loved the opportunity. I hope my fellow cider fans have found some new favourites in this column. It’s been a blast, thanks for reading!



LINCOLNSHIRE POACHER We catch up with Andy, manager of the Lincolnshire Poacher in Nottingham, as the pub nears its 30th birthday celebrations. The Lincolnshire Poacher flew into 2019 like a hop rocket. Each January and February, we hold a sales competition between our pubs to tackle the New Year slump, keep tills ringing, and protect your local/s during the toughest months of the year. The teams are spurred on by the dream of winning the grand prize: the chance to have a night out on us, while the directors run their pub. This year it was the Lincolnshire Poacher which quickly rose to the top of the leader board, chased only by the Canalhouse in the final two weeks of the competition due to an unexpected bout of sunshine. There’s no doubt that the Poacher’s product range has a lot to do with its popularity. It’s been part of Nottingham’s cask beer scene since it rose from the shell of the Old Grey Nags Head in 1989, which had been closed by Shipstones. Today, 13 real ale handpulls line the bar. Andy, manager of the Poacher, explains the strategy behind his beer-ordering: ‘We try to cater for everyone. I keep three lines for dark beers, so a mix of stouts, porters and milds, and usually at least two for traditional bitters. Then there’s always a couple of traditionally balanced pales, a couple of hoppy pales, and our Castle Rock beers. We’re working towards having a permanent gluten free line, too. We try to maintain some of what we’re known for historically, whether that’s having more traditional pales or bitters. The innovation of beer has developed to where it is today because of seeds sewn in the past. Traditional beers are still very popular – not everyone likes beer that looks like orange juice.’ When asked if he has a personal preference, Andy looks a tad horrified. It’s probably a cruel thing to ask a beer lover. ‘Sherwood Reserve is my go-to beer, but we’re aiming to have 500 different beers on this year so I can’t really say, I haven’t tried them all yet. We’ve done 109 so far.’ (It’s the last day of February, so it’s looking good, though Andy explains the challenge will inevitably get harder as the year goes on.) The whisky range is also one to write home about, with almost the entire backbar filled with rows of gleaming bottles. ‘Rum’s been and gone, the gin bubble has got to burst at some point. Maybe whisky is next up,’ Andy ponders. It seems the team at the Poacher like to set themselves goals and challenges, because the range is set to extend from 75 to 100 bottles once a reshuffle of shelving takes place. That competitive edge aids Andy off the bar, too, as a member of the Poacher cricket and football teams. As the conversation turns to sport, a gent sitting at the bar fills us in on Andy’s most esteemed prize: the Tony Hibbert Award for


‘Most Underwhelming Performance’. (The Poacher team is involved in the tournament every year, and it was their turn to host.) The guy turns out to be Alex Young, a founding member of the Poacher cricket team, which is made up primarily of customers and former staff. ‘The goal was to actually get us out of the pub sometimes. But we’re very inclusive, everyone is welcome to play,’ he says. Most recently, the Poacher cricket team took to the Forest Recreation Ground in Nottingham for a charity game, followed by a BBQ and drinks back at the Poacher. The day managed to raise £1,100 for Maggie’s Nottingham, which provides free practical and emotional support to people with cancer and their families.

They’re planning a bigger version of this event for the Poacher’s 30th birthday: On Sunday 9th June, the footie team will be donning their shorts for a match on the Forest Rec, chased up with a BBQ and live music (from 5pm) at the Poacher, plus a special guest appearance. The following Monday, they’re throwing back to bygone days with 1989 prices on Batemans and Castle Rock beers*, with live music from Tom Harris. And on Tuesday 11th (because why stop there?) there’s a charity pub quiz and raffle, and Batemans is still pouring at 1989 prices until the taps run dry. Plus, as it’s also Nottingham Craft Beer Week (10th-16th June), the Poacher will be celebrating by stocking beers chosen by you. (Use the voting slip on the opposite page or contact us on social media.) Though the drinks and food on offer here is certainly a huge part of the pub’s continued success, the community feeling seems to be at the heart of why the Poacher has been beloved for so long. Tucked off a busy road in Nottingham city centre, the pub itself is relatively small, but comprises of multiple sections which somehow allow for privacy and togetherness at

the same time. From the corner bar, where the regulars sit, you are both hidden away yet have a prime spot for chatting with the staff. The conservatory at the back of the building is somehow both airy and cosy, with a view out to the garden (complete with seating inside the shelter of beach huts). One of the spots which seems to see the most action, however, is known as ‘the big table’ – which the regulars spill onto when the corner bar is full, to drink and debate. We ask Andy if there are any anecdotes he can share, but he shakes his head. ‘What happens at the Poacher, stays at the Poacher,’

he says. Ah, to be a fly on the wall! If you’ve yet to visit, there’s no better time than during the Lincolnshire Poacher’s birthday shenanigans in June. Its 30th year is set to be the best yet, packed with beers, BBQs, whisky, cider, rabbit Ragu, cricket, football, and a big dose of community spirit. Our biggest congrats to Andy and the team for your win, and thanks for having us. *t&cs may apply


For this edition of the Quarter, Liv Auckland ponders the problems with online reviews…and how to keep it classy. Last year, Forbes published an article about review sites being ‘the best thing that has ever happened to small businesses’. Review Trackers reported over 63% of people are now likely to check Google reviews before visiting a business, and stated that 94% say an online review has convinced them to avoid a business. It makes sense to me as a consumer. Most of us trust in the experiences of fellow customers over the messages constructed by a marketing team. Billy Big Whatsits might be forking out thousands for billboards and video ads and top-notch copywriters, telling us he runs the best show in town, but none of it matters much if his customers are saying something different. (Remember, Fyre festival was brought to its quivering knees by one guy’s tweet of cheese slices.) Online review sites are heavily weighted in favour of the reviewer, not the business owner, and that’s how it should be. You get your advertising, we get our free speech. Plus, any switched-on business recognises how valuable honest feedback can be; it can tell you what your customers want from you, how you stand-up next to your competitors, where you’re falling short, and holds you accountable when something’s gone wrong. Striving to be better is paramount to evolving with the world around us. You can’t possibly get it spot on every single time for every single customer, but if you do let someone down, you can do everything in your power to fix it and do better next time. You can listen and evolve. If you’re willing to do that, you can even gain new customers. A group once visited us for the first time because they were impressed by our response to an online review. We had acknowledged what went wrong, we had apologised profusely, we had tried to make it up to the customer, and we had ‘Th done all we could to ensure the same mistake would eM never be made again. The group had, simply put, us Ca ing decided to give us a chance. Afterwards, they stl s o e gave us a positive review. i R f’ i

n m oc s a s i ki But what happens when the reviewer fee nd t ans. eries db hat As of isn’t telling the truth, and Billy Big ac w yo m Whatsits is? What happens on k a e a u us nd cti rea ing the odd occasion when the co vel d o s p mm y i n, en en nvit kee ned p t. e by


reviewer was drunk, turned away by security and took to their phone in a rage? What if they had never been a customer, but reviewed Billy because of something someone else said? What if the reviewer was just lying, whatever their motive? A few months back, a reviewer rated a bar in Bristol with 1/5 and left a short description saying her party was refused service despite not being drunk. The manager’s response, however, was an enlightening read. He broke down the customer’s visit step by step, which included her dropping a tray of drinks and demanding they be replaced for free, threatening to arrest a member of bar staff (she claimed to be a police officer) and threatening to sue any staff member who had refused her service. It’s surprising how often these kinds of reviews pop up, and how much time managers have to spend investigating what really happened. Thankfully, CCTV usually comes to our aid. Businesses can request for reviews to be removed, but it’s often a long and difficult process of trying to communicate with automated responses. As the days tick by, there is always the worry of what damage that review is doing for business. The concern is not only the potential drop in overall ratings, but also our collective impatience in the digital world. A negative review at the top of a venue’s page is enough to for some of us to move swiftly on. All the business owner can do is investigate what really happened, reply to the customer, report their review, and hope that it is quickly buried by an influx of positive ratings. Sadly, a small number of business owners also play a sneaky game to get one over on the competition. (Never shall we forget ‘The Shed at Dulwich’, one man’s cheeky experiment which saw his garden shed become the highest rated restaurant on Trip Advisor.) High-level entertainment aside, thankfully TripAdvisor has now made it nearby-impossible for business owners to manipulate the system, due to unique processes for moderating content and algorithms which identify potential “cheating”. However not all platforms have taken such a formal approach. In some places, it’s easy for Billy Big Whatsits’ mate to rate his products 5/5 every time and his competitor’s 2/5. Continued opposite

It’s also easy for someone to break the first code of business: discrediting a “competitor” on social media. I recently witnessed a weight loss company name and shame their main competitor on Instagram, and the backlash which ensued in the comments section was pretty impressive. It seemed that even those who agreed with their viewpoint were put off by the somewhat dirty trick. Again, the power of the consumer voice spoke far more loudly. Still, it’s hard for me to get my head around this one. Shouldn’t we be aiming for the same things; for this industry to be as vibrant, thriving and exciting as possible? Some of our greatest supporters and beloved friends are fellow brewers and pub operators. They make our work and our lives fuller. It’s a shame when some folk don’t see the benefits of working and growing together. The community we have built over these 42 years is a spectacular one, and in the most part it is filled with wonderful colleagues, customers and peers. Those of us who

value each other should continue to work together, build great things and enjoy the journey. And when we do let you down, or we do mess up, we’ll do everything we can to make it up to you. Sometimes though, we should all say something when a business gets it right. In our office alone, enough stressful days have been boosted by coming across a positive review. It means even more to our managers and pub teams, who are often thanked personally. We couldn’t be more appreciative of every customer who has taken the time out of their day, just to say they enjoyed their visit to one of our pubs. And to round my moanings musings up, I’ll just say this: For the handful who mess up, who lie or cheat a system put in place to empower the consumer, shame on them. For the rest of us, we’ll keep keeping it classy. We’ll be here, being honest, trying our best, and focussing on the good eggs we’ve found in one another.

Friday 26th April – Sunday 5th May

Nottingham Poetry Festival is back for 2019 and will once again shine a spotlight on the city’s thriving literary scene.

Stephan Thomas, Bridie Squires and Georgina Wilding, three Notts’ poets at the Old Cold Store during Nottingham Poetry Festival 2018.

This year, Nottingham’s first Young Poet Laureate Georgina Wilding (founder of Mud Press) is Creative Director for the festival, and is leading the ten days of word jams, poetry slams, performances, songs and readings. Georgina has been commissioned by organisations such as the Royal Shakespeare Company and BBC Radio Nottingham and has performed along names including Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy. Under her stewardship, we’re sure the Nottingham Poetry Festival 2019 will be the most vibrant and exciting yet.

including some of the most renowned poets from across the country. Names on the line-up include Ian McMillan (journalist, playwright, broadcaster and regular judge of poetry competitions), poet and playwright Caroline Bird (shortlisted for more poetry awards than we can keep track of), 31-year-old prodigy Andrew McMillan (who wrote the first poetry collection to win the Guardian’s First Book Award) and Patience Agbabi (the nearly-always-touring poet whose ground-breaking debut won the Excelle Literary Award), among tens of others.

We’ve been involved in the festival since its inception three years ago, and it’s been incredible to watch it grow year on year. Back in 2017, we celebrated the life and works of Henry Normal – Nottingham-born poet, comedian, tv producer and writer – with a Nottinghamian Celebration Ale. Quickly hitting it off with Henry, we were excited to hear about his plans for the Nottingham Poetry Festival and decided to back him all the way! So, ever since, we’ve been lovingly welcomed into the bosom of the literary community in Nottingham.

We’ll be hosting some Nottingham Poetry Festival events in our own city centre pubs, including hosting the launch night at the Fox & Grapes in Sneinton Market. Visit the Nottingham Poetry Fest website for the full event calendar, or swing by ours for the details of events at your Castle Rock local.

The 2019 line-up features a truly dazzling array of talent,

Don’t let the Nottingham Poetry Festival pass you by. It is a wonderful celebration of the written (and spoken) word in a UNESCO City of Literature; a dynamic, inclusive and thriving showcase of talent.



FOX & GRAPES Fresh, authentic cooking in the heart of Sneinton It was the Autumn 2017 edition of the Castle Rock Quarter when we formally introduced you to the Fox and Grapes. The pub was but a little seedling, establishing its roots after years of closure in the now thriving Sneinton Market. We caught wind of a new menu in the works, so Castle Rock’s Jess Collins strolled down on the first sunny day of the year to see what’s cooking. I arrive at the Fox to be greeted by assistant manager, Warren, and our head of food Vanessa. Where Vanessa is, good food, great smells and delicious flavours always ensue, and today is no different. The Fox team is anticipating summer feels with a few Mediterranean-inspired additions to the menu. As many of you know, we’ve been committed to implementing sustainable practices across all areas of the business and tackling food waste is a big part of that. I’m intrigued to find out how adding more to the menu can work alongside this initiative. Naturally, I’m also excited to try a few of the new dishes as Vanessa settles on the finishing touches. Vanessa explains the menus revamp is all about celebrating two things: making the most of what you’ve got and inclusivity. First out is garlic pizza bread, a veggie feast pizza and a vegan Greek salad. Let me just say, vegan feta is by no means a lesser experience than normal feta. Creamy as you like and paired with big juicy olives, mezzaluna flat bread and hummus, the whole dish goes down a treat. Freshly prepared salads and additions to the already Italian-inspired menu (paired with the sun shining outside) makes me crave pub garden summers. Vanessa tells me that the vegan feta is one of only a handful of ingredients to be specially bought in for the new menu. ‘Offering vegan alternatives just makes sense; not everyone's bothered but it's certainly not going to waste,’ she says. And


why should it, when it tastes as good as the real thing? ‘I’m over the moon with the vegan products available now, they’re so much better these days. I’m excited that everyone can be catered for with good quality food, and really, people that aren’t vegan can still enjoy the dishes,’ Vanessa explains. On that note, she is reminded of a nagging thought: vegan mozzarella. ‘This has got me thinking about pizzas inspired by caprice salad. One to look out for, maybe…’ she adds. The Fox’s mouth-watering 9inch stone-baked pizzas have grown to include 12inchers, too, and gluten-free bases are now available. The mezzalunas – delicious folded flatbread, meaning ‘half-moon’ in Italian – which were previously available with baked camembert or hummus, are now also used to make fresh and hearty sandwiches. Vegan pesto, stilton, nachos and bacon now also have a place in the kitchen, and fancy jacket potatoes remain a core staple. And of course, the Greek salad, primarily made using ingredients which are already available to top your pizza. I ask Ness what she’s most excited about with the launch of the new menu, and with a chuckle she says – ‘loaded nachos; I love dirty food’. But on a serious note, she just seems to be in her element, creating something new to please the locals and office workers of Sneinton and Hockley. She explains how authentic it feels to work with the ingredients you have to hand, and how easy it can be to switch up sandwiches and salads without having to order much else in. Sitting under the first days of spring and with summer on the horizon, Sneinton Market does seem the perfect spot for a beer and some fresh, rustic food. I’ll be first in line on launch night…


Upcoming Events

What’s On (Spring #21 Apr-May-Jun) April



MON 13th-SAT 18th MAY @ Fox & Grapes – Poppy and Pint Stratford Haven – The Swan in the Rushes If American craft beer is your thing, you’ll want to find your way around these pubs this week. American craft takes over the taps (paired with some great tasting American food at the Swan, too). Don’t miss the Fox & Grapes’ New York Brewers Showcase either – with beers exclusively from the Big Apple.

FRI 5th APRIL @ YARN Yarn is supporting this year’s Autism Awareness Week by wearing the silliest socks they can find on Friday 5th April. That night they’re also hosting a quiz night (for the first time) with all the proceeds going to Autism East Midlands. Come along for your chance to win, bring your friends and bring your silly socks! #SillySockDay

EASTER WEEKEND FRI 19th-MON 22nd APRIL @ Stratford Haven – Fox and Crown Swan in the Rushes The Strat and the Fox both have special Sunday menus for Easter weekend to tuck into – make sure you contact them to pre-book. Or, for something more relaxed but equally tasty, pop into the Swan in the Rushes anytime over the weekend to enjoy chocolate porters and stouts in cask, keg and can.

May MILD IN MAY AND CIDER SEASON ALL MONTH @ Various Castle Rock pubs, visit our website for full info There really is something for everyone this May, with CAMRA encouraging people along the mild trail and reminding us all that new batches of cider are ready. As always, Castle Rock pubs are signed up to be part of the Mild Trail, which will include our newbie brew It’s Always Honey. The Fox and Crown and the Strat will both be celebrating cider month with cidertasting evenings on 2nd May, for a chance to meet the cidermakers from Blue Barrel and the Bottle Kicking Cider Company. Meanwhile, the Lincolnshire Poacher has an extended cider range with at least 15 available at any one time, including five from local producers, and over at Yarn there’s 50p off all real cider all month long.


CASTLE ROCK YARD PARTY FRI 17th and SAT 18th MAY @ Castle Rock Brewery Sorry (not sorry) to bang on about it, but this quarter it’s our Yard Party. What are you waiting for? Tickets are selling, beers are arriving, bands are booked, street food vendors are prepping their menus, and we’re all getting in 40 winks while we still can. Head to to book your tickets now… PLUS…The Castle Rock Comedy Club launches at the Yard Party on Saturday 18th May, brought to you by the Old Cold Store. The Comedy Corner will be showcasing all kinds of comedians for its launch event (just in case you needed another reason to come to the Yard Party). The Castle Rock Comedy Club is here to stay, with side-splitting comedians brought directly to our brewery tap on a regular basis. There are another two lined up for the quarter, so be sure to check our website for details.

WORLD WHISKY DAY (& FA CUP FINAL) SAT 18th MAY @ Kean’s Head – Lincolnshire Poacher Poppy and Pint – The Swan in the Rushes World Whisky Day is the perfect chance to enjoy your favourite or try something new, with all these pubs offering discounts on the good stuff. Check our What’s On page on our website to see where you can also catch the FA Cup final.

CRICKET WORLD CUP THU 30th MAY-FRI 14th JUNE @ The Embankment – Poppy and Pint Stratford Haven – Vat and Fiddle As cricket fans everywhere anticipate the ODIs and then the World Cup, the Embankment and Stratford Haven are preparing a for a few early starts – both pubs will be ready and waiting with their famous breakfasts on Trent Bridge match days. The Strat will also have an outside bar and a BBQ going, while the Poppy and Pint and Vat and Fiddle can promise an amazing match-day atmosphere. Not to mention a little something special we’ve got brewing for the occasion, too.

June FISH AND CHIP DAY FRI 7th JUNE @ Kean’s Head – Poppy and Pint – Yarn There’s something fishy on the menu at these pubs today – better get your mac and sunnies on and go check it out.

NOTTINGHAM CRAFT BEER WEEK SUN 9th-SUN 16th JUNE @ Various Castle Rock pubs Okay, there’s A LOT going on this week and we don’t stand a chance packing this into one listing. There will be tap takeovers, meet the brewers, new beers from us (wahey) and of course Nottingham Craft Beer Week Festival in Sneinton Market. Let’s be honest, the only option you have is to book the week off and hope for the best. Visit for the full listings.

FATHER’S DAY SUN 16th JUNE @ Bread and Bitter – Fox and Crown Poppy and Pint Treat Dad to a trip to his favourite place…his local pub! You really can’t beat a decent meal, excellent beer and some quality time with Dad. Pre-booking is advised.

Full listings can be found at

Upcoming Events

What’s On (Spring #21 Jun-July) June (cont.) ANNUAL SUMMER BEERFEST THU 27th-SUN 30th JUNE @ Golden Eagle If you want a weekend of music, BBQs and a smashing selection of beers in a beautiful pub garden, look no further. The Golden Eagle’s got the whole family covered, and entry is free.

July We know these are technically next quarter, but why miss out for a technicality? Tickets are selling fast for both these events so be sure to nab yours in the nick of time.

WATERFRONT FESTIVAL SAT 13th JULY @ Canalhouse An absolute must this summer. Waterfront Fest is a one-day charity

music festival hosting at our very own Canalhouse. Imagine a day which starts with sipping beer by the canal and finishes in a post-mosh haze, with burgers and sometimes rain dances in the middle. Tickets are just £7.70 and proceeds go to Emmanuel House and the Wolfson Cystic Fibrosis Centre at Nottingham City Hospital. Head over to immediately. (While you’re at it, you should pick up tickets for this Yard Party thing we’re doing in May.)

ABBEYDALE COACH TRIP SUN 28th JULY @ Fox and Crown Join the Fox and Crown team on their day out to Sheffield! Tickets include a tour around Abbeydale Brewery and a visit to the New Barrack Tavern, our CRB pub in Sheffield. Lunch at the pub is included in the price and tickets are available from behind the bar at the Fox – ring to reserve yours.

This spring and summer… BEE-FRIENDLY GARDENS Look out for wild and bee friendly flowers, and the fuzzy buzzy things that come along with them. This spring we’re making a conscious effort to increase the biodiversity in our pub gardens and welcoming honey bees, bumble bees, and nonconformist bees alike to be our guests this season.



Offers and deals for a weekday night out under a tenner! (T&Cs apply to all.) This is only a small handful of our offers – check the website for more.

if you’re in the mood to try something new or pick up some craft beers to take home…

MONDAY: Bread and Bitter Curry Night. £8.95 for a curry and a drink, 5-9pm The Embankment BBQ night, with a menu changing weekly Willowbrook Pie Day. £8.95 for a pie and a drink, midday-9pm

TUESDAY: Bread and Bitter Pizza Night. 2 for 1 on pizzas, 3-9pm Poppy and Pint Curry Night. £9.95 for a curry and a drink, 5-9pm Stratford Haven Pie Night. £9.95 for a pie and a drink, 5-9pm Vat and Fiddle Curry Tuesdays. £8.95 for a curry and a drink, midday-8pm

WEDNESDAY: The Embankment Pizza Night. 2 for 1 on pizzas, 5-9pm Lincolnshire Poacher Pie Night. £8.95 for a pie and a drink, 5-9pm Poppy and Pint Burger Night. £9.95 for a burger and a drink, 5-9pm Willowbrook Pizza Wednesdays. 2 for 1 on pizzas, midday-9pm

THURSDAY: Stratford Haven Burger Night. £9.95 for a burger and a drink, 5-9pm Willowbrook Curry Thursdays. £9.95 for a curry and a drink, midday-9pm

FRIDAY: Willowbrook Fish Friday. £15 for two large fish and chips, 5-9pm

Every Day: l 30% discount on bottles and cans to take away from the Barley Twist l 30% discount on bottles and cans to take away from the Canalhouse l £1 off a selected craft beer bottle or can every day at the Willowbrook Selected Days: l 10% off 500ml carafes at the Barley Twist, Monday-Thursday, 4-8pm l Buy one get one half price on craft cans at the Fox & Grapes l 10% off house drinks between 5-7pm, Monday-Friday at the Cricketers Rest

**Don’t forget our Sunday Roasts**

Full listings can be found at

T&Cs apply


Castle Rock Tenanted pubs Alexandra Hotel

Derby Tup


203 Siddals Road, Derby DE1 2QE

387 Sheffield Rd, Chesterfield S41 8LS

144 West Street, Boston PE21 8RE

Tel: 01332 293993 e-mail:

Tel: 01246 269835 e-mail:

Tel: 01205 361116 e-mail:

Alexandra Hotel @Alex_Pub_Derby

The Derby Tup @TheDerbyTup

The Eagle @TheEagleBoston

Forest Tavern/Maze

New Barrack Tavern


257 Mansfield Road, Nottingham NG1 3FT

601 Penistone Road, Sheffield S6 2GA

123 Canal Street, Nottingham NG1 7HB

Tel: 0115 874 7792 e-mail:

Tel: 0114 232 4225 e-mail:

Tel: 0115 952 3061 e-mail:

web: The Maze @themazenotts themazenotts

New Barrack Tavern new_barrack_tavern


Rook and Gaskill


12 Lawrence Street, York YO10 3WP

Theatre Square Nottingham NG1 5ND

Tel: 01904 655450 e-mail:

Tel: 0115 989 5569 e-mail:

The Rook and Gaskill @RookGaskillYork

In partnership with CGC Event Caterers and the Theatre Royal & Concert Hall

web: Yarn bar @Yarn_Bar @yarnbarnottingham

The Newshouse @NewshouseNotts

Castle Rock Tap Room and Kitchen First Floor Departure Lounge, East Midlands Airport Operated by Autogrill

All of our pubs follow the latest allergen legislation. Further details are available in each establishment. Lady Bay Inns: operators of the Poppy and Pint / The Beer Consortium Ltd.: operators of the Barley Twist, Cricketers Rest, the Embankment, Fox & Grapes and Horse and Plough / Breakthrough Point Ltd.: operators of the Canalhouse.


Castle Rock MANAGed pubs Barley Twist

Bread and Bitter


Cricketers Rest

91 Carrington Street, Nottingham NG1 7FE Tel: 0115 950 5456 e-mail: barleytwist@

153-155 Woodthorpe Drive, Mapperley, Nottingham NG3 5JL Tel: 0115 960 7541 e-mail: breadandbitter@

48-52 Canal Street, Nottingham NG1 7EH Tel: 0115 955 5060 e-mail: canalhouse@

4 Chapel Street, Kimberley, Nottinghamshire NG16 2NP Tel: 0115 938 3105 e-mail: cricketersrest@

Barley Twist @barley_twist @barley_twist

Bread Bitter @breadandbitter breadandbitter

Canalhouse Bar @canalhousebar canalhousebar

Cricketers Rest @cricketersrest Cricketersrest

The Embankment

The Fox and Crown

Fox & Grapes

Golden Eagle

282-284 Arkwright St, Nottingham NG2 2GR Tel: 0115 986 4502 e-mail: embankment@

4-6 Appleton Gate, Newark, Nottinghamshire NG24 1JY Tel: 01636 605820 e-mail: foxandcrown@

21 Southwell Road, Sneinton, Nottingham NG1 1DL Tel: 0115 841 8970 e-mail: foxandgrapes@

21 High Street, Lincoln LN5 8BD Tel: 01522 521058 e-mail: goldeneagle@

Embankment Pub & Kitchen @EmbankmentNottm embankment pub

The Fox Pub & Bottle Shop @TheFoxandCrown foxandcrown

Fox & Grapes @FoxandGrapesCRB FoxandGrapes_Notts

The Golden Eagle Free House @goldeneagle001 goldeneaglepub

Horse and Plough

Kean’s Head

Lincolnshire Poacher Poppy and Pint

25 Long Acre, Bingham, Nottinghamshire NG13 8AF Tel: 01949 839313 e-mail: horseandplough@

46 St. Mary’s Gate, Nottingham NG1 1QA Tel: 0115 947 4052 e-mail: keanshead@

161-163 Mansfield Road, Nottingham NG1 3FR Tel: 0115 941 1584 e-mail: lincolnshirepoacher@

Horse and Plough @HorseandPlough horseandplough

Kean’s Head @keanshead keanshead

Lincolnshire Poacher @lincpoacher lincolnshirepoacher

Stratford Haven

The Swan in the Rushes Vat and Fiddle

2 Stratford Rd, West Bridgford, Nottingham NG2 6BA Tel: 0115 982 5981 e-mail: stratfordhaven@

21 The Rushes, Loughborough, Leicestershire LE11 5BE Tel: 01509 217014 e-mail: swanintherushes@

Stratford Haven @stratfordhaven stratfordhaven

Swan InThe Rushes @SwanRushes swanintherushes

(The Brewery Tap)

12-14 Queensbridge Rd, Nottingham NG2 1NB Tel: 0115 985 0611 e-mail: vatandfiddle@

Vat and Fiddle @VatandFiddle vatfiddle

Pierrepont Road, Lady Bay, Nottinghamshire NG2 5DX Tel: 0115 981 9995 e-mail: poppyandpint@

Poppy & Pint @PoppyandPint poppyandpint

Willowbrook 13 Main Rd, Gedling, Nottingham NG4 3HQ Tel: 0115 987 8596 e-mail: willowbrook@

The Willowbrook @WillowbrookCRB willowbrookpub

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All of our pubs follow the latest allergen legislation. Further details are available in each establishment.

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Castle Rock Quarter #21  

Castle Rock Quarter #21  


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